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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 1, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EDT

10:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] >> lou: good evening, everybody. the national left wing media proving what a sorry lot most of them are. once again attacking president trump after he tweeted a response to mmess nbc left wingers including mi ka. they are hitting back at brenskis and the white house admopished them for ignoring health care and taxes and americans. >> our stock market is up,
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unemployment is up and jobs are back and isis is on the run and america is winning. you guys ignore the narrative. >> did you hear the grumbling and someone who wanted to talk about trols rather than substance. senate republicans racing to deliver on a issue that matter. they want to strike a deal on health care before the 4th of july recess. as of right now there is no break through mike emmanuel has the report. >> let me ask you, is it more important to cool my heels in my office or speak with constituents? >> reporter: fox news confirmed that majority leader mcconnell and rob portman had a testy
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report over medicaid. >> senators are continuing the discussions on the path forward to bring relief from obamacare and collapsing markets. we'll keep working. >> reporter: 45 million is put in to help win over moderates. portman is noncommittal. >> we have had a honest debate and my focus is on insuring that low income ohioans receive care. >> reporter: no votes on health care is susan collin and dean heller and rand paul. >> i still sense that we are at an impasse and i said that with the republican caucus and everybody laughed.
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yeah, there is disagreement. and there is two factions. >> reporter: there is suggestion that moderates like joe manchin and heidi hideman are willing to discuss. and bernie sanders and others are calling for universal health care. >> the caucus would love to get a better health care system. >> some of my colleagues are claiming they want lower premiums. if they come with higher deductible and co-pays, no body benefits. it is a bait and switch. >> reporter: doomsday predictions are not fair. >> the majority of americans get health care for the employer or spouse. our bill doesn't touch that at
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all. >> reporter: many left town without striking a deal. >> lou: thank you, mike emmanuel. our first guest about the health care legislation and whether the republican leadership is capable of moving the president's ambitious legislation forward. joining us kelli ann conway. kelly ann, thank you for being here tonight. and one of the prospects we talk with right now, health care is becoming a reality in the senate? >> we remain optimistic that the president will have a bill on his desk in short course in the president and the house passed it. all of the senators ran on replacing and repealing
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obamacare. we have 19 of the 23 coopes have failed and 83 insurers and two dozen more producing to do so. senator heller's nevada two more pulled out. there is no way to access private insurers. >> lou: there seems to be a divide between mitch mcconnell and the president. they don't seem to be working together. mitch mcconnell doesn't seem to be moving forward the president's bill nor is paul ryan as he moved in the senate which he could not have done without the president driving the senate. is it there on the part of the president on the part of the senate? >> he had them here. that was an important point. if the president himself and vice-president was not engaged
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in the process, they would leave it to the senate and say put it on my desk when you are finished. that's not donald trump's way and the way he did the health care legislation. cm s and hss, and other agencies are giving technical assistance. and the president himself is working the phones and the vice-president had individual meetings. >> lou: any comments? >> remember the president said there would be a big surprise. the point is there is negotiations and discussions and options to make it workable. i can tell you that the white house feels optimistic that the process is moving forward and we'll have a bill in front of the president this summer followed by tax reform to come. >> lou: we know that the house passed the president's bill he
10:07 am
supported, kate's law and no sanctuary for criminals. they have dim prospects in the senate. >> you have a president who five months on the job actually engineered and showed leadership that this action would be taken. action was the word used by a woman who came to the white house and sat in the cabinet room and told the story of her son murdered by an illegal alien. we heard from marry ann men doza. >> lou: i worked on the issue of illegal immigration. >> yes, you have. >> lou: what i am asking is the people who voted for the president and wants a vigorous enforcement of immigration and
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board security, is there any possibility they will pass in the senate? >> yes, there is a possibility. first you have to have people show why we are doing this. and what is the urjentsy and then house today took the action. your viewers are well aware. why the no funding for sanctuary cities. you need to comply with basic federal laws to get the grants. and kate stienel should be a household name. she is one of many whose lives are snuffed out. the man who murdered her in front of her father had been deported five times and had seven melanie convictions. going to the senate, i want the senators to pay attention why it is happening and we don't give federal funds to cities that are getting money from doj and dos.
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i would like the senator to meet the family and listen to the president about the point. >> lou: congratulations on moving both of those bims in the house -- bills in the house. and the travel ban going into affect in less than an hour. and a terrific win for president trump and the country. >> it is. thank you. >> lou: we'll be right back. a lot more to cover tonight. stay with us. the house approves two bills to help make america safe again after the president applies pressure. >>in am calling on all of us to put safety of the american families first. >> lou: we'll discuss the crack counsel with ed rolins. and a bill victory for president trump's travel ban that takes
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africa this evening. stay with us. the white house warns syria it will pay a heavy price if they carry out a chemical attack on his own people. >> my hope is that the president's warning will get syria and russia to take a second look. >> lou: we'll discuss repercussions with general jack keane. michael flynn, was an act of political retribution. sarah carter will be with us. we'll be right back. [ noises inside can ]
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syrian president bashar alassad that his regime will pay a heavy price if he carries out another chemical attack against his people this year. the administration detected prepriation at a syrian air base involved in a gas attack in april. join you us is retired four star general, jack keane. >> thank you. >> lou: this is the boldest by the president yet. >> yes, he absolutely means it. i am stunned at assad would consider using gas again. i think the president would not just take it from the air field from which it came, they have six operational air fields and all of their airplanes and helicopters. we could see all of that out in
10:16 am
one night using cruise missiles. >>'ve>> lou: that would incrud russians. >> the russians repositioned their aircraft. and we would not want to kill them. we know which ones are russian and which ones are his. we would take out the fuel and ammunition and supplies, repair parts and all of that is around an air field. each one of those. >> lou: at this point, syria is a complete and utter mess without any resolution in sight. it is difficult to see where we end. the president has been clear about saving lives tis less
10:17 am
clear the resolution of syria. >> you are absolutely right. putin and the iranians are successful in propping up the assad regime. they are not going kidnap. and they will be indefinitely for sure. if you divide syria with the euprate's river valley. after isis is deposed that remains contested and that is why the russians and iranians are coming after them. they don't want u.s. forces to own the eastern of syria. that's what is left. >> lou: we have to watch what is happening with syria and russia itself. it is still in crimea and eastern ukraine. we are watching a stalemate here
10:18 am
and which way will it make and concern you most? >> if obama had deterred and confronted putten over crimea and ukraine and provided them with assistance, putin is never in syria. he would not have come. he came to syria because he knew that nobody, but nod nobody would stand in his way. he has leveraging influence in the middle east. but the new president went to the middle east and spoke to allies in one room and said the threat is the iranians and we are going to stand up against that and implied the russians who are their closest allies. as president trump and putin move down the road, there will be a confrontation, not necessarily conflict. but it is inevitable.
10:19 am
>> lou: you believe it is a positive sign for the trump administration and the policies that he is pursuing that the iranians have been extraordinarily quiet and provocative than previously. >> yes, but the iranians run the war in syria. they are directingment use of a power. since the iranians tested their ballistic missile in the first month of the trump administration, they have been quiet. that is base he sanctioned them and said any further activity like this, we'll come after you. this administration is willing to confront in a way that the previous administration was not. and our adversaries know it. >> lou: general, great to see you. >> good to talk to you. >> lou: breaking news, susan rice has agreed to testify before the house intelligence
10:20 am
committee and testifying on her knowledge. russian investigation and former obama national security advisor will appear in a close the door session and that will be before congress departs before the august recess. and house republicans cracking down to illegal imgranlts and the saventhuary cities that harbor them. they put kate's law and raising penalties for deported immigranted that return to the united states and commit eye crime. neither is expected to pass in the senate. this is a show vote because it will not pass in the senate. and please roll the video now. two fishermen and here is the visitor, look, the giant humpback whale breaching just
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loupe lou a few thoughts now on what is a top priority for president trump. cracking down on illegal immigration, criminal illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities that harbor them. department of the homeland security secretary john kelly offered strong words for opponents of the president's policies and appropriates. he slammed law makers for
10:26 am
choosing politics over public safety. >> dhs does not make the law and congress does. we enforce the laws passed by congress and i am offended when members threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and i am sworn to uphold. >> lou: did you notice speaker ryan behind secretary kelly? of course, house republicans have been slow to act on immigration reform despiting kate's law and no sanctuary for criminal's act today. it is 0 chance of being passed in the senate. and the bills head to the senate because it requires 60 votes each. make no mistake about it. the republican majority leader in the senate could change that rule to a simple majority with
10:27 am
a snap of his fingers. but democratic obstructionist are blocking a vote on kate's law. president trump vowed to be the law and order president and in five months he's done much to earn that title. he call would for a crack down on illegal immigration and secure border and the items on the president's agenda are stacking up and raising a lot of questions that only majority leader mcconnell can answer. is he or not up to the job as leader or is he another political hack sitting in the arguably most important job on capitol hill? it is time for republican leadership to deliver for the president. on illegal immigration, health care and tax reform and on every
10:28 am
issue that the president campaigned for. issues that matter greatly to all americans and like the wall the president promised, critical to securing our nation and safety of all americans. our quotation this evening as we think about the votes and what is happening on capitol hill. roosevelt said in politics nothing happens by accident. if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. whose plan is going to win? we'll be telling you in the days and weeks ahead. we'll be right back. >> outrainfall -- outrage over obama. >> obama did something know about it why didn't he do
10:29 am
something? >> lou: is it time for obstructionist to testify before congress? we talk that up. and this athlete taking kite surfing to the next level. surfing to the next level. what else?
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>> lou: janing me now ambassador
10:33 am
woolsy. ambassador, president obama did nothing about the cyber attacks by russia particularly of the dnc and rer mitted the obama cian and obama department of homeland security to say never mind, we don't want to bother you if you don't want us to look at the servers. i mean, this is stunning stuff. >> i agree. it is amazing for the country to have this kind of attack. if it were missiles, we would know it. but to be under this kind of attack and no word said by the president and warning people of what might be taking place. it was an uncomfortable time for him during the political campaign, but that shouldn't mean that the public doesn't get
10:34 am
to know when we are under a serious attack. and 17 months from now, in the next election, the russians may be a lot more talented and may be doing more than what they did this time. >> lou: putting at risk the integrity of the fbi and department of homeland security, and listening to jay johnson testified that he accepted the idea on the part of the dnc, which was colluding with the hillary clinton campaign and conspiring and deny senator bernie sanders the nomination. forget the national security issue, it goes to the heart of our country, and just quietly walk away and say do whatever you will? that is stunning stuff in its own right. >> and to tell putin to knock it
10:35 am
off or quit is silly. i am sure he chuckled as he walked away. >> lou: that knock it off remark did not occur and if it did, it was woefully late. i can't make head or tails what the former president may have been thinking at that moment. there no basis for a president to behave like that without violating the oath of office. it is stunning. >> it is like high school kids that get angry and play football and hey, knock it off. all right? >> lou: he tried to convey that tone and it is clear that vladimar putin got to do what he meant to do and got away with it entirely and the three top officials of the dnc were
10:36 am
removed from the office of the dnc because of their collusion and their fraud against idea of the democratic party. >> putin was able to really laugh at us. and everybody in the world who was interested in these issues knows that. and they saw the whole thing as a remarkable lack of will on the part of the united states. right along with the president obama's decision several years earlier to first warn syrians not to use chemical weapons and then they did and she sugged and hand today over to russia. >> lou: and the same national liberal media taking the president to task for suggesting that the nato members would even consider raising their support of nato to the required two
10:37 am
percent of gd, that nato allies are boosting by 4.3 in the wake of the president's criticism of their halting hesitant support of nato, this is truly a change in tone, term and direction. >> yes, and welcome. >> lou: absolutely. as alms, ambassador thank you for being with us. please roll the video. a kite surfer soaring back and forth and flipping back wards over grassy mrap and nailing every landing on a self made obstrakle course? why would you do this? i guess you can. and he made a beck of a radio
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and captured the dizzy think angle. i mention the name go pro. i think they deserve a boost. and a fisherman catching a mas a massive string ray. emerges from the water. that thing is it leaping 20 feet in the air. unfortunately the fisher authority man went home empty handed after the string ray snapped it in half. i have to be honest. go stingray. my twitter followers are up go my book. it is a international financial thriller. debbie cox. i watch your show like clockwork. first, thank you for that.
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i love how you would fight for us. i would love a sign the copy of the book. you uttered the magic word and viewers whose comments on the show receive a autograph book. up next, a shocking new report on who and what is motivating the fbi's investigation of michael flynn. sarah carter of circa news broke the story. we have the details here next. stay with us. ininininin
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>> lou: a bombshell new report suggesting that the fbi's investigation of michael flynn was nothing more than a political hit job retaliation.
10:44 am
circa news reporting that fbi director andrew mccabe had a personal grudge against flynn. that is because of flynn's support of a special agent who accused mccabe and other officials. >> and my gosh, andrew mccabe, his name drawn into what looks to be a sordid mess in the fbi? >> it is a reflection of the bureaucracy of washington d.c. and how these types of issues play out publicly and so sometimes what we don't see behind the scenes, lou, answers questions. i spoke to fbi agents and other people in the intelligence community and let me begin by saying.
10:45 am
>> lou: let me interrupt you for a moment. the fbi is accused in general of reverse targeting in order to have identified general flynn as one of those who was unmasked and then ran afoul of the administration? is that not correct? >> we certainly know that the fbi intercepted the phone calls on flynn and who leaked flynn's name when it was unmasked we don't know. >> lou: we can infer from the facts. there is no reason for us to suspend our sensory advantages here? >> no, there is no reason to do that, you are right. there were very few people under ten. i will not give an exact number that knew and read those transcripts according to my
10:46 am
sources. we know that the number of people who knew what was taking place was within the scope of the fbi, doj and sally yates who had access to that. if they wanted to, it would be simple to find out who did that. >> lou: second in the command in the fbi is andrew mccabe whose wife is a democrat, and who is a beneficiary of the largess of virginia governor mcauliffe and who received hundreds of thousands for hear campaign in virginia. >> actually 700000. she received 500000 from a political action committee that was basically associated with mcauliffe and received over 200000 from another democratic committee.
10:47 am
very tied in. >> lou: the relationship between general flynn and andrew mccabe how was that? >> that was a contentious relationship. two years ago, general mike flynn came to the aid of robin grits. i have gone through so many letters in support of her, probably one of the premier counter terrorism agents in the united states. she was also in charge of robert leavenson hostage crisis in iran. and excellent reports from the beginning of the tenure of the fbi under she came under mccabe. she file would a sexual discrimination lawsuit against mccabe. what is interesting and a lot of people don't know. when she filed that, she had reported to her supervisor that she would fileap eeoc complaint
10:48 am
and after she told her supervisor mccabe filed a case against her as not being a satisfactory agent. and he admits that. we obtained his testimony that he knew before hand and i thought that was interesting, he himself provided they recontribution. and flynn supported her and wrote a letter on letterhead and ahead of the defense intelligence agency and he wanted to testify on her behalf and the fbi blocked that from him and fought him on that. there was a constentous relationship there and mccabe should have recused himself regarding russia because of the relationship with flynn. >> lou: that is certainly logical and also logical that director james comey, should have excused him from the
10:49 am
investigation because of the political conflicts of interest in the investigation of hillary clinton, her e-mails, and her foundation. >> think about this, lou, think about this. you have the acting director of the fbi. andrew mccabe who took over when comey was pushed out and was fired. he is under investigation for from the doj, and the money his wife got and special council for violation of the hatch act. >> lou: they are not only connikts of investigation but investigations of fbi comey's and his judgment and failure to act seems to be reasonably appropriate. sarah carter, great reporting and we appreciate you being here. >> thank you, lou.
10:50 am
>> lou: up next, a report on north carolina terrorism and a harrowing look in his newest book. ro get gleson talks about the new book and "into the
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>> lou: in our on line poll, we asked do you believe that
10:54 am
majority mccon and speaker ryan are capable of delivering a health care victory for president trump. 69 percent of you say no they are not. and the odds seem to be supporting your vote. we'll see how it unfolds. a good test will be the next 48 hours. a new thriller to tell you tonight. warning of an impending nuclear holocaust and it is entitled "and into the fire". congratulations on the book. bob gleson is my editor. snshg thank you. >> lou: you have written a number of the books which scare the dickens out of everybody. this one no less frightening and rooted in fundmental reality
10:55 am
that is the world we live in. where are you headed in this one that you have nod already explored? give us a sense of what it means to deal with these issues that are profound and illuminating. >> i did a pook on the nuclear terrorist, i wanted to dramaitize them in a novel. people talk about dirty bombs. we have the biggest dirty bomb called indian point. you don't have to know anything about nuclear power to melt it down. all you have to know is the location of eight cooling pumps. and by the hudson river. >> lou: you are scaring the
10:56 am
hell. >> indian point needs 5 billion gallons to cool off the rods. it has nuclear waste stored in pools. and blow up those cooling points and the water boils and the rods catch fire and burns for two 50,000 years and renders uninhabitable an area the size of pennsylvania. >> lou: why are we building nuclear power. none of us have learned what to do with the by-product and secondly, why are we not protecting to guard all nuclear facility and in this country. >> england built the she field nuclear power plant and the only
10:57 am
machine that is more expensive is the international space station and that is in outer space. why would interesting throw 35 billion in that hole which as you point out they don't know how to decommission the plant and don't know what to do with the waste. >> lou: your book is recommended highly. you will not be surprised i recommend editors. >> it has star reviews. >> lou: i have to tell you, it is so chilling to clr and contemn plate and the fact that more people are not contemn plate that you illuminate in your narrative. >> the problem comes down to money in the end. we do a lot of dumb things because people make money.
10:58 am
like the she field nuclear power plant. it is the fulfillment of revelation when you get down to it. >> lou: i hope you are wrong as you can be. >> i would give anything in the world to be wrong. >> lou: when you hear the execueditor bob gleson want to be wrong. and the book is "and into the fire". we recommend it highly. let's change topics. some of our you viewers are clamoring to hear about my book. "putin's gamit". it is about a despotic russian leader oddly named vladimar putin. deborah green tweeted us. ordered and start engaging.
10:59 am
hame to the chief only if you sign it. you are one of my favorite patriots. that's all i needed to hear. the book signed and on the way to it. heard you talk about it on fox and friends. love your books. thank you very much. and here on, every viewer comment read on the show means you have an autographed comment. it is it on line and amazon and barnes and nobeles. and we are thrilled you like the book. time for the comment. trump's travel ban tomorrow. this is a win for america, for her safety and security. car men posted this, the dems and left media have no message other than obstruction. we'll make america safe, strong
11:00 am
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