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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 16, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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begin following this leader. we'll see you tomorrow. health and human services will be here and rand paul as well. good night from new york. [♪] trish: tonight, a "trish regan primetime" exclusive. i obtained a letter from president trump to president erdogan of turkey in which the president issues a stern warning, telling erdogan, don't be a fool and do the right thing and resolve this crisis she mainly. president trump is telling erdogan, the world is watching and the united states has the power to destroy the turkish economy. he writes, let's work out a good deal. you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and i don't want to be responsible for destroying the
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turkish economy, and i will. i have given you a little sample. i worked hard to solve some of your problems. don't let the world down. you can make a great deal. general mazloum is willing to gorate with you and willing to make conditions that they would never have made in the past. history will look upon you kindly if you get this done the right and humane way. if you don't, they will look at you as the devil. mike pompeo and vice president pence traveled to turkey to sit down with erdogan. the president says american troops have to get out of syria. he brushed off critics who worry about the kurds and isis. in his view, it's not our
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problem. it's theirs. president trump i view the situation on the turkish border, our soldiers are out of there. if syria wants to fight for their land, that's up to turkey and syria it's a lot sands over there. we got to get out of the endless wars. we have to bring our troops back home. i go to walter reed and give out purple hearts. i just did it friday. i see the incredible soldiers coming home to dover, coming home in a coffin. on areas we have nothing to do with. we have nothing to do with. and it's heartbreak. you have sir jar and turkey. they are going to argue it out, maybe they are going to fight out. but our men aren't going to get
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killed over it. trish: joining me, congressman brian banin. he's making it very simple and clear. i don't know how much more clear you can be other than don't be a fool. is erdogan going to pay attention to it? >> i think he is. i think president erdogan ought to pay attention. that's an incredible letter. while i don't always agree on everything with president trump or anyone else, i trust that the president has the best interests of americans at heart. and i think as the father of a navy seal with three tours to iraq and wound, i can appreciate have much president trump not want our men and women in military to be killed in wars in other countries. i very much appreciate that in a
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personal way. but there are problems that developed in this. and i pray this was a wise decision on the part of the *. * -- on the part of president trump. he will make any changes necessary in the interests of our country. trish: going back to the letter again. he's one of the first presidents i have seen to invoke sanctions on the power of our economy in a strategic way, in a very smart way. i think too often a lot of people in politics tend to gravitate right towards the military option. and he has chosen the economic option and you look at the success he thus far had with china. we have peter navarro coming on our show to talk about that. people are pretty upset. i get it. but he's saying i have the power of the u.s. economy.
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if you don't do what's right here, i can make life pretty darn difficult for you. what does he specifically mean? talk me through what he he says i did it boulevard with pastor brunson, i can do much worse. what does that mean? >> that means he can cripple turkey's economy. there are a number of turkish strifes and businesses in this one -- a lot of turkish businesses and industries in this country. president erdogan is a tremendous disappointment to us as a nato ally. he is kind of gone against our advice. he approaches the russian missile defense. so i think's less than a greatal life ours, and d less than a
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great ally of ours and now he's proven to be a real problem. i think president trump is going to make the decisions to make president erdogan to pay a steep price for what he's doing unless he stops. trish: you have vice president pence and sick to mikpresident t pence and secretary of state miem -- mike pompeo as we speak. let me turn to politics. we have everybody attempting impeachment talk. and we heard it last night. i want everybody to take a quick peek at this. >> impeachment is the way we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without
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consequences. >> trump is the most of corrupt president in history of this country. >> this president and i agree with bernie, senator sanders, is the most of corrupt in modern history and i think all of our history. >> he is indeetd most of corrupe is the most of corrupt president we have ever had. >> we have a constitutional dudey to pursue this impeachment. >> we have to impeach this president. the can they not couple with anything new? how about debating some policy, congressman? >> this president is the most patriotic president i have seen in many, many a long we are. he's going to do what's best for americans. let me tell you what the problem is. president trump is standing in the way of the democrats' dream
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of a green socialist nanny state with open borders. i think this all started with the mueller report, the charges of russian collusion. trish: 98 different times they thought of how they could impeach him. one after another. now you have ukraine. the reality is i think people want something to vote for, not something to vote against. unless they come up with policy ideas that night work, because all their economy policies are falling flat. >> i was just going to say, they are willing to do waste takes to defeat president trump and take him from office, even 13 months before the election. this is being done behind closed
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doors. secret witnesses. they started with an anonymous whistleblower. and now we won't hear from the whistleblower himself. this tells the american people that they are willing to do whatever it takes. trish: the motion to censure adam schiff in congress is gaining momentum. tonight republican congressman behind the push is here to talk all about it. the media on the attack accusing peter navarro of fabricating the books on china. nancy pelosi ditching decades of precedent saying no way to an impeachment inquiry vote. democrats carry on with what he calls the north korea-style kangaroo court.
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designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. trish: house speaker nancy pelosi feeling heat from her members. she is delaying the vote in the house to authorize a vote to
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impeachment. but the impeachment inquiry is full steam ahead even though they can't get the vote. does this make any sense? no. joining me, correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. >> i'm angry. they are trying their best to conduct a one-side kangaroo court, north korea style. no due process for the president of the united states. they are defying tradition. richard nixon had a vote on whether to have an impeachment inquiry. bill clinton had a vote on whether to have an impeachment inquiry vote. not' not written in the constitution. but the constitution is vague. it gives to the house the power
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to impeach president. the nuclear option. the constitution gives to the house of representatives the political power to impeach a president. but there has to be due process. there are other parts of the constitution that says an accused can present witnesses and question witness. and an accused can know ways going on behind closed doors. jeffries had the audacity earlier today to say the republicans and the president were relying on cosmetic procedural issues to justify their lack of cooperation. you mean like the constitution? you mean like due process? trish: last time i checked. only the house has the ability to impeach. but it doesn't say the speaker of the house.
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>> or the democrats in the house. trish: the idea that suddenly they can request all this documentation from the administration. think of the precedent it would set. any opposing party that doesn't like the president of the united states going forward. imagine if republicans said i want every transcript from that call obama had with iranians. you would effectively put national security at risk. >> definitely we would it at risk. it's so frustrating to see the most of profound action the house of representatives can possibly take being done in a way that is gutter politics, that's partisan politics. that is nothing short of you know trying to railroad this man. i have urged him since the beginning of this process not to cooperate unless and until he was given his side, the
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republicans were given equal access, to call witnesses, to question witnesses, to seen a witnesses. why is it only one party has that right now? republican or democrat. anyone watching has to have a fundamental sense of fairness and fair play. the president of the united states gets the same rights as anybody else, particularly when this is essentially a death penalty case. why is she doing it this way? trish: we shoes going to yesterday, she had a press conference. everybody thought she must have the votes. only to say we are not going to hold the vote. >> because tactically she figured out she can take the heat for a little bit longer, try their best to get a camning witness that is not -- get a damning witness who is not
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sufficiently cross-examined. i think you share my feeling that we don't like what president trump said on that phone call with president zelensky in ukraine. but president zelensky is the chief prosecution witness. if there is an impeachment because there was a quid pro quo withholding military aid in exchange for investigating hunter bind. if he believed that, that would be damning. but the president of ukraine said that's not what happened. where the hell is your case if the chief prosecution witness is in favor of the defendant. i think history will come to see this as a bald faced. trish: you ought to think long
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and hard about what you are doing. this is something that shouldn't be that steeped in politics. we are on the same page, geraldo. i like sit when we are. coming up next. the push to censure far left democrat adam schiff gaining momentum. the republican congressman behind the push, andy business. the media on the attack. peter navarro coming up. he's going to set the record straight on that one. three members of the squad officially endorsing self-admitted socialist bernie sanders. young americans for liberty are scared for i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you.
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squad throwing theirweight their weight behind bernie sanders. foxnation host britt mchenry and emma michelle. britt, does this help them? >> i don't really consider the squad to have that millennial jenz appeal other politicians think they do. but it is in a way beneficial to bernie sanders. when you look at the three top democratic candidates. bernie sanders 78. elizabeth warren 70. joe biden 76. these are aging candidates. as we see with sanders and his health, there are some issues. i think it gives him an insurgents of youthful appeal,
11:25 pm
but they won't get votes for him. i am surprised the squad isn't supporting a female since they are all about empowerment. trish: i know they love another fellow socialist. i guess there are varying degrees of socialism. getting that millennial vote, how important is that going to be in 2020 and can they help deliver that for him? >> when you look at millennials plus gen-z they make up 20% of the electorate. if they go and vote. if these candidate can inspire these young people enough to turn out to vote, that will be the big winner for them. these are the people that may or may not show up. we'll see how significant this is. it comes down to the socialists are bundling together all their
11:26 pm
effort and sway and they are trying to get a candidate -- trish: ayanna pressley. i press preplexed by this. you know all the reporting i have done on venezuela. you talk to young people in venezuela and they are like socialism -- can i say this? socialism sucks. it's really bad. we don't have water, electricity, we don't have food because of this awful economic system that's a populist message, you can take from them and give to them. it doesn't work out that way. you go around the world, and pretty much every place you look where they tried this socialist experiment, it has failed the population, the majority of people. so knowing that, britt, what is it young people are missing.
11:27 pm
young people here are a whole other story. somewhat stuck out to me. >> what stuck out to me is that they don't have enough parts for the criminals, for the robbers to carry out their stuff. i think millennials in our country want handouts. they want someone who will promise they will, we'll disappear the student loans. i think elizabeth warren in terms of proposals had a better one in attacking that looming crisis than bernie sanders. i might agree with i hallow march once in saying d i might abree with ilhan omar once. he's not winning ticket or candidate. trish: if you wanted to put up
11:28 pm
someone who would have a fighting shot. you would have to look outside the socialism block. that's what makes it so complicated. think about all those voters that crossed over. we are talking to peter navarro later in the show. but a lot of union folks that would not have normally voted for a republican crossed over. are you going to be able to deliver those people with the likes of a socialist? >> when your message is wealth is bad and capitalism is bad, and that empowered so many people to rise out of poverty and a means to make a living. that's a big deal and will turn off a lot of voters. we have pregnant mothers that don't have a place to give birth because the hospitals are so overrun. we have people literally hunting zoo animals to stay alive, to have something to eat.
11:29 pm
in a country that is known as a place where you can find prosperity if you work hard. trish: britt and emma, god to see you. steve bannon telling me trump's china deal is a big deal that proves everybody wrong. >> tariffs work. all the geniouses, wall street, corporate america, tariffs work. trish: one of the bright mind that got china to cave i i i i [ orchestral music playing ] mom you've got to get yourself a new car. i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ were you going to tell me about this?
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president trump: china has been good. they already started the agreement. we are going to chile. president xi and i will probably
11:34 pm
do a signing over there. trish: the president saying china will buy up to $50 billion worth agricultural products in the u.s. trump insisting china wants to make a deal and progress is indeed being made. joining us, assistant to the president on trade policy, peter navarro. welcome back. are you feeling better about things? do you think something might come to pass here on china and trade? >> as you died in the last segment d as you keyed in the last segment. tariffs do work. having china be at the negotiating table. we are on a path to the summit in chile the middle of next month. the negotiating teams led by
11:35 pm
ambassador lighthizer. this is a great phase one deal. we have a good start on forced technology transfer. and farm stuff, look. china already began to buy a lot of our farm goods. this asian-african swine flu killed millions of pigs. so they started buying massive amounts of pork. that's going to continue. there is something called the army worm eating its way through the small farms of china. so crops like sorghum will be in demand. we think two years from now they will be buying at least $40 billion a year and maybe $50
11:36 pm
billion. trish: let me ask you about your book. because i was thinking that it's like -- remember seinfeld? >> an atrish: some of the mediae trying to say you made up this character that went to harvard the same time you went to harvard and studied utility regulation. but also said colorful and interesting things like don't eat chinese food. first tell me about the character and whether you were actually trying to deceive anyone as some suggested by creating him. and second do you really not eat chinese food. >> there is no deception here.
11:37 pm
only amusement and entertainment. it's partly an homage to alfred hitchcock. he would be in a cameo in each of his movies. i kept the ron vara character purely as a whimsical device to entertain readers. there are some great quotes. don't play checkers in a chess world is one of my favorite ron cera quotes. he's sort of an alter ego. if anyone has a problem with it, lighten up. i am going to borrow some money from him. it's all in good fun. trish: would you tell people not to seat chinese food? >> well, so if you get american
11:38 pm
ingredients from american farms and all of that stuff and you cook the chinese style, go for it. but if you go over to china -- when i wrote the death by china, no exaggeration there, there were tales in there how they used cardboard boxes ground up to simulate food. so don't eat that kind of chinese food. trish: i had chinese last night. hope tonight was from america. >> american farm products. trish: let me turn to the strike that may be seeing a little bit of movement here. i know that the president has been concerned about it. you have been instrumental in terms of goafght these workers there at gm back to work. where are we and what's your sense of what's going to happen? >> first thing i want to give
11:39 pm
kudos to the president as the uaw and gary jones and his lieutenant. they did a great job on this. there is what we call a proposed tentative settlement tomorrow. they are in a meeting with labor councils coming in from around the country. as early as midnight tomorrow night we could have people back on the line making beautiful cars in gm plants. president trump just loves making cars here in america. it's good news. trish: the democrats are on stage talking about manufacturing. we have to bring manufacturing jobs back and get the economy going. isn't this economy kind of going? >> i had to laugh at that. what world are they living in. president trump created half a million manufacturing jobs. tomorrow he will go to texas.
11:40 pm
700,000 new jobs in texas. 80,000 construction jobs. unemployment rate that plunges from well over 4% to 3.4%. the democrats are ringing their hands, poor ohio. this country is booming and manufacturing continues be better. trish: and median incomes are up. peter, it's good to see you. and thank you for clearing that up on the alter ego. the push to censor far left democrat adam schiff gaining momentum. 160 republicans have signed on to it. andy biggs is going to join me to talk about tomorrow's possible vote. >> i will say this only 7 times so you better listen good. i wants to you make up dirt on my political oh point, understand? lots of it. on this and on that.
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>> i hear what you want. i have a favor want from you though. and i am going to say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want to you make up dirt on my political oh points, understand,
11:45 pm
lots of it. on this and on that. trish: you know what? not everybody found that so-called parody of president trump's call with the president of ukraine all that funny. i mean it kind of was sort of misleading. congressman andy busines -- biga petition to kren sure adam schiff for doing that. arizona congressman andy biggs. you have been collecting signatures here. what did you say to each other after that transpired. he has this parody, giving new meaning to fake news. >> everybody was outraged. you listen to it. you know it's not true.
11:46 pm
you know it's the first part of the entire hearing. most of people who are busy, have their lives to go about. you know the outlets will show that as if it's the truth. trish: some people believe it. we got questions about that when i was home over the break it's outrageous. trish: you decide to hold a vote to have him censured. are you getting any democrats? >> heavens no. that's where it breaks down. trish: you have got 160 signatures. do you think you will take a vote tomorrow? >> they have 48 hours, two legislative days to do something. they will do it probably tomorrow. they will engage in a procedural maneuver called tabling it it's a vote on the censure resolution
11:47 pm
but they are not voting on the censure resolution. they will vote yes, we'll vote no. trish: you are saying we don't like what you did, it wasn't appropriate. let me turn to nancy pelosi and what she is not doing here. would you think she would take the vote. i was convinced when we heard she was going to have a press conference, i thought it was to tell the world that they would hold the vote to impeach the president of the united states. so what are they doing really? if they can't agree, if the party cannot agree that they need to have impeachment inquiry, then why are we having one? >> the reality is, they want to sully the president. they hate this president. this is the president's 1 thousandth day in office.
11:48 pm
it's been like needles in the eye for a thousand days. but they don't want to let us have due process. if you have a formal vote on it. we get to participate. the president gets due process. he sets an attorney. all of that. >> that would be fair. let me ask you about your thoughts on the letter tonight. i obtained an exclusive copy of a letter president trump wrote to president erdogan where he basically said -- not even basically. don't be a fool, and do the right thing. and make sure that you are sort of on the right side of history with this thing. if you do the wrong thing you will go down sphoir ever as the devil. but try to work on a deal. a. he talk as well as a stern warning that he could wreak
11:49 pm
havoc on the turkish economy. what's your reaction to this? >> it shows president trump -- and i like the way he word it. very simply. it's straightforward. none of this diplomatic language. but none of that diplomatic stuff. in any event -- he's saying look. don't mess this thing up for you and your country. i have to believe that that is kind of correspondence based on phone calls made between the president and erdogan as well. mr. erdogan, president erdogan decided to go forward. and i think there will be retaliation. there has already been some with sanctions. trish: talk to me about the power and might of sanctions. this is a president who has no problem using them whether it's tariffs with china or
11:50 pm
implementing sanctions on venezuela. what do he do to make life miserable for president erdogan. >> there are economic sanctions and psychological military-type sanctions with military cooperation with nato, with weapons. as peter navarro just said. tariffs work against nations such as turkey. i think there will be nato pressure put on turkey as well. they are going to do something against turkey. trish: congressman andy biggs, keep us posted on the vote. kennedy joins us with a sneak peek at what's coming up on her show. kennedy: hello, trish. i know you liked doctor derby.
11:51 pm
tonight it's ken dips court where -- it's kennedy's court. i will kick everyone out, the sanction people, and i accept bribes. trish: i will be watching. democrats turning on their own taking aim at far left frontrunner elizabeth warren. >> your signature is to have a plan for everything except this. >> i want to give a reality check to elizabeth. no one on this stage wants to protect billionaires. trish: the claws are coming out. the democrats are asking warn, how are you going to pay for all your plans? apparently apparently warren doesn't. we'll talk about all of it next. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. trish: democrats target on the debate stage was elizabeth warren. it apparently does not include telling the middle-class that their taxes are going to skyrocket under her medicare for all plan. they ambush that little soft spot. >> you say senator ward has been quote evasive about how she's going to pay for medicare for all. >> we heard it tonight a yes or
11:56 pm
no question that didn't get a yes or no answer. >> at least birdies being honest in how is going to pay for and taxes are going to go up the difference between a plan of pipe famous something you can actually get done. make if you eliminate the entire pentagon for up pay for total of four months, where'd you get the rest? where does it come from? trish: good question. we are indeed? i will tell you where, your taxes. our money going to elizabeth warren style medicare for all prejudging me "fox news" medical correspondent or faster at nyu langone dr. mark c. wolf. the money has to come from somewhere. >> $30 trillion in taxes to transition alone and what was really shocking is senator ward says it's going to cost less for working-class families that i know why sheep to put the working class out there because she is thinking of states like michigan and in wisconsin and
11:57 pm
ohio and illinois. people in the states or kinds market mayor -- smarter they are saying wait a minute i work somewhere and i have health insurance and it's one of the reasons i took this job and you were going to take that away from me giving me watered-down insurance where you have to wait on line forever for something in by the way my taxes are going to go up. maybe the co-pays will go away. trish: was in the cold hair who tried to coach her and tell her hey there is a way for you to answer this question but she obviously didn't take his advice because she still didn't have a way to answer it. you know some of the candidates on stage our challenge right now and if you think about sanders and his heart and i'm sorry for him and that he went through that and i'm sorry for his family. you told him before how
11:58 pm
difficult it is for the body to be on the campaign trail so that's a challenge for him to overcome. the other one who is challenged in some ways is joe biden. it's like every time you hear him talk there some odd thing that he says like slipped once for the stock market and you are going what is he talking about? >> i want to go easy on this because i don't know him and i haven't seen his health records but he says is going to release his records before the first vote whatever bodie thinks that is at this point because he seems to get confused. a lot of decisions have watched these things with me and we don't call them gaffes. we call them cognitive errors meaning thought process errors. you are trying to say one thing and something else comes out in the thing that comes out. trish: is that a learning disability or what is that really? is it the fact that he's getting older and is not able to process
11:59 pm
stuff as quickly or maybe he is stalling? >> i like the word process. is his brain processing normally? in 1988 he had an aneurysm repair its surgically before we have a modern technique and he had a bleed. studies show long-term there's a 80% chance of having problems later on. i don't know about record players when you're going to sleep and people buying into the stock market i'm not so sure about capital gains taxes going away and suddenly going up 35% but i think these process heirs might he on the table for saying if somebody were president of the united states and by the way may be we need to see his health records. if you are president would this interfere with judgment and decision-making? that's the question of public and want to know. trish: i've a feeling he's not going to get that far right now. >> because of the money. trish: look at the funding he is
12:00 am
getting compared to his peers on stage there. it's not too good. >> i wish him well. trish: we wish all of you well thank you mark. kennedy: all right here we go joe biden your goose is cooked. you are still the goods. you've been sliding in the polls and now lives warren is nipping at your hills. she is the front-runner and ukraine is hanging around sleepy joe's neck like an anchor but last night in the democratic debate joe had to hit a home run but he didn't. he was like the new york yankees endgame. watch. >> what is happening in iraq i mean in afghanistan i'm going to eliminate the capitol gains tax and i would raise the capitol gains tax. why in gods name someone's clip on in the tax


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