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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 31, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website, ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. well, we are one week away from if congress certifying the electoral ledge votes in favor of joe biden, but today a republican senator announced that he will join more than a dozen colleagues in the house of representatives and stand up for the nearly 75 million americans who voted for president trump. many of who feel that election was stolen from the president and want their concerns about the integrity of the election to be heard loud and clear. senator josh hawley says he will object to the certification of certain states' electors on
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january 6th. states where charges of election fraud and rampant irregularities have yet to be resolved. in a statement, senator hawley says, quote: i cannot vote to certify the electoral college results on january 6th without raising the fact that some states, particularly pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws, and i cannot vote to certify without pointing out the unprecedented effort of mega-corporations including facebook and twitter to interfere in this election in support of joe biden. at the very least, congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity the of our elections. but congress has so far failed to act. for every state's electors that senator i hawley and a member of congress object to, both the u.s. senate and the house will have to hold two hours of debate and then vote vote on it.
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if the chambers are split on which electors to sent from a particular -- can to accept from a particular state, federal law dictates that the electors that have been certified by the executive of that state will prevail. now, whether that executive means electors for biden certified by dem governors in states like pennsylvania and michigan or electors for trump certified by republican state legislatures has never actually been tested. what is known is that senator hawley's move is in conflict with the establishment rinos and the radical dems, the left-wing national media and corporate america, all of whom have dismissed any talk of election irregularities and have congratulated joe biden, and they will undoubtedly move to sabotage any challenge. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell actively urging more republican senators not to contest the election are results, but senator-elect tommy
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tuberville along with senators kelly loeffler and ted cruz are said to be considering joining with josh hawley. we'll be taking up this breaking development. we're joined in a few moments by judicial watch president tom fitton. we're also going to be talking to georgia democrat representative vernon zones. we'll ask the voc -- jones. we'll ask the vocal supporter of president trump about next week's runoff elections in the state of georgia. cartel expert jason jones is also with us this evening to take up some disturbing trends that are growing along the southern border with mexico. and if you're tired of the year of 2020 -- and who isn't -- pastor robert jeffress will be joining us with his positive outlook for 2021. we begin though with senator josh hawley's announcement today to back president trump in the battle for the white house. it will be popular, certainly, among the president's
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supporters. take a look at this, a new rasmussen poll finds that 72% of republicans believe that president trump should be the model for the future of the party. only 24% think the average republican in congress is the better model. and there's yet more developments today in the battle for the white house. president trump's re-election campaign asking now the u.s. supreme court to review 50,000 absentee ballots in wisconsin. the campaign is appealing a ruling by the wisconsin supreme court which ruled the request was unreasonable. the difference between president trump and joe biden in wisconsin is just 20,000 votes. well, another focus of president trump and the republican party are the crucial senate runoff elections in georgia, races that are now less than one week away which have seen a record number of campaign funds and likely a record number of voters already. for the latest, let's turn to
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fox news correspondent steve harrigan who's live in atlanta. steve? >> reporter: gregg, right on all counts. record spending in these two senate runoff races, more than $800 million, and there's been a real ballot over the past 24 hours -- battle over the past 24 hours between president trump and republican governor brian kemp, a battle which has at least for a or short time eclipsed these two runoff races which which will determine who controls the senate for the next two years. president trump repeating that governor kemp should resign due to what he says is wide spread fraud in the georgia vote. the president tweeting last night: i love the great state of georgia, but the people who run it from the governor to the secretary of state are a complete disaster and don't have a clue or worse. nobody can be this stupid. just allow us to find the crime and turn the state republican. governor kemp held a press conference this afternoon. he promised he would be making news, but he did not engage
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directly with the president. here's governor kemp. >> i mean, i've supported the president, i've said that many times. i work as hard as anybody in the state on his reelection are up through november the 3rd. ing i've supported the legal process that him or any other campaign can go through in this state. but at the end of the day, i also have to follow the laws and the constitution. >> reporter: early voting here is set to end tomorrow. already more than 2.5 million people have voted early and, of course, the president will return to georgia to hold a really on monday. greg -- a really on monday. back to you. gregg: new reports today that the police visited the home of the nashville bombing suspect, anthony warner, more than a year before the christmas day bombing that rocked the city. warner's girlfriend panel told the police -- apparently told the police that he was making explosives inside an rv back in august of 2019.
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senior corps respondent mike tobin is live in nashville this evening with more. mike? >> reporter: gregg, let me start you out with some new visuals from security cameras the moment that bomb rocked downtown nashville. business owners from a block away talk about their doors being blown open, window -- or locks being knocked off. 911 calls and witnesses both talk about the mysterious sounds of gunfire before that warning was blared out of the recreational vehicle, what was old followed was the 1964 hit from pe tulle la clark, downtown, and then the blast. now to that incident report. we know today the police did receive a warning that anthony warner was building bombs. an incident report from august of 2019, a woman identified as a golf of warner made statements that her boyfriend was building bombs at his residence. the suspect frequently talked about the military and bomb making. police knocked on his door but didn't get an answer.
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police saw the rv but could not see inside. prior to the discovery of this incident report, police said all they knew of warner was a marijuana charge from 1978. he was not on our radar. he was not someone that was identified as a person of interest for the bureau, and so we were not familiar with this individual until, until this incident. >> reporter: metro nashville e police chief john drake says in 2019 officers did not have enough evidence to get a search warrant of warner's property. he believes police officers in that case did everything they could do legally. possibly, he said, they could have followed up more, but hindsight is 20/20. gregg? gregg: mike tobin, thanks very much. turning now to wall street where the markets continued their record-setting pace. the dow rising 74 points for its
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13th record close of the year. s&p up 5 points for its second highest close, the nasdaq also gaining 20 points on the day. volume on the big board, 3.1 billion shares. and a reminder, listen to lou's reports three times a day on the salem radio network. coming up next, we're going to have more on senator josh hawley's big announcement that he will object to electors from certain states come january 6th. all part of the battle for the white house. we'll take it up here next with judicial watch president tom fitton. ♪ ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪ ♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle.
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gregg: breaking news, joe biden once an saying that kamala harris is in charge. take a listen to what he said yesterday. >> hope the president will clearly and unambiguously urge all americans to take the vaccine once it's available. i took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. president-elect harris took hers today for the same reason. gregg: by the way, president trump had the regeneron treatment, so he cannot have the vaccine, so sort of a b.s. argument. but that wasn't joe's one-off
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blunder. both joe biden and senator kamala harris both seem confused about who's leading the ticket. take a listen. >> harris/biden administration's going to relaunch that effort. >> a harris administration together with joe biden as the president of the united states, the biden/harris administration -- >> if i read manager where there's a fundamental disagreement, i'll develop some disease and and say i have to resign. greg are greg what? are you confused? well, so is joe. maybe he knows something the rest of us don't. also breaking, a federal court of appeals has upheld the bribery conviction of a chinese national with direct ties to hunter biden. patrick ho, is his name, served three years in prison for bribing high ranking officials in chad and uganda on behalf of chinese energy company cesc, the same one hunter biden and his associates tried to secure a
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multimillion dollar business deal, 10% of that deal was supposed to bed held for joe, the big guy, biden. joining us now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. you know, the more we find out about hunter biden, the uglier and dirtier he seems. the question is, is his level of influence peddling and corruption a crime? what do you think? >> well, certainly it deserves an independent investigation, and it's interesting, obviously, that it's hunter biden. as you highlighted, the connection to joe biden. the documentary evidence, you have eyewitness testimony tying biden to these deals as being a beneficiary. and i don't see how the justice department, especially given its prior cover-up, can be trusted to investigate this in the ordinary course. we need a special counsel for joe biden.
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the president should direct the appointment of one sooner rather than later. gregg: it's required, as i've said ad nauseam, under federal regulations. you've got no choice. it's not optional. there's not one, not two, but three severe conflicts of interest that require the appointment of the special counsel. let me move on, i want to get your reaction. josh hawley has now decided to join a growing number of house members to challenge the electoral college vote on january 6th. and that means that automatically under the rules this will trigger a debate and then a vote. but, tom, the real trick here is how do you get the necessary majority vote when democrats control the house. >> well, the question is how is that vote taken. is it a majority vote that has been taken previously and under another objector -- where other objectors have raised issues to
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george bush and elsewhere, or do they follow the constitution which suggests that it's a delegation by delegation vote which would give reprins, in -- republicans, in theory, the edge in the house. and i think that's going to be a big battle. certainly viewers and americans need to let their congressmen know what they view about this, so i don't think this is a done deal in the sense that the liberal media would have us believe. there's a real effort to suppress any debate about this because i don't think the establishment is confident the debate and the results will be as they want which is to install president -- vice president biden as president. gregg: yeah. you know, senator hawley correctly cited as his reason specifically the state of pennsylvania. and, you know, papassed a law -- pennsylvania passed a law that said all ballots to be cast have
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to be received no later than 8 p.m. so the pennsylvania supreme court took a look at that and said -- and, by the way, those are all elected democrats on that supreme court -- they said we don't care about the law, forget the legislature. we're going to create our own law that we will count late ballots in order to favor joe biden. they were violating the separation of powers under the constitution by usurping the power of the legislature. so there's no question in my mind that in pennsylvania at least the supreme court there rigged the election in favor of joe biden. what do you think? >> well, the backstop when the courts refuse to do their job is for congress to do their job. they can't be hijacked by states who run compromised elections. in my view it goes back to federal law which requires the
5:19 am
electors to be selected on election day. that didn't happen in an unprecedented way in these battleground states, and not only did they count the votes late, in my view, but they counted votes they shouldn't have counted under their own state law and in violation of the constitution. so these electors that have been certified for joe biden are invalid, i think the argument could be made, and should be rejected, and president trump is the lawful winner based on that analysis. this is a straightforward analysis, and this is why the left has been so desperate to avoid the debate, because it's a simple argument, and they could lose are it. gregg: and republicans tried to bring it before the u.s. supreme court, and chief justice john roberts knocked it down supporting what these democrats on the pennsylvania supreme court had done, violating the constitution. mitch mcconnell's response to all of this is to introduce a bill which will create an election assistance commission
5:20 am
to study election integrity. oh, great, so a bunch of pinheads, tom, will convene periodically for a year to talk about election integrity, and they'll issue a report that nobody will read, but it doesn't address right now the evidence of election fraud. i mean, isn't this typical kind of useless, b.s. panels that washington is famous for? >> and we already had a panel, the baker-carter commission, which looked at this issue. they said that vote by mail is essentially a menace to free and fair elections and can't be trusted because you can't control for fraud or police fraud adequately and other reasons which are quite obvious which have been borne out this year. so, i mean, we all know what to do. the left opposes election integrity measures because they want to be able to steal
5:21 am
elections if necessary, and in my view, that's what happened this year. they broke the law, they changed the rules contrary to the constitution, and the state r e gs and the -- regs and state laws already in place really to create a failed election result in these various states. so there are seven states whose electors are now subject, in my view, to objections and rejections that could give president trump a second term. and believe me, listeners and viewers, republicans and democrats for the most part don't want to deal with the consequences of this election fiasco. you've got to pressure them to do the right thing. gregg: there's one final lawsuit -- well, it's never final, who knows how many others might be filed between now and next tuesday or wednesday, but this deals with wisconsin where the trump campaign lost before the wisconsin supreme court in the effort to toss out, i think it was 220,000 absentee ballots
5:22 am
because, and i wrote this down, there was no proper identification, many people weren't eligible for the absentee ballots they cast and clerks filled in missing witness information, all of which was in clear violation of the law. so there we have, you know, either election fraud or unlawful counting of improper or invalid ballots, don't we? >> yeah. and the courts there said, oh, too late, you know? you may be right but too late. in georgia they have a substantial claim that the court hasn't even heard yet. they've been sitting on, the trump campaign does. so the courts have not treated or considered really the merits of these claims. they've come up with excuses to avoid dealing with the substantial concerns about the violation of state law here that resulted in ballots being
5:23 am
improperly counted that resulted in the elector slates for biden that i think arer redeem by compromised and should be rejected. the courts haven't done their job, congress has got to. and maybe the state legislatures might do something other than having hearings. i'm glad georgia had another hearing today, but those legislatures need to come in and fix their broken elections. gregg: well, i've been a lawyer for 40 years, and i've rarely seen courts actually do their jobs. tom fitton, thanks for being with us. like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. coming up, mitch mcconnell blocking a straight vote on $2,000 china virus relief checks for all americans. what effect will that have on the georgia senate runoff races? we'll ask vernon jones, a
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♪ ♪ gregg: welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. another hearing today in georgia's state senate on election integrity. let's just call it fraud, because that's what it is. witnesses testified they were not allowed to observe a signature audit of ballots in suburban atlanta-cobb county, an audit that georgia secretary of state brad rathensberger claims found in fraudulent votes. mitch mcconnell's refusal to pass a clean bill for $2,000 china virus stimulus checks could have an effect on the georgia senate runoff a races. both republican senator kelly loeffler and david perdue have backed the increased stimulus payments, but their democratic challengers are seizing on the fact nothing has been done.
5:29 am
jon ossoff tweeting, quote: minority leader mitch mcconnell -- really the majority leader -- but only if you vote are. and warnock says leffler and perdue's promises are are useless as long as mitch mcconnell controls the senate and block a stimulus check they never really supported. joining us now, vernon jones, democratic georgia state representative who's been courageous in his support of president trump, and thank you so much for being with us, sir. what about this? i mean, look, americans because of the pandemic have lost their jobs, they are desperate, they are impoverished, they are hungry, they need that $2,000, and you can rationalize and justify not voting for it by saying, oh, there's too much pork, too much foreign aid, but that's not what americans care about. that's not what they're hearing. is it mitch mcconnell -- isn't mitch mcconnell going to hurt perdue and loeffler come next
5:30 am
tuesday? >> gregg, thank you for having me, first of all. the president made his wishes known. the president understands this economy. he understands what that $2,000 can do with this economy, and and i support this president. and that's important because people who have been waiting, and i've got to tell you the dysfunctional congress has waited this long, they should have done it eight months ago. but with that being said, i support what this president's wishes are, i support this economy, i support those who would like of to have that $2,000. it could make a difference for their families. gregg: i mentioned in the introconduction the hearing on -- introduction the hearing on fraud that took place in georgia today, evidence of fraud. you have witnesses who said state officials and dominion officials were pressuring them to accept and certify the results even though they felt that was wrong. how concerned are you that this will continue through and
5:31 am
including next tuesday's vital runoff election in georgia? >> let me tell you, the biggest concern i've had and my heartburn has been the secretary of state going and doing a back room deal with stacey abrams that created this quagmire from the start. there's a dead cat on the end of this line, and it stinks. he usurped the authority of the members of the georgia general assembly. it's our constitutional authority. we're the ones who set policy or, i should say, establish what the law is around election and the election process. and so by him doing that in a clandestine way with stacey abrams, that created this. secondly, as a state legislator, free, fair and transparency is what the people of georgia, whether democrat or republican, that's what they deserve, that's what we want, that's participant of our democracy. when i see that interfered with, that strikes distrust in the american people and certainly in
5:32 am
georgia. i will say this, i was pushing for a special session for our governor so we can come back and really let the people responsible for state laws get involved. these hearings are important. however, those hearings can't change anything in terms of policy. that's why i hope the upcoming georgia general assembly, the top of the line, the first order of business is to address in this election fraud, the irregularities that have been created because of what the secretary of state did and what stacey abrams has done. so i'm hopeful, and i believe they will, address this issue. gregg: well, you mentioned stacey abrams who's been leading the charge to register democrats to vote for ossoff and warnock. her own sister is a federal judge. her name is let's wily abrams gardner -- leslie abrams gardner, and she has issued a ruling on a voting case there that will help the democrats. this is a clear violation of the
5:33 am
code of judicial conduct that governs u.s. federal judges which says if you have a close relative -- meaning like a brother or a sister the -- who has a vested interest in the outcome of a case in which you as a judge are deciding, you must recuse yourself. here's what newt gingrich had to say about it, and i'll get your reaction. >> she should have recused herself. how can you have your for on the bench when you've given $2.5 million to the people who are filing the suit, e how can your sister pretend to be a judge who's going to be neutral? this is just one more example of why this year has had the most corrupt elections i think in my lifetime and maybe in a hundred years? gregg: representative jones, it's outrageous in my judgment as a lawyer that this judge didn't disqualify herself. it's a blatant violation of federal rules. doesn't this threaten the
5:34 am
integrity of tuesday's election? >> well, gregg, this is what causes heartburns too for voters and citizens across this country. stacey abrams was involved with the previous administration, the obama/biden administration, on getting her sister that federal judgeship. even to the extent many would say she told sold out the members of the state black caucus in terms of creating more black districts, majority black districts. at the sacrifice of that, there were many concerned about that. so here we are again, her sister making this decision. what i see there, i see a good judge that has, you know, in my opinion, made a bad decision not to recuse herself. she's a bad politician, if you will. and i see stacey, she may be a good politician, but she's a bad lawyer to put her sister in that
5:35 am
predicament. they are blood. they're siblings. they go back from when they grew up together. it's too close. and when she talks about fair, clear and transparency which she's mentioned many occasions, this isn't transparent. and the judge should have recused herself, and i cannot believe the democratic party, those who talk about integrity, have not joined in the choir in putting the issue where it is that her sister should not have made that decision. that was, that was a bad decision. the constitution would allow her to allow other judges to have been able to a make that decision. it didn't have to be with her. that's what makes it strange too. with all those judges who could have made that decision -- gregg: okay. >> -- you would think she would have been the first one to say -- gregg: absolutely. yeah. which suggests she's not a good lawyer. all right.
5:36 am
vernon jones, thank you very much for being with us. coming up next, more illegal immigrants and deadly drugs are crossing our southern border. cartel expert jason jones' extensive knowledge on the issues with we face, he joins us after these quick messages.
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gregg: breaking news, the george soros-backed district attorney in los angeles is already facing a revolt from his own prosecutors. the union representing l.a. county prosecutors will ask a
5:40 am
judge to block george gascon from implementing a number of reform policies. the association claims they are unethical and even illegal. they include lighter sentences for crimes involving gangs, guns and repeat offenders. also break, concerns are growing along the southern border with mexico's border crossings and illegal drug smuggling on the rise. seizures of fentanyl in the past two months is up 260% compared to the same time last year. cocaine seizures are up 43%, meth seizures up 42%. as for border crossings, more than 140,000 illegal immigrants were with apprehended in october and november, and it's growing. that, by the way, is 60% higher than october and november of 2019. joining me now to talk about it, jason jones, retired captain from the texas department of public safety's intelligence and counterterrorism division. good to see you with, mr. jones.
5:41 am
look, president trump did his level best to hock down the border as -- lock down the border. as a result, there was a substantial decrease e in border crossings. from the reports i was reading today, suddenly now there are thousands who are surging to the border in the aftermath of the presidential election. is that because they see joe biden as standing for open borders? >> it is, and it's good to be with you. look, for the last nine months, i mean, biden has gone across this country stating to the world and anyone that would listen that, you know, under his administration that our country was going to have open borders and anyone that would come would get asylum. and we have to understand that that message has been heard, and people from across the world have now been coming. and right now as we're with talking, in the panama you literally have thousands, i mean
5:42 am
thousands, of special interest aliens -- those are people who come from a country with a terrorism nexus -- are waiting for the floodgates to open up so they can come into this country. and the trip wire to watch for that event to happen is when el salvador, honduras, guatemala and mexico begin to open tear borders due -- their borders due to the pandemic, you're going to see a major surge like we've probably never seen before. gregg: president trump put an end to catch and release, but the new biden policy is going to be, he's stated this, that asylum seekers and other illegals can come here, and they can stay pending the litigation of their respective cases which sometimes takes for years. you know, oh, we'll get in touch with you when it's time for your court hearing. yeah, yeah, i'll show up. and they don't. doesn't this allow, essentially, tens of thousands of people illegally into the united states where they vanish and are absorbed into our country? >> oh, absolutely.
5:43 am
and it's not tens of thousands, we're talking hundreds of thousands. i mean, look, in 2019 we had almost a million people ap rehemmedded at our southern border. all forecasts right now that in 2021 because of the messaging and the perception, people -- we're going to see numbers above what we saw in 2019 in regards to migration into the u.s. there are a lot of secondary and third effects to that that i don't think a lot of americans really realize how it affects them. you know, when you talk about human smuggling and human trafficking in our country, human trafficking, a crime that most americans remember didn't even exist in this country until, you know, in the last 20 years. you also have other index crimes like local robberies and burglaries. so never mind the fentanyl and methamphetamine that has just been flowing into the country. all of that is going to affect the nation in 2021 at drastic levels. of. gregg: and killing so many young americans in the process. joe biden's overall overarching
5:44 am
solution is to build what he calls peace and prosperity in central america. so in other words, he wants to spend billions of hard-earned taxpayer money, our money, to prop up and rebuild these failing central american nations. forget that americans are suffering economically during this pandemic. oh, let's give our money to central american nations. what do you think of that? >> it's very frustrating. you know, i -- many americans still remember the meridian initiative where we gave mexico billions of dollars to fight the cartels, and what did the american taxpayer get for it? they didn't get anything. they've gotten more human smuggling, more human trafficking, fentanyl and methamphetamine from cartels flowing into the country like we've never seen before, and i truly mean that that. i mean, when we look at the overdose data from cdc, we're talking 81,000 americans died in
5:45 am
the last 12 months from may to may. that's cdc data. so the data shows us that that what is happening in mexico and down in these other countries, how it affects us. so giving them more money makes no sense in the long run, and the data shows that. gregg: i've only got about 30 seconds left, but by instituting the joe biden policy of opening the border floodgates, isn't that going to devolve invariably into a severe humanitarian crisis? >> it is. and, unfortunately, everyone who works at the borderer issue knows it, and they're already forecasting it. it's coming. and it's important that the american people are ready for it and all government agencies are as well. so we'll be down there trying to cover it and make sure the information is getting out. but the thing that bothers me the most is how it is going to i affect the mexican -- i mean, the american people but also migrants and what the cartels will be doing to them. that's one of the untold stories that really needs to be told
5:46 am
because these cartels just literally feast upon these people in ways you don't even want me describing here on national television. it's got to be addressed and it's time. gregg: i agree. jason jones, good to be with you. thanks so much. coming up next, the praise that georgia democrat raphael warnock gave to controversial preacher jeremiah wright. we'll take that up and more after the break with pastor robert jeffress. ♪ ♪ broken windshield... take 1... hey guys, my windshield just got broken, i feel like i need to blow off some steam. let's go... 1, 2, 3, 4... mr. blanks? there's no need to be stressed. geico makes it easy to file a claim online, on the app, or over the phone. yeah, but what if i never hear back? that's gonna make me want to go jab...jab! nope! your geico claims team is always there for you. that makes me want to celebrate with some fireworks. 5,6,7 go... boom, boom, boom, boom boom boom boom boom boom, yeah! geico. great service without all the drama.
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♪ ♪ gregg: 16-year-olds in the state of massachusetts can now get abortions without parental consent. state lawmakers overrode a veto of that new law by the state's republican governor, and pro-abortion activists in argentina celebrating -- there you see it -- the passing of a new bill today legalizing abortion in the catholic catholic-majority country. questions are being raised about raphael warnock and his praise for the controversial reverend jeremiah wright. warnock said he thought an anti-american sermon by wright in 2003 was both, quote, thoughtful and compelling. here's a bit of that sermon warnock is talking about. >> no, no, no, not god bless
5:51 am
america, god damn america! that's in the bible for killing innocent people. god damn america for treating people as less than human. god damn america as long as -- [inaudible] gregg: joining us now, pastor robert jeffress e from the first baptist church of dallas, texas. he's also a fox business contribute or. pastor, i -- it must if break your heart to see something like that, and raphael warnock saying this is christian preaching at its best. isn't he wrong? this is christian preaching at its worstment finish. >> it absolutely is -- worst. >> it suggest will, gregg. and not just because that sermon invoked the phrase god damn america. this is preaching at its worst because it represents a misuse of preaching. jeremiah wright and i guess warnock all subscribe to what's called liberation theology. they believe that the whole
5:52 am
purpose of preaching and christianity is to liberate this earth from social injustice. that is never going to happen in this lifetime. i mean, jesus understood that. he lived under oppression if under the row man government, but he had very little to say about that. he knew the only way to change the world was to change the hearts of individuals who live in the world, and that was the centerpiece of his preaching, people's personal relationship with god. and that's what true, great preaching is, it's christ-centered preaching, not social justice preaching. gregg: the pope's native around general teen that legal -- argentina legalizing abortion, you saw the crowds cheering there. what repercussions does this have throughout south america? >> well, it represents a holocaust being launched against the most defenseless group in society, the unborn, and i have to say this, gregg, i mean, under president trump you'll
5:53 am
remember that the president reinstated the mexico city policy that forbade the use of tax dollars to support abortions internationally. joe biden has said he's going to rescind that policy meaning your dollars, my tax dollars are going to be used to support abortions in argentine a that and throughout the world. that's what we have to look forward to under the biden/harris presidency. it's going to be an administration of death. gregg: pastor, i was looking at a recent gallup poll that shows that americans now put their own mental health at a two-decade-long low. how can -- you're such a positive person, which is why i enjoy talking to you. how can we transform a heartbreaking 2020 into a positive, optimistic 2021? >> well, you would say the first step is to make it a resolve to be in church regularly in 2021.
5:54 am
gregg, sitting in a church doesn't make you a christian any more than sitting in a mcdonald's makes you a hamburger. but there's something positive that happens when we go to church. you know, we're being bombarded by the secular culture telling us we're just victims in a random world, we're victims of whatever any violence or any other person wants to do to us. that's not true. going to church reminds us that there is a god who is in control of our lives. solomon said remember the creator in the days of your youth before the days of trouble come. this pandemic caused many people to come face to face with their own mortality, and i just think that the best time to ever start a relationship with god was 20 years ago, but the next best time is today. and i hope that'll be a resolve for many of our viewers in the coming year, be right with god. it gives you a peace of mind that no pandemic can take away.
5:55 am
gregg: many thanks, pastor robert jeffress. god bless you. thanks for being with us today and we'll be right back. ♪ finish.
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5:57 am
♪ piano playing ♪ "what the world needs now" ♪ ♪ is love, sweet love ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now is love, sweet love, ♪ ♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪
5:58 am
♪. gregg: well the truth about ufos may soon be revealed. president trump started a 180-day "countdown" for the pentagon and spy agencies to reveal what they know about ufos. the "countdown" began with the signing of government funding and china virus relief bills.
5:59 am
the report will address observed airborne objects that have not been identified it will also include fbi data on ufos in american aerospace. if those ufos are connected to any foreign adversaries. "judicial watch" president tom fitton on the massive voter fraud lawmakers need to address in challenging biden electors. >> they broke the law, they changed the rules contrary to the constitution and the state regs and the state laws already in place to really create a failed election result in these vape russ states. so there are seven states whose electors are now subject to my view to objections and rejections that could give president trump a second term. gregg: that's it for us this evening. lou will be back on monday. congressman mo brooks will be joining him to taxicab up his planned challenge of the
6:00 am
electoral college vote certification next week. a reminder, follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook and follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. thanks for joining us. i'm gregg jarrett. have a great evening dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. thursday, december 31st, new year's eve. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. push for more stimulus. time running out for congress to agree on 2,000-dollar checks for members as they try to put the focus on overriding president trump's defense veto. we are on this all morning long. we hear from tennessee congressman chuck and california congressman john garemendi. election issues, senator josh hawley will oppose the results of the presidential election


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