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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in just a few months you will be able to get married at taco bell. david: this is at the las vegas location. melissa: i'm renewing my vows. david: happy anniversary to my bride after 22 years. >> my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country. and to take it back swiftly from the special interests who i know so well. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we all are about to say. when we win tomorrow we are going to drain the swamp! liz: president trump campaigned on training the swamp.
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now the swamp is hitting back. the administration under attack from all side in d.c. after michael flynn's resignation. now we have democrats and top republicans demanding investigations into alleged links between the white house and russia and whether those links influenced the election. the president tweeted out, this russian connection is nonsense. he's saying there is fake news going on, there is blind hatred in the news media. he just said that moments ago. now andy puzder withdrawing his name after republican pushback. is the d.c. swamp fighting back? >> the d.c. swamp is rising up, colluding and viciously fighting to take down the 45th president. impeachment of the president is
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the end goal for the left. facts, truth don't matter. mike flynn is a small as cute of that bigger plan. the left is trying to make what happened here into the next water gate. you have to remember these are the same liberals who fiercely defended hillary clinton. liz: another writer said a top intelligence member on the committee said this is a plan to push everybody out, including the president. first it's michael flynn, then kellyanne conway, then reince priebus, then the president. chuck schumer calling for a criminal investigation into flynn. schumer demanding jeff sessions recuse himself. >> if an investigation is not independent, non-partisan and transparent, there is no guarantee this administration
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will take decisive and immediate actions necessary to keep our country safe. liz: but republicans like trey gowdy said the republicans are ridiculous. it was gaudy who demanded investigation into the hillary clinton scandal and benghazi. who when someone says they wanted public hearings on a classified matter you know they are not serious. congress is capable of investigating. we did it on the committee i was on. 99 of 100 of our interviews were done in private. the democrats want this to be a public story. liz: scott brown, is this the swamp fighting back? >> they are getting all stirred up and of course they are going to fight back.
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it's no surprise to me they were going to fight back, the washington elite, the washington establishment. they are basically doing their best to leak information and undermine the president. especially because he doesn't have a full cabinet yet. he's working with 60% to 70% of the tools they need. they need to take over their cabinet position and clean house. they recognize that and they are going to fight back. liz: we have top republicans also calling for investigations including bob corker and roy blunt, even mitch mcconnell. >> it's completely appropriate for congress to do their jobs and get any and all information to answer any and all questions regarding actions of any administration employee as well
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as any member of congress, not dissimilar to my position when it came to investigating hillary clinton and susan rice and a whole host much folks at the obama administration. so they do play a role. the question is, what general flynn -- the issue is that he lied to the vice president and it was a question of trust. so i'm not sure what good it's going to do. i respect every one of those people so we'll see. liz: what do you think of reports that viet admiral harward will be the replacement for flynn? >> we need somebody in charge of the nsa. we need people in charge. he's at 0% strength. he's still waiting for cabinet secretaries to be sworn in and the deputies and so on and so forth. you have administration
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holdovers doing their best in the so-called swamp to muck up everything this president is doing it's sad because we are americans first. liz: media coverage is high pitch now. they are saying trump's russia scandal could rival watergate. chuck todd says it's the largest presidential scandal continues iran contra. tom's friedman says it was another 9/11 and pearl harbor. >> it's at the point where it's laughable. the double standard in the way this president is being covered by the lack of zeroing in on anything president trump did in any way, shape or form, it's two different media outlets, two different stations, two different reporters.
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but clearly they are seething at losing obviously hillary clinton losing. then basically being challenged. you see the press conference. spicer is picking on people who have never been picked on. he's shaking you have the apple cart. that's a good thing for democracy and the press. that's why the president keeps tweeting and holding those press conferences over and over. don't focus on the fact that netanyahu and prime minister abe are creating jobs. liz: the press is attacking the administration saying they want to create their own reality with reporters the established media doesn't tea grow with. the labor secretary pick, andy puzder withdrew his nomination
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for secretary of labor. i'm honored to have been considered by the president to leased the department of labor. he couldn't get the votes it appeared. foreign republicans were looking to vote against him. is this another casualty of the d.c. swawsm much fighting back? >> no. i don't think so. he has somebody who isn't paying taxes properly. some folks questioned his advertising. but if you look at his business model and the fact that he understands business franchising, he would be a good person to be in that position. i hope the president will pick someone similar in terms of the background, someone who is self-made and created jobs and understands minimum wage and a whole host of things on how to get the government out of your business lives. they will move on and i'm not
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too worried about it. liz: next up, columnist iah lake says we are acting like a banana republic. >> we don't see this kinds much thing. this is the type of thing that happens in the banana republic. when the national police will go after a political leader they have don't like and using these extraordinary powers. we trust the nsa and the f.b.i. to use these powers to catch criminals and terrorists, but not interfere with politics. right now they are interfering in our politics. liz: what do you think of the president blasting the intelligence community saying it's criminal, the leaks going on. >> it's criminality leaks, the
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spying, the nsa is rinsing to everybody. this is the problem with the security state that we established starting with the bush administration after 9/11 and ramped up in the obama administration where the nsa gets general warrants, not based on probable cause, but they can listen to anybody they want. mike flynn was the head of the defense intelligence agency. he knew exactly that when he spoke to the russian ambassador, people would listen to him. he did not expect those people listening to him, and they shouldn't have been. but they were listening to him and revealed what they heard in a way to harm the president and to harm him. this is a very, very dangerous state of affairs when people in the intelligence community not liking the president, not trusting the president will use the lawful but unconstitutional powers they have to remove a key player in the president's administration and to harm the president. question, are they in the
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intelligence community telling the president everything they know? or are they going to selectively hold it back to harm them further? liz: we are hearing they are holding it back. >> we are hearing some patriots in the nsa are warning the president that others in the nsa and intelligence community will not tell him everything he needs to know. ed a nirm harward -- admiral harward has a difficult task ahead of him. it's reprehensible. liz: the story line is they are holding back because they think the president is in line with russia. >> that's the stated reason they give for not giving the president intelligence. if somebody don't trust the president within the intelligence community, they should quit.
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liz: a former n, a official tweeting it out that it's all-out war between the trump administration and the intelligence community. now we go nuclear. intelligence community war going to new levels. just got a new warning. an email titled "he will die in jail." referring the president. it's the role of congress, not anonymous problems. >> if congress thinks the white house is behaving in an unlawful fashion, the congress has the tools to probe that. but the president cannot secure the united states of america from its enemies. if the intelligence community is rogue, if it's a deep state and operating on its own, if it
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doesn't to the ordinariers of its spearers -- i have never seen anything like this and i don't think there has been since 1947 when harry truman and the coverage established the security state we now have. it's so big, it's so large, it's so secret. it has so many legal but unconstitutional tools it can use to harm the american people and harm the president for political reasons. liz: what do you fear the most. >> that donald trump will make decisions that are ill-informed because the intelligence community hasn't given him the information he needs. liz: we have other outfits saying the intelligence is withholding information from the trump administration because they feel it's leaked to russia. >> the american people need to
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understand what a dangerous moment this is if the president of the united states cannot rely on senior intelligence officials to tell him the truth about what they know. liz: the president calling out the nsa and the f.b.i. for leaking to the washington times. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his workers busy protesting trump's temporary refugee halt as more trouble within their company. a man and a boy shot and killed and it was broadcast on facebook. first my next guest is accusing the nsa of unlawfully listening in on white house calls in order to bring down president trump. he's a man who won a lawsuit
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>> if you look at the fact an american was having his phone called recorded by the government and leaked to the press. if this was a democrat you can manage the democrats in the house and senate would be going crazy. liz: the republican chair of thf the house intelligence committee says the nsa must explain why general michael flynn's phone conversations were tapped and recorded.
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a man who won a lawsuit against the nsa, larry klayman. you say the nsa has been spying on the administration and the trump transition team, too, is that's what's going on? >> that's obvious. when they say they are tapping the phones of general michael flynn because they caught him in a net with the russians, that's unbelievable. it's more likely they have been tapping the president's phone and everybody in the white house. these people are hostile. the former director of the characteristics a, john brennan, was in a war with president trump before he was inaugurated. we have a lawsuit, and that lawsuit as you point out did give rise to two preliminary injunction. this was a violation of the constitution of the united states to get the tell uponnic meta data of hundreds of
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millions of americans. you can find at i went back to the court and said we need an emergency hearing baits' not just larry klayman *, but the president and his national security director is being violated. hopefully he will take that. we are representing general mike fine and others whose rights are being violated. this is serious. you have got sword of damocles hanging over the president's head when he knows the nsa is wiretapping everything he says.
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this is back to 1984, george orwell. liz: obama administration officials here? >> it could be obama administration official or anybody at the nsa. there was an inspector general's report that nsa employees were getting toib the telephone communications of their girlfriend, boyfriend and wives. they wanted to see if they were deleting. you can't have this in a civilized society. these up tell jones agencies are -- these intelligence agencies are more powerful than the president himself. liz: president trump at the press could be forensic with the leader of israel said michael flynn is being treated unfairly. he called out the fake media. he said there is blind hatred. he says the intelligence community is doing criminal leaks.
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the president is saying he wants to shake up the intelligence community. we have congressman nunes questioning the legalality of this. >> any time an american is picked up on surveillance. that has to immediately stop and you have to go to the courts do get a warrant to listen to an american's phone call, and i'm quite sure it wasn't done in this case. liz rr how dangerous is this? >> it's the most dangerous thing that can happen in any democracy. congressman nunes is right. and i saw senator rand paul on earlier. these are crimes. these people must be prosecuted and go to prison. the whittle blower i brought forward.
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i got him immunity. he turned over 600,000 pages of information. this investigation has been going on for a year and a half. i don't know what they are doing. montgomery will testify these agencies are been harvesting the confidential information of the supreme court justice roberts and other chief justices, 156 judges and donald trump himself and yours truly. this is extremely dangerous baits can be used to blackmail people. i'm not scared, but there are other people who could can blackmailed with this. we have an alternative government which is potentially more powerful than the president himself. liz: i want to recap what you just said. you are saying the nsa is wiretapping and harvesting the supreme court justices? >> that's correct.
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that's what this whistle blower told the f.b.i. he provided documentation and i was able to obtain by going through a federal judge and working with the general counsel of the f.b.i., james barrack, immunity. this has been in front of the f.b.i. for a year and a half. i urge the f.b.i. to finally do its job and investigate. this is something that's not new, but it surfaced and it's highly dangerous. liz: larry, that's a bombshell. coming you have later on the show -- coming up later on the show, we'll have more on the general flynn controversy. facebook still faces trouble in its own backyard it has yet another tragic shooting streamed live on facebook. the video is disturbing. we'll show it you have to later
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>> i didn't know until i heard from our colleagues that the tweet from general flynn today was scapegoat. that means in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat and they heap all the ills on to the goat then run the goat out of town. so the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people had blame that should be shared in all of this. i have a tweet i'm going to make, i'm telling my staff right now. it's not scapegoat it's stone wall.
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liz: top democrat leaders include be nancy pelosi under fire for quoting from a fake twitter account it was even spelled out in the twitter account it telephone quote not michael flynn. elijah cummings and nancy pelosi quoted from it anyway. liz: let's take this to the panel. a rerpt captured that moment. an aide told he localsy was fake. what do you might's fake, she says. >> city would say it's
5:30 pm
laughable. this is the first instance of democrats using fake news. remember that iraqi family who couldn't get back into the country because of trump's travel ban pant guy's mom died? that happened to be fake news, too, and the democrats ran with that and pushed that story to show how draconian president trump's travel ban was. whatever they can do to make donald trump and his administration look bad is what they are going to do. we are two years into an administration, bit of's three weeks. we have seen more damage from the media and from the left than we saw in president obama's 8 years with republicans saying bad things about him. >> i don't think any of this compares to the 8 years of trying to delegitimize president
5:31 pm
barack obama. liz: the democrats are calling for impeachment right now. he's not even two months in and they are calling for his impeachment. >> there were calling for a lot worse than that. liz: like what? >> they called him a liar on the floor of congress. i think this is important. it's important because what we are seeing right now is that the president of the united states valued trust over legality. >> i know what you are referring to and the white house counsel as well as other legal experts said he was on good grounds. trust is important. we shouldn't have anybody
5:32 pm
thrieght leaders of our country. this is the issue. the issue is the democrats continue day after day to try to delegitimize trump. >> we went through 8 years of this. liz: congressman cummings later apologized for quoting from this fake twitter account. he said i just lurn learned the flynn tweet was fake. even the "new york times" had to correct itself. are they going to stop at nothing, even using fake twitter accounts? >> the reason we are talking about this is because donald trump continues to use the term fake news to explain away things
5:33 pm
he doesn't have an answer for or he doesn't want to answer. and he's been doing that for over a year now. >> the truth is, there has been analysis done and story after story that has been fake news. liz: we have to leave it there. thank you so as much. really appreciate it. facebook found per mark zuckerberg busy protesting president trump's refugee halt. but there has been even more violence on the social media site. another tragic shooting on facebook. a 2-year-old by a man killed, and a pregnant woman shot. we'll bring you that video next.
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liz: facebook has been busy protesting president trump's refugee halt. however, another horrendous tragedy was broadcast live on facebook. a 2-year-old boy and a man were shot and killed while a pregnant woman was live streaming herself on facebook. here is a snippet of the shooting as it happened. we warn you, it is disturbing.
5:38 pm
[gunshots] the woman fled the car, she runs to a nearby house for help. however, the audio of this horrific scene continued for 20 minutes. former trump liaison chair burnell shea *. what do you think that facebook can do more to stop this violence. >> what i would say is random acts of violence -- i don't know anyone that can stop that, even facebook. but what i will say the information that's gained by our police officers intelligence and
5:39 pm
different people watching these live video, you can't different many important it's needed to make sure some of these case get solved. even thought it many graphic, you understand law enforcement need it. liz: remember when the live stream of the anti-trump torture video of the mentally challenged man. you wonder if facebook has some brand reputation issues here. >> if they weren't getting what they wanted from it they would have gone the rid of it. on the issue of this ban, zuckerberg with all these tech people, what they can do if they want to help refugees is set up a website where they and their families and other americans interested in housing refugees, especially violent ones like the ones in sweden, they can you have a for them to come into
5:40 pm
their homes. they can support them and feed them, that's an idea. all of these protesters, all of these people who aren't concerned about american lives but are concerned about illegal aliens and refugees that have their mouth on my president. i invite, get with mark zuckerberg. set up a website. sign up and you house these people from these countries that want to kill americans and are screaming death to america. liz: i want to talk about what's going on in chicago and the shootings happening in chicago. president trump signed the executive order about saying wary cities. rahm emanuel is vowing to remain a sanctuary city. should he be vowing to end the violence in chicago first.
5:41 pm
>> he went to d.c. to see people to get help. chicago needs not only police and federal agents and that kind of help, it needs employment, it need better schooling and investment in community. we all know when people have the economics and are able to take care of their family, the violence will go down. that's fact. that can be proven. sow i believe what rahm emanuel need to do is continue what he did recently, that's going to make sure our president gets on board with the president to help our youth, especially our young black and latino youth who are dying and filling the -- filling up the moargs. there are client i have represented who would want a $5 an hour job and not just stand on the corner like a tree-selling drug.
5:42 pm
he need to use his powers as a mayor to help the city and to the being concerned about illegal aliens. that's what he needs to do. god bless you, and god bless america, and god bless donald j. trump. liz: president trump fed up with intelligence leaks to the post and "new york times." he's calling those leaks criminal. we have jim kallstrom who will weigh in on that. that's next. don't go away. just like the people
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>> from intelligence, things are being leaked it's a criminal act and it's been going on for a long time before me. but now it's really going on. liz: president trump clearly fed up with intelligence leaks at
5:46 pm
the press conference with benjamin netanyahu. he blasted the intelligence community for what he says, they are trying to illegally bring down michael flynn via criminal leaks to the press. he said malicious leakers are giving out classified information quote like candy. joining us on the phone to discuss this, he is former f.b.i. assistant director jim kallstrom. is this a criminal act? >> multiple criminal acts. this is the most unbelievable situation. i have got to tell you, i don't use this term lightly. a fifth column is marching strongly being joined by the corrupt print media and corrupt broadcast media. all the different corrupt people in the leadership of the democratic party like nancy pelosi who wouldn't know a goat if it bit her.
5:47 pm
it's unbelievable at a time when obama has pretty much totally degraded the power of defense. it has thrown gas on to the middle east and shown no leadership in the world. for the democrats talking about this facade of russia degree the bogeyman and this all because of russia is nonsense when they had the most flawed candidate ever to run for the president of the united states. and we saw for ourselves what the emails of the democratic committee looked like and john podesta looked like. so we know how they operate. we have korea with icbms. we have china who clinton gave our guidance technology to in the 90s. we have this deal with iran that is absolutely outrageous and of course general flynn knew all
5:48 pm
about that so they didn't want him around. this is a very troubled time. we have all this incredible lying going on, and piling on on every little tiny thing that's an outrage to the country. god foresake wee can get through this thing. liz: where does the f.b.i. and the nsa fall in all of this? >> i don't know where james comey falls here. and i can't talk about my knowledge of how a tape like that could be made. but i'll tell you one thing. there needs to be a criminal investigation. it needs to be a special prosecutor assigned. we need to get to the bottom of this thing. we need to get these people in before a grand jury. swear them to oath. people in the government should be polygraphed. we need to get to the bottom of this thing. this is a total outrage. was there a court order?
5:49 pm
was general flynn on a wiretap? if so, where is the court order. this cannot continue the way it's going. liz: and who initiated that court order, that first sa order. >> i'm sure this on the obama administration. they probably have known about it for months and months and they have it tacked up in the automatic rifle. it's a disgrace. liz: the d.c. swamp fighting back againstle flynn and -- against andy flynn and -- michael flynn and andy puzder. >> drain the swamp! [♪]
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>> there needs to be an independent and transparent investigation. >> we need to know why he lied to the administration and the american people. >> a thorough investigation by a non-partisan investigation. >> the american people have a right to note truth. >> what did the president know, and when did he know it? >> the swamp fights back.iticias of the political aisle going after trump, going after his cabinet pick. former national security advicor michael flynn resigning. an open ed saying -- an op-ed not stopping there. steve bannon, conwayr, and even
5:54 pm
reince priebus. >> it's undermining the healthy body that's trying for a job and trying to be self-sufficient it comes in through your nostrils and creates mucus and creates havoc. it judge mines your immune system, it's contagious it's like rumors going around the beltway. the washington post writes one thing, the "times" wrifs the next. you hear lindsey graham saying it was in "the washington post." i don't know whether to believe it or not. liz: how do you kill a virus? >> we use anti-viral drugs. truth kills the virus. being healthy, being resist and the. not listening to the bad virus.
5:55 pm
liz: so the fever, the coughing, you say they are some of the symptoms of the swamp? >> the swamp is like its own organism. you fight off by giving yourself a high fever and having to go to bed rest and needing medication. so i'm going immediate kait the people out there against the swamp. the swamp is not just one person. it's rumors. liz: self-medicating would be the rule. >> all the red tape and excels regulations and all the laws that don't work to help us are manifestations of the infection. liz: i hope you write an on. edan op.ed: op-ed on this.
5:56 pm
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liz: we're monitoring protests outside the university of chicago where trump's former manager is set to peak, we'll keep an eye -- this, stocks closing record close for a fifth straight day, as president trump continues to push his economic agenda. dow shot past 20600. >> and there is a "fox news poll" at 6 p.m., details are coming up next.
6:00 pm
it has been a busy day. that is it for us for now. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening i am charles payne. on wall street, trump rally running hot. on capitol hill, an and inside white house is a different story. a short time ago andy puzder withdraw from his nomination as labor secretary on eve of his senate confirmation hearing, that donald trump blasts leak and leakers that helped lead to resignation of michael flynn. what happened with puzder? >> there was a lot of opposition, you had 7 republican senators who said they would with hole their supp


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