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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 2, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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in china the particular companies are being completely closed in. so why can't we do what we want regarding aluminum and steel. lou: mark simone and rebecca rosen, good night. kennedy: another big shakeup at the white house. what happens now that hope hicks is leaving. i'll ask anthony scaramucci. the president making a big decision on aluminum and steel tariffs. is it the right move? we'll ask brian brenberg. ambassador john bolton versus michael star hopkins who will survive? turn on the oven, it's time to get cookin. you would think the white house communications director, hope hicks is taking her chilled
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cheek bones and limited profile and sauntering out of the west wing in what many are calling a planned resignation. she has been president trump's body woman' and at six months the longest lasting communications director. former loveable spokesman sean spice were with interim comm director. it's been filled by jason mirl and mike duffy. he only lasted 3 months. then there was anthony scaramucci. brash, plain spoken and loyal. he only war thes comm stash for 10 days. never was there such a two-sided coin as the current occupant of the white house.
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those who are left in the wake of the ss trump, we concede he's a man who inspires great loyalty and you can bet speaks for himself. let's get on with the show. i'm kennedy. so hope hicks is leaving and soon another brave soul will take her place. until then, what is it like to run the communications wings of the trump white house. joining me, anthony scaramucci is back. >> i didn't think i was going to get a picture up there, then you showed me at the end. i don't know what it's luke's to run's communications department. i was only there for 11 days. i don't have regrets abouting leaving, i was fired. i put a whole communications plan together that was released -- somebody leaked it
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and put it up on the internet it was a nine-page plan. i hope that a lot of stuff i had in that plan -- the number one thing is to keep the president on message. kennedy: why have there been so many communications directors in a short period of time. sca>> in my case i was caught oa story i thought was off the record. and i used a couple of poor words, curse word, so general kelly decided he was going to exercise some level of authority by firing me instantaneously over talking a few curls words. kennedy: was that unfair? >> i think most of people know it's unfair. i took it like a gentleman and i took it like a je gentleman. but when you see he's covering
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up for guys smack their wives. when you look at it, we don't want to be in the wife beating enabling party. kennedy: would you go back to the white house? >> no, i don't think there will be an opportunity for me to go back. i'm too outspoke, i'm too much much a new york. i want to call balls and strikes like i see them. i'm 54 years young. not 54 years old. kennedy: as you said, hope hicks used some of your plans. very quite and low profile. what kind of personality type will work in that position? >> good question. the president will have to make that decision. it's definitely not me. i'm too opinionated. i'm too honest by the. people say they want the truth
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but they don't want the truth. i think the president is being to be well-served by people that allow him to be the president. and they allow him as corey lewandowski and david bossie said in the book, let trump be trump. if the president watches your show, i would say go back to being trump. kennedy: do you still talk to him? >> i probably talked to him three weeks ago. i talked to him a few times after bannon was exposed to be the guy i said he was. if you read-my evaluation take out my curls words, it's what i said about bannon. i don't talk to him that much. kennedy: dose say you were right be i was wrong, i feel bad. >> that's not his personality. >> i was trying to help him. i'm a loyal guy. i worked on this since 2016.
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i you gave mid 6 figures to the pac, the presidential trust and inaugural. i put my money where my mouth and heart and soul is. i like the president and his family. kennedy: have you take and hit? >> i haven't measured that. and i don't care it's a high price to pay for being the president's friend. when i look at our country and see the working class i lived in, aspirational working class turning into the desperational working class, we have to disrupt the system on the swamp. kennedy: are you still loyal to the president? >> i am very loyal to the president. i think what they did to jared is disgraceful. >> is that downkelly's snawlt. >> i think it is john -- is it john kelly's fault?
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here is how the swamp works. we'll hit you and leak on you. then in our moment weakness we'll drop two more water balloons on you, and see if we can build a wall of shame to live in. let's let your viewers know what the timing is. we are going to make a move on jared. reduce his security clearance. he's opposite a temporary one, we won't give him a permanent one. we'll slow roll number the swamp. then we'll hit him with a "new york times" vicious article. but in the meantime he's an american entrepreneur. kennedy: who is spearheading that effort? >> i don't know. it was priebus and bannon. kennedy: who is there now to do that? >> i don't know. it would take me two or three days to figure it out. i would have to be in the system
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to figure it out. kennedy: do jared and ivanka like you? >> i get along with them great. i think i had a good relationship with them, they realized they had a problem. you go back to the summer. the leaking, the political diabolical nature not carrying the president's agenda. it was off the charts and ridiculous. i probably made 10 phonebooks of mistakes in my career and five of them the 11 days i was in the white house. i was handling it like a business executive and entrepreneur ceo instead of a political operative. ing. kennedy: is the president's decision on the steel and aluminum tariffs. is that right decision?
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>> the headline risk is very, very bad and i don't like trade wars per se. but if he's look for symmetry. what i would say is that the country needs by lateral symmetry in these trade deals. for 71 years after the second world war we side asymmetrical trade deals. we don't want to overtip it. once the market loses confidence in the economy and the mark it thinks the government will put its ugly hand into the system. kennedy: it revs up consumer confidence. >> you want to hit the right note, imposing steel tair tariffs smells like the wrong thick to do at this point. it's nice to see you again. you are always open and honest
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when you are here. >> you are great, i appreciate it. like you, i don't let anybody else define me. i want to define me. but you have got better legs than me. i don't know if you are aloud say that on tv. i could get in trouble for that. i have a high torso. kennedy: hope hicks resignation wasn't the only thing to happen in the white house. the president voiced support for restrictions people on the right are against like expanding universal background checks and upping the age to buy guns. steve scalise was shot last year playing softball. >> there is a lot of talk. we are putting that on the side. president trump: you know i'm your biggest fan in the whole world.
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i think that maybe that bill will pass. but it will pass as a separate. if you are going to put conceal carry into this bill we are talking about a whole new ballgame. i am with you, but let it be a separate bill. if you add conceal carry to this you will never get it passed. kennedy: the president was also open to certain suggestions from democrats. here he is cozying up to dianne feinstein. >> incidents and deadr death. when it ended you see it's going up. senator murphy and 26 of us have co-sponsored a new bill. i would be most of honored if you would take a look at it. president trump: i will. >> we'll get it to you and let us know what you think of it. president trump: i will, thank you very much. kennedy: is the president's gun control stance going to muddy
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the waters? kennedy: we have democratic strategist and new jersey senate candidate michael hopkins and john bolton is here along with ww superstar dolph ziggler. welcome, gentlemen. the democratic senator from minnesota said this about the president. you saw the president saying 10 times he wanted to see strong universal background checks. democrats must be very happy with this strange meeting. >> you see the smile on my face, this is what we have been talking about the last two or three years. trump is not a have you can or democrat or ideologue. whatever is in the room with him is who he'll agree with. he's kind of an opportunist. kennedy: senator john cornyn
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called the meeting surreal. he said it was fascinating television and surreal to actually be there. i think these open meetings are great. they are entertaining. but they can be dangerous for the president. who is ever sitting closest to them has his ear and it seems they canbend him to their will. >> i don't read it that way. i think the president makes decisions and comes to opinions that is typical of many americans. they have an idea, they say it, then they hear reactions to it. that's not the way i do my ideas. i sit in a dark room and where it out then it in an o hd in an op-ed in the newspaper. the president isn't doing this
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in private conversations. he's doing it on television and people are not used to that. i understand that. i am not sure you can derive from that conversation what his final plotion be. but i -- final position will be. but i think there is something very appealing to the people to see a president behave that way. i. i think it's part of trump's appeal it's risky, but it's certainly his personality. kennedy: we have never seen anything like the. it's truly a post-modern presidency. but can you walk it back? you have the nra who endorsed him so early. you have republicans in congress who are opposed to what he's talking about. >> these open meetings, it's
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awesome. you don't know what will be said and what will take place. maybe whoever gets his ear the last minute they will talk about it. but he is going to tbaict at some point behind the scenes. not just hey, man, this is what we need to do. no matter what the case is, we see he's not a republican, he's not a democrat. kennedy: especially on this issue. >> i like the honesty about it but it makes it hard for either party to legislate. kennedy: last word, ambassador. >> what he said in that tv clip and tv interview is not necessarily his last position. what you saw is thinking in process. >> we have never seen it before. kennedy: the party panel returns later in the show. we are going to play party swap.
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kennedy: president trump make a major trade decision that could affect the price of everything from new cars to a six pack of beer. the white house announced they will be imposing a tariff on steel and aluminum that comes into the u.s. the industries that use a lot of the metals are saying it could cause them to raise prices. is protecting the steel and aluminum industry worth the trade-off? the professor economics brian brenberg from the king's college. >> this is hitting people's pocketbooks. what are people going to do with the savings from their tax cuts this year. we have been talking about the potential of these tax cuts putting more money to work, then
12:21 am
we have a policy that says we'll probably see prices go up because the key input steel and the key input aluminum will get more expensive. it's not just a macro issue. it's what main street thinks. it's amazing when you add up the numbers. you have of.5 million people in this country whose jobs are effectually affected by steel. and 17 million people compared to 140,000 who work in steel. these are big differences and we ought to think what the long-term effects are on people's job. i am an economist and not a politics guy. you have to think how it affects the election. kennedy: we are already on the
12:22 am
precipice of inflation. that's a worry right now. if you have more expensive products affected by the price of steel, that will exacerbate. that's one of the unintended consequences you are pointing to. >> we talked about crumbs increase an --incessantly when o nancy pelosi. and these little margins make a continues for people. it shows up in inflation numbers. you wonder why the stock market is moving around so much? that has toaferg do with our expectations that drives interest rates whether you can buy a home or a car. this is a main street industry. that turns out to be a heck of a lot of us. kennedy: people get very, very nervous when they start hearing about inflation. >> you know what else, people in
12:23 am
agriculture get nervous. what do other country does. what does europe and china do. harley davidson, sorgum, cheese, already all sorts of products moving back and forth. that will flow down into the job creation. last year we created 200,000 manufacturing jobs. that's awesome. that's not going to happen in the future if all those industries are paying more for their products. kennedy: if you ever wondered what it would be like if john bolton took the liberal point of view. he'll take on michael star hopkins to argue policies with a twist.
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. the president ignited a feud
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with his attorney general, and the president suggested seizing guns before due process, and imposed a steel tariff. how does the media keep up and are they focusing on the right things? let me ask howard kurtz. how on are you supposed to cover all these things in such a short time? howie: you are covering jared and ivanka and hope, ban all of a sudden he's imposing gun regulations and he named the campaign manager for 2020. it's a constant churn much news. kennedy: where should the press be reporting first? >> i always say let's focus on
12:29 am
the agenda, things that affect people's lives. howie: it is a central feature of the trump white house and you can't ignore it. but on economics and this gun issue, i don't think the president has gotten much credit from the mainstream media for trying to pull together something from both parties on the gun issue. i think if i had to defaulty only any of thoilts would be those issues. kennedy: what is the danger of these stories getting lost in the shuffle? >> it is a bit of a chaotic environment. the president thrives on chaos. he always wants to have the narrative revolve around him. when he's doing 15 things at once, he's dominating every hour
12:30 am
of every news cycle like he did in the campaign. and on the guns and mental health and arming teachers. the company kateed stuff gets overshadowed by the sexy palace intrigue, who's fighting with who, house out the door stuff. kennedy: absolutely. and it does eat up a lot of our emotional political energy. what is most of important and hopefully responsible outlets will do that, and the rest you can leave on bravo. are you tired of political pundits screaming at each other while repeating the same rehearsed lines over and over again? so are we. one of our guests came up with
12:31 am
an idea to have our liberal and conservative guests argue the opposite position. party swap. here is how it works. our liberal michael star hopkins will argue for the conservative side. our conservative ambassador john bolton will do the opposite. and dolph ziggler will ask divisive political questions and referee. let's start this foreign policy position of party swap with question number one. >> for both of you. north korea, attack or appease? >> absolutely we should attack. why wouldn't we? we don't really have a plan. and we know how attacking countries without a plan always perfectly gooppeds idea. america first. >> great answer. kennedy: we have a lot of the guns and missiles.
12:32 am
>> ambassador bolton, same question, attack or appease on north korea. >> if the united states stops showing this hostile intent north korea would obviously give its missile and nuclear program and we could have peace on the peninsula. the real problem is the constant rhetoric' by the united states, and if we return to diplomacy we solve the problem. kennedy: ambassador bolton, how much should we give north korea? >> i think we need a piece of the brave. we should be prepared to make these concessions in good faith to show to the north korea yants
12:33 am
we descroanlts whose tile intent. this will work with iran, too. kennedy: what will we give iran? >> we have given them everything and look how it's work. >> i think we should call on wikileaks to release the emails. still, north korea still. kim jong-un, north korea's i van yeah trump or a gutter monster? >> i would have to say she is a dime. i'm a big fan. she has a little bit more of a kill in her. what can i say. that icy disposition. that's how i like my women. >> if mike pence had reached out to her and sheen little bit much grace, wev would have peace on the korean peninsula right now. you had the hockey teams playing
12:34 am
together. why aren't you devoted to this? >> that's what democrats always want, peace when we can have war for the economy more money can be made. kennedy: ambassador bolton, can you hug with nuclear arms? >> i think by demonstrating our peaceful intent we could have hugs around the world. no doubt in my mind. it just takes a little leadership. if we could get that we could hug it out and we would be fine. >> socialism right here. question number three. >> afghanistan. time to pull out for good or another surge of troops to fix everything. >> pulling out never works. what we need to do is continue to drill down. we need to make sure we hammer them over and over and over
12:35 am
again. america first, we are the best. >> i believe the taliban is just agrarian reformers at heart. all they want isness their valleys and instead we send in troops and we have had 19 or 20 or 30 years of the warfare. i'm convinced we send in the peace corps instead of the ma reents we would have peace in afghanistan. >> build a wall around afghanistan and leave the commies there with them. >> ambassador bolton, hillary clinton was obviously the most of amazing secretary of state this country has seen. >> i think hillary clinton needs to make a comeback. we know the russians stole the 2016 election, that's clear. so with that on the table hillary is an ace to get the democratic nomination.
12:36 am
she will win overwhelmingly. >> but her emails. >> they were purchase loind by the russians. >> no collusion, fake news. we are making america great again. lock her up. lock her up. lock her up. kennedy: you have to pick a winner. >> did i get that right? >> this is the most of amazing thing i have ever been a part of. you are both winners. you are both winners. we are all winners. you just won. congratulations. kennedy: aclu card obviously. thank you gentlemen so much. that was even better than expected. >> i can't tell you how much i enjoyed that. kennedy: fantastic. he's digging for gold in the most of far reaching and treacherous places.
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kennedy: there is gold out there if you are willing to find it. he's mining for gold old-fashioned way using his hands and basic tools like the
12:41 am
original miners of the 1800s. but does it go well? >> it's impress yaivment of [bleep] that can go wrong in three days. we [bleep] back. i don't think we could have planned a better disaster. >> we should hit the road. >> we are burning daylight. >> let's burn daylight walking. kennedy: here to discuss more of the troubles on the trail. the star of "gold rush" second season premieres march 30 on the discovery channel. obviously the first season you were in the uconn and that was cold. -- you were in the yukon, and there was frost bite and hard sad water.
12:42 am
then you go south america where it's warm. but you are not using heavy metal machinery. but there are spieders you said the size of softballs. which is worse? the spiders that could eat your face? >> the spiders definitely weren't very fun. it was like much hotter than warm. it was 100-110 with 100% humidity. kennedy: why did you go back to the old school tools? >> there is no infrastructure there. so we couldn't have gotten the equipment in if we had wanted to. kennedy: if you are sitting there panhandling which is what you are doing when you are mining with old school stuff, what is the one tool you wish you could have had?
12:43 am
>> the one tool? our mechanic. kennedy: what could he have done for you? >> we brought money and rented basic pumps. we begged and bartered. we didn't steal anything. and it was old junk. you will see it was tough. just from a mining stand point, it was really hard it was going back to the way they mined 100 years ago. kennedy: is it fruitful? >> for a lot of people it is. they find raw diamond. kennedy: did find diamond? >> we saw people finding diamond. kennedy: did you steal them? you don't go around stealing stuff. if i did i wouldn't tell you. kennedy: are you really 23?
12:44 am
you have almost as many numbers in gold as years. >> we spent a lot of money to find all that. i'm rich in friends. kennedy: that's lovely. you sound like a dirty hippie. >> maybe i am. you got a problem with that? kennedy: absolutely not. you are from alaska. what are you supposed to be? >> a dirty hippie. kennedy: is it life changing? i haven't seen it yet. is it life ending? >> no, no lives ended. there was a situation toward the end of our trip that was pretty sketchy. no lives were taken. kennedy: did someone mug you or get a parasite? >> we got in the middle of a large disagreement. kennedy: with some of the locals? >> yeah. kennedy: you would be longing
12:45 am
for frostbite to snap your fingers off. >> despite all that, i did love guyiana. the people were super friendly, 99% of them. but the spiders and the snakes, and all that stuff -- kennedy: good luck with all that. the series premieres march 30. the series premieres march 30. three masked gunmen ord
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that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. kennedy: i would luke to wish a 74th birthday to the who singer roger daltry. there is no more pinball wizard but there are print of shuffleboard wizards. blow out the candles. this is the topical storage. we begin at pizza hut which payment official pie of the nfl monday. three armed robbers stormed into
12:50 am
this pizza hut demanding cash. but he knew how to fistfight. not only did he scare off the robbers. but when the cops showed up they punched the horses for good measure. no one was injured, nothing was taken and no property was destroyed which is more than you can say about an eagles victory celebration. a new jersey man got so drunk at a west virginia frat party -- he accidentally ordered an uber back to new jersey. the good news is he made it home safely. the bad news is it cost him $1,650 plus tips. he says he blacked out during the party and woke in an suv an
12:51 am
hour from jersey. the driver said he ordered an uber xl. and his surge drinking prompted him to order surge pricing which doubled the bill from $800 to $1,600. perhaps worse of all, he was in new jersey. if you are going to get plastered you should designate someone to handle your text messages from what i heard. topic number three. speak of drunk people. mtv renewed jersey shore reunion for a second season. and the first one hasn't even aired yet it sends a powerful message to young children where. that message is skip school and hit the bar, it pays way bert.
12:52 am
gtl. the crew find the family in miami. the show features all the same hookups as the original. but does not feature sammy girks ancola. she says she doesn't want to deal with the drama. if we are being honest, mtv will put anyone on air. if you think it's bad now, you should have seen the bozos they were using in the 1990s. topic number four. last week we told but a chicken shortage that closed 900kfc restaurants all over great britain. it turns out they also use real gravy and they are out of that, too. kfc reopened 270 restaurants this week, but a distribution
12:53 am
challenge left customers without their gravy. come on, man, how do you run out of gravy at kfc, that's essential to the experience. that's like running out of weed at taco bell. kfc apologized to their customers for the shortage but perhaps they should apologize to pitsa hut because they were deceived by people look for condiments. the official pizza chain of the nfl will probably never catch them because nobody the envelope where knows what a catch is. topic number five it's said absence makes the heart grow fonder it's been three weeks since i spewed out your hatred on tv.
12:54 am
let's see if you have gone the any kinder. regina sounds off. kennedy is nothing but a bag of hot air. she is disgusting. first and last time watching "kennedy." regina rhymes with -- i can't say it. john writes, kennedy is a nitwit. slow down, dranld grandpa. michael tweets those blonds highlights on the bottom. what happened? did your hairdresser go blind. kennedy: no, you insensitive ass he was never cite. i was doing a favor. hawk says she is a four-eyed bug bap are you doing, hawk? coella says thanks to your show i can watch your show and fall
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asleep in five minutes or less. your show is a public service. god bless you. kennedy: you send people into a coma, freak. the "nightcap" is next.
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kennedy: keith richards says rock 'n roll won't die anytime soon. richard told the telegraph that he's now stone cold sober. it's one of the signs of the apocalypse. he says he can't get no satisfaction from drugs anymore saying drugs are not interesting these days. very institutional and bland. by the way, i have done them all. by conservative estimates keith richards has done more drugs than a elaborate. there may not be any more co-kind his bum, time is still on keith's side. the band is hitting the road this summer. once they start him up, they never stop. god bless you, keith. and thanks for watching the show tonight.
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