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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 16, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lou: good evening everybody. the crisis of the southern border at a critical juncture. tonight we examine how much money the mexican cartels are making from their illegal immigration smuggling, sex trafficking, drug smuggling at the southern border. and whatever happened to the nice old senator from iowa. turns out he has gone full on rino and establishment hack chuck grassley. not only resisting the presidents policies that keep working for america and iowa, so why is grassley and the junior senator from iowa acting like they represented the mexican drug cartels and
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instead of iowa and america? we take that up here tonight. president trump today swatting away at the annoying detractors. president trump's dominance overwhelming the radical dems and their fatal subversion. the president asserted executive privilege today to lock the radical dems access to sensitive documents the president asked what sense is a census make without a citizenship question? >> is a you have a census and you're not allowed to talk about whether or not somebody is a citizen or not, it doesn't sound so good to me. i think it's totally ridiculous that we would have a census without asking but the supreme court is going to be ruling on it soon. when a census goes out you should find out whether or not and you have the right to ask whether or not someone is a citizen of the united states. lou: from on the presence executive privilege assertion,
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return to chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge.>> we have 24 -- >> william barr and secretary of commerce wilbur ross, the full house after the administration asserted executive privilege over census records. >> this begs to question. what is being hidden? >> when we rush to hold people in contempt, and has a chilling effect on anybody wanted to go the extra mile. >> the administration argues the census question was added to improve compliance with the voting rights after the democrats are demanding to review internal deliberations. alleging the census question may discourage minority participation. in turn impacting congressional races as well as federal money. republicans accuse colleagues of overreach. >> democrats know the supreme court will rule by the end of this month on the citizenship question. they hope to use this
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committees oversight power to create a controversy around the issue. try to impact the courts decision. >> during oval office meeting the president called out democrats over the demands for census and russia records. >> were the most transparent presidency in history. now the democrats want to win an election so they keep it going. i think the american public won't stand for it to request late today the office for liam barton secretary wilbur ross issue statements in response to house contempt vote calling it shameless and undermining congress that ability with the american people. lou: thank you very much. catherine herridge reporting. our first guest tonight, at the center of this controversy. and he called the oversight vote an empty stunt and flagrant political posturing. joining us at one of the targets of the contempt vote in the committee today. the u.s. commerce secretary, wilbur ross. it is good to have you here. let me begin with first, the
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suggestion that this committee is creating a controversy around the citizenship question to influence the supreme court which will be reaching a decision on this in all likelihood, it is almost unfathomable they would not. this term concluding this month. >> well, that's the real issue. the right venue for making the decision is the supreme court. they had the oral arguments. they've had thousands of pages of documents. there taking under consideration. the idea that somehow this committee should have more power than the supreme court, more power than executive branch, more power than both combined, kind of rewrites the constitution and the separation of powers. there is no reason for them to be wanting documents whose redaction was agreed to by
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three federal court judges, not disagreed with by two appellate courts. and certainly not disagreed with by the supreme court. >> i can't tell you how good it is as a citizen to watch you as a secretary of commerce and the attorney general, the presidents entire administration. basically, standing and saying, no more to a partisan motivated congress abusing its powers flagrantly, openly in front of the american people for no public purpose whatsoever. pure partisanship. and to think, that the president had exactly right today, mr. secretary, when he said, can you imagine putting out a census without a citizenship question? to me, the stunning part is that we hadn't had one for decades before. >> well, it wasn't until fairly
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recently in one form or another asked. but the important thing is the right venue, making the decision is the supreme court. they will make a decision and the democrats and everybody will have to abide by whatever is their decision. lou: two trade issues i like to take up with you. i'd also like to take up the paris air show and extraordinary success of a one sector in particular tonight. an exporting economy. but let's turn first to the mexican deal in which they have agreed to third nation status to be taken up in 45 days. while at the same time putting 6000 of their national guard troops on the southern border with guatemala. that agreement is steadfast. your judgment about their compliance and deployment to
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the southern border and its impact on our southern border. >> i'm not the expert on homeland security. but i do believe the next is quite serious about it and will live up to their agreement. remember, this is a problem for them too. is there southern border that is being invaded. that is what leads to the invasion of our southern border. it is not mexicans who are fleeing to the us. it is guatemalans, hondurans and other central americans and lately some africans. so they have a problem just as we do and we will work very constructively to solving it. >> and working constructively means taking on the mexican drug cartels. and it is clearly that it is as you say, you may not be the principal voice and homeland security but certainly, those cartels are influencing
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commerce, they are influencing international security, influencing the government of mexico and american society. 70,000 opiate deaths. we are at a tragedy, disaster at the border. a national emergency that would have been ignored. ignored by both political parties if it were not for this president. >> certainly true. but we also have some very good news today. as you know the polish president, he agreed to buy two and half billion dollars more of f 35 fighter planes from us. so that's very good for the european defense, very good for the defense of poland and great for the u.s. aerospace industry.and a nice segue to the paris air show i'm going over to. lou: you do not even need me here wilbur! you don't even need me!you
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construct a segway, a transition and in part at least the previous question and at least, implicitly suggest that the real question is, okay, mr. secretary, how many products, how much in the way of aerospace are we exporting in this country? >> we exporting around $150 billion worth. that is about 70 percent of the total output of the industry. and it's interesting, where the worlds largest exporter of aerospace an hour total is more than the next six countries combined.lou: the commerce secretary has permitted me access to the numbers so i want to show off our production if you can look at the full screen the united states exporting $139 billion in aerospace. france second at 51.8 billion, germany 41.4 billion. mr. secretary, you're doing a
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heckuva job. and going down to paris for the air show. how big are the orders you expect to come back with? i'm getting even with you for putting forward the segway. i need an absolute date and rate on the numbers that you're going to build at the paris air show. >> what i can tell you is we have 350 american companies exhibiting their, by far the largest we have had and the pavilion is enormous. 6250 square meters. it will be a huge presence. lou: for hundred and 39 billion i think that ample space will, will serve. and i know that you will come back with that order book full of american secretary, it is great to see you. unfortunately, because of the
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double segways we've had to create, yours are better than mine. we appreciate it, we wish you much success of the paris air show and much continued. it is great to see the numbers showing the dominance of the united states. as aerospace exporting power. wilbur ross, thank you, sir, for being here. >> thank you, lou. thanks for having me on. lou: up next the unbelievable amount of money made by mexican drug cartels from not only smuggling deadly drugs into this country but sex trafficking and of course, smuggling illegal immigrants across the southern border. the president, president trump takes a swipe at the open border dams, the amnesty dems while he takes up his immigration deal with mexico. >> have a great deal with mexico. actually think we've a much better relationship right now
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lou: the senate judiciary committee held a hearing on the crisis of the southern border. they found out there is one. during the hearing senator perdue took note of the massive amount of money the mexican drug cartels are making from sex trafficking, smuggling of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs into this country. >> $500 billion. that makes the cartel business and the drug traffic just in mexico alone come across united states bigger than walmart. put in perspective. this is larger than the largest company. >> five is a goat judicial watch warned about islamic terrorists infiltrating united states true the southern border with mexico. a new report from international center for the study of extremism reveals a captured isis fighter is providing details of a plot in which jihadists to enter the country to the u.s. southern border to carry out an attack in this country. exploiting vulnerabilities
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along the 2000 mile border with mexico. joining us tonight, the president of the national border patrol council. the border patrols union and had, brandon judd. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. lou: again, judicial watch. four years ago making the point that the border was not vulnerable and has been ever since. it is -- if this president is making a deal with mexico, we are in even worse trouble. >> was amazing about it is, the president got mexico to send more troops to their southern border with guatemala than what congress has approved for the u.s. to be in the southwest border with mexico. it is amazing the deal he's made. and it's already starting to pay dividends. if you look at the number of people working their way up through mexico right now it is a lot less than what we had a few days ago prior to the deal
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being struck. we'll see less people enter the country strictly because of this deal the president was able to reach with mexico. lou: because mexico under the terms of the deal with president trump will have to police the southern border, the 500 miles more than 500 miles of guatemala.and we are also watching, there are not many but they are arrested for the first time we watching the arrests. of illegal immigrants on the trains, buses that, and it's also important to remember, ladies and gentlemen, mexico is not just simply an observer of this. they have been actively supporting the movement of these illegal immigrants through the 2000 miles of their central corridor to the us. >> the reason i have been supporting it is because of what senator perdue just found out. the amount of money being made, that money is staying in mexico. these cartels are generating all of this profit, all the many stays in mexico. get spent in mexico. so that goes to bolster their economy which is one of the main reasons why the mexican government has been so
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reluctant to come over the deal because it cuts on the cartel profits. and it's a problem for us. lou: is a huge problem and 70,000 lost american lives you know, the radical dems, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell, the rinos and before them paul ryan in the house before he threw away control of the house. i mean they were lined up perfectly with the cartels on border security, the issue of stopping illegal drugs, illegal trafficking, and the national left-wing media gives them a free pass. >> absolutely. i'm glad that you point out that it is not just the democrats. make no mistake, it is definitely the democrats but we also have republicans push back on all of this, and trying to secure the border because there
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are certain republicans that want cheap labor in their states because their states rely upon cheap labor. lou: does the name chuck grassley ring a bell? and joni ernst, does he think he's getting someone? up against the leader of his party and somebody thinks it's because he's just a crotchety old senator from the midwest. number. >> -- this deal with mexico. it fascinates me because it is trumpian from a-z. it is innovative and no one has ever thought about even trying it before the president did it and to your point about these cartels, what else can a drug
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business do face with these tariffs?the president had to put in dollars and cents for the mexican has cost them more to ignore the responsibilities on that border. >> bingo. and that's exactly what he looked at when he said, when he went to mexico and he asked them to partner with him, to help him secure not only our border but his board and to take down the cartels. they refused. he was forced to do what he did and because he did that, because he was willing to step up and do it no other president prior to him was going to do, we actually now have measures that are starting to work and starting to pay dividends paid not just dividends down the road or you're done with these are immediate dividends. that we are seeing right now. lou: to be clear we are seeing fewer illegal immigrants approaching the border with mexico as a result of what they've already done at the southern border with guatemala.
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>> fewer people coming up to mexico to our southern border, yes. >> your mission the president and lopez obrador. i actually thought he was smarter. at that he will come to the conclusion sooner. and a smart, smart decision it would be to partner with the president of the united states. particularly this president. but at least he's gone there. president trump help a little bit more than i thought necessary. >> he did. lou: we are seeing early results. >> we are. lou: like you, we will be watching it and we think everything that you and all of your members do for this country. the president slamming new poles as fake news. >> not a huge believer in polling. i think you got there and you fight and you don't really need poles, you need ideas more than poles. lou: he is absolutely right. but we're going to have a little fun going through those poles and what they mean, none other than ed rollins will join
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us to analyze the poles and put them in historical context. also, rino senator chuck grassley just so him there, he wants to just rain in the american imperial presidency. particularly since president trump is in the oval office apparently. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. >> they were fake poles. i have the same thing for a long period of time. in 2016, i was getting terrible poll numbers and he didn't see it. because of tremendous crowds and my opponent one of almost nobody. and i said i think we will win the state of michigan. we did. i think we will win the state of wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio and win them all. now we have the same stuff giving up phony poles. >> phony poles. how phony? i think we need to test the
7:28 pm
president on the spirit absolutely examine is he right about this? as well as everything else. president trump today called at the left-wing national media for their disgusting inability to conduct a poll and for drumming up a new poll that shows the radical dems beating the president, and 2020 matchups. always a clever thing to pull on hypotheticals. but you failed to point out they pull from may of 2015. that pole had-- that poll had h 18 points. how did that turn out? i can see where the left-wing media is making most of the polls. chuck grassley says that congress has given to much authority to president trump.
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the successful tariffs that he threatened against mexico says lawmakers in congress, not the president should be making all the final decisions on tariffs. senator, most of the people in congress could not spell tariffs. what are you talking about! especially senator from iowa. from iowa he should perhaps focus on illegal immigration. the crisis in his own state, iowa home to 50,000 illegal immigrants. back in 2008 nearly 400 illegal immigrants were detained in a raid in iowa. we haven't heard much about raids there. or stopping illegal immigration. an hiring of illegal immigrants. i wonder why the senator is so interested in this issue. joining us live, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. the savant himself. first, chuck grassley.
7:30 pm
how annoying and irritating can one senator from iowa be? there is joni ernst too! two establishment -- >> just be pretty careful she's afree -- she is up for reelection. grassley has been a long time. the finance committee but at the end of the day -- lou: i know he's been there but what is he doing? >> certainly not serving the president well which is very critical. to a certain extent iowa is a swing state and obviously he needs to get on -- lou: what should the president do with this? it is irritating. what is going on with the party? one way or another the senate republicans are messing with the president. >> the truth of the matter the president is the antiestablishment candidate and they are all part of the establishment. they have to hang onto him because he has the support of the republican party across the country with higher numbers
7:31 pm
even in ronald reagan when he was president. my senses today they are all frightened of him. everything is doing succeeding at the end of the day. but they will pick a little bit here and there. just ignore them and keep marching forward. lou: the presence of the fake news has never been more dishonest than it is today. thank goodness we can fight back on social media. the new weapon of choice is fake polling sometimes referred to as suppression polling. they have an 2016 but now this is worse. is it really worse? because he's right. it was a mess and 2016. and what they're pulling again is just -- >> it's not an exact science. it is a picture of the day and it depends on the methodology. this poll is not about likely voters which is what, it's about registered voters. everyone is in a pool. lou: hugs as compared to previous -- >> when i was on the ronald reagan campaign john glenn was
7:32 pm
ahead of reagan at one point. and -- gary hart was ahead of them, the same kind of emergency appeared ronald reagan won 59 to 40. so bottom line numbers move quickly for the president get to go out and articulate what it is he is about and not have this harassment he's had for the last two years. it's what a campaign is about. he goes out and sells himself. lou: okay. ed rollins, as always, thank you. >> thank you. spoon a former u.s. diplomat going to bat for good old -- communist china! complaining about the treatment of the espionage organization. also known as techno huawei. more on that after these quick messages. stay with us. get it! get that butterfly!
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university. good to see you. >> good to be here. lou: let start with, if we may, craig allen. suddenly in the business of lobbying for china.for a company charge clearly and unequivocally by this government with espionage activities against the united states and our allies. >> okay, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. it hasn't been reported yet even by the big wall street journal financial times crowd. and that is, u.s. is moving a lot of its r&d research which is to be in china, they are moving it out. it is intellectual property production and also they do not think the business environment will be good environment for the next couple of years. oracle just shut down the big r&d center there and there like you know, it is really important cutting edge technology. this will hurt the chinese for sure. but i think american -- i teach about multinational corporation have to look at what they do, not what they say. what they are doing is withdrawing from china. on a number of fronts. lou: and under the rubric of moving the supply chain out of china, what is taking place as
7:38 pm
you would say is more fundamental and perhaps, far more important. that is the research and development apparatus within these critically important technology companies. safe and secure markets.>> that's right and it's good for countries like vietnam and some others are trying to climb the international learning curve for this stuff. so there's some good things there. technology is really such a driver of the international economy now. because of his national security implications and it is mass-market implications. lou: two years ago this country was not even having this discussion. the intelligent ãthe establishment, corporate america, u.s. multinationals were not having this discussion about the security of intellectual property about the importance for national security of preserving the security of innovation,
7:39 pm
intellectual property and technology. >> that is right. the attitude among the elite universities and certain think tanks at convention, was the best thing we could do is have them send their students over here, send all foreign direct investment over there, there was the american ways and their middle-class would gradually expand and it would put pressure on the governments to be less authoritarian.lou: and the hallelujah chorus we could all hear and the chinese would just be like america! >> there would be a convergent -- it took us a long time to learn this. and data really mattered when people started to see the deal flow that china was pursuing. in silicon valley, that they were incorporating into their own systems. we started to see his very sophisticated cyber attacks on u.s. military forces in the
7:40 pm
specific command as well as commercially. the other thing i think is interesting is the way companies are now for the first time appreciating how to deal with technology in their corporate strategies. they can see that with the chinese, they were producing enormous consequences negatively down the road. but you haven't seen anything yet and to get to the global competition and automobiles it is coming. with all this artificial intelligence and the cars, autonomous vehicles. lou: which, ai and autonomous vehicles obviously critical, complementary in terms of future r&d and production of the future vehicle. i personally can't imagine the autonomous vehicle and therefore, i defer to greater minds at which their plan is blessed with billions. i just can't imagine it. any time soon. >> it was in china and son said
7:41 pm
interesting on this front. you americans are first time and autonomous vehicle kills a pedestrian, you have a multiyear delay. we want. lou: hence another distinction between a communist nation and ours. >> that's for sure. lou: the president right now is running on an extraordinary record of accomplishment, achievement, the economy is surging by any standard. this small business optimism i think is surprise some people to see that even with the stock market near the record highs the dow just a hair away from the all-time record. your thoughts? >> i think we have to recognize that the locus of innovation, what is innovation come from the united states? a lot of times it was big business. in the research and development.
7:42 pm
now because money is cheap, silicon valley, because of it is so easy to launch a start up the locus of innovation is shifting. to the small and medium-sized company. this has enormous implications for employment, independence of companies, the relationship of the large corporation with the smaller one. where they are deciding what to in source and what to outsource. and i just go through a number of case studies in my class in which the big corporation thought they could take a lot of these businesses over and they really can't. it is better do my small business. lou: and innovation is what this is the hallmark of american business history. and it is an extra neri legacy. >> and technological innovation is something the united states is really good at. a lot of things we are not good at but we are good at this. lou: how about leadership in president trump? i just have to share this as we wind down in the economy and
7:43 pm
our future. if we could take a look at this, paul krugman, the nobel prize-winning economist after president trump was elected in 2016. lamenting and saying so, we are very probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. i suppose we could get lucky somehow. but on economics on everything, a terrible thing has just happened. and, and the siren song of despair by the intelligence and globalist elites goes unanswered and by the way, all of the answers so far have been profound as offered by one president donald trump. paul bracken, is always great and i have to tell you, absolutely educational to talk with you. >> good to be here. lou: thank you. up next attorney general william barr coming for the
7:44 pm
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committee once again questioning donald trump jr. about the russia investigation. the committee said they wanted to clear up comments made by the convicted liar, michael cohen. something which the presidents son addressed this afternoon. >> in reality there was nothing to change. the new clarification is michael cohen who let's not forget is serving time right now for lying for the investigative bodies, i'm happy to do that. i'm at the end change anything what i said because there was nothing to change. i'm glad that this is over and finally able to put clarity on that and i think the committee understands that. lou: as one would hope the medic-- the committee would understand something.
7:49 pm
-- the justice department continues their investigation into the origins of the russia witchhunt. these interviews will be looking at the cia work on election interference and how the cia ever came to a conclusion that russian president vladimir putin worked to help elect president trump. that has never, ever been explained and apparently, attorney general william barr, is curious. he apparently also desires a better understanding of the intelligence sharing between the cia and the fbi in 2016. the justice department pushing back at the radical dems who are gloating for a whole day over the mueller report deal. a source telling fox news that quote - this isn't a blank check, the doj indicates it will not allow hostage-- house judiciary
7:50 pm
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♪let me go home ♪i've had my fun baby i'm done♪ ♪i gotta go home ♪it will all be alright ♪i'll be home tonight ♪i'm comin back home lou: joining us tonight, congressman matt gaetz, member of house judiciary and armed services committee. congressman, john dean, the give and take if i can call it that between the two of you. fascinating to watch. what a humiliation for the judiciary committee first leader, its chair, jerrold nadler and the radical dems.
7:54 pm
your thoughts tonight? >> we were visited by the ghost of christmas past and house judiciary committee. john dean. it is so bizarre because jerrold nadler is begging nancy pelosi for the opportunity to open his fact free impeachment inquiry in the house. she is not allowed him to do so. the natural reaction apparently was to try to reinvigorate enthusiasm for the impeachment of richard nixon apparently. because it could not get their own donald trump. i hope the american people see that this really would be hilarious if they weren't tragedies that we needed to address. thousands of people today arrived in the southern border with mexico. judiciary committee has the jurisdiction to change our asylum laws which are ideas that even some regional democrats have proposed that we have the ability to deal with the crisis on the southern border to do with the fact that china is spying for intellectual property because
7:55 pm
they want to bring back one episode of that 70s show. lou: is ignorance on parade with the radical dems, chairing all of the committees in the house of representatives. where the republicans i thought as you know, distinguish themselves when they were in power.just saying. but right now, to watch nadler play games with william barr, where is this headed? because bill barr tried to cooperate and now the rules committee is taking up reparation for civil contempt citation against the attorney general. i mean, the ignorance of jerry nadler in this chairman is just breathtaking. why should the administration give them even an inch to prolong what has been an ordeal for this president and the nation? >> we finally have an attorney general is actually going to go enforce the rule of law.
7:56 pm
bill barr is a great american and he is enduring these attacks because he's getting to the truth. because he is turning the tables. think about it. we have false accusations against the president of the united states. democrats think that now we ought to spend another year evaluating how the president reacted to the false allegations. lou: what's wrong with good old plain, the hell with you from the demonstration to jerrold nadler and the house of representatives?>> they should, the ministry should not participate in this political show. it is obviously a political show because they're not even in any posture to do oversight or past legislation. it is a total farce. the real problems we need to solve like intellectual property, border disputes and yet, we've got a fact free impeachment. built on a report that there was no collision. lou: i would not even mention. i have to take the president, with the deal with mexico, the ultimatum that lopez obrador
7:57 pm
has acknowledged and responded to. he is taking care of a great deal. he is the only person in that town who seems to have the, both the intelligence, the talent and the principal and the courage to get something done. pelosi and schumer are just cute little players, evil though they may be. and mcconnell, my god! what in hell is he. >> we need to get border security out of the senate and over to the house and put pressure nancy pelosi. in the meantime we need to get to the origins of the russia investigation. it is far more important to me how a bunch of deep state bureaucrats were able to falsely accuse the president. lou: how is that going? i have not heard from lindsey graham and the judiciary committee and the senate. her they were going to do big
7:58 pm
things. and a source that was lindsey graham!so far i have seen nothing. how about you, congressman? i want to hear about how republicans are doing. >> the republicans getting the job done right now is bill barr. he's the one that is assigned someone to get to the multiple layers of corruption going from the obama white house -- lou: asking about on capitol hill with the republicans are doing? they watch what paul ryan did to the house and with the house now there watching the same thing under mcconnell. in lindsey graham and they are just, their bystanders, they are standing aside. >> look, lindsey graham made commitments is going to investigate very serious crimes. >> when did that warm-up began? >> have every confidence he will do it. there's no reason why we shouldn't get to the bottom of the false allegations. hope lindsey graham will do it and i still know that bill barr is doing it right now.lou: congressman matt gaetz, if you say it's going to happen, i believe it when you say, william barr. [laughter] i'm going to
7:59 pm
withhold -- well, my opinion on lindsey graham. >> i think you will get there. lou: when the heck is he going to start is the question? >> the people move at a glacial pace in the united states senate. i agree with you. lou: i think the republic is served well by the moving at a glacial pace. i've seen the talent over there. and the principal. >> we need to move faster border security and a lot faster and get in the bottom of these was allegations in the russia probe. if we don't solve those two challenges we read the institutions that we need is a country to be able to survive. lou: you know what? i have another way of putting it, much less eloquently. if lindsey graham in charge of the judiciary committee does not carry out an investigation as a force against the house judiciary committee and the other committees led by adam schiff for example, intelligence. then the republicans are fools. congressman, i know --
8:00 pm
>> it is a fair statement. i agree with you. lou: you are a great american. we usually agree on those things. at least i agree with you. i appreciate it congressman as " begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: and happy weekend, everybody. welcome to program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. in just a few moments, real estate titan larry silverstein, my potential guest this weekend. the calls getting louder after import prices saw the biggest decline in five months in the month of may. the labor department reported that import prices dropped three-tenths of a percent last month, but will this along with the continuing trade tensions and a tame consumer price report last month be enough to convince the fed to reverse court and cut aggressively?


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