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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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provide information. in china the tech companies are being closely closed in. they can't do this and that. why can't we do what we want regarding aluminumm and steal. >> >> if he doesn't do this we will lose aluminum and steel very quickly and are steel industry very quickly thereafter. this will cause huge damage across broad sectors of the economy. lauren: white house officials, to defend president trump who proposed steel and aluminum terrace, but markets are still rattled by the consequences of a possible global trade war. >> the dow lost 2% of its value sunward about trade tensions. cheryl: is still pointing to some rocky trading. dow futures down 26 points five days in a row but we have been
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down 200 points moments ago. nasdaq futures were up by five. stocks also opening slightly lower reacting to trade worries as well as a hung parliamentary election in italy. lauren: and expecting asia and japan following two thirds of 1% up almost a 10th of 1%. >> 90 years old tonight, which means he's probably at home right now watching fox news. lea: despite promising to be nonpartisan, host jimmy kimmel gets political at the oscars. we'll have all the winners and losers. "fbn:am" starts right now. featuring 35:01 a.m. monday, murch fifth-grader lauren simonetti. lea: good morning. i'm lea gabrielle in for cheryl
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casone. lauren: i did watch most of the oscars last night. did you? lea: i watched a little bit. you are right. there were more politics than i think some people have a taste for these days. overall entertaining. lauren: i enjoyed it for the most part. breaking news intensifying over president trump's plan for a new tariff on steel and aluminum. the president treated yesterday, we run the losing side of almost all trade deals. our friends, enemies that take advantage of the u.s. for many years. steel and aluminum industries are dead. time for a change. make america great again. peter navarro, the trade council director was on "fox news sunday" and he said no country should be excluded from these new terrorists. >> as soon as he starts exempting countries, he has to raise the tariff on everybody else. as soon as he exempts one country's phone starts ringing
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from the heads of state of other countries. there are note downstream price effects on her industries that are significant. the mission is to defend her steel and aluminum industry so that they survived. lauren: navarro is defending policies with host chris wallace yesterday. the president threatening to impose new taxes on european cars if the e.u. in retaliation increases tariffs on u.s. goods. commerce secretary wilbur ross on "sunday morning futures" defending the president's position. >> china and europe talk free trade and practice protectionism. they are far more protectionist than we are. take cars. our automobiles is to .5%. europe's tariff 10%. china's tariff 25%. that's a funny kind of comparative advantage. lea: republican senator lindsey
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graham: the president's plan a bad idea. >> china wins when we fight with europe and the american consumer has higher prices because of terrorist they don't affect chinese behavior. china is winning and we're losing with the terrorist regime. you're punishing the american consumer and allies for making a huge mistake here. drink it out of the business roundtable and former george w. bush white house chief is tough joss bolden warning about the risk of trade wars. >> it's bad enough in the steel and aluminum case that the treats for the president including the treats about responding a german autos on friday suggested he thinks the trade war is easy, winnable. it is him. nobody wins a trade war from especially in this globalized age.
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lea: british prime minister theresa may said she is deep concern about his plan to raise tariffs on the phone call that have been yesterday. taking a look at u.s. futures now. dow futures soar by 43, nasdaq higher by two. we've been watching them. lauren: we're dealing with the side, trade worth of inflation. more of him now with our guests. u.s. middle east policy in the center today. president trump to meet with benjamin netanyahu at the white house to discuss the crisis in syria and israeli-palestinian peace plan. prime minister netanyahu faces allegations at home is president donald trump cinema church kushner securities downgraded. he is in charge of negotiating the mideast peace process. apple's new california campus is proving to be a hazard,
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literally a hazard for employees. what's going on. tracey tracee carrasco joins us with more on that another headline. what on earth causes people to walk into walls? >> good morning. reports of employees walking into glass walls at the spaceship campus in cupertino, california. a look at the 9-1-1 transcripts. in one called the dispatcher asked what happened. the caller said we had an individual who ran into a glass wall at 10 and hit their head. they have a small cut in their slightly disoriented. we have on-site security with them right now. another one that same day where he had decided getting a little bit of a cut on the eyebrow appeared in a call two days later the injured employee actually spoke to the dispatcher directly and said i walked into a glass door and the first for apple part when i was trying to go outside, which is very silly.
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lauren: had ever walked had ever walked into a glass door before? >> i have not. apple employees taking matters into their own hands, putting posted subsidy of some direction on where to go. lauren: have done it. no injuries. it's very jarring when it happens. lea: i know somebody you broke her nose walking into a glass wall. it can be dangerous. if those employees were wearing spectacles, we might have had video of this. >> this is kind of a gamble considering snapchat took a $40 million hit on the generation of spectacles at around 150,000 units. snap is reportedly working on two new versions of the spectacle wearing camera. one is a second-generation model that offers performance improvement in new colors at the second is the more ambitious version with two lenses on a more advanced camera technology could cost up to $300.
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i heard they're also water resistance. lauren: the first bunch was so hard to get a new house when no big deal. you never see anyone with them. lea: i think it makes people uncomfortable when you see someone wearing a camera. it's kind of awkward. >> what happened at the box office? >> most of hollywood was celebrating the oscars. continuing to dominate this weekend. >> what happens now? to the rest of the world. lea: black panther 65 points, $7 million this weekend in domestic ticket sales and is one of the top 10 highest grossing domestic movies of all time for spero, jennifer lawrence earlier this weekend with $17 million in its opening weekend.
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the reboot of death wish took third place with $13 million opening this weekend. rounded out the top five, game night and peter rabbit. we will see what happens like streak with a wrinkle in time comes out this friday. we might have a new box office winner. we will see. transfer you to do so perfectly for next story. the reason why lowering its tired this morning. the 90th annual academy awards which any cable returning to host for the second aircraft in jokes about the president, the vice president and even fox news. >> she was born in mexico and raised in kenya. look between storm from the president's toilet began. lauren: o-oscar is 90 years old tonight which means he's probably at home right now watching fox news. we don't make themes like only by your your name for money. please make them to accept mike
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pence. tranter references to dreamers as well. >> dreams are the foundations of america. >> for all the dreamers out there, we stand with you. marginalize people deserve to feel like they belong. representation matters. lauren: free of harvey weinstein's accusers took the stage to present times of segments without breaking barriers in changing the culture in hollywood. lea: politics aside, was filled with some big wins. they don't know why -- this year they announced the correct winner for best picture. this year going to the shape of water. francis victor been winning best actress for three billboards outside missouri. to combat factor for the darkest hour and guillermo del pura winning best director for the shape of water. we will have more memorable oscar moment coming up later this hour. lauren: when we come back, the
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dow lost over 3%. negative for 2018 on word that it trade war wilbur ross says don't worry. >> in terms of the inflationary impact, we are talking about a total of $9 billion of terrorists. that's about one half of 1% of the economy. so this business that the sky is falling is just silly. lauren: he also said a camera talk about a penny more. this week with their market panel and a u.s. aircraft carrier arrived in vietnam in a landmark visit for the very first time, vietnam war. we will be right back.
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lauren: welcome back. the u.s. embassy in turkey shutting down today over security threats warning that americans in kara should avoid the building come to stay from large crowds and keep a low profile. not sure what security threat prompted the closure. no word on when the embassy will reopen. top south korean nonbiased are holding meetings at north korea's leader and hoping to take away talks with the u.s. both countries seeking to build on the momentum created by the north or dissipation in the
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olympics after the meeting the south korean envoys will fly to washington to consult with the trump administration. the u.s. navy making history today. and historic called to vietnam by the uss carl vinson makes the first time the ship of this size has visited vietnam since the war ended at the trip is meant to demonstrate the country's military ties at a time when china's regional influence in south china sea is growing. lea: dow futures pointing to a rocky start to the markets this morning. dow futures down over 200 points overnight. dow futures lower by 43. much of this appears to be reaction to present at times call for stiff tariffs and aluminum. from rms, shawn o'hara and michael lee of investment market advisory group. nice to see you both this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning.
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lea: president trump says trade wars are received. is this a potential trade war with casting a shadow over the market? >> i think it's got markets a little bit concerned although what is really going on is this is trump's way of starting to renegotiate some of these deals. you heard wilbur ross talk about the automobile tariffs. in europe they tax their cars at 10% and we taxpayers a 2.5%. i don't know anyone who would say that is free or fair trade. it's only free if it's fair. $9 billion worth of tax on steel, but the opening foray in what the markets are worried about more than anything is that it gets out of control and not sure it's going to get there. lea: that's the big question. the market was volatile even before the tariff controversy. where are they headed now? >> he makes a great point here that i don't see this getting
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out of control. u.s. imports as you look at that as the fifth-largest economy in the world goodbye would anyone want to get in any trade war with us? our economies on solid footing in with a much bigger stick a few bigger stick if you will than anyone else. the volatility made the headlines and has more to do with interest rates or inflation coming back. things we haven't seen in almost a decade. the reorganization of assets is causing more turmoil than his headlines. lea: the dow was up more since election day 2016. if president trump does follow through on this plane and does announce a formal decision, do you think will see another move like this in the markets or will it be muted because of the announcement made last week? >> i think the reaction to his announcements already in. there is a secondary piece to this and why he chose steel is that he's pushing an
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infrastructure plan and that is the major 500 billion to $1 trillion for the public-private partnership and i think he thinks i would be a terrific way is the part of the planned for the u.s. steel manufacturers to participate. the bigger picture as we went for almost two years without any disruptions in the market, without any bad news, anything that spooked the market in any way and now we get to the point where prices are to the level right now the p.e. ratio where things are starting expensive and all that really means at the end of the day is smaller and smaller things can have an impact. when you're treating them as some of these ancillaries may not have an impact on stock prices. when they get as high as they are, down the road maybe things won't be as good so let's start to reposition portfolios today.
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>> just to ask about your thoughts on whether this could affect the fed and interest rate hikes receive. >> i think what will impact the fed is the speed of economic growth this year. the fed is a little bit behind the eight ball and that they should have been raising more proactively in 2015 and 2016 but it got overly political. as the speed of the economy picks up, so goes the fed. whether we read three or four rate hikes is not a big deal. the big question comes to happen two or three years down the road when how fast are we going to need to construct the economy. i can imagine the sorts of terrorists having any impact on fed decisions. secretary rice at $9 billion a year is pennies to the entire u.s. economy. i wouldn't be looking to that. lea: you both have very calming voices on mass this morning.
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thank you, shawn and mark hall. >> the northeast cleans up from a nor'easter over the weekend. there's another storm on its way. fox senior meteorologist janice dean has the forecast and it certainly does not feel like spring, but starbucks is going on it new coffees. we'll tell you about that in just a bit. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lea: welcome back. let's get too caught up on what's happening now. special counsel robert mueller wiping his investigation.
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investigators look into whether united arab emirates try to gain political influence by putting money into president trumps presidential campaign. investigators are they of? beneath american businessman george nader who works closely with leaders of the uae had has been a frequent visitor to the trump white house. schools in west virginia today will be closed for the eighth straight day. teachers will not go back to work until they get the 5% pay raise the governor promised them. the state senate only wants to give teachers 4% hike putting the end of the walkout in limbo. a plot to kill guards inside an armored truck and steel, $4 million has been foiled. fbi arrested three florida man hours before the man had plans to act. you can see in video police surrounding the pickup truck. upon these coast reported one of the guards was it on the highest and robbers planned to kill the ones who weren't.
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wow. that is what is happening now. lauren: here in the northeast are without power as another storm is on its way, nine people including 11-year-old boys were killed in trees and power lines came crashing down. national guard has been deployed to clean up the mess and unfortunately, there might be more bad weather on the way. fox senior meteorologist janice dean is here tracking it for all of us. reporter: hi, ladies. winter is not over yet. let's take a look at it. first of all i want to point your attention to a winter storm across the northern plains and the upper midwest and potential for maybe severe storms as well. blizzard warnings in effect for dakotas and through nebraska. they could get six to 12, 18 inches of snow with this storm. part of this energy is what is going to create our nor'easter across the northeast wednesday into thursday. let's take a look at it moving
5:26 am
across portions of the mid-atlantic and northeast wednesday around 5:00 p.m. combining with energy i feel landscape. they won't be as strong as their last nor'easter last week, but it is going to bring more snow to areas they didn't see the smell like new york city, parts of new jersey towards connecticut. this is the one we are watching wednesday into thursday. ever he sent the e-mail. people need to be prepared because this could cripple travel along the i-95 corridor. lea: is just saying to one of my friends we haven't gotten that much snow. reporter: you just jinxed it my friend. lea: coming upcoming united airlines is is scrapping its quarterly cash bonuses for employees with the lottery. employees are not happy. we will tell you why. move over grandma and grandpa. millennial grandkid are losing
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more money than you and financial scams. debt futures lower by 32, nasdaq higher by six. you are watching "fbn:am." we will be right back. hey, what are you guys doing here? we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>> if he doesn't do this, we'll lose our aluminum deal, aluminum industry very quickly thereafter. this will cause huge damage across broad sectors of the economy. lauren: breaking news this morning. white house officials defending the steel and aluminum terrace that the markets are rattled by consequences of a possible global trade war. trying to the dallas 3% of its value. lauren: futures this morning all over the place.
5:31 am
dow futures down by 29 points. the nasdaq up by seven. >> stocks opening under pressure despite trade worries as well as a hung parliamentary election in italy. lauren: stocks mostly lower. shanghai composite inched china of inched china up about a 10th of 1%. and in hollywood. >> o-oscar is 91 years old today which means he's probably at home watching fox news. tree into better home watching fox news. despite promising to be nonpartisan, host jimmy kimmel gets political at the oscars. we will have all the winners and losers. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ lauren: 531 in the morning. i'm lauren simonetti. lea: i made gabriel and for cheryl casone.
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lauren: march 5th was the deadline for the plan for dreamers. two federal judges have temporarily blocked the administration for amending the "fbn:am" program. they could revisit the issue by march 23rd. that's in the next spending bill is due. we've had six months of back-and-forth. still no deal in sight. let's discuss our panel, president of xl alliance and creator of dreamers ventures. good morning to you. media director for campus reform. hey, guys. we will start with you. where do we go from here? >> it seems like no one wants to take responsibility because it's easy to say that the court take care of it. it doesn't really need to be such a partisan issue. a lot of americans if you look at poll numbers that they support giving protection to dreamers. it's just what comes along with it when they can come up with much of a compromise.
5:33 am
the left has stuck themselves in a box with this one. president trump is novel in a compromise. that's the reason we can't come to a deal. back in january he came out instead of at the dreamers. let's give them protection, pathway to citizenship another leftist struggling to say he won't compromise is because he did come out in think it will play poorly for them in the midterms in 2020. as a smart move because now there's some action in more compromise from the left to get something done. lauren: the left is putting on a series of political ads. we'll show you one of them. i'll ask you to respond on the other side. an ad from the aclu and puts the onus on donald trump is looking at it now, basically says trump, time for you to show the left. what is the president need to do here, leon?
5:34 am
>> the president has presented a simple one-page framework for what needs to be addressed or leased a guardrail for what he's willing to approve. baker at the fact it's turning more partisan than he needs to be. we are talking about lives, close to 1.8 million youth that have known in america as their home. 75% are employed and generated an estimated $2 billion in taxes per year. so there is a contribution, and economic value to these lies and anyone that is saying there is not a framework where the president is not willing to negotiate, needs to go back and read a simple one-page he's already put forward. excuses need to be out of the table. if nothing passes, you are letting partisan and political bias get in the way of good decision-making. lauren: do you think at this point the president has laid out his demands $25 billion for
5:35 am
border while, the anti-chain migration, do you think now is democrats that would be, for lack of a better phrase, carrying less about dreamers, not doing enough? >> many democrats in d.c. are afraid of looking like they're working with president trump because president trump because of the political kiss of death to look like you are giving president trump what he wants. but the bottom line is that's how compromise works. in this case i don't think he will play well with the american voters to look like you are willing to make a deal especially because president trump has come not willing to do that. would receive from president trump is the method in the logic we see from the white house is low, we are willing to make a compromise but at the same time we have to make sure it doesn't continue to present itself. most americans can agree number one daydreamer should have said that the protection number two we need to secure the border.
5:36 am
republicans are saying the two things don't have to be mutually exclusive. we can do both. it will play poorly for democrats moving forward if they are willing to give anything but expect to get anything. lauren: thank you so much for your perspective this morning. >> thank you. lea: united air lines getting rid of employee bonuses and replacing them with a chance to win prizes. lauren: it better be a good price. what is united doing? >> it's a good price, but you have to win the lottery to essentially take her quarterly bonus. this is something new united is doing. prices ranging from $2000 to $40,000 cash, cars, luxury vacations. you could win $100,000, that united is giving these instead of the quarterly bonus. each reaches a performance that whatever drawing eligible to enter the drawing.
5:37 am
getting one of these prizes. people are a little upset you have to win enabled to get the prize. not everyone gets the bonus even though they should. lea: most people want to pick what they get. cash is king. >> mixed reaction i think that i'm not sure would like it. truth or if you guys got a $100,000 bonus and i didn't get my regular bonus, i'd be annoyed. lea: and it's the one who wednesday, not the one who works the hardest. lauren: a new study showing the lendale's would be more up to speed with scams and how things work on mine but that's not the case. >> millennialist lost more money to scams, fraud, all of those things that people that were older. this comes from the federal trade commission. 40% of americans in their 20s reported fraud in 2017 compared with 18% of those 70 or older. here's the interesting thing. those 70 or older lost more
5:38 am
money in the scams, frauds that millennialist. the lendale's average $400 loss, does between $601,000. >> may be because they spend a little more time online. starbucks getting the new spring drinks. one of them taste, like a shot at? >> that's what i thought when i read the description. but it is a cinnamon almond milk balky auto admin hazelnut mocha coconut milk balky auto. lauren: i had one. it did remind me of spring. i didn't know was a spring drinks. tragedies are not what you think of when they think of spring that they are available right now adding to the menu available all through spring yet hot or cold. we will see. lauren: did you like it? >> i have a habit and i thought immediately this sounds like for
5:39 am
chavez. lea: if it suitcase could all make me happy and has caffeine in it that's all that matters. lauren: coming up, everybody. it was oscar night last night in hollywood and despite his promises, post jimmy kimmel could not avoid talks. >> we don't take things like call me by your name for money. we make them to upset mike pence. lauren: a look at some winners will call them sinners and a little bit. traders in london with a potential trade war and a political family after the elections in italy. we will go live to london. we will be right back. ♪
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lauren: stars at hollywood's biggest event of the 90th annual academy award for our show included powerful speeches, and not to the times movements commend me to movement and some really big wins. lea: here to talk more about it as wpa chief film critic mike stargell. nice to see you. thanks for coming in so bright and early. >> i just stayed up late. lea: first of all, were you surprised the big wins? >> the only real surprise to me would the kobe bryant would win
5:43 am
an oscar. so i have a few tips that he would not only win an oscar, but also to meet to movement after what he's been through. lauren: the first-ever african-american to invest original screenplay for get out, which is not your traditional oscar. it was good but not sure traditional film. >> what he did his reminded you with the horror genre can do. genre films, science fiction and comedy can talk about things you couldn't talk about without being heavy-handed. i'm making a film that is scary and just with grief and relationships and other things like that. lauren: and can make you laugh. >> and make you run. trade to the times of movement. princess made a powerful acceptance speech where she
5:44 am
asked other women to take a stand. listen to this. i want your reaction. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. the actors come and join everyone if you will. the filmmakers, producers, directors, look around, everybody. look around ladies and gentlemen because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. lea: are they overshadowed and we are missing more of this? >> the oscars have long been a place where they could say something of importance. i think of any group, women have felt it the most in hollywood. there wouldn't be a casting couch if there was anyone in. the idea that it's gone is something to be celebrated. lauren: ryan seacrest had a tough time on the red carpet last night.
5:45 am
basically nobody spoke to him aside and she appeared to head to head the allegations. listen to what he said. >> the universe has a way of taking care of the good people. you know what i mean? lauren: her eyes said it all. when you make of that? >> the same thing you do. she is someone who's got a very thin filter. so i think -- lauren: how about jimmy kimmel? >> he did great. he's a breath of fresh air. i don't know how much he writes his own staff, but if you know jimmy kimmel come you see his brand. >> he does bring politics into it but in a fun way. no stone untouched. >> that's the way should be. if you face things head-on, people can look at it and laugh
5:46 am
and relax a little. lea: do people like it when they hear from and politics? >> some people do, some people don't. some people think you have no way. but if you're a performer in the limelight, who else is going to do it? lea: we had no blockbusters this year in terms of the movies up for oscars. lea: that's a good point. >> it is a good point. ratings are effective because people can watch the highlights on youtube or something after. not because of politics because viewing habits are changed. thank you for getting a. we really appreciate you being here. coming up, winning his first tournament since 2013 just are not a playoff. traders in london with the global trade where as a stalemate after elections in italy will go live to london. let's take a look at u.s. stock
5:47 am
market futures kind of all over the board this morning. last look, dow futures lower by three. almost positive. but the team. watching "fbn:am." we'll be right back. ♪
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lauren: welcome back to march madness has arrived. college vasco takes over the nation for the next several weeks. >> filling out their brackets. >> could you guys have in your brackets? trade have got to introduce jared max. >> who do you have in your
5:51 am
brackets? lea: i haven't done one. >> you still have some time. next on the selection sunday so i have all the teams. yesterday we saw five schools including virginia's bradford university. watch this. >> .ago. shows for the win. first time in nine years for bradford. get into the ncaa's. murray state university into the ncaa tournament. also loyola chicago. michigan wolverines for the second straight big ten tournament. lipscomb university, private christian college. let's get the atlantic sun conference tournament including the men's basketball tournament. pretty wild stuff.
5:52 am
sir roger bannister, first to make the died at the age of 88. we saw something else that we have never seen before and it involves speed. an important but not fully formed left-hand amputated at the age of four not invited to the nfl combine who one day after bench pressing 225 pounds with a prosthetic and became the fastest linebackers since 2003 to run the 40-yard dash swiftly. griffin tended -- becoming -- unbelievable. something else we haven't seen in a long time. phil mickelson won a golf event. scored his first win since the 2013 british open span of 112 events. justice thomas and then missed a 10-foot shot. new mexico championship, a big day in between the last one.
5:53 am
all of last year, kevin hardwicke went to nascar races because of a second wind in as many races. herbert quentin at las vegas motor speedway the spins three national nascar series. congratulations to feature in the hall of fame or kobe bryant. his retirement home was turned into a short motion picture won an academy award and also winning a documentary icarus at the doping program that is brought the olympic standing which is why we had the olympic athletes in russia and couldn't compete under their own flag. a lot of people speculate on whether they may have been involved in doping. >> a couple more in these past couple games. lea: you can catch jarod's sport
5:54 am
report on sirius xm channel 115. lauren: coming up, italians to liberate another blow to europe's establishment. while populism search? we will be right back. the is
5:55 am
5:56 am
lauren: a time voters give analyst to antiestablishment politics handing the populist
5:57 am
five-star movement in italy had a strong showing in the general elections yesterday. talk about what's going on in london, see what it means for europe overall. chris beach in the i.t. group. when you make of the italian options yesterday? >> i think you should send a bit of a chill down the spine of policymakers. there is a worry that they get departed even if they have time or trouble putting together a government. there's a lot of discontent with the current situation in the area. the markets are relatively calm this morning. european embassies doing relatively well. there's a sense the coalition will have to be fought and promises growth and compromises made. actually very muted, but it does provoke worries for the future for european reform which is still a big issue here. lea: chris, and he worked the euro longer-term? >> i think we are still seen as strong buying in the euro. the ecb will still look to end
5:58 am
qb in the next couple of years to provide the fed the euro. it has paid longer-term very strong. this is really in the works this morning. lauren: italians seem to be fed up with this status quo. they are the third-biggest by size in the european union. but they are still struggling. so voters are showing discontent. >> but if you look back at the prime minister referendum to shake up the economy and service unless they are making. you can understand the discontent there. lea: would understand that to call me to steal and eliminate tariffs? >> that's an interesting thing because they should be sold to the u.s. government e.u. level and the u.k. ambassador say this
5:59 am
kind of reaching out might help to relieve this impending trade war. a big risk for market if this gets into something nasty and quite elevated. we are watching this move quite hopefully. lauren: we certainly are. maria: thank you for watching us on "fbn:am" this morning. boo to say good morning and happy monday to maria bartiromo. maria: happy monday and good morning, everyone. i am maria bartiromo in its monday, march the third top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. getting tough on trade at the world has reacted to the trade talk. administration officials fighting back against criticism. wilbur ross address the potential impacts of tariff increases that began b. on "sunday morning futures." >> the important fact there are
6:00 am
more people working in steel consuming industries than steel producing. the important fact is how trivial these event fired -- amounts are relative to their business. that's the proper measures. maria: trade debate driving stocks lower. dow industrial close to read for the fourth day in a row on friday that the longest losing streak in five months. dow industrials down 71 points. take a look at a bit of a bounce after the start of trading this morning. the future is bright showing a gain of 11 on the dow, 22 on the nasdaq. markets are higher this morning watching the election in italy and results they are yet get to show a clear winner but the populist party looks to gain significant ground. in a shed, stocks mostly lower. the chinese government laid out plans for economic growth setting the target is 655% growth for the year. the details as they


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