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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  July 13, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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vehicle, that's the question, is it not? is it not? here we come. okay. [laughter] i've got ten seconds left are. ashley: this program. stuart: neil cavuto standing by to take it over. neil, the queen is yours. [laughter] neil: i can imagine this is like a homecoming for you two. i know you were both there to cover when william the conqueror -- [laughter] 900 years ago. all right. thank you, guys, very, very much. we're told the president has, indeed, arrived at wind sor castle about a -- windsor castle about a half hour west of london. this is the 12th president that her majesty has met. every u.s. president, we're told, since harry truman with the exception of lyndon johnson. don't know why lyndon johnson couldn't find a meeting with her majesty, but he's the only one in recent memory who has not met with her. donald trump, of course, has been eager for this moment. this is the queen's favorite
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stomping grounds. she is often at buckingham palace for business during weekdays, but this is her favorite place and has been since she has been queen. president of the united states arriving there right now. he will be having tea with the queen. melania with him. let's see if we can pick up anything. [background sounds] neil: this really is, i think, ashley and stuart, we're getting into this. this really is a stunning piece of architecture, windsor castle. it's 500,000 square feet, covers 13 acres, considered, as i said, the queen's favorite residence. it's not too far from windsor's st. george chapel, of course, that's where prince harry and
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meghan markle got married. let's watch. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: we're continuing to watch these developments at windsor castle. the 92-year-old queen is greeting her 12th american president. this is the 12th time she's done this since harry truman. only lyndon johnson is the president that has not had the pleasure of meeting her in person either over there in
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britain or in the united states. she and donald trump, you know, have talked a great deal about their bond. the president, of course, his mother born in scotland. he has a great affinity for the greater british republic and is going to be having tea with her majesty. now, what we don't know is who else in the royal family will be there. on some occasions in the past including with ronald reagan when he came for a visit with the queen, he had a chance to see other royal family members. that can happen. we're told in this case it will only be the queen, and it will only be for tea, that's the way it is, and there's no i haves, ands or buts about it. you might have heard a couple of issues on style, in the presence of the queen you don't touch her, you don't make any big hugs, the kind of greetings that might be popular in the united states would not be greeted favorably here. so we're keeping track of that and how this event goes as protests continue in london as
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the president makes his arrival there. there's been some controversy to his visit here. of course, the london mayor no fan of the president, and he, of course, not of the london mayor. this is, windsor castle is about a half hour west of all of this bruhaha here. we should let you know about that n. the meantime, i want to switch back washington. rod rosenstein, who's detailing what appeared to be bob mueller indictments of 12 russians for apparently hacking the dnc. let's go to that. >> organizations involved in -- [inaudible] including state boards of election, secretaries of state and companies that supply software used to administer elections. according to the allegations in the indictment, the defendants worked for two units of the main intelligence directorate of the russian general staff known as the gru. the units engaged in active
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cyber operations to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. there was one unit that engaged in active cyber operations by stealing information, and a different unit that was responsible for disseminating the stolen information. the defendants used two techniques to steal information. first, they used a scheme known as spear fishing which involves tricking the users into disclosing their passwords and security information. second, the defendants hacked into computer networks and installed malicious software that allowed them to spy on users and capture keystrokes, take screen shots and exfill tate or remove -- exfiltrate or remove data from those computers. the defendants accessed e-mail accounts of volunteers and employees of a u.s. presidential campaign including the campaign
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chairman starting in march of 2016. they also hacked into the computer networks of a congressional campaign committee and a national political committee. the defendants covertly monitoredded the computers -- monitored the computers and planted hundreds of files containing malicious code and stole e-mails and o documents. the conspirators created fictitious online personas including d.c. leaks and gucifer 2.0. and they used those personas to release information including thousands of stolen e-mails and other documents beginning in june of 2016. the defendants falsely claimed that d.c. leaks was a group of american hackers and that gucifer 2.0 was a lone romanian hacker. in fact, both were created and controlled by the russian gru.
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in addition to releasing documents directly to the public, the defendants transferred stolen documents to another organization that is not identified by name in the indictment, and they used that organization as a pass-through to release the documents. they discussed the timing of the release and an attempt to enhance the impact on the election. in an effort to conceal their connections to russia, the defendants used a network of computers around the world, and they paid for it using cryptocurrencies. the conspirators corresponded with several americans during the course of the conspiracy through the internet. there's no allegation in this indictment that the americans knew they were corresponding with russian intelligence officers. in a second, related conspiracy, russian gru officers hacked the web site of a state election board and stole information about 500,000 voters.
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they also hacked into computers of a company that supplied software used to verify voter registration information. they targeted state and local officials responsible for administering elections, and they sent spear phishing e-mails to people involved in administrative elections including attaching malicious software. the indictment includes 11 criminal allegations and a forfeiture allegation. count one charges 11 defendants for conspiring to access computers without authorization and to damage those computers in connection with efforts to interfere with the presidential election. counts 2-9 charge those is 1 defendants with ago -- 11 defendants with aggravated identity theft by employing user names and passwords of victims in order to commit computer fraud. count 10 charges those 11 defendants with money laundering, for transferring cryptocurrencies through a web
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of transactions in order to purchase computer servers, register domains and make other payments in furtherance of their hacking activities while trying to conceal their connections to russia. count 11 charges two defendants for separate conspiracy to access computers without authorization and to damage those computers in connection with efforts to infiltrate computers used to administer elections. finally, the indictment seeks the forfeiture of property involved in the criminal activity. this is no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime. there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. the special counsel's investigation is ongoing, and there will be no comments on the special counsel at this time. assistant attorney general john demers is here with me today
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because we intend to transition responsibility for this indictment to the justice department's national security division while we await the apprehension of the defendants. principal associate deputy attorney general ed o'callahan is also with me, and he's been assisting in managing the special counsel investigation. i want to caution you that people who speculate are about federal informations usually do not know all of the relevant facts. we do not try cases on television or in congressional hearings. most anonymous leaks are not from the government officials who are actually conducting these investigations. we follow the rule of law which means that we follow proceed yours, and we reserve judgment. we complete our investigations, and we evaluate all of the relevant evidence before we reach any conclusion. that is how the american people
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expect their department of justice to operate, and that is how our department is going to operate. and and our justice system, everyone who's charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. it should go without saying that people who are not charged with a crime also are presumed innocent. the indictment was returned today because prosecutors determined that the evidence was sufficient to present these allegations to a federal grand jury. our analysis is based solely on the facts, the law and department of justice policies. i briefed president trump about these allegations earlier this week. the president is fully aware of the department's actions today. in my remarks, i have not identified the victims.
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we confront foreign interference in american elections, it's important for us to avoid thinking politically, as republicans or democrats, and instead to think patriotically as americans. our response must not depend on which side was victimized. the internet allows foreign adversaries to attack america in new and unexpected ways. free and fair elections are always hard-fought and contentious. there will always be add very shares who -- adversaries who seek to exacerbate our divisions and try to confuse, divide and conquer us. so long as we are united in our commitment to the values enshrined in the constitution, they will not succeed. the partisan warfare fueled by modern technology does not
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fairly reflect the grace, dignity and unity of the american people. the blame for election interference belongs to the criminals who committed election interference. we need to work together to hold the perpetrators accountable, and we need to keep moving forward to preserve our values, protect against future interference and defend america. i have time to take a few questions. >> general rosenstein, quick question for you, sir. number one, the timing today on the eve of the president's meeting with -- [inaudible] can you talk about that and also just today the president described the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. your response. >> the timing, as i mentioned, is a function of the collection of the facts, the evidence and the law and a determination that it was sufficient to present the indictment at this time. as i mentioned, i i did brief the president. with regard to the nature of the investigation, i only comment on the evidence.
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the evidence is reflected in our indictments and in our charges, it represents a determination by prosecutors and agents without regard to politics that we believe the evidence is sufficient to justify the charges. >> [inaudible] >> deputy attorney general, i know you've talk about the fact that in your view the evidence doesn't show any votes were changed as a result of in the hacking, but you did say that a company used as a pass-through coordinated with these defendants to enhance the timing of the release and the impact on the election. can you talk a little bit about what the evidence you have shows in that respect? >> what i've talked about today is what is alleged in the indictment. we know that, according to the allegations in the indictment, the goal of the conspirators was to have an impact in the election. what impact they may have had or what their motivation may have been independently of what's required to prove this offense is a matter of speculation. that's not our responsibility. what i i said is there's no
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allegation in the indictment about it, and that's not our charge. >> in terms of the state election information, you said 500,000 voters' information was collected. is there any evidence what the russians did with that information, and is there any evidence of other states being successfully penetrated by the russians? >> i think that it's important for you to understand what i've told you the allegations that are included in the indictment. the fbi and other intelligence community agencies are working constantly to defend against cyber attacks in the united states. this case is just about one particular effort that was made during the 2016 election. the efforts of our the president and the d. of homeland -- of our department, the department of homeland security, of the state election boards throughout the country are ongoing. and those efforts preceded this indictment, and they're going to postdate this indictment. so we have continued to share any relevant intelligence with all of our partners. it would take a longer time to talk about this, but there is a
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concerted and organized effort by the federal government to make sure that that we do deter and prevent any sort of cyber attacks on our elections and that we harden our election systems to prevent against any kind of intrusions. >> we'll take last question from -- [inaudible] >> deputy attorney general, you mentioned that you briefed president trump on this earlier this week. did he indicate any support for this action, and what was his reaction? >> i'll allow the president to speak for himself. obviously, it's important for the president to know what information we've uncovered because he's got to mistake very important decisions for the -- to make very important decisions for the country, so he needs to understand what evidence we have -- >> you said we were hoping -- >> who ordered the attack? neil: this is a stunning development here, to put it mildly. the special counsel robert mueller's office, again working through rod rosenstein, of course, the deputy attorney general, outlining what seemed to be indictments against 12 russians who were involved in hacking democratic party offices as well as specifically the clinton campaign during the 2016
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election. officers from russia's gru are accused of hacking into the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign. no identification on who these 16 individuals were. we do know president trump was apprised of this before he left for europe. this also goes back to accusing releasing information through d.c. leaks, gucifer 2.0. the officers were accused of what they call spear phishing. a lot of these clinton campaign employees, stealing log-in information before that was shared with the general public. again, so much we don't know at this point. the implications ahead of the president's meeting with vladimir putin on monday. the president, of course, has already indicated he was going to be raising the russian interference issue with vladimir putin when he meets with him in helsinki, finland, on monday. whether this was already
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preordained and an issue that would additionally come up because the president had a heads up about it from rod rosenstein before he left is anyone's guess. was the order of events for that meeting, how it changes the complexion of that meeting, but it does sort of widen the net, so to speak. to former special assistant to president trump, mark lauder. mark, very good to have you. what do you make of this? >> i think it just furthers our proof and our evidence that we know which is the intelligence community has recognized for a long period of time that the russians attempted to infiltrate and affect our election. it's important to note they did not change any votes as the deputy attorney genre it rated, but the influence campaign is very soars, it's something the president has mentioned to vladimir putin already, and he definitely is going to bring it up again when he meets with him next week. neil: and to your point, we should stress no americans are being brought up in this investigation or seem to be
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involved in this particular eavesdropping on democratic sources, dnc c and others. nor, to your point, according to mr. rod rosenstein dud this affect the 2016 election outcome. but also to your point, this is something that will inevitably come up at the putin meeting, that there was clear interference on their part to interfere. very big difference than collusion, certainly, with the trump campaign. but it is going to change that meeting, will it not? >> well, i think at a certain level they both are going to go into that meeting knowing what they know. vladimir putin knows they did this, and he's not going to anytime this. the president knows that the russians did this, and he knows vladimir putin is not going to anytime to it as he also said today in london. it's going to to be a very frank discussion, i can assure you. the president is definitely going to send a very strong message to the russians to stop engaging in these kinds of activities. and what's important to remember is that all of the sanctions that have been in place because of their previous actions still
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remain in place. so the president's going to continue that very tough line, and he's very much going to work with the president of russia to say this cannot continue to happen, and we're not going to tolerate it. neil: you know, mark, i am curious though apparently a lot of these officers involved and the 12 russians cited -- again, we don't know individually who they are -- were secretly monitoring the computer activity of dozens of these employees, we can only assume dozens of democratic worker and volunteers which will raise a question about how they were able to do in the first place. not affecting the outcome, but clearly trying to what do you make of just that aspect? >> it's very concerning, and it's something that -- and we deal with this in the corporate world but also in the government world, in the the political world. you know that you have to be, that you have to be very cognizant of what you are clicking on, what links or how -- that systems can be compromised. and that is, it's very
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concerning, it's something you have to be very diligent about. and i thought also a very good point was that the americans who were communicating did not realize that they were communicating with russians. this was very, done under the radar. no one knew what was actually going on, and you just have to be cognizant of it. but at the end of the day, we've got to make sure that we've, l, hardened our systems, make sure we protect that technology and also send a very strong message to russia that we know what they're doing and what they've attempting to do and that we are prepared to stop it. neil: mark, thank you very, very much. i want to widen this out, look at the bigger impact of all of this with scott shellady and hal lambert, all sort of looking at the impact of this. i should stress that the market was up ahead of this, the market is up by a similar amount after all of this as people sort of chew on this. scott, you're out in london with all these protests have been going on with president trump there. he's at windsor castle now, i guess about a half hour west.
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we're told, scott, that the president was apprised of this before he left for europe. do you think it moves the needle on anything? no americans are involved, no indications that any of this affected the ultimate results of the election, but that clearly the russians were sort of mucking it up or trying to. what do you make of that. >> i don't think we learned anything new today, neil, and i don't think the market's going to be moved by it at all. so, no, i think it's more of the same going forward. i, you know, having heard what just was told to me, obviously president trump knew about this, and it was then scheduled for the meeting last week with putin this week, right? so there hasn't been a surprise with either one of those leaders, there's not going to be a surprise in the markets either, it's going to be more of the same. neil: shelby, could it make for a tense meeting though if it's just another item that has come to the president's attention to show the degree to which the russians were capable of getting pretty immersed in our electoral system? again, if we were to accept this at face value, that they got along pretty far, got in pretty
12:31 pm
deep with quite a few russian agents involved? >> we'll see how trump reacts, but he was briefed before he made comments this morning saying that he would ask putin, he's also said he'll ask putin, but he's not sure, you know, he could do anything about it except say don't do it again. we'll see if this adds you are urgency to the requests that putin stopped meddling. -- stop meddling. there's evidence that they continue to use social media to interfere in u.s. politics. i think a lot of people are very worried about 2018, and i know that scott said we didn't learn anything new today, but i think this is a significant indictment for a few reasons. number one, mueller is indicting more russians. that makes it very hard for the president and his allies to continue to attack the mueller probe. it would make it very difficult to end the mueller probe, because he would essentially be letting all these russians off the hook. and number two, it could hint at a tie to americans.
12:32 pm
i know in this indictment it says americans who communicated with these russians didn't necessarily know what they were doing or who they were talking to, but it did not rule out the possibility that americans could be indicted down the road if they knew about the hacked e-mails and end coarnlged the -- encouraged the dissemination of them. i don't think that's been ruled out by this indictment. neil: yeah, there's so much we don't know. enough i do, hal, if markets are worried, investors look at this at another element of the unknown, they have a funny way of showing it or showing concern for it. risky strategy or just wait until we know more facts, and that's probably a good strategy for average folks as it is the investors. what do you think? >> no, exactly. i don't think investors are going to be looking at this as anything. actually, i think people expected this. everyone had talked about russia being the ones that had hacked into the dnc, and i think what's important for people to remember is this happened under president obama. this was president obama in charge when these hacks occurred, when this election interference potentially happened.
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so this had nothing to do with president trump, and i disagree with the previous guest on this justifies the mueller probe, because you don't need a special prosecutor to go after this type of meddling and to investigate. the special prosecutor was supposed to investigate whether or not there was collusion with a campaign, and this hacking into the dnc doesn't prove anything about any kind of collusion. >> well, i'd love to respond to that, neil. there were some -- first of all, the senate intelligence committee and the u.s. intelligence agencies as a whole have concluded russia meddled to help the president. there are also associated who cheered the release of these e-mails on wikileaks. there are a lot of questions left about what president trump's associates knew. maybe not the president himself, but his associates certainly previewed and hinted at the release of these damaging e-mails, so i don't think that this is ruling out any sort of collusion at all. neil: guys, before we get to it, i do want to let you to know these indictments are, again to
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be very clear, part of the special counsel's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, this citing 12 russian operatives. they've not been identified. that they were busy, you know, trying to eavesdrop in and get information from and steal e-mail and other related addresses, texts, etc., from top democratic operatives within the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign itself going, we're told, potentially all the way up to hillary clinton's inner staff. now, i don't know what that means, but that they had the ability to get that high. the president was made aware of these developments. we must stress as we indicated here that rod rosenstein is saying as part of this bob mueller investigation no americans were named in this, nothing that has come to anyone's light at this point seems to indicate that this affected the outcome of the election. so that's just a quick snapshot of that, but we don't know where this goes. but, scott shellady, let me just
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posit a couple of ifs for you if you don't mind indulging me, and one is the notion that it reinforces bob mueller's investigation going forward because to stand it down at this point or to put pressure to disband it or wrap things up would mean that russian operatives might get a pass or that we would never get to the bottom of this. and as a result, it would only complicate things. what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, to that -- to your point, there probably were a few more bread crumbs dropped in the forest here for mueller, but there's another point that we're all forgetting, especially in the financial committee. where's the dnc on cybersecurity, right? in our firm we're taught every year to try to break into our own security systems. we can't have the markets affected by people hacking in and affecting prices of securities. how are they letting these outside influences get in when they should be at the top of cybersecurity? there should be seven
12:36 pm
cybersecurity firms knocking at the door of the dnc right now saying, hey, i can help you out. they've dropped the ball a lot here. that's a really big thing especially now when we have to worry about what was coming from russia. neil: all right, guys, thank you very much. we're going to take a quick break here. just to bring you up-to-date on where this whole mueller investigation stands right now and, again, this sort of puts it in some perspective, we have had now about 100 criminal counts against more than two dozen people, more than 30 people, upwards of 32 people and at least three different companies. among those charged already have been 14 russians and a number of trump associates who have already pled guilty. on separate issues, i stress on separate issues. but this seems to be the bob mueller campaign's way of saying we're not done. not close. more more after this. but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i.
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>> i have a very good
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relationship with russia. you know, i think having -- and the prime minister would agree, we have of a good relationship with russia and with china and with other countries. that's a good thing not a bad thing. neil: and it is something that is going to be tested on monday when the president meets with vladimir putin. he was given a heads up on what rod rosenstein announced just a few minutes ago, that a federal grand jury has indicted 12 russian military intelligence officers on charges of hacking the computer networks of presidential candidate hillary clinton back in 2016 and a number of top democrats within the dnc. now, the justice department also going on to say the indictments were issued days before president trump left for europe. he was apprised of this, sort of a way to give him a heads up before his meeting with vladimir putin. now, the charges against these 12 russian military officers are the first time there has been a
12:42 pm
connection or what we say is a connection, a clear connection with top russian government officials. there have been operatives, we're told, but this is the first time we've seen actual russian military officials charged with having been involved in this. again, we should stress here no americans were involved in this latest series of indictments, nor are any thought to have been involved in this at all. finish we -- we should also strs that rod rosenstein said this had nothing to do with the final election outcome that showed donald trump winning the presidency by capturing 306 electoral votes. it's added some drama around that meeting on monday, nevertheless. the former nato chief of staff at the department of defense joins us right now. mark, thank you for taking the time. obviously, the president apprised of this. he, no doubt, brings out up with vladimir putin. vladimir putin has been saying consistently, you know, what interference? there was no interference and
12:43 pm
certainly no collusion which would come after interference. so what are we to take of all of this and the back and forth these two will have on this subject? >> you know, obviously president trump is going to want to showcase that he can be strong in front of president putin. this indictment, obviously, has evidence of russian military intelligence officials and russian government connections to the interference in u.s. elections. and so as a result, he can point to this evidence, and he should point to this evidence to try and prevent any future meddling. of course russia will continue to not admit it, but in many ways in this indictment is interestingly time before this meeting. maybe it's information that president trump didn't necessarily want, but he has it now, and he should use it to put pressure on putin to stop meddling in u.s. elections. neil: you know, a lot of people, mark, have switched this around to say forget about what happened in 2016, we now take it as a given the russians were trying to meddle in the election, not that it changed the outcome, most people take that at face value outside some
12:44 pm
rabid folks on the left. leaving that aside though, is it your sense that the pressure now should be on making sure nothing happens in the upcoming midterms and, indeed, the next presidential election? >> you know, those two are linked. you have to do both. for us to be able to prepare effectively to set up our defenses in a way that prevents what happened in 2016, you have to rigorously analyze what took place and depoliticize it and look to the facts. and mr. mueller is doing that. this is, again, another layer in that investigation that showcases it wasn't simply russian individuals, it was russian officials tied to the russian military and tied to russian military intelligence that took direction from the kremlin in engaging in this activity. and, of course, both we're understanding the individuals, but who they're tied to and actions that they took is the best way in helping us to prepare to prevent that nefarious activity in the future. neil: but a lot of it would involve getting our hands on these guys and talking to them, right? these members of the gru, i guess they're the e e give rent
12:45 pm
of the russian federal intelligence agency. it means finding out how they did it and who was involved maybe with them on it. good luck on that, right? >> yeah. i mean, that obviously won't happen, but the fact that we've been able to find out their names, the departments that they've worked in, this is obviously a very thorough investigation that has to stand up in a court of law, and there's also based on this activity, it sends a potential deterrent signal that future activity will be found out by the u.s. government and the people involved will be held accountable. and, of course, those people won't be in a court of law, but it does send a signal to the russian government that the u.s. has capabilities to find out and discover the activity that took place, and we'll continue to do so. and, of course, that activity should impact the trajectory of u.s./russia relations which president trump will be discussing with mr. putin on monday. neil: what about the trajectory of this probe? and by that i mean in the greater sense the mueller probe. this are have been a great deal of dissatisfaction about its
12:46 pm
pace, its targets and all of a sudden this comes out while the president's half the world away. now, apparently, as we've heard, he was apprised of this before he left, but it does put added strain on those who want to either disband or hurry up that probe because now you've got the added feature that both parties readily acknowledge that the russians were trying to screw up our election process. now, didn't change the election outcome, both sides like to remind us of that, although some have their own quibbles. but what do you make of where this now stands and particularly with the mueller probe be itself? >> i mean, absolutely as more indictments are released and as the perpetrators get closer to being showcased being close to the kremlin, it makes it more difficult to either end this indictment or circumvent it or stop short. so absolutely, we should allow this indictment to continue to move forward. but it does complicate the ability for the president to normalize u.s./russian ties, and that's his objective in
12:47 pm
helsinki. and he's going to have a hard time dealing with it because there are real obstacles to normalizing u.s./russian ties particularly here in the congress with sanctions. and, of course, while he has an investigation people, i think accurately, question some of his motivations in normalizing ties. and those should also be addressed. neil: all right. we'll watch it very closely,ing mark. thank you for your patience and switching to this latest news development here. we're keeping ap eye on this here. again, i want to stress if this is new or startling or even worrisome news, the market -- as we often like to repeat here -- the markets have a funny way of showing it. whether this is a blase response or nothing new, whether they're con consoled by the nation that rod rosenstein advanced just a few minutes ago that no americans were involved in this, no americans rounded up or indicted on this and that it didn't affect the election outcome, maybe that would seem somewhat of a, you know, a trusting vent or common or a
12:48 pm
positive event. what we do know at this point though is that it has changed the complexion of this investigation. and for the markets, the worst that could mean is that it drags on a little longer than thought. that is just conjecture and passed along to me by a number of traders who, for the time being, don't seem to be concerned about it. we'll have more after this. do w. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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>> in my remarks i have not identified the victims. we confront foreign interference in american elections, it's important for us to avoid thinking politically, as republicans or democrats, and instead e to think patriotically as americans. our response must not depend on which side was victimized. neil: all right. that was rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, who about half an hour ago detailed what are now sweeping indictments against 12 russian operatives. i've had a chance to look at the indictment. i'm not very good with russian names, but i identified the 12 russians involved. is it me, or are all of them all consonants? i can tell you they are considered to be the creme dela kreme of the russian military intelligence community. getting our hands on them is
12:53 pm
anyone's guess as to how likely that is, even if they're still in this country, and there's every indication to believe they are not. but in a prepared statement, bob mueller's office said that a federal grand jury and the district of columbia has returned an indictment against 12 russian nationals for their alleged roles in computer hacking conspiracies aimed at interfering in the 2016 u.s. elections. i believe fox news and pretty soon fox business will put that indictment up on our respective web sites word for word so you can see these 12 russian operatives identified, but they coffer a who's who of real power brokers within that intelligence community. now, there had been hinteds that the mueller investigation was widening out to see what role russian operatives like these -- government operatives, more to the point, not just those loosely connected to russia -- played in the election in 2016, penetrating hillary clinton and democratic camps. what they gleaned and how much
12:54 pm
information we're told upwards of half a million americans, nip's guess, but the reed now and the fallout from the upcoming meeting in finland between president trump and vladimir putin with an axios reporter. elena, what do you think? what do you think this is going to mean for that meeting? the president was apprised of this before he left, but how does it change things? or does it? >> well, it definitely changes things, and from what we've heard and seen ahead of this meeting, the president said that he's going to address russian election meddling and interference in the 2016 election and since then as well. so this is going to be something that everyone is going to be looking at the president to address president putin directly and ask him what is going on, what did you do, what was your involvement. so far putin has maintained that they haven't done anything wrong, and we haven't really seen president trump go after him or push him hard on that yet. so i think a lot of people, especially with the revelations
12:55 pm
that we've seen today from rod rosenstein, they're going to want the president to really address this in that meeting on monday. neil: all right, now in the past, alayna, the president has accepted at face value pretty much vladimir putin's word that, no, he did not interfere or have anything to do with it in the last election. now increasing round after round of evidence that he lied. not that this means the election result wrs altered or that a number of american operatives were involved beyond those we already know about, but how does this change the equation let's say going into these talks? >> well, from what we've seen so far with the president, i mean, as soon as a couple weeks ago in june the president was tweeting, you know, why are we looking at collusion, why are we looking at russian interference? look at what the democrats did, saying look at the dnc, look at hillary clinton and the e-mails and things surrounding the party. we're seeing today that with these indictments, 12 russian
12:56 pm
operatives, very powerful russians, we're seeing that there is a lot more to this than the president has really admitted. and it does change the equation because there's really no way of hiding from this now. there's hard evidence going into it and whereas before we were unsure exactly a what the president would talk about this morning my colleague jonathan swan asked at the joint presser in the u.k. with theresa may what are you going to talk about with president putin, and he was very vague, the president. neil: right. >> he said we'll talk about, you know, a lot of different options, and i'll address -- neil: including this, including this, right? >> including this, but he didn't really get much further, and he'll definitely have to address it now. neil: all right, thank you very much. the dow up 114 points, hanging on to that possibility that no americans were involved, didn't change any outcomes. more after this. p ♪ hawaii is the first state in the u.s. to have 100%
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1:00 pm
>> the president leaving a few moments ago from windsor castle. about a half hour west of london a nice cup of tea with your majesty. he and the first lady flying to scotland. that is the presidents -- his mother was born there. developments. the president knew well in advance that bob mueller's office is now charged 12 russian intelligence officers. he is our military. their intelligence community. that is their russian intelligence military brass, if
1:01 pm
you will. some high ranking members of themselves. trying to hack into democratic headquarters. ellery clinton headquarters. compromise data to a fishing exercise that snookered people into giving more information than they otherwise would. making them aware of what democrats are doing and what kind of information they were sharing. we should stress, and i would imagine imagine this is one of the reason the markets are up on this, no americans were involved. nothing that hints of any election changes as a result. all of this interference or attempted interference has proven did not alter that outcome. that coming from rod rosenstein. the markets hang on. any hint of a disruption or constitutional crisis, whether on the left or the right, the rockets markets are certain that that uncertainty will not happen they're certainly convinced of it, if that that makes any sense
1:02 pm
this will not lead to further problems for team trump. this is just a reflection of the continuity. the president and policies. they have groaned to like. they don't want to see anything disrupted. we should stress, as well, we are hearing from chuck schumer's office. canceling the upcoming summit with latimer putin on monday. no indication that the president will do that. keep in mind, he was aware of this. with mr. putin on monday. to edward lawrence. >> neil, i can tell you these 12 individuals work for the gr you. intelligence arm for the russian military. military officers. that is exactly what these 12 individuals are. these are all indictments that came from the mueller pro. rod rosenstein. rod rosenstein said they were
1:03 pm
able to hack into a number of different systems. also systems related to secretary of states. also systems related to board elections. as was the company that handles election software. the deputy attorney general said that some information was taken out of this. obviously, emails. also information on 500,000 voters and then distributed among social media. some of this information was. the attorney general or the deputy attorney general when talking about the molar investigation responded like this. >> television or in congressional hearings. most anonymous leaks are not from the government officials who are actually conducting these investigations. we filed the rule of law. we follow procedures. we reserve judgment. >> we made it clear that this
1:04 pm
meddling had no impact on the outcome of the election. the president going to meet russian president vladimir putin on monday address the middling question earlier today. take a listen. >> will we be talking about meddling. i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you have any g.i. did it. you got me. i don't think. but you never know what happens. i will absolutely firmly ask the question. >> the office said americans are corresponding with the folks that they did not know. they did not know that they were russian intelligence officers. the americans did not understand that these were actually russian intelligence officers. >> upwards of half a million individuals were sort of caught up in the prey. communications and e-mails and et cetera. that will be a mess to figure
1:05 pm
out. >> it really is. one of those things that would be ongoing. peel the onion back. we are seeing a number of players being peeled back. we thought for a fact that something it happened with the meddling. we find out that these individuals were involved. you are seeing more and more of russia being involved in this and less and less of americans being culpable with the russians related to this. speed 15 great reporting, my friend. thank you very much. the name of these 12 russians, i think that this will be up on our site soon, if it is not already. i will spare you that. they all seem to have a lot of confidence. some of them are big mucky muck's. some are very high up in that military intelligence community. we do not know how many of them are still here. it is quite another to allow
1:06 pm
them to be scooped up, formally indicted and thrown in the slammer and the inner room. let's say unlikely. we don't know where this is going. a lot of people asking why the stock market is up. it is not a right or left thing. not a conservative or liberal thing. the potential of a constitutional crisis or one that would by the president of the united states dragged into something bigger than earlier thought. there is no indication that that is the case. no americans swiped up in this that we know of, or deliberately so. rod rosenstein indicating the lack of involvement. as we can tell from mr. rosenstein himself, no signs that it altered the election outcome in 2016. donald trump one. 306 electoral votes. thirty-six more than you need to be the president of the united
1:07 pm
states. that was then. one of the smartest legal mindset i know. kind enough to phone into a seer and give us his read on all of this. judge andrew napolitano. judge, what do you think? >> a witchhunt conducted by 13 angry democrats. this is very substantial. as you just indicated, as our colleague just laid out, this is very high up the food chain and the military and intelligence complex of the russian army. it is quite literally inconceivable that the person the president is meeting with on monday, latimer putin, did not know about this. where does this leave us, criminally? if there probably not be a trial you do not have trials in the united states. they would need to get these guys here. they would never come here voluntarily, norwood putin send them here.
1:08 pm
this is a long, slow, steady march of bob mueller peeling back the onion so to speak of what would happen between the russians and the american election. the next question will be, did any any americans knowingly cooperate. here is what the statute requires the government to prove knowledge. a lot of americans ignorantly cooperated because they did not know who they were dealing with. the question now is did any americans knowingly cooperate, and if they did, who are they and where are they and when will they be indicted? >> this involves stealing information. we don't know where these voters were centered. what states they were in. how they connected to the dnc or hillary clinton's campaign. a lot we do not know. what we do know, this is is my conjecture here, feel free to shoot it down as you often politely do, is there any sense that you have that this has made mr. mueller bulletproof? it would would be unwise, at the very least, to disband his
1:09 pm
investigation, or him, or hurried along when now, he can say, i've got the goods on all of these russian agents and these russian operatives. whether ics or get a chance to talk to them here or anywhere. if you shut that down, you do great harm to this country. >> i could not agree with you more. >> you are so good at analyzing these issues. almost as good as economic issues. [laughter] neil: when it comes to pronouncing russian names. what also makes mueller bulletproof and that is a nomination of brett cavanaugh. they cannot lay a glove on mueller wire cavanaugh nomination is coming. far more than the nomination of cavanaugh does make him bulletproof, does remove the witch, does remove the in-your-face criticism of
1:10 pm
mueller. very anxious to hear how he responds to it. this is very serious stuff. this is an attack on democracy. it is an attack on one of the two candidates intended to aid the other candidate. we need to know who knew about this and who facilitated it. >> we are learning -- i'm reading from the indictment, fictitious online persona including what you have reported on in the past. this was a fairly involved operation and and a strategy to what end? >> apparently to the and of ensuring that donald trump would win. rosenstein had said we cannot find that there was any effect on the outcome trump would win anyway. these people did not know that. they had their druthers. they did not want hillary clinton in the white house. they personally attacked her e-mail and the e-mail of the dnc
1:11 pm
i do not know if the indictment yet lifts the amount of money involved, but you are talking about in operation that could have only spent tens millions of dollars of russian government money that could not have been authorized without the approval from the highest levels including likely putin himself. >> you are a great legal read. i am interpreting from the game right now, no americans were scooped up in the series of indictments and that rod rosenstein is saying it did not alter the election outcome. the president is safe. there is no need to worry. no need to worry. >> i cannot analyze the market the way that you do. i can say that this is not good news for the president. this removes one or two of his
1:12 pm
most attacks. fox news had a poll that came out since yesterday. showing that mueller's credibility has been undermined significantly. more than half the country wants this investigation over with. i did say it would be calculated differently after what we now know has been made publicly. this is a serious march by mueller in the direction of finding out what happened in the 2016 election. i think he has a lot more marching to do. >> judge, always a pleasure. thank you for taking the time to call in. debbie wasserman schultz put out a statement on all of this. she was a chairman of the democratic national committee. quoting here, the democratic national committee was the first major target of the russian attack on our democracy. i strongly believe that every
1:13 pm
individual carried it out. for a should be held accountable chris bedford. serena, what do you make of all of this? >> not only are we a couple days away from the presidents meeting with putin in helsinki, this is is coming on the heels of some loud rolling coming from the president against our allies in great britain. he really needs to step up and confront putin in a real way.her any other country, for that matter to undermine our institution. >> trying to assert themselves in the last election. 2018 midterms just a few months from now. say nothing from the 2020 presidential election. what do you think? >> the indictments we saw earlier this year, another 13
1:14 pm
russians, they were interested not just in president donald trump, but also supported ernie sanders. those two candidates, what they really have in common is their distraction to washington candidates and serious longshots i do not know exactly how we would be able to stop them from causing discord. spreading beams on facebook. you can do that. you also have these hacking scandals. this is sending a link to people saying click here to reset your password. and then resetting his password. >> a lot of these hacks, they were not particularly sophisticated to get a lot of access. if you can have that basic computer safety, you will be in trouble for elections as far as
1:15 pm
i can see coming. neil: i have heard that as well. it could be traced later. the white house has put out a statement, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said there is no allegation of this indictment that americans knew they were corresponding with russians. no allegation in this indictment that american citizen committed the crime. there is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. today's charges include no allegation of knowing involvement of a campaign of the ledge hacking affected the election result. this is consistent with what we have been saying a all along. >> it is find that they are defending themselves. judge napolitano made the same point. we need to point out the difference between people who knowingly may have contributed to this and people that may have participated in an unknowingly
1:16 pm
fashion. i would like to hear a bit about rosenstein. this is not a partisan issue. this is a deep threat to the country. you have to take this as an act of war as some congressmen have said. our election has come something that outside countries can influence, we clearly can't. we have an election coming up in a few months. we need to stop pointing fingers. what can we do. when we need lock things down. how do we need to educate the public. how do we need to strengthen the local election bureaus. sure we have the right technology in place. a lot of things that need to happen other than shielding ourselves from blame. >> thank you very much. i apologize for the short nature of this. we will cover this on all angles. we have no agenda here. republican or democrat. just the facts. that is what we will have you with left and right. just the facts. more after this.
1:17 pm
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1:20 pm
neil: the big news of the day is from rod rosenstein's office on the bob mueller pro. connected directly to military intelligence. they are not separated there. accused of hacking.
1:21 pm
spearfishing employees. "wall street journal" goes on to report that the officers that were doing this were volunteers employees of the hillary clinton campaign. they got login credentials. they were monitoring the activity of dozens of employees. spearfishing means sending e-mails known and responding in time. everyone gets in on that. you send an e-mail to someone and you send it to someone else. ultimately it got data upwards of half a million american motors. i am oversimplifying this. this was a widespread and very involved operation. the reason why a stress here, the market is not really moving on this. it leads through rod rosenstein talking about this development today and he is indictments from these russian operatives. it was limited to them.
1:22 pm
no americans were involved. wittingly or unwittingly. it did not appear to affect the outcome. that is something mr. rosenstein has repeatedly said. it was about eight months ago. the probe targeting russians. involving russian government officials. former fbi assistant director. ron, what do you make of all of this? >> we should not at all be surprised, the russians, chinese and others have significant cyber intrusion capabilities to engineer spearfishing e-mails to insert malware and dangerous things to our computers. they are designed to suck out sensitive information. whether it is military secrets,
1:23 pm
government business secrets, government information, they are working hard with state-sponsored units, sometimes buildings full of them to x filtrate our most sensitive information and our intellectual property. they do it on a massive scale. they do it every day. the notion that they would impact the dnc or others related to an election if they want to manipulate, should not come as any surprise. >> what good will it do to indict russian officials who you cannot touch her reach. >> that was a discussion that i was involved with. my time in the bureau. what do we do when we can contribute in great detail what these attacks emanated from. whether it is in russia, china or or some other country. we are state-sponsored. what do we do? do we do nothing?
1:24 pm
do we expose the tactics and techniques that they use you an indictment that lays out what they did. in doing so, we tell them we know what you did and we know how you did it. the chance of going dark on that information. there were a lot of discussions in the fbi five years ago about naming and shaming. knowing we are not going to get them back. vladimir putin is just like china. unlikely to wrap these guys up and put them on a g5 and send them to us. it is a way of, and certainly state department equities are involved. the white house equities are involved here. these are conversations at the highest level of government. how do we do this? naming and shaming is something the government has chosen to do. >> this is all happening the very same day. this very hour. alisa page is expected to talk
1:25 pm
behind closed doors with lawmakers. her former boyfriend testified yesterday in an open committee forum. was not able to say as much as republicans had hoped, but he does did seem to indicate that a lot of the basis for the remarks, the temperate and somewhat sacred remarks, he made about donald trump, even donald trump voters, had to do with early indicated condition of what he was getting from the russians and et cetera. it did not appear -- what are your thoughts? >> i thought yesterday's hearings were circus. deeply distressing. this congress, particularly the republicans in the house had i think struck a closed-door session for some 11 hours.
1:26 pm
i don't know what advantage we got from this show yesterday, other than to reinforce what we already suspect about the congress. that it is dysfunctional. it can agree on nothing. >> do you agree, ron? that was my interpretation. the context for some of those go over the top disparaging conduct it had to be privy. maybe a sign that there was something going on with the russians, et cetera. that may have been the backdrop. >> that really was not my take away from it. i was more listening to what i heard was suggesting he was responding to some of the things that the president-elect, the candidate had been done, talking about this army soldier. neil: i don't mean to jump on you, my friend, the democratic
1:27 pm
keeper of the senate intelligence committee is discussing this. >> interfering in over 20 states electoral systems. my hope would the that the president and his allies would cease and desist from calling the mueller investigation a witchhunt. as a matter of fact, this morning we saw something remarkable. the president was questioned in the uk y relations with russia -- he replied because of the mueller investigation. no, mr. president the reason why relationships with russia are difficult is because russia and its agent interfered dramatically in the 2016 elections. coming forward, there should be no one-on-one meeting between this president and mr. putin. there needs to be other americans in this room. secondly, the president and his team are not willing to make the
1:28 pm
fact of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in helsinki and the settlement should be canceled. next. on the question of election security. the congress has been working in a bipartisan way to make sure our election system is safe. we had just this past week -- what we have left is any meaningful involvement from the administration in this white house. there needs to be someone designated in the white house to work with the congress to make sure, in a bipartisan way, we keep our election system safe and secure and 2018. these indictments further reflect the need for us to have strong alliances. as a matter of fact, on monday senator rubio and i are meeting with other nations to discuss
1:29 pm
the russian engagement in their countries. these tactics are not going away we need to have this administration stop calling our allies, adversaries and trying to treat our adversaries like friends. it is time for the country to step up in a bipartisan way. making sure what happened in 2016 does not ever happen again. >> president trump and putin. [inaudible] >> i have been concerned for some time. the president ad hoc style of going into meetings and winging it. that is not appropriate. particularly when you're dealing with someone like vladimir putin he will come in with his fax, i'm afraid that the president could be taken advantage of. i want to make sure that other americans here, that the
1:30 pm
president makes this issue of russian interference a priority. not something that is simply slumped off. putin didn't do anything. that is why he and his team are not willing to make the subject of this indictment of russian interference a top priority in the helsinki meeting and the meeting shall be canceled. >> a nato summit. this may be the easy part. having these indictments come down just hours before the meeting with vladmir putin. how does that complicate this even if you disagree with the president and his idea. >> one of the things that change the meeting is, as if we need additional facts, the investigation is not a witchhunt. it is proving time and again evidence of russian interference in our elections. even with trump intelligence officials continuing to make the
1:31 pm
claim that russia will be back. their value of investing in terms of cost investment, in terms of 2016 is pretty darn low russian interference in virtually every other nato nation. i have been for some time, particularly a one-on-one meeting that the president may have hazardous lead raise this issue and accept -- that is why we need to have other americans in the room. if they are not willing to make this a priority, the meeting should not go forward. >> there is no american having committed a crime in this indictment. considering what you have seen in your investigation and what you have heard, do you think indictments on american citizens could be coming? in regards to the hacking -- >> i am not aware of what the next step will be.
1:32 pm
i know they have a lot of tools that the senate intelligence committee does not have. a number of guilty pleas and pardons that appear to be made. i would expect mueller has more work to do and there will be more indictments forthcoming. having these russian spies get justice. being able to turn over those spies, but i frankly dow that. calling the indictment today good news. time for the investigation to come to an end. for mueller to declare the president "completely innocent". you are also investigating. do you agree? >> i agree that the senate intelligence committee needs to
1:33 pm
continue our work until we get all the facts out to the american public. my hope and prayer is that this president and his allies will again cease and desist on calling the mueller investigation which on. this is not a wind chart. it is an investigation into interfering into our countries actions. it needs to be treated as a national security foot. my hope and prayer is mueller will finish his job as soon as possible. finish it when we get all the facts out. >> can you say that the president is completely innocent >> i'm not making any conclusions about the president. >> new information to the senate intelligence committee. >> the vast majority. with this level of specificity, it was a surprise to me. clearly, if the intelligence community assessment and back in
1:34 pm
january 17, we reaffirmed in the last few weeks in a bipartisan way, the senate intelligence committee, we did no, of course, that russians hacked into the democratic national committee and democratic national aid. neil: you are looking out mark warner. ranking member of the senate intelligence committee. somewhat of a different point of view than chuck schumer on this. chuck schumer the leader of the democrats. mr. president, don't go through with this meeting with vladmir putin. he is a liar and all that. you should not be meeting with him. it's a bad idea. go ahead and meet with them, but don't meet alone. i don't think either approach is one the white house will take. all of this on revelations right now. bob mueller's office. the involvement of 12 russian entities. military entities.
1:35 pm
know americans are involved. so much we don't know, this much we do. another factor for markets to consider. making money and so much more. charles, does this move the needle one way or another? trish: he and i think are absolutely right.
1:36 pm
so far the mueller investigation five guilty pleas, 23 defendants. today 12 russian indictments. zero on the collusion side. i think that is what president trump, by the way, talks about when he calls it a witchhunt. i think it is the collusion part of it. the reason we need a special investigator in the first place. the reason why you have to separate and certain people say attend to be part of it. so far it's been a long time. we've gone into this thing very deeply. the circus we saw. you know, some people may say it's in the back pocket for a few days did a good time to re- remind americans why they are doing this. you know, the markets have been
1:37 pm
holding up pretty good considering this news and how we will play on mainstream media. financial point of view, it does does not change anything with respect to our economy. >> the market also realizes the average american could probably care less about the story. this couple has interfered in elections. think of obama with brexit. telling britain that they faced great consequences if they left the eu. also, perhaps -- neil: -- >> to this influence the final outcome of the election?
1:38 pm
this is the president, i think. taking off for scotland. he is going there. he will be golfing and all of that. meeting with the queen. he has had tea now and then. >> that seems more important. do you think that this changes the administration. it has not turned up anything.
1:39 pm
>> i think he will be embarrassed. we never know what they are sitting on. what they are looking at.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
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1:44 pm
neil: all right. earlier today. england. she has entertained or been entertained by sin she became queen as a teenager. going all the way back to harriet truman. whatever scheduling difficulties every president. this is her 12th. having the opportunity. about a half hour west of london they have protests in london. these markets in these times. political and otherwise. if you want to know what motivates them trade or the bob mueller investigation. right now it is more the controversy and the president. him being in her majesty's
1:45 pm
kingdom. a lot of folks that gathered for approaches today in london. blake berman in the middle of all that. hey, blake. >> hi there, neal. a major headline coming into this day for president trump. one that he caused when he gave an interview yesterday to the sun newspaper here. one of the biggest newspapers in london. he was very, very critical of teresa on may, the prime minister. a softer stance that she has had now in brecksville. today the president met out at the prime minister's countryside resident. afterwards, there was a press press conference between the president and the prime minister. one in which the president argued that he also had some nice things to say about the prime minister in that interview. the two appeared to at least be very friendly with each other a day after some very rough headlines. let's listen to the president alongside theresa may.
1:46 pm
>> i did not think they put it in. they did not put it in the headline. i wish they would up put it in the headline. she is a total professional. i want to apologize because i said such good things about you. she said don't worry it's only the press. i thought that was very professional. >> the president also suggested in that article that there may not be a bilateral trade deal between the u.s. and the uk at some point. the president walking out back today saying that he hopes that there can be a trade deal between the two. as far as the protest go, we are are just outside of the square. whitehall street that i'm standing on. the protesters starting to thin out. it has been nonviolent, for the most part, throughout all of this. just a kinda give you a feel of what this is been my, even though we are right next to this protest, you have a good store here, a pub here. people standing out on the
1:47 pm
street drinking their beer having a good time. this could get sort of ugly. thank goodness it hasn't. neal. neil: all right. they have a right to do that. the president has every right to ignore it, as he has. thank you very much. we will have a lot more -- because it all seemed to come together. for traders it all seem to be very unraveling. still another two hours plus to go. stocks are up. they are not down. more after this ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage,
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>> there should be no one-on-one meeting between this president and mr. putin. there needs to be other americans in the room. neil: that made the mark warner. in a recent fox news poll, just out, those americans disagree with them. this meeting should go on. 59%. 33% feel otherwise. this is all before the latest revelations, these indictments against russian intelligence militant operatives. very little likelihood that they will be rounded up from russia and brought here. nonetheless, that is a big development. former reagan assistant press secretary. what he makes of all of this. you just do not cancel a summit.
1:52 pm
what do you do? >> you go forward and you make a point. you make it firm. you say we know you did it. we caught you. there will be consequences. don't do it again. neil: the president said he has assurances from vladimir putin who said he did not do it. also had nothing to do with it. accepted that at face value. now, kind of hard for the president to take that posture now. >> there are two issues to plague here. the russians try to influence our election. clearly, they did. does trump have anything to do with that? thus far, no evidence. the president should go into that summit and love that man in the eye and say, caught you. red handed. don't do it again. don't even bother to deny it. neil: he has argued before this,
1:53 pm
kicked out dozens of russian operatives who were in this country, especially after the allegations of what had been happening too, you know, british entities, so, his argument has been much tougher than the predecessors with the russians, that is debatable, but he has nothing to prove on getting tough with russia. >> yes something to prove on his rhetoric. they may have thrown out some diplomats, but every time he's asked about putin, he goes out of his way to praise him or at least avoid criticizing him. it is now time for him to say what needs to be said. two and about putin. neil: if he doesn't do that, if they have a friendly exchange, let's say vladimir putin says i don't know where you got this. there is no truth to this. he said he said thing. >> at some point they do have to move on. if that is what putin said to him, the president should say i
1:54 pm
don't believe you. we both know better. >> we just talked about polling. americans want to see it happen. although they may not think the president has been tough enough on vladimir putin. they want want to see forward movement. why call it off? b mac i agree with senator warner. it still should go on, but with with other people in the room. what we have seen is, for example, on the recent interview in the sun newspaper, he denied things that were actually on the record. it is important to have other people in the room to make sure we understand what was being fully indicated. what putin actually said, as well. >> if it will be a 101 -- >> it should still continue. >> if it's going to be a one on one, it looks like the white house will not bid because of what mike warner said, i guess they would not want to see it called off. why now? you have an indictment count against russia for meddling. you have forward movement in this case. it gives the president more
1:55 pm
ground. >> absolutely. president trump has already said he intends to bring this up. here is one thing that i can ensure you are. president obama knew about the meddling. he knew nothing about it. nothing. president trump will exhibit the type of toughness president obama never showed. i also find it interesting that democrats who claim to care so much about collusion, why do yot meddling, widen it you care when it was happening in the last election? peter confirmed to us yesterday, russia has been doing this for a very long time. democrats just did not care then. take care now because there candidate lost. >> that is what you saw president obama implement strong sections against russia. one the trump administration tried to pull back from. >> kaylee. >> not quite.
1:56 pm
you tell vladimir putin more flexibility to give you what you want after the election. not really being tough on vladimir putin, i don't think. >> that was actually a moment caught on camera. okay, ladies, thank you very much. have a wonderful weekend. as we head into the commercial break, go to you can read the entire indictment. russia on the line. stay close. .
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neil: senator mike lee on all of this. hey, trish. trish: thousands of protesters, they're flooding streets of london right now, look at that picture. all in an effort to rally against our president in stunning display of anger, frankly total disrespect towards the united states of america. i am trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." ♪ trump's message to the uk, just make sure we can trade together. that's all that


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