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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 8, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou: no trade war with china. what do you call a trade deficit of 375 pillion and 30 years of so called free-trade that resulted in the transfer of trillions of dollars and china's theft of 300 billion and u.s. intellectual property. that is a trade war, folks, but we are not fighting it until this president arrived in washington. every president from bill clinton refused to fight the trade war. in fact three presidents enabled the chinese of theft of military and technological technologies and transferring trillions of america's wealth to china. president trump is the first president who said we will not embolden a trading partner who refuses to trade balance and
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fair with the united states. it is about time. what does the special counsel mean when he said president trump is a subject but not a target. does anyone in the swamp behind president trump talk straight and a handful of congressman and even though president is not a target. mueller would like very much to interview the president. it is time for mr. mueller to gather up partisan hacks all of them it to go home. congressman ron desantos has been trying to reign in the deep state. and the homeland security announcing that president trump will deploy national guards troops to the boarder. but they don't know what they will do. the deep state never ending
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obstruction of the trump administration. and nunez wrote a leader to rod rosen stein. and demanding they produce an unredakted cop ep of the memorandum that started the russian collusion. and they are threatening subpeona if rosen stien didn't provide. good evening little catherine. >> reporter: congress is having trouble of getting records despite the assurances of the fbi. nunez was denied the july 2016. nunez wanted a clean cop ep without redakzs. and the memopen was likely drafted by peter strzok or with
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his input. strzok was removed after anti- trump messages were discovered. they told fox today that the bureau could share but skip if there is sensitive information because even the bureau requires over sight. >> it is not like they couldn't give them all of the information. when you see the inspector general's report you will see why they are hiding thyself things and the different things that they are not proud of. >> reporter: there is a delay for a clean cop ep and the existing chairman may put out subpoenas. there was no idea response. but we'll bring it to you if we get new information. >> lou: thank you, catherine, we look forward to that. joining us is congressman ron
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desantos on the foreign affairs and judiciary and one. largest committee portfolios. and congressman, good to have you with us. first your reaction to the mueller team statement that the president is no longer if of a target of the investigation, the special counsel investigation but now simply a subject. >> look, we have known that from the start if you took the facts seriously. the president fires jim comey and on the basis of rod rosen stien. comey leaks memos including classified material and rosenstien appoints a special counsel. there was never a crime from the president and after all of this investigation there is nothing each with people on his campaign in terms of the collusion angle.
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and muller wants to write a report. i think it needs to be wrapped up. >> lou: he was not hired or put in a position to write a report. but to investigate and determine whether or not there was going to the original charge. it turns out the original charge of the either and there was no charge in the mandate. it is arguable and convincingly so, there should have never been a special counsel. >> i agree with you. it goes back to the appointing order. he said to look -- leaks between trump. and russia. it never got to that point. the manafort stuff had nothing to do with donald trump. michael flynn and papadopulous. they were weak cases.
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and did the justice department try to bring false statement charges against uman aberdeen or hillary clinton or cheryl mills? she spoke and gave a lot of falsified information. and this is problematec that there was never a core crime. but it seems like mullier tried to get as many people under the net. you have overzealousness in this case than you did with hillary. luis lou you think there will ever be an adequate of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> one. problems, the initial mishandling of the classified as you probably passed the statute of limitation. but not the destruction and
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bleach bidding of the e-mail. president trump obstructed justice by firing comey? i was supportive of the time. that was a national service by firing james comey. how can you say obstruction much justice for that and yet bleaching of emails were not? and a lot of the false statementless. they are in the confines of the statute of limitation and if you had a special counsel they would bring light to that. >> lou: you call would for a second special council and long with jim jordan sdm mark meadows and what is the likelihood now? the odds seem it dissipate each day? >> i am working with my catalog
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the different offensives from the clinton administration and dossier and all the way to mueller and james comey and andrew mccabe and folks in the justice department. >> lou: we can call them the dirty dozen, congressman because that's what they amount to. >> many have been fired and some demoted. and i think what is going to happen, lou. i want to present that to sessions and huber and he knows what to look for but the ig report drops. it should have been done by now involving how comey and loretta lynch handemmed the hillary case. that could impthose -- the ig long awaited and deferred report. it looks like the potential much being a scandal all of its own. and your thoughts on the prosfekts now? >> we know that mccabe got fired
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because of that investigation. we know that strzok and page text messages were found in that investigation. my hope is that people like strzok can be fired and removed from the gflt and face prosecution warranted based on the evidence. >> lou: should rosen stien be fired for writing the week after supporting the investigation of manafort and a week after the special counsel raided his home >> it is a screwy thing. at a minimum rosen stien should be recused. he wrote the memo saying comey should be fired and now over seeing mueller supposedly investigating whether that
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constituted obstruction much justice. i think he is be recued. they bo got it back wards. >> lou: back wards seems to be the rule in washington d.c. congressman, great to see you and thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: rob rosen stien giving robert mueller free reign to go for his witch hunt. what in the world is going on? we'll find out here next, stay with us. ♪yea, you can be the greatest ♪you can be the best ♪you can be the king kong ♪bangin on your chest ♪you can beat the world you can beat the war♪ ♪you can talk to god while bangin on his door♪ ♪you can throw your hands up you can beat the clock♪ ♪you can move a mountain you can break rocks♪ ♪you can be a master don't wait for luck♪
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the justice department for its inaction for a number of deep state scandals. republican law makers are trying to obtain documents from the justice department everything from the nba investigation to fista court abuses. and president trump tweeted this. so sad that the department of the justice and fbi are not giving the unredakted documents
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requested by congress and embarrassment to our country. and rosenstein given mueller special permission in august. and it is only now public because in a court filing requested by attorneys by paul manafort it was produced. parts of the documents are severely redakted and joinings now is chris farrell. and chris, good to see you. now we have special. we have special secret permissions given by. what is this? a star chamber? what has the justice department become? >> it is a gross abuse of due process. if you are charging someone criminally there are procedures for doing so.
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and one of the procedures, if you prosecute and charge them criminally you have to put all of the cards on the table. you can't have secret stuff. and rosenstein frankly a guy who has a long track record of weird abuse of practices in baltimore. where he came from as u.s. attorney. i will not go into that now. rosenstein issues a secret authorization and manafort's attorney saying you are outside of the scope of the special counsel authority grant and what are you doing looking at stuff from 2006 that has nothing to do with the trump administration and they go wait a minute. we have a special letter here and we get to go anywhere and i will not get in the details of mr. manafort's questions, he has attorneys for that. and procedurally.
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this is a page out of the barrier book of secret star chamber indictments and authorities outside of the normal scope of due process. they are abusing the system. they are hunting for scalps. >> lou: they are prosecutors and do whatever it takes to get a prosecution. to hell they will. there is supposed to be a crime involved here. they never enunciated a crime and don't have evidence of a crime. >> correct. >> lou: and now the nonsense of super secret meetings and memos that give you a broader and a visit fishing area? it is unamerican and stupid and what i cannot understand why there is not an outrage in the leadership of the house and senate saying end it and end it
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now? >> the house and senate are leaderless. it is a joke. the but the secret authorization claim it was classified and submitted to the court. which one is it? really a classified document or goes into a public record? you can't have it both ways. there is a tension and disconnect that shows you the way in which they are abusing the regular due process criminal procedure to do any dam thing they want. and this alone to can rosenstein in my opinion. and this goes back to mueller, the whole do anything and go anywhere. >> lou: he is without integrity.
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>> he is without integrity. he is best buddies with domy and had lisa monaco sitting in the obama white house on the page/strzok nonsense. and they had a number four guy at justice. bruce orr, acting as the personal intermediary and funemming the christopher steel dossier over to mueller. how much more conflicted can it be. >> lou: i want to turn quickly to the caravan. and i want to put it up so that the audience sees the demands that are levied by the car van sponsor and supporters and people without bofrders and left wing radical groups. one much their demands is it specifically to the government of mexico and the united states,
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that they open borders to us, because we are citizens as the people of the countries where we are. and or travel. that is the level of arrogance on the part of the organizers and the radicals that are seeking to create bedlam at our borders. the president it seems to me, has been because of a cowardly leadership in the house and senate has been forced to deal with this issue and now he's dispatching the national guard and your thoughts as we conclude. >> i would like to see what the rules of engagement are. and not having them standing a roubd with baseball bats. >> lou: like they did under president bush and obama. >> and disrespectful to the national guard.
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i want to know the instructions from the u.s. ambassador to mexico city. and guatemala. what are they told to communicate that the groups are in transit? i want to know what the inspector general and homeland security are doing? i want to know what is being done for these u.s. enitties that are 71sors and subsidizing this? it appears they are engaged in criminal activity. matt had it good. he had catnip that was off the hook. but one day, he brings a girl home, and she's allergic to cats. every sneeze was a nail in my coffin. now i'm in a shelter. it's decent but they don't even have wi-fi.
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i was on the other end of the stick, so to speak, and i appreciated it very much, the attention that was given to me. my name is julius gaines. creative writer, poet, photographer. america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say hello. volunteer by donating your lunch break at >> lou: 17 states with left wing democratic attorney's general a noups they are suing the trump administration. they are trying to remove a question about citizenship in the 2020 census. that's what it is it all b. new york's left of the attorney
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general snyderman leading the suit and claims that the question will undermine the accuracy of the census and unamerican. and hunting ton beach is the latest to join the revolt against california's sanctuary policy. they are challenging california's state law and the constitutional overreach. it was los almedez and voted in march to exempt itself from the sanctuary law. and orange county and mission have followed suit. joining us is matthew gates. congressman great to see you and thank you for being with us. and i want to start with the president's surprise announcement today that he was dispatching the national guard to the border to secure that
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border until a wall can be built. your thoughts. >> i am glad the president is a man of action even though the congress abandoned the president. we should have funded the wall in the major legislation and the senate should take up and take a vote on the wall and they are too gutless to do that. and the people see that united states is not serious about border security and that infights people to cross our borders. we need to shuts down entitlement and do everify and build a wall and support the president. >> lou: i think people are shocked that paul ryan leader of the house and mitch mcconnell in the senate basically said to the president we'll insult you at will and not give you a doctor for a wall and create a system
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or such nonsense and put a billion and a half. that is about 600 million. and we'll also reduce the number of ice agents since you asked for more to secure the illegal immigration internally to the united states. i mean, how can that be that a republican leadership in both houses can be that, that feckless and disloyal to a president who won for the party and by the way, won for a lot of congressman and senators? >> i will defend the house in this respect. early in the tenure. we passed 20 billion and the senate would not take a vote on it. our sin is when the rubber met the road. we handed the keys to chuck schumer. what you just sdiebed was chuck schumer legislation and he had
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all of the power. we won the last election and time to act like it or we'll not win. it was not a election about daca. if it was hillary clinton would have won. it is a election about border security and we need resource and skin in the game and a caravan much people heading to the united states to commit the crime much illegal border crossing we have to get serious. i am glad the president is doing what no other politician running for president would have cob templating and using the military and the national guard and he will put them to work for the american people. >> lou: congressman, turning to that conference again. there is a super secret special permission given by rosenstein to the mueller special counsel and he can go after manafort or anyone he wanted as many years as he wanted who had nothing to
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do with the trump administration. we didn't find out until manafort attorneys challenged the if counsel and produced discovery and frorced them to produce it to reveal the existence of the memorandum. your thoughts about it and what in the world has the justice department become to your mind? >> i am on the judiciary committee and i can't tell you what the four corners of the mueller investigation are because mr. rosenstein and deep state swamp creatures haven't been honest with the congress about the four corners of the investigation. we have to mrap a far stronger role in exposing the i pock crazy in the department of the justice. and no evidence of collusion or crime. they unleashed bob mueller to do things before donald trump contemn plated running for
4:31 am
president. when it is rod rosenstein's conduct that is in question. they hire one of their own. evens to investigate themselves. it is lud krus and why jim jordan and mark meadow and ron desantos and many others are joining a call for special counsel to investigate the investigators. because the department of justice and fbi cannot investigate them. and right now the inmates are running the a sylum. >> lou: thank you. now borders have guts. and soar over cars below them. you call that guts?
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>> lou: china responded to president trump's tariffs on aluminum and steel on tariffs of their own. applying to mostly agriculture products such as pork or nuts and wine. the total chinese tariff adding up to 3 billion and less than one percent of the total annual trade. both the united states and the trump administration along with the chinese government are restrained in as they obviously
4:36 am
are seeking both sides to try to reach balance or trade and end the catalog of year after year of massive deficits that the united states has run. president trump talking about a white house visit with president putin. the report surfaced in russia media. several locations were discussed and nothing further to report at this time. and joining me is victor davis hanson. senior follower and residents and military in the hoover institution and one of the bill yont scholar and authors around and he has written his most recent book. the second world war and how the first global conflict was won and a brilliant, brilliant book it is it. victor, it is great to have you with us.
4:37 am
and turning first to a government that seems to be seized in the under the control of the deep state. that is when you have congress imploring the justice department and fbi to permit it to carry out its over sight responsibilities under the constitution, we seem to be in a very, very dark place as a constitutional republic? >> i think we are. robert mueller is up a dilemma and every time he goes down one road and said this person lied to an fbi agent or colluded and can't prove it, we have hillary clinton and the steele dossier and urannian. and cheryl mill and huma aberdeen not truthful and james comey not telling the truth to congress and andrew mccabe, it
4:38 am
is almost as if we apply the logic of mueller investigation and apply it across the board, we would have important people facing legal exposure. we have had 11 or 12 people in the doj and fbi reassigns or retired. donald trump didn't have going to do with it. we have uncovered a lock and we don't know what to do because the implications are enormous and the consequences. >> the congressional leadership. and nunez and meadow and gates and we have a number much outstanding congressman. on the senate side, we have it seems utter reticence. there is no leadership from mcconnell or the senators themselves. this is it an extraordinary to me moment in time in which the senate seems to be, it is do
4:39 am
dlcht cilatory and the house is ta taking on the greater abilities to try to get to the truth? >> yeah, what started out as a legal matter and now a political matter and midterm election and longer that mueller draws it out without accountability and affect the election which is ironic and he's supposed to investigate people for not doing that. and what is going to have to happen at this late date, have mr. horowitwhereand huber and get 400 to move. and now the legal process is now a political manner. that is what mueller said he was
4:40 am
investigating. >> lou: i think. >> i think it is a situation north korea, border with mexico, and we look at china and trade and it is it like a knot. and 30 years if is so complex. and we had all of the sober and judicious saying we need this protocol. and trump comes in like alexander the great and cut its in two and said problem solved and they are not used to that. and he hads enormous support and growing for decisive action on immigration, trade, and the mueller investigation and we'll see what happens. >> lou: in all truth, he seems to be the only one in washington who fixes the problem rather than handling them off and dissemibling them and time frame in which he wants to deal with them whether it is foreign
4:41 am
policy or north korea and he will meet with prime minister a bi of japan. and we are watching the world change in the course of a year and less than a year and a half whether it is it foreign policy or domestic policy or immigration policy. but it seems like a lot of the work that went in to make it overly complex and hiding it and all of the solutions by the previous administrations and all sorts of faux complexities and protocol and that amount to nothing at all. >> you could see that in north korea. the so called framework and led no where to nuclear north korea and trump acts like he may be unhinged and scares the chinese and north korea and raises the specter of japan going nuclear
4:42 am
and all of the sudden. it changes and people are outraged and shot and take away trump's name and this is effective so far. >> lou: we don't want to take away his name or consider retirement from the office he holds. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> lou: coming up next, a jerry brown back lash, the california governor finally gone too far in support of illegal immigrants? stay with
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>> lou: california state gflt either making fools of themselves or their citizen and the state government trying to create a sanctuary state and law make breakers have bigger rights thafr the citizens and waging legal combat at the federal government. and filing at least 20 lawsuits against the trump administration. and the administration is fighting back. and suing the state over the dangerous sanctuary policy and today over the federal land sales in which it wanted to
4:47 am
dictate the terms by which the federal government could make those sales. that has not stop the jerry brown from pardoning five illegal immigrants to prevent board patrol from deporting them. orange county joining the administration's lawsuit against the state over protections for illegal immigrants and the city of los alomeadow optses out and join the by e61ditto and san diego later this month. the orange county sheriff publishing the release dates of all inmates in the county jail. and the sheriff in the northern part of the state did the same thing in order to protect their citizens. and sheriffs if four other counties demanding that congress act on the border wall. leftist law makers of california
4:48 am
and left wing government facing a building back lash and a political reality they thought they being ignore the state government is left wing. but the people of california are not. it appears the left in california went too far. we'll soon see how too far really is. the quotation of the evening from leshgs lex hamilton. there is a certain enthusiasm in liberty that makes human nature rise above itself in acts of bravery and heroism.
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>> lou: joining us tonight, arizona sheriff, a major in the arizona national guard and commanding 1200 national guards man back in 2006 when president bush dispatched them there. paul, it is great to see you and welcome back to the broadcast. what are your thoughts as you hear the president decided to send the national guard back to the border and how effective do you think they will be?
4:53 am
>> both leadership wants nothing less from president trump and absolutely necessary. because he's being handcuffed by congress and thwarted and this is an action that the president can take. and several avenues in which to deploy armed national guard soldiers to the southwest border and it is done with great success in certain area and we can learn from those lessons that we've a cheeched and the president is this absolutely implement this plan. >> talking about the insurrection act that gives the president the authority to move the national guard to the border or use federal forces in any other way in which he determines national security. and you were deployed on the border and back from the border vividly. and the number of guardsmen.
4:54 am
and there were 6000 at the peak and there were specific sectors where they were deployed to help the border patrol and your thoughts on what can be done this time? >> a couple, the president can deploy two national guard bureau and working with the governors of two state and we would have a problem with california. and deploy 6000 armed soldier and not to did dilute their strength. we deployed an int entry team and directly on the border and in high visibility and lit them up at night. they have smuggler and drugs and humans. that is a te terient and it worked and it was 94 percent
4:55 am
decrease in illegal entries there. it was one of the most heffly trafficked sectors in the entire border. >> it was and we worked in support. we worked with our heroes in the border patrol and worked with them. and ron coldburn was chief and no one came across the border and they didn't do that in the every sector and president trump has to be clear in directing and insuring that the military wants to learn and achieve full security at the border. >> i think we have to get the context. president bush and president obama, when both men deployed the national guard were along certain sectors playing game and they did so advisedly to make certain they were getting their
4:56 am
results they wanted which was to permit at least some of those people to get across. part was pure politic and part pure nonsense as both presidents gaming the american people with that and obviously we don't have to worry about with president trump. he means business. how many troops would it take to have the 94 percent affect over the border? >>ud would need 6000 again and how you can, we had soldiers that were turning wrenching and fixing border patrol vehicle and some the in the communication center and doing surveillance and other doing paperwork. if we are sending soldiers to the border send armed soldiers and directly on the boarder and not 20 miles in from the border. but on the physical show of
4:57 am
force that is intimidating and they have radios on the border patrol and if there is an entry, they rapidly responded and that's the impact. it was immediate and we do that across the boarder and high trafficked areas and the president will see success. >> lou: i think you are right. and one of the ways to judge the success is how soon it is that mexico, starts talking about the militarization of the united states of its border. what is ironic and hypocritical and disgusting to me about the mexican government's response is that they will rig ignore the fact 64 billion worth of the drugs and methamphetamine and heroin and cocaine are crossing from mexico to the united states and killing literally millions was americans over the last several decades.
4:58 am
they will ignore the fact that the drug cartel have created a narcostate in northern mexico and encroaching in the united states. and they will object so sweetly to our militarization of the border. what is the best rejoinder that you can imagine. >> it is next to a failed state in mexico. and we have a sovereignty right as a nation to protect and secure our border and if we are not able to do that we seize to be a republic x. national guard heroes, many of them serve nothing afghanistan and iraq. there is no better mission. i served in iraq and uman and this is it a job for national guard to serve and put our safety first and secure our own border and protect our own country for once. >> thank you for joining us
4:59 am
tonight. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. >> was he a lifelong hoarder or a shrewd collector? the answer lies inside this salvage yard filled with rusty old cars. >> did you know how many cars grandpa had? >> the locals say it's a worthless eyesore. >> whoo-hoo! >> his grandson calls it an "iron gold mine." [ auctioneer calling ] which is the truth? we're about to find out. >> sold it! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving in to enid, oklahoma,
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