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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 14, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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1%. the nasdaq decliners 77 points, 1% lower. show you what we're looking at right now. looking at a rally. investors are watching for the february retail sales and ppi report due out in two and half hours, 8:30 a.m. eastern. we'll have the markets and the financial services sectors in mark the 10 year anniversary of the bear stearns bailout. dow industrials up one third of a percent and nasdaq up almost one half of 1%. here is what is happening right now. markets are higher across the board. ft 100 come to see a c. in a third of a percent. right across the board, declining with the worst performer darren japan. nikkei average down 1%. too close to call even at this hour despite democrat conor lamb claiming victory. he remains in a dead heat with republican rick saccone in the pennsylvania house special
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election. the absentee ballots are still being counted right now. one of the century's greatest minds has passed. stephen hawking dead at the age of 76. we are looking back on his life and legacy. new controversy for united airlines. a dog dies after the flight crew reportedly forced the owner to place the dog in the overhead bin stirred a three-point five-hour flight. when they landed they found the dog dead. the outraged this morning. a tale of two quarterbacks is kirk cozens changes the free agency game. all the stories right here. to me to talk about it coming dagen mcdowell. former chrysler ceo bob nardelli. and the wall street editorial, fox news contributor come in very canceled. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. dagen: just when you think
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within the busiest news day, we had yesterday and last night. maria: i thought yesterday was incredible with the news. today equally is incredible. united airlines. can someone explain what is going on? this is the airline attractive guy off the flight. dagen: this flight attendant took a dog in a carrier that goes under the sea. there is no airline that would ever put an animal in an overhead bin, shoved it in an overhead bin. maria: why would the other flight attendants speak up? how about the owner? who would put their dog in the overhead bin? or do it happens on this flight is not known what happened in this incident is they threaten you. you've got a mother with a small child and her other daughter and a dog. and they threaten you. you think you're going to get arrested. on united, what happens if you make a stink? you get dragged off the flight.
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maria: exactly. real problems. blinding snow and rain, i would walk across the united states before ever boarded a united plane. maria: i agree. i'm thinking of not taking united. it's horrible. dagen: i fly with my dog all the time. maria: would you ever put it in the overhead bin? dagen: i would have the fbi with me on the floor of the airport before i let somebody touch my dog. that is not an exaggeration. maria: i'm glad you are here today yesterday were focused on ge because jpmorgan lowered to $11 a share, bob nardelli. how many years were you at ge? >> over 30 years. the tale of the story is, maria, my dad came back from world war
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ii, started working in a factory general electric and general electric provided a very modest income for a family then. i was blessed in 1971 when i graduated, very fortunate to get a job at ge as a manufacturing engineer. $9600 a year. again, i was blessed to be about to move through a variety. maria: you are proud. >> these gentlemen fostered me, ventured me. i was able to meet jack welch who took an interest in me and i was blessed to work in appliances, medical, transportation, power systems coming ge capital. again, i had a full view of the entire company. my heart goes out. hundreds of people contacting me state what should i do? my pension is going away. should i leave, my pension will go away. maria: what a shame.
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>> i've got 25 executives like myself signing up if they needed. john has a tough job. he's working his way through a mess. if we could help them, we are there. there's nothing about revenge. maria: we want to talk about that because their reports are going back because of revenge. that's what the reports are this morning. hold that thought. we want to talk more about it. >> in the words of jack welch, nonsense. maria: small business administrator linda mcmahon. roger williams is here. administer, angela merkel is here. kt gutenberg as it does. and the founder of priceline and upside, jaywalkers with us. plus dr. mike is here as well. we've got a big three hours coming up in our top hour, president trump said to tout his
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historic tax cut at a boeing plant in st. louis today. what they have shaken up his cabinet by ousting secretary of state rex tillerson in choosing mike pompeo as his replacement. they told reporters at the white house there is a difference in policy that led to tillerson inspiring. >> i am really at a point where we are getting close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. rex and i have been talking about this for a long time. we got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal, i think it's terrible. he thought it was okay. i wanted to either break it or do something he felt a little bit differently. so we were not really thinking the same. with mike pompeo, we have a similar thought process. maria: yesterday the middle of our conversation with chuck schwab whether they're in the news that tillerson was out.
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we know that it was expected that tillerson wasn't happy and the president wasn't happy with tillerson. dagen: i don't think this 171-point loss on the dow in the market had anything to do with it. the moral of this story as you call your boss a behind his back in front of people who also worked for the same guy come you're going to get fired on twitter. maria: rule number one. >> they had publicly been at odds over a key number of issues. climate change, the paris climate accord, iran maria: qatari. dagen: the dispute between saudi arabia and qatar. which you brought up yesterday. this is essentially telegraphed since last year. president trump called it fake news in late november, early december when the report came out. there is always so why now in
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journal at them because you are coming up on this meeting with north korea and kim jong un and the president wanted a different team in place. again, shabby treatment to quote "the wall street journal" come even though they like mock pompeo. maria: i would throw in there two days ago after the nerve gas was found in the u.k., tillerson on a comment about russia and was a different comment than sarah sanders. >> tillerson had the right comment, said it's a big deal essentially, but that was one of the few times that he actually was on the right side of an issue. i think the shame of tillerson, he's a man of great character. he was brought in to restructure the state department, but he failed to there, too. he refused to meet with many senior career staffers, wouldn't even talk to them. they got the message and laughed. he had this huge exodus and now
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you have posed not skilled. the senior posts are vacant. the ambassadors to saudi arabia, turkey, south korea. it was a failure in the management side, but he also didn't come in at the vision for american power in the world and how it should be used and his god was always the opposite of president trump's. >> in the senate right now, the appointments around there. maria: part of it is obstructionist. >> rex is a dear friend and i but i suspect for him as a business person. he was select because of his view of the global modality in the country. maria: i thought it was a great pick. >> some people when they make the transition it is tough. as i said before, you've got politicians, military, civilians trying to come together. you've got a bit of a cultural clash. i'm not sure if the white house did enough to blend those
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cultures to be successful. >> he wasn't the first take. condi rice was the one who backed rex. i have heard her talk about this. the president is a businessman. that was the extent of the thinking. maria: but these policy differences were on the table before rex tillerson never got that job. we knew when he was running exxonmobil where he stood on climate change. it was very clear. one critical thing he brought to the table that is now how mike pompeo handled this is because basically our enemies are in essence field by profits from oil. you have the man who ran the greatest energy company in the country. in terms of energy, supply, demand, there is the red that runs through all of our international relationships and really impacts the world stage.
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i thought that was incredibly valuable. >> as they reach energy independence come in the last administration for water on it, put the fire out. dagen: they told us to wind basically. >> no pun intended. dagen: that wasn't intended. >> but i think energy independence is critical to our national economics and independence. trade to president trump waited on another post. economic council i can confirm it appears that the larry kudlow appointment is a done deal. we will get the announcement today. the president is strongly considering naming larry kudlow to replace gary cohn. >> i've known him a long time, we don't agree in everything but in this case it's good i want to have a diverse opinion. we agree on most.
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maria: peter negara spoke with larry kudlow yesterday. the president spoke with larry kudlow yesterday and it's only a matter of hours. >> gray. we dodged a huge bullet because the president was looking at chris liddell, who's not a supply sider, not progrowth. if you had gotten another trade protectionist into that job, the market would fall a lot more than it fell yesterday. the u.s. economy just dodged a big bully. maria: the president likes to have different views in terms of the people around him and he gets that again with larry kudlow and peter navarro. trent very larry kudlow is on the page of the progrowth agenda. an important voice along with steve moore and art laffer in terms of cutting taxes in this country. in terms of trade protectionist, can you imagine peter navarro a democrat in that job. that would rattle the market. maria: let's talk about ge. are you working with activists right now to help ge?
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>> yeah. my comment about the headline about revenge is not sense. i would do anything to help general electric. i love that company. i feel a very strong bond to a lot of the people's till they are. i've been through this process before with chrysler. if there's anything i can do to help them, i would do it in a positive way, whether helping them on the disposition of assets through private equity, you clearly don't see myself as an activist going in there. you have to be invited in. maria: how are they going to get out of this? >> we have to stop talking about how we got here and more importantly what we will do to get out of it. john flannery and the next 30 days will hear what's happened in the first quarter. they've got over $20 billion of assets they have to dispose of. time is not a friend with general electric. maria: they need to move fast.
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>> they need a quick yes, quick no endless flow may be. maria: we will be right back. we want to get your insights on this. still going on in pennsylvania. democrats conor lamb is claiming victory in the special election, but saccone is saying no. we will be right back. by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson.
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trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. maria: welcome back. breaking overnight, world renowned physicist stephen hawking has died at the age of 76. cheryl casone with the details.
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>> that is right, maria. hockey note with his breakthrough work with buckles and relativity always while dealing with several disabilities. he was diagnosed with als at 22 that left him in a wheelchair and unable to speak except for a voice synthesizer. hakim vastly exceeded its life expectancy. neil depressed reacted on twitter saying it's passing an intellectual vacuum in his space. think of it as energy permeating space-time that defies measure. stephen hawking's family says he died peacefully at his home in cambridge, maryland. pennsylvania still too close to call by a couple hundred votes. the special election for u.s. policy. last night, democrats conor lamb declared victory. >> we are practical people. we are serious people.
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tonight, we celebrate regaining our voice and our vote in the great business of governing this country we love. thank you. [cheers and applause] cheryl: republican rick saccone says he has no plans to exceeded. >> we are going to fight all the way to the end. you know i never give up. my first race win into the night and we won. my second race at the same way. we are kind of to this now. train for standby for more today. secretary of state says there's no mandatory recount for the election because of the district race trigger the automatic recount if they are separated by half a percent or less. new gun restrictions at sporting goods having an impact. customers are no longer shopping at a store selling it decision
6:19 am
to stop selling firearms to anyone under the age of 21. it followed a massacre last month at the parkland florida high school. it could also affect 2018 results. shares are up about 13% so far this year. finally, store with a lot of outrage in social media. another major pr disaster for united islands -- airlines. he puppy died on the flight because the flight attendant ordered the owner to store the.any passengers overhead compartment. witnesses say he was reluctant but the attendant insisted saying the pet carrier with a safety hazard. sometime during the four-hour flight from houston to new york, the dog died. this put animals in the overhead compartments against the airline policy. united has issued a public policy and they are investigating this tragedy. they were hugely criticized and passenger david bell was dragged off one of its planes to make space for crewmembers commemorated.
6:20 am
i was a flight attendant in my 20s. i would never, ever put any living thing in an overhead and. nobody can be that. i'm sorry. maria: why did they do it? trade for we are trying to find out. did they not tell them there was a dog in the back? dagen: albeit steaming piles of garbage on twitter were saying you can keep your dogs at home. you can't go without being with your fee fee for two hours? dagen: people pay to put these dogs and pet carriers. what about people with ptsd? what about people with special needs who need their animals. i would rather sit next to a slobbering bull mastiff and sit next to somebody who is anti-animal any day. maria: it's ridiculous they put them in the overhead. i also don't know what united is thinking. time and time again this is getting too much. out of control at united.
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maria: dow industrials up at the time of training with the decline in equities driven by the white house decision to oust rex tillerson and the election in 70. . bank wealth management, head lisa erickson, good to see you. would you put money to work in the markets? >> we are neutral on the us
6:25 am
equity market. it is a positive environment for earnings progression but we see risk increasing. we are telling clients to stay at it. we think they will raise rates. we see continued goods progression in the economy and supported by the synchronized global growth story. we want to keep an eye on policy risks as we go forward. >> every time we have a change will we see the reaction maria talks about? one of the new metrics, bounced out of the white house telling investors? >> markets have come to expect
6:26 am
there is more change so any individual change is less of a surprise than it was a year ago. and the impact of any change has come down to any markets uneconomic policy and to the extent they see it shifting, that will impact the move. >> we saw it with tillotson and the impact on your investors. dagen: going through the wall street journal stories, the personal assistant was fired because he couldn't get security clearance. tillotson had public disagreements with the president. when you have people working in your infrastructure in your management team who didn't that, that raises a bigger
6:27 am
issue with top jobs. >> what is the inflation number that would spook the markets. >> we expect inflation to be moderate. it is an upside surprise, is a distinct possibility because labor markets are so tight. and the fiscal deficits increasing. and you look at the underlying growth rate pretty moderate. maria: the ca -- retail sales number, which is more important and what do you expect. >> both monitor the ongoing trajectory of the economy, they will pay a lot of attention to the ppi bill, to spook the
6:28 am
markets in february, the inflation, maybe there could be another impetus for the interest rate trajectory. maria: if the fed raises rates by a quarter of the point on the fed funds rate is that what we are expecting? what happens with markets? do we see a rally or does the market selloff? >> the consensus as of yesterday, 86% bet on the fed going ahead and moving, and if things go as expected, a very nice reaction. >> business is as strong as we have seen in a long time. the external things putting a damper on markets we see this continue to rise. maria: we are neutral on us equity market we see it at the
6:29 am
nice economic backdrop but a little more cautious with policy issues. dagen: they raise their prices, not a long-term treasury bond and the federal government to pay you back at the end of the day. maria: and the worry about the trade war. that is the factor in the market. >> the additional policy risks we are monitoring this year. maria: you expect earnings to be up for the s&p. >> we are. and a multiple of 19 to 20 times earnings and a decent game on that number. thank you so much. we will take a break. when we come back it is official, angela merkel elected to a fourth term as leader of germany, impact on politics and
6:30 am
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maria: it is wednesday,
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march 14th. relief rally on wall street. a gain of 100 points on the dow jones industrial average. investors waiting on the inflation data this morning. after a choppy session major indices posting declines across the board weighing on broader markets after the decision to oust rex tillerson. markets off of lows but looking at jane's, the s&p up a 12:45% as is the current and dax index in europe. in asia a different story down across the board. it is official for german chancellor angela merkel, parliament electing her for a fourth term following months of political uncertainty. will a new coalition government
6:34 am
take the toll in germany's economy. we will look at that today. and an unused gift card. the worst of the worst, consumer reports ranks car brands. if you bought infomercial products you may be getting a check in the mail. it is paying up. a landmark deal for kurt cousins. the court a back's contract is a game changer. tim tebo demoted, now headed back to the minors. this top story this half-hour angela merkel taking the reins for fourth time, parliament voted to reelect her as chancellor an hour ago but not without major concessions, record-breaking 171 days to strike a coalition deal forcing her to cede more power to social democrats and agree to rollback the regulations that fueled the economic boom.
6:35 am
joining me is kt gutenberg. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. maria: your reaction, what does angela merkel need to do in terms of keeping the economy going strong? >> she has to keep in power, that is the one thing. we finally have a german government, only took us six months. so much about the myth of german efficiency. germany is the strongest voice. and ideas of how to further strengthen over the last couple months. and the domestic perspective, she had to give a couple
6:36 am
concessions to social democrats who came out of these negotiations and the big loser, and on a rocky path ahead of her. if you look at her terms, after 12 years in office, they expect we 4 years in office, and the party might get nervous, they might look for someone else to continue what she built up and coalition partner might become nervous. maria: how much better can things get? unemployment almost nonexistent, stock prices near record highs, no inflation and she has to given to concessions. what is your take on the impact of those concessions? >> the coalition partner, it appears in public perception.
6:37 am
social democrats weaker than ever. they have all the strong ministries, and that is a risk she has to take and she has to step up and build on her legacy, that has to be different than looking at the refugee crisis and the first female chancellor. maria: the tough stance on trade. how to take unilateral action on tariffs on steel and aluminum if a deal if not reached. how has the eu reacted to the trade policy?
6:38 am
>> donald trump adjusting. and the steel and aluminum thing for harley-davidson, we might go to cranberries and counter these actions. the european union has not decided whether they should go the hard course or negotiate and that is something angela merkel views as important. i am concerned about something like a trade war. maria: you have to wonder if germany will want to give up that $67 billion surplus they have with the united states by instituting a 20% tariff in a retaliatory move. that is the threat. steve mnuchin will meet -- we
6:39 am
will get more clarity on this. >> in european member states, to convince america friends and partners talking about what donald from did. that will mean we do so. at the same time 800,000 of them are built in the us. we have to remind each other what it means for our respective economy if you come to deal with each other. maria: the president has been clear on exemptions. maybe he is considering exemptions in europe. donald trump fired secretary of state rex tillerson and cia director mike pompeo might replace him. >> i respect his intellect. i respect the process we have
6:40 am
gone through together, we have a good relationship for whatever reason, chemistry, why do people get along? from the beginning, day one i have gotten along well with mike pompeo. maria: they are on the same page where he and rex tillerson were not. your thoughts on the president's decision. >> europeans missed the softening and balancing of rex tillerson. some are concerned we might get into hawkish behavior from the us side and found common terms across the atlantic, the year ran deal and proceed with russia, the question of north korea and how to tackle china
6:41 am
might become more difficult. it is not as bad as some predicted. maria: thanks so much. we will see you soon. coming up the worst car brand in the world revealed. i major score for kurt cousins, landing a fully guaranteed contract, details next. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ we won't let hatred go ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know...
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voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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maria: amazon issuing a massive recall for its portable charger. share mac they are recalling a quarter million of these portable chargers after reports say they can overheat, catch fire or burn. this is part of amazon basics
6:45 am
line of products. the consumer product safety commission saying amazon received 53 reports of chargers and customer burned by battery assets. four other people reported property damage, amazon trading 1%. consumer reports releasing the worst car brands based on reliability, owner satisfaction, road performance, safety, and mitsubishi taking the fifth-place. and jeep, coming in at number 2 and the worst of the worst is fiat. that stock is up 90%. you may want to use it quickly.
6:46 am
see this today when toys "r quote us appears that bankruptcy hearings, the company struggling in the face step competition from amazon, target and walmart. coughing up refunds to thousands of customers. the all-star marketing group agreed to pay $7 million all over the country not because of anything wrong, the federal trade commission says the company tricked customers into paying more than they should have, refund checks are $33, when someone says it is free that means 3. maria: i have a snuggley. was it comfortable? back to ge. jpmorgan taking the target
6:47 am
price to $11 a share, is it going to 11? >> i have a lot of respect for them. the lack of news in 30 days, from john flannery, it is full of actionable items that would dispel the recommendation and things have to happen. people are getting nervous about the quietness and silence, $20 billion of asset sales. maria: you have a plan for this company. >> i have some ideas i would put forth and suggested. maria: how has he responded to you? >> haven't spoken to john, his people that are handling the $20 billion of asset disposition, some of the private equity groups, it became available that we could analyze about an acquisition to
6:48 am
help general electric survive is our interest. my interests are purely to help general electric survive. of the company and the people that are there and it would be a disaster for it to go away. maria: high on the stock, i remember that day. when we come back demoted. former nfl star tim tebo set for the minor league's while kurt cousins gets a major contract, details when we come back in a minute. >> time for a fox report, world number one in action, another big upset. easing into the quarterfinals with a straight sets win over china's quang wang, 2015 cruising to victory in the
6:49 am
elite eight. >> tried to keep the ball, not missing that much. >> former u.s. open champion. and in the round of 16. tennis channel extensive coverage of the fifth major continues wednesday at 1:00 pm eastern. mom you called?
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mary match march madness term for college basket bowling today it applies to the nfl. >> free agent madness and nothing free about the
6:53 am
contracts. at 4:00 eastern quarterback kirk cousins will become the highest-paid cornerback annual salary, $28 million going to minnesota viking who lost with record backs in 24 hours and gave cousins a big-time deal, $84 million contract. sam bradford to the cardinals and teddy bridgewater going to the new york jets. jets signed johnson and avery williamson. drew breeze going back to the saints as well. packers will cut jordy nelson but signed jimmy grant, patriots lose a trio of players. going to the titans, tennessee gets dion lewis. 1-time nfl quarterback tim tebo has been demoted trying to make
6:54 am
a baseball - betting to 0-56 in exhibition games set down to the mets minor-league spring-training camp. on monday night, stuff throwing a surprise birthday party by his warriors teammates arrived on a yacht and danced, drinking well too. tuesday's practice called off. to tango with grandma curry. the best basketball players in the world going to the photo booth for fun. and getting your own bobble head, the national bubblehead hall of fame and museum, it exists. matt hamilton's limited-edition bubblehead, preordered for $8 shipping. a gold medal in - hamilton, make sure you get your mini
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version of my giant head with the hashtag. your own bobble head is how you know when you have made it. national hall of fame in museum. dagen: jimmy johnson the racecar driver, paying attention. the multi-championship race car driver for nascar gotta bobble head recently and that was the highlight of his career. you have arrived. dagen: curling is a sport. >> they bought and produce their own bobble heads out there. >> the shame it looks like, you wonder if the writing on the wall, playing with injuries, he has to see the writing on the
6:56 am
wall, pretty much over. >> catch the sports report on fox news headlines 24/7 or serious xm 115. celebrating of a road warrior who will tell you about the first is the travel day, "mornings with maria" here, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i just need some rest. i'm just worried about the house. and taking care of the boys. [ door slams ] he's still asleep. zach? zach?! [ dog barking ] ♪
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>> maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, march 14th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. the bulls are back this morning, futures indicate a pretty good rally at the start of trading this morning. dow industrials are expected to be up 80 points 59 th at the st. we are waiting for inflation and retail sale numbers. this comes as we mark the 10 year anniversary of the bear sterns bailout. this comes after uncertainty over the secretary of state rex tillerson's departure yesterday weighed on the markets. the dow was lower for a second session in a row, down nearly 200 points yesterday. the nays dashin nasdaq had a def better than 1%. in europe, stocks are higher. they are up almost a quarter of a percent or so. in asia overnight, a different story, red across the board, worst performer was japan. it is still too close to call, despite democrat conor lamb
7:00 am
claiming victory, he remains in a dead heat with rick ciccone in the pennsylvania special house election. the latest as absentee ballots are being counted. president trump is set to visit a boeing plant today, this comes after he inspected prototypes for the border wall in california yesterday. >> if you didn't have walls over here, you wouldn't even have a country. it will save thousands a and thousands of lives, save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars by reducing crime, drug flow, welfare abuse and burdens on schools and hospitals. >> maria: one of the century's greatest minds has passed away. physicist stephen hawking dead at the age of 76. we're taking a look back on his life and legacy this morning. new controversy for united airlines this morning, a dog dies after the flight crew
7:01 am
reportedly forced the owner to place the dog in the overhead bin during a three and-a-half hour flight. the outrage this morning coming up. plus, google takes on crypto, why the company is banning all ads for bitcoin and company. all those stories coming up this morning. joining me is dagen mcdowell, bob marc n a ardelli and mary k. lots to talk about this morning. yesterday was a busy news days and today as well. >> never a dull moment with this administration. >> dagen: i'll add this about the market reaction and rex tillerson being shown the door. until the president's policies, maybe the tariffs start hurting economic growth, who cares? literally, i know that it seems disruptive but you know what you're getting into if you take one of those jobs. you know who you're working for.
7:02 am
>> maria: one of the headlines was broadcom and qualcomm. broadcom is officially abandoning its deal offer for qualcomm. they say while we're disappointed, we're walking away from this deal as the president has asked us to do. >> dagen: that's the right way to deal with china stealing intellectual property or threatening one of our strategic industries. the wrong way is to impose global tariffs on steel and aluminum that's going to punish every american consumer. you know he what? beef up siphius. if we have intellectual property, strategic threats to the country, this is the way to do it. and get rid of the tariffs. >> maria: you were okay with the president getting involved and saying broadcom, abandon this offer to acquire qualcomm. >> absolutely. >> dagen: it's within the power of the president, granted in 1988. >> the treasury chairs the committee but they're serious people. i think this is a good decision.
7:03 am
>> maria: a couple mondays ago we were talking about how broadcom, a singapore based company, was going to move their headquarters to the u.s. and create jobs in the u.s. and now i guess as they looked at the deal, the expectation was that broadcom would acquire qualcomm and split it up and then that would mean that qualcomm could not effectively compete with chinese competitors, huawei. >> broadcom said as much publicly, treating this investment as a private equity investor and that's what they said and the committee said what? >> maria: not happening. >> if qualcomm had kept their mouth shut and said we're looking forward to the acquisition, you have to wonder who was advising these guys. >> i would like to see more consistency from the agency relative to u.s. consolidations, randall stevenson at at&t, bob iger at disney, there seems to be inconsistency with the application was the administration. >> maria: you mentioned at&t,
7:04 am
the trial begins next week. we'll see what happens with the at&t, time warner deal. we want to get to immigration. president trump inspecting border wall prototypes yesterday in san diego. first trip to california as president. in texas, lawmakers are praising a federal appeals court decision to uphold a new law targeting sang wear riff you citielysanct. the governor wrote breaking, the ban on sng sanctuary cities uph. law is in effect. that from greg abbott. police officers can now ask people for immigration status during routine stops and threatens officials with jail time if they p don' don't coopee with i.c.e. officials. joining me is texas congressman, roger williams. good to see you. >> good morning. >> maria: good move here? what's your take on all of this. >> i think it's great. we in texas and of course america, we're a land of laws. when you disobey the federal
7:05 am
government on a sanctuary city issue, it's wrong. we're glad the courts upheld it so we can continue to abide by the law in texas. >> maria: what about california? should the president refuse to give them federal money if they refuse to go along with federal law? >> i think so. why should they get federal money if they break the law? >> maria: nancy pelosi called the fed's targeting of illegal immigrants cowardly. listen to this. >> you're talking about law enforcement officers, these are men and women that put their lives on the line for this country every day. they leave the safety and security of their homes to defend this nation. so how dare you call it cowardly? >> maria: she called them cords. it's incred -- cowards. this after i.c.e. agents arrested nearly 300 immigrants in california.
7:06 am
your reaction? >> law enforcement in our states and country are to be commended. they put their lives on the line every day, certainly not cowards. i'm amazed at the people that have n issue wit an issue with w enforcement. they're heroes and patriots. >> maria: the president is going to be touting the tweeting gop tax overhaul at a boeing plant in st. louis, missouri today. your expectations for today, sir and tell us what the impact has been as a result of this tax cut plan. >> i think he's on the right track. it's the right message. i'm in the automobile business, main street america, i see it every day. we're spending -- people are spending money, they're buying, they're consistent yo consuming. unemployment is going down. this tax reform has worked fantastically. we'll see greater dividend as we move forward. people's confidence is very good and the main thing is, look at, america's a consumption driven nation. now they having to consume with
7:07 am
and it's their money and not the federal government's money. >> maria: are you expecting to do a phase two? the president talked to kevin brady at house weighs and means and said are we going to do phase two. is there another part of the tax cut plan to come? >> i think there's other things we could do. i'd like to see dividends go back down to 15%, capital gains. i mean, there's some things like that we can do to put more cash they the system and move people forward. i think we need to continue to fine-tune it, make it even better, not only for the federal government, but for main street. >> maria: tell me about that. what are you expecting to do in terms of dividends? >> i think we should bring dividends down to 15%. i think it would allow people to begin to trade again and it will put more cash in the economy. i'm afraid if dividends if they get too high and capital gains that you could have a bartering nation. i think 23% is too high. i'd like to see it back down to
7:08 am
15%. that's one thing i think we could do. we could also cut payroll taxs in half. >> maria: are you expecting to make the individual cuts permanent? >> i think we have to make them permanent. i think people have to be able to plan, people have to know what's ahead. when you talk about tax cuts and more cash flow, being permanent is better than just trying to guess when will this end or what will it look like in a year or two. >> maria: what are you expecting with dodd-frank? >> that's been tough ledge legin for community banks. the senate is responding in the next couple days with what they see the best thing to do. i'm anxious to see what they come up with. i want to find a way to vote for the senate bill. i'm glad to see the $250 billion with banks and less are going to be out of dodd-frank. that will open up a new world for main street america. people will be able to borrow money for things they want to
7:09 am
do, from home improvements forward and it's on the right track. >> maria: we should get clarity on that from the senate in the next couple weeks? >> i think we should have it in a couple days. we'll see what happens. >> maria: let me ask you about the tariff plan out of this white house. there's a lot of debate about the aluminum and steel tariffs. where do you sit on that. >> >> i've never been for tariffs. the biggest thing we can do is have tax cuts and tax reform and have the most competitive tax plates thrates in the world ande businesses come over here, businesses stay over here and let america drive the economy with lower tax rates. i think too you have to be careful when you talk about tariffs. you're talking about raising the cost of goods sold and all of a sudden people are paying more for goods sold, vendors are not making more, they're having more in sales dollars and the tax cuts we gave peopl people are sn government regulations which i don't think is good. >> maria: the president came up with a document that shows a lot more flexibility. do you think at some point we
7:10 am
will see tariffs against china? is that coming in the coming weeks, given the fact that china is trying to transfer our technology to china by acquiring and being involved in venture capital deals? >> i think when we start talking about tariffs, i think if fine-tune it to say china i think a lot of people would be supportive of that but not to take it out to main street and let the goods that people buy every day go up and, again, like i say, have their tax cuts going for excess prices when it wasn't designed for that. focus on china and let's make them get competitive with us. >> maria: we're expecting that the president will name larry cudlow to the new n.e.c. job, gary cohn's former job. would you comfortable with that. >> i know larry. larry thinks the way a lot of us do, believes in less government, believes in the power of main street and consumption. i think he would do a good job
7:11 am
if he's chosen. >> maria: let me switch gears to school safety. thousands of students across the country will walk out of class today. it will begin in the next couple hours and last for 17 minutes. you recently introduced a bill that would allow the secretary of education to create a grant program for schools looking for additional funding to protect students and teachers. tell us about the lem subluxatiolegislation andwhat sr the funding? >> i have a concern that we continue to debate on what's right and wrong with guns and second amendment and nra that we also forget to secure our schools. what my bill does was allow the secretary of education with her $63 billion budget to give grants to schools that request certain things, whether it could be bulletproof glass, it could be more guards, all kinds of things, metal doors to secure their schools, and every school would be different. it would allow the department of education to use that $63 billion to help secure our
7:12 am
schools. we need to do that now and have the debate on what's right and wrong on second amendment and nra, et cetera. >> maria: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> maria: we'll take a break. when we come back, remembering one of the greatest minds to ever live, a look back at the incredible legacy of renowned scientist stephen hawking. another blow to bitcoin, why yew google is cracking down on cryptocurrency ads. back in a minute. ♪ but if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all. ♪ and if you close your eyes does it almost feel like you've been here before. ♪ prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go. oh, you wanna go outside?
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now.
7:15 am
right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. >> maria: welcome back. stephen hawking, the famous physicist who studied the universe and explained black holes dead at the age of 76. lauren simonetti has the detai details. >> lauren: stephen hawking was one of the world's most curious minds and ground-breaking voices in science. he died at the age of 76 at his home in cambridge, england. we take a look at his remarkable life. he was given two years to live when he was diagnosed with a.l.s. when he was just 21 years old. that left him paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. it caused him to lose his voice so he used a sin the sinthesizeo
7:16 am
speak. >> this was true freedom when i experienced zero graft flight. >> lauren: he went on a zero graft flight at the age of 65. he he probed the mysteries of the universe. he researched the science behind black holes and the big bang theory and his life was made into a movie, th "the theory of everything" in 2014. >> so this black hole at the beginning of time, brilliant, brilliant, stephen. well done. >> lauren: he held a position of professor of mathematics at the university of cambridge. that was a post that was also held by sir isaac newton. hawking once said if give the chance to meet newton or marilyn monroe, he would go with marilyn. he had a sense of humor. that led to a guest gig on "the
7:17 am
simpsons." >> the usual, professor hawking? >> today i'd like something good. oh, yeah, break it down. >> hawking, your pizza's ready. >> toss it in the garbage. don't feel bad, lisa. sometimes the smartest of us can be the most childish. >> lauren: he didn't let his disability disable his mind. social media is honoring his life and mind this morning. scott kelly tweeted, a lot for all humanity r.i.p. stephen hawking. katy perry brought up how this is international pi day and that's pretty fitting. if you look at his life and his death, he was born -- they're both rooted in science. he was born january 8, 1962, the 300th anniversary of the death of galileo. his death is remembered on international pi day. it was a fascinating life and given two years to live and he lived and did crazy, risky things until he was -- he wanted to go to space too with richard
7:18 am
branson. he did this until 76. he was married twice. >> it sparks the interest in math and science. he was known for some popular writings and hopefully kids across the country will pick up a book and read and get interested. >> it was a fabulous movie, when he watched it, his life and what he did and how brilliant he was and what he brought to humanity. it was an amazing. >> dagen: an important reminder to all of us, never let adversity, even the greatest hurdles get in the way of living your life, whatever that life may be. >> maria: lauren, thank you. >> lauren: emblem of determination. >> maria: coming up, walmart knocking on amazon's door. the latest move in the battle for your refrigeratoring coming up. and how companies are celebrating the first ever national business travel day. back in a minute. ♪ fift
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>> maria: heading to the airport for a work trip today? you're not alone, according to upside travel, 2 million business trips are taken every day. upside business travel and 25 other major travel brands including mastercard and jetblue are announcing the first business traveler day to happen on april 24th. joining us is the founder of price line and upside business travel service co-founder, chairman and ceo, jay walker. good to see you. thank you for joining us. tell us about this annual business traveler day. >> there's 2 million people every day that take business trips. they get nothing, no he respect. they're up at the crack of dawn, flying away from their families.
7:23 am
it's time to recognize business travelers. the business travelers, there's 2 million of them. we'll have a swee a sweepstakese first class travel for the next 20 years, that's the grand prize. it's free to enter. we'll have brackets. >> maria: you're talking about march madness. you're talking about march madness corporate. you can celebrate national business travel day by entering your business bracket sweepstakes and picking the single greatest business trip ever. walk us through this. >> you don't think about all these great business trips in history. going to the moon, marco polo, these are business trips. my favorite, darwin. man spends three years on a business trip a as a naturalistn a small ship, comes back, writes a theory and changes the world. it's time to give business travelers some love. >> thank you for that. >> maria: you're traveling all the time on business. >> i do about 200 nights a year.
7:24 am
i'm looking forward to this, first class for 20 years. >> business travel is as big ats the auto industry. nothing happens in america until someone goes on a business trip. business travelers, it's the a t fun activity. everyone that's away from family knows this isn't a good time. >> dagen: you talk about business travelers not getting respect. it's called having a job. >> it means sitting in the middle seat in the back of the plane. >> dagen: if you have enough miles, nobody is sitting in the middle seat in the back of the plane. you still have to fly through newark and laguardia g. >> if i told you you're going on a business trip for the next five days, you're not excited about it, are you? >> maria: it depends on where. if we're going together, we like it. >> dagen: i'm a professional packer. i'm shutting my mouth, sitting
7:25 am
in the back of the plane. >> before away from the kids, away from the families, somebody's juggling something. you're missing the kid's play when you try to get back because the snowstorm shut something down. it's a job. it's better than not having a job. everybody's got experiences that says i've been on a few. >> dagen: two words, free booze. airport lounge. >> only free booze in first class. not business travelers. >> maria: the business lounges are expensive. i got the renewal for one of mine, it's like 800. >> it's not free booze. business travelers are trying to make something happen. >> maria: i didn't renew. i thought it was too expensive. >> tell us about your net promoter score. you're doing a lot with a.i. >> we offer 24/7 concierge levl
7:26 am
customer service. we use a.i. to help people who want to text us in the middle of the night, no matter when. it's a giant revolution. customer service used to be a misery for most people. now you can use a combination of humans and software to give people service that's as good as the best travel agent and they're using their phone 24/7 and texts. it's remarkable. it's going to sweep all of business. >> maria: that is so great, jay. >> big defer inshatte differente net promoter score in customer satisfaction. >> in business travel, the flight ills delayed, you're landing 1:00 in the morning, you need somebody to help you. business moved to a 24/7 cycle with mobile, people are looking for service no matter when and where and we're changing the game and you'll see it across travel. that's the leader. you're going to see it a across everything. today you call your cable company, you call your long
7:27 am
distance provider, it's often an experience in misery. fairly soon that kind of system using humans and software is going to give you the kind of service that in the past only the most expensive got. >> maria: you figured out efficiency in business travel. >> your a.i. is from start-ups, not the traditional names you think of. >> it's true. so many of these google execs and microsoft and amazon people leave these giant companies, they go start a small company and their leading edge is thousand of spinoffs that are building applications and syndicating them across businesss in the united states and globally. >> maria: while on the subject of travel, do you want to comment on the dodo bird who put a dog in an overhead bin on an united airlines flight. we're all very upset. >> the fact is there's incredible things that happen good and incredible things that happen bad every day when they're 2 million flights a day. i would say don't rush to judgment. maybe somebody didn't say there was a dog in there. maybe somebody didn't hear it. >> maria: we didn't know there was a dog.
7:28 am
>> when a disaster like that's t happens, your heart goes out to people. no organization wants to hurt people. >> dagen: if i killed somebody's dog i would say i didn't know it was in there either. >> nobody wants to hurt people. most people are good people. there are always bad actors and people who do dumb things. at the end of the day, we have a tendency in the age of twitter to rough to judgment. i would say let's look at the facts before we blame somebody. >> dagen: the fact is the dog is dead. >> maria: mayor comment, jeff. >> it's really sad. >> maria: good to see you. >> thank you for having me. business traveler, we love you. >> maria: upside travel, jay walker. coming up, details on a stunning new revelation that an obama aide tapped fusion gps to dig up dirt on mitt romney. we're on it. and why google is cracking down on cryptocurrency advertisements, back in a moment, right here. ♪ the more money we come across
7:29 am
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7:32 am
morning, up 90-point f points ow industrials. we're waiting on inflation and retail sales data, in about an hour we'll get you those numbers and get you the impact on markets. choppy session yesterday, the major indices posted he deline s across the board. the technology and financial services sectors weighing on the averages. nasdaq and s&p 500 were down with the nasdaq down 1%. global markets are higher. in europe markets are up across the board. in asia overnight, declines across the board. broadcom is backing down, the company has officially ended its bid for qualcomm. broadcom says it will still move its headquarters to the united states. new explosive allegations over democrats' ties to fusion gps. a new book claims the obama campaign hired the firm to investigate mitt romney. too close to call, democrat
7:33 am
conor lamb and republican rick ciccone are locked in a dead heat this morning in pennsylvania's special election. conor lamb is claiming victory but the numbers have not been counted. so we will have the latest coming up. google taking a stand on crypto. the technology giant refusing to accept advertising for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. taking a trip back to hogwarts. >> there's a rumor that the commander is headed to panners. i know he's working under your orders. what do you have to say for yourself? >> maria: more on the new trailer for the fantastic beast sequel, later this hour. stay with us for that. first this. outrage in the air, united airlines under fire after a flight attendant allegedly forced a passenger to store her dog in the overhead come part ct on the plane.
7:34 am
the french bulldog tragically died on the flight from houston to new york, this was a three and-a-half hour flight that the dog was in the overhead bin. united is saying this, we assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express ourest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. a witness told abc news the flight attendant didn't know there was a pet in the bag at the time. joining us is judge andrew napolitano. judge, okay, she didn't know there was a dog in the bag, so -- >> let me say first of all i don't think i could be the judge in this case because of my utter love for dogs. my dog is like a daughter to me. >> maria: is there legal recourse here? >> very little legal recourse here. there's two issues, what is the fair market value of the life of the dog, not the emotional value. no state will allow you to sue the person who harmed your animal for your emotional loss,
7:35 am
only your financial loss, which is very, very little. second issue and more profound in my view is the federal government, the federal government has a statute that can make it a criminal offense to disobey the orders of a flight attendant. now, this is giving far too much discretion to a flight attendant. we're not talking about an fbi agent who is trained. we're not talking about the pilot. we're talking about a flight attendant. if you say no, i'm not going to put my dog in the overhead bin you could be prosecuted. a lot of people are often reminded of this when they get on the plane. you have to comply with the instructions of the flight attendant. >> maria: that's the thing, did the owner say i can't put this in the overhead, my dog is in there? she said she didn't know there was a dog in the bag. >> dagen: that's a passenger saying that the flight attendant didn't know. this is not the flight attendant, number one. number two, other passenger reports said that when the dog was put in the overhead, it was making noises and barking during
7:36 am
the flight. so that was -- until you get -- >> maria: it's getting worse. >> dagen: until you get the mother and the flight attendant on the air, we won't know all the details. but i said this earlier. i have experienced this not on delta but other airlines where the flight attendants start threatening you and they start threatening to throw you off the plane. >> they know they have that authority. >> dagen: they know that, but they abuse it, some of them. >> this is a case where the government has given individuals authority to command others without adequate training. we know that united has a problem with their flight attendants. we know that they don't adequately train them. you ran that clip of the doctor being dragged off the plane earlier. just as horrific as what happened to this dog. it's inconceivable to me that the owner of the dog didn't say this is a dog, i'm not going to put the dog up there. >> maria: that's inconceivable to me. why didn't the owner say that? >>
7:37 am
>> dagen: it's a mom traveling with two children, one of whom is young and a dog in a carrying case. >> there will be no litigation. they'll give her a check that's big enough to get her to go away. one of the things that would come out in discovery is the nature and extent of the flight attendant's draining. i woultraining.i would love to . i think united is deficient there. >> dagen: the family of the dog that died will go away. you know who else will go away? people who love animals. >> they'll go to other airlines. >> if you say i want to talk to the captain, doesn't the captain have superior control over what happens in the plane? >> i would advise the passenger to pursue it. if it were me, i would rather preserve my gina's life than comply with a idiotic rule. >> if they went to the captain, this might not have happened. >> dagen: somebody got seated next to me who had a raging, visible st asaph infection.
7:38 am
that's a risk to anybody. >> maria: that's incredible. >> dagen: i shot out of my seat and started yelling at the top of my lungs and those flight attendants say we're going to cart you off this plane unless you sit down and i went this guy has a staph infection and you're putting the entire plane at risk. they kicked him off the plane. they kicked him off the plane. because the captain made the decision, not the flight attendant. >> at least they didn't throw him out the window. >> obviously this is a problem with training and with a abuse of authority. >> maria: that's right. let's turn to democrats in disarray, shall we? a senior aide in president obama's state department reportedly allowed an fbi agent to meet with dossier writer christopher steele two years ago, according to a new book. the book is claiming that obama's presidential campaign
7:39 am
fired fusion gps to dig up dirt on mitt romney. the book reads this, the obama campaign's payments to fusion gps were never publicly disclosed. the money paid to the investigative firm was reported on campaign disclosure reports as legal bills to the campaign's law firm. judge, does this surprise you? this is the same firm that basically did this dossier and then the fbi takes the dossier to the fisa court and doesn't tell them that the democrats paid for it. >> i don't care who the democrats hire to dig up dirt on republicans because both sides do it. i do care if campaign finance laws were violated, as obviously was the case here by sheltering the true nature of it and i care profoundly if the power of the government and fbi agent was used to help dig up that dirt. it is clear that the obama people had no regard for laws they were sworn to uphold and enforce and they were ready, willing, able and did use the power of the government to try
7:40 am
to prevent donald trump for winning. >> maria: i couldn't agree with you more. there was so much lawlessness in the past administration, it is beyond. >> now the next question, where is the remedy? where is jeff sessions to present evidence of this to a grand jury? how many times have we talked about this. >> maria: we've got to count on michael horowitz and the i.g. report that's supposed to come out in the next two weeks. >> if these claims are true that the links went back to 2012, fusion gps was working with the democrats since 2012, that's a long relationship and we're starting to get names. victoria newland at the state department, jonathan weiner. where does this go? who else in the oval office, for instance, knew about the steele dossier, its prov and that it wg presented to a court? that's where i hope the congressional investigation goes. >> maria: we knew that
7:41 am
christopher steele knew that the democrats paid for it and they didn't say that. >> we have to go back to december of 2016, the transition period. how does the transcript of the conversation between general flynn and ambassador kisiliak end up on the front page of the washington post. >> maria: felony. >> correct. it's only a felony if somebody indicts. >> that's where the house investigation is going, i think that's where the house investigation is going. he he subpoenaed every -- >> he's probably on the list, the short lisses, sessions. >> to depart? >> yes. >> maria: if he leaves, congress is not -- the democrats are not going to appoint his successor very quickly. they're going to slow walk it. >> the president could name a successor as an acting for 120 days and then he can renew it. they're not going to confirm a successor in this environment. that doesn't prevent the president from getting his person to run the doj. >> he's got to keep sessions.
7:42 am
it would be a disaster. >> the president doesn't care about those things. >> dagen: vinion, mary, his oldest friends watch the program every day. >> maria: judge andrew napolitano, thank you. still ahead, it is still too close to call, while democrat conor lamb is claiming victory, the pennsylvania special election could come down to a recount. we have the results so far on the other side of the break. back to hogwarts, the wizarding school makes its grand return in the next harry potter spinoff. we'll have a look at the spinoff to the fantastic beats. stay with us. ♪ can't read mine, can't read mine, no he can't read my poker face.
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save 250 dollars when you test drive and buy a john deere residential z540r ztrak mower. >> maria: welcome back. pennsylvania special election
7:46 am
still too close to call. cheryl casone has the h the det. >> cheryl: the candidates are separated at this point by a few hundred votes. the absentee ballots are still being counted. democrat conor lamb has declared victory. listen. >> we're practical people. we're serious people. and tonight, we celebrate regaining our voice and our vote in the great business of governing this country we love. thank you. [ cheering and applause ] >> cheryl: but not so fast. republican rick ciccone says he has no plans to concede. >> you know, we're still fighting the fight. it's not over yet. we're going to fight all the way to the end. you know i never give up. you know my first race went into the night and we won that. my second race was the same way. we're kind of used to this now. >> cheryl: a spokesperson for
7:47 am
pennsylvania's secretary of state said there's no mandatory recount in this election because it's a district race. a state-wide race triggers an automatic recount if the candidates are separated by a half percent or less. google is banning ads for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across its advertising platforms. it is cracking dt it calls unregulated or spe speculative financial product. facebook announced a similar ban in january. the shares of alphabet are up about 8% so far for the year. walmart is rolling out home grocery delivery to 100 cities by the end of the year. they're also launching here in new york same day delivery. remember, competitors like kroger, amazon, target, they've all invested in this strategy. walwalmart avoided the costly service until now.
7:48 am
online orders will be filled out at the store and handed out to delivery drivers. shares of walmart up more than 17% over the last year. and wizards out there, the first trailer for fantastic beasts two has been released. >> there's a rumor that the new commander is headed t to panner. i know he's working under your orders. what do you have to say for yourself? >> cheryl: jude law, there you are. fans getting a sneak peek at the second adventure set. johnny depp and jude law will make their wizard debuts. it hits theaters november 16t november 16th. there's a lot of buzz about this movie. >> dagen: just to connect the dots, that's eddie red mai maynn
7:49 am
the trailer who won an academy award for playing steven hawk. >> maria: and the minds behind drone racing, how the minds in t minds are taking the he competitiocompetitionto great h. wait until you see this, next. ♪ hold on. ♪ i've been waiting for this moment for all my life. ♪ hold on. when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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there's no enrollment window... no waiting to apply. so call now. remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> maria: now this, one of the fastest growing racing leagues has nothing to do with cars. the drone racing league growing rapidly since its launch in 2015. big business is getting in. earlier this week the drl signed a sponsorship deal with cox communications. today it's announcing a partnership with bmw.
7:53 am
here, first on fox business, joining us right now is nicholas robeshevski. this is the drone? >> this is the drone, the drl racer three. we use these to race in all our competitions. this goes from 0 to 80 miles an hour in less than a second. >> where did you get the idea to do this? >> i was looking for a new business in sports and media and i was looking around and i came across drone racing. drone racing's been around for many years as an amateur sport. a friend took me to a field in long island, showed me people racing their drones. i said we've got to turn into this a pro sport. >> maria: where does this happen? where are the fields? >> there's organized drone racing in every country i looked for. in long island there's a field behind home depee poe. home depot.
7:54 am
people race their drones there. we did a race in a palace in london and we're here today because we're excited to announce we'll do a race this year at the bmw in munich. >> maria: it's all about the drone that's fastest. tell us about the competition. because how do you know that one drone is going to be better than the other or faster than the other? >> in drl, everyone races this drone, an identical drone, all tuned to the exact same specifications. >> maria: how do you go faster than the next guy? >> you fly faster. it's about pilot skill. >> it's like nascar in the air, right? >> dagen: to all the people who would say foolishly that nascar is not a sport, if you call this a sport, nascar's a sport. >> are these commercially available? >> we don't sell these to the public. most commercial drones are quite slow, they're meant for taking pictures from the air. these are high performing racing craft, 0 to 80 in less than a
7:55 am
second, top speed over 80 miles an hour. >> do you have the same rules in nascar, no bumping? >> no, we allow bumping. the actual race is one minute long. one of the events is made up of many races. in every race, about half the drones crash. they collide with each other. >> and nobody gets hurt. >> it takes away the moral hazard of crashing but brings in the excitement and speed and ex i'll raise. >> maria: tell us about the deal with bmw. >> we're doing a race at the bmw well, which is in munich where they keep their line of cars and we're also doing -- last year we designed the fastest drone in the world, we set the guinness world record for the fastest drone. we're designing it to go faster with the help of bmw. >> what does that drone sell for? >> we don't sell these to the public.
7:56 am
>> >> dagen: how do you become a professional drone racer? >> the easiest way to learn how to fly one of these droughns is througdrones isthrough a simula. a simmer. -- simulator. once you developed the skills, can you go out and get a more introductory racing drone and fly them for real. >> maria: can i see it? >> absolutely. >> maria: this doesn't have a camera on it, does it? >> no it does not. >> how do i get that drone to race? >> if you earn your way into the drl, we give you these drones. we provide a fleet of identical tuned drones. >> if they wreck it, who pays for it? >> we do. that's part of the sport. we like to say if to the pilots, if they're not crashing, they're not racing fast enough. >> you like this better than crawling through the mudders. >> this is the most fun i've
7:57 am
ever had in a job. i was here with you two, three years ago. then it was an idea, like we're going to start this racing league now, we're broadcasting over 7 a 5 countries, 5 -- 75 countries, we have 55 million people that watch us tv. we have brand name sponsors. >> maria: the advertisers lend credence to the sport. >> we talked about building the sport of the future. now we're doing it and it's exciting. the best part for me is when i get to see someone watching a drl t-shirt, saying they watch it on tv, they love it. >> maria: nicholas, good to see you. still ahead, it is not the king of beers but it's close. how a brewery is celebrating prince harry and me meghan marks royalep wedding, next. adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support... your sleep number setting... for your best... sleep... ever. in the morning, you'll discover the amazing effects the bed is having on your sleep quality... your sleepiq score.
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>> welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 14 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the bulls fight book, big time futures indicating a pretty good move start of trading this morning up 100 on the dow up 30 on nasdaq, investors waiting for inflation and retale data due out 30 minutes' time we will have numbers as soon as they hit tape rally as we mark 10 year vaer of the bear starnes bailout uncertainty wade on stocks rex tillerson 14 months
8:01 am
on the job commander in chief called him a good man said not on same page. >> rex and i have been talking about this for a long time we got along actually quite well. but we disagreed on things. >> what is most important is to ensure an orderly smooth transition at a time country continues to face significant policy aptitude national security challenges. maria: latest on shake-up president trump travels to st. louis today to tout impact of tax overhaul live today. >> stocks hire in europe we've got ft 100 cac quarante up a third of a percent dax up one half of 1% different in about asia overnight across the board down arrows as you see across the board. >> conor lamb claiming victory in dead heat with republican rick saccone in pennsylvania special house election latest as absentee ballots are being kouptdz broadcom complying
8:02 am
withdrawn its offer to acquire qualcomm despite setback broadcom says it will move headquarters to the united states qualcomm shares up this morning, one of the century's graest minds passed away stephen hawking dead at 76 a look back at life and legislation -- prince harry meghan markle special beer for wedding the brew coming up joining me to talk break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, former home depot ceo chrysler ceo bob nardelli "the wall street journal" editorial boarded member fox news contributor mary kissel good to see you waiting on ppi retail sales out in 30 minutes. >> exciting. >> yes. >> we will see what happens, cpi sort of calmed things down, because earlier this week showed that inflation has not really been an issue, off consumer level. >> retail numbers interesting to see.
8:03 am
>> expected 3/10 of a percent higher. dagen: great story in "the wall street journal" retailers cracking you on on people serial returners that they are banding together the prevent people from returning merchandise, ultimately is good for the retail industry. >> very familiar with that. very familiar with that. maria: ultimately good for the retailer. >> yes. maria: why? dagen: again, it is -- sales a sale. >> sale happens you return sit. dagen: costs money when costs a lot of money to restock an item. >> one of the things we had to do with stop taking returns only issue store credit because people were really abusing -- >> i get it that makes sense. >> takes up you off the shelf we call it stealing they bring it back get cash. maria: joining the conversation head of small business administration linda
8:04 am
mcmahon here family medicine doctor dr. mike varshavski with us host of "varney & company" weighs in big hour don't miss a moment kick off with this president trump, is set to tout his historic tax cuts at boeing plant in st. louis today one day after naming cabinet shake-up blake burman at white house with the very latest. reporter: president trump says he is also a on same wavelength as mike pompeo he did not feel the same way as rex tillerson firing rex tillerson as secretary of state nominating pompeo to replace him. >> we disagreed on things the iran deal, i think it is terrible i guess he thought it was okay, with mike pompeo a similar thought process, i think it is going to go very well. reporter: president announced tillerson firing on twitter
8:05 am
tillerson said he had not spoken with president until more than three hours later in speech tillerson former exxonmobil ceo turned diplomat had a spoke with wide vengeance of people. >> 00 million plus americans thank you to devotion to free, open society acts of can i beedness honesty quite hard work that you do every day to support with tax dollars. >> gina haspel nominee to replace pompeo if confirmed would be first woman, to run the agency. she was pompeo's deputy however her confirmation could get testy she once ran a cry black site critics say engaged in torture, for president trump will turn the conversation back on to the economy today he wakes up in los angeles this morning heads
8:06 am
to missouri go to a boeing facility there, where he will tout his tax cut bill. maria: blake thanks we are watching that blake burman at white house joining us now to talk more about that president of eurasia group, good to see you -- >> consequences for this shake-up? as it relates to foreign policy. >> well, good news is that, you know, the -- tillerson state department had absolutely horrifying morale to have won having sharper elbows making sure into right meetings in white house push for people to get through build support we will get more appointments probably get a more cohesive a team good news bad news ideologicically trump has enabler on issues doesn't know about disagrees on north korea, iran, issues gulf
8:07 am
israel palestine tillerson has a legalh of a lot more expertise than trump. >>d didn't like iran tillerson keep it in place. >> it is true iran deal is not amazing deal, but trump has very little understood inning -- understanding what consequences would be if united states left iran deal by yes, it is tillerson trying to work with ambassadors saying how he we going to find way to make trump happy, but still not have the united states by he itself in geopolitical environment worse for america pompeo hawkish on iran and north korea the likelihood that we end up in military conforgone takings with the north koreans higher the likelihood iran deal false apart u.s. has no support around the world -- >> pushback a little bit, because look president obama destroyed around the world president trump maximum
8:08 am
pressure on north korea reestablished, rex tillerson said we don't needed to do that. on iran deal president trump instincts right on iran malline actor through the middle east rex tillerson promoting a fiction a diplomatic solution -- >> think it is important to hear those perspectives i give trump credit on north korea. he got chinese to a table on tougher sanctions obama could not do the reason north koreans willing to work with americans now but you do not want the united states to go in and meet with kim jong-un without actually having envoys engage in creating a meeting that can be -- >> the issue, pompeo is a great relationship, with nikki haley h.r. mcmaster you have a trio of people i think will be very effective. >> i think a hard time. maria: went against president
8:09 am
on qataris, making statements very different what an what president said same on russian tillerson called russia troubling behavior actions in parting remarks after being fired, so this was a completely different statement that he made than -- >> i complete agree the fact tillerson unable to have prooi. privately with trump a problem on cover you had trump not knowing qatar had most important bases in if region. maria: come on, of course, he knew that how does he not know he has our military base in qatar. >> we had to walk it back immediately when he got briefs said okay tillerson -- >> i can't imagine he didn't know that. >> i am telling you i know a lot of people know real estate they don't have the great deal of knowledge on the gulf, tillerson has been working the
8:10 am
gulf for decades. >> true. >> look the fact is -- i have known tillerson 15, 18 years i think his understanding of these individual leaders including russia including in gulf, higher than anybody that trump could have brought in. >> that is why i i thought brilliant pick initially his knowledge base in terms of of the middle east dealt with oil executives, trying to open up markets all these countries was a brilliant pick but obviously had different idea on things than the president. >> i am suggesting that what trump really needs around him on all of these issues is people expertise that are cable -- >> hey, hey, mike, mike pompeo first in class at west point a congressman businessman,revived cia great relationship with trump briefs him every day, look if anybody in other a qualified than pompeo to run state department i would love to hear it i think he is vastly more a
8:11 am
qualified than tillerson was has idea how american power should be used in the world, that is where tillerson went wrong, ebb may have been great businessman didn't know -- >> i think the management expertise pompeo will bring in terms of politics and a large bureaucracy like state department will be higher than tillerson i think foreign policy expertise tillerson has not going to be replicated if mcmaster goes that is a bigger problem, obama was all about analytic content little leadership management skims don't throw all content away. >> you think object administration pompeo or -- the republican administration. >> tillerson on russia considerably harder than obama ever was considerably harder than trump i am surprised people don't want to address that you are going to see i think much more willingness to support what has been almost apologetic trump position,
8:12 am
from pompeo russia watch next couple months. dagen: i was going to point out with vacancies under tillerson stately department now you have that back in if you will still those positions your issue could be offset bringing in more intellectual capability within state department rather than one guy at top who president didn't get along with. >> look at mattison, under tillerson he just wasn't willing to go in, and fight for the people that were under his charge that is really unacceptable that is the loss, at the end of the day, you can't feel that bad about him going for that reason. maria: i can confirm larry kudlow getting ne.c. job appears head spontaneous with peter navarro responded with president i inspect announce
8:13 am
next couple days. >> i think a win for same reason concerned about pompeo here one clearly has set of distinct views sprooerz nafta, partnership trump will bring in not a lapdog simply going to say yes, you are most wonderful president on earth in private meetings kudlow will push back in a way that wall street and ceos would like. >> how long do you think he will last. >> how long is anybody going to last in this environment, every month he lasts a better month for united states. >> thank you so much, great insights, we will be right back. >> thank you. the sea cow." oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising.
8:14 am
what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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being counted. . maria: broadcom has abandoned its bid for qualcomm cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: might not have had a choice broadcom initially dropped 117-billion-dollar hostile offer for chip maker qualcomm this is two days after president trump blocked the deal in national security concern would have been biggest deal ever, broadcom has also written slate of nominees for board still plan to move legal haushseadquarters the united states. >> world renowned physicist stephen hawking died at 76 was known for breakthrough work with black holes relativity
8:17 am
dealing with several about about disabilities after diagnosed with als at 22 in a wheelchair unable to speak except through voice synthesizer, out lived his life expectation by more than half a century. astrophysicist reacted on twitter, his passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his awake permeating space time defies measure his family said he died peacefully in cambridge england. >> a queen a victim of hollywood'ss gap producers committed -- the actress paying elizabeth paid less than supporting architect who pays her husband. >> they say he was established
8:18 am
actor she was relative unknown but situation is going to be fixed no one will get paid more than queen in any coming is on won best actress globe nominated for emmy smith was never nominated for either category. >> a british brewery launching a special edition beer ahead of the big day, this is near saint georges expect ael getting married may 19 first orders starting april 3, we got up 4:00 in the morning to watch the wedding you can drink more beer watch them get married. >> -- the broadcom qualcomm deal breakup fee 8 billion dollars who face that. >> i was asking, we saw this with at&t when they had walk
8:19 am
away big numbers, to break up, so should not be thought about let me -- pulling awisconsin a dig will be. maria: whether we come back head of small business administration, linda macman is with us her take on state of small business and president trump's tax plan boeing breaks a record ahead of trump's visit today the major milestone coming up back in a minute here. >> you got me ♪ ♪ . >> oh, ♪ today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do. okay so you diet, you exercise, you manage your a1c? that's the plan. what about your heart? what do you mean my heart? the truth is, type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke.
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. maria: welcome back breaking news a live look from silver spring maryland teachers students staging a walkout over gun criminal, this comes in wake of the shooting in a killed 17 people at high school in parkland, florida, as you see the walkout has
8:23 am
begun there, in silver spring maryland, small business the latest nfib index highest level since 1938 last month thanks to tax cuts faster economic growth administrator of small business administration, great to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what do you think is behind it i know the tax plan was very important for small business, going from almost 40% corporate rate to 21% is a big deal, characterize the state of small business today. >> i think the good news is -- continues. evidenced by this optimism we continue to see for small businesses, our guarantee of loans small businesses is up quarter over quarter last year was best year that we've had that continuing optimism with small businesses is prevalent when i talk to small businesses, very excited, this is the time to invest and to
8:24 am
grow we're seeing it. >> are they getting enough lending, how would you characterize the lending situation because that was one area where small business was really feeling that it was a tight situation, and they weren't seeing access to capital as much as-needed what is your take? >> well, that is when small business administration steps in, you know we guaranteed loans for banks that think some of the small besides that are starting maybe riskier when sba can come in guarantee loans we help provide capital to those businesses that are starting or in a position to grow. they just need a little help. maria: so the president is headed to boeing plant in missouri today, to talk about the benefits of the tax overhaul he said this week that there could be a phase two of tax reform do small business owners think more cuts are needed. >> i haven't heard yet from small businesses that they are looking for a deeper tax cut, they are anxious to grow their
8:25 am
businesses, and take advantage of this tax cut i think what i would like to see probably until the future is some tax cuts that we already have, made permanent. and i think that would give even more security in the marketplace and i think that optimism would grow even faster. maria: where within small business do you see most vibrancy can you identify sectors anything that strikes you in terms of growth? >> well i think clearly in service business health services industry those businesses are growing the tech industry. those are those are big industries, for growth. and you know it is big business grows, they need more small businesses around them when we see you know the chrysler plant relocate amazon headquarters apple building big business grow as part of the tax reform plan you will see all the support businesses grow up around them. it is just good business just in general in this country. it is time to do business
8:26 am
america is open for business. maria: we love to hear that almost 24 hours since president fired rex tillerson, secretary of state. mike pompeo tapped as replacement president has chosen gina haspel to lead cia if confirmed would be first woman to lead that agency your thoughts on latest submariningup at white house should we chp more or new normal. >> i will be happy to welcome gina into the cabinet another woman in president trump's cabinet i think a welcome edition certainly has the credentials to step up as president indicated, you know. maria: you think she will have trouble getting confirmed that is what buzz seems to be this morning. >> i think we have to wait and see she is very strong i think she will stand well, about in the fire, of confirmation. maria: nice to see so many women in the administration linda good to see you thanks so much. >> we will be right back, with the ppi and retail sales stay
8:27 am
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more dependable...le havealtz. discovered something stronger... longer lasting. in a chevy truck. and now, you can too. see why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. current competitive owners can get a total value of over eleven thousand dollars on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 14. top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. relief rally on wall street markets opening higher we expect dow up 90 points out of the gate today nasdaq expected to be up 21 points the open, that is a quartered of a percent higher we are waiting on inflation retail sales data get in 20 seconds, global markets look like this, european markets are higher
8:30 am
across the board, ft 100 up a quarter of a percent as cac quarante and dax index in asia overnight declines across the board to look worst performer japan down almost 1% we bring in president stephanie pomboy the retail sales number ppi expectations are ppi -- down .1% down 1/10 of a percent retail sales that was worse than expected we are expecting a gain of 3/10 of a% retail sales down the ppi right now -- is up 2/10 percent versus 1/10 percent estimate this too is worse than coupled two numbers worse than coupled stephanie performance poison good o pombo see you -- >> worst campaignings we are -- combination work being for sales up first month impact of
8:31 am
tax cuts bigger checks this month, pentup quote up quote demand punk retail sale numbers three months look at retail sales through january we had no growth, excluding food and energy so growth we are seeing none discretionary we sheriff seen really sizable increase as all these you know tailwinds gave support, the fact we didn't is incredibly disappointing it does suggest that consumers may really save this tax cut rather than spend it exactly what in did with recovery relief act following the crisis we fastened belts waiting for huge increase in spending never materialized the topic we talked about so much beneath surface consumers are stretched, you know there is not a widespread appreciation of that fact because people look at headlines spending numbers
8:32 am
fail to take out, how much is driven by nondiscretionary items like not buying by choice, buying because they have to. >> this is the third month in a row of lines to on retail sales. >> so must have revised december unchanged a major warning shot for wall street because the entire earnings projection forecast for -- 18, 20% earnings growth in part tax cut but also the presumption consumers are going to spend tax cut if they don't that is a problem. dagen: you have been pointing out one reason you see pullback in retail sales is debt service. >> impact, americans already feeling impact of rising interest rates mortgage 30 year mortgage 4-year high, but, again, paying he mortgages services credit cards. >> there has been a lot written about libor moved up
8:33 am
sharply last few months, justifiable rate he mortgages, 350 trillion dollars tied to libor adjustable rate mortgages moved in lockstep the debt service is kind of that silent, issue, that is behind-the-scenes people again are not acknowledging because there is a sense consumers doing just fine in reality they've ramped up borrowing, they've raided whatever saving they amassed post yies . >> ppi up 2/10 expected 1/10 markets exactly where they were trading up from where we were. dagen: in where our wheelhouse x-auto seams up 2/10 of a percent concluding cars gasoline sales up 3/10 of a percent market isn't worried about a slowing economy -- >> it is still weaker because i think x-autos supposed to be
8:34 am
up 4/10 this combination is bad cpi, at 2.2 is running now i guess this number if it was up 1/10 ppi supposed to be 2. 8 looking at a difference between cpi ppi basically this is a proxy for profit margins, but if prices going up faster than the ability to pass them on, that is a problem for companions. -- companies cpi at least half a percentage point below input. >> whether that happens two to get price if you have pricing authority a lot of times you don't or your margins get hit that is going to have an impact, on at the projections forward because you know you look at business roundtable the recent thing jamie dimon projections every business very strong i think you have consumers taking advantage to get out of ditch head above
8:35 am
water you have talked about getting out of stocks into gold and bond you still believe that. >> i do, i think that in the ninth year of this bull reason i we have talked about the increase in market cap relative to the growth we've seen in real economy no secret the fed massive money mystery stimulus flowed to financial assets largely bypassed economy the feeling is that even though we took asset prices to extremes relative to economy that is all going to close by growth picking up challenging that assumption with retail sales numbers. >> devil advocate wage increases less skilled areas going to move up as more people get into workforce companies compete for them this is just the first month after the tax cut happened so have we given consumers time
8:36 am
to price in the benefits of what they are going to realize through that tax cut. >> yesterday chuck schwab said a long runway tax plan is not having impact immediately the way going to have impact over the long term. >> good points, i would say that big increase in payrolls we saw in february was all the more reason to expect retail sales would have been better today. i'm sorry did i say big increase in payrolls -- >> right. >> so you know, there are reasons to suspect that maybe consumers might be inclined to save money but the other point on employment front we talked about, on payrolls all growth employment has been people 55 and older we have a dynamic here where you are not really freeing up jobs for younger workers, we've had -- there is actually employment in people 55 and younger, about is down from where it was at the peak
8:37 am
of the crises so we're not creating the jobs necessary -- >> how do you explain this market how does this continuing to up. >> well, i think it is what you are articulated people have to get acclimated believe this increase is real sustainable, that they are not also going to get a wallop with higher prices. >> it is about -- earnings come on, a tax rate going from almost 40% to 21% is a huge deal, that is why we're seeing expectations of s&p 500 earnings this year you were 18 to 20%. >> right what i come back to is what is going to happen in 2019 so we have a boost mathematically from tax cut in 2018 the market resting on assumption that is going to kick into genuine economic growth sustainable they are going to increase capex in hiring and consumers are going out say i feel better going to spend more. and that is what we're looking at now.
8:38 am
>> i think the normal investor probably says hey i missed out better jump in it happens a lot psychic out there, where you know i want get on gravy train now nine years i don't know to your point if right time to jump in, and do we have four, five more years of this. >> you said it is not -- out of the world to think the market drops 30%. you said that last time you were here. >> right that would bring us back to the average p.e. 10-year average p.e. to have a 30% correction. but you know, i think the other side of it that we haven't addressed is the fed tightening. and, obviously, we're talking about the increase in debt service there is also the quantitative tightening unwinding balance sheet effect on total supply of credit we just got the latest this is -- wonky federal reserve funds released all the net worth on households such good news we saw a huge drop in nonfinancial borrowing, that
8:39 am
you know not surprising given the backup in interest rates, that credit quotes slowed a problem for economy that relies on credit to move forward. dagen: congress in federal government that is -- spending with -- again, no idea of the debt that u.s. is in, and what higher interest rates on treasurer borrowing will do to growth in this country i point to halleadlined in "the wall street journal," the elderly in the united states projected to outnumber children for the very first time going to happen by 2035. but that creates we're heading in direction of japan, where the economy has essentially been able to grow sustainbly 30 some odd i wouldn't errs. >> strict immigration. >> we smell a lot like very, very shaky economy if you look
8:40 am
long run. >> the pension funding issue, which you know is becoming forefront with in corporate sector, thanks to ge, but it is an issue for the entire economy not just the government it is the corporate sector and basically a by-product of this era of repressive interest rates where you really robbed a generation of their retirement, and that they definite reckoning is going to come. >> yes, it is i hear it all the time from my colleagues, about you know, they are going to have to stay in workforce longer. >> that is why elderly job growth has been with excuse me older americans because they need health insurance ins labor force participation 65 and older highest since 1960s. >> coming back into market with experience. >> exactly. >> one of my positives of the report last week because showed people have confidence to actually get back into the market, and look for jobs so there is that confidence. >> skilled labor there is a
8:41 am
gap we have a skill gap, why not keep those people around. >> experience is something important. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> we turn to special house election in pennsylvania too close to call that is not stopping democrats conor lamb from dlierg victory over republican rick saccone. >> in pnz the very latest. >> good morning quite a night in to southwestern he pennsylvania interesting morning conor did math on his own took a risk you might say took the stage at hotel where we are broadcasting from was a introduced as a congressman elect saying this before 1:00 this morning. >> -- took longer than we thought but it we did it. >> we went everywhere, we talked to everyone. we invited everyone in.
8:42 am
. reporter: let me -- >> a little bit about why or how we got to where we are this morning, allegheny county suburbs of pittsburgh lamb won big expected to need to republican of the race rick saccone took three counties the problem for saccone margin of vienth wasn't as large as donald trump running for president 2016 the stat of the night for political deepens out there 583 precincts make up pennsylvania 18 lamb won every single precinct hillary clinton won able to flip over 172 that trump won to his column that is where we are pretty much dead-even statistically rick saccone with his campaign headquarters last night other side of the district he came down to 11:00 hour addressed supporters briefly told them they had run a great race still thought he
8:43 am
could win sent them home. >> waiting for absentee ballots to be counted to become official to your point lamb camp claiming victory we may not know for sure who next congressman from this district will be a district won't exist in current form once congressional maps redrawn in pennsylvania the democratic candidate able to far outperform hillary clinton 2016 what we describe as a trump country so if lessons total midterms wait a few months see what they are wait at least a few who knows minutes or hours to see who next congressman -- >> absentee ballots being cut onned where is conor lamb declaring victory. >> he did some calculated math there with more absentee ballots out than many other counties he actually went up when to say absentee ballots came in his calculation not ours his other absentee ballots out if trendline hold what we saw last night rick saccone can't make up
8:44 am
difference associated press fox news not comfortably yet making that calculation. >> thank you a fitness tracker, stay with us. if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
8:45 am
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forked morter about to safety rawls 1.3 million vehicles in north america nicole petallides sxpgs good rally. >> 80 point gain futures the most update number we have up now looking up 95 points, so talking about ford as you noted two recalls, worth noting first on ford fusion lincoln, the models 2014 to '18, 1.3 million vehicles loose steering wheel bolts on steering column you lose control could crash moving toward morgan stanley updating
8:48 am
overweight to underweight 15 dollar price tax 10 bucks closed yesterday 10.78 pulling back ford focus fusion from 2013 about the include theclutc. >> something cool so many different models this won't have every thing as calories burned maybe more toward some things your interested for children how many hours did you play supposed to get seven hours -- sleep, 60 minutes exercise watch for that that fitbit ace versa lighter maybe for ladies they say two to watch forfeit bit up 1.3% in premarket. maria: thank you so much retail sales number out down third men and women in a row 33i slightly higher that coupled stuart tourist weigh i. >> i think you and i remember
8:49 am
the goldilocks economy 1990's. >> we do. >> you better remember i was in thick of it, i got. >> it i was a puppy i sort of. >> you got it you got it would you would you expect that today we have the something that aapproachees goldilocks 2 1/2% producer i call that fairly restrained interest rates really actively low constrained 2. 84% 10 year treasury i call that constrained maximum employment 17-year low at 4.1%, and economy is growing roughly 3% a year. i call that pretty much a goldilocks economy what cannot explain decline in real sales doesn't fit with goldilocks scenario in my opinion but i think where we are would you say that we are pretty close to --
8:50 am
>> when we got jobs number what i called it last week i thought the idea that we had jobs growth, coupled with wage growth that was only 2.6% was not too hot, not too cold i did believe that was the case, when numbers came out last week, we just had stephanie pomboy on favorite economist through coldwater on that she is worried with retail sales the consumer in particular this is a number down 3 months in a row says consumers are saving the tax more than not spending it. >> good news i knew you were in front of me always ahead of me. >> i just what i call the last week we got jobs numbers because of wage number not too cold not too hot. >> cold plagiarism on my part. >> you have more about now nine minutes we you top of the hour "varney & company" top of the hours after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m..
8:51 am
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8:54 am
because the time to think about today. go long. >> breaking news british prime minister theresa may addressing members of par will iment will expel 23 russian democrats saying russia culpable for -- >> when litvinenko another russian was poisoned in 2006 died of chromium poisoning british government sat on hands theresa may had to do something a very, very big change in behavior from russia, usually in spy game people who are traded like that is the fellow attacked
8:55 am
not touched weeds traidz family isn't targeted were in this case big story we need to stay on it. dagen: another death in britain. >> olden man 60s not sure. dagen: suspected strangulation, a former oligarch. >> boris was in business with that fellow you referenced his murder never solved a lot of questions i think a very, very big story, russia will not take this lightly. >> we will keep following that thank you. we turn to x factor public health who adding a -- to exist illness disease x, to annual list public health concerns that concludes ebola, zika, sars joining us dr. varshavski known as dr. "mik" good to see you you what could cause the epidemic. >> interesting part that is they are lifting a disease we don't know what title is we don't know what it could be, but important that we stay
8:56 am
proactive prepared for situation like this. we are living in closer proximity than before not only closer proximity to one another but livestock, closer proximity sets stage for series illness viral bacterial we don't know we need a fire drill not fearmongering, this is preparation very smart by who. >> overprescription of antibiotics antibiotics part of the problem. >> yes, one of the things they mentioned in this article bioterrorism one of the things considering, and that is what scares me because you don't know who is responsible when we do have a bioterrorism attack when you have a missile launch another country very clear where missile came from, when you have a bioterrorism tactic we night not have cure for that right away can cause see arous .
8:57 am
>> flu season on decline 100 pediatrics deaths scary for our country, the flu is finally on decline. >> when a serum in front of the flu versus always chasing. >> it because adviser viruses ae to adapt difficult to not only predict what it will look like they are smart hijack our machinery to replicate itself they can't sustain life on their own they need our machine prehard to predict how they adapt to that. >> we boole he right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> thank you to this panel could have a great day, everybody could burn a company begins right now. stuart: maria, thank you indeed. too close to call, but the democrat has the edge in the democratic pennsylvania special election. conor lamb declared victory. republican rick saccone has not conceded. there may be a recount. this was a referendum on president trump campaigning hard for the republican with the tumultuous rally in pennsylvania saturday night. if it was a contest between those who do not like the president style and those who do like his policies, it was a virtual tie. today


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