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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'll make it up to you next time i see you. thanks for joining us. commerce secretary wilbur rolls is among our york. kennedy: tonight, president trump plowing ahead with his agenda. how does he do it? sean spicer is here. plus, america's opioid crisis getting worse by the day. how do we fix that? and o.j. simpson, the lost confession airs this sunday on fox. we've got a preview with the show's executive producer. grab your cleats. it's time for kickoff. the quord of the week is chaos. there has to be a way to quickly sum up and market the president's inaccuracies. chaos is the new collusion. the president goes back and forth on the word. sometimes he admits to thriving on chaos. other times he doesn't like it
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and rebrands it great energy. it's obviously not great for the white house communications director because that's a shift that cannot stay filled. it's impossible to surf the chaotic waste when the boss changes course. it's easy to see how burnout sets in. the question isn't whether or not the white house is chaotic. that's a quifn. it's not how the administration goers deal with it. that's their job. the real question is whether or not it's good for the country. the supporters look at the tax cuts and the decimation of isis and say that's your aps. the president is a disrupter who works best in the circus and if the countries is working, the haters can suck it. pointing to his instability on gun control, his rants about the mueller investigation and they see how high turnover ask a result of an administration
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that's either too lazy or too compromised to properly vet employees. and those who are qualified for the jobs wouldn't take them for all of the boa boar ch in russi. the left would hate it if the white house was calm and normal and the president polite and predictable. they would lose their minds if they weren't led into a twitter world. the great unknown is how all of this ends. and chaos is the distraction that makes it to where it can go anyway at any moment. let's do this. i'm kennedy. kennedy: the president said this week he likes conflict. and that he wants differing opinions on his staff. but what's it really like to be on board the s.s. trump in the middle of a hurricane and is it
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as ka chaotic on inside as it appears on the outside. joining me, sean spicer. >> i didn't realize how good animation makes you look. my goodness. kennedy: what a compliment. >> well, i mean you got to get them where you can. kennedy: all right. you're hearing a lot of people talk about the chaos in the white house, the turnover. it's impossible to fill the job you once held, at least on an interim basis. why is that? >> i think you mentioned in your monologue. he's a disrupter. this isn't politics as usual. this is not a traditional white house. but that's not what the american people wanted and that's not what he campaigned on. he said i'm going to come in, knock things around, change things up and business as usual. it happened. kennedy: were you relieved when you were relieved? >> look. i was really honored to have the job. i'm one of less than 30 people in kowr country's history who has held the job as white house press secretary. it's an honor regardless of what party you're in.
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was i relieved? yeah. you're walking a tight rope. kennedy: was it different than other administrations? >> my god, yes. i've got a book coming out in july that's available for preorder on am zahn that walks through all of this. it was. i walked into a job that i thought was a very traditional sense. i talked to artie fliesh ner and josh gibbs thinking, okay, i'm ready. and it wasn't a tradition nal role that the president wanted. kennedy: do you have any physical side effects from the job, the stress? >> no. kennedy: i've heard from other people who have done that job, particularly george step stephanopoulos that he would scratch his face and he had to grow a beard. >> i've been in politics and spent 18 years in the military. i've seen a lot. kennedy: you were the white house easter bunny. >> that's not as preparation i would need. you get to hide in a suit.
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there's no question it was stressful. and look, i think that people overplay the chaos sometimes. it's kind of like people are running -- if you walk through the white house on any given day, it's very quiet. kennedy: michael wolff painted a different picture. >> he wanted to sell books. kennedy: what are you going to say in your book that allows you to stand out from reince priebus, michael wolff has a best selling book. what stands out and is different? >> first of all it's about me. kennedy: are you going to go for it or be polite? >> what i hear a lot is people say hey, we know you from the podium. there was a woman who apparently played me on a show at night on saturdays. and they'll say, we saw that. who are you beyond that? how did you get to this job. what was it like. so yeah, it's uniquely my story. nobody else can tell that story as far as how i got there, what i felt like. kennedy: do you still feel loyal
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to the president? >> absolutely. kennedy: why is that? i talked to anthony scaramucci last week and i got the same sense of loyalty. although from the outside for both of you and other people in the white house, it appears to have ended badly. >> i still talk to the president. i appreciate the honor he gave me. more importantly i think it's who i am. it's not just the president. i think if you go back through the ten plus members of congress that i've worked for, campaign candidates and others that i've worked for, if you want to do what i do, meaning be able to talk to somebody, understand them and what they want to do and where they want to get, you need to have their trust. and if someone starts believing that you're going to tell behind the scenes stories or secrets or things that are unflattering to them, you're never going to get hired or trusted again. kennedy: that's why you let them think you're super sweet and then you flip. >> there's no amount of money. either that's who you are at the core of your person --
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kennedy: the book is going to be boring. >> no, no. you're killing my preorders here. kennedy: tell me something juicy. >> we have three month to go, kennedy. kennedy: a pink tent in the oval office? >> it wasn't pink. kidding. kennedy: very good, sean. >> again, it's a uniquely personal story that i think will detail who i am and how i got to where i am. which is interesting. i spent a lot of time going around to country coming to events and speaking. dean: you have a fascinating story to tell. you're the first person who had to stayed stand on the podium saying no there were more people viewing the inauguration than any other time. which may or may not have been true. >> i think if you think about someone like me, there's tons of us in washington, d.c. and frankly through a ton of professions that toil away every day in the obscuredty of doing our job and all of the sudden
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you're thrust on to the world stage. it's an unbelievable transformation that i think is an interesting story. there was a lot of things that were captured on film and iphones and other things that was just very interesting and interesting for me to go through. and that a lot of people say, what was that like. kennedy: what was the biggest mistake you made while you were there? >> i think the biggest mistake i made as i mentioned is viewing the job and the structure that we set up through a very traditional mold for a very untraditional guy. trump is not george bush or barack obama. kennedy: you show up to the o.r. to do surgery with a scalpel and turns out you need a chainsaw. >> and we looked at things in a traditional model frankly because that's all there were. no one has ever assumed the office of the presidency that hasn't had political or military experience. kennedy: i want to know about some of these characters, particularly michael flynn, regardless of mow you feel about the investigation. it may be a total witch hunt, michael flynn, rick gates, paul
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manafort, george papadopoulos and sam nunberg. how did they make it through a presidential vetting process? >> that's an interesting question because when you're on a campaign, there really is no vetting process. it's not like you're getting access to classified information. people who want to help out on a campaign come and volunteer. in the case of trump there were 17 candidates. this was not a traditional campaign. either you did not have a robust field operation -- when we arrived there, they had no fund-raising operation. they had no opposition research. they had no strong robust field operation or data operation, things that the rnc brought that all of the other candidates had. it was not a traditional campaign. you had a lot of individuals -- kennedy: you could google paul manafort and learn a lot about him in the first six pages that come up in the internet search and you know that's not the kind of person you want to have. >> who was he hired for?
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kennedy: who cares. he shouldn't have been close. >> knowing what we know now absolutely. kennedy: there's no hindsight here. all of that stuff was out there. >> if you look at what we know now and what he's been dieted on, it's tax evasion. kennedy: he was doing really shady stuff for a long time. >> part of the reason he's getting in trouble is because he didn't file the proper forms, whether it's the fbi -- kennedy: he's a bad person and a shady creature who shouldn't have been near a republican nominee for president. >> he's been near ford and reagan. this isn't some guy -- you can't have it both ways. kennedy: nicknames. does jared kushner have one? >> i don't think so. kennedy: who comes up with the nicknames names. >> the president. kennedy: just by himself? >> i think's a couple other people that help. kennedy: what was yours spicey? >> the president never called me that. kennedy: what did he call you. >> sean. kennedy: he didn't call you by your real name, la quee that? >> okay, we're out of time.
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kennedy: what's the ultimate take away for people watching this unfold. i asked in the monologue, how does this end? >> either you agree with the results or the end. it may not be pretty and you may not like some of the side shows, if you will. but at the end of the day he's delivering results. we're getting a tax cut, isis is on the run, border crossings are down, a conservative judiciary, if you're a lover of israel, you've got a guy that's doing things that have been talked about finally getting done on israel. if you're pro-life person or a progun person, he's been standing up for conservative princprinciples. kennedy: come on, man. not on guns. saying let's get rid of due process. >> he's stood up for the second amendment and stood up for life, stood up for israel, lower taxe- kennedy: i want to talk to you about this because this is something i said to dana perino. if there was any other person. >> you're a name dropper. kennedy: dana. come here.
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okay. so i was talking to dana perino and i said if this were any other person and he didn't have the name recognition, the volatility and the fame, me would have such phenomenal approval ratings right now because of the stuff that he's ticked off of his agenda. it's the other stuff -- he would be at 58%. >> but there's a continuum. part of it is the authenticity and the ability to do what he does, you get certain things. you get the results because of who he is but you also get some of the chaos and the other stuff. but you've got a lot of politicians -- you've got the flip side too. kennedy: is it worth the tradeoff? >> i'm a results oriented guy. i would rather have a safe country free from the threat of isis, border crossings down, lower taxings, more jobs and a booming economy. kennedy: i would love that too absolutely. >> sometimes you have to ask yourself is there other stuff that we have to get. but you can flip it and say we
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can have calm -- kennedy: there is a new word every week. the president calls you up, saying i saw you on fox news, you were tremendous sean. >> sure. kennedy: i miss hope, the much is never coming back, be my communications director, what would you say? >> i've done this, i'll help you find somebody. i'm enjoying life right now, got to spend great time with my kids. would like to finish the book and i'll help you find somebody. kennedy: what do you want to do for work long term? >> kennedy, sean, fox business at 9:00. there's another hour we could go. kennedy: if nothing else, a great sitcom, just the two of us. >> absolutely. take it on the road. there's so much potential. we got a podcast. kennedy: podcast, chewing gum, emojis, this is great. >> i know. kennedy: sean, i appreciate you. >> mr. murdoch are you watching?
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kennedy: are you kidding. it's his favorite show. we love you gentlemen and ladies. thank you for being here. your time is valuable and i appreciate you coming. coming up, president trump says he's dedicated to solving america's opioid crisis. he held a summit at the white house. we'll see if he heard any rea ♪ no, please, please, oh!
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kennedy: welcome back. crazy numbers from the cdc show the opioid crisis seems to be getting worse. a new report claiming opioid overdoses increased 30% between 2016 and 2017. cdc estimates overdoses kill five people every hour across the country. the white house says the opioid crisis is a priority. today a group of governors testified about opioid addictions in their state. last week president trump held a summit at the white house where he floated the idea of executing major drug dealers. so far no one in the white house has made a push for legalization even though they should. opioid related deaths in colorado decreas decreased aftey disaition of marijuana. legalization could be part of
5:19 am
the problem and what else can be done. let me bring in dr. drew pin sci, a good friend and a person who happens to do a lot of work on this area. sometimes these numbers are misleading. opioid overdoses doesn't necessarily mean deaths and it means that more people are aware there's treatment for it and more people are going to emergency rooms. >> and getting access to narcan. anybody who take as moral attitude towards drug addiction is missing what this is. this is a brain disease. i was a the opioid summit. there was no discussion about executing drug addicts or drug dealers. that is bizarre that the press reported on that. for the first time in 15 years, i found footage of myself screaming on larry king that heath ledger died, nobody is listening, nobody is getting it.
5:20 am
the first optimism i've had is at that meeting, movement by the attorney general, movement by the va to be proactive, spend some money and go after this. and what the press reports is execute drug dealers. i thought to myself, i can never believe anything that comes out of the press in the white house ever again. that's not what happened at this conference. i was optimistic. kennedy: it does a great disservice if that's where we take the conversation. if it's about criminalizing behavior. you're absolutely right. we talking about criminalizing. you talk about moralizing. a lot of people like jeff sessions are on a super high horse about marijuana and other drugs. >> look, he is -- marijuana didn't come up in the conversation. the problem with doctors prescribing opiates, drug dealers bringing in feinte fentd heroin. can marijuana be the solution in we'll see. i would much rather treat
5:21 am
somebody on cannabis than opioid. and the problem starts with my profession. i've been studying this for the past and every time it's initiated by the doctors. we give medicine to treat the conditions we created. kennedy: with ptsd and particularly are veterans, they want to experiment with cannabis. but insid instead they're givenn ideas. >> we don't have the research to know what it opiate yet. when my patient patients die, te of a ben do die a ben do die as. if they're going to die of their addiction, they die with two bottles by their bedside.
5:22 am
i'm sick of e it and for the fit time i'm optimism. kennedy: i heard a lot about marijuana. >> don't worry about marijuana. don't confuse it. we've got to get opioid under criminal. kennedy: but we have to look at things differently. >> come back to california where it's going to be legal it's not an issue in california. kennedy: we have to have a paradigm shift. we have to look at how to treat pain differently. where does pain originate there are some major issues there. >> yes, yes. kennedy: that we don't tackle in this conversation. we talk about locking people up in cages and ruining their lives when they make these transactions. >> correct. kennedy: does that treat their illness? >> no. so listen, we went through an epidemic where physicians were going to be imprisoned or find serially as a criminal act if they didn't treat pain sufficiently. that was the '90s. then jaco got involved, the
5:23 am
state boards got involved and forced doctors to prescribe for opiates. that's how that happened. we were scared to death. we need to be scared that we're prescribing too much. equally on the other side. and then we have to deal with the fact that once somebody has been addicted, when you cut them off, they're going to the street. they're an addict now. kennedy: it's cheaper to find the stuff on the street. the problem with stuff on the street, you don't know what's in it. >> that's when they die. kennedy: thank you so much. come back soon. this is a great conversation we have to can't. >> love to. kennedy: coming up, the president today holding a summit on whether video games cause violence. have we been down this road before? the panel returns to discuss in moments. stay right finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity...
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kennedy: as far as we know president trump still hasn't spoken with robert mueller. mcghan is said to have told federal investigators that trump asked him to orchestrate the firing of mule per last june. the president reportedly called
5:28 am
mcghan into his office to confront him saying he never tried to get mueller cannedin at reportedly asked reince priebus how the interview went. but the "times" admits this probably wasn't witness tampering. why does the media treater little thing as a high crime. noelle nikpor and harlan hill. let's talk about this. if something serious happened i want to know what that serious thing is. if it means the president has to be impeached and removed from
5:29 am
office we need to know what that is. but not every single thing is impeachment worthy. >> how many times are the "times" and the democrats going to cry wolf. we have been on this for 15 months. all we have seen up until this point in the case of manafort, some tax evasion. but that's not collusion with russia. let's stop dragging this out. voters deserve to know where we stand. and we need appropriate safeguard in place to make sure if there out. there was a meeting about a
5:30 am
possible back channel own lawyep quiet. don't pretend this investigation isn't happening. when mueller's team comes to you, say yes, i'm happy to help, i am sure everything is fine here. that's the best way to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. so that is the issue here. it shows trump doesn't take the advice of the people who are trying to look out for him and his presidency. kennedy: that's not a surprise. if he has reince priebus in the room or on the phone and he
5:31 am
knows reince priebus just talked to the person in the world making his life miserable. if your best friend went to a wedding and saw your ex-boyfriend. you know what? that is trump. and trump is very unpredictable. but he is predictable about asking questions where he shouldn't be asking questions. he tweets about things. if you are trump's lawyer you are probably wondering why is he doing this. >> i think he's laughing like that. kennedy: if something happens, we deserve to know what happens. >> you can't have people in power who are abusing power. >> that is of course what we would like. to have there is wrapped up and concluded.
5:32 am
but these things take time. the 23-course meal is worth it. and let the chef show you what he's got over time. kennedy: should there be a second special counsel? >> i don't know. kennedy: president trump has been adamant we need to examine the effects violent video games are having on america's youth. there has never been a scientificling established between violent video games and violent behavior. president obama introduced a bill to look into the relation between violent video games and violence behavior after the sandy hook shooting.
5:33 am
>> it doesn't hurt to have this conversation. graphic images in the media. perhaps we should do a little bit more self-reflection. in the'ertainment industry to curate this. but i don't think there should be an infringement on the first amendment rights. if the industry decide to self-regulate, great. the president can be part of that conversation. kennedy: not just video games. if filmmakers want to be less graphic, i understand. it's terrifying and unconstitutional for the federal government to reach in and tell you what to produce. >> we have been having this conversation for 25 years. you can go back to the early 90s when video games starting to become more violent than they were. but what happened at that exact same time was a national massive decline in violent crime. and you look at things like
5:34 am
school shooters and they are actually less likely to play video games than typical -- than their peers. kennedy: 85% of boys 6-18 play video games. and school shooters is only 12% of them. >> not only
5:35 am
when they are getting ready to take showers and do whatever, they don't know what's going on. kennedy: i would say the same thing about expressions of violent behavior to begin with. parents have to be the first ones to recognize that and do what they can to treat it. >> the president is having a conversation in has been a rush across the country to do something. he's having a conversation with people in the video game industry. i think he should have conversations with people in hollywood about ways appropriate. the government should play no role in legislate was appropriate. that would be an overstep. >> how do we get our g, pg and r ratings? >> describing what is suitable.
5:36 am
the entertainment software association, they are the ones who do the ratings. that's not a regulation. >> it entered on the video games because there are parental warnings. kennedy: that's self-imposed. >> the industry taking charge. kennedy: i'm all for it. if dick's doesn't want to sell guns, dick, doesn't have to. fantastic. coming up, a dozen years ago o.j. simpson hypothetically confessed to double murder for a tv special that never aired. the documentary resurfaced and we'll finally see the light. it's coming sunday night. ♪
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>> i'm going to tell you a story you never heard before. it takes place june 12, 1994. forget egg you think you know about that night base know the facted better than anyone. this one story the whole world got wrong. kennedy: oh, my god. we all know the face, we all know the trial. o.j. simpson sat down with
5:41 am
judith reagan to give a hypothetical account of what would have happened if he killed his ex-wife and her friend which he claims he did not do. the tapes have surfaced and fox news will be airing them sunday march 11 at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we have the executive producer terrance wong. tell me hugh this project came to your hands. >> the tapes from the original judith reagan under view evidently got lost, were misplaced. i think they were ware housed on the fox lot. somebody remembered they were there. as the interesting o.j. intensified in the last year with his parole in october, people began to think about maybe we should take another look at those.
5:42 am
i got the call because i'm a long time documentary producer, to look at them and evaluate them. kennedy: what did you think when you first watched the tape? >> i was mesmerized. i night was producer gold. kennedy: were you creeped out? >> he has that amazing charm, so he's trying to sell you all the time it's hard to resisted at points. then he said things i thought were strange and tone deaf. kennedy: i'm trying to look at it from his perspective. if i wanted to convince the world i didn't do this horrific crime, that i didn't murder two people including the mother of my children in cold blood, i don't think i would give a convincing explanation of how i did it. that's a level of soreee openl -
5:43 am
level of socioopen think. you documented a lot of human behavior over the years. >> judith reagan put it best. she said his need for attention is overwhelming. he can't stand being out of the limelight. he wants to be on tv. ken are's a narcissist. he's a narls sift. kennedy: what did she say about this special airing? >> she is supportive. she put a lot of work-up to it. her perspective is unique and she participated in a panel we have for people to comment as we air it. kennedy: do you think he did it? >> i don't like to have an opinion on that.
5:44 am
i do have an. kennedy: his friends came out, he either confessed to it, absolutely. he did it. >> but he was acquitted. a number of mistakes were made by police and prosecution. kennedy: he was acquitted. but you are doesn't mean he didn't do -- but it doesn't mean he didn't do it. the jury was truly compromised. the jury was so incompetent. the prosecutors who questioned him did such a bad job. even if someone is acquitted, it doesn't mean they didn't do something. what do you think people will take out of this? >> i think it's a fascinating look inside the mind of a maybe killer.
5:45 am
o.j. shares intimate details about his relationship with nicole. you get a front-row seat, a window into his psyche. he puts himself at all these seminal places in the story. at the crime scene, in the bronco, during the trial it's fascinating. what were you thinking, and he tells us. kennedy: how do the browns feel about it? >> they are supportive. i talked with denise brown. and their good family friend is on the panel. they essentially feel o.j. will hang himself with his own rope. kennedy: will this do it? is this the nail in o.j.'s cultural coffin. >> there is double jeopardy. kennedy: i'm not talking about whether he's going to be retried for murder. there are people sitting on the fence not sure if he did it,
5:46 am
will this push them over the edge. >> we have seen a lot lately that facts don't necessarily sway opinions. kennedy: he's still guilty as sin. can't wait to watch this sunday night. plenty of airlines offer first class seats. but. >> passengers got rings it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too.
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kennedy: a 16-year-old russian boy announced he's going to challenge vladimir putin for comment. rereached out to his parents but they couldn't talk, they were tied up at the time. this is the "topical storm." wee begin on airlines where they know that flying can be stressful. that's why they want you to sit back, relax and punch a passenger. this fancy lab was arguing with a flight attendant when another passenger told him to calm down. the passenger threw a dozen punches. police were brought on board to
5:51 am
remove the man and he's in serious legal trouble. his lawyers could ask for a lenient sentence like public flogging. flight attendants aren't the only ones dealing with unruly customers. starbucks workers had their hands full. a teenaged girl rode her horse scout to the drive-thru but she was denied service who explained. while they do serve unicorn frappuccinos, they don't serve horses. the news left scout with a really long face. the girl's mother returned to starbucks later to tell the what rise the just how disappointed she was. at that point she pulled out her
5:52 am
student loan bill. let's head out to indonesia's zoo where life can be a real dwrag for the inhabitants. a visitor posted videoed of this or orangutan. a zoo spokesperson says this is no reason for alarm. he only smokes when he drinks. the zoo has drawn criticism in the past. i will have a double tall frappuccino.
5:53 am
topic number four. a hartford man was busted for stealing a car last month. it's a charge he takes very seriously. that's why he was sure to arrive at his trial 15 minutes early in a stolen car. he was caught in the car in a parking lot. why take an uber when you can take your neighbor's car. he was arrested before. this hit home for me personally because the the cops also collared his passengers. they used to be the camera crew . . . . . . . such an amazing mtv
5:54 am
host. i pine for those days. mtv would never hire me now. interesting international women's day. but do we need a random date on the calendar to celebrate?
5:55 am
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5:57 am
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i destroy brain tumors with nanoparticles. i am the miracle of science with soul. and i live in city of hope. kennedy: it's international women's day. companies are falling all over themselves to market to your feminine side because you have boobies. let me tell you something. every day is women's day on ken
5:59 am
dale yeah, we are strong and you a inspiring but we are not victims and we don't need a con desending pat on the head. i don't tell my daughters they can accomplish whatever they want in spite of their gender, i tell them they can accomplish what they want because they are warriors. i will continue to high five my sisters and brothers for being good people. you can do that regardless of what's under your bathing suit and you don't need a holiday to do it. every day is women's day because we are so damn good we'll take all of them. you can follow me on facebook
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@10 the difficult nation. and seem >> lou: good evening, everybody. growing calls for the justice department to appoint a second special counsel to investigate clinton and obama corruption. attorney general jeff sessions will consider the request after two powerful house chairman agreed there is enough evidence of bias and abuse to warrant a special counsel. and the trump administration suing the state of california over the dangerous policy. the doj said california made is impossible for federal officials to deport


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