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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of disaster here. byron, we are out of time. byron: thank you, lou. lou: that's it for us. thanks for b the [cheers and applause] into the end zone, touchdown, alabama wins. lauren: breaking news this morning that the crimson tide: &-ampersand overtime win against the georgia bulldogs for the college championship and president trump was there for kickoff. train to the president trump today will meet with gop and democratic lawmakers to come up with a plan for immigration. trenton investors still bullish with the s&p and nasdaq hitting new records that the dow edged lower all year. features this morning looking lower. about 40. train to look a european markets as you can see also off to the
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upside today. lauren: japan's nikkei gaining half of 1%. and then there's this. >> no running for office of any kind for me. train to opera back in october. if oprah's not going to run, one investors gobbling up weight watchers tax. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york tuesday, january 9th. good morning, lauren simonetti. train to good morning, sheryl simonetti to sony. -- cheryl casone. lauren: do we really need another celebrity president. a lot of women say yes we do. train to have that story later on in the show.
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the breaking news overnight. the alabama crimson tide are national champions this morning in their battle with georgia certainly lives up to the hype after finding back. alabama with a chance to win in overtime. the field goals went wide left, but they got another chance with their true freshman quarterback who took over in the second half. he launched it 41 yards. alabama wanted 2018 national champions 26-23. >> second win in three years. the president attended the game. so cited mercedes-benz stadium, thousands of fans stranded in the rain and cold because of the extra security. foods inside the stadium seemed friendlier as he walked onto the field to a booming chorus of
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cheers with military members by aside, president trump stood near the 40-yard line with his hand on his heart as the national anthem played before the game got underway. jared max with all the highlights of the show. we are going to have cheered later. back in washington, president trump is scheduled to meet with bipartisan members of the senate to discuss immigration reform today. congressman republican will hurd and pete aguilar and nothing they have an agreement on daca. their plan is focused on finding a way to give recipients green cards while increasing border security as well. lauren: lawmakers hope their plan will set a foundation for a deal between the public and in coming days. adam shapiro from here. >> good morning. the white house is a bipartisan effort to reach some sort of compromise in negotiations over
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immigration in the daca deal in order to get to a funding agreement to meet the january 19th deadline with the u.s. government runs out of money. all of this is on the table appeared key is the immigration reform deal. democrats want for the young people brought here over the years illegally. the administration wants confirmation and a commitment to increase border security funding to build a wall as well as as well as an end to chain migration. marc short, director of legislative affairs said this on fox yesterday. >> we are anxious to create a budget cap to budget cap to go to rebuild our military. that is a priority. the democrat position has been to say we are not going to agree to additional spending until there is a agreement on daca. our troops are working so hard to protect it so very position on illegal immigration. reporter: while democrats and
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republicans will meet to discuss the immigration deal, there's also negotiations on capitol hill regarding lifting spending caps in the u.s. government doesn't run out of money january 19th. that year. train to investors talking about this story. jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon not concerned about president trump's mental fitness. in an interview with an interview with her. we put her on the city thinks it is a political distraction. >> the president is criticized a lot. his skeptics are questioning his mental health. is this something you worry about? >> i don't like the politics of people insulting each other at all. anyone come after. it makes me kind of angry. especially taking people down. but i focus on his policy. policy, policy, policy. i'm not going to get into personalities. train to get the entire
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interview on "mornings with maria." lauren: stay tuned. the trend administration proposal to help: nuclear power plants rejected by federal energy regulators. rick perry said the country's electric grid could face a rising risk of outages as well as price spikes because many: nuclear plants are under threat of closing. but the republican-controlled and this is amazing to a is amazing, federal energy regulatory commission says they had not provided enough evidence that his proposal. train to to and historic meeting between two koreas in the first face-to-face meeting in two years. north korea agreed to send a delegation to the winter olympics in the south next month. the the delegation would include the delegation that included athletes can mature leaders the delegation that included athletes can mature leaders and journalists praised south korea voice in its desire to discuss pyongyang's nuclear program, but the north did not show a clear response to the requesting today's meeting. the men have been a taxpayer open it up saying there is a
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scenic journey taken by two less than one traveling which says to me they are trying to reach out to the south. maybe sanctions are working. lauren: will discuss that with two guests and ebay. google is getting slammed by a former employee claiming the company is biased. train to this is interesting. tracee carrasco has that along with some other headlines. >> google is facing two dueling lawsuits. the former google engineer fired after writing a memo said just the men were better suited than women for certain tech jobs and another google engineer saw the lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against conservative white men alleged that google is a hostile workplace for employees whose conservative views in the company and favorably favors women in hiring and promoting. here's what he said last night on making money with charles
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payne. >> there is continued harassment and clear sabotage a 91 that a conservative viewpoint and there is constant shaming and attacks against white men within silicon valley. it's really hurting google's employees, google and everyone that uses google's products. >> they are seeking class-action status incomes less than week after for female google employees filed a lawsuit also seeking class-action status alleging google pays and promotes men more than women. cheryl: interesting. he's making a lot of waves because they been stowed politically correct. the golden globes, talking about oprah, how are the ratings? >> not as good as they hoped. 19 million tuned in sunday night to attend a three-hour long golden globes, the ratings are
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down from last year it had a six-year low of 18-49 demographic. this is hollywood's first of a show since the revelations of harvey weinstein sexual-harassment and sexual assault shook the industry and confronted what has become an exposed widespread problem in hollywood in a seaside oprah gave iranian lifetime achievement award. lauren: speaking of the speech everyone's been talking about sense, it is doing wonders for her brand, weight watchers. >> this is interesting here. this beach oprah gave about sexual harassment and abuse case in speculation that she could maybe run for president in 2020, but it had an immediate effect on her brand and net worth at a big boost to weight watchers, one of her key endorsements and investment. shares jumped more than 12% in trading yesterday to close at 52
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points 62, up $5.71. oprah brought 10% of the company not to over 2015. train to a reality star that's good business decisions. interesting. thank you very much. lauren: coming up, north korea is sending a team to the olympics. what do these warming relations with korea mean for the u.s.? what happens if you cross tender with link then? cheryl: i don't want to know either. lauren: about office relationship. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. special counsel robert mueller laying the groundwork for intervening president trump as part of the fresh investigation. mueller has raised the possibility of meeting with president reagan and his lawyers come in discussing whether to allow him to provide written answers to some of those questions. white house policy adviser stephen miller gets the last word in his heated exchange with jake tapper. he told tucker carlson last night he was not upset after sunday's interview as had been
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reported and they called the network extraordinarily biased. >> i was glad to have people here, which cnn has been extraordinarily biased come extraordinarily unfair to the president and his not getting their viewers on its information. train to the interview with tapper became shelved as he asked about president trump mental state. the popular dating app tender, lauren, spinning off with networking created a challenge to link to them. employees have launched a new app called ripples. users can swipe raid when wanting to make a professional connection. lauren: ripple, tender, bumble, am i missing any? so many apps. thank you. not interested. north and south korea kicked up a meeting today with south korea accepting an olympic team from the north.
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is this the start of a warming relationship between the two koreas? what does it mean for the united states of america? at the defense center for national interest from a harry causey are harry causey on a certain former white house deputy brad blakeman. gentlemen, good morning. what does this mean for the u.s.? >> the interesting thing here, lauren, north korea is not talking to the united states that is very key. north korea strategy is to divide seoul and washington. we are seeing the north koreans in terms of the talks have come up this morning, either they agree to participate in the olympics, but we have to ask the question what does north korea want? what they wonder it's time to build a nuclear weapon that can hit the united states and this is all a ruse. no sincere effort. it's a trap. lauren: nikki haley warned about that. are they scared they are they scared they are worried about
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what termed administration, hulk we can retaliate or maybe the economic sanctions? >> they are seizing an opportunity to stay in the headlines to the olympics. it's a form of extortion that unless you accept a team. by the way, report the south koreans even offered to pay for the team to come and participate and they would provide a ship so the athletes could be secure. this is crazy. if they want to participate, they have to participate as every other country should do on their own dime in their own time making arrangements. for us, we have troops there. we have a relationship there. the south koreans are treading very heavily on an agreement that is going to be honored in the breach. by serious south korea will get in. north korea will not get anything in return. we will be embarrassed and as a
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form extortion we've seen without rebate tater and it's a shame it's going down the road. lauren: brad, those are strong words, but it raises the question, harry, what is the role of south korea? >> to be honest, $10,000 into the olympics here and thinking how do i secure the schemes? if they let up a nuclear weapons test or icbm during the opening ceremony, it would destroy the olympics. they been economic basket case. in some respects it kind of can blame them for what they're trying to do. at the same time, already receiving reports that the south koreans are floating ideas about relieving some of the sanction and that is just not a good idea. i understand the south koreans are trying to do, but you don't want to go too far because you will be able south koreans have bad behavior. lauren: south korea proposed a
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joint march during the ceremonies of the olympics, so maybe as a way to keep them safe. the north is marching with us or you don't hurt your own people or maybe you do. i don't know, the south korea did try to bring up let's talk about the nuclear station that didn't seem to go anywhere. >> now, that is to build and test before these talks began as to why it these talks will take place. they have no interest in talking about real issues. they want to extort the south to give the pr benefit of having their team count on their own conditions they will log data over them for years to come. what is happening with these talks? north korea will get the benefit of their bargain. as the u.s. entertained with its diplomacy does.
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would it be something that is called a bloody nose stripers a targeted strike at a nuclear facility >> the challenges there are apocalyptic. we can go and that this strike could cripple north korea's missile programs. there's just one problem you need 100% success rate. if you miss one of those weapons there is a possibility and we don't know how big it is that kim jong un could fire whatever he asked. it's a problem. lauren: harry, brad, thank you for your perspective this morning. lauren: yesterday, member this, lauren, what should this video, subset and introduction to space.
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so the launch was successful. though looks like spacex halo was lost. the northeast getting a brace on the deep freeze. dangerous weather out west. meteorologist janice dean will be with us. you are watching transcendent. ♪ "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: well, heavy rains and high winds on california overnight. the first major storm first in 20,000 people to factory up in santa barbara, ventura county in los angeles target. senior is still recovering from the deadly wildfires. sandbags placed outside houses that survived the inferno was are now preparing for dangerous mud pies. cheryl: fox meteorologist janice dean has been tracking all of the weather news and has banned joining us at the latest. reporter: they can't catch a break. they should be in a story for them into the areas in a drought situation, but unfortunately we've got burn scars in threat for flash flooding. all of the moisture in from the pacific. this is the time of year they typically see moisture and they will get it today and tonight. it will dry out tomorrow, but for the foreseeable future for the next six to 12 hours they will be on guard because we see potential for flooding.
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the system in the rockies and northern plains. again, the next six to 12 hours a couple of inches could be the difference between some flooding to a lot of flooding. people have to be looking to their local authorities and if you have to evacuate, please do so. heavy snow in the great basin and rockies. active across the west and will take 44 degrees here in new york city. the first time above freezing in two weeks. back to you. cheryl: i am wearing shorts, that day. lauren: i went outside this morning and i was like it's balmy here. cheryl: will take it. thanks, janice. a highly classified spy satellite failing to reach orbit. "wall street journal" report in the satellite on the spacex
5:26 am
falcon nine rocket has plummeted back into the atmosphere following is launch on sunday. birth of vermin built a multi-billion-dollar satellite as its launch provider. an investigation certainly underway. lauren: yes it is. it's nice of workers get higher wages, but not for everyone. red robin restaurants cutting their workforce because of higher minimum wages. it's actually the first new espresso for starbucks in 40 years. we might have a taste of this when we come back. ♪ have a really traumatic injury, we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think
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♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪ >> to the end zone, it downed in the battle lands.
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>> are a genius, with the sun and wind for the college championship. president trump there for the kick off his >> ask him he was commanding with gop and democratic lawmakers to come up with a plan for immigration reform. >> the s&p 500 and the not that getting new records because this allergy and lower yesterday. futures pointing to a higher open. >> check out european stocks opening higher. half a percent gain in paris. >> japan's nikkei up over half a percent. and then there is this. lauren: actually the first new espresso from starbucks and for decades. batista, they are calling it the new blonde espresso. lauren: blonde ambition.
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lauren: "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. tuesday, january 9th. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: you're my blonde ambition today. we are going to have that story later today. jpmorgan chase sitting down with maria bartiromo to discuss a wide range of issues including tax reform, going back regulation in the bank investment technology. also asking about his latest thoughts on digital current feed that's been in the news. >> let me ask you about bitcoin, another famous comment. >> which i regret making. i look at everyone individually. bitcoin was that the governments are going to feel about bitcoin. i just have a different opinion of the people.
5:32 am
i'm not interested in the subject of much at all. lauren: monde interview with jimmy dunn at 6:00 eastern right after our show with morning to maria. cheryl: to u.s. companies with concerns from the securities exchange commission. raising questions about the liquidity in the evaluation of futures contracts. chief economist joins us now. good morning. what is your reaction to that of a changed tone? >> i think our chairman and ceo speaks for himself, but with regard, we know the block chain technology is exciting and we also know the pitfalls that is highly volatile and a lot of fluctuation. i work in the asset management area and if you tell her clients to invest in something they can live 20% or 30%, that would make people nervous. it's a speculative exercise, but
5:33 am
certainly not something you one of something you want to put your hard-earned money to chew on to prepare for retirement if you want to minimize volatility in any way. >> he used words last year like bitcoin is a fraud, he's got dauphin at the same time he may end up being on the right side of this argument because you got two companies refusing to launch bitcoin atf and high volatility and concerns about is the gold and many analysts tell their clients now stay away, too scary. >> you saw some of that on monday with south korea and china talking about increasing oversight and increasing regulation and declines as much as 20% in a single day. that's another sign in on wall street you are hearing in the industry are noble laureate joseph stiglitz saying that it
5:34 am
should be outlet and is one of noble prize in economics, i respect that view and even our esteemed chairman of the federal reserve, janet yellen has set up a highly speculative asset. cheryl: i want ask you about the economy overall. if you look at what the markets have been doing, how did you react to and in 2017, not to a bad start. s&p, nasdaq hitting two records. if the economy is not going to keep up with the markets at some point this year. >> not at all. the economy will grow faster in 2018. the growth rate is something closer to 2.5% in 2018 as possible. that will be a little bit faster. the first quarter is always weak. we've talked about that on your shows. the second through fourth quarters are much stronger averaging 2.5% and we know this tax stimulus or tax reform
5:35 am
package to add half a percent of economic growth. we know the increase in interest rates will take some of that back. but it's a positive. >> lewis who accompanies her poor wouldn't fourth-quarter numbers start to come out at the end of the first quarter this year when earnings season kicks in. thank you very much. appreciate it. a lot of those companies are taking charges in the fourth quarter said the earnings season this year might be a little strange. cheryl: at least the first quarter and then we'll move on. apple is responding to two of the major investors concerned that i funds might be bad for children. cheryl: attacked about this yesterday. >> good morning. apple is responding to say they've got these extensive controls in place to use in terms of their children. they've had this in place since 2030 euros part of the state man.
5:36 am
we think deeply how our products are used. we take this responsibility seriously and are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers expect patients, especially when it comes to protecting kids. it is constantly looking for new ways and they will be adding some things that will make them even more robust, these types of checks in place. cheryl: the kids don't have the telefax. read rob and looking to save some money, but they are doing it and kind of a rough way for employees. >> chains across the country will have to pay more with the minimum wage hike. some are getting rid of employees. red robin getting rid of busboys. they think this move will save them about $8 million at 570 of their locations across the country. they got rid of their food
5:37 am
expediters that those are the ones that played all the food in the kitchen and save $10 million by doing this. the big question is, if you get rid of these employees, customer service, what happened there? lauren: that the age-old question in the restaurant industry, when wages go up, do the number of jobs go down. i'm still mourning the loss of the tuxedo line at starbucks come in the new year is fine. but there's something new. >> this is the first new espresso they are adding in 40 years that the light roasted blonde espresso. what is most important to me here is that still has the same amount of caffeine as the dark espresso they currently have on their menu. if you want something a little smoother, a little later, we will double thursday.
5:38 am
and then we have a vanilla lot to. that's pretty good theater usually get the blonde coffee instead of the pike because it's lighter. >> the bold espresso if you want a cake, a bite and this is definitely smoother. >> said they have launched a new espresso. they are always coming with new drinks but the holiday for pacino which was good. >> this is a staple i think added to their permanent menu. >> this is their usual vanilla lot today. and you can taste the difference >> as early as lauren and i get
5:39 am
up, same amount of caffeine as the usual espresso. >> people think it's less caffeine but it's not necessarily the case. cheryl: coming up, one of the biggest group -- big a show high tech of the year. consumer electronic show kicks off in las vegas already underway. we will take a look at the hot new gadgets we are hearing about. bernie sanders wife could be in hot water over a $10 billion loan. we will be right back. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics,
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who knew we were living with a hero? a hero who plays the oboe. (laughter) lauren: good morning, welcome back. the investigation into a $10 million real estate deal that involves senator bernie sanders wife just got deeper. according to reports, the former ward member at burlington college said she testified before a grand jury for more than an hour but statements to secure a loan. accused of overstating donations in loan documents. good news for former gop
5:43 am
president candidate mitt romney they syndicate prognosis after being treated for prostate cancer and doctors found his cancer has not spread. the news coming amid speculation that the former massachusetts governor plans to make a run for senator orrin hatch's seat in utah. dennis kucinich has gotten paperwork to run for governor of ohio. the former cleveland mayor ran for president not once, but twice and until yesterday was a fox news contributor. cheryl. cheryl: lauren, you heard all the buzz about the consumer like tonic show kicking off today in vegas where we see all the latest in electronics. chief analyst of disruptive tech research joins us now. blue, big showdown of the assistance between amazon, alexa
5:44 am
and google's voice assistant. >> it's all about voice. if we looked at the headlines coming out last year, it was all about how much alexa was incorporated to other devices. i expect dozens more devices. we even got a classes that are incorporating so there's a lot of new products here. google is getting in on the mix, samsung, microsoft, although microsoft, i'll go in voice as the new interface to replace touch. so this is an area of the market for investors and consumers will have to pay attention to. cheryl: let's talk about the issue of drugs, a really big scene. what is different this year at cbs? neil: trends are trying to push into the consumer market. there have been a tough battle. he rents a 3-d printers.
5:45 am
there is so much hype they would end up in everybody's home but i still don't own one. i'm sure none of you on one. drugs are struggling from the same adoption issue that not everybody wants one of these when long-term. there will be some innovative uses. we see it in industries like real estate and photography, film. very niche industries and applications, specialized. cheryl: i don't have a lot of time with you, lets a bunch to the fun stuff. hearing reports of a beach at scooter. a lot of talk about watches and wearables and a lot of buzz about a mirror that has the voice assistant in it. you are talking to your mirror or your mirror talking to you. this is reality now. >> this is reality. ces is known for bizarre reality. if they make it into the market remains to be seen. incorporating the voice assistant into a mirror, we can
5:46 am
replace having others around and just talk to ourselves in the mirror. interesting, i don't know that will make a big hit in the markets. you talked about wearables. wearables really have struggled to get out of the gates. smart watches, can they break in and offer something new that isn't available and if it did or not the watch. cheryl: really quite, really quick, the remote-controlled suitcase. what is that? >> i have no idea. i can imagine what it would be used for. again, put it on the top 10 list of devices you never expect to user c. cheryl: we are looking at a video of it. it is remote control and moving around. thank you very much. can't wait for all of this to be seen. make sure everybody tuned in tonight. 3:00 p.m. eastern time.
5:47 am
live from ces in las vegas. i had dinner with liz claman every afternoon. lauren: actually want the remote-controlled suitcase. your hands are free essentially. i love it. college championship, alabama triad nok win over georgia with a backup freshman quarterback. amazing. jared max will be right here. it's going to be a peach super bowl this year and we will tell you just why in just a bit.
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lauren: ready for sports?
5:51 am
lavar bawls big dollar brand scoring an app. it has received 33 formal complaints with many customers either receiving orders late or not receiving them at all. he downplayed the complaint to espn thingy that the better business bureau is out of business. cheryl: the national anthem should be done with a bit more attitude. ♪ we don't have the matchup yet, but we know the entertainment. announcing pink will be heading to minneapolis to sing the star-spangled banner for super bowl 52 on february 4th. the emmy and grammy award winner singer will be ahead of justin timberlake who is a heading to
5:52 am
pepsi half-time show. lauren: all be jealous of what you get to witness live. cheryl: i'm not the only one that's going to be there. others will be there as well. lauren: another classic championship moving on to for all. >> jared max is standing by. not talking super bowl yet. that was amazing. >> another classic. getting of writing college football. a four-point game, five-point gain, three-point gain. they sunk their teeth into alabama early last night, but could build on or would they be like another foot tall team. the georgia bulldogs here with this long touchdown gives them a 20--7 may the third to nothing at halftime, but alabama would come back. alabama would be in position to tie the game and win it and
5:53 am
avoid overtime, but it misses a 36 yarder. look at the freshman quarterback. unbelievable ending. who would've thought. a 41-yard touchdown pass. one player after he took a 16-yard sack right out of their magic out. cheryl: two kids were in high school last year. >> makes a big become a true champ. he can't bear brand for the most all-time and when he was asked about that after the game he got very emotional. watch this. >> i don't care anything about that to be honest with you. this is a great win for players and i've never been happier in my life. dimmick celebration from tuscaloosa to greenville, alabama appeared in vegas last night you wonder how one because alabama was a four-point favorite. from college to the nfl, chicago bears acquired 39-year-old matt maggi as their new head coach.
5:54 am
he worked his entire career under andy reid most recently offensive coordinator. he began as an intern with the eagles in week as the head coach and now he replaces john fox said new england patriots say he absolutely will remain the patriots next season. some talk he could go to the new york giants. cleveland cavaliers isaiah thomas ejected against the minnesota timberwolves. he clotheslines andrew wiggins of the minnesota timberwolves last night. last week i misspoke and said he was recovering from the off season hip surgery. he did the surgery. he reacted. mena make sure that is correct. you get down on the knee and propose to your girlfriend which is led by those men did. and of course she said yes. what a perfect ending to the season.
5:55 am
a great college football game. lauren: would you propose that they didn't win? >> i would say no. cheryl: i don't know. it may see that in baseball? spin i guess, that they had just won. cheryl: all right, thank you very much. now we know that the performers are. that the big story. pink and justin timberlake. you never know. wait for it. jarrett of course you can listen to all of his reports on fox news headlines 24/7 73 jenna 115. lauren: oil prices keep going up. only five trading days in. a live update from london in just a bit.
5:56 am
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♪(somber piano) ♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪
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lauren: we're watching oil prices continue to push higher. they had trodden from "the wall street journal" joins us now. what is he had the trend of $62 wti? >> yeah, we've seen oil prices rise further this morning coming down the back of following u.s. oil breaks. new data showed the amount of oil breaks and use has fallen. we've also seen inventories go
5:59 am
lower in the u.s. and receive more data are not released today and wednesday. of course we also have ongoing political tensions in iran boosting concerns about the capacity then i ran will produce in the ongoing cut from opec that will shrink production further. >> will quit coinvestors are abandoning positions as the markets going higher, so there's more risk out there. >> at the morning, it seems as if people think there's not a lot of risk. the indexes have come down and that has led to investors abandoning some of their positions they've taken previously to protect against the downfall of the market. it seems at the moment that investors are thinking markets will go further and go higher. this is why they think they no longer need defenses. lauren: nina, thank you very much.
6:00 am
cheryl: thank you for watching "fbn:am." we'll see tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. eastern time, but now it is time for "mornings with maria." >> live from san francisco at the jpmorgan health care conference. he was maria bartiromo at this special edition of "mornings with maria." maria: good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. tuesday, january 9th. happy to have you. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. from president trump policies to the health of the global economy. jpmorgan chase jamie dimon set down for a wide-ranging fox business exclusive. an interview with the banking that he weighed in on my cutting the corporate tax rate is such a big deal. >> i think one of the mistakes people make is to have a huge cumulative effect.


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