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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 20, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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these type of gains. five record sessions in a row, for dow and s&p 500 i believe for both. we're on top of all that. as is trish regan to take you through the next hour. hey, trish. trish: thank you, neil. breaking that white house press secretary sara sanders will speak any minute. i'm trish regan. welcome it "the intelligence report." we're looking at market powering higher above that key 23,000 mark. up 137 points. we are sitting near highs of the session. you know what this is about? it's a lot about optimism. it's a lot about potential for tax cuts and tax reform. the senate passing a budget by narrow, all republican vote of 51-49 and the progress on tax reform, as you can see, it is being felt, on wall street. dow, s&p on nasdaq, all new
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all-time highs right now. dow is on pace for 70th record close, since president donald j. trump was elected. meanwhile cia director mike pompeo says north korea is just months away from developing a nuclear missile capable of hitting the u.s. mainland. former advisor to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka is here, with the intel on what we need to do. but first, back to our top story, congress passing the 2018 budget, taking the first critical step towards tax reform. ii want to go trait to capitol hill where we find our own adam shapiro. so far so good, adam. reporter: so far so good, adam. we get the conference committee comes up with unified bill which both chambers have to pass. passage, signed, sealed delivered of the 2018 budget resolution after conference committee, that house ways and means chairman kevin brady
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releases details of the legislation. look at that possibly the week of october 30th, maybe the week after. that is kind of the deadlines were moving up against. what is more important what the details will look like paul ryan was looking on top, a fourth tax bracket, to make sure very wealthy pay share of taxes. president trumped with our batter -- maria bartiromo talked about that. >> that would maket a fifth bracket as opposed to a 8th bracket on the other way. i call it our competition, which is competition from the past. when he says that, we may not have, i would rather do that than do anything to hurt the
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middle class. reporter: talking about the historic tax efforts underway, maria bartiromo spoke to the president about a very key appointment he is about to announce. that will be who he wants to go on as chairman of the federal reserve. he met yesterday with janet yellen, the current share person but there are other people in plain. among them jerome powell, the governor as well as john taylor. these are just some of the people president talks about with maria bartiromo. he makes reference to kevin warsh who has been to the white house, a past governor, he makes reference to gary cohn, but not by name this is a blockbuster interview and can only see it on fox. trish: adam, thank you. we have editor, jack otter, and american majority ceo ned ryun. good to see you all. i want to get to a clip from this interview because maria asked him who might be there on
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the fed. i want to run that sound for you. if we got it, let's do it. >> mr. president, who do you want to see runs the fed? >> as you know i've been seeing a number of people and most people are saying it is down to two, mr. taylor, mr. powell. i also met with janet yellen, who i like a lot, i really like her a lot. so i have three people that i'm looking at. there are a couple others. i say i will make my decision very shortly. trish: so this is interesting. john taylor we all know and he comes from the school of thought that has been extremely critical of the federal reserve. he would do the opposite perhaps of what janet yellen has been doing. jerome powell is someone more in line with what janet yellen is doing, but jack otter, i mean you look at 23,304 on the dow jones industrial average, you look at 3.1% growth in gdp, record low unemployment, wages
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are starting to tick up, in some data we've seen. i have got to wonder, if it ain't broke, why fix it? >> well, let's see, so the argument, the taylor argument, there are lots but for raising interest rates right now, would be if growth is really 3.1, i don't think that is the annual average. we are at 2.5%, a lousy quarter, good quarter, i bet it settles 2 1/2. if growth is good, une employment is really low, unemployment doing well, you don't have rates at historic lows. you raise them. if you're donald trump you like cheap money. there is a bit of conflict. what we're talking about tax reform that is stimulative. you lower taxes especially on mid did i and lower income people because they will spend money. what position does that put fed in? they have to hike faster, which could dampen down stimulative effect of the tax cut. that is interesting dynamic right now. trish: i don't know that
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donald trump would love to see that. >> i don't think that. he is low interest rates guy. in real estate. trish: adam johnson, you and i discussed at length challenges this economy faces and has faced. one of the problems last eight years, we have no economic policy out of washington, nothing. the fed was only game in town. now we're starting to get economic policy in the way of tax cuts, which will be meaningful. but, are you are you running a risk raising rates? might john taylor be of the camp concerned about an asset public? i don't think it's a public. i think we have good fundamentals underneath it all. >> a lot of people came in and
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bought. and now time for the fed to step aside. let the private sector do what it does best which is actually put capital to work, deploy capital, build businesses, hire other americans and go about their business. and you can't do that when rates are artificially low, trish, because it creates no your again system you don't feel you have to borrow and spend money. trish: you would like to see john taylor. >> 100%. powell is very soft. he will go easy on banks. i'm long banks, but i'm happy if powell gets it. i think john taylor gets us where we need to be much sooner and faster. trish: ned ryun, what do your sources tell you? >> i'm convinced gary cohn shouldn't even be mentioned. i think gary cohn shouldn't be in the white house. he should have resigned over his public break at charlottesville. i do not want to see gary cohn or do not want to see janet
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yellen. trish: don't want to see yellen even though you get dow 23-k. first woman fed chief in a trump administration. >> we've had enough of yellen. i like john taylor. let's see where that goes. a little bit of change at federal reserve. let's go with something new. trish: let's, make sure we cover fiscal monetary policy here. let me ask you, ned, we have a budget passed. that is big deal. market likes it. >> that's right. trish: they're hopeful this means we got tax cuts. who are republicans we should be watching most carefully? who might be in the way besides rand paul of any potential tax cuts? >> you to look at john mccain. he already made rumblings not potentially being behind some of the tax reform. you have to look at susan collins and lisa murkowski because they have been so problematic as well. my concern, trish, as you look at the congressional calendar,
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there are only 28 working days left on the congressional calendar through end of december. they have to get serious. they have to make sure, the budget, they reconcile with the house bill. has to go through the house and senate again. then you finally get to some of the tax reform issues. at that point your calendar is even shorter. i'm becoming less optimistic that we'll get tax reform by end of this year. might go into 2018. which is again why you're seeing angst about what senate leadership looks like in the 2018 primaries. do what you said you are going to do or get out of the way. trish: jack, are they setting themselves up for failure when they put artificially imposed deadlines they put on themselves? say yes, tax reform will happen and happen at some point in this administration? >> it is insanely schedule under reagan took 11 months before actual passage. frankly he is better
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manipulating legislature than donald trump is. we didn't have the fighting amongst both, within the republican party itself and between the two parties that we have now. so i think it is aggressive. we saw what happened with health care. i don't know that mere fact of him, putting a deadline hurts things. in fact i think it helps, right? if you want to get something done, give them a deadline, maybe if they blow it they get it done sooner. trish: that is the way the business world works nothing wrong with putting down a deadline but incredibly aggressive. trish: especially for lawmakers. >> but, trish? trish: i have got to run. your good friend, sebastian gorka is coming up, ned. thank you. thank you, adam. thank you all. cia director mike pompeo warning defense officials that kim jong-un is on the cusp of being able to hit the u.s. with nuclear-armed ballistic missile. he says, and i quote, they aren't so far along in that it is now a matter of thinking
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about how do you stop the final step. all right. so how do we stop north korea? joining me right now, make america great again coalition chief strategist, dr. sebastian gorka. good to see you, sir. this is a tough one. what do you do? >> it is one of the toughest. this and iran, one are our hardest intelligence targets. very difficult to penetrate. mike pompeo is great american, a great director of cia so we have to take his words seriously. trish, any threat you have to measure on two indices. number one is capability and the second is intent. you could have the capability but have no intent to use it against us. if two come together, then we have a problem. if the reports are true, then it looks if they are on the cusp of capability of having a nuclear device which is deliverable to the territory of the united states, the question is, is it
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just sabre-rattling, or is it more than that? if it is more than that, then we will have to take action to make sure that capability is not used against us. trish: so, dr. gorka, what is action? >> this is a different kind of administration. this administration doesn't give its playbook away. that was the obama administration. remember how they telegraphed months in advance, we're coming to mosul. we're not coming to mosul. the enemy loves that. the enemy uses that against you. one thing we have to be comfortable with, the president will take whatever action is necessary. look how outspoken secretary mattis has been. secretary mattis said we will destroy your regime. if you take action against us we will destroy you. we'll find out -- trish: can i ask you a question? >> yes. trish: i look at all of this right now.
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i realize everybody is quick to head straight towards world war iii. dr. gorka when we look at our options, should we look at china? china has intelligence that we need. we don't have that intelligence. they have the ability if they want to move him to the side, or to really insist he disband his nuclear weaponry or get moved to the side. when i think how we could influence china there is a whole host of economic things we could do. i'm not talking about sanctioning north korea. i don't think that really matters ultimately. i'm talking about taking it a step further, we might sanction china if they do not help in north korea. your thoughts? >> you have got it. you have got it bang to rights there. the fact is, north korea is a
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satropy, a puppet regime of china. real figures are 80 plus, 90 plus percent of all things exported into north korea comes from china. china could switch off the spigot, within 24 hours north korea would sing a different tune entirely. that is up to the president. as longs with very people like peter navarro inside the white house, as long as we have current national security council asia team we are in good hands because they know what they're talking about and they will play hardball but the president was very displeased with the consequences of mar-a-lago summit. he had high hopes. nikki haley brought together impressive sanctions package in north korea. that mostly hurts north koreans, not the regime. trish: i agree. it is great. china and russia signed on, looks good on world stage. >> right. trish: we need to take it beyond looking good on any kind of stage. we need to see results, dr. gorka. >> i recommend a combination of two things.
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we have to play, very, very hard ball with china, behind closed doors. we have the capacity to do that. nikki haley, the president himself, secondly we have lots of things we don't talk about on television. covert capabilities we may already be using. the fact we need to use that full palate of covert measures against north korea specifically to undermine their capacity to hurt us but one thing the president told me in the oval office, just the two of us, before i left, he said, i have no desire to go to war over the korean peninsula. that is the last option from his mind. trish: good. people are not talking about these economic sanctions as much as they could be and should be, dr. gorka. i'm glad to hear that but finish your thought. >> no. but as he has made clear but he doesn't want to. this is not just up to the president. if our lives, the lives of americans or our territory or our partners and friend are threatened, this is a man who has shown leadership. so very pimple message to little
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ol' kim, do not test this president. trish: here, here. dr. gorka, thank you so much. >> thank you, trish. trish: the l.a.p.d. opening a criminal inquiry into a new allegation that harvey weinstein rape ad -- raped a 23-year-old model, as an oscar-winning actress comes forward to say she was harassed. how did they cover it up for so long? why did they cover this up for so long. gregg jarrett is in the house. he has the intel next. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time.
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how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, trish: here she is. let's listen in. >> as many of you saw last night the senate adopted a budget resolution. this is another important milestone for tax form form and sets the stage for to us pass major tax cuts that will deliver more jobs and higher wages for hard-working americans all over the country. many of you have seen today that the first lady donated the gown she wore to the inaugural ball to the smithsonian museum of american history. everyone was so busy getting ready the dress's designer only had go weeks to work on the first lady's design and create the dress. it obviously came together and the first lady is very excited to take part in the rich tradition of first ladies
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contributing to and maintaining our great history. by the way, if you have not visited the smithsonian exhibit of first lady dresses, certainly should take time to do that. lastly today is particularly special day for all of us here at the white house. there are a lot of people here who serve the president our country behind the scenes. one of those people, hope hicks, our incredible communications director. tomorrow is her birthday. as you know i love a good birthday. i wanted to make sure to mention it here in the last briefing of the week. happy birthday, hope. if you get a minute, be sure send her a note, wish her a happy birthday. thanks for yourselfless leadership and perhaps most importantly the great sense of humor. with that happy friday. i will take your questions. jeff? reporter: i have a question about the -- president did in an interview of fox business, consider having powell and taylor come to the fed together. should we take that as signal that the other candidates are
2:21 pm
not going to get the job? >> weville announcement on that as the president said. that is certainly under consideration but he hasn't ruled out a number of options and he will have announcement on that, soon in the coming days. >> what else is looking for as he makes this decision? >> as you know i'm not getting ahead after big announcement like that the president himself will make but we'll keep you posted when we're ready to roll that out. blake? reporter: on that note, janet yellen, president was extremely critical of her during the campaign, saying at one point she was too political. she should be ashamed of herself. he said she was political arm of the president and hillary clinton. now he said some rather nice things about her. most recently a couple times, that he respects her. what has changed in his thinking as it relates to janet yellen over the last year? can you shed some light on their relationship? >> i think them having opportunity to spend some time directly communicating with one another certainly through this process but beyond that, again i'm not going to weigh any
2:22 pm
further into this process other than the fact the president will make announcement soon. reporter: sarah, when will the president weigh in himself on what happened to the special ops soldiers? >> i'm not sure i follow your question there? reporter: will the president address publicly what happened and when with the special-ops solders? >> general kelly specifically addressed several times yesterday that the department of defense has initiated a review which occurs anytime there is an american that is killed in action. we're going through that process. the president, the department of defense, and frankly the entire country and government want to know exactly what happened, and the president and the nation are grateful for those four american heroes and we won't rest until we get answers. that is part of this process. that is what they will do. when the time is appropriate we'll talk about the details of the investigation. reporter: sarah, the "south florida sun-sentinel" released a
2:23 pm
video of congresswoman wilson's speech in 2015. in the speech it doesn't appear she referenced funding for the fbi building in south florida. does general kelly still stand by the statement that he made yesterday that he felt she was grandstanding and that she was taking credit -- >> absolutely. general kelly said he was stunned that representative wilson made comments at a building dedication honoring slain fbi agents about her own actions in congress, including lobbying former president obama on legislation. as general kelly pointed out, if you're able to make a sacred act like honoring american heroes all about yourself you're an empty barrel. if you don't understand that reference, i will put it more simply. all hat, no cattle. >> have you seen the speech? >> i have. reporter: most of her was her effusively praising fbi agents. what she talked about what she did in congress, she was not
2:24 pm
talking about getting, securing $20 million. she was talking about naming the building -- reporter: she went on to effusively praise. that was "bull" of speech. >> she also mentioned that quite a few comments that day were not part of speech and not part of video, witnessed by many people that were there. what general kelly referenced yesterday. reporter: tell us specifically because -- >> there was a lot of grandstands. he was stunned she took the opportunity make it herself. reporter: can he come out of and talk to us. >> he addressed that pretty thoroughly. reporter: he was wrong getting the money. >> if you want to go after general kelly, that is up to you, if you want to get into a debate with four-star marine general, that is something highly inappropriate. reporter: that would be wonderful. >> go ahead. reporter: when president trump spoke at cia building in january, in front of stars of 117 cia agents fallen and been killed in the line of duty, he
2:25 pm
talked about a number of different things, a lot about himself. he talked about the fake news attacking him. he talked about the mlk controversy, talked about crowd size. >> sir, that wasn't an event set to memorialize those individuals. that was a celebration, talking about the transfer of power, two very different events. if you look at president's comments at events like the 9/11 ceremony earlier this year, those were very somber. those were focused specifically on those events. those are not even apples to apples. that is not a fair comparison. jordan? reporter: thank you, sarah. putting congresswoman aside for a second, what the mother of sergeant johnson said. she said she felt the president disrespected her in his comments. regardless of the president's intentions is the president concerned that what he said might have come across as disrespectful? does he plan to follow up with
2:26 pm
her and you know, repair that relationship? >> certainly if the spirit of which those comments were intended were misunderstood that is very unfortunate. but as the president has said, general kelly said, who i think has a very deep understanding of what that individual would be going through, his comments were very sympathetic, very respectful, and that was the spirit in which the president intended them. if they were taken any other way, that is certainly unfortunate thing. john? reporter: thanks a lot, sarah. the 43rd of the united states, president george w. bush made comments in new york city yesterday and i would like, if you could, just to address some comments that he made just concerning the issue of russia, specifically russian influence in the united states. he says the russian government has made a project of turning americans against each other, and he also said that russian
2:27 pm
interference will not be successful. foreign aggressions including cyber attacks, disinformation and financial influence should never be downplayed or tolerated. do you agree with those sentiments expressed by -- >> do we agree russian interference shouldn't be tolerated? absolutely. we've said that many times before and certainly would argue that has been repeated, i know i have said at least a dozen times from this podium. reporter: i want to follow up with a question, i asked you a few times, most recently in july, relates to our relationship with russia, and i have never gotten an answer for you on that. does the president, president trump, view russia as an ally, a partner, or an adversary? >> as i said before i think a lot of that depends on russia and what type of relationship they want to have, and whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor and we're going to continue trying to work with them on certain things that are very important, particularly
2:28 pm
for national security on things like syria, on things like north korea. we would like to be able to work with them to confront some of those threats. so some of that will be determined by the actions that russia takes and how they want to be perceived. matthew? reporter: i also have question about the george w. bush speech, first just to clarify, are you saying the white house is no longer saying that the congresswoman talked about the funding, she just talked about legislation and in general? >> we're talking, i specifically said, i will repeat it again, that general kelly said he was stunned that she made the comments about herself and that was the point of what he said. that was what took place here yesterday. we still stand by those comments. reporter: on the george w. bush speech, he said at one point bigotry is emboldened, our politics are you will vulnerable to conspiracy theories and out right fabrications. does president trump agree with that, and what does he agree
2:29 pm
with the assessment? >> agree with assessment what? reporter: bigotry emboldened and politics to conspiracy theories and outright fabrications. those are mt. bush's words. >> if anybody is pushing fabricated things right now, that is coming from the news media and agree with that sentiment. reporter: what about the bigotry? >> president signed a executive order, basically allows the pentagon to recall retired officers into duty under the 9/11 authority that he has. what is the reason for this executive order? >> i don't have anything further on that. i will have to get back to you, david. sarah? reporter: general kelly was upset this had become a political conversation -- [inaudible]. more broadly the fallout of the situation in niger. why did he feel to come out call a congresswoman an empty barrel and do it privately as he has done with other members of
2:30 pm
congress critical of the president? why did president trump need to take that further today to tweet about it. >> that is real simple. you guys are the ones talking a lot about that story. he felt it was important to address you and all of america directly. this story has been given an enormous amount of coverage over the last 48 hours. he thought it was important that people got a full and accurate picture of what took place. that was a personal decision that he made, that he wanted to come out, frankly not just share with you, like he said, share with all of america and make appeal to america to go back to kind of honoring that sacred code of gold star families. reporter: another question, that the president was asked earlier today, there is investigation -- >> hold on, in terms, just to finish on rest of your question why the president felt the need to respond? because it should have ended yesterday after general kelly's comments. but it didn't. it continued and it is still continuing today. it is still the bulk of the coverage on most every tv you tune on, most every newspaper
2:31 pm
thaw open up today, and the president responded to those continued accusations and continued mischaracterizations of his comments. reporter: one other question the president was asked earlier today, whether he authorized the mission in niger. can you give information he authorized or was something aware of an operation where american solders were killed? >> it is process, anytime an american is killed in action there is a full review that takes place. before we start jumping to any conclusions we want to make sure that is completed fully and then we'll have those details for you at that time. reporter: sarah, on niger, a congressional aide briefed on the matter said there was indicating that there is massive intelligence failure. is that the assessment of white house. >> once again, as i told sarah, we'll wait for the review by the department of defense and ask --
2:32 pm
>> work my way around. reporter: can you answer that question. reporter: president authorized mission in niger? >> i will not get into any details. you may be able to talk with those at department of defense. they can answer anything further. where we are in the process, until the review is complete we'll not weigh in any further. kelly? reporter: senate foreign relations committee -- >> trying to get to everybody. go ahead. reporter: given all reaction it content of president's phone call, does president trump intend to make phone calls of families of the fallen in the future, should other americans die while he is commander-in-chief? >> i think we're hoping and praying those phone calls don't have to take place. that is where we are right now. reporter: sarah, "los angeles times" reported, we reported that military operating in niger requested overflight
2:33 pm
capacity and medical response assistance in months leading up to this ambush on october 4th. is the president satisfied that special forces unwhen it went out there that day had all resources it needed to operate there? >> as i said several times here today, will continue until that review is complete i'm not going to get into the details until that is finalized. i think too often, in cases like that, we jump to conclusions and tried to make determinations before all the details are known. we want to make sure the process is complete before we weigh in. john gizzi. reporter: have to keep it to one question today? >> even you, john. it will be tough. reporter: i waive. >> if only had that power over anybody else including my kids that would be great. reporter: several publications
2:34 pm
said that the president's visit to london, when and if details are worked out, will be a working visit with prime minister may and not an official state visit. he will not be received by the queen by buckingham palace. what will be the nature of his visit to london and to prime minister may? a working visit or state visit? >> that still has not been determined. we're still going back and forth with our allies there. once we have those travel details outlined and determined we'll certainly let you know. they have made invitation for the president to come. we have accepted. we're working out the logistics. we anticipate it will be sometime next year. at this point no other details beyond that. >> -- invitation? reporter: thanks, sarah. state department announced that it is up to 24 people impacted by sonic attacks in havana. i want to ask is the president
2:35 pm
satisfied with the investigation into what is happening and has he reached out or considered reaching out to any of the victims. >> i don't believe he has reached out to any of the victims involved at this point. that is ongoing investigation. something we can't weigh in on further at this time. reporter: on the call to myeshia johnson, president trump said there is transcript of the call and he read it. has the transcript made available to members of the family? >> there is not a transcript of the call. she was responding to reports. i refer towercam pain that handles her press inquiries. there is not a transcript. reporter: senator john cornyn said he is blocking the nomination of -- [inaudible], to try to get more relief funds for texas and hurricane harvey. does that come as surprise or disappointment, number two
2:36 pm
republican would be blocking a nominee? >> the administration welcome as conversation with all members of congress about the next disaster relief request, which we expect to come in the coming weeks. while we work with congress on that next request, we urge the senate to keep doing their jobs by confirming qualified nominees to crucial positions inside of our government. this administration has already faced unprecedented obstruction of its nominees and further delays only hurt the american people. we hope that they will get on board and make that process move further along. reporter: sarah given president trump's comments that we asked about, in general does the white house feel it is appropriate for the past presidents to be critical of the sitting president? what is the last time president trump spoke to president bush. >> i'm not sure the last time they spoke, but our understanding that the comments were not directed toward the president. in fact when these two individuals, both past presidents criticized the president done so by name and very rarely do it without being
2:37 pm
pretty direct as both of them tend to be. we'll take them at their word these campusments were not directed towards the president. reporter: thank you, sarah. the united nations is following very safely the refugee situation along the bangladesh myanmar border and president trump today met with the u.n. secretary-general. did they speak about the refugee situation? was the president asked for any further help? what was the tenor of their conversation? >> they had a very productive conversation. we'll have a readout coming with more details about that later this afternoon and we'll be around the rest of today to answer questions. with that, happy friday. hope you guys have a good weekend. thanks. trish: sarah huckabee sanders there answering reporters questions. here with to anticipates questions, fox news host gregg jarrett and mid ryun is
2:38 pm
back with me. i want to start with ned. president bush yesterday, president bush basically echoed some of john mccain's comments recently where both of them expressed their displeasure and they didn't mention the president by name but expressed their displeasure at this quote, unquote nationalism that has been happening. she sort of twisted that around, basically said, look it is media that has been really inciting all of that. what was your reaction to that? >> well, with president bush's speech yesterday, i have to confess, i was a little disappointed. i would prefer president bush, for that matter, president obama, they served their time. they're done. move on. in many ways donald trump's election in 2016 was a rejection not only of president obama but it was also a rejection of compassionate conservatism which is just another name for big
2:39 pm
government. having worked at bush white house, george w. bush is a decent man. he is a great man. he needs to go back and do his paintings in texas. this has been rejection and mind-set of approach of establishment in d.c. donald trump is breaking the status quo and pointing us in a new direction in which we put america first, not the interests of a specific -- trish: i will jump in. i don't know, gregg, is putting america first is inconsistent anything that president bush would have done or senator mccain would have done. general jack keane made the point regarding mccain. he said i have a lot of respect for senator mccain. i like him a lot. senator mccain's approach to international policy is very similar to what this president is doing. so from a policy perspective, it is all the same. >> right. trish: so to mention nationalism in such a way, almost bam r
2:40 pm
become morse disviiv sieve. >> except george bush was a globalist, wanted to nation-build. the misadventure in iraq if we could call it that is one of the results. this is president, president trump who campaigned on not doing nation-building but only from within the united states. trish: he is not a -- we'll be back here. ♪ to all the people who can quest like a tribe does... ♪
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trish: gregg jarrett, ned ryun, adam johnson with my. we just finished listening to sarah huckabee sanders. one of the things came up yesterday comments that he made on the heels of senator mc mccain's comments he made recently, talking about some the rhetoric coming out of the white house when it comes to
2:45 pm
america first. they didn't like, they don't like the way that sits. adam johnson, over to you for a minute here. you heard what greg said earlier, and ned as well, this, this election was in many ways just a rejection of all the party elites on both sides. so do you think that president bush or senator mccain are out of step with how everyday americans feel when they're out there bashing what, what is major tenet of what this president ran on? >> trish, i think what we all need to do is just get beyond the fact that there is just one man in the white house. there is a whole big world out there. there are 538 congresspeople. 330 million americans. not every single issue needs to revolve around or hinge upon what donald says or what donald doesn't says, or doesn't say. we elected him the president. that is the bottom line. he is our president. so we'll stand behind him.
2:46 pm
but you know what? to just criticize every single point is incredibly counterproductive. the dialogue is completely -- trish: these are big people doing this, ned ryun. leaders in the party. former president of the united states. john mccain, who is party elder and represents so much to some conservatives whether they like him or not. these are people with a lot of status, quote, unquote, that are saying these things. >> trish, forgive me ned, they need to put their status aside and recognize they're americans first and individuals second. sorry, ned. >> no, but that is fine, adam. their approach has been rejected, trish. they had their time on the stage. the american voters rejected this approach. the thing that does concern me, gregg, made this point, greg made it very well, donald trump base voted to reject neocon foreign policy. there are people in his base not
2:47 pm
happy with the approach in afghanistan. we want to assert american strength on national stage, to say you will accommodate our interests. we do not want to see nation building. when you talk about john mccain, conservatives rejected him. he represents republicanism. i want to see more of an approach toward americanism. that is how donald trump tapped into the american people. said i'm going to put your interests first. trish: almost as though, gregg jarrett, parties didn't really matter anymore. saw that. there were democrats that crossed over to vote for donald trump. >> i think the overall point here is this president was elected. we're only about eight or nine months into his term. let's give him a chance to lead. let's give him a chance to accomplish what americans asked him to accomplish by virtue of their vote. some of that means being strong militarily when americans are threatened. but don't go out an engage in nation-building as we have done all too often in recent years.
2:48 pm
trish: made so many mistakes when we did it. iraq being a prime example of that. guys, thank you very much. good to have you here. we're taking a quick break. whole lot more coming up. i will see you in two. hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? adulting... tj! get a job! hi, guys. i'm back. time to slay! heals, heals, heals! yes! youuuu! no, i have a long time girlfriend. mom! i need my macaroni!!! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. pick a domain name. choose a design.
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trish: nice rally going on. let's go straight to nicole.
2:52 pm
>> trish we're near session highs today. we're tacking on another winning week here on wall street. we have been up five weeks in a row. we have stocks and dollar higher. we know the senate passed budget proposal, changing tax code. you can see the dow. dow is up 134 points. records across the board for dow and s&p. united and goldman, accounted for financial sector hit 10-year high. all on hopes of the tax bill. we have dow components, goldman sachs and jpmorgan moving higher. you have names hitting milestones, such as jpmorgan and bank of america which are hitting new highs. so across the board the optimism continues on wall street. and, they are also watching ge which came off the lows and rand back up. it is basically -- there it is. up 1/3 of 1%. it was down 8% after the company cut its guidance. trish?
2:53 pm
trish: nicole, thank you very much. we're taking a quick break. i have a wonderful, wonderful story to tell you about on the other side. so stick around. since 1925, we have depended on diesel generators, burning approximately a million gallons of diesel fuel a year. our mission is to make off-shore wind one of the principle new sources of energy. not every bank is willing to get involved in a "first of its kind" project. citi saw the promise of clean energy and they worked really closely with us, the wind farm will lower power prices. we're polluting the air less. businesses and homes can rely on a steady source of power. block island wind farm is a catalyst- - this will be the first of may off-shore wind farms in the u.s.
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>> good samaritans like the organization eight days of hope. the group was founded by steven, and you know what showed up 36 hours after the hurricane struck? the rapid response team made up of thousands of volunteers immediately began helping with construction, gutting homes, spraying for mold, you name it, these folks did it. the organizer of it all steven tyler joins me now. steven, thank you. i mean, you know? it's wonderful to see this. it's great to see these good samaritans like yourself out there doing this. tell me how your organization helped and how you pulled it together. >> well, thank you for having me. first of all, it's an honor to be here. 12 years ago after katrina, my dad and i had an idea to help somebody out. we were going to look for one family in st. louis or
2:58 pm
mississippi and then very quickly, god reminded me he was in control. we took 684 people, rebuilt 48 homes and in essence started eight days of hope. so we just left houston this past sunday. we were there almost seven weeks, and we had over 2,000 people from 42 states and five countries paid their own way to get to houston. we provided the food and the lodging and the tools, and then we went to town. we were just looking to bless people and god opened up many doors for us to do that. trish: all of those people, thousands of people coming to you, and how do they find you? how do they know to come to you? how do you organize that effort? >> you know, as you know in texas, there are hundreds of thousands of families needing help and all of our volunteers wear bright yellow daisy-colored t-shirts. we were partnering with a couple of churches around and the word got out quickly. the need is huge right now not only in texas but florida and puerto rico. and to your point -- you know,
2:59 pm
i love our country. and regardless if you sit to the left or the right, we can't expect any government to wave a wand and fix everything. but that's where we need to come together as americans, as a body of christ come together young and old, rich and not so rich, put aside our petty differences, and that's what eight days is all about. we love and serve people in need. >> i love hearing that. i mean, it's been hard to watch all of these natural disasters, and our hearts go out to all of those people that have been affected. but it's wonderful to see folks like you, steven. thank you, again, for all that you're doing. >> well, thank you, trish. god bless you. people can go to our website for more information but thank you for having me. trish: all right. the website being check it out. thanks, steven. before we go, we have a quick note for you. i'm going to be talking about harvey weinstein sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on the fox news channel. so i sure hope you join me there. certainly a lot to talk about with that guy.
3:00 pm
market's up 128. another day, another record, i'll take it. pretty good stuff. liz claman is going to take you from here. and one of the big questions, liz, is janet yellen going to stay as head of the federal reserve? liz: i know and, folks, this does matter; right? because what you see here, a gain of 137 points has something to do with a little bit of clarity. we're about to get -- blake's getting in front of a camera, we're going to give you more on the fed. but what it seems to be calming the markets, we have the volatility index, i need to quickly check this for you. now below ten. that is, again, heading back down to all time lows. right now we're standing at 9.85 for the volatility index. well, the senate stays up late last night and the markets love it today. the dow rallying at this hour after tax reform is one step closer to


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