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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 9, 2020 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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revised package. he has approved a revised package, he would like to do a deal. neil: you got that, he is approved to revised package in the market went straight up when he said that. now we are up to 20 per my time is up, neil it is yours. neil: this is a big from the president 72 hours ago but were following as well, the market is really jumping on that on the notion that the president is back in the game, back with big stimulus, wants to do a deal in the expectation that a deal can be done, prior to the development you heard from mitch mcconnell that he doubted any deal in the next three weeks that the head of the election, be that as it may, stocks are jumping on the development, let's go to gary, and maddie with the national taxpayer union, i do want to talk a little bit about what would be
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the ultimate cost, nobody is looking a deficit anymore, i get that but if the president was always on board, something were generous and this is more generous, could that close the deal, does that mean the deal is more likely when he himself has upped the price tag on it. >> my organization national taxpayer union has been saying for months, what a negotiating tactic is to talk about topline numbers. what if going on a walk down memory lane we had lawmakers that thought about the impact of their policy rather than whether or not they were spending too much or too little, that's why were in the situation to begin with and why deficits and spending are so out of control because members of congress are talking about the price tag rather than the effect this relief could have, i think it's very important that congress does continue to support the economy, were in very in certain times, whether or not your spending 1 trillion or
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2 trillion should depend on what you're getting for the 1 trillion in 2 trillion and whether the money is being spent well, there's a lot of money in the cares act that really made sense, things like ppp that provided small business loans, e rtc which allowed small businesses to keep their employees on payroll and get a tax cut as a result, that's the support we can be talking about the gives taxpayers more bang for the buck, nancy pelosi has demanding more from half a trillion dollars for state and local economies when you have some states that a manager buzz as well the revenues are coming in ahead of expectations. my hope there is a deal to be had, my hope that is not a bunch of spending during the problem and targeted relief can make an impact. neil: we don't know, we do know that wall street which used to be the great institution to keep the government out, their high knees are on the line. and celebrating this, we don't know but what we do know an agreement among the parties is on the stimulus checks, airline
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relief, unemployment benefit, probably not as generous as a $600 a week that we had at the height of the pandemic but something close, do you think that's a primary component, what do you think. >> i've been saying we need more of this, you know me i'm a deficit hog, there was moments in time where you gotta take care of people by no fault and as i keep saying, yesterday airline traffic, people going through tsa, 25% of what it was last year, airlines cannot continue to stay in business with those type of numbers, work tens of thousands of small businesses shutting down and you still have eight, nine, 10 million depending on which advocacy unemployed, bridge needs to be done, it's good to see the president woke up and said the dow is down 500 points on no negotiation deal.
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good to see something but nothing is done just yet, we still have not seen the fine point but i suspect will be at the trillion range and we talk a deficit in the horse left the barn many years ago, the train left the station many years ago, we are 25 trillion before the pandemic and i don't know how we will ever roll that back. >> i'm just wondering where this goes, one thing that is very clear and remarkable the 180 the president has done a little more than 7 72 hours to now let's gon deep, if you are negotiating with him, it's gotta be a little bit confusing or maybe it's part of the deal in the strategy, what you make of that and where he is coming from, republicans got back together with him and said are you crazy and said we have to dial this back, he dialed it back, but we do not
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know. >> you have identified what's been in washington for the last four years, does the tweet make a difference, does it not make a difference, how are the members of congress going to respond. i think we know that nancy pelosi is not moved by tweets, she's moved by her conference and her moderate, she went 30 some members sitting in seats previously were occupied by republicans, they need something to go home and campaign, she's feeling pressure there, the president as well republicans are saying this is not just about the state and local aid that nancy pelosi wants to give to blue states red states are suffering as well, back in a little bit further is about all americans who are facing a very uncertain next couple of months, heading into a fall and winter we know the public health situation is going to continue to be uncertain and that the economic situation going to be uncertain without support like we had in the spring and the summer working to see some really dangerous clips, airlines are one but there's been a lot
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of conversation about the unemployment benefits, we know the best number of job growth with the as long as the public health situation is dictating, we need policymakers to really focus in on creating certainty for employers and for workers so we can get to the next couple of months and start looking at what normal looks like again, we won't get there if we don't have any certainty to get the default in the winter. neil: a big part of that, the virus itself, the more stubborn the cases get to be, we had our highest count of cases yesterday more than 56000, we've seen the better part of two months, people are worried that it's escalating in new york city where they have the problematic zip codes, escalating again, balance it out, how much will the virus dictate where this goes, where this market goes. >> it'll dictate a lot only if we lock down again, if we lock down, that will change the playing field for the economy in
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the market, absent that, i think the economy is getting better in the market is on its way, i think on september 28 the market confirmed the low from the three or four week correction and i think were gonna have a big fourth quarter in spite of the election in the virus, by the way is not just here to many places around the globe where the numbers are picking up, it'll be about walking down if we don't and if we can balance it out where we can stay open and deal with it, i think we will be okay, that's gonna be the magic word, locked down hopefully we don't have to do it. neil: i want to thank you both very much, to your point and the spike in cases, and russia and poland in ukraine they reported a record number of new cases for all of the three countries, they have never been so high going back to the start of the
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pandemic itself. that in at least six european countries that are reporting spikes that force them to impose new restrictions have contributed to this global concern that this virus is not done, we are following that and were following the presidential race 25 or so days away from the big election day in the campaign that want to resume their campaign, that is joe biden kamala harris looking at the battleground states in the word that the president himself is going to look to start drinking painting as soon as tomorrow, then there's the issue of those debates, whether we see a couple of more of them, so far for now the best case scenario is one more and that might be optimistic, hillary vaughn has more. >> you are right, there may only be one presidential debate on the books now after the one scheduled next week in miami went off the rail, the president said he does not want to do anything virtual, he'd rather debate face-to-face in joe biden does not want to agree to adding a later date for a possible
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third debate, both candidates are doing their own events on what was supposed to be debate day next week biden will do an abc town hall and trump wants to hold a rally instead, now the co-chair for the commissioner presidential debate is responding to a tweet that was sent from c-span steve scully, he was supposed to moderate the debate, that tweet set to scaramucci asking if he should respond to trump, what looked like an attempt to salvage the debate next week. >> i do know and you probably pick up that he was hacked, apparently something now on television on the radio seen that he talked to scaramucci and that has been talking to scaramucci, he was hacked, it did not happen. >> the future of the debate is being debated, progressives in the house or preparing and sharpening their strategy to try and escape joe biden's platform if you win the white house publishing 1000 document that
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the progressives are signing on to the charter sponsor says it's a way to get progressives on board with biden, writing this, we endorse elizabeth warren and then bernie sanders so it's not surprising our party and our base how policy difference with joe biden, the people's charter provides outside candidates politics to vote for, the charter already getting support of members of the squad another prominent house progressively calls for course universal free healthcare, government job program for 60 million people canceling student debt, $600 a week with no end date including that for illegal immigrants and also get public ownership stake in firms that received any bailout money as well as buying out gas and oil companies in creating public banks to make needed investments where they say private markets failed, this is a signal to biden today that if he wins in november, he is
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not escaping the progressive wing of his party even though he has tried to make it very clear that he is a democratic party and he decides the democratic party platform. neil: we shall see, hillary vaughn on olivet, nancy pelosi is looking into the 25th amendment and transfer of power, she said extensively and has very little to do with the president which is positive for the coronavirus, has anything to do with understanding that israeli used constitutional measure to transfer power when the president is ill or in really bad shape, the president tweeted out something interesting to me that i caught that sounded a whole lot like he is early given up on the selection, the president xi crazy nancy pelosi is looking at the 25th amendment in order to replace joe biden with kamala
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harris, the dems want that to happen because sleepy joe is out of it, is he assuming in that tweet that he's going to lose and that this is nancy pelosi's way of preparing for kamala harris presidency, should one be necessary or joe biden falls into bad health, the people are all gossiping about this, i want to get the read from the former house majority leader, congressman, always good to have you, that is a telling remark, to remarks if you think about, not only from nancy pelosi and now she's concerned about transfer power but the president taken a different view, maybe it's her way of greasing the skids for kamala harris, what did you make of that. >> it's good to be with you but i don't think the president is throwing in the towel on that comment, i think rather he was trying to make the bet in reality that the democrats
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realize that joe biden at his age will not be around certainly for more than a term and therefore the progressive wing of the party is the one that is truly controlling this and as we know joe biden is not a progressive, he is much more as centrist democrat and opposition to where the intensity of the democrat side is. i think that the point the president was trained to make. you gotta step back for a second and ask yourself, what in the world is nancy pelosi trying to do, here we are and we've got over 10 million people in this country unemployed and she is pulling a political stunt like this to talk about the 20 for the amendment. i think it's a huge distraction, it wreaks the politics and i think that voters can probably see through that. neil: just talking about the polls, maybe the voters don't care about the back-and-forth in
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the polls could be wrong, we talk about them a lot, the one thing that is consistent, consistently joe biden is stretching his lead but not only the popular vote by double digits depended on the pull but in the battleground states where if everything holds as it is n now, the president would lose in a landslide in the electoral vote in the popular vote. we are still three weeks plus away, do you think the gravity of that is hitting republicans and their worried about it, you think some distance himself from the president, what to think. >> first of all, number one your right to focus in the bottom ground state, that is where no question in the selection is being thought out and intensity, we have since 2000, the year that i was first elected along with president george w. bush remember back in that election that was the bush gore election
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and ever since then, we have been a country very divided in every election has essentially been very close election. i believe frankly those forces are polar opposite and still at work, if you look at the average of the battleground state polling right now, it is not too similar to that which occurred four years ago this time. so if you believe that we are divided as a country and you believe the battleground states is where the election will be fought and won, it's a lot closer than what the national polling would indicate. so we will have to see where it all comes out but frankly if you look at the polling and the republicans who are in those states, no one in the vulnerable category if you will on my side of the aisle is pulling better than the president. so in the vulnerable category and in the swing states. that's where the focus should
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be, if there is a biden sweep, meaning the democrats obtain control of the senate, i think were in store for significantly negative sentiment across the policy spectrum in the markets will look at that in terms of the tax increases and over burdensome regulation and the light coming forward. to the point where it is not joe biden in charge, is a progressive agenda that will take hold. neil: you could be right but i read into the president doing a 180 on the stimulus thing that he is concerned were people tell him he better get concern and i'm just wondering what your thoughts are on not wanting to do a virtual debate, i understand that but he is the one who would presumably need those debates more than joe biden at this point or what do you think. >> i agree with you, the
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president needs an inflection point to change the trajectory of this narrative that is ongoing right now admits the covid issue and certainly healthcare and covid is very high up in the voters priority. but the voters also want to see an economy that is reopened. that is what's causing the president to step up and say in engager speaker pelosi and try with the stimulus bill. i might be a little modulus to go but i'm doubtful in the end something extended a big, big way. you gotta remember, there are a lot of centiliters on the republican side of the aisle that are not in cycle one of the most damaging that they can take is another couple trillion dollars spent in a relief bill because there are some republicans who still believe that we got to deal with the increasing deficit debt of this
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country pretty can't just grow willy-nilly money at a problem. the one example where there should be some agreement is on the airline workers given the critical nature of the industry and frankly the size of the potential layoff that can come, i suspect there could be some agreement very narrowly focused on the issue. neil: it does seem to be a consensus television be, were also hearing the 25 billion that were hoping for my not be enough they might up that, we will watch it closely, always a pleasure talking to you, continued good health and good to have you back. to the congressman's point, we are getting a few more details on that, it looks like in the package tease that republicans are offering the white house, more specifically they of their game from the 1.6 trillion, about 1.8 trillion, they might recall eventually a democrat
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brought their package down from around 2.2 two closer to 2 trillion. there really on common ground, we just don't know specifically where the money would be spent and targeted, we hear about airline relief and stimulus checks, we do hear about unappointed relief but so much we do not know. right now wall street is happily buying and happily ask questions later. stay with us you're watching fox business. ♪ hi, this is margaret your dell technologies advisor there's an art to listening. it's the ability to hear more than what's being said. to understand the meaning in every pause.
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neil: from political storms to mother nature we are keeping a close ion hurricane delta expected to hit the louisiana coast sometime later tonight as a category three storm could be more than that, little too early to tell, but for those in louisiana, this would be the third time dealing with something like this for the better part of six weeks, casey stegall is in louisiana without preparation of going. >> the national hurricane center is now same preparation for delta arrival need to be rushed to completion because the window
12:24 pm
is quickly closing. we've already been experiencing the rain this morning and just recently the tropical storm forced winds are starting to arrive, there picking up as i speak, this is going to be really problematic for the area that was already devastated by hurricane laura as we know just hit six weeks ago, i went to say that the emergency officials tell us they are extremely concerned with this particular storm because they have so many piles of debris from the recovery of the last six weeks that are lining the streets and afraid that delta will come on shore and blow all of that stuff around turning shrapnel and other things into projectile. at this hour delta remains a category three storm out in the gulf but forecasters do expected to weaken to a category 2 before
12:25 pm
making landfall leader today near cameron louisiana, that is 50 miles south of us, hurricane hunter aircraft flying into the storm gathering data as folks on the ground no they are certainly in this for the long haul. >> a lot of anxiety since the last storm with all the debris in the streets still not picked up, and leaves a lot of room for damage. >> nearly 7000 people remain evacuated and hotels from hurricane laura. nearly 7000 people still displaced, it's hard to imagine that now another one is on the way, not as strong but no doubt, that number is going to rise as delta makes landfall back to y you. neil: casey stegall and all the middle of that.
12:26 pm
as casey pointed out thousands had to evacuate their homes from hurricane laura or than a month ago with no hint or time. when they can get back, with us right now brian, the united national spokesman, i was on to help out folks in times like this, the work keeps piling up, it is good to have you back, what can you tell us about what your group is doing now to get folks back to something resembling safety. >> take you for having me back, we responded to hurricane laura and southwest louisiana we partnered up in the united way and southwest louisiana over at grace church in lake charles and point of distribution where we service 3000 cars a day in our drive through given away food and supply, we also went over and responded to hurricane sally on the smart panhandle and sending supplies over there, what we've done we redirected our supply chain and we got
12:27 pm
semi's loaded up in our warehouse in baton rouge and louisiana waiting for the storm to pass and things to be safe and roads to clear and we will send more supplies, target believe that it's déjà vu all over again and that's where we are. neil: it is remarkable, we were seen almost exact same thing, another storm the third in six weeks, if you look at the gulf in general, nine such storms over the season, so more severe than others, and must wear your guys out, how do they target where to go, who to help them what to do. >> fortunately over the years as an organization we've been able to develop a lot of community partners, we have volunteers on the ground in different parts of the country especially all of our louisiana so we have folks that are standing by in the what to do, they can go out and assess what it looks like on the ground, are the roads clear, do we need to send trucks and send in planes and helicopters, and
12:28 pm
in cameron and holly beach in the places where the storm is expected to make landfall, we cannot get to them by vehicle. once they give us the intel they were able to send in our troops and our supplies and like i said the first couple few days some people have enough food to last a day or two but beyond that especially anything perishable that's where we come in to fill the gap. neil: hang in there brian, i don't know how you doing all you guys do it, the only colleen is to help people, there's the concept, navy national spokesman continuing good work my friend. we will keep you updated what's happening in the gulf, it's a very busy storm season, this is the 25th storm of the season and we never got that far and deep into name storms in history, delta is less. we will keep you up-to-date on that in progress on at least on the political storm front, i'm
12:29 pm
not saying completely but closer to agreement on what could be at a minimum around a $1.8 trillion deal that calls for all the big picture issues both sides wanted, unappointed relief, continued federal checks, federal stimulus, aid for the airline and a whole host of other goodies we've not unpacked. but we will that's what we do. after this. ♪
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have used a reverse mortgage loan to finance their retirements. it meant so much to nellie, maybe it could mean as much to you... call now and get your free infokit >> i will allow my opinion when the election is over, it's a great question and i don't blame you for asking. but you know the moment that i answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that other than. neil: i don't know, we hold
12:34 pm
republican candidate feet to the fire for not asking the president whether he will condemn white violence and white supremacist and all the rest, we kind of go slow when it goes to joe biden and whether he agrees with many democrats if they retake the white house and the senate want to move to pack the supreme court in other words get more justice like minded to liberal thinking so this could never happen again, also blowing up the filibuster, legitimate questions that you really should be asking the guys who want to move into the white house and take charge, again we don't get any answers on this, we will supposedly find out right after the election, that is assuming joe biden will win. the former clerk to justice thomas, the network president i see a double standard, i think it's pretty obvious, what do you think.
12:35 pm
>> it's not just some democrats advance this, this is the position of every democratic contender for the presidency including his running mate kamala harris saying that they want to pack the court and that would require eliminating the legislated filibuster to do that for purely partisan reason, they're not saying it's a lot of workload and we need more judges, they explicitly say we want more judges and we will deliver the results that we want the political goal that we have and want to use the court to achieve those goals, that is outrageous, the american people deserve to know someone who wants to have the highest office in the land or what their position, first they won't tell us how many plans he was on the court many americans deserve to know if he has plans to take on an entire branch of government. neil: even though you want to come up with a creative dodge saying i'm exploring that, the passions behind them, i understand well this is coming from, not even that, what
12:36 pm
bothers me the most, the media gives it a pass, i would say he and the media should kick up both sides and hold them accountable but here on a very important issue, top of mind for a lot of folks, there is not a whole lot of digging and they just let it go, let it go what do you think. >> we don't write news articles, the reason it would be news it's a really important thing in your sitting here saying he doesn't want amy coney barrett come for but you won't give us what you're competing approach would be, that is very strange, again for the press to let a presidential candidate while the election is already going on in some places avoid talking about one of the most significant things the president does which is appoint the supreme court justices and in this case potentially try to pack the very court, there's a reason that
12:37 pm
ruth bader ginsburg said this would be a horrible idea, even bernie sanders said this is about approach, it would create a back-and-forth quid pro quo and standards 87 members in the court would have to build on the bench, how ludicrous that you cannot simply dismiss out of hand. neil: roosevelt was a very popular elected president in a landslide in the whole country turned on him for trying but that was then, let's hope something like that does not happen now. let's talk about judge. confirmation hearing, how do you think they're going to go. >> i think we always have to have on our radar how her previous confirmation hearings went and remember those were really marked by religious bigotry spearheaded by the ranking member of the committee diane feinstein but dick durbin and people like senator on the judiciary committee saying that she thinks that is fair game for this round as well to discuss
12:38 pm
her beliefs, newsflash there's a constitutional provision that says there is no religion for office, justice ginsburg herself talked about how her faith really inspired her to go into the law, how her deeply held jewish faith was the name's sake for her in inspiration. i think that is something american should be celebrating the knot should be considered a disqualifying mark for office if you have a deep faith. i think we will also see people doing what they did to robert bork and every republican nominee sense which is taking her writing an opinion out of context and trained if your monger or use hyperbolic statements to dismiss construe what she believes, she's used to the dealing with seven kids at home to a classroom full of first-year law student at notre dame, i know she will handle the crazy stuff that gets thrown at her we saw what grace and poise she had during her last year. i'm really looking forward to i think she will really win over a lot of people with her standing
12:39 pm
performance next week. neil: we will see what happens, thank you very much. carrie severino and for connell, he hopes to have a timeline to get her voted in tmittee and the total senate still before election day still says it's doable. in the meantime we are concentrating on so much you will have the white house that we forget the senate is in play, all it will take is for republican seats, three of joe biden were to win because the vice president would be the tiebreaker. right now that could happen, some races are surprisingly close including lindsey graham seat in south carolina. mike emanuel has more on that. >> good afternoon, the reality senator lindsey graham is in the fight of his political life at a time where he's played a powerful role leading the senate judiciary committee in the confirmation process for judge amy coney barrett, money from democrats is pouring into south carolina hoping to defeat graham
12:40 pm
and is being seriously outspent by his democratic rival, there's a critical debate in south carolina tonight and graham is trying to tie his opponent to the political left. >> this is election between me and mr. harrison, capitalism versus socialism, conservative judges versus liberal judges, law and order versus chaos. >> democratic amy harrison has been pushing graham to take a covid test before the debate tweeting i'm excited for the debate with lindsey graham but we need real leadership in this pandemic, the debate moderator and i have agreed to take a covid test prior to debating, i schedule my testing calling on senator graham to do the same. graham fired back that he will be there and tweeted i will take medical direction from actual physicians, not my political opponents. harrison is attacking graham for changing his position on filling the supreme court c. >> i was sometimes listening to senator graham and it reminds me
12:41 pm
of playing monopoly with my son, he changes the rules every times he gets. you said use my words against me and you said after the kavanaugh meeting, not the kavanaugh, after the kavanaugh hearings, in your words and your promise that no judicial nominee should be considered or approved or what have you in the last year of an election. andrew even made president trump and you said it. >> republicans acknowledge the race is tight, they're focusing on linking harrison to nancy pelosi and hillary clinton, his bet is that will not play well in south carolina. neil: we should see, i cannot believe that is a sign of our times in the condition we are living in, we will be following that and be following the latest news on the virus and all of the antibody players in the biotech arena that are getting renewed attention to get their product to market faster not just
12:42 pm
emergency news, what the president said today with rush limbaugh that might've tipped his hand on housing that could be. after this. ♪ free access to every platform. mhm, yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. now offering zero commissions on online trades. we charge you less so you have more to invest. ♪
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neil: we are getting a lot of attention on where the president stands on the antibody treatments with regeneron cummins to mind in remdesivir, and soon the president telling rush limbaugh an interview that he thinks these are very promising and we should speed up emergency approval he said i'm not on any regulated medications, we are sending to all hospitals, we gotta get it approved, remdesivir helps a little bit regeneron wipes out the virus. when you know all of these
12:47 pm
companies are trying to push efforts to get their drugs out to people sooner rather than later, to a company they said they will be happy to stay with the emergency status until they are all clear, these are not outright vaccines, these are treatments but they fall into that category of hopeful development on the biotech front to deal with covid-19 and the president says the emergency use, get it out you just had to be president of the united states to take advantage of them. jacqui deangelis has been looking at all of them because the fda has been weighing all of that with all of these companies. >> they certainly are, good afternoon, that is the issue, the regeneron antibody therapy, the president himself had when he was in walter reed medical center and he's been a clear fan of it, he mentioned his comments there, he wants the fda to go ahead and approve these therapies and give it the emergency clearance, there are two sides to the argument, critics are saying that the
12:48 pm
president's involvement might undermine for example the american people's trust in the regulators and the agencies, it is the administration that said, there is too much bureaucracy, it's more important to get the therapy out and get it to the people who need it as you mentioned, that is the latest on the virus front for the moment, meantime in new york city there was more bad news for broadway, the broadway league is expending its shutdown of production through may 30, 2021 essentially broadway will not open until next june, the announcement came on twitter this morning broadway is such a draw for new york city and a source of revenue from tourist and even spilled over into the hotels, restaurants and shopping, almost 100,000 people rely on broadway for jobs and livelihood in the annual economic impact almost $15 billion, shows have been suspended since march 12 of this year because of covid-19. if you work at microsoft and working from home, they may let
12:49 pm
you do it permanently, the company is working on the hybrid workplace model which would allow for options like working from home less than 50% of the work week where managers can approve for some people to have permanent remote work, employees will have options that relocate as well but that would also include compensation and benefit changes. neil: thank you very much for that, i want to give you the development of louisiana has nothing to do with the hurricane but facebook that has the idea of helping folks in towns and states put together an election process to make sure that the process runs smoothly, what could go wrong the attorney general from louisiana said a lot, he is suing and he is here. ♪ you know, malcolm, audible's got more than audiobooks.
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12:54 pm
people really don't want and there's a danger attached to it, the louisiana attorney general joined us right now, it very good to have you, first of all what is facebook trying to do and why don't you like it? >> first of all what they are trying to do, the charitable organization is inject money directly to our government agencies who put on our elections, now that it doesn't seemed like it's a problem but when you peel back the onion and recognize they are only spreading resources in certain areas, they are looking at giving millions of dollars in democratic strongholds to boost those agencies resources and of course when we inject private running in ou money in our elecn system and cause integrity into our system. neil: the companies that are
12:55 pm
arguing, this is money for everybody, it's not targeting democratic precincts or areas, it is for everybody, you said that is not the case. >> that is not based on the information that we have in the suit that we filed will show that that was not the incentive, in addition what is interesting, if these billionaires got that our election system was efficient and lacked resources, they could've done so earlier this year when our legislature wanted to bring the session, they could decrease hundreds of millions of dollars toward legislature so they could spread the money around and appropriated evenly and fairly ensure that the entire election system all equally receive the same amount of resources but that is not what we are doing here, what were seen as a corporate takeover of our election system and once that happens the system falls apart. neil: real quickly on the approaching hurricane, how is your office dealing with that, you have another doozy i don't
12:56 pm
think your state needs about what can you tell us. >> i gotta tell you we had amazing first responders, the area that's been impacted on the southern coast of louisiana, our first responders and emergency operators are great people, they have been through so, so much, also i will give a great shout out to president trump national weather service who has been great and accurately being able to forecast and model the storms and give us good information for us to react, is terrible that is basically going to hit the same place twice but we are resilient in louisiana and i want to thank all of those that have been so charitable and poor donations and resources into area and hopefully we will be able to get out of this storm with minimum damage.
12:57 pm
neil: i hope that's the case, it's hitting the sack same area that lori did a few weeks ago. we'll keep an eye on it, very good seeing you, we will have an update on the hurricane, where it's going to what the trajectory as well as the latest on the negotiations for more stimulus. it looks like the two were closer together, we should not get ahead of ourselves. stay with us. i felt like... ...i was just fighting an uphill battle in my career. so when i heard about the applied digital skills courses, i'm thinking i can become more marketable. you don't need to be a computer expert to be great at this. these are skills lots of people can learn.
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neil: all right. no deal just yet but i don't
1:01 pm
want people to necessarily get ahead of themselves on the prospect the president was open to still more stimulus and a generous package, at that, that that means that generous package would be more accessible to all the parties involved. we have been on this bridge before and fallen off it. so just hasten to add that here. we are well off our earlier jump that had us up about 280 points. still up 160 points on this but again, anything could change. blake burman has been digging into this and what makes this deal a little bit different from some of the others that have come come. i would imagine a lot of it has to do with the president himself signing on to this, right? all right. we do not have blake here. but we will get him very soon. liz peek, let me go to you on this. part of what we are told makes this different is that the president himself was pushing the more generous stimulus, bring it up to around $1.8
1:02 pm
trillion range, whatever, and that changed everything. do you think it has? do you think it did? >> i think that's probably what was necessary, neil. after all, he's the one who pulled the plug on the negotiations and i'm assuming that's because he was frustrated at nancy pelosi's intransigence. she would not go below $2 trillion and the senate, the gop controlled senate had made it very clear they weren't going to pass that bill, and you know, the white house had basically gone pretty far towards that $2 trillion number. i think they were most recently at 1.6 or 1.7, so he pulled the plug. i think he did it to further the negotiations, not to end the negotiations. as we all know, there's a lot of stuff in this building thill th absolutely nothing to do with covid or recovery. i think the white house would like to see a cleaner bill. by the way, i love the idea that he challenged nancy pelosi just to get checks in the mail, those
1:03 pm
$1200 checks, because even though the economy is roaring back, and it is, and there are signs like very good consumer sentiment numbers that suggest it's going to continue to go forward pretty well, there are 12 million americans out of work. that should be the number one issue before congress and also the white house, how to help those 12 million people. neil: you are giving the president the benefit of the doubt it's a negotiating ploy, when he walked away from it he knew they would come back and it wasn't republicans going back to him saying are you nuts, mr. president, we need this much more than the democrats do? what do you think? >> i think both sides need it. it hasn't been talked about much, but when the moderate blue dog democrats sent nancy pelosi a letter two weeks ago that basically 31 new democrats elected to congress were in trump districts, those guys are screaming for help. they are targeted by the gop, there's a chance that some of
1:04 pm
them are going to lose their seats and they want something to take home. what have they got so far? impeaching the president in a district where trump won in 2016? i don't think that really gets them very far. i think both sides needed a bill. nancy pelosi felt she had the upper hand but let's face it also, these checks aren't really going to get in the mail, i don't think, and get to people before the election. so it's really more a question of who looks better, if you will, and not the impact on the economy. neil: i think you're right. that's very profound. who looks better on this, that's all maybe they can hang their hats on. always great seeing you. continued good health. blake burman back with us now. blake, maybe you could detail a little what changed here, what makes this package different, what are you hearing? reporter: yeah. i'm hearing from a senior administration official that the top line number that the president approved of today in the oval office with mark
1:05 pm
meadows, chief of staff, steve mnuchin, treasury secretary, was $1.8 trillion, roughly. that means the white house has come up a couple hundred billion dollars from the 1.5, 1.6 it had been at so the white house is moving upwards. however, now this has to get hashed out up on capitol hill as well. kudlow said, speaking to stuart varney, larry kudlow speaking to stuart varney, that steve mnuchin would be speaking with nancy pelosi this afternoon to go over all of this. the president in the moments after the kudlow announced this on fox business said the following. quote, covid relief negotiations are moving along, go big. the question is what might be in the package the president has approved of. kudlow gave a very broad outline earlier this morning. listen. >> i think this package is going to include what are white house asks have been with respect to
1:06 pm
airline assistance, to small business ppp assistance, probably, i can't swear to this, there will be some backup for unemployment assistance. exactly the things that i've argued will help the recovery. reporter: but you've got two things going on. first off, the top line number which is about $400 billion short of what democrats want, but also, how this is being seen or at least perceived from democrats, how they believe the white house just isn't treating the virus seriously enough. the reason i bring that up is because this was what nancy pelosi wrote to her democratic colleagues earlier today in the letter. quote, clearly and sadly, the administration does not share this priority of crushing the virus. the president does not have the capacity, leadership or plan for testing, tracing and isolation that is needed. instead, trump's delay, denial, distortion of reality and disdain for science has exacted a deadly and preventible human toll. so hypothetically here, just walk through this with me for a
1:07 pm
second, even if they are able to somehow close this gap which is at $400 billion, and come to a couple trillion dollar measure, they still then have to fill out all the details of a multi trillion dollar bill. there is still a pretty big way to go here even though the president and the white house have said they are now moving their number up. neil? neil: yeah. to your point, even mitch mcconnell said whatever gets done, it won't get done likely before the election. i think that seems to be a given, right? reporter: yes. neil: finish that, i'm sorry. reporter: yeah. i was just going to say, mcconnell said today in kentucky he doesn't believe this is going to occur before the election and even if they were again to, in a hypothetical world, come up with something, there is still the question of could they get the votes in the republican controlled senate and when might mitch mcconnell who is up in his own race, by the way, when might
1:08 pm
he put that to the floor. still a lot of things moving here. neil: yeah. that's going to be a tough race. i'm surprised. thank you very very much, blake burman on all of that. look forward to any of the latest developments on that. meanwhile, talking about nancy pelosi, not a fan about how the president looks at a possible transfer of power ever since he tested positive last week for the coronavirus. she's been exploring that in a lot of detail. take a look. all right. you'll have to take my word. she did indeed talk about the 25th amendment and transfer of power. that prompted the president of the united states to wonder what she's up to, tweeting the pelosi 25th amendment ploy is a ploy to get rid of biden and get kamala in, referring to kamala lars. the president's way of hinting he thinks he might lose this election and this is a way to get kamala harris in office should something go wrong with what would be the oldest elected president if it were to come to
1:09 pm
pass. chad pergram, lot of people wondering about that and what the president was saying, what nancy pelosi is doing. update us on where this stands. reporter: well, this provision deals with future presidents according to the speaker of the house. this is not about trying to remove president trump right now because of his battle with coronavirus. the 25th amendment has a provision, a mechanism to declare a president unfit by the vice president and the cabinet, a majority of the cabinet. this piece of legislation that house speaker nancy pelosi introduced today would infuse congress into the mix. it would introduce a congressional commission. you would have to have two of the three sideline a president if they view him to be unfit for office. here's the speaker of the house. >> we can do a couple things at once. we can engage in our political activity for the public to make its verdict 25 days from now, and at the same time, honor our responsibilities to have something in place that does not apply to this president.
1:10 pm
reporter: pelosi insists this isn't about president trump and his battle with covid. on twitter, president trump says pelosi wants to replace joe biden with kamala harris because quote, sleepy joe is out of it. this race's question as to whether the president is conceding the election with that tweet and why would pelosi bring this up just before the election? >> i think the speaker here is obviously both concerned about the president's health, mental health, and whatever side effects he may be experiencing from pharmaceuticals, but clearly, there's a political angle here. reporter: if they were going to move something through the house and the senate and get it signed by the president, that's going to take time. obviously that's not going to happen right away. that's why some on the republican side of the aisle believe that the speaker is trolling the president on this issue. neil? neil: all right. he's trolling back, i guess. chad pergram, thank you very very much. joe biden himself has been talking about the election and
1:11 pm
all the polls look good. he wants to win by an undeniable margin to put any controversies or counting ballots or 2,000 like bush/gore phenomena to rest, that if he wins by a big enough margin, makes it a landslide and it becomes a moot point. we are joined right now by a political strategist, former bernie sanders campaign staffer. very good to have you with us. that would make it a moot point, right? if you win by a huge margin, all these other fears and anxieties go away. you think that's going to happen, first off? >> here's the part where i laugh with my head back. i don't think president trump even if it's by a huge margin is just going to let it go away. he certainly has -- is making it clear he has some issues with the absentee ballots. it certainly will make the joe biden camp confident they won the election but the thing is this. i don't think at this stage, anyone can be saying they are going to win by undeniable margin. what democrats need to focus on is actually getting to the doors
1:12 pm
and knocking on doors and speaking to voters. i know covid is an issue but i have been begging and screaming that whatever they need to do, mask up, you know, knock on the door, run and speak to them from the driveway, whatever needs to happen, speak to voters, it's very important. as far as who's going to win, they say the lakers is also winning so we really just don't know. but we will have an opportunity to tell in the next two or three weeks. neil: you know what's interesting about it, to me at least, i understand the administration not liking these polls, they are fake, all that. if they were accurate, and they stood exactly as they stand now, including the battleground states, the president would indeed lose in a landslide and joe biden just looking at the polls in these battleground states as well, would have close to 400 electoral votes, he needs 270 to win. again, that's now and things could change and these polls could be wrong. but i'm wondering whether that is coming into play with this sort of just play it safe
1:13 pm
strategy the democrats are employing. i'll extend that to not answering basic questions like whether the candidates agree to this democratic push to potentially pack the courts or blow up the filibuster. they don't answer. joe biden says you will hear, you know, after i'm elected. do you think that does a disservice to the party? >> i think that i wouldn't even say the party. i think all politicians ignore questions. vice president pence also did not answer the question on would he agree to a peaceful transfer of power. in fact, even president trump said we'll just see, we'll see how it all works out. i think by nature, politicians don't tend to answer questions which is why i can't ever be a politician because i would have answered straight out, yeah, i plan on packing the courts. just call me the head coach of the green bay packers. i'm packing them up, i'm packing them down, i'm packing them wide, i'm packing them high. but that's me. that's why i can never run and i'm sitting here talking to you. neil: i wonder how bernie sanders would feel about this. i think he's gone on record that
1:14 pm
he doesn't favor that. i could be wrong. he's a pretty liberal guy. even he does not endorse that deal. but what do you think? >> probably so. then again, i don't know. bernie sanders really hasn't been very vocal as far as how his position since endorsing joe biden. in fact, all of the candidates, to be quite honest with you, all of them that came out and coalesced behind joe biden, we haven't heard much from them. i was surprised the see mayor pete on tv the other day, looks like he participated in debate prep. where's elizabeth warren? where are all the candidates that supported joe biden? they have been -- neil: are they angry? are they trying to contain their anger? obviously when he dials back on the green new deal, he dials back on some of these positions, says at a town hall forum that i beat socialists in the race, do they wince at that? are they ticked off? or they say look, we'll keep our mouths shut, hope the guy wins, then talk to him later?
1:15 pm
>> yeah, i would say probably not angry but maybe scared to rock the boat. the goal is on the democrat side to get president trump out of office and they will argue about it once the election is over. but i will tell you this. the supporters are angry. they could care less if elizabeth warren speaks up for them, if berniened sae sanders up to them. the supporters are like the fly that landed on vice president pence's head. they are here to stay. they are making the noise the leaders are not. we will see how it all comes out in the wash in about three weeks but for sure, neil, you can count on after the election is over, you will hear more from the progressive side. neil: by the way, on that fly, it seems to me it was a democratic plant. your thoughts? >> maybe. maybe not. but i know one thing for sure. it definitely was on twitter. democrats may want to focus less on the fly and deal with the issues at hand and knock on the
1:16 pm
door and don't worry about going high. i'm really on a roll here with my zingars. neil: you are. a very good roll. all this would have gone away if pence didn't have that gray hair. it just stood out. >> the hairspray i think locked it in. neil: that would have done it. thank you very very much. the corner of wall and broad, still up with optimism on what's happening on the stimulus front. we have been down this road before. don't count your stimulus chickens before they're hatched. see what i did there? more after this. hi, this is margaret your dell technologies advisor to listen, is to hear more than what's being said... and offer the answers that make someone feel truly heard. i understand, let's get started
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call a dell technologies advisor today.
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1:20 pm
neil: all right. we are looking at stocks continuing to advance right now. not as much as before, but a lot of this is built on optimism that a stimulus deal could be hadment stoc had. stocks would be looking at their best weekly performance since the middle of august. let's not get ahead of ourselves because this is not a done deal and the opposition might come from republicans. charlie gasparino has more on that. hey, charlie. charlie: hey, neil. i think we took a little bit of the wind out of the stock market with a recent tweet, fox business, from me on the current
1:21 pm
state of the talks and yes, you have some broad agreement between nancy pelosi, house majority leader, house speaker, and steve mnuchin, trump's man on the ground, treasury secretary, to do $1.8 trillion stimulus package, covid stimulus. but from what i'm hearing from my gop sources, mitch mcconnell is the all-important player here and he simply as of now, it could change, although i'm hearing it's going to be an uphill battle to change, he does not have the votes to -- the gop senate votes to spend this much money, that many gop senators remain very concerned about another massive spending bill. they think it's politically absurd because the unemployment rate is not going to change before the election. they also believe the deficit is now at the $4 trillion mark and the economy is improving based on the other stimulus measures and many of those other stimulus measures, we should point out, including ppp, remember the loan
1:22 pm
program for small businesses, i don't think they have been tapped out yet. so this is some of the things that i'm hearing from key gop sources that know the thinking of key members of the senate. people like marco rubio, the senator from florida, people like mitt romney, the senator from utah, and there's a lot more. even if you listen to mcconnell himself, speaking about this very hesitant to endorse the plan. that doesn't mean he doesn't think there should be something but this is one big bite. just think about it. another $1.8 trillion of spending on top of the $4 trillion budget deficit. even if you account for some keynesian supply side push in the economy that adds to higher tax revenues, you are probably talking about another trillion dollars on to the deficit. we will be by the end of the year having a $5 trillion bud t budgbudget
1:23 pm
deficit, it looks like. anyway, that's where we are right now. it's tough going to get this thing through, at least as of now, through the gop senate. back to you. neil: all right. aren't you miss debbie downer there. charlie gasparino on those developments here. the markets trending down a little on what he just said now. by the way, some news north of the border. we are learning that in ontario, canada they are shutting down indoor dining, gyms in toronto and in ottawa. that's on saturday, for at least 28 days due to a rising covid-19 cases. this is limited to those regions for the time being but it follows a spike in cases, record cases we are hearing out of russia and poland and ukraine. especially in poland and ukraine, where they are typing up restrictions and revisiting what they call rolling lockdowns, particularly in
1:24 pm
poland around the warsaw area. nothing like that happening here in the united states. we have seen spikes in cases certainly in the new york city metropolitan area but nothing so drastic or sweeping as what they are considering doing as of tomorrow in canada. stay with us. i have an idea for a trade. oh yeah, you going to place it? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪
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neil: all right. after a virus surge in cities, probably not too shocking but the numbers are still jolting. kristina partsinevelos joins us with more out of new york city. kristina? reporter: neil, the hottest pandemic purchase isn't a peloton, it's a house in the suburbs. so many people fleeing metropolitan cities. you have a huge supply of vacant apartments and condos for both rent and sale at levels we haven't seen in decades. for example, there is a new
1:29 pm
report that came out from douglas elliman, the supply of apartments for rent in manhattan has surged 200% in september 2020 versus last year at that time. then you've got the vacancy rate that's just a little bit below 6%. in a typical year it's roughly 2% to 3% so literally tripling. that's because so many people are leaving the city, finding greener, larger pastures in the suburb of westchester county, just outside the five boroughs here. prices have hit their all-time high in the third quarter. that's as new york city dwellers battle it out to get a suburban retreat. that means landlords in the city are desperate. this is anecdotal. i have been looking for an apartment. they are giving every concession imaginable, wifi, free cable, free month here, they will pay your move-in fee, your application fee if you are going in but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting people to
1:30 pm
sign leases like myself. listen in. >> concessions are up, inventory's up. it's an uncertain time. we don't know what's going to happen. we don't know if there's going to be a vaccine come early next year. we just don't know. as a broker, i'm definitely hopeful but right now, the numbers are looking a little grim. reporter: there's no doubt new york city is faced with higher crime, higher unemployment and a population decline. it's a matter of time to see how low those prices have to go to get the residents back into the big apple. back to you. neil: they are certainly giving a lot of goodies to entice them. thank you very very much. kristina partsinevelos on that. speaking of virus related issues, it's changed the world. did you hear about microsoft? right now offering a lot of its workers, forget about coming back to work, you can work from home, how does permanently sound? it's not quite as black and white as that but it is open to the idea, discussing it with employees as we speak. jack otter on the significance
1:31 pm
of that, of course the host of roundtable 10:00 p.m. eastern time and editor at large at barron's as well. i thought this carried considerable heft when microsoft was doing it. what do you think? >> i think it certainly does. i'm thinking in the near term it is very bad news but as the reporter just said, i actually think in the long term, it's outstanding news. start with the bad, which is clearly we have overindexed on office space. there are too many cubicles right now in the world for our new reality which is everybody working from home. microsoft is not alone in this. it's just the latest. so this is our new reality. but in the long term, i think this is actually going to be wonderful for a city like new york and many others. it's creative destruction. prices got too high, young college graduates had to pile six people into an apartment to be able to afford it, but they are going to continue to be
1:32 pm
attra attracted to it. the empty times square, it's shocking. we have walked around the city and it's not the city we once knew. it will be soon. think about the financial district post-9/11. it was obviously a very sad wasteland. now it is a dynamic, incredible area. i think that will come back. lower prices will eventually attract people. my advice is get that lease, make it for as long as you possibly can, take all the goodies new york and other cities will come back. neil: i do wonder, you mentioned some of the financial firms. a lot of them had been telling, at least some, goldman sachs and morgan stanley if i recall, deutsche bank in new york, for their new york offices, we would like to have you back, you know, end of september, end of october, then they had to dial it back and say not everybody, but it's going to be hard to get people back because of the concerns about their safety
1:33 pm
certainly in the new york metropolitan area, the crime and all the other issue. how long is this process going to take, you think? >> i think there are a couple of issues here. one, the clearest one is a vaccine. once we all feel like it's safe, once you let me back into your studio, then it will be the same thing with these banks and offices. people won't mind working near each other. i do notice that in many of the office situations, everyone needs to have an office, then they went to cubicles, then suddenly it was a long table where everybody is practically sitting on each other's laps. i think that's going to change. i think employees will get a few more square feet which is actually good news for landlords. but also, a lot of employees have been very productive from home. i think that is fundamentally and permanently changed the way we work. employees will be allowed to stay at home but not all the time. and it's funny, i literally just had a conversation with a ceo of dow jones where we talked about the fact that serendipitous
1:34 pm
meeting with someone in the hallway, you're working on that, i'm working on this, and that leads to being more productive in the workplace, everyone misses that. that's going to come back. offices will come back. and with the banks, you mentioned the financials, there are many reasons why you don't want traders scattered around the country. you want them to be working together. it makes the job of the compliance department an awful lot easier. so trading floors will return. neil: we'll see what happens, my friend. look forward to the show. >> i want to point out, we are moved to 10:30 tonight. the show is 10:30 tonight. there you go. look forward to it. neil: very good, my friend. look forward to it. meantime, as we were wrapping up, we are getting confirmation that many louisiana residents are being told to heed evacuation orders. thousands are expected to comply. what we are also hearing is that
1:35 pm
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neil: hurricane delta, a category 3 storm now, expected to hit the louisiana coast i believe later tonight. phil keating has an update as we wait to hear from governor john bel edwards, the measures they are taking in a state that is being hit by its third storm in a few weeks. phil? reporter: [ inaudible ] citizens of louisiana. these are the conditions right now, the winds starting to go a little more sideways, it's
1:40 pm
heavier than it's been all day but it has been raining for hours and hours. they put up plywood boarding to help protect them. however, the state is ready to respond. take a look at these photos released today. they've got convoys of trucks all lined up as well as a lot of boats, all ready to respond including 115 high trucks that should go through deep flood waters, because the anticipation is there will be rescues that need to be made. they had 1.6 million meals ready to eat, 1.5 million liters of water and tons of ice and 40,000 tarps. recall that just six weeks ago, deadly and destructive category 4 hurricane laura carved almost the same exact path that is forecast for tonight. massive destruction then, many homes still unlivable a.
1:41 pm
check out this. the newest tool for the fox news hurricane arsenal. it's called the fox storm cam, a big hard plastic box with a camera inside and a peephole so that it can broadcast live the potential destruction from the hurricane for 20 hours. what you're looking at now, that is our current storm cam live shot in lake arthur, just south of where we are. those are the conditions down there right now. pretty cool tool to have. this side of the street, also boarded up. you can see downtown jennings is a ghost town. it's under a mandatory evacuation order for the past two days. a lot of people did evacuate. at this point, it's probably unadvisable to get in your car and start driving through all this rain and wind, especially as the hours go by into the
1:42 pm
evening. things are going to get a whole lot worse. landfall is now projected on the louisiana coast between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. central time. so everybody's expecting a very long night. there's nothing open in this town, and hardly any cars on the road. everybody's just hoping for the best once again. neil? neil: yeah. it's getting to be rote for you. phil keating in jennings, louisiana. phil was mentioning about these evacuation orders that were in effect and maybe a little late now for people trying to leave with all the rain, hail and wind, but it's still considered a good idea. keep in mind that thousands who evacuated after hurricane laura a few weeks ago, they are still in motels, hotels and other facilities because they have been unable to return to their homes that are so badly damaged or in need of a lot more repair. not safe to go home. the u.s. army corps of engineers
1:43 pm
hurricane delta response team head joins us. thank you for taking the time. a lot of people have been told to evacuate the area. have they? what's the latest? >> well, really, the people impacted here in southwest louisiana will follow the direction of the state for evacuations. at first, i would just like to say my heart goes out to the people here in southwest louisiana after being devastated by hurricane laura, then impacted by tropical storm beta. we have been responding here since late august. i met with a lot of people in lake charles. they are strong, resilient, but they've got a tough night ahead and a long road to recovery. neil: what do you do now? it looks like it's going to be a monster coming in, maybe category 3, could be less, could be more. no way of knowing for sure. but it's going to lead to some huge storm surges. i heard some in excess of 11 or 12 feet. that's a monster.
1:44 pm
>> that's a lot of storm surge. we are certainly also worried about heavy rainfall and of course, heavy winds. as you know, there was extreme wind damage from hurricane laura so we've got our focus on temporary roofing along with our other missions, temporary emergency power, temporary housing, debris removal and infrastructure assessment. so it really depends on how this storm actually makes its way ashore, then once it's clear and we can get in the air and on the ground, we can make an assessment of what type of response will be necessary. neil: you know, you lose power in these type of storms and the power outage can last for quite awhile. in that event it makes it difficult to get to people. how do you play that? >> well, the state and fema along with the corps of engineers has formed a task force to look at power, identify where the priorities of outages are, where we can come in with temporary generators, especially
1:45 pm
for critical infrastructure. that worked very well in laura. we are postured to do that again here for delta. in late august when it was hot and muggy in south louisiana, people were certainly suffering with a lack of power. there's been a lot of work going in with the grid since then, so we are hopeful that the impacts won't be as bad and that we can really quickly get to work and get some of that temporary power up and going. neil: all right. colonel, thank you very very much on all of this. again, to the colonel's point, this will hit sometime tonight as a category 3, more likely, but it will be hanging around awhile. by the way, we are getting more details of what the president is telling rush limbaugh in his virtual rally he's having on his show. it's a pretty, you know, back and forth over the issues of the day, including this covid relief that the president is looking at. he said that i'd like to see it happen, would like to see bigger
1:46 pm
stimulus than either the democrats or republicans would like. i would like to see money going to people, not their fault that china sent in the plague. go big. go big. [ sigh ] not gonna happen.
1:47 pm
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neil: all right. we are looking if we can maintain this for two hours, at the best week for the market since august here. a lot of it buoyed by hopes that stimulus could come, it looked more likely when we got reports out of the white house that the president was advocating a big stimulus package, virtually doing a 180 on his earlier tweet to junk the talks entirely. but he says you got to go big, got to go big, telling rush limb hawi limbaugh in this virtual roundtable that it's time now to not look at the price. it's a long way from done. republicans might balk at that whole price concept. democrats, that it's not rich enough. bob cusack on handicapping where this goes. bob, always good to have you. when mitch mcconnell was saying, that was before the hints from the president that he would go bigger than just targeted aid like for the airlines and stimulus checks, that it would
1:51 pm
be tough to get it done before the election. i imagine that has not changed. what do you think? >> yeah. that has not changed. there are a number of key republicans including mcconnell as well as senator chuck grassley who are not in favor of doing something, certainly not really big, and there are indications steve mnuchin, treasury secretary, is going up to 1.8 trillion. i don't think nancy pelosi will accept anything under $2 trillion. now the president's suggesting go bigger than that and that's just not going to fly in the senate. so you could really have a deal which would be highly unusual between the white house and nancy pelosi, maybe, that could be seriously opposed by the senate and it just wouldn't pass the senate. i think it's unlikely. i agree with mitch mcconnell. neil: so who does it hurt more if it never comes to pass at least before the election? >> i think it could hurt some -- democrats in the house have been pushing nancy pelosi. they have been nervous at all the finger pointing and
1:52 pm
groundhog day of endless negotiation. so they clearly i think, the democrats in trump districts, some of them are nervous it could hurt them but mitch mcconnell certainly thinks that passing a $2 trillion plus bill could depress the base and actually harm the chances that mcconnell holds on to the senate. neil: you know, it's interesting where the talks go. the president has been in a free-wheeling interview with rush limbaugh, talked about the push of nancy pelosi, the 25th amendment. he tweeted about it saying it's all pelosi's strategy to help kamala harris which i don't know whether it was a slip of the tongue or keyboard. has he given up on this race? is he resigning himself to some of these polls? still a ways to go but i thought it was telling or maybe i'm overanalyzing it. what do you think?
1:53 pm
>> i don't think you are overanalyzing. i think the president knows he's behind, i know he's going after the pollsters saying they're fake, and certainly some of the polls were wrong in 2016. in 2020, though, they are looking worse for the president. so he's got to change the topic. he needs some game changers over the next several weeks and it's partly could be a covid relief bill, and also, i think he would be wise to debate biden as much as he can, because he is behind right now. neil: the president also just said to that very point, maybe i'll lose because people say i'm not a nice person. i think i am a nice person. i like to help people. again, another telegraphing of maybe his inner thoughts there. where do you think this race stands? if we go by the polls now, you know, he has reason to be anxious because some of them are well outside the margin of error. do we buy the polls now even in
1:54 pm
those states, he would lose in a landslide in popular vote and the electoral vote. what do you think? >> that's right. he's got to win ohio and florida and those two states are very close. then you talk about joe biden going on offense in texas and georgia. the map does not look good. if the election were tomorrow, biden would definitely win. the election is not tomorrow. that's where the president needs some more october surprises or some game changers in some fashion. otherwise he is going to lose. neil: the judge barrett confirmation hearing is next week. how do you think they're going to go, timeline, getting it wrapped up before at the le election? what do you think? >> democrats have to be very careful, especially after brett kavanaugh and the backlash. the democratic reaction to how they handled that cost them the senate last time around. so i think their game plan, i think it's probably smart, is to talk about health care, they will talk about abortion.
1:55 pm
i don't think they should talk about her catholic faith. i think that's a big loser. there have been advertisements of democrats, most notably dianne feinstein asking her about that. remember, catholic, it's a swing vote. joe biden is up on it now but that's a key vote that can go either way. so democrats have to be very careful. it's really a land mine if they get too aggressive with coney barrett and make her look very sympathetic. nl neil: i'm told they will focus on the health care thing, thinking look, we won the house with this thing, we will do it with her. it would be an uphill battle to deny her that job, right? >> oh, yeah. republicans have the votes as long as ron johnson, who has covid, said he would show up in a moon suit. mitch mcconnell is going to get her across the finish line one way or the other. she's going to be confirmed. mitch mcconnell will be -- that's what he's focused on. he's not focused on covid relief. he's focused on getting her on the court. neil: thank you very much, my friend. good catching up with you. bob cusack, the hill editor in
1:56 pm
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live of the week and the 10:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news channel, a lot of things will come at the same time of course hurricane delta and the wheezy and unthreatening the gulf coast with major flooding and maybe a democratic response let alone a republican response to the president efforts to say go big on stimulus or go home, it's a big 180 but everyone will be talking about it tomorrow, we will be there. here is charles now. charles: that is your nickname go big or go home. i love it. neil: exactly. charles: [laughter] charles: i'm charles payne this is making money, breaking right now stocks rising again on wall street with the s&p with the best week since july, the opening deal be in made to help the american people. we will get reaction from trump economic advisor steve moore and kim buck. and president trump says he is ready to resume rallies as nancy pelosi preps the house for 25th amendment to remove a pres


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