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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 29, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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right? >> no, that was the other thing. elizabeth: okay. >> that's right. elizabeth: all right, tim, we've got to go. really appreciate it. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit. "we're going to be covering the debate tomorrow night and a whole lot more headlines. we hope you have a good evening and thanks for watching. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we are two hours away from the first presidential debate of this 2020 election year. it will be held in cleveland, ohio. president donald trump and joe biden to square off in a debate moderated by "fox news sunday" host crest wallace. the top -- chris wallace. the topics include the records of both the president and the former vice president. the china virus pandemic, the economy, the supreme court, election integrity and race relations. the debate is set to last an hour and a half. this will be no breaks -- there
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will be no breaks. that to the disappointment of the joe biden campaign, fearing that he may struggle to keep up with president trump's customary high-energy performance. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany this evening said this about her expectations of tonight's showdown. >> there is no comparing the record of obama/biden and president trump. when you look at president trump, record lows in unemployment, a v-shaped recovery, when you look at obama/biden, slowest economic recovery since world war ii, health care, same thing. premiums up, drug costs up under obama. president trump brought those down. so a point-by-point comparison from the handling of swine flu to the handling of covid, there really is no comparing the records because president trump stands tall. lou: well, tonight's' festivities are taking place at the famous cleveland clinic.
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officials are expecting tensions to be running high outside that building. as you see there, more than 300 ohio national guardsmen have been called up and deployed to the site of the debate. and businesses in the neighborhood and sounding areas have been boarded up over fears that violent protests and perhaps rioting may break out. we'll be previewing tonight's debate throughout this broadcast. we're joined tonight by white house chief of staff mark meadows, congressman matt gaetz, congressman jim jordan, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and citizens united president david bossie. they'll join us later this hour. but first, this breaking news. director of national intelligence john ratcliffe tonight announcing he will be heading to capitol hill over the coming days where he plans to brief congress on
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newly-declassified documents that further implicate hillary clinton and the obama/biden administration in a conspiracy to overthrow president presiden. ratcliffe released the declassified information to senator lindsey graham, the chair of the judiciary committee in the senate. the information alleges that russians knew in july of 2016 that hillary clinton was trying to tie trump to the russia collusion story and the hacking at the dnc in order to distract from her private e-mail server scandal. former cia director john brennan briefed the obama/biden white house about the report in september 2016 former fbi director james comey, former fbi agent peter strzok were given an investigate i referral -- investigative referral over
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clinton's alleged scheme. there is no indication from the declassification that the fbi at any time in any way investigated the allegations brought to them against clinton. it is worth noting that crowdstrike president sean henry told the house intelligence committee in 2017 that he did not have conclusive evidence of russians taking any information from the dnc servers. our first guest tonight is among those traveling with the president to cleveland, and joining us the president's chief of staff the, mark meadows. mark, great to have you with us. it's a big evening for the country and, certainly, for the white house. give us a sense, first, of the president's mood and his readiness for verbal combat. >> well, just like when the
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president came down on that escalator, he was ready to go to battle for the american people. he's ready to go to battle tonight to tell the people and hopefully inform the people that not only is he worthy of four more years, but based on his past performance we should overwhelmingly reelect him. he's got with his game face on, he's readied to do, he's well prepared -- ready to do. but i can say this, listen, when we're looking at the president of the united states, he's accomplished more in 47 months than joe biden has in 47 years. and today, tonight on this debate stage joe biden's going to have to account for that. it's all rhetoric and no action. lou: well, there's, there'll be -- there's certainly the expectation there'll be a lot of action on that stage tonight. [laughter] i want to turn to the action in washington, d.c. today. john ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence,
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declassifying documents in which there is the allegation that hillary clinton was the author of the conspiracy to construct this claim that there was russian collusion with donald trump and that the intelligence agencies were aware of it and, indeed, had a taken a referral to the fbi for investigation and that there was ostensibly no action taken whatsoever by the very same fbi that spent years investigating this president while both in office and campaigning for that office. your reaction. >> well, i mean, isn't it amazing that we spent over $40 million and many, many months on the mueller investigation, and yet there was no mention of this bombshell declassification document that came forth today. i can tell you this, hillary clinton -- based on this letter
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that was put forth by director ratcliffe -- was not only involved, certainly, in a scheme the accuse the president of what she was guilty for, but the real question tonight, hopefully on this debate stage, is what did joe biden know about it. was he part of it. i would suggest that, indeed, he was. lou: well, and we do know that the former vice president was in the oval office with the president and other administration officials, obama administration officials during that infamous january 5th, 2017, meeting in which there was a meeting about the state of that investigation. >> well, yeah. lou, you're exactly right. and joe biden can't have it both ways, you know? when they are getting informed, when the obama/biden administration is getting informed by their own director of the cia, when a number of other officials -- the fbi and
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others -- are informed about this particular measure that was released today, either he was absent without leave as the vice president, or he was part of it. and either answer is very troubling for the american people if he's asking for their vote for the highest office in the land. lou: your reaction, if you will -- and perhaps that of the president -- to the reports that john durham, his investigation will produce before the election no interim report or charges against anyone involved in the conspiracy, the obamagate conspiracy against president trump. >> well, i don't want to speak for the president. he's stayed out of this particular investigation. but john durham has spent many, many months, and i can speak on behalf of the millions of americans i get to hear from on a regular basis. it's time that we have a verdict. it's time that people go to jail, and it's time that people
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are held accountable for what they dud. and i can tell you just based on documents i saw in my previous career as a member of congress and what i believe is backed up by his investigation, there should be indictments. hopefully they'll come. i think it's justice that's been delayed far too long for most americans. lou: and let us, if you would, get your sense of what issue you think will dominate tonight's debate. >> well, i think what will dominate tonight's debate is the difference between a president who does, indeed, put america first. and we've seen that in year one, year two, year three and now in year four of this administration. that each and every year he says i have not accomplished enough for the american people, he wants to make sure that the next four years are better. and what we look is the only four years that joe biden wants better for him are actually
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better for him personally. we've seen that over and over again as he goes for election after election. you know, most americans would have a hard time finding any particular bill that joe biden actually sponsored and got into law are other than perhaps one on criminal justice that he wants to run away from. and so this is all about tonight, about a mandate that the president sevenned some -- received some four years ago and a continuation of delivering on behalf of the american people. this promise -- i get to see it each and every day. every morning i get to see it where this president says what are we doing for the american people today. i'm honored to serve him. he's honored to serve the people of this great country. and ultimately, deserves to be reelected. lou: chief of staff mark meadows, great to have you here. thank you so much. up next, a major hearing today in the ongoing persecution of general michael flynn. we take that up and much more.
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congressman matt gaetz joins us in just a few moments. and a reminder to buy my new book, "the trump sent arely: how our president changed the course of history forever," available at that is a place for all american patriots. buy your book at ♪ ♪ lou: and coming up next, we'll have more on tonight's debate. stay with us, we're coming right back. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent
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they were trying to persuade sullivan to follow attorney general barr's orders to drop the case entirely against flynn. sidney powell, the defense attorney, arguing sullivan should recause himself from the case and -- recuse himself from the cause and says she is filing a motion to immediately dismiss sullivan from the case. >> and we will be filing a motion to disqualify him because the comments he made today reflect pure political ambitions and continuing the prosecution of general flynn and other actions since the court are remanded it to him also do the same. it was absolutely appalling, lou. it was just -- nothing short of stunning. i would have thought we were in a third world country where political prosecutions are commonplace. lou: that brings us to our "lou dobbs tonight" word of the day, showdown, is the word.
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it means the final test or confrontation intended to settle a dispute. general michael flynn is surely in a show todown with judge emmet sullivan. sullivan has now asked for briefs from the department of justice, flynn's attorneys and his amicus by october 7th as he prolongs this unconscionable persecution of general michael flynn and his family. joining us tonight is congressman matt gaetz, a member of the house judiciary and armed services committees. he's the author of the brand new book "firebrand: dispatches from the front lines of the maga revolution." we encourage you to preorder it now. we highly recommend it. congressman, great to have you with us. let's begin with these developments, they are substantial, they're significant. the dni to move to congress to
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explain and further testify about the declassified information and the continued persecution of general michael flynn and -- it's inexplicable. your thoughts. >> judge emmet sullivan shouldn't be presiding in this case, he should be impeached. we don't crowd source prosecutions in the united states of america. they have to be brought by the executive branch or the executive branch doesn't want to bring a prosecution, no judge gets to just do it. that would be a violation to have separation of powers. if the judge, if the referee e in this case weren't wearing the jersey of the other team, sidney powell would have won this case three times already. she would have had her motion for habeas corpus granted. now, when you talk about the ratcliffe memod today, it is remarkable. it proves that we were right all along. russia was never a crime committed by the president, it was a set-up concocted by hillary clinton as an excuse, an excuse for the failures of the
7:19 pm
obama/biden/clinton era and an excuse for her failures with the electorate. and too often the establishment in both parties here in washington want to make us believe that russia is some, like, great threat that challenges america. russia's two biggest exports are models and oil, and we've got plenty of both. i'm glad ratcliffe is going to testify before the senate because i think it will further illuminate the decisions the oval office. this was not some, the work j or fbi assistant deputy. you had obama, biden and clinton working on framing donald trump even before the election and using it to try to justify their own failures. lou: the american people now have witnessed 11 months of investigation by the fbi of this president, then almost two years of the special counsel investigation, then an
7:20 pm
impeachment inquiry so-called, and in every instance he has been exonerated. he is the only one who's been exonerated. the investigators themselves have been proven politically corrupt, orchestrating a conspiracy against a sitting president -- and, yes, a candidate for president -- as they tried to block his election. will there be an accounting, in your judgment? >> i'm very disappointed that we are not getting indictments from john durham before the election. but just the clinesmith indictment shows you've got more people of that have committed crime at the fbi than you ever had in the trump campaign or the trump white house. but remember, lou, it was myself and jim jordan and mark meadows who back in 2017 said that we needed a special counsel to investigate the activities of hillary clinton. and had we done that, we would have known what john ratcliffe just told us well before, but we
7:21 pm
have the spineless speaker, paul ryan, who blocked us at every turn. you know, he acted like we were the tinfoil hat-wearing crazy republicans, but the reality is we were telling the american people the truth, people in washington on both sides of the aisle were lying to the american people, and now we know exactly where the russia hoax began, exactly what the purpose was. and you know what? this mail-in ballot nonsense, the ballot harvesting, that's the new russia. they're going to use ballot harvesting to try to delegitimize what will almost certainly be a win for president trump on election day. you talked in your reporting about the importance of this debate. i guess joe biden didn't get his two breaks. i think earlier he requested nap time or something like that. but when you talk about businesses outside boarding up, they're not boarding up for people with maga hats. nobody is setting stuff on fire trying to destroy our nation, it's the radical left that threatens safety, security and tranquility on our streets. that should be the central point
7:22 pm
president trump wins. joe biden will allow portland-utopia to take over america. you write about it in "trump century, "and it's still a country worth fighting for. lou: congressman matt gaetz, as always, well said. we appreciate it. thanks so much. up next, republican senators have started to meet with judge amy coney barrett. we'll take up the fight to confirm her to the supreme court. corey lewandowski and david bossie join me next. stay with us, we're coming right back. [ thunder rumbles ]
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lou: president trump's supreme court nominee, amy coney barrett, meeting with senate republicans today ahead of her confirmation hearings. i they begin in two weeks, and more positive polling for president trump ahead of tonight's debate.
7:27 pm
the president up five points in less than a month in the latest harvard/harris poll. china joe's lead dropping from seven points to just two as you see there. joining us now, david bossie, president of citizens united, former 2016 trump deputy campaign manager and surrogate for the 2020 campaign. david, good to have you here. corey lewandowski, former 2016 trump campaign manager, senior adviser to the 020 campaign. their new book out today, today, is "trump first." david and corey have produced a terrific book. we recommend it to you highly. let me begin with you, david. this is -- what does the president have to do tonight in this? is there an absolute target for him to exploit, to deal with? >> lou, i believe that the
7:28 pm
president just needs to go there and be himself. he needs to talk about the big issues. he can't let joe biden drag him into the petty and into the mundane. that's where joe biden -- he wants to make it about petty grievances. the president wants to talk about higher versus lower taxes, more jobs-killing regulation versus less. he wants to talk about the big issues of the day and how he over the last 48 months has done more for the american people than joe biden has done in 48 years. and i think that stark contrast, that reagan's saying of bold colors, not pale pastel, that's what tonight's debate is, and i'm very excited to see president trump on the stage against sleepy if joe e. sleepy joe. lou: sleepy joe. corey, your thoughts about how the tone of this, many people are expecting the president to do as he did in 2016 which is to give no quarter and go full tilt. what do you expect him to do in terms of tone and approach?
7:29 pm
>> well, lou, we have seen from this president that he's the greatest counterpuncher that politics has ever seen. if joe biden wants to raise a right hook, he's going to get punched in the face. i've got my money on the champ. donald trump is the champ. he's like rocky marciano, he's undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. you're going to see the champ ready for a fight tonight. lou: i want to ask you very quickly about your book, and give us a sense, david, of the book and where you're -- and what you're saying about this president against all odds. >> yeah. what we try to do, lou, is give people a real insider's look at the campaign. the fun that we have, look, this was an incredible campaign pre, it was the biggest campaign ever put together before the china
7:30 pm
virus struck, before this coronavirus shut down america. so we walk everybody through that. and you get the chance to see what the president's gone through. but it talks about his incredible accomplishments and what he's done before the coronavirus struck and what he's had to do to put together the biggest public/private partnership in american history to defeat the coronavirus, to come up with the they are it putinics and this vaccine that we hopefully will see very shortly. lou: right. corey, you get the last word on this. >> lou, the book also has some great stories, me getting into a fistfight just outside the oval office, my time testifying in front of jerry nadler and all that went into that. if you want to see what dave and i's life is really like surrounded by that team that the president's with every day, pick up this book for some great stories. who else gets into a fight outside the oval office but me? it's a lot of fun, you've got to read it. lou: corey, you're trying to
7:31 pm
make us think you got into only one fistfight outside to sal office. we know better. [laughter] >> he fighting for us, i fight for him. you know that, lou. lou: you bet. yee haw. corey lewandowski, david bossie, thanks, guys. their new book, "trump, america first: the president succeeds against all odds." indeed, he does. the president tonight sure to be talking straight to the american people. our "lou dobbs tonight" quote of the day comes from my new book, "the trump century." in it i wrote, quote: when talking to the american people, he forgoes sugar coating his language or meaning, he talks in the language of the plain-spoken american using short, anglo-saxon words that carry meaning and weight and that are resist obfuscation and create clarity. there you go. up next, more on tonight's presidential debate in cleveland, ohio. the buckeye state's own jim
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7:36 pm
wheeler telling the governor this in his letter, quote: california's record of rolling blackouts, unprecedented in size and scope, coupled with recent requests of neighboring states for power begs the question of how you expect to run an electric car fleet that will come with significant increases in electricity demand when you can't even keep the lights on today. breaking news now, an appellate court has sided with the radical dems in wisconsin in their attempt to, well, rig the november election. the 3-0 decision on the court upholding a lower judge's order which allowed postmarked absentee ballots to be counted as long as they're received six days after the election. the ruling was made by the seventh circuit court of appeals. if that sounds familiar, that's
7:37 pm
because it is the court which judge amy coney barrett serves on. she was not involved in the case. the republican party can ask the u.s. supreme court now for an emergency intervention and no doubt will. joining us, congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committee, the house oversight committee, a great american and delight to have you on the broadcast. i want to start with a number of the developments today. >> yeah. lou: great to have you. congress -- well, i was about to say congressman, dni john ratcliffe declassifying these documents which revealed the allegation that hillary clinton was conspiring to bring these collusion charges against donald trump. it gets worse and worse, and in
7:38 pm
every instance the president is exonerated, and we find more democrats and deep staters guilty as hell. >> right. the only thing we were wrong about, lou, is it's worse than we thought. they always accused us of what they were doing, they, in fact, were working with the russians, the clinton campaign was working with the russians concocting this fake story that somehow it was president trump's campaign that was colluding with russia which we know was a complete hoax. look, with each day we learn more. the only thing we had wrong is, as i said before, it was much worse than we originally thought. lou: well, you and congressman meadows, congressman gaetz among those who have seen more documents, know more about this than, than i think even most of your colleagues. give us a sense of how important it is that ric grenell and john ratcliffe have been at the dni
7:39 pm
in charge of -- >> oh, they've been tremendous. they've been tremendous. we would not know that there was never a proper predicate for this but for the fact that these guys released the transcripts of the sworn testimony of the key people in the obama administration, the obama/biden administration. we've got clapper saying there was never a reason, there was no collusion, i never saw any coordination between the russians and the trump campaign. there was never proper predicate for launching this investigation. that we got from ric grenell, from john ratcliffe and thed good work that they're doing. it'd be nice if chris wray would help us, but unfortunately he hasn't. the other thing that's to to important, remember, tomorrow jim commie's testified. -- jim comey's testifying. i hope he guess asked about the january 5, 2017, meeting in the oval office where president obama's -- this is where they hatched the strategy on how they were going to trap michael flynn, how they were going to get michael flynn. and the reason, lou, they had to get him, because as former head
7:40 pm
of defense intelligence, he would have figured out how this was a house of cards. he would have figured it out, and he was going to uncover the wrongs they did as the new national security adviser to the president of the united states. so they hatched a plan january 5th and took him out a few weeks later which is so sad, what they did to a three-star general. lou: it is so sad what they did to him, to his family, what they have done to them all for four years. can you imagine? we have been discussing this for four long years while they have been living through a hell brought by the politically-corrupt left and deep state. this has got to end, and now we -- >> yeah. lou: -- find that we're not going to have an interim report, we're not going to be hearing about charges from the u.s. attorney assigned to investigate the investigators of obamagate. >> yeah. yeah, it's -- that's frustrating. but here's the positive takeaway, in spite of everything
7:41 pm
they threw at this president, in spite of all the lies, in spite of all the crazy investigations, in spite of what they did to michael flynn, this president did what he said he was going to do, delivered for american families, delivered for the american people, and he's going to highlight that record in three and a half years with joe biden's record in four and a half decades in washington. he's going to highlight that tonight here at this debate. talk about the taxes, the regulations reduced, the fact that the economy was growing at an incredible place, he's going to talk about out of the iran deal, hostages home from north korea, new nafta agreement, building the wall, rebuilding our economy after this coronavirus that we're starting to see as we're coming out of this thing, and he's also going to talk about putting neil gorsuch, kavanaugh and amy coney barrett on the supreme court. unfortunately, a handful of republicans and democrats, he's
7:42 pm
going to highlight that tonight in this debate. lou: we appreciate you being with us and all that you have done for the country and for this president through these hellish years for a man who is a historic president, whose wonderful family has, unfortunately, had to share his sacrifices as well as he serves the american people. congressman, great to see you. jim jordan. thanks so much. up next, senator ron johnson slamming the fbi and director wrong wray for failing to move with urgency to carry out a meaningful investigation of obamagate. we take that up and more, "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon joins us next. we'll take up the latest in this horrific scandal, the worst in our country's history. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: stockses were down on wall street today. the dow jones industrials fell 131 points, the s&p lost 16, the nasdaq down 32. volume on the big board moderating a bit, 3.7 billion shares.
7:47 pm
crude oil lost more than 3% settling at $39.11 a barrel. disney announcing late today plans to lay off 28,000 of its employees across its parks because of the china virus pandemic. more than half of those layoffs will be part-time employees. both of disney's theme parks in, well, the theme park in california remains closed and the, well, disney world in florida has been underperforming. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. there's new reporting that china and george soros and perhaps even parts of the federal judiciary have come into alignment on, well, tiktok and our elections. the chinese-owned video app tiktok will now feature a guide
7:48 pm
to the u.s. elections, offering information about candidates, how to vote, the election process, the usual sort of thing. civics brought to you by tiktok. their content will be provided by outside organizations, one of which is an outfit called mediawise. mediawise is part of the soros-funded poynter institute. over this past weekend, a trump-appointed judge ruled that the trump administration overstepped its national security authority in blocking tiktok and frustrating the first amendment rights of those who use the app. figure this one out. well, senator ron johnson tonight condemned the fbi for slow-walking the release of critical documents related to the obamagate investigation. here's what senator johnson had
7:49 pm
to say on our broadcast earlier this evening. >> here's the exact same i e-mail provided to us by the fbi. it's almost 100% recontacted. and this is the -- redacted. and this is the kind of production that we're getting out of the fbi when i had subpoenaed all these records. we should have gotten what chairman graham released, we should have gotten that months ago. the american people should know about this. you know, we're hearing right now that john durham may not indict, may not provide any information or a report because it's being said that it's too too political. the political action taken would be in not releasing this information so the american people go to the polls ignorant of all this corruption, all the wrongdoing the finishing wi and potentially department of justice under the obama administration. lou: well, the american people will not be going to the polls entirely ignorant of what is going on in part thanks to senator ron johnson's efforts and that of the homeland
7:50 pm
security committee and my next guest, "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon joining us tonight. he's also the author of "fallout: nuclear bribes, russian spies, the washington lies that enriched the clinton and biden dynasties." a book we recommend to you highly. john, good to have you with us. these are blockbuster revelations that are launching across the swamp right now in advance of feared fbi director james comey's appearance before the judiciary tomorrow. give us your thoughts about how important this is and what it will likely mean in that hearing in the judiciary committee tomorrow. >> today's revelation is absolutely the most stunning of all the revelations of the last four years. why? our intelligence community works in a very specific way. if they intercept a couple russians saying i think hillary clinton is i trying to set up trump, you know, they note it,
7:51 pm
but they don't act on it. they received other information to lead them to believe that hillary clinton had had approved an operation to try to tie donald trump falsely to the russian hacks and the russian intrusions into our election, and they thought it was credible enough to have the president of the united states briefed and then to send a criminal referral, an investigative referral to the if fbi in september 2016. this is obama's cia. this is john brennan. what they heard on that, those intercepts and information that they were getting was serious enough that even they felt it necessary to refer it to the fbi, and that raises a big question, what did jim comey sit on, what did he to? someone's going to ask him. more importantly, you raised the question of chris i wray. how could it be that we're four years from that moment and we're just getting this information now? the answer is chris wray's fbi has slow-walked every piece of evidence of wrongdoing or a mistake that the fb irk made, and it's --fbi made, and it's a
7:52 pm
shame to the electorate that we're entering the 2020 election, and chris wray hasn't let us seen fully what happened in the 2016 election are. lou: and another way of looking at this regrettably is that it's four years later and the obama administration still has extraordinary influence if not outright power over the permanent bureaucracy, the so-called deep state and is obviously still making use of that influence and power. >> absolutely right, lou. you hit it on the head. the people that are embedded in these agencies have had a long allegiance to the obama/biden/clinton years, and they've been able to use that power. our founding fathers thought it was the ability that americans could fine out what their government's doing. that is no longer the case. you saw senator johnson's frustration. it is real. lou: i have never seen the
7:53 pm
senator so animated, so obviously frustrated and angry. >> yeah. lou: this -- i've watched him -- [laughter] from a distance for a long time. this was a different fellow. >> yeah. there's no doubt -- lou: and good for him. >> yeah, no, it is good. he's worked very hard along with senator grassley to try to get these facts out for a long time. the truth of the matter is today we know that the fbi not only participated in an investigation on false grounds, they furthered a political dirty trick hillary clinton started, and they knew that she had started it, and they went along with it. they were willing participants in a political dirty trick. that should show us all, and it should all a make us think again before we go to vote on november 3rd. lou: yeah. it is clear from the evidence that we are aware of, thanks to your reporting, to that of judicial watch, to ric grenell, to john ratcliffe and others as
7:54 pm
well, but it is clear that this fbi today, or this justice department today, they were handed evidence and probable cause on a silver platter, and they have done nothing with it. how culpable is attorney general barr and fbi director wray? >> well, listen, i think chris wray has been thwarting transparency on this for a long time, probably to protect the reputation of the bureau which was so terribly tarnished by bad behavior. i think attorney general barr has worked mightily to try to get accountable, get an investigation done. but those same deep state bureaucrats that are working for him also are on the other side of the fence as witnesses. and my understanding from my source reporting is that these current and former fbi officials have done the rope a done. they've tried to tie up the investigation because they know how to do it. they're in the system. and they've thwarted a very
7:55 pm
good-intended attorney general william barr and a very capable prosecutor, john durham. they've slowed it down in hopes that people will pick joe biden in november. if that doesn't happen, have a funny feeling there's gown to be hell to pay on the back side of this election. but it is a staph -- travel industry of justice that we're sitting here unawar of the wrongdoing, the effort to subvert president trump's election. it shouldn't be this way in america. four years is plenty of time. somebody, lots of people are dropped the ball. but the president can release some documents, and i think there's some more coming down the road in the next few days. lou: john solomon, always good to have you with us, and i get the sense that the american voters are going to make sure that there's holy hell to pay. before we go to break, buy my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." get your copies at our
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8:00 pm
none our guests treasury secretary steve mnuchin, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, civil rights activist and expert bob woodson joining us. we hope you will. in just a few minutes i will join neil cavuto for our predebate coverage. that is just moments away. >> you're watching fox business coverage of the 2020 presidential debate. here's neil cavuto. neil: all eyes on cleveland, ohio, with could be at stake in the first one-on-one confrontation between trump through, the man who wants his job, joe biden. all that sets the stage for development that start one hour from now. we are going to look at this a little bit differently than other networks you're looking at because we will be monitoring market reaction, futures reaction, foreign market reaction. bond market reaction. metals market reaction. this is one


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