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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: fridays are a big night on fox business. maria bartiromo has an interview with the charles schwab. happy st. patrick's day. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. major averages finishing in the green and up on economic data. watch what's coming. wait until you get my take on the market. the trump administration putting the heat on russia, blaming the government for a campaign of cyber attacks that targeted the u.s. power grid. these developments coincide with a decision by the u.s. treasury department to impose sanctions on 19 russians and five groups including russian intelligence services for meddling in the
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2016 election and other malicious cyber attacks. gillian melchoir and michael wahlor. the trump administration has couple under criticism for taking so long to vocalize criticism of wrush. now they are saying the attacks on our electric grid have to be taken as well. >> the u.s. intelligence services have known this for two years. tbawsm never touched the problem. to have trump come out sowing strong is important. charles: gillian, this is not
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going to be enough, is it? this should only be the first in several steps. >> this is a good first step because it acknowledges russia's role as an aggressor. russia poisoned a british spy and his daughter. that's a chemical attack on foreign soil. it's good to call them out on it. these sanctions are not the strongest because they are targeting people who are already being targeted with other sanctions. i think the next logical step would be to go after the kremlin. >> the trump administration is taking this seriously. the potential cyber attacks, that's terrifying. potential cyber attack could take out our power grid and
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banking system. we have got to take this extremely seriously. the miss tier was part about this is we don't know how good our defense is against this. we don't know how vulnerable we are. the government is not going to reveal to the world how vulnerable we are. it's terrifying. charles: we do know we are vulnerable. a branch fell on an electric line in canada and knocked out power in all the northeast. you have got a 100-year-old power grid that doesn't work that well. >> with electronics that the russians and iranians can hack into. also our aviation system is a
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big step forward. charles: do you think it should be more targeted with respect to russia's economy? should it be tailored to have an immediate impact on russia? >> he runs a police state. if you hold him personally accountable, he'll keep everybody else in line. if he doesn't he'll pay for himself and we can make him do that by tearing down his personal wealth and the wealth of all those propping him up. >> at the same time we don't want to start an armed conflict over this. so we need to be extremely careful how we deal with this. charles: don't we invite this samsame belligerence?
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won't it embolden him more? >> russia is our enemy. but i do think the administration is considering carefully what strong actions to take. once you take those actions, you can't go back. rick perry is starting the office for cyber-security and emergency response. so he has the department of energy all over this. trump is also looking into next steps. i think we have got to be strong but calculated. charles: the u.k. expelling 19 diplomats. she was full throated and she was angry and visibly upset by this. i think they would like to do more. i'm not sure what they can do with respect to russia. maybe they can take the $100 million condos from the
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oligarchs. >> i think as much outrage as she expressed, their response wasn't that strong. one of the consequences is the royal family is not going to go to the world cup in moscow. i think it's been a positive thing that the united states is exporting liquefied natural gas because that makes europe less dependent on russia for energy. reporting on the corruption of the inner circle, that causes a lot of dissatisfaction. young people online are interested in these things, but also have a lot of support for putin. we are in a propaganda war that exposes this leader and this nation for the abuse of its own citizens. charles: the iranian nuclear deal, there was a report out of
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an israeli outlet that says benjamin netanyahu thinks president trump will walk away from the iran nuke deal this upcoming may. what are your thoughts? >> i think he'll. the change is the change in the secretary of state. rex tillerson was soft on this policy. the president fired him and brought in mike pompeo who has a solid record of being tough against iran and its nuclear weapons program. >> hr mcmaster was also butting heads with trump on the deal. this is something trump campaigned on. charles: people are saying you shouldn't tamper with this too much. and it's false reporting it was a de facto start to the iranians getting a nuclear weapon in 10
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or 12 years. >> the difficult thing is back is up and doing it in a way. obama got so far into this. the obama administration blew its credibility on foreign policy when russia invaded ukraine in the east. when north korea was pursuing a nuclear weapon and being able to launch it first and first and i don't want to see the trump administration making that same mistake. let's hope we don't have any red line on something. charles: michael do you think president trump is prepared to follow through with concrete actions that back up some of the rhetoric? >> this time with secretary of state pompeo he's prepared to follow through. charles: the economy continues to sizzle. but i'm going to tell you.
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charles: newly released data shows the u.s. economy continues to soar despite all the turmoil in the white house and worry about trade wars. it rose to a 14-year high as folks are thrilled about current conditions. and that isn't even half of it.
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i want to dive into this. john burnett, one empire group for under and ceo. melissa, this number was phenomenal. then 3.6 million job openings. 250,000 in construction. something is going on in this country and this economy that is remarkable. people i hope aren't listening to the mainstream media. >> hopefully they are watching fox. the market rested today. but i think the market is going to wait until next week. the dow is lagging. >> the nasdaq stocks took a break this week. but all the stocks you think,
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you are looking at the meeting with the feds being the catalyst to get this going. >> the catalyst. sometimes the market need to rest before it makes a big move. and we don't want that move to be down. but all this good data leading up to this lead me to believe it will be a big move up. charles: what i love about the michigan number john, you look at it, the households and the bottom one-third of income, their optimism was up 16% in one month. that is unheard of. ironically the top one-third, they were down. they are worried with tariffs and upsetting the status quo. but hard-working americans are getting optimistic. things are changing in their lives. >> the president's economic
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agenda is make america money again specifically with the working class. you know what, charles? the strength of the economy has not really been seen, right? because once the disposable income starts to take effect in terms of the lower taxes, fatter paycheck and things of that nature. people will buy consumer discretionary items they always by. we are about to see a surge in new and existing home sales and cars and big ticket items. charles: i think we'll see a spike in household formation and entrepreneurship. someone in the market though, how worried are you about headline risk? it seems like the headlines moved the market a lot. whether it's this scandal or
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this person being jettisoned from the white house. they have had more impact on the market than hard-core economic data. >> that's unfortunate. what's so great about 2018 for the overall market. this will alleviate fears for anyone watching. we are in a unique situation where tech kals and fundamentals intersect. tax reform just passed. it's only march. so when those things set up and move forward, it will override any of the things with the headline risk, even if you have a little move we could shake it off. charles: you see that happening as well? >> i actually agree with melissa. i want to see and observe how well kudlow and the president gel. and to see what kudlow focuses on especially on --
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charles: he focuses on a strong dollar and doesn't like tariffs. mnuchin said a weak dollar is not necessarily a bad thing. there will be some continues of opinions. but that's not a bad thing as long as they can figure out a game plan. >> the continues between the white house and corporate board room you don't see the fighting and discussions in the board room. with the white house you see the back and forth. but this president said that's healthy as long as it's managed. >> if you are not on board with trump you are out. i don't think that's a bad thing. he'll keep pushing his agenda forward. charles: thank you both have much. i have got a programming alert. you have got to make sure you catch maria bartiromo's "wall street" tonight.
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charles swa schwab, founder and chairman of the charles schwab corporation. >> we couldn't be more con if i different our future. we have in place a president who understands the economy and understands what a makes greatness happen. understands what create all the issues about growth, entrepreneurship. release the kinds of power that individuals have and let them go with their ingenuity. that's what's happening to the economy. charles: you can see the full interview right here on fox business. the most of famous and successful box promoter ever, don king joins me next. ♪ gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon
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charles: a staunch trump supporter and legend in the boxing world. he'll talk the business of boxing and how great america is. welcome to the show, don king. >> this is fantastic. charles: let me ask you about don king. you vigorously campaigned for him and you tried to convince the american people he would be something special. has he lived up to the hype? >> more than that. he has given us the opportunity that no one has carried the lightning rod activity since the founding of the 13 colonies wrote a letter to king george saying they wanted to be discharged to be independent americans. what donald trump has done, he
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has not that he's an angel. but he's bringing out the race i'm, all his critics, in the process of the zeal of destroying trump, they are trying to stop and destroy his family and supporters, it brings out the divisiveness and hatred and different things that we can now administer to. why do i say that? the first thing that donald trump said that touched my heart, we'll create a whole new system. we'll take this system apart. i want to make america great again and make america great again. everyone agrees the system is corrupt. all agree the system is corrupt. but only one man had the guts and the intestinal fortitude to
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challenge the system and say we want to remauve and bring about change. no power in this country supported trump to be president. how did he get to be president in the will of the people and the prayers for change. and the interposition of god. trump got being president, it's almost impossible. that's why everybody is in shock and disarray because he is not what they would have considered to be a president. but when god touched him. he's now president of the united states, like him or dislike him. give him a chance to fail. in the process they say he's a racist. he's dividing. no, we are already divided. you have got a system that no one has the guts to attack. charles: he's sometime attacking it. everybody week he says i'm going to do something, and everyone
6:25 pm
goes crazy. everyone knows china is ripping us off, and he says let's fight back. but all the republicans and democrats and experts say we don't do it like that, but they don't have a solution. >> everywhere i would go, they would say yankee imperialists. they say declare war on america and then establish the marshall plan. the system, you grab all these countries -- we have troops everybody where in the world. we are trying to make people do our will in order to take control of them. donald trump is trying to take us out of that because it's a lightning rod. he's unpredictable. he can't be intimidated, he can't be bought. the only people he has to answer to are the american people. the lobbyists, the super pacs,
6:26 pm
the insurance, the wall street finance, they he has no obligation to any of them. therefore he's working for the benefit of the people. what's most of important, donald trump, white, blond hair, blue eyed, rich, that's what this system was created for. he forsaked the system for his love for the american people and respect for america. they put out a mandate, destroy trump no matter what the costs, lives, human values and property. destroy, stop trump and all of his family and his supporters. this is what you can see. we have to step back and realized, i'm so proud of those kids from parkland school, marjory stoneman douglas high school, they are standing up against the politicians.
6:27 pm
we stood up to washington to represent us to help revolve the problem. charles: let's talk about your fight. >> it's going to be a great fight. >> it's going on on espn about 8:00. more important it gives me a chance to knock bob aaron down. i thought i could give him a chance for redemption. i made the match for him. he's so embroiled in the system that he forget about the transition and transformation. don't forget he's jewish. they are the top bound to be on the hit parade. now i feel bad about my mexican. charles: i don't think his religion has anything to do with it. >> his religion has something to
6:28 pm
do with him being cassity gate and vilified. jews killed in germany from anti-semitic. the president, all blacks, lie, cheat and steal, and shimon peres made me peace ambassador for peace in the middle east. you have got to understand i got put in there because what he's doing is giving them the right to crucify and paint with that broad brush like they do us. charles: the fight is tomorrow night. >> it's a great fight. we'll knock him out. i'm going to give him another chance. charles: amman and ramirez. >> i getter get me a network,
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i'm going to call rupert. charles: boxing is back and don king is back. don king, ex-convict, street runner, a numbers runner. 100-0. but i beat him on everything he tried to do. i am so happy. we want peace. charles: don king we'll watch the fight tomorrow night. we'll be right back. >> watch the fight! before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... grew into a free-wheeling a kid... loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer,
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charles: attorney general jeff sessions reportedly will decide whether to fire former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe before his retirement goes into effect sunday. it's a move that would see him leave the bureau with possibly no pension. gillian melchoir, and katie frates. i don't know any americans who think when they think about what mccabe did, particularly from the perch he had in the fbi, that he wouldn't have don't exact same thing to any agent working for him, fire him, i
6:34 pm
mean. >> it's fantastically poor timing that he's so close to his retirement after 20 years in service. does we did wrong outweigh those 22 years of service. or do you follow the rules. even if he is fired he probably won't lose all of his pension. i would not want to be attorney general jeff sessions right now. no matter what he does, a lot of people will be angry with him. if he decides not to fire mccabe he'll have donald trump going on a twit errant. so i would not want to be him. charles: this is a recommendation from the fbi. they did an investigation into this. and his actions would have resulted in termination for any rank and file agent. >> only in d.c. are we
6:35 pm
discussing whether a government official should be able to keep full retirement or keep his pension even though the fbi stated he should be fired. look at these allegations. these are serious. this is whether or note misled investigators when said my staff should leak this to the media about the clinton foundation. this is extremely concerning. if you want to be treated fairly you have to treat all employees the same. i think this is a serious offense. charles: gillian? >> if you saw how disruptive the fbi was during the last election. that had a huge impact. imagine what they would have done if it had been a normal u.s. citizen not in a political position lying about their contact. i don't think there would be a ton of mercy. this is a guy drawing hundreds
6:36 pm
of thousandsing in pension at taxpayer expense. it puts sessions in a tough position. but it's not him saying it, it's the fbi review office. charles: perhaps it should have happened a long time ago. but all eyes are on jeff sessions. he's already on thin ice. i'm not sure it would be wise of him not to follow up on the fbi's own recommendation. >> we have to decide how jeff sessions perhaps feels about the president. i would agree he's probably going to lead towards not firing him. i also agree taxpayer money going to the pension of somebody who broke the rules doesn't sit well with me. but i don't think the president will react well at all if his attorney general declines to fire someone the president has so obviously and vocally told
6:37 pm
the people he doesn't like. charles: fox news reporting christopher steele, the author of the trump dossier must appear for deposition in british court which will be used as trial testimony in ongoing civil litigation against "buzzfeed" that published the unverified dossier. it's a murky situation. you talk about the swamp. where do you think that goes? >> it's kind of ironic that this is right within the fbi discussion we are having right now. this is something that led to the fbi investigation on donald trump to begin with. when we want to see where did the money come from, who was michael steele and how did he get this information, i think it's important. so i'm glad we are learning more by the and i hope we'll get some answers. >> i think there has been a
6:38 pm
disservice done to the american people that there hasn't been more transparency both with what's happening at the fbi and the steel dossier. ed the more the american people can know about this the better. and it, the congress's responsibility. >> what's going to happen the next two weeks. i'll get you up for what i'm calling a coiled spring. calling a coiled spring. we'll discuss when we come back. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine
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charles: take a look at this frightening scene at a european snow lift. at least 8 people have been injured.
6:41 pm
charles: the market was higher but major indices stumbled into
6:42 pm
the market. what some people are mission is there is also resolve as well. investors opted for the safety of higher dividend paying stocks. although i will say the most of compelling action came in industrials led by www.granger. and united rentals. many are sounding the alarm on the skirmish on industrial names. the period of indecision feels strange after 2017. this is without a trace of volatility. while there always sense of pause, i'm not shire would call eight difference. according to the american association of individual investors, there was a spike in bullishness. but most of investors overwhelmingly are neutral.
6:43 pm
bullishness went up 10%age points. but almost 42% of investors call themselves neutral. maybe this neutral thing doesn't mean a difference. maybe it just means they are waiting and weighed ready to pounce like a coil spring. that's a message i have from a report out of bank of america. we are talking over $43 billion. most of of it was earmarked for equities outside the united states. but it's still a ton of money. i understand why investors are gearing up. i think they are going to be mind boggles. blend earnings for this quarter should come in at 17% growth. going into last quarter, the estimate, the street had model for 11% growth. it would be the biggest quarter
6:44 pm
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charles: there was a time when we would judge a president on
6:48 pm
jobs, wages, peace and prosperity. last year the in of victims from terrorism was sliced in half. and to put it in perspective, in the first year of george bush we lost almost 2 million jobs and in the first year of obama we lost 3 million jobs. if they would focus on president trump what he's getting achieved rather than the modus operandi. i never thought we would be in a position where we would judge the president on mean tweets, a decade old affair and turnover in staff. i never knew that was the way you measure a president. charles: that was me this morning on how the media measures the president's
6:49 pm
success. has our nation set a new and dare i say a lower standard to measure the success of a president? beverly, it was always about jobs and wages and keeping inflation down and global peace and prosperity. >> i thought it was about the economy side. but it doesn't seem that any anymore. while the media is required to report on job numbers and the stock market. it's the context they leave out. even when you look at unemployment numbers. black unemployment is the lowest it has been in this country yet there aren't many stories about it except on your network and a few other news outlets. the question is why. part of it is not want to go prop trump up in any way. and it points to liberals not want to go point to conservative policies as the answer so they choose to avoid it all together.
6:50 pm
>> last friday we saw blacks coming into the labor force spike. i thought the most of compelling part of that reported outside the fact that the overall numbers krushtd everest mat out there. 800,000 americans came back into the workforce. that speaks to a magic when americans thought, all of us thought we could get out there and there was an opportunity for every one. i feel like we lost that for a moment. and perhaps you are right. maybe ideology comes before everything. but i don't think the media should be that way. >> even today we saw wall to wall coverage of stormy daniels, the one who has allegations against the president. a lot was focused on this book called "fire and fury" many of whom say it was more fiction than fact. you have amazing policies going on. even as a small business owner,
6:51 pm
i can say for other business owners across the country, we see what's going on behind the scenes and we are excited about what's going on behind the regulations. what is real is what they see in their paycheck. what is real is businesses being able to hire more people. charles: it's palpable and bypasses the media. maybe that 800,000 could have been 90. >> ,000. maybe more people would have been enthusiastic with what's going on out there if they only didn't hear bad news or bad rumors or scuttlebutt. a lot of it is not really even news. >> bad news does sell. in addition, i don't think donald trump always helps himself with the tweets he sefneds out. he often tends to cover the news with news stories instead of
6:52 pm
focusing on policy issues. i would like to see the president stop some of the tweets that get the coverage and focus on tax reform. this is a huge achievement, and that's what people want to hear. charles: i'm thinking about the abc wide world of sports. the agony of defeat. people love watching that guy stumble down the ski thing. california taking a beating as kate steinle's accused shooter. mercedes-benz glc... ...with its high-tech cameras and radar...
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charles: the illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing kate steinle is accusing the federal government vindictive prosecution using president trump's tweets to make his case. here to discuss, kirsten haglund, and kristen tate. kirsten, we know case out there. but i think what's interesting in a sad way is how belligerent they have become with the anti-social message policies and thumbing their nose at the authority of the federal government. >> it seems to be reactionary rather than being i tensional about creating policies that are
6:57 pm
more pursuing of a liberal agenda. but also keep communities safe and keep them safe for the immigrants they say they are so much on the side of. very reactionary to anything the federal government or the president does, they try to flip the pendulum in the opposite direction. charles: what do you make of this lawsuit against president trump's tweets. in my mind this guy dodged a significant built. >> he was acquitted of charges. he was deported five times. he then found sanctuary in san francisco where he got sanctuary and killed an american citizen. california just appointed an illegal immigrant to state office. the state is completely out of control. they continuously defy federal law with their sanctuary policy. every year they are releasing
6:58 pm
convicted felons on towel s. soil. taxpayers around the country are forced to foot the bill for housing, good and cash assistance. charles: if you want to be a sanctuary city and roll out the red carpet for somebody who has been deported five times with a criminal record. that may be your prerogative. but they don't stay in our side. we have a major problemming in long island because of ms-13. they made their way from el salvador, now they are all over the country. massachusetts has a problem. if you love this situation so much and you are willing to endanger your own citizens, why should everyone else be ebb dane jerd. >> it's unfortunate there are
6:59 pm
situations like this with the death of kate steinle. that family has been through so much. it's a very, very difficult situation. and it's the reason why, it's upsetting, republicans and democrats. but republicans too have completely abdicated responsibility in putting forth legislation that will help deal with these problems. they have not addressed the dreamer situation. we can continue talking about this unfortunate situation on the news. until lawmakers have the courage to enact comprehensive immigration reform, this will keep happening. charles: i think the supreme court will decide a few of these things but it could take a long time. >> it could take a long time. 38% of murder convictions in california, arizona, texas, florida and new york are illegal
7:00 pm
immigrants. this gets no coverage in the main real media. if more americans were aware of this they would be outraged. charles: thank you for watching. now the man himself, lou dobbs. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. the former number two at the fbi just hours away from learning whether he'll keep his nearly $2 million pension. andrew mccabe facing a possible firing for authorizing leaks to the media and misleading investigators about that. also more deep state corruption exposed. new text messages showing anti-trump peter strzok and lisa page plot to set up a meeting with the presiding judge i


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