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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> quite an hour, history being made, the health care debate in disarray after four top republican senators threaten to withhold votes for skinny repeal. gerri willis on "making money". she's going to be on the story and more. gerri: good evening, i'm gerri willis, and you're watching "making money". we are bracing for the start of tonight's vote-a-rama, as the white house pivots to taxes and seemingly gives up on the border adjustment tax, while the house prepares to leave for summer recess tomorrow. must be nice to take a vacation amid all of that. to the health care scramble, just a few moments ago. a group of top senate republicans slammed the idea of a skinny bill. >> the skinny bill is policy is a disaster. the skinny bill, as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. the skinny bill is a vehicle to
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get in conference to find a replacement. it is not a replacement in and of itself, and i am not going to vote for the skinny bill, if i'm not assured by the house that there will be a conference where my idea and other ideas can be taken up so we can actually replace obamacare. i'm not going to vote for a bill that is terrible policy and horrible politics just because we have to get something done. gerri: and the beat goes on, right? so now, mitch mcconnell needs senators graham, johnson, mccain, purdue and lee to get on board or kill the health care bill. joining me congressman paul mitchell who co-authored an op-ed with the freshman class in the house calling on the senate to get their act together on health care. congressman, welcome to the show, great to have you here. thank you for doing something all of america has been wanting to do for days now, and that's calling out the senate. they're about as popular as a glass of milk on prom night, if you know what i mean!
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this latest news, lindsey graham calling it a fraud, do you think this means nothing is going to happen tonight? >> if he could predict what's going to happen in the senate, he should go to las vegas where he can make money. op-ed that we put out speaks to what the people said to us as we ran fors on. 12 other freshman joined me in the letter, we did our job in the house. we worked hard as it, and as you know from watching, it wasn't easy, wasn't simple, we did thrashing around, but we got a bill out we thought accomplished a great deal. senate needs to do something rather than say we can't do anything unless the house assures us we give them a bill. gerri: that's what lindsey graham says, i've got a lot of ideas, so do other senators, we want to make sure they are heard. we don't want the house to take the bill, pass, it give it to the president. is that what you guys intend to do? >> there is no intent here. we want to see what the senate
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passes and make a decision, or the other way to put, it show me the money, show me what you have rather than assurance in the house. we passed a bill. we didn't ask for a list of assurances in the senate. if we had, we'd be done by now. a bill out of the senate, what they think is good policy and move forward. gerri: amen and amen and on and on it goes. i have no confidence in tonight, though. let me ask you this question, i think it's really important because everybody is objecting to the skinny bill now, and just to be clear what that means is that you would no longer have to have coverage. that was what obamacare required. everybody had to sign up for coverage. skinny bill, one of the things it would do is not require that anymore. if the senate were to pass skinny bill, they should accept skinny paychecks, why? >> i'm not sure i understand the question, but as we pass in the house, we believe people have the choice. the idea of mandating everyone
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should have coverage and mandating precisely the coverage doesn't make sense in this country and the free market environment. so we need to have choice for people, and clearly affordable care act doesn't provide that. we believe the american health care act does, and that's a step forward. now if the senate has a better idea, bring it forward and get this done. gerri: quickly, congressman, before you go, i know you're at the white house, talking to the administration about your letter, about the bill, about health care. how confident are they something is going to get through? >> i think everyone is hopeful. you need to be hopeful, otherwise you frankly give up. i think the american people are getting frustrated with inactivity. the house, there is 270 bills the house passed that are over in the senate. as you know, confirmations are dragging in the senate. the american people are getting frustrated. gerri: no kidding. i couldn't agree with you more, congressman, thanks for coming on the show tonight. great to have you here, appreciate your time. >> happy to be here, thank you. gerri: speaker paul ryan
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speaking to our very own maria bartiromo on the health care scramble and taking the border adjustment tax out of play. here is a sneak peek. >> what is important is common ground how to do tax reform so we can get tax reform done in 2017. what i and other house leaders who have been pushing the border adjustment, i think it's the way to go, the right tax reform plan. if it's going to stop us getting to consense to us get tax reform done, we don't want that to happen, meaning border adjustment. we want consense to us get tax reform done. gerri: that was the headline, border adjustment tax out of the tax plan, you can catch the interview in its entirety 6:00 a.m. eastern time on "mornings with maria" on fox business. joining me "national review" contributing editor, ned ryun, former george w. bush writer
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and former aide to senator chuck schumer. deroy, start with you, get back to the health care issue for just a second. this is a big one can, go all night long. they're talking about bringing cots so the guys can stay up all night. do we have to go through this? isn't there a way for the senate to come to some kind of agreement on a bill that's going to make it through? >> i think all of us enjoy them seeing them work hard for a change. they will probably be on vacation next week, perhaps. if they have to keep the cots out all weekend and next week, that's what they need to do. they ran for seven years repealing and replacing obamacare, it has to be done. people are suffering with coverage shooting up 100% or more in arizona. you can keep the plan, that's a lie. my plan was canceled not once but twice, if it means the senate has to lose sleep to get it done, let's do that. gerri: chris, you've been
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watching the vote-a-rama. i'm going to give you red meat, have some fun. can the republicans govern? >> doesn't look that way, does it, right? after what lindsey graham said, i don't know how anybody could vote for the skinny plan. he killed that plan, even if you think there's a conference committee. by the way, gerri, hasn't been a conference committee of anything important in the senate and the house for eight years now. so even -- gerri: wait, wait, let's get to that in a minute and confine your statements right now to tonight my friend. tonight. this is all important. we could actually get legislation through the senate that would change health care for our lifetimes. is that likely in your view? >> i don't think it's likely in my view and, you know, it appears to me that this is mitch mcconnell's waterloo and going to end pretty much the same way it did for napoleon. that's the end. gerri: chris, you are so harsh.
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ned to you! you are trouble, i'm telling you. gerri: ned, let me get to you, same question, can the republicans govern? is there a way forward here? i think that's the big question we're facing, can they come to agreement, find agreement with the house. is there a way to get this done? >> you bring up a great question. i mean republicans have demonstrated a wild inability to govern, and as i have joked, they have the nasty habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of history and shooting themselves in one foot and calmly shooting themselves in the other foot. i will say this. let's not seek perfection, get as much done as we can and possible on the bill, get it to the house. i find it ironic that senator graham was making all of these demands that you can't pass this, it has to go to conference, et cetera. at what point, gerri, did they decide that they couldn't sit down months and months ago and
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say let's hash this out before we go down this pipe. >> years ago! >> let me get deroy back in here, everybody is putting their foot on the pedal. pence saying trump made it clear, inaction is not an option, everybody piling on telling the senate to get down to it, the chances of finding strong agreement are very small. is there a way forward? >> look, another metaphor, i don't think the skinny bill is an oceanliner, it's a life boat to. go to conference committee and house and senate members sit down and come up with something that will make them all happy. that's what they need to do, move the process along and get to where the house and senate can agree and get a bill the president can sign and get obamacare out of our hair. gerri: chris, quickly, it's not in your genes, quickly, you were talking about conference before, the reality is it's very difficult for them to put something forward that's really strong. usually the conference bills are watered down, what do you see coming out of a conference,
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if we can get to that point? >> look, if they go to a conference committee you have to have democrats involved with the committee. that's what a conference is. you actually have a chance to get real legislation where have you input from both sides of the aisle that might have a chance of passing. that said, again, i think graham doomed the skinny bill tonight and that's the only thing that will pass with the reconciliation rules and they've got a real problem, unless they go nuclear and pass something without 60 votes that doesn't need reconciliation, which is also a possibility. >> gerri, one thing, they are looking like inept children on a playground. trump can do a few things, look at the tax code, i mentioned this, he can reform the tax code to really address the underlying cost of rising premiums and deductibles by tweeking the tax code because hospital systems, two thirds are acting as nonprofits and make windfall profits. he can go in and do this without having to deal with congress and say enough is enough. you cannot act as nonprofits
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and make all of this revenue. he can go around, and they're figuring out what the heck they're doing, trump can make strong moves and address it. >> that would require leadership. gerri: lots of ways to square that circle. great job, panel. more breaking news from the hill. want to tell you about. this right now the senate is voting on combined russia-iran-north korea sanctions bill, we'll keep you posted on. that as you remember, we are live in this show, live right here at fbn. we'll be right back. out type 2 . you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes
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and get to the heart of what matters.
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. gerri: you think insurance coverage on the obamacare exchanges is expensive now? just wait say health
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insureures, a proposal to scale back the skinny act that would get rid of mandates could push rates higher if passed. joining me dan weber and attended a meeting at the white house on health care, and steve cortes, former trump advisory hispanic council member. dan, start with out policy, we're watching the guys armwrestle on the floor of the senate, mano-a-mano, everybody fighting it out. the exchanges are falling apart. >> that's right. gerri: from what i've heard, probably 40% of the counties have one insurance option next year, if that. so many going down in flames. can these exchanges work if the folks don't come to some kind of agreement and soon because these insurers are getting mighty antsy? >> that's correct, and the word for today is courage. we have 1.2 million americans who belong to amac, and our members are furious that the
6:16 pm
senators haven't grown up and gotten together and solved this problem. >> and steve, to you. i want to read a statement the insurers made, this is blue cross blue shield association. they said this -- and steve, i guess you can think, well, that's blue cross blue shield saying we're going to raise rates, premiums, all the costs for folks signing up for much more expensive. what do you say? >> right, and gerri, couple things, first of all, yes, it's sound logic, if we don't force people something they don't want to buy, they might not buy it. that's life. here's the more important point in terms of policy for our country. obamacare is imploding. republicans have promised us
6:17 pm
for several election cycles that given the reins of power, they will repeal and replace. guess what? the american people gave them the reins of power, both houses of congress and the white house, and i would say to the squishy republican senators who voted to repeal obamacare when it didn't matter, when they knew there would be no actual outcome because there was a democratic white house, you need to find your back bone, and i hope all of them, i think there is seven republican senators who did that. i hope all are primaried because they deserve to lose, they're the case for term limits and the american people demand and deserve better. gerri: you know, i'm laughing, but the reality is people are very, very angry about this. i see it on my twitter feed on, my facebook feed. dan, tonight get back to you and back to this, the republican opposition to this skinny bill, and the skinny bill does virtually nothing, gets rid of the mandates, couple other things, not very much at all. lindsey graham saying it's a fraud.
6:18 pm
what's your reaction to it? >> my reaction is they're missing the main point. the main point is obamacare did not reduce the costs of medicine, and neither does any of the republican bills. so what we've got to do, got to have hsa expansion under massive scale. introduce things like pro bono health care, where doctors get a tax deduction for treating people for nothing, and that will cover seven million poor americans that don't have insurance now. part of the 27 million who still don't have insurance under obamacare. gerri: steve, look, anthem said they may pull out. talk about raising rates but they said we could just go, and we already know there are other health insurers out. isn't the senate fiddling while health care is burning right now? >> very much, gerri. i think anthem left three states, i believe so far. and may leave all the states in the united states, and by the way, who can blame them? if i were a shareholder, i'm not, if i were a shareholder, i would say yes, you should not
6:19 pm
participate in this system if you're not going to get the subsidies that were promised to you under obamacare. but i think you're exactly right. they're fiddling while rome burns. the health care system of america is badly broken mainly because of government control, we unleader the free market to work magic. take care of people who have incurable or chronic situations who are uninsurable effectively. take care of them relatively easily, let the rest of the people, almost everyone, operate in a free market scenario. if we do, we'll see better outcomes for a lower price. gerri: i just want to add before we go that anthem reported really good earnings. if they're suffering mightily, it's super hard to tell from eps statement. thanks, guys, appreciate the time. the white house and top republicans making a big pivot to taxes. we've got the plan next. introducing new parodontax.
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. >> before the end of this year, we're going to roll up our sleeves and this president is going to work with the congress, and we're going to pass one of the largest tax cuts in american history. discussions and negotiations will continue, details will continue to be worked out. but rest assured, we're going to cut taxes, and we're going to cut taxes this year. gerri: a very confident vice president mike pence promising a tax cut by the end of the year, making these comments the day before the so-called big six tax reform group. that's them right there, expected to reveal a broad tax reform plan. joining me robin bureau, former obama field director and jeff dewitt, arizona state treasurer, member of the donald
6:24 pm
j. trump advisory board. robin, start with you, the big talk was border adjustment tax out the window. was that a no-go because this hurt retailers, big important group of folks and frankly consumers who would pay more for goods they buy? >> absolutely. i'm not sure where we're going with this, but i've got to say this. he's made so many promises during the campaign, he said he was going to defeat isis within the first 30 days. gerri: we're not talking about isis tonight, we're talking about taxes, let's stick with that. >> he's got to make good on one of these major campaign promises. his base is depending on him to follow through with this. they want to show me the money, they want to know where the beef is on this. gerri: show me the money, where's the beef. jeff to you. border tax is out, does that mean we're not going to pay for the tax cuts? >> i think the tax cuts pay for themselves and economic growth,
6:25 pm
and it's funny when you hear a democratic strategist whose whole goal is resist and keep changes from happening trying to say donald trump should be getting the changes through. they will get through. mike pence gave a great speech to the national federation of independent businesses that tax reform will get done by the end of the year, i firmly believe that it will happen, it's going to simplify the tax codes, seven brackets down to three, it's going to lower the corporate tax rate, it's going to allow american families and small businesses to keep more of what they make, hire more workers and that leads to economic growth. gerri: the vice president speaking with one voice, not the administration, steve bannon calling for higher tax on the wealthy, people make more than five million, perhaps a 44% income tax up from 39.6% right now. you look at that, robin, you think that doesn't sound republican, it sounds like more like people on your side of the aisle. >> that did sound familiar, i will admit.
6:26 pm
look, a may ofs buildup of military. we've got a border wall we've got pay for he's proposed. so many other things we have to start paying for. infrastructure improvements. the money has to come from somewhere. i think he's throwing this at the wall to see what the public perception is and see what sticks. gerri: a lot of the money gone in washington right now. a lot of stuff thrown at the wall. i want to show a number here, it's critically important when it comes to taxes. jeff, you're going to appreciate this. so right now, with the taxes we have this very moment, the top 20% of households, that's the wealthiest households pay 88% of income taxes. 20% paying 88% of federal income taxes. do we need to have a tax increase on the wealthy in this country? these are obviously lot of small business people, a lot of people hiring folks out there. jeff, what do you say? >> well, again, i don't think the problem is that we're not taxing people enough. our government is collecting
6:27 pm
more in tax revenue right now than ever in history, over $4 trillion a year they're taking in. the problem is government is spending too much money and needs to get on a slimmer diet. that's the main problem. look at what mike pence did in indiana as governor, he reduced taxes from the corporate individual and slimmed down the tax code for business-to-business sales, led to the unemployment rate from over 8% to below 5% while governor. the same thing, donald trump has signed into law more legislation reducing the regulatory burden on businesses, and we've seen 850,000 new jobs be added since he did that. gerri: i love your idea. >> the formula is simple. >> go ahead, finish your thought. >> the formula is simple. economic growth, letting people keep more of what they earned and growing at the economic base. that gets it done. >> i love your idea of the government on weight watchers, that is appealing. [laughter] >> that is what we need. thanks, gerri. gerri: thank you so much.
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tech stocks tumbling today, that's a new trend and not a good one, leading the nasdaq on intra-day high, closing at another record today. we'll break it down, coming up. we're both stuck in this cube farm and you're about to hit 'send all' on some embarrassing gas. hey, you bought gas-x®! unlike antacids, gas-x ® relieves pressure and bloating fast. huh, crisis averted. you for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one.
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. gerri: the dow soaring to
6:32 pm
another record close today, not such good news for the nasdaq as a sell-off in the tech sector couldn't keep it in the green. joining me ken mahoney, author of the book, a gps for your retirement. ken, great to see you here. start with earnings. amazon, okay, they had a disappointment, right, in earnings, but that's par for the course with the company. >> about market share, top line earnings, getting into different industries and whole foods and groceries, wouldn't be concerned about long-term. over and over again, jeff bezos does something right. gerri: earnings down 77% and revenues up 25. revenues in line with expectations. talk about a couple other stocks and back to amazon. one is intel. here is a company people lost sight of because of disappointments in the past. how do they look to you? >> they look good, earnings are better than expected. the fang, facebook, amazon,
6:33 pm
netflix, google, and doing well, microsoft and intel, the old tech j it's a chipmaker, right? >> that's right. gerri: about fueling technology, for a while had a hard time going forward. this is looking good, and look at the chart, everybody likes that chart. >> we like charts that slope up. gerri: talk about starbucks, this is a company that is really at this point a steady as you go grower. >> like a utility company. gerri: it's not exciting. >> some franchises here and there, now with what they have, year-over-year sales numbers out of existing franchises to grow the business, that's a challenge. gerri: not an exciting quarter, revenue not good, disappointing news for starbucks, and the charts are down over time. back for a second to amazon, jeff bezos had a short-lived run as the world's richest man, richest man, that's how people say it. amazon shares lifting bezos net
6:34 pm
worth to roughly, get this, $91 billion. we did a little math. if you had as much money as bezos you could afford to buy -- and with amazon shares not faring well, bezos net worth is back down, back below microsoft's bill gates below $89 billion. >> he could add to the list, he could buy 32 nfl franchise teams. he could buy the entire nfl. how about $10 billion left over for popcorn. gerri: take the stock of those things, which would you buy? >> i think the nfl teams, you are guaranteed to win the super bowl. gerri: that's a good idea. >> that's amazing, if you think about warren buffett and bill gates, jeff bezos better learn how to play bridge now that he's up with the ranks of the top. gerri: they're cool, though. they are cool. gerri: money is cool, great
6:35 pm
job, ken, great to see you, again. coming up, attorney general jeff sessions heading to el salvador to crack down on the murderous ms-13 gangs. he's facing friendly fire at home. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) i'm the one clocking in...
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two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at . >> they use whatever they can get their hands on, guns, knives, machetes, bats, tire
6:39 pm
irons or fists and feet. they use violence to shock, send a message and control territory here in the u.s. and central america. the attorney general has answered the president's call, and we at the justice department are moving forward aggressively against ms-13. gerri: wow, ms-13, that was deputy attorney general robert hur speaking at today's white house briefing outlining the department of justice's plans to fight the ms-13 gang. hur took the stage as attorney general jeff sessions is in el salvador meeting with officials to ramp up the international effort in battling that gang. despite public criticism from the president, sessions stayed on task in the fight against ms-13. joining me to discuss, nick adams, the founder of the foundation for liberty and american greatness, and ramba my, former chief deputy at the department of justice. this trip to el salvador,
6:40 pm
everything going on in terms of fighting crime, so seriously, i'm so impressed with what sessions is doing, what do you make of it? >> well, i think he's doing his job. i think even in light of what's going on in d.c. and the president's comments, he made it clear today in the comments i've heard and read that he's focused on his job, and that's to be the country's head law enforcement officer and doing what he should be doing and he's going after the gang where, they live, and hoping to get a consensus to fight him here at home. gerri: nick, is it just business as usual, do you think this is a special effort? >> well, gerri, look, it's great, whatever it is, it's very important that we make sure that ms-13 is no longer, that's something president trump promised back in june, and i think that's what's going to happen. it's good in light of all of the exciting things that have been happening over the last couple of days that attorney general sessions has distance
6:41 pm
to let things cool down. gerri: distance to let things cool down, he's under fire from the president and others, taking shots, ron, left, right and center. how important do you believe is the ms-13 priority? what trouble does it pose for residents long-term? >> you are talking about one of the most violent gangs in the country. not only in one area, they're all over the country. you have ms-13 gang members in chicago. have you them in new york, here in los angeles where i'm at. they're all over the coast. you have a very prevalent violent street gang engaged in a lot of illegal activities. so for us, for the united states citizens it should be a priority. they have to be gone after and they have to be taken out. gerri: nick, you know it's interesting that deputy a.g. took on sanctuary cities, saying they will refuse to allow them to become sanctuaries for criminals. is that's what's going on?
6:42 pm
is this where the folks get the start in the very cities? >> look, tough on crime is something that both president trump and senator sessions and now attorney general sessions have always had in common, something they campaigned on, and something that the american people expect for them to be and get done, and i think that's what we're seeing and why we saw the deputy attorney general focusing on making sure that these are not sanctuary cities criminals. i've been to victoria, texas, i've seen some of the places where ms-13 has really been running rampant, and so incredibly important that the heinous, brutal gang be no longer. gerri: lot of people say that you have to have access, though, to other immigrants. legal or illegal, to track down these gangs. ron, do you agree? >> well, in a way yes, in a way no, what you have to do and know through history and know through law enforcement who's
6:43 pm
gone after gangs for years, you have to turn them against each other. not necessarily the citizens going to break the case for law enforcement. gang members will turn on other gang members. somebody turn on the gang. in my history in law enforcement, we always go over the head of the snake, when you go for the head of the snake, you got to get the ones below the head in order to get the head. you have to turn gang members to prosecute and convict other gang members, look at the way the mafia has been prosecuted. it's been prosecuted when other mafia people turn on the leaders of the gang and become informants for the government. it's going to be the same with this gang, heavy enforcement by the police on the lines, but to really take out the gang, you have to take out the leadership. gerri: take out the leadership. nick, quick last thoughts here. the head of the snake you have to go after? >> definitely. look, i'm not an expert, but makes a lot of sense, i think that's what needs to know had, throw all the resources we possibly can. this is welcome news for the trump administration, for the
6:44 pm
american people, and i think it will lead to a good outcome. we want to make sure these people are not able to come here and do harm us to. that's the number one priority of any government. gerri: nick and ron, thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: political warfare flaring on new fronts all under the roof of one party. we'll explain coming up.
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6:47 pm
. gerri: shockwaves tonight after newly installed white house communications director anthony scaramucci called a new yorker writer and shared colorful words for white house leakers. as well, white house chief of staff reince priebus and white house chief strategist steve bannon. among the quotes, listen to this --
6:48 pm
and this one -- . gerri: woo! here to discuss, chris hahn, ned ryun and andrana cohen, boston herald columnist and radio host. this is like super red hot. the kind of language going on here, kind of shocking. >> exactly. i hear you, he didn't pull punches there, scaramucci, but he's coming from the right place.
6:49 pm
there needs to be dramatic changes within the administration. as you know, gerri, the leaks are unacceptable. they're sabotaging the trump administration, the ability to get the people's work done. it's jeopardizing our national security. he really does, scaramucci needs to clean house, track down who are the leakers and not only fire them, take bon step further and put them in jail. this needs to stop. there has been an unprecedented number of leaks during this administration, making it possible for virtually any administration to do the government's work. so i applaud scaramucci, i think he needs to get tough, find out where the problems are within this administration and take action. gerri: listen, we have to get to a tweet that scaramucci just tweeted. here's what he says -- all right. so that's the response. chris, i'll get you first on this. just jump right in here and
6:50 pm
tell me how does this sound to your ears, this level of conversation? >> this sounds to me like a very fast moving object that's going to burn out really quick. he's going to get a lot of attention from the media, and that is not going to put him in the favor of his boss donald trump. the only under on him is 16 weeks, i'm taking the under. i don't think he's going to last very long. [ laughter ] >> ned, what do you say? >> i agree on the leaks. we've got to stop the leaks out of the west wing, absolutely stop the leaks coming out of the bureaucracy that are trying to undercut donald trump. the thing that frustrates me about this, this story steps on incredible stories taking place today. the gps testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee, we should be talking about that and the explosive revelations and instead -- gerri: we're focused on this. >> expletives. >> we should be talking about health care. talking about a whole lot of
6:51 pm
things but they don't want us to talk about that. gerri: how do you stop the leaks, though? one thing you are going throw people in jail. really, can you throw people in jail? at the end of the day, what's the best step forward, adrianna? >> you can't put somebody in jail unless they're sharing classified information, that kind of thing, but it needs to stop. i think there are leakers within the high level inner circle of donald trump's circle and obviously, within the deep state. director comey, former director comey admitted he leaked information which may have been classified. it needs to stop, needs to be tracked down and i think donald trump is on track. encouraging. gerri: ned, ned, got to stop there, my friend. get it out there. >> gerri, here's the thing, this is one thing frustrating trump in regards to sessions, late last night, late in the day, sessions and the d.o.j. announced they're going to
6:52 pm
pursue strongly the leakers and if he focuses on ben rose and his echo chamber, they might be able to track down, identify and hopefully convict a couple people. if you find one or two of these people, convict them, give them the perpwalk, put them in jail, everybody will shut up and have a chilling effect on the leaks. >> gerri, i don't know any communications director in history that has the power to put anybody in jail. so i know -- >> we're talking about sessions. gerri: hold on a second, change to the mix here. >> i don't think so. gerri: something that's going to change the mix. this is a white house official on scaramucci to fox news --
6:53 pm
it's a disgrace, ned, jump in, somebody jump in here. >> the focus, again, let's focus on the leaks, focus on passing the agenda. let's focus on positive things instead of focusing on the infighting, and i hope we can -- i hope the white house can sort some of these things out. every west wing has strong personalities. there has been a few of the things taking place with leaks. let's say there will be a zero tolerance. gerri: here's the thing, let me ask you something, chris, i need to ask you this question. one of the things that's happened that people don't keep track of very well, it's difficult filling in all of trump's appointees, right? you have the legacy, have you this holdover of all previous administration people who aren't so well disposed to donald trump. guess what? don't the democrats play some role in this problem, chris? >> no! the president has been late and tardy in submitting his nominees! >> that's not true.
6:54 pm
chris, you know that's not true. >> hang on, ned, i didn't interrupt you. please. >> go ahead. >> before the nominees can be voted on, the president has to submit them, that i have to submit paperwork and clearance documents, this presidency has been the worst at that, probably because they didn't have a real transition. after scaramucci, after reading that statement from the white house official, i'm moving that under to 10 weeks. gerri: hang on, guys, plenty more time to. this take it over to the next block. stay with us. we'll be back with more on this.
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to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares gerri: well in case you missed it. anthony scaramucci called a new york rider and shared colorful words for white house leakers, as well as white house chief of staff reince priebus and white house steve strategist steve bannon. among the quotes, i am not steve bannon, i am not trying to build my own brand. i am here to serve the
6:58 pm
country. and this one, they will all be fired by me, i fired one guy other day, i have 3 to 4 people i'll fire tomorrow, reince priebus, if you want to like something, you will be asked to resign very shortly. we have to get adriannea in here. >> how quickly has this bromance collapsed. sonia sequiera talkin scaramucci talking about he and reince priebus were like brothers. we could read tea leaves that reince priebus' job, he might be asked to leave, sean spicer is a close ally he is gone. >> oh, my god. gerri: here is what scaramucci followed up with.
6:59 pm
i sometimes use colorful language. -- >> i want to go back to point we were trying to get to. >> there was a points,? retrospect? >> historic obstruction of democrats in regard to trump's nominees. >> stop. >> one of four of his nominees have been confirmed. this is historic obstruction. >> ned, ned, ned. gerri: 15 seconds. >> they have 52 votes in the senate, if he send them proper paperwork, they will get approved. there is no filibuster for these appointees, this is false. >> no, this is planned. >> are you over or under on "the mooch"? >> we have to go we're out of time. gerri: great show, thank you for joining me, appreciate it. we're coming right up on lou
7:00 pm
dobbs, he is next right here on fox business network. stay with us. melissa: good evening, i am melissa francis in for lou dobbs, a war breaking out in the west wing among two of president's to top advisers, scaramucci lashing out at reince priebus. accusing him of leaking and standing in the way of the president's agenda. things are so bad between those two that scaramucci reportedly unloaded on priebus. with a new yorker writer, saying they will all be fired by me.


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