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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 23, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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this is so typical of mcconnell. he can't even look somebody in the face. yesterday the passive aggressive way. thank you very much. have a great night. david: i am david asman in for lou dobbs, he is on vacation, president trump headed back to washington after a two day trip out west firing up his supporter, president this afternoon speaking to american legion in reno, nevada, he called on americans to unite. heal wounds that divide us. a more m measured tone for president last night torched national left wing media and relentless effort to take down his presidency, john roberts with our report. reporter: it might be a tuesday thing, a week ago yesterday that presidenta an argument with media at trump
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tower over his handling of charlottesville aftermath. last night argument was more one-sided. today, day two, a much more tempered environment. in reno, a different president trump than the one that command podium in phoenix last night, citing new protect for american veterans and speeching unity and healing. >> time it heal wounds that divide us and seek a unity based on common values that unite us. we're one people. with one home. and one great flag. reporter: in phoenix, it was president unbound by any restriction of protocol or policy, unloading on a number of topics, including a 30 minute rant against the media. >> for most part, honestly, these are really, really dishonest, bad people, i don't think they like our country, i
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believe that. only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news. reporter: president trump swung back against criticism his response to charlottesville was not enough. >> i said everything, i hit them with neo-nazis with everything. i got that white supremacist, neo-nazi, i got them all in there. kkk, we have that. i got them all. reporter: he warned democrats again standing in way of a border wall. >> let me be clear, to democrats in congress, who oppose a border wall, and stand in the way of border security. you are putting all of america's safety at risk. risk. reporter: predicted talk to renegotiate nafta will likely fail.
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and hinted at a pardon for former sheriff joe arpaio. >> he should have had a jury, i think he will be just fine, oka okay. but i won't do it tonight. because i don't' to cause any controversy. reporter: rally was about ou boisterous. and crowd ate it up, phoenix mayor gave if two thumbs down, he never wanted him to come. >> president gave a speech that continued to divide country be he did nothing to unite the country, and indicated he will pardon sheriff joe. reporter: republican congressman trent, disagrees. >> well, i thought that mayor was posturing in a really tragic way, i thought that was really unfortunate, he prejudged the president's speech, president's speech was unifying. reporter: sharpest criticism
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from former director of national intelligence. never a fan of the president, maybe he tried to find a way out of a job. >> i really questioned his ability to be in this offers, this behavior, and this divisioniveness and -- divisiveness and void that president of united states exhibits. reporter: white house said late this afternoon this is no decision or timing for a pardon own of joe arpaio as of yet, but fox news has been told paperwork necessary, and talking points, are all prepared and ready to go. david. david: john roberts thank you. >> while president was out west, dc swamp was in an uproar request that lawmakers
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do their job and help enact his agenda. james rosen report could speaker ryan, and senate leader mcconnell are not sounding cooperative. >> paul ryan rejecting president trump's pledge to shut down federal government if congressional democrats block funding for border wall. >> i don't think a government shut down is necessary. most peep don't want to see a government shut down. reporter: at tuesday night rally in phoenix, president said immigration control is one of the reason that i here. >> we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. reporter: president urged a drastic change to parliamentary protocol. >> we have to get rid of the filibuster rule. we have to. if we don't, the republican will never getting any passed, you are wasting your time.
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reporter: comments deepen tensions between the president and party stall words eyeing the 2018 midterm election, and new york time report that mitch mcconnell believing that trump presidency doomed has not spoken to mr. trump since angry august 9 phone call where they both vented frustration, they have aired publicly. >> our new president has not been this this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> mitch, get to work and let's get it done. they should have had this last one done, they lost by one vote for a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. reporter: wednesday mcconnell issue a statement saying he and president share an agenda focused on tax reform and infrastructure, and adding with respect to times report anyone that suggests voice is not part of the conversation. >>
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>> no one is better as being pragmatic about this than leader mcconnell, he will to everything he can to make sure this have a strong and productive relationship. reporter: white house official told fox news that president, and mitch mcconnell and other lawmakers will sit for a strategy session with congress returns from recess, right now no figure stands more precariously between senator mcco mcmitch mcmitch mcconnell's wife, elaine chao saying i stand by my man, both of them. david: interesting. research firm fusion gps, with allegation again then candidate don donald trump has spoken with investigator, catherine herridge with latest.
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reporter: glen sympton met with set o investigator, for 10 hours behind closed-doors, his search said he did not reveal who he worked for and claimed his client is being sphere smeared by the trump team and his allies. they say simpson provided worth less records, more than 7500 pages of blank paper, the company, provide a copy of same unfair vied dossier. in july senate committee issued a subpoena to secure simpson's testimony. they found nim i him in colorado. last month committee chairman grassley pressed for answers about simpson's work, including undermining russian
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whistle blower's credibility. punishing russia officials, per the murder. >> how mr. simpson manipulated the media to spea smear you, and how do you know about that. >> yes, so, glen simpson was calling a number of journalists, pitching a story. the story he was pitching was that sergei had not been murdered he died of natural causes. and sergei was not a whistle-blower, he was a criminal. reporter: former russia ambassador to washington was asked about november 2016 trump tower meeting with former national security advisor mike flynn and the president's son-in-law. >> discuss opening secret channels at kremlin with jared kushner.
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>> i said many things, did not discuss substance of our discussions, out of respect to our partners. reporterpartners. >> wonderful reporting thank you. david: we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> president trump slamming obstructtionist democrats as a danger to national security. >> they be obstruct, you are putting all of america's safety at risk. david: we take with up with the dean, ed rollin grs and secretary of state tillerson accusing russia of armying the taliban. >> russia is supplying weres to taliban, that is a violation. of international norms.
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not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. included with xfinity tv. more to stream to every screen. david: president trump targeting arizona jr. republican senator jeff flake,
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but not by name. >> nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who is weak on borders and crime, so i won't talk about him. nobody wants me to talk about him. nobody knows who the hell he is. >> mr. trump more eples --i, naming flake in a tweet, saying, not a fan of jere flake. weak on crime and border. joining me now, to discuss president trump's criticism of republicans. ed rollins, who served in three presidential administrations, chief political adviser to house republican leadership, he is the dean. we love ed there thank you. david: so jeff flake, first of all he just went on a book tour, wrote a book lambasting
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donald trump. why should donald trump like the guy. >> he went above and beyond the pale. but clearly to show your philosophy and president's are not one in the same, there will be a lot of people who are not going to support primary there. and i think, republican, endorse senators, sense more mcconnell will right hard. david: let's talk about senator mcconnell. that is big elephant in room, he came out with -- well, the "new york times" came out with a piece about mcconnell, it clear that the information from there came from mcconnell, headline, mcconnell in private doubts if trump can save the presidency, really, blast after blast about the
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president he was the elected to serve. he said, time after time, in this article, mr. mcconnell has mused about whether mr. trump would be in a position to lead republican party next year, and expressed horror to advisers after more trump's commenting equating white supremacist in charlottesville with protesters who rallied against him, on and on, high take he takes his points from mainstream media. >> he has been opposition. this time he has to help push the president's agenda forward. david: it looks like he is trying to undermine him. >> no question, he is. he and president need to sit down, have a one-on-one dinner or bring their spouts, an spouses, say, this is what i want, what do you want: get a
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compromise, move forward. we have a big agenda ahead of us. david: elaine chao is in president's cabinet, she said she serves both men in her life, mitch mcconnell, her husband and donald trump the president. do you think she could have any influence. >> she will be in charge of infrastructure, secretary of important, she has been a labor secretary, and. he is a very able person in her own right, and i think if you have the we've wives in room come to an agreement, there are witnesses you need to move forward. david: something else, "new york times" piece, admits, one assumes this is mr. mcconnell or staff, talking about signal to business leaders he was uncomfortable with mr. trump's comments, several of whom resigned from advisory role,
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he understood their choices to resign. he is trying -- undermine help that president was getting from business community. >> he will quickly learn in his home state of kentucky, mr. trump is more popular than he is. he needs to move this agenda forward, as majority leader. he has to put is together, make it work, and president has on sell it. david: jeff flake sip tor fro senator flake from arizona going into an election in 2018, his opponent in primaryd dr. kelli ward, a physician. you have a pak that supporting dr. ward. >> yes. realize that senator will never be on --
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>> do you think that dr. kelli ward will win. >> she a viable candidate with 39% running against mccain, she will be strong candidate. david: ed rollins, thank you very much. >> vote in poll, do you support president trump's threat to shut down government if congress does not fund the border wall? cast your vote on twitter, @lou dobbs and follow lou on twitter at lou dobbs, like the show on facebook and instragram. wall street stock falling. >> volume on the big board 2.7 billion shares of the, new home sales fell in july. antitrust regulator clearing 13.7 billion amazon acquisition of whole foods allowing it to recede, up next, president trump said that u.s. is fighting to win
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david: photo just released by north korea appear to suggest they developed new missiles, kim jong-un touring a rocket factory with diagrams of the warheads in background erosion regime report -- rogue regime reportedly ordered more parts for the icbm, as u.s. and south korea are in middle of an 11-day series of war game exercises. david: removal of vise admiral joes you o joseph just days
11:26 pm
after the uss mccain collided with a tanker in singapore straight. 7 fleet has been involved in three collisions since january 2, resulting in 17 deaths, joining me to talk about globe at hot spots, former u.s. ambassador to u.n., john bolton. let's talk about this navy investigation, focusing on not so much on the threat of cyber warfare. it was thought maybe somebody hacked into the ship system, no, activity not cyber warfare it was insufficient training of june o junior officers they are looking at. do you want anything more. >> the fact that fleet has shrunk overtime to size it is now, and the insufficient budget authority they had last
11:27 pm
8 years, it could well be a partial reason. i do think there is col command responsibility, it is fundamental to keep your ship from colliding with other ships, there is a lot more to learn, but this is an indication, i worry about the impact that it is having on other countries in east and southeast asia, they see the main element of the american projection of power in western pacific, the fleet, in such disairaq thearray, they say, if they can't sail straight how are they going to protect us. their is a lot at stake here. david: is is more proof or perhaps too early to say proof, but at least this is a signal of obama slippage on defense, obama stepped back so far that, we have a lot of weak elements that we should not have in our military.
11:28 pm
>> i think this is -- this should be an occasion to look at fleet as a whole, this is a strong argument for expanding the fleet beyond president's budget even what the house that authorized. not just physical expansion but training and the experience we need. >> in particular, you know obama administration was pressing on the social issues, sometimes you wondered whether they pulled away from readiness. simple military readiness. moving to afghanistan. the president in his speech monday focused on pakistan, but there also russia and iran that have a role on play in the taliban. in arming them. >> well, the russian have reversed their position in immediate days after 9/11. they were opposing taliban, and supplying northern alliance. we also backed and worked to
11:29 pm
over throw the taliban after 9/11. and so the fact that russians are now according to these reports arming taliban shows they are -- this is a deliberate, to rt t effort to constrain the united states, they are putting their thumb in our eye, talking about vladimir putin and fight against terrorism, he is on the wrong side, he is on wrong side in supporting assad regime and ira iranian regime. david: it shows how heartless, as if we needed proof, that russians are, in particular an ex-kgb guy. nevertheless, thousands of the russians were killed by taliban, and their supporters. >> russians are cold-blooded in pursuing their national interest be and notion you can affect them by personal relationships, does not work,
11:30 pm
and this another system demonstration. david: north korea. how soon before they have another test? either of an nuclear bomber icbm . >> i think they can test almost and time, i don't think there is reason to believe that absence of testing shows a political decision to try to come closer to us, i don't think they are that fear of us yet, they do not respect us, there no point in trying to negotiate with them. david: chinese seem to be putting pressure, i want you are skeptical. we have not had enough about north korea, john bolton thank you. >> thank you. david: we're coming right back with more, stay with us. >> president trump hitting do nothing congress. >> i have a message for congress tonight, your job is to represent american family,
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. david: debbie wasserman schultz had political
11:35 pm
correctness in mind when she decided to kee keep on his payroll. >> i kept him on the payroll during the time that he was not arrested and not charged with anything, and that was as i said that i was concerned about the violation of his due process rights and also that there were racial and ethnic profiling concerns as well. david: joining me now to discuss the investigation int into, fox news contributor byron. by the way, she kept him on even after his wife fled the country and the fbi says she's probably not going to come back because if she did, she would be arrested too. so there were plenty of reasons to fire this guy. the national review suggested that one of the reasons that he didn't, one of the reasons that a lot of democrats are afraid of this guy is because he may be blackmailing.
11:36 pm
>> well, with the it guy, you never know what he knows. david: that's right. >> exactly. so the thing is that this man had access to many house offices, whatever was on their private e-mail systems, and one thing we've seen is that the -- in the indictment, the indictment seems to go kind of easily on him and doesn't even take into account what is i think a very suggestive piece of evidence about him, which is that he was fleeing the country and his wife had already fled the country, and they were clearly -- they had transferred a lot of money to pakistan where they were going. and that's clear evidence, i think, of an intent of wrongdoing here. david: yeah, and money that was derived, by the way, from a credit union, a lot of it, by the way, which was run like the keystone cops were running. i mean, they -- one of the things they did was give them a $200,000 loan, a home equity loan on a property that he
11:37 pm
didn't own, that he was renting. because he had that list of democratic supporters, all of these democrats that he was working for as a contractor, he could flash that. and if you have that, you can apparently get anything you want from the congressional credit union. >> yeah. and regardless of the explanation we just heard from debbie wasserman schultz, there are still real questions about why she seems so loyal to him for all of this time there have been serious problems in this case for quite a while. and the question is the police in the capitol actually do seem inclined to go after this, and it has become a criminal matter. so if it goes farther, we will have ways of finding out about it. david: well, and, again, it's become sort of emblematic willing to give all the people all the money he wants and stay there despite all the stuff, all the warnings. an impossible situation. again, shows the swamp and the
11:38 pm
way it works. fusion gps, another product of the swamp in a way. glenn simpson who, by the way, was a colleague of mine at the wall street journal, used to do some pretty good pieces about whitewater back in the clinton days. went on, formed this administration that went and worked with democrats to undermine republican targets. and one of whom was donald trump. and we're learning a lot more about glenn simpson and his activities now. >> well, simpson met yesterday for ten hours with investigators from both parties of senate judiciary committee. and they did not get an answer to the number one question they had, which is who retained you and paid you to do this research on donald trump? we know that toward the end of the summer of 2016 and to the fall of 2016, apparently, fusion gps was paying an
11:39 pm
intermediary who paid intermediaries to pay russians to give dirt to an expert spy on trump. david: right. >> so there's some really, really funky things going on in this case and simpson met voluntarily with the committee. they couldn't force him to testify. and one thing that he has said all along that he's not going to talk about is who retained him. david: well, and, again, the key -- for all the talk about russian collusion, this does seem to be a case, if, in fact, it plays out. you and i follow the evidence. that's our job. but the evidence seems to be pointing that there was a relationship between fusion gps, the democrats, and moscow. if you're looking for collusion, this is a good place to start; right? >> yes. and some of the sources, apparently, who were paid to give information in this project were related to the kremlin. you know how many times we see in newspaper accounts of the trump story. we see kremlin-backed, kremlin
11:40 pm
linked. david: not now. >> these are kremlin-linked russians. david: except in the washington examiner where my friend byron works. >> thank you, david. david: and be sure to vote in tonight's poll do you support president trump's threat to shut down the government if congress doesn't support the border wall? cast your vote now on twitter @loudobbs. this daredevil taking his soccer game to brand-new heights as he performs a series of very impressive tricks -- take a look at this. 600 feet above the ground. this is in england. he juggles the ball on his right foot, balances it on its toes and unfaced by that daunting drop. coming up, president trump's fake news media and the news media to portray him as a racist. trump: they don't want to report that i spoke out against bigotry and hatred and
11:41 pm
violence and against the neonazis, the white supremacists, and the kkk. david: and espn is under fire for removing this sports announcer from covering a football game because of his name. we take up the politically-correct madness with conservative commentator coming next. stay with us. we'll be right back ♪ needles. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults
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. david: espn is receiving a lot of backlash for pulling announcer robert lee from this weekend's football broadcast at the university of virginia because of his name. now, the network was concerned that the asian-american broadcaster's name was too similar to confederate general robert e lee. only in america and would remind viewers of the deadly riots in charlottesville earlier this month. joining me now to discuss the left's rampant political correctness, their attack on american history and a lot more national spokesperson for the congress on racial equality and conservative commentator niger. niger, i was just shaking my head when i first heard this. what do you make of this story? >> it is called theater of the absurd. it's politically correct fascism, politically correct madness that is taking place and, you know, as funny as
11:46 pm
this story is, and as absurd as the story is, there is a very serious point, which is that there are elements, and it's not just the hard left violent organization that wants the violent overthrow of the u.s. government and our way of life, but there are hard elements throughout our academia, our media, that will truly not stop at robert e lee or confederate statue use, their ultimate goal is to overturn the -- and to go after the founding fathers of our country. david: of course. absolutely. >> and to go after our culture and values and ultimately our constitution. david: that's exactly what gets under their skin. this is a hunt to destroy americans heritage. not just for the heck of it. not just because they don't like these people, but because they don't like the philosophy on which it is based. the philosophy of individual freedom against government tyranny. they don't like that.
11:47 pm
they can't stand it. >> and, david, how is this for irony? one of their left wing progressive heroes woodrow wilson was a racist, as we know. he brought in birth of the nation screen to the white house and called it history with a lightning rod that glamourized the paramilitary arm of the democrat party called the ku klux klan. but their progressive hero, their philosophical hero, even president obama's hero, i would think, his intellectual predecessor woodrow wilson also has the same kinds of fundamental problems with our constitution and with individual liberty and responsibility. david: well, and, you know, the kkk was like this with a democratic party. the last serving member of congress that i know of who was with the kkk was a democrat. senator bird. there's a long history of
11:48 pm
association. more democrats than republicans associate with it. but a lot of people when you read the website of stories that have been covering this, they say, well, this is a wild -- it's not happening beyond concerns about robert e lee. you're not going to see the destruction of other statues. but on the other hand, we had bill de blasio, the leftest mayor of new york now questioning the christopher columbus statue at the center of columbus circle. you also have a legislature in new york talking about grants two. he was a union soldier, not a confederate. but apparently he was an anti-semite according to this legislature and that's why grant's tomb should be torn down. it's happening all over. where will it stop? >> the madness will not end, and i have to admit, david. i'm not surprised at comrade de blasio, and i just pray that many of the candidates and several of the candidates will take him on and give him a run for his money and
11:49 pm
liberate new york. david: well, they need to be liberated from him. final last point because i have to talk about the president and what happened last night. he had a number of prominent african-americans, alveda king, the niece of martin luther king jr. ben carson, who was in his cabinet, et cetera. to make that case is kind of insulting in and of itself. but, again, the wall street editorial page used to talk about something called the liberal plantation. if you're an african-american, and you do not abide by the liberal rules in the united states right now, you're condemned. there is -- they have a liberal plantation mentality that african-americans have to think a certain way. and if they don't, they're not real -- what do you make of this? isn't that really racism turned around? >> it is. intellectual totalitarianism, and that has visited folks like alveda king, a very, very dear friend of mine.
11:50 pm
dr. ben carson, him and his wife are wonderful friends and colleagues. myself, my father before me, so many others. and it's an intellectual totalitarianism that is spreading more and more. it's not just punishing blacks, it's punishing this who want to honor our constitution and our heritage and our legacy, and it's something that i think the american people should take deadly serious. those so-called never trumpers within the republican party need to understand that there's more at stake than just donald trump. this is bigger than just donald trump. david: well said. it's great to see you, niger. >> great to see you, david. thank you. david: by the way, i have a recommendation for your reading list something called putin's gambet. it's coauthor james bored. fans of the show are loving it. callene tweeted this was a great read and easy read. honestly, i couldn't put it down, especially toward the end. i love it. now, every viewer whose
11:51 pm
comment is read on the show will receive a signed copy of lou's book. this reenactment of the october 2016 presidential debate with donald trump, take a listen. >> now we were on a small stage and no matter where i walked, he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces. it was incredibly uncomfortable. he was literally breathing down my neck. my skin crawled. david: we're going to be talking about the failed democrat candidate's fourth coming memoir with nick adams right after the break. stay with us don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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in our online poll we ask you the silent treatment of president trump. 79% said yes it is. meanwhile hillary clinton reflecting on her stunning loss last year in an upcoming memoir this is clinton reading an expert -- excerpt about what she was thinking during the debate. as rival donald trump was behind her. >> do used a call keep smiling and carrying on if he wasn't repeatedly invading your space. do you say loudly and clearly backup you create. get away from me. i know you love to intimidate
11:56 pm
women you can't intimidate me so backup. political reporter for the federalist after retaking america bree, i remember that debate very well i covered it right here at foxbusiness she said invading her space. she walked in front of him. she was actually in his corner having walked in front of him as he was answering the question. this is a ploy. >> i don't think anybody is buying this dramatic narrative that she is trying to spin. ever since she lost the election in november she has been trying to spin the dramatic narrative. she even said that the russian hacked the dnc e-mail because putin is sexist. and it's been kind of this really sad narrative that no one is buying and i guess she
11:57 pm
figures for this is this is the only card that i have the play. >> the point as we can play that video again. you can clearly see she walked in front of donald trump and she said he invaded her space. and now complains that he's breathing down her neck. >> this is what she does. this is clear manipulation. that is exactly right. we have seen her be a sore loser from the eighth of november until today and it keeps going and going and the american people are sick of it. her gross exaggeration about everything that's going on her continual plane of the female victim card is just sickening. and everything from the way that this particular audiotape the very slow and deliberate
11:58 pm
beach like she's talking about exposing some monster in the darkness of her home. so why aren't republicans winning. the point is you have bernie sanders was socialism on one hand. with a moderate but compared to him she is. but she is a liar. and you have that you had donald trump's growth agenda be enacted. i talked earlier about mitch mcconnell. is it his fault. >> advocates very clear that the republicans especially are completely clueless. what they were going to do when they got elected in office and after we voted them and they turned around and decided to not do that. i do think a lot of the blame lies at the feet of a senate republicans. i talked to them early. if mitch mcconnell resigned as
11:59 pm
a majority leader the market would go up 500 points. he has become that much of an obstructionist to growth. i haven't had any time for mitch mcconnell and i continue to not had any time for him. i think it's very unfortunate what he's doing about the trump administration. i find it verily -- very disheartening. i think they taught them as big a threat to this country as democrats. and he has actually acted trying to undermine the u.s. government. is he really trying to stop this presidency called? >> it certainly appears that way. i think it's very clear.
12:00 am
this is so typical of mcconnell. he can't even look somebody in the face. yesterday the passive aggressive way. thank you very much. thank you for watching we hope to see back here tomorrow night we will see you then. kennedy: present trump on the offensive. in the blistering arizona rally but will it help him with his agenda. espn on the defensive after a ham-handed reaction to the violence in charlotte though. and wait until you hear what they did. will congress ever get tax reform. they have the playbook. grab a whistle. it's time to blow. it is utterly fascinating to step by surveying this president. for those who worship president trump and there are many


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