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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and just face it, you can't take it with you. south korea has major news on north korea. [♪] trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs. we are awaiting a major announcement from the white house on north korea. sources tell fox news the announcement will include an invitation from kim jong-un to meet president trump. and a commitment by kim jong-un to stop nuclear and missile testing. we'll bring that to you just as soon as it begins. we are waiting on this. it will be happening momentarily. very big news out of the white house tonight. also this thing. president trump keeping yet another campaign promise imposing tariffs on steel and
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aluminum imports. the signing ceremony said it all. the president was surround by steel and aluminum members. not members of his own party who bucked the president. attorney general jeff sessions said he's seriously considering apoints a second special counsel to investigate fbi corruption and government surveillance abuse. but will sessions follow through? we take that up tonight. our guests this evening. two of the best political analysts in the business. ed rollins and charlie hurt. and congressman sean duffy is joining me to discuss the gop's opposition to tariffs. and general jack keane on south korea's announcement expected any moment now. more on our breaking news.
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a major announcement about north korea. south korea's national security advisor will address the reporters outside the white house. sources tell fox news this will include an invitation from kim jong-un to meet with president trump. it will also cover an upcoming meeting between the south korean president and kim jong-un. the other big news. the president defying opposition from his own party, siding with the hard working men and women of america. the president make his tariffs official. a 25% tariff on steel and 10%
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for aluminum with an exemption for canada and mexico while the white house renegotiates nafta. president trump: we have to protect our steel and aluminum industries while showing cooperation towards those who are really friends of ours. trish: new tariffs take effect in 15 days. joining me, ed rollins. now a senior presidential fellow at hofstra university and fox business political analyst. i want to start with this news that kim jong-un would like to sit down with president trump. ed: i take it as a very positive thing. i think president trump's strength is what made this happen. we are attempting to go this far before. the key thing is will it begin with good faith and it will be something where the where goes in with a game plan for local
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denuclearize. obviously it's going to be a great thing for the world. if not, we can't get sucked into bad deals we have done. the north koreans have taken us to the table before and walked away at the last minute. this is a positive step. if president trump hadn't shown the strength he has with the south koreans and the threat if north korea doesn't stop this activity he'll take further steps is what brought them to the table. trish: it's now because of the president. ed: i believe so. trish: sanctions you believe have worked. ed: north korea always had a difficult time feeding its people. the lifestyle is an extra ordinarily incredibly poor one. the sanctions have only had some impact. as a leader here in this country
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that people take seriously and he says if you don't stop this, we'll take further action. if you don't back away, we can't let you be firing nuclear weapons. trish: should the president sit down with this man who many believe is not dealing with a full deck? to have somebody else sit down with him or should it be him? ed: heads of state, i think it has to be him. i think a dictator from north korea is such an ee an egotistil person it has to be trump. but president obama has to have a full action plan and have an understanding with the south, this is what we'll take and nothing else.
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>> if he goes in there and sits down with kim jong-un and says we want some rye lea -- wee relief onin on sanctions and wet a denuclearization process? >> we have to have fool proof because there have been bad actors in the past and they have not lived up to their promises. if you give them food and money, you eat the food and spend the money. that's what happened to us in the past. hugh do you negotiate -- how do you negotiate in a way where you can verify what they are doing. trish: one of the problems for kim jong-un is he might be looking at the situation and looking at history and thinking in very recent history, it didn't work out so well for
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qaddafi in libya when he gave up his weapons. even similar -- if you look at saddam hussein as well. power for these dictatorships comes from their ability to strike back. ed: he has an extraordinary military today. he'll do a lot of damage to the south with the traditional military weapons they have on that bored they have been building up 40-50 years. the nuclear gives them a capacity to go beyond their borders and to the south. and there is some kind of a way they are not moving forward. i go back to the point. every time we stepped to this table before they have taken something from us and not given anything back in the end. we have to make sure we can
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verify it far more effectively. twrish * ed rollins stay with us. we are waiting on the white house, we are waiting to hear some more about the president being invited to sit down with kim jong-un from north korea. i would like to bring in retired four star general jack keane. we have been talking about this for some time now. are you encouraged that it looks as though there is an invitation from north korea to sit down with the president? >> yes, certainly. that's a welcome event to be sure. but i think our leaders are clear eyed about the 25-year history dealing with the north koreans and how they lied to us over every negotiation and
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reneged honor deal and sought concessions to advance their technology. i'm convinced what the president's national security team will demand of the north koreans is we are not going to have discussions with kim jong-un unless the discussion at the table is this nuclear disarmament. and a plan to accomplish that. and number two he stops testing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. if those two conditions are not met, i don't believe there will be a meeting. it will put us back where we have been before for them to manipulate us and get concessions and advance their program. trish: perhaps we meet but don't give them any concessions. we are just as tough and don't give any relief whatsoever until they have actually complied. >> i wouldn't meet unless
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nuclear disarmament was already on the table. the reality is we have upcoming exercises planned with the south koreans. we put them off for the olympics. i think we continue it. we make a move on any sanctions. we know we shut down about 80% of their revenue and trade. we are trying to get another 10% with the back door shipping they have been using. so we have to keep all that on and not back away from any of that is what president trump's predecessors have always done in the past and we got nothing to show for it. trish: why do you think this is happening now? >> i don't know. it could be the normal manipulation they have always done. by an instinct it's likely more
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than that. we have never applied this level of sanctions to the regime. china has not helped as much as they are helping. the second piece of this is trump. reason i say that is, kim jong-un designed this strategy during the obama administration. he believed the obama administration would accept them and acquiesce, i think his calculation was absolutely right. trish: the south koreans are about to make that statement. >> today i had the privilege of briefing president trump on my recent visit to north korea. i would like to thank president trump and his national security team including my close friend general mcmasters. i say to president trump that his leadership and policies together with international
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solidarity brought us to this expwrungture. i expressed the president's personal gratitude for president trump's leadership. i told president trump that now meeting north korean leader kim jong-un said he's committed to achieve denuclearization. kim pledged north korea will refrain from any further nuclear tests. he understands that the join exercises in korea and the united states must continue. and he expressed willingness to meet president trump as soon as possible. president trump said he would meet kim jong-un by may to achieve denuclearization for the
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republic of korea along with the united states within japan and our many partners around the world remain fully and resolutely committed to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. along with president trump we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility for a resolution. the republic of korea, the united states and our partners stand together insisting we not repeat the mistakes of the past. and that the pressure will continue until north korea matches its word with concrete action. thank you. trish: reporters have a lot of questions as you can manage. but the south koreans simply read their statement.
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that statement said that kim jong-un would like to begin discussions with the united states, with president trump, and they are committed, they say, to denuclearization of the entire peninsula. this is a major development here this evening. will president trump accept that invitation, should he accept that invitation? and is this real? does kim jong-un mean that he would actually be willing to give up what is his source of power there in north korea, his nuclear weapons? i'm joined on set by ed rollins as well as general keane. let me go back to both of you. general, your reaction to what you just heard. >> first of all, he's meeting the conditions we established for having negotiations. that is, denuclearization is the discussion we are going to have. disarmament. and to stop testing.
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i think what we'll likely do now, even though the south koreans are i believe accurately representing what kim jong-un has told them, i think our diplomats will want to directly talk to the north koreans exactly what is going to take place at these negotiations and insure that there is no embellishment of this whatsoever. that these are the preconditions before we would agree to a meeting with kim jong-un. i think that's another step that has to be taken by our diplomats. trish: ed col hundreds, south korea is -- ed rollins. south korea is acting like a catalyst to get the president and kim jong-un together. they said kim jong-un expressed eagerness at meeting president trump. is anything being lost on the south koreans that they should
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be aware of. ed: he's put a lot on the line here as well as we have. i think the critical thing is unlike most of traditional diplomatic efforts that come out of the state department. i would urge the expertise here is just as jack keane said, i think the defense department has to be very, very involved in this discussion, and certainly general mattis, the secretary of defense has to be involved in this. it isn't swapping rice bags. it's about weapons and people with great knowledge hewitt goes -- a with a great knowledge of how it goes. the team the president puts together has to be a team with a great understanding and
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capacity. if they tried to make this a jared effort it would be idiotic. trish: jared kushner won't lead this one. ed: i think we have to show the greatest strength and knowledge of anyone sitting down. trump is not traditional and the president himself has to walk in there and show the greatest strength he has sthoin this point in time. trish: he may indeed. general jack keane, i will see you later in the broadcast. we are coming back with much, much more. stay with us. pressure mounting object attorney general jeff sessions who now says he'll consider appointing a second special counsel. we'll take up the growing calls to probe fisa abuses with jason chaffetz next. president trump blasting the mayor of oakland off her warning to criminal illegal immigrants.
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president trump: what the mayor of oak and did the other day did is a disgrace. is a disgrace. it's something we are let's begin.
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tub * we just heard from the south koreans, an invitation has been extended from kim jong-un. he he can pressed eagerness to meet with our president and would like to do so by may. we are asking the white house for more details about all of it. but in the meantime a pretty major development. is there a chance to see some kind denuclearization of the korean peninsula? accord toght south koreans kim jong-un is willing to put denuclearization on the table. general jack keane said it's an absolute must. you can't entertain a discussion unless that is the goal. joining us.
10:23 pm
former congressman jason chaffetz. the news cycle is pretty incredible. we were geared up to talk about tariffs which we'll get to later in the show, then this came. why now? >> i think it's a positive development. my guess is they rap thed up the sanctions. the united states has shown via donald trump that he was very serious about this, we have military presence. we have been unified with the south koreans and president moon who is fairly new to his office. and also the japanese. it will be underring to see what prime minister abe says about this. the sanctions are probably having an effect. i believe in peace through strength. i think the united states is showing a lot of strength and resolve. i think it's a positive development. trish: i think it is, too, and it has a lot to do with the man
10:24 pm
in the oval office right now. the reason i say that, we are look at trade agreements. i mentioned it in conjunction with the tariffs. we are looking at trade agreements aggressively in a way we previously have not done. china may hold the key to north korea. they hold the intelligence there and has the ability to nudge people in a way we can't do. now we threatened these tariffs. the sawngses worked, they cut off -- the sanctions worked. they cut off 80% of the economy. but i wonder how much the tariffs have uninfluenced china that it's work behind the scenes to get kim jong-un to think aggressively and hard about denuclearization. >> some of the senior most of
10:25 pm
leadership in china was educated in south korea. one of the things china is worried about is millions of people fleeing north korea. they are going to flee to china if they can't meet their basic necessities. that's a pressure point president trump has been keenly aware of. and over the course of a year plus, the rsh has earned a reputation that he'll actually do these tough difficult things and that has an effect. ronald wray began did the same thing. the world -- ronald reagan did the same thing. the world learned that when he said something, this cowboy, he meant it. trish: hopefully it will get more and more interesting and more and more in the way of good news for us.
10:26 pm
>> by may. trish: on wall street we had stocks closing higher. vol on the big board light at 3.1 billion shares. listen to lou's report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump calls out california politicians for their disgraceful obstruction of his immigration policies. we'll take it up with charlie hurt of the washington times and get reaction to late-break developments that an invite has been extended to president trump via the south koreans from kim via the south koreans from kim
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trish: south korean officials saying that the president has agreed, president trump has agreed to meet with kim jong-un by may.
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we're seeking confirmation on that report. again, coming to us from south korean officials. this invite was orchestrated by the south koreans and they would like to see the president and kim jong-un sit down together with them. they also said that kim jong-un has expressed eagerness to do this and that he is fully committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. joining me right now, washington times opinion editor and fox business contributor charlie hurt. wow, charlie. a big development here. hopefully a good one for the safety of the world. >> oh, absolutely. i really don't believe a word that comes out of kim jong-un's mouth, but this development is certainly better than the development not coming forward. so i think cautious optimism is probably a good thing. but the thing that really stands
10:32 pm
out to me, sitting there listening to the south korean statement today at the white house, is my gosh, what a terrible eight years we had under barack obama where there was not this engagement, there was not this attempt -- they were not taking the regime seriously enough. they had been doing tests. we knew they were conducting tests. and perhaps just maybe we could have been having this conversation a long time ago. and you know, if the estimates are accurate that north korea has developed a deliverable nuke or is within weeks or months of achieving that milestone, my goodness, man, i wish we had -- i wish we got to this place a lot sooner. trish: well, you know, you can't be a passivist when you're dealing with a dictator that has the ability to hurt your nation. and president trump has now made it clear that we're not going to
10:33 pm
allow him to have that ability. unfortunately, the chicks and hens come home to roost so to speak with each of these other presidents. it was kick the can down the road and let the next guy or gal deal wit and the next guy is there and he's not willing to kick the can down the road anymore. >> no, he's not. it really is amazing. everything that, you know, in politics we talk about third rails, nobody wants to touch the third rail. donald trump walks in and there's no third rail he's afraid of touching. but step back and consider the difference between this strategy of this president and these apparent possible results in this situation versus the obama administration's approach towards iran and the horrific agreement that they reached where they gave away absolutely everything in order to get nothing but a basic glide path,
10:34 pm
billions of dollars infused back into iran and put them on a glide path to becoming a nuclear nation. trish: i made that comparison a lot. anyway, pretty major stuff happening this evening. we're all over it tonight. >> just another day. trish: just another day indeed. we haven't even gotten to the tariff yet. thank you. coming up next, a stunning invitation, south korea says president trump has agreed to meet with kim jong-un by may. general jack keane is back. he's going to weigh in on whether or not -- he probably doesn't think he can trust kim jong-un but he'll weigh in on whether or not there's any path here towards full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. will president trump be the president to get this done.
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trish: major developments tonight out of north korea. back for reaction. retired four star general jack k keane, strategic analyst at the fox was network. general, we've just learned that the south koreans have orchestrated an invitation from
10:39 pm
kim jong-un to president trump and the south koreans are reporting that president trump has agreed to sit down with kim jong-un before may. we are working to verify that but this is what the south koreans are saying. do you think the president is accepting this invitation? >> i can't speak to that but certainly we're on a path to do that. the north koreans have met the two preconditions that we laid out. that is nuclear disarmament and stop testing. and that is -- that will bring us to the table to be sure. i would think they would want to confirm that with north korea just to make absolutely certain of it. but i tell you what, we still have to be cautious about this. it is a significant development, i don't want to minimize it, but we've been here before where they start negotiations, we give them concessions, they go partially through it, they renege on the deal and continue to develop their technology but
10:40 pm
they got the concessions. we've got to go into this and make no concessions, zero. trish: we've just learned that president trump has accepted the invitation from kim jong-un to sit down together to develop a strategy for the denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula. so a major, major development here tonight. we did hear earlier the south koreans had said that the president had accepted this and would do so before may. now we can confirm, the president has accepted the invitation. general. >> yeah. big step in the right direction for sure. and we got to avoid the pitfalls of partial denuclearization and then they walk away from the deal. and clearly the amount of details involved in this are very significant. the president won't get involved in all of the details certainly. but this is a comprehensive inspection regime that has to be put together to verify nuclear
10:41 pm
disarmament. multiple sites involved in this, research facilities involved in all of this. we likely know where most of all of that is, as do others. but we're on a good path here to be sure. and we also have to, as i said, exercise some caution because these are the people who have always consistently lied to us, they've always cheated on us in the past, always manipulated concessions out of us. i absolutely believe they know full well they're dealing with somebody they've never dealt with before in this president. as i was saying before, under the obama administration, i'm sababsolutely convinced that thy had the strategy that they could develop these weapons and the obama administration would a ac. this president right from the beginning has said denial of the
10:42 pm
capability is the only mission that we're going to accept. and if it takes military action to guarantee that, that is the united states' policy. so i think the combination of sanctions, the toughest ones ever imposed on north korea and mr. trump himself and his commitment to maximum pressure and also a credible military option has likely brought kim jong-un to this table and we'll have to see if he carries through on what he has made is a public commitment to denuclearize north korea, which is a very profound statement to be sure and a very welcome statement if he can carry through and execute at least what he's saying now. trish: certainly very encouraging for sure, general. i want to share with everyone, this is what sara sanders, press secretary for the trump administration just said moments ago.
10:43 pm
she said president trump greatly appreciates the nice words of the south korean delegation and president moon. he will accept the invitation to meet with kim jong-un at a place and time to be determined. we look forwards to the denuclearization of north korea. in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain. general, that's a critical part of this, right? you've made that point over and over again. we can't give them a thing until they actually come through with denuclearization. >> yeah. they've got to deliver. we've been fooled in the past and we've got to keep all of the sanctions on. in fact we're increasing some of our capability here and we've got to continue that increase. i also believe that south koreans and the united states should continue the training exercises they've got coming up. they put it off because of the olympics. this is normal routine business we would be doing. there's no reason not to do this.
10:44 pm
the onus is on kim jong-un with his commitment to denuclearize. that's where the burden is. he's got to convince us that this time it's real. because in the past it never, never has been real. so he's got the burden. we don't have the burden here. he's got it. trish: indeed. general jack keane, thank you so much. good to have you here. >> good talking to you. trish: next, congressman sean duffy on this breaking news that president trump has agreed to sit down were a meeting with joker's kim jong-un to talk about denuclearization of the peninsula. what a major development. stay with us.
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trish: major, major developments out of washington tonight affecting the globe. the president has agreed to sit down with kim jong-un of north korea. and they will talk about a path to denuclearize the entire korean peninsula. joining me right now with reaction to that, as well as the news of new tariffs going into effect in the next 15 days, congressman john duffy, a member of the house committee.
10:49 pm
i want the hear your thoughts on the president accepting this meeting. >> crazy news day, trish. so donald trump, you never know what you're going to get. he's a disrupter. we've implemented the same policies from the bushes to obama to clinton and donald trump comes in saying we're not going to accept a nuclear north korea, we're going to apply maximum pressure and you start to see movement. the north korean regime you can never trust them. they made promises before and they always walked them back. but this is a great sign we're going in the right direction that president trump and the kim regime will sit down and talk most likely in south korea. and the fact that donald trump understands he can't lift the sanctions yet. he has to keep the pressure on until they get a deem to denuclearize the north. trish: too often in the past they've bought time. oh yeah, we'll sit down and be easier on you and you don't have
10:50 pm
as much of an economic strain. and he's saying no, no. we're not doing that this time. >> and what's happening in the north, they're feeling the pressure of the sanctions. and they see as the pressure mounts, their whole economy can collapse. and if it collapses, he's done. so this might be the kim regime reading the tea leaves saying i better sit down and try to cut a deal before this whole thing goes under the pressure, finances, energy, they were putting pressure on ships transporting energy and oil. donald trump hasn't let one thing go and i think it's having an effect. trish: it shows no shows you thf finance, the power that you can have with other nations. with that in mind, the tariffs now going into effect. i know you have some concerns about them but do you think they're a good negotiating tool? >> i thought the president's speech today was really fan tas
10:51 pm
fantastic. i get nervous when we have tariffs because i don't want to see a trade war take place. but i also want to recognize, free trade is one thing and it has to be fair. if you have china dumping their steel and aluminum on the world market, taig ug out american steel companies, i agree with president trump, you don't have a country if you don't make steel. and here's what i think is interesting. some of my own state are pushing back on this saying what is this going to mean for wisconsin countries. think about this. we make harleys in wisconsin. and as we sell them to india or china, china has a 30% tariff on our harleys and india a 100% tariff. harley may pay a little more for the steel and the aluminum but if donald trump is successful to bring down the tariffs to have free and open trade, america's wisconsin companies are going to be better trsh an.
10:52 pm
trish: by the way, your dairy there as well. >> using steel to make a play in dairy is credit call for us. it's odd. i know we got to go but the president saying we're going to have reciprocity with tariffs and taxes on goods. he can change that. he will transform our economy well beyond taxes and regulation will be huge for the american worker. trish: it would be. >> it's whiskey too. trish: he's not scared of risks. that's for sure. congressman, thank you so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe lawmakers who oppose president trump's pro-american worker tariff plan will find themselves looking for new jobs after midterms? cast your vote on twitter a twiu dobbs. up next, president trump agreeing to meet with kim jong-un of north korea.
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♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ ♪ everything is working, working, just like it should ♪ trish: clearly kim jong-un felt the pressure, the pressure from the united states of america, by president trump. and so he's asking for a meeting and the president has agreed to that meeting, a meeting that will talk about the process of denuclearization on the korean peninsula. but the president is also saying, via his spokesperson, sara huckabee sanders that
10:57 pm
nothing will change until north korea denuclearizes. joining me right now for more on this breaking development tonight, daily caller news foundation editor in chief christopher bedford and radio talk show host mark simone. wow. i mean, is this -- is this an example of a really good negotiator at work? we now have north korea coming to the table, mark. >> well, i'll say this. the one thing president trump is not good at is kicking the can down the road. and the last three presidents have honed that skill. but he did things through the years -- i remember last year he said something nice about kim jong-un. he said you don't realize how tough this kid was when he came to power, the generals tried to stop him, he beat him. also, looking like you might drop a bomb on north korea might bring somebody to the table.
10:58 pm
and remember, trump has a long history in new york of negotiating the tough union leaders, tough mob guys, bullies of all kinds. he's very good at those negotiationnegotiations. trish: good point. chris, where do we go from here? does something really happen? do we actually see a mo monumenl change? can this president denuclearize kim jong-un and north korea? >> all of the sources that we've spoken to have indicated over the past few weeks we're closer to war than the public has realized and we're probably closer to the war since bill clinton's first term when he had stealth bomber strikes over north korea over it nuclear reactor. we assume that the leader of the north korea wants to survive
10:59 pm
president trump's time in office. but i counted before we came on air, at least eight agreements on denuclearization in the past that have been brokered with multiple parties and north korea has blown right through. you have to be cautious before you can set sail. and right now if i was living in south korea, i would be worried. >> if this were barack obama they would be rushing another nobel peace prize over to him tonight -- yo. trish: you know they would. this is a presidents frankly unlike any other president that we've had who is lef willing too things that are controversial. the tariffs being one comam. his own party doesn't like the sound of that. there's a lot of opposition in front of him whether it's tariffs, china or north korea. and he's willing to go where others have not. change you christopher bedford and mark simone thank you to all of you for watching and to my dear friend lou. congressman andy bigs is here
11:00 pm
tomorrow and make sure you join me every day on the intelligence report weekdays at 2 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. i'll see you tomorrow. good night south korea has major news on north korea. [♪] trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs. we are awaiting a major announcement from the white house on north korea. sources tell fox news the announcement will include an invitation from kim jong-un to meet president trump. and a commitment by kim jong-un to stop nuclear and missile testing. we'll bring that to you just as soon as it begins. we are waiting on this. it will be happening momentarily. very big news out of the white house tonight. also this thing. president trump keeping yet another campaign promise imposing tariffs on steel


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