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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪ >> lou: good evening, everybody. these are the top stories, tonight. president trump making a push for the border wall. president trump inspecting the eight prototypes that were built for the proposed wall. and a major shake-up in the president's cabinet. president trump fired rex tillerson and named mike pompeo to replace him and nominated gina happensel to be the first woman director. our guest working to expose the deep state and work in the
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department much justice and chairman of the house freedom caucus and matt gates and the first guest said the jurisdiction in california. and time is now to build president trump's wall. mark meadows is here tonight and chairman of the influential house freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> lou: it is great to see you. and seeing the president with the prototype and here we are 14 months in the administration and there's been at best glassial movement on the wall. how committed and how soon will americans who voted for president trump see that wall.
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>> i think you saw with the travel today that the president is committed, lou. house and senate are really dragging their feet and not giving the funding. we have an opportunity to do that. we have an omnibus that is coming up and fund the entire government and we need to put money in the wall and perhaps one of the pay fors would be take some of that money that is going into the sanctuary cities and states that refuse to uphold the rule of law and make sure communities are safe. perhaps we take that money back and make it a down payment on the wall. it is critical that we do that. >> or a bridge loan until the mexican government pays for it. >> lou: there is a 150 page report of no collusion of any time. why is bob mueller special
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counsel and rob rosenstien saying bis guided that bob mueller is not an unguided missle. is makes it sound like someone launched a missile against the trump presidency? >> well, obviously you don't want to see that and one of the things we are seeing right now, is the fact that we interviewed 73 witnesses. we have some months and months of investigating this and found no collusion and chairman nunez did a great job and he was right to call into this probe. and here is the interesting thing. when bob mueller was given the direction it was not just to look at collusion. they were ambiggous on other related matter and allows him to be more unguided. he certainly is able to look at a number of other areas that go
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beyond the collusions. my voters back home and your viewer and listeners want us to get serious about the trump agenda and the time is now to do that. >> lou: i couldn't agree with you more, congressman. it is stunning the language he used unguided missile, he is on a course trying to destroy the trump presidency. it is time people in the country understand that you cannot make bob mueller superior in his powers over the federal government than the president of the united states. this is madness what we are watching. >> when you start to look at wrongdoing and the type of investigation that is going on. it was designed to look at collusion. i think that there is not only no evidence found in the house
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committee. i am troubled by the evidence with regards toed dossier that clinton and dnc paid for, for opposition research. it appears there were more collusion with the russians than with president trump. and perhaps we ought to place our focus there. >> lou:in am hearing a lot of concern about tray gowdy the chairman of the oversight committee in which you are a part. why in the world is he seemingly dragging his feet in the corruption on the department of justice and the fbi? >> a lot of people want to put the blame on chairman gowdy. the documents from the
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department much justice and fbi are coming in at a glacial pace. it is worse than that in terms of the documents. and out of the 1.2 million documents we have gotten less than 10000 unique documents. want time is now for them to provide it and we'll do the proper oversight. >> lou: condense this down to the possible and practical and new issue and that is this is president trump's government. this is his executive branch. why doesn't the president of the united states tell these people to produce that and turn it over to you now? >> i can tell you, obviously under previous administrations that might have happened. i can tell you this president is wanting to be above a reproach. he could weigh in. you are right.
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he could call. >> why not doing it? it is not a man who is afraid of anything. >> i can tell you, he's counting on people like myself and others on capitol hill to do our oversight and not weigh in heavily. our patience is running thin. and so we are going to weighing in so the president doesn't have to. >> lou: congressman, the american people's patience is tried like never before. we have a constitutional crisis with a special counsel who is moved well beyond his mission as stipulated and ambiguities or not attached to that by rod rosenstien. and the idea of funding government in any mission for any length much time that they choose to continue this protracted meaningless investigation into collusion,
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and then take off on the tangents is irresponsible and ignorant on the part of the leadership of the republican party and leadership in the house and senate, do you not agree? >> i believe the time is now to bring it to a close. and you are right. having been back at home in western north carolina. they are fed up with this and it is time that we do what the president promised to do. they believe it is an orchestraed effort to delegitimize the president. and hopeful legal we'll close it soon and embark on productive effortingly. >> lou: mike pompeo director of the cian and designated to be the secretary of state. your thoughts. >> i can't think of a better
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pick and talks to the president daily. he will be an outstanding secretary of state and i look forward to working with him as we move forward the trump agenda on foreign policy. >> lou: congressman mark meadows, thank you for being here. much more straight ahead. stay with us. drain the swamp and disgraced number two of the fbi andrew mccabe faces retirement. we'll take on the corrupt fbi leadership. ed rollins joins us here next. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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>> lou: house speaker paul ryan telling republicans that last's night's should be a wake up call. speaker ryan declaring the race over and he is be urging a recount. ryan's critics are accusing the speaker of boosting the democrat
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conner lamb. a super pac and the speaker telling lamb supports second amendment rights and telling them almost anything. but there it is. there could be more staff changes in the white house. planning to replace national security advisor hr mcmaster with ambassador john bolton. we'll take that up with the ambassador. and veteran affairs david shut to be replaced by energy secretary rick perry x. secretary perry governor said he's not interested and chief of staff john kelly could depart. and nick mullvane is a possible replacement. mulvaney they should just clone. he would be good running any
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part of the cabinet. and we'll have a top strategist and fox business political analyst ed rollins. good to see you. 500 votes and the speaker of the house saying it is a wake up call despite the irregularity and calls for impounded ball on the and who is wrong with him. >> bottom line, he and his team ran a crappie campaign. they spent 10 million and you can't run campaigns in pennsylvania from washington d.c. that is a door hanger saying if you vote for him, the democrat and get nancy pelosi and hillary clinton back. who cares, you need to support your candidate and why he is a better candidate. >> lou: who pick sacone as a candidate. he was one much the three people
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runs and he run by 120 vote and you have to move on. it was not a real caucus. and then unfortunately he was not a good candidate and he was not, he was lack luster against a young dynamic candidate who ran on pro guns and pro-life. it is hard to say to a marine that he is anti- gun. >> lou: i would hope so. there are a few of those rare animals. and many things they could have gone after him on the labor issue. >> lou: it looked like it was not enough the president campaigning on sacone and whether there is a hesitation in the rnc? >> with the money they have
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spent. and the bottom line midterm elections. there is a drop off and you have to anticipate and the president can add. >> lou: not to interrupt, ed, my god, people in washington are paid to do this. rnc and all of the campaign committees for the senate and for the congress. >> they need to go find the best operatives in the state. >> lou: how about the best speaker in the house. this guy is a waste of everybodiy time except for the business roundtable for the chamber of commerce from which he takes his orders. >> the president had an impact. but you can't expect the president in a midyear election when the vote is down to be the whole show. >> lou: you have ryan or mcconnell? >> there is good candidates.
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elect me i will go to washington and be a part of the trump administration and make things happen. that's the line they had to use. >> lou: seconnie came to that late. mccabe may give up his pension. it may be taken away from him. and we just heard from the office of personal reasonable doubt're responsibility that there is a problem to mccabe. he has to be friday. >> if you lie to an fbi agent it is a felony. we have seen. he lied to the boss. he lied in the new york times piece. and he lied to everybody. my sense, this is an internal investigation and it will be interesting to see if session has the gut. >> lou: sessions will say i will consider firing mccabe.
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we have the evidence that he lied. >> you have until friday and he better make up his mind quick and tomorrow is thursday. it would be a loud message to send. >> lou: tray gowdy. the chairman. oversight committee and the senate judiciary chairman bob goodlot interviewed 2 of 20 witnesses in their investigation of fbi and department of justice corruption since last october. even by washington standards that is rocky. what do you think? >> they are in congress and that is a cake walk here. instead of doing the final thing you do the most effective job by cleaning up the mess and i think it is an indictment by them takingment position of them taking and it hurts the others
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that work hard to say there is no collusion and our enemies are using it against us. i am disappointed in both. >> lou: larry cutlo. your thoughts about his appointment to the head of the national economic council? >> the critical thing is does the larry come to agreement with the president. >> lou: you are like it is a negotiation. he's working for the president. >> bottom line tis it the president who makes the decision. if you are going to go on you have to sign on all the way. larpy will be the face on economic issues on television. my sense he likes that role as opposed to being a real economist. it would not have been my choice. i like him and he's my friend. in this administration, i am not sure it is the right choice.
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esurance. an allstate company. click or call. >> lou: a group of house conservatives are demanding the house oversight and judiciary committee are speed up the investigation in the elections. and law makers are alarmed that chairman gowdy and bob kudlog only interviewed two of the 20 witnesses that the chairman themselves identified as persons of interest back in october. my next guest the slow pace is putting the nation in turmoil.
11:26 pm
serving us tonight is matt gates. and congressman, great to see you and thanks for being here. two out of the 20 witnesses? this is a definition of a slow walk. >> that's right, lou. there is no special counsel to evaluate the hillary clinton campaign and the democrat national committee and russia and the only people charged with investigating that part of the election is the task force assembled between the judiciary and house oversight committee and that task force only intrude two witnesses in two and half months. at this pace we'll never get to the truth and an attorney general who refuses to appoint a special counsel to look into which the clinton foundation functioned as a bribe taking organization and so the state department would be influenced. the american people are
11:27 pm
demanding to pick up the pace. >> lou: we are talking about a special counsel that is ten months and done nothing to do with collusion. the senate judiciary and intelligence committee acknowledged they haven't found evidence of collusion of any kind. it is preposterous that the american people are putting up with and these committee which apparently like to perpetiate themselves because they get extra publicity in a midterm election year. this is disgusting and appalling. >> lou, the american people lived through benghazi experience where everyone in washington huffed and puffed and not held accountability. >> lou: but tray gowdy? >> we are at risk of never having the clintons if we don't have a grand jury. the entire russia collusion was
11:28 pm
made up with the help of the mainstream media one to distract president trump from the important work to save the country from the last eight year and cover up the fact that the clinton campaign and the clinton foundation had interaction with the russians individuals who wanted outcome and they went and pay the clinton foundation and got the outcomes particularly as the uranium one matter. it is unravelled before our eyes, but if we don't pick up the pace in the congress and jeff sessions appoint a special council, it will be like benghazi and the american people will not trust us and we have learned the lack of trust. > lou: it will be just like benghazi and just like the irs work on conservative groups, it will be just you know, and the list goes on. the justice department is you
11:29 pm
know, like the fbi is involved in every unsolved case in this country. what happened and what happened with the las vegas shooting, the worst massacre in this country's history? it just goes on and on and no accountability and no one fired from the justice department and no one, they demote people to the hr people where they go hire more people like themselves. this is it madness what we are seeing in our government. >> think of the logic. peter strzok had an affair with a co-co-worker and he got put in hr. we have in our constitution the obligation as a congress to provide oversight. it doesn't matter if is a republican or democrat administration. we have to exercise. we need to interview peter strzok and lisa page.
11:30 pm
the two people we intrude they announced they are leaving the federal government after they gave the interviews. batting average is high but the pace is slow. we need to do our job and interview the witness and getting the truth before a special counsel and grand charges for the crimes of the clinton foundation and prior administration. >> lou: there seems to be one conclusion, speaker ryan doesn't want answers or get to the truth, because those chairman would not be slow walking the investigation unless they had his permission to do so and he not in any way said let's get a move on. >> you and i may disagree on speaker ryan. i know the fbi and department much justice were trying to totally ignore the request of congress paul ryan stood with us. and so i am grateful for that. we could use the speaker's help speeding along the investigation
11:31 pm
and getting answer and restoring the rule of law in american. too many americans lost trust and confidence in the polarization of highest levels of our government. >> and the only reason americans have done so because they are paying attention. mark maido and others are making it clear what we need to do. america has not had a trade surpolice in 43 years. president trump touting the america first agenda as congress tries to oppose the tariffs. >> the steel mills are opening up because of what i did. and not all of my friends on wall street love it. but we love it because we know what it does. >> lou: the secretary takes up the trump t heartburn. no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews.
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11:36 pm
allowed you know, here we call it a monopoly and wouldn't be allowed. >> lou: joining us tonight the man on the way to the european union to straighten the trade policies out. congressman wilbur ross. good to have you on. we'll start with the tariffs. 25 percent against the dumping of imported steel. ten percent against the aluminum imports and there is a hue and cry in the business press and the political of screaming because they think somehow the united states should be the permanent victim of every unfair trading partner that we've got whether germ he or chiepa or japan. it is the most ignorant thing i have ever seen? >> i think people have gotten
11:37 pm
a state of mind and change regard as being threatening. and the reaction that we have gotten from the global community while it is negative, but it also served as a wake- up call and now for the first time, there is a good chance that we will have concerted international action dealing with overproduction. dealing with subsidized dumping and dealing with overcapacity. bullpen one little thing, i am on the way to europe. i am not. ambassador righthouser and i are coordinating that activity. i am right here in washington at the moment. >> lou: my apologizes. i did not mean to boost you for a trip that you did not want to take. >> a have a million miles.
11:38 pm
>> lou: the european union are obloifous to the trading relationship between the united states and germany. whether it be a number much countries that we have trade deficits. the germans beat us like a drum and expect us to take it and build a couple of plant and say it is all fine and don't worry about it. but it is not real free-trade. and the business round sdpabl the chamber of commerce and the intelligentia of the republican and democratic establishment they say it is free-trade. it is not. look at the middle-class who have seen jobs wiped out because of free-trade. we haven't had a trade surplus since 1975, you can't straighten them out soon enough to suit me. >> well, we are going to try very, very hard. i think the tragedy we got into
11:39 pm
this mess due to the activities of former administrations. right after world war ii, there was a probably correct policy to build up europe and asia after the war. they forgot to time denominated and concessions that were perfectly logical to make to germany in 1951, they are no longer at all appropriate. >> and to be fair, the leadership until donald trump was elected as president of the united states. the leadership wanted to go along with it as if we were the wealthiest nation and we could spend trillion was dollars wement. that 43 years of trade deficit can cost trillion and trillions of dollars and economic growth. we squandered that money and it is absurd and if not for the
11:40 pm
election of donald trump and this administration of which you are a key member, i mean, i can't even imagine, we would be a debtor nation in perpity. nremember that economic security is security. and without a strong economy and improving the relative balance sheet and cash flow. it is hard to defend ourselves in a world that is film would with actual and potential enemies. and with that, secretary, we appreciate you being with us. how soon do you think that your reason with the europeans, will reduce the trade barriers that have been there since the '60s, really? >> we will do it as quickly as we can. remember the decision- making process in europe is more
11:41 pm
complicated than here. we have all sprapt country and they can't negotiate for themselves. they have to go through the european commission which is each worse bureaucracy than anything you can imagine in washington. >> lou: and the last answer we should take from europe is it's complicated. they make it complicated and willfully so. rex tillerson firing coming this week before president trump's meeting with kim jong-un. and what else. and we'll get the assessment of the president's new design ee to be the first woman to head up the cia. fred white joins us next. it's easy to think that all
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>> lou: the upcoming meeting with president trump and kim jong-un played a park in the
11:46 pm
president's decision to nominate mike pompeo. the president is optimistic of the prospect of those talks. >> hopeful legal something positive will come out of television. we'll see and we are prepared for anything. i really believe that something positive could happen great for korea, north and south, and great for the world and great for this country. >> lou: joining us tonight. fred, the author of the brand new book, becoming north korea, nuclear nightmare, fred, great to have you with us. turning to the president's optimism about those talk and also the obvious balance that he holds with you know, admitting that there is no way to tell there is no way to tell what happened. >> the president changed the game by throwing out the diplomatic rule book and putting
11:47 pm
an aggressive policy than foreign policy experts thought was appropriate. you remember several months ago, they said he would lead us to war and now they are saying he's too diplomatic to kim jong-un. we don't know if it is legitimate and the president has made the north koreans change their tactics. >> lou: i concur with your judgment and think that is right. i found it interesting that the left wing establishment, left wing media they will say anything so long as it is negative about the president and policy and direction. you almost have to begin with the view that what they say is immaterial to the prospect of a new reality. and the president is pursuing a new reality and achieved more than many thought possible and throwing out the rule book and
11:48 pm
that had led three successful presidents to folly after folly with north korea. >> that's right. where was the commentars when president obama was kicking it to the next president. you know who the major people are. they never talked about it. >> lou: it is embarrassing to look at the level of political commentary in this country and the depth of policy understanding, or lack of depth of policy understanding. this president has said to hell with you all. he will do what he judges with his intellect and values to be the correct thing for the great country and so far, he has been right on point on each issue. >> well, that's why i like mike pompeo going to state. the president will need a secretary of state who believes in his policies and going to do something that is
11:49 pm
crucial to the secretary of state's job, filling the state department and vacancy and midlevel positions that are crucial for implementing risky policy initiate itches like the president's bid with north korea. rex tillerson lost an entire year spending million on reorganization plan that will not be implemented and why he kept the jobs vacant and that has to be reversed. >> looking at broader canvas with the united states faces. the president was criticized roundly to being too close to the president oping. she's had to play a positive role with kim jong-un or he would not be moving forward in my judgment. what is yours. >> i think the trade measure on china made a difference. and the chinese leader does not seem to appear to like being
11:50 pm
publicly criticized by the president of the united states. and does not like to be called out with data that the china is cheating in a major way. i think china is still cheating but the compliance increased because of president trump calling them out. >> and also the theft of intellectual property of the white house is clearly concerned about what china's policy have been. it is ripping off the united states. and they have done so for decades now. and the president is making it clear. he will not tolerate it whether it is european union or china. >> unfair trade deals and iber warfare and steeling of the entlengthual property. u.s. presidents have not stood up to the chinese on this. and i think the chinese gets the message. >> we get the message from freed
11:51 pm
flietz. thank you. >> lou: watch this. the sky diver dangling. believe it or not it is up side down and holding on to the wing of the airplane above the sanctuary state of california. and performing sky dive and this bold and crazy. why would he do this. we'll wait on the answer and when we get it we'll let you know. we'll talk with the brother of a slain border patrol agent who is calling for the trump organization to ♪ gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense.
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>> lou: six years of litigation coming to an end. the justice department handing over documents on the obama fast and furious scandal. the operation led to a murder of border patrol agent brian terry in 2010. joining us is kent terry who is the brother of brian tery and called for the fast and furious case to be opened and encouraged by the trump department
11:56 pm
announcement to turn over those documents from eric holder. this is the frustration around this case. it has affected all of us who care about the country and people who prenth and servement country like your fallen brother. but to have an attorney general like eric holder basically lie and not correct the record for ten months, it's just appalling. you want to're accountability, right? >> yes, i want accountability for those that orchestraed that. and made sure these cartel members that are known criminals getting the weapons in their hands and sessions should go after these guys so it doesn't happen again. >> lou: you talked with attorney general holder, and how did that
11:57 pm
conversation go? >> well, first of all, i just knew everything coming out of his mouth was a complete to me. and right to my ma mom's face. and he tried to say how sorry it was. we found out he was a mastermind behind it. it was upsetting especially from the justice system we were depending on to give us answers. and no one from doj and a tf. no one was held accountable. and there were 200 murders and that's the estimate in mexico as a result of the guns that were shipped under a tf and justice department efforts in to the cartels, and i mean tis just stunning. >> even deaths as far as kids, back in january of 2010, these weapons showed up in a teen's birthday party and killed 16 children. and they are hypocritical now,
11:58 pm
holder and obama about pushing for stricter gun laws. they are the problem. >> lou: they are the problem. are you confident that the attorney general sessions and that the trump justice department will move ahead? >> yes, i believe that the trump administration will move ahead on this. i met with mr. trump. he is a sincere man and apology jettic for what happened to my brother and apologizing for the previous administration which he didn't have to do. i believe it is going to move forward and i just hope that the documents are not redakted. >> lou: that is it a hope that is often not realized. and what is proseemeded. but with all of the documents forward. your family, i mean, you have said that you couldn't believe the language and the comments made in those e-mails released
11:59 pm
this past summer which was amongst the most upsetting to you? >> you know, here i want justice for my brother and for them to sit there and look at me in the face and try to get you justice and turn a round and call me a nuisance? that was upsetting and not only that, they are talking about wiretapping and talking about, they need to talk to more intelligent people in the family. it was heart breaking and upseting to me and my family. >> lou: a new president and direction for the country. and new attorney general, who we hope and pray for all of our sakes, especially yours, you and your family who deserve justice on this, on this horrific, horrific crime. kent terry, we thank you for being here and wish you all of the best. >> thank you, sir. >> lou: good night from new
12:00 am
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