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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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rallying and rallying because of what fed chair janet yellen had to say. her testimony reassuring investors that fed will unwind their balance sheet and continue to raise rates. i want to go to washington, d.c. where we find adam shapiro for the beige book. reporter: trish, economic activity across all 12 federal reserve districts expanding at slight to moderate pace. a majority of districts expect a modest to moderate gain of growth in the economy in coming months. consumer spending which is rising across majority of districts, softening of consumer spending, especially auto sales which declined in half of the districts. labor market growth continues to expand at moderate to moderate pace. but flat in atlanta and st. louis. big gains in construction and i-t services jobs. businesses reporting lack of qualified workers. wage growth, modest to moderate in most districts.
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a few districts noted that places eased slightly. that adds to the fed's inflation concerns. new york, tight labor market but commercial real estate market especially in new york softened. in philadelphia, consumer spending declined sharply for clothing cars new home construction. atlanta, consumer spending softening. chicago, real estate activity increasing. st. louis, minimal hiring due to lack of qualified workers. this sums all of this up. boston, real estate contact, retail contact noted movement of consumers away from in store shopping toward online shopping is accelerating faster than anticipated. in philadelphia, falling used car prices have been, prices have been contributing factor to softer demand for new cars. a couple of highlights? san francisco, the real estate market robust. minneapolis, kansas city, agriculture they have problems
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because of drought in the minneapolis area. kansas city, falling farm prices are contributing problem for them. trish: adam, thank you very much. i want to bring in our entire panel. market is up triple digits. bull's-eye brief founder, adam johnson, our very own nicole petallides and steve cortes. at dam, you heard concerns about wages, plaguing the economy. people haven't gotten a raise upwards of 20 years. will it get in the way of what the fed needs and wants to do? >> right now labor growth is 2.%. i'm really talking about wage growth. it is good, not great. people are going back to work. that is the whole story. we have the lowest unemployment rate in over three decades. it is moving the right direction. janet yellen is also moving the right direction. she is getting us back to normal. it may not be the greatest narrative we ever heard but a pretty darn good narrative.
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that is why stocks are up 130 points. trish: they keep climbing, steve cortes. game on for investors. they're willing to buy up this market despite some of the headlines we've seen out of washington that makes folks in washington a little bit nervous. >> no, trish, they sure. a lot of all-time highs today, really across inspectors. facebook, all-time high. homebuilders. it is really a broad rally. i believe a combination of factors. certainly janet yellen helped the market with dovish comments that she is no hurry to normalize rates. we will normalize but not at break income speed. secondly -- breakneck speed. the promise that the senate will delay vacation, i think it should be canceled unless they pass healthç care. it is frustrating to watch it hour by hour, day by day, this is going to get done. tax cuts i believe will really be gasoline on a fire.
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trish: i appreciate the optimism, steve cortes. i really do. confused a little bit right now. i think myself, like many are frustrated. in other words they were handed the keys to the kingdom, the republicans went in there, they took the house, took the senate, took the white house, yet it doesn't seem as there is enough cohesiveness within the party to actually get things done. nicole, that said, i don't think the markets will be moving this high if people didn't believe in the story. someone said to me yesterday, this is a down payment that investors have been making on donald trump. the question, can he deliver on the policies. what are you hearing? >> the most part, most people we speak to still think the agenda is in place. it will happen and we'll see the tax cuts. really yesterday we really saw the gyration of the market, selloff during the donald trump, jr., emails but later in the day you saw the pop ultimately. that pop came into positive territory.
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that pop came for one reason and that was because in congress they will focus, they will not go to recess. they're pushing it back two weeks. by doing so they're more likely to focus, move the agenda forward. that being said, what we heard from beige book, things seem to be on track, modest to moderate. one part inflation. and that seems to certainly prices eased slightly that is one major concern. we get the cpi report on friday. watch for that. trish: i will watch for that. adam shapiro, i think one of the strangest things about this situation we're in right now is that we have not seen enough inflation. you mentioned wages, lack of inflation there. >> right. trish: throughout the economy we really haven't seen a ton of inflation and you would think with all the money printing that has happened, with rates still being at record lows, you would start to see a little pickup in that inflation number? >> that could belie something more serious underway. let's put this english.
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the federal reserve is concerned about that very issue, trish. we've seen it in speeches between bank presidents and board of governors. and they don't understand tightening labor market an pressure on wages in some districts but don't see overall wage growth, year over year 2.5%. you don't see the wage growth the fed would expect to see if the economy was truly was healthy and was truly growing at a rate to raise wages. >> adam johnson, this could be the new normal? we have gone through and are boeing through a pretty massive structural change. >> could be. trish: going to adam johnson for a second, maybe if this is new normal maybe we should all take a deep breath and get used to it? >> the new normal is amazon. this is prime week. think of what amazon is doing to retailers whether whole foods they have bought. an abling people to buy clothes online and send them back for free. amazon is creating price competition at absolutely every point in the economy.
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companies have no pricing power. if companies can't raise prices they can't raise wages which means you don't have the wage price spiral. i think that is what is going on here. trish: can i ask you from a perspective that the market tanked 100 points almost instantaneously on release of donald trump, jr.'s emails. >> right. trish: then once news came this not going off for a holiday as soon as they anticipated, lawmakers, that is, the market regained some ground? we see that continued today. what do investor really think about donald trump, jr., and are they sort of over it? it was a brief reaction and they moved on. >> they should be over it. think about it this way, trish, if somebody said to you can get together and have a meeting with someone who has got some information about your dad, would you take the meeting? i would. it is information purposes only. i think the market took a look at that, wait a minute, it was just a fishing expedition.
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a couple of people talking sharing ideas. was there any intent to do something wrong? i would argue no. the market certainly is suggesting no because it tanked for about 100 points for about five minutes and came roaring back because the two most powerful stories right now are, growth here in country, seven to 10%, and full employment. we have the lowest unemployment rate, trish, in 35 years. that is something to celebrate and that is why investor are buying this market. earnings and employment, the two es. trish: thank you very much. donald trump, jr., everyone, staying on this story, speaking out following the release of his emails. he is giving new insight into the dealings he may have had with this top russian attorney during his father's campaign. appearing on fox news's "hannity," don, jr., says he should have done things a little differently. i want to go to blake burman live at white house. blake, i think it is important distinction hgwdver to make, he took a meeting, he as far as we
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know, didn't do anything criminal, and right now, the left is all worked up as though this is treason, as though this is something criminal. how is the white house responding? reporter: the white house responded with a tweet from the president himself this morning trish. president trump taking to twitter to defend his oldest son, donald trump, jr. with it the president blasted a renewed focus on multitude of russian story lines. responding to the interview last night with sean hannity, the president said, quote, my son donald did a good job last night. he is open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch-hunt in political history. sad. the president was contradicted by his own fbi director christopher wray who testified before the senate. this is not the russia investigations, they are not a political witch-hunt. and wray was pressed by senator lindsey graham about a don, jr.-like hypothetical.
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listen here. >> director of the fbi, so here is what i want you to tell every politician. if you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government wants to help you by disparaging your opponent, tell us all to call the fbi? >> any threat or effort to interfere with our elections from any nation-state or any non-state actor, is the kind of thing the fbi would want to know. reporter: now in his interview with sean hannity last night, donald trump, jr., says in retrospect he would have done things differently. he contended if he is ever presented with material come he promizing or illegal, trump, jr., contends he would bring that to the proper authorities. in that meeting, june 9th, 2016, trump tower in new york city, along with donald trump, jr., was paul man at that for the and -- manafort and jared kirschner.
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chuck grassley wants paul manafort to come up to capitol hill to talk to the folks there. trish? trish: the mainstream media, they're losing their minds over this whole thing. they somehow think because you take a meeting, because you're out there gathering information, that somehow you have committed treason, somehow you have done something illegal. we're going to talk coming up with an attorney about that. what is the significance of a meeting versus criminal behavior? we have our all-star legal experts, next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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revelation donald trump, jr., had a meeting with a russian lawyer. i want you to see this here. this is how extreme it is getting. watch. >> we're now beyond obstruction of justice into what is being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements, even potentially treason. >> they are a clear signal that he is looking for information, dirt on hillary clinton, from the russian government. that is potentially violation of the espionage act, yes, treason. trish: okay. by the way the definition of treason, we looked it up, thought we should zare that with you, attempting to overthrow the government or to assassinate the president. so neither of those things happened and yet you have people on the left right now, including the vice presidential pick by hillary clinton, tim kaine, ought there calling treason? joining me with legal expertise on all this, former federal prosecutor, trial attorney, john
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laruro, executive center for american center of law and justice, jordan sekulow. jordan, walk us through what is what. why are they throwing the word treason out there? >> easy political point to make. it is constitutional issue. it is article iii, section 3, define treason levying war u.s., sounds serious but you don't have to cite any criminal code for that. politically for a u.s. senator, this is way overboard because this crime is punishable in the code by death. so you could be calling for the execution of someone, if you really believe they are guilty of treason. trish: wow. >> so the rhetoric is insane on that. but the actual, it is easier to, something to throw out pointing to actual criminal code violations they can't do. trish: i mean, the last time i checked, it is a free country, we're allowed to talk to whoever we want to talk to, allowed to take whatever meeting we wan to take, in this case, john, if someone comes to you and says we
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have some interesting information that you should be privy to, why wouldn't you take the meeting? i mean, it is, to a certain extent i'm troubled by this, a meeting is very different than actually conspiring to engage in any kind of criminal activity. they just said we have some info. and, he said okay. let me hear it. >> this is a scandal in search after crime. there is 3,000 criminal codes out there. i can't find one that fits these circumstances. it is not even a crime. to talk about treason is absolutely ridiculous. the fact remains, you hit the nail on the head, we have first amendment right to this information. in the middle of a campaign, if you're going to take a meeting with somebody who has information on your opponent, you're entitled to do that. that is not against the law. trish: but i guess as far as the left is concerned it is except when it comes to them, jordan. let's not forget that a member the dnc, someone working with hillary clinton, actually went
2:18 pm
and gathered, whatever intel she could get on donald trump and paul manafort by way of the ukrainians! but somehow it is okay to do that i guess if you're on on the you're just talking to ukraine? >> she is actually on the payroll. this is someone on the payroll of dnc, former clinton aide, getting paid by the dnc wasn't hiding this. it didn't get as much attention because hillary clinton lost. that makes some sense, obviously the win are gets more attention, negative, positive. whatever. but was anyone alleging that was criminal? no. i mean you can like it or not like it and make your own political decisions about that but criminality is not the case. even the civil code that governs campaign finance, one provision on accepting foreign fund or things of value, no court define things of value yet to include speech. if you do that, the limits on speech and limits on ourç constitutional rights under the first amendment could be so
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severe, for even an incumbent president or their staff, so none of this, no example of this ever being used to prosecute anyone. trish: yet media continues, john, to run with this. >> that is absolutely right. if there was payment of money for a campaign by foreign government or foreign national, that is a problem but information is not something of value. put it this way, can you imagine if that person had information about donald trump having some kind of a illicit relationship with the russian government, don't you think that the clinton campaign would be interested? trish: of course. they're all holy are than thou now. >> that person would be a hero taking the meeting. >> that is for sure we have a double standard for politics. we like to point that out. john, jordan. thank you so much. president's pick for the fbi in the hot seat, grilled on capitol hill whether or not he can be independent. we have details for you next. >> no one asked me for any kind
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of loyalty oath at any point during this process. i sure as heck didn't offer one.
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trish: president trump's pick to lead the fbi facing a confirmation hearing today. one focused more on the white house than on the bureau itself. christopher wray getting bombarded with questions on whether or not he could be independent from a president who reportedly demanded loyalty from an fbi director. here is some of the exchanges. i want you to see. >> i believe to my core that there is only one right way to do this job, and that is with strict independence, by the book, playing it straight, faithful to the constitution, faithful to our laws and faithful to the best practices of the institution. without fear, without favoritism, and certainly without regard to any partisanç political influence and no one
2:24 pm
asked me for any kind of loyalty oath during this process and i sure as heck didn't ask for one. trish: james comey firing and investigation into the whole russian collusion and allegations against the trump campaign. i want to go to wells wills with more on all of this, the big hearings going on today? reporter: two big main lines of questioning for the man who may loot the fbi, christopher wray. one, did donald trump, jr., do the right thing taking meeting with russian sources who promised incriminating information on hillary clinton? two, would wray have recommended charges against hillary clinton regarding her handling of classesfied information even before an investigation was conducted as the former head of the fbi did? on the subject of russia, wray had this exchange with senator lindsey graham. >> if i got a call from somebody saying the russian government wants to help lindsey graham get
2:25 pm
reelected, they have dirt on lindsey graham's opponent, should i take that meeting? >> senator i would think you would want to consult with good legal advisors before you did that. >> so is the answer should i call the fbi? >> i think it would be wise -- >> you are going to be the director of the fbi. reporter: wray, former department of justice official and lawyer, repeatedly asked whether he would have publicly declared in a press conference that former fbi director james comey that he would not bring charges against clinton over handling of classified information. the debate over clinton's email and server consumed much of the headlines that fall. wray said he would not have made that choice. >> i can tell you in my experience as prosecutor and head of the criminal division i understand there to be department policies that govern public comments about uncharged individuals. i think those policies are there for a reason. i would follow those policies.
2:26 pm
>> okay. >> i can't imagine a situation where fbi director, i would be giving a press conference on uncharged individual, much less talking about it. reporter: despite intense questioning, wray drew grudging respect from most senators including senator dianne feinstein who was impressed by wray and would vote for him. fellow democrat dick durbin telling fox that he did all the right things during his testimony. trish? trish: thank you very much, gerri. joining me with more inside into all this, former fbi assistant director ron hopko. good to see you. he was asked whether or not he thought this was a witch-hunt, effect live the whole collusion thing whether or not it was witch-hunt directed at donald trump. no, i don't think it is a witch-hunt. to which i argue that it's a witch-hunt because the left has been absolutely postively
2:27 pm
unrelentless in its search for some kind of a crime here. what do you think? i mean, is this what he had to say? >> you know, i think, trish, that look, he's on that, in that witness chair for a reason today. we, we could not expect this hearing take place without the predicate. the predicate is jim comey, jim comey's statements about hillary clinton. jim comey and the election and all things russia. if i had my druthers this would be about christopher wray, qualifications to be the fbi director, does he have the right temperment, the right experience, all those other things. like you said was set up today austria man for political speak for different centers to make their argument to a person who will not acknowledge that which he does not know. he hasn't been in charge of the
2:28 pm
russia investigation. he hadn't read mails that were, that are subject of so much coverage yesterday. bob mueller has got the investigation now. and so part of what christopher wray's job is to look narrowly about that which is going to be in his lane, and that didn't address a lot of what these senators wanted to bounce off him. trish: hopefully it doesn't leak, right? that was the comey situation. outrageous, outrageous that he kept those moment mess. not necessarily that the kept the memos. i don't have as much problem with that as i do the idea that i would call up a buddy who then gives it to "the new york times." let's start with that. let's hope he is aboveboard enough not to go out there leaking. but that said, ron, is there no one else they could have chosen? he does have somewhat of a past that is of concern to some folks on the left, in that his firm used to do business, his law firm used to do business with a
2:29 pm
couple of bigç russian energy companies? not that he did but his firm did, and you know, he was chris christie's defense attorney which you know is whole other can of worms. so why is it that he is the one that donald trump is picking? >> well, i think senator white house and others -- senator whitehouse and others asked the specific question. all we know what christopher wray will tell us about his encounters and prior interview with attorney general jeff sessions and over at the white house. i do believe on paper and from what i gathered from friends who work with christopher wray, this is a very capable, experienced prosecutor. he is smart and capable experience inside doj. more importantly he has line experience which fbi agents will
2:30 pm
appreciate. he has -- trish: you like him. you like him? >> i like what i hear so far. trish: all right. >> that doesn't mean rubberstamp him because i think there are questions -- trish: i think he is going to get it. i think senator feinstein indicated she will put him in. this should be pretty smooth sailing. >> should be. trish: i have to leave it there, ron. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. trish: president trump eyeing to still get health care and tax reform done but democrats and liberal media are desperately trying to derail the president's pro-growth agenda. why is that? why is that? is it perhaps because if he succeeds, they don't? in other words, they're playing this like it's a zero-sum game. how do republicans break through that? we're on it for you next. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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trish: all-time high earlier in the day for the dow today. look we have triple digits up on the dow. nasdaq is faring best of all, 6258, everyone, up 65 points, better than a percentage gain. oil closing the day out just moments ago, $45.49, up about a percent. this follows reports that opec will cut august oil exports to the lowest level this year. so thinking is as supply goes down, thanks to opec's cuts, the price goes up.
2:35 pm
we amazon prime, the sales day hit record high surpassing black friday and cyber monday. wow, amazon said a record number of prime members from 13 countries made a purchase from the 30-hour sales frenzy, small business sales grew more than 60%. snap shares, they're sinking below the eye poe price of 1after morgan stanley slashes the target price to 16 bucks on the company. analysts expect a disappointing quarterly report to be released next month. let's turn to politics. president trump tweeting this morning, the white house is functioning perfectly, focused on health care, tax reform and i have very little time to watch tv the president is working to get his pro-growth agenda back on track. yet, democrats, liberal media, they are really working rather aggressively, to derail his plans. they want to focus on the russian lawyer, this meeting, donald trump, jr., with the
2:36 pm
russian lawyer and how that may be treason. how that is illegal, criminal, et cetera, et cetera. how the heck to republicans get anything done with all the distractions out there? joining me congressman sean duffy. >> great to be here, trish. trish: how do you get anything done? what are people, in the hallways there talking about these you days? >> we're talking about our agenda. you look at other networks, listen to democrats, like you mention talk, russia, russia, russia. president trump is about keeping promises to the american people. whether keystone pipeline, rolling back regulation on coal, defeating isis, north korea, securing border, working on health care reform or tax reform, all issues growing the economy. as liberals are distracted with russia, we're all about undoing the obama begin today and unleashing -- agenda and unleashing american economy and more wages for the american worker. trish: realistically do you
2:37 pm
think it will happen? what are your senate pals telling you? >> the senators went home from 4th of july and got an earful. you will see motivation from the senate to get a health care bill done. if they say extra two weeks in august, don't accomplish this goal, they will see a bloodbath for them in the senate. this is long-term promise. they have to meet it. i'm pretty hopeful and bullish on their ability to get a bill out of the senate. trish: i hope so. and the market is still pretty bullish on it right now. we're looking at all-time highs, at least earlier in the day for this market. let me ask you, congressman, about fed chair yellen. you were the once out there grilling her today. i want viewers to see your exchange. take a quick peek. >> what changes have you made since november 8th to kick-start this economy and make it grow that you weren't doing before november 8th? >> what changes have we made to kick-start the economy? >> yes. >> we have continued on the
2:38 pm
course that we've been on of normalizing the passive monetary policy as the economy continues -- >> you haven't changed anything really since november 8th. the real change we have a new president in the white house. trish: how i feel. you will not let janet yellen and fed take any credit for the improved economic picture or better markets? >> trish, what you missed before that were democrats were talking about, how, how unemployment has fallen and stock market has risen, how great things were going. they were applauding rell "elle" "elle" -- janet yellen great work for this economy. i wanted to make the point, you've done nothing different since november 8th. the real kick-start to the economy has been donald trump. let's not put focus on her. give credit where credit was dewey is president trump. i have concern about fed's role in financial institutions and boardrooms. she said she has access to our
2:39 pm
boardrooms as regulator. she has access to everything our boards are supposed to be responsible for which gives us great pause. the fed has regulatory role but boards have fiduciary duty to the shareholders which the fed doesn't have. we tried to make that distinction for her as well. trish: congressman, do you think she will stay? rumors that gary cohn is in line? he seems to be pushing back on those but is she going to make it through this president's tenure? >> i brought that up to her as well. i asked her if shoe would be back in front of our committee testifying again? because that doesn't happen until after her term expires. she didn't want to answer that question. i would suspect president trump foes with another chair of the fed other than janet yellen. she will fill out rest of her term but we'll have a new fed chairman start of next year. that would be my guess. trish: that would be very interesting. congressman duffy. thank you very much. >> yes, trish. trish: media moguls, lenders. neil: bankers, a whole lot of
2:40 pm
millionaires is where they are, sun valley, idaho, a good place to be for the annual tech media conference. it has produced major mergers at least has in recent years. what might this year bring. our very own charlie gasparino is there in idaho. he has all the intel for you next.
2:41 pm
. .
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trish: potential big deals are in focus at sun valley conference in idaho. charlie gasparino is there talking to all the folks and he hears all the rumors. what is this year's, charlie? >> a deal probably not going to happen is something that fox business was first to break this morning. we got the ceo of verizon on camera, lowell mcadams, who basically flat-out denied for the first time that verizon is interested in buying disney.
2:44 pm
but you know, trish, that doesn't mean disney won't be for sale. when i was here two years ago the big talk was time warner. who would gobble up time warner. who would make the play. as you know our boss, rupert murdoch was the first to put the bid in. that didn't work out. now it is being, now time warner is being courted by at&t which is a deal that could close in the next 60 days. at that conference that day i said time warner was in play. i will say this, talk to enough people here, they believe anybody with content right now is in play. disney is, is a content generator. they have espn. they have disney. you you know what they do. we should point out bob iger, ceo of disney is not here. here are some people who are here which had tongues wagging just a few moments ago. ivanka trump and jared kushner are going to be here. you might ask yourself, why would they make a late appearance here? the conference started today. we understand that they're flying here on their own dime. that is what the white house is
2:45 pm
telling us. they will be here probably tonight. they're flying here today. why would they do this? they're not really media players although jared owned the "new york observer," you which is weekly newspaper in new york. it had political influence. wasn't a big paper. doesn't have a lot of big media experience. so why would they come here? you know, that is one question people are asking. i'm going to write this up on our sources, because real sources are in washington. what they're looking to do is escape the seemmy cauldron the trump white house right now. trish: last year we might have have said he will start the trump tv thing. >> maybe. trish: well, did i give you an idea? >> that is good point. maybe they're planning four years or eight years ahead, who knows. but they are going to be here. i'll tell you, this place is filled with security. i mean very high-security place. you know, you would expect, you
2:46 pm
would expect it to be. there are billionaires here. i mean there are a lot of billionaires in this place. of course they need security. the security is really tight. it is going to be ramped up even more when they come because you will get secret service here. so that is what we're looking for. i am looking for deal news. listen, maybe randall stephenson, ceo of at&t, will press his case why the trump white house should approve at&t-time warner, right? despite his hatred of cnn which is a unit of time warner. trish: maybe. that is good for randall that they went then? >> yes it is. i think jeff bewkes will be here, right brian? yeah, he will be here. jeff bewkes, ceo of time warner. one-stop shopping. trish: thank you so much. enjoy it. looks beautiful. a house panel unveiling new plans to build the president's promised border wall with
2:47 pm
mexico, setting up showdown with democrats that could lead to government shut-down in the fall. could gop tick to its guns and make good on one of the president's central campaign promises. they may have to. we'll talk about it next. does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms.
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>> who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who? >> mexico! >> you better believe it. they will pay for the wall. trish: a house panel has unveiled legislation to build president trump's u.s.-mexico wall but mexico, at least, not just yet, they will not be paying for it or not so formally. the wall money, 1 1/2 billion dollars will be part of a $44 billion homeland security funding bill.
2:51 pm
that is shutdown could be looming, because conservatives promised to shut down the government if money for the wall is innot included and democrats say they will if it is. joining us rachel campos duffy. is the wall going to happen? >> it will and if you want immigration reform because you want the wall to happen. it facessest way i to get solution for 11 million people here committed a felony. get rid of violent felons. build the wall. illegal crossings down by 70%. this is the best chance we ever had to get what the liberals promised hispanics never able to deliver on, immigration reform and solution for those here illegally. trish: the left really doesn't like the wall. doesn't like what it stands for. >> a lot of right doesn't like it, texas republican congressman says this is not most effective way. trish: but why, why not, why not have it?
2:52 pm
you see, we've run the video -- >> a lot about the billions of dollars spent doing this. there will be gaps in it. we'll not actually build it the whole way around. there was talk, how president trump oh, maybe some of this will be solar, maybe some will be virtual. the plans are not all together clear. i get it's a campaign promise. that is important. trish: doesn't make you happy, jessica? you don't want money spent in a place doesn't need it, right? >> why can't you go back to the "gang of eight," for instance, thousands more patrol. >> people voted they don't want the "gang of eight" bill. they want to support comprehensive immigration. >> to overwhelmingly support secure the border before we deal with immigration reform. donald trump dealing with the border to secure it. very shortly now, i think ready to deal with the 11 million. trish: what i find so strange about the left, how they don't want to even admit we need to secure the border. that people that are criminals should not be coming here.
2:53 pm
i'm all for easing the process and if you're a good person, who wants to come here and do good things, then we should welcome but the reality is, we got a lot of people that shouldn't be here, jessica. >> i think that is absolutely true. i was heartened to see there was some democrat support for "kate's law." there are a lot of centrist democrats and moderate democrats talked about need to secure the border. hillary clinton some of them. thinking that having a wall is good idea. that is in there. democrats should be admittedly less scared to talk aboutrd bother security. i think that is problem. i think it hurt us in the election. i don't think the wall is solution. heightened rhetoric coming out of the right is the solution. there is middle grand for 11 million here illegally and paying taxes and trying for a better life for their children the they should not be under the threat of i.c.e. officials. trish: here illegally, right. you're here illegally. >> majority of americans are
2:54 pm
willing to forgive that initial brief. >> if they go, if they are given a way to go you through the process what is happening right now, we're robbing millions and millions of people of the opportunity of going through the process in a meaningful way, understanding what citizenship is all about. when we let people come in and set up their life here without having gone through the process we're robbing them of something. more over the other point, way system set up with president obama hurt a lot of people. namely a lot of little kids, whose families families were eno let them come over by themselves many times and many of them were raped and maimed and hurt and there was no family reunification which was promised under the way that it happened with obama. so i think that the border wall and idea of securing our border, whether it is with a physical wall in this place or electronic wall in the other place, increasing funding we see right now for border enforcement and for police officers on the border patrol on the border i
2:55 pm
think all of these things are actually setting us up to do what the liberals have promised us for so long, which is to have immigration reform. >> you think this exact moment we're obviously incredibly challenged in terms of our health care bill and saw your husband on tv talking about this exact issue, when those are clear top american priorities, you think potentially shutting down the government over this 1.6 billion -- >> no need to shut down the government. >> republicans have been much more willing to shut undo the government than democrats ever. democrats i believe will not budge. >> democrats want to shut down government over anything to do with planned parenthood. this can be paid for. and there are ways, talking about confiscating drug money. there has been talk about other ways that they can raise funds for this. let's not forget, maybe there is something that mexico can do to contribute. >> mexico is not paying for that wall. trish: there is a lot of creative ways they could eventually. jessica, rachel. thank you.
2:56 pm
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it's always nice when we have new highs in the market right? but still is looking pretty good there. 140 points over on the s&p. we're looking at the highest level we have seen in three weeks. the s&p led higher by industrials. in tech is skyrocketing today up more than 1%. just taking a look at some of the industrial stocks. right across the board seen a lot of gains. i believe we can show you telecom indeed as well. or maybe we will save that for later. a good day. it's going to be a good night. i'm back at 6:00 p.m. right here on foxbusiness.
3:00 pm
i will be there 6:00 to 7:00. you know the conversation never ends. i always love hearing from you on twitter. tell me what you thought of today show. you have to watch the final hour. markets act like resources out of the gate. the race might not had to rise it very much further. it might be explosive to wall street. while things are rosy today not so on pennsylvania avenue. they are hoping for an off-camera press briefing. the russian attorney.


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