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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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high 2% number b. liz: i want to thank you and our viewers for incredible 2016. market closes 2016 up for the year but down third day in a row. for that i turn to david and cheryl for "after the bell." happy new year guys. david: happy new year. cheryl: stocks coming well off the lows in the final moments of the final trading day. major averages in e red but up big time. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis. david: good to see you. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." we have winners and losers for 2016. what else we have for you on this very busy hour. u.s.-russian relations sinking further but vladmir putin refusing to engage, standing pat as president obama slaps russia with sanctions. donald trump just weighed in. we'll tell you why he just said is driving the obama administration nuts. some republicans are calling for america to defund the united nations.
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should we? steve forbes joins us with his take on that. also, fighting to save a new york landmark. we'll be speaking with a man who started out as a dishwasher at the famous carnegie deli making three bucks an hour. he is offering to pay millions of dollars to keep it open. we'll ask him why. cheryl: let's get back to our markets. this is it for 2016, everybody. the dow ending the day down nearly 50 points but the blue-chips are seeing the best year since 2013. oil surging big this year as well. phil flynn with all details from cme in chicago for his final report for the year. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole, all the major averages ending in the green after the election. what are the numbers? >> financials, energy, telecom, industrials really give us a boost here in this last month 1/2 since the election. the dow finished up over 13%. s&p 500 up 9%.
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more than that the nasdaq 7% and the russell 2000 and the transports up about almost 20%. that is stellar. we saw 27 of 30 dow names with up arrows. look at the best of the best included unitedhealth and caterpillar. unitedhealth shed obamacare. they were losing hundreds of millions of dollars. caterpillar and goldman sachs, another major winner all up over 30%. on the downside, nike, coca-cola, disney, these were misses. nike lost market share. coca-cola came under pressure. that was a laggard. down 3%. disney lost 1%. nike lost 18%. there were high hopes for dow 20,000. i wore this hat over and over again. dow almost 20,000. we'll still have that one but i got another 20 and that is the 2017 glasses that everybody gave out.
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at i want to wish everybody a very happy new year are. cheryl: not putting them on your actual face. >> fine, fine. i want you to party it up. melissa: we're cheering for you. happy new year, nicole. thank you so much. phil, let's go to you, cme, i don't know if you have a hat or glasses but figure for oil. 45% jump. what is next for you, sir? >> what a year comeback. i do have glasses but these are from 1776, different year, same glasses. anyway, no, to make a long story short. what a come back for oil. you remember a year ago how dooming and gloomy output for oil producers. people cutting back on $10 a barrel and five dollars a barrel oil? what a comeback this year. at that is reflective opec production cuts which helped rally at end of the year. really about optimism about the economy. i'm very excited about this up
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move in oil. we may complain about spending more for gasoline in the new year and we're going to and more for diesel. it is reflective of demand and optimism in the economy. commodities have been a sector killed last year, i'm looking for things to turn around in 2017. cheryl: thank you, phil, happy to have you as part of our family. >> thank you, dear. david: top-performing sector in s&p 500 was followed closely by financials. there was rhine for that. it was called the election. list peek of the "fiscal times." jack hough from "barron's." the reason election made a difference. donald trump will get rid of a lot of regulations that stymied the two sectors past couple years. financials, getting ridded of dodd-frank and how easy or difficult will it be to unwind something that big?
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>> they're not getting rid of dodd-frank. you will look at a big change in the atmosphere. that sounds not very important. basically regulators have taken draconian view how all rules and regulations of dodd-frank, not all of them are even written yet, should be interpreted. already i'm hearing that bankers are meeting with somewhat more positive reception in washington from their regulators. regulators had say whether they pay distributions and they have been restricting what assets or loans qualify for meeting capital requirements. so we're talking about not really i think completely ditching dodd-frank but making the bank more vibrant part of the economy. david:izing up on them. >> right. david: dodd-frank light i think what you're talking about. jack, carbon energy has been under attack by the obama administration for past seven 1/2 years particular
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letter something like coal. a lot of coal companies like peabody and arch, having to declare bankruptcy. they shot up after the election. not just colby the way. a lot of oil stocks did well. will they do well as we see fewer regulations from epa and other institutions? >> i don't know if that is place you might want to put in that might do better. metallurgical coal rose with the price of steel. i think the floor is in for energy. the more important things earnings didn't grow because of a huge plunge in energy earnings. we reached the anniversary of that. if you look at the recent pace of growth and back out energy, you find close to 7% growth. i think you get 7% earnings growth next year. cheryl: certainly has been a crazy year for stocks. look. [fireworks] david: it was a terrible way to
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begin the new year. all of the stock indices are down. the dow was hitting 18,000 today but -- cheryl: it is there. it is there. david: looks like it is going to close and settle above the 18,000 level by three points. we'll take it. >> great britain sending shockwaves throughout the world after voting to leave the european union. >> what is happening is historic. i think you will have this happen more and more. i believe that. i believe it is happening in the united states. it is happening by the fact that i have done so well in the polls. >> wow, stunning victory for donald trump. he is going it to be the next president of the united states. david: ever since we heard that hillary clinton did call donald trump and concede to donald trump, the presidency of the united states, that sent the markets in reverse fashion 341 down in futures is not a good thing but it was down 800 points when there was question about what would happen in this election. melissa: the trump rally rolls on.
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dow closing at brand new high. record day on wall street. new all-time high for dow and nasdaq and subpoena 500 and russell 2000. dow closings above 19,000 for first time ever. here we are to see it. whiplash on wall street as markets digest the first interest rate hike in a year and only the second in a decade. the dow on a wild ride. david: pushing the fed aside the trump rally taking back the markets after first rate hike in a year as the dow continues charging towards 20-k. the dow just narrowly missing the 20-k mark rallying after the electoral college confirmed president-elect donald trump will be taking the oath of office on january 20th. ♪ cheryl: and what a year, jack. so here's the question for next year, what do you expect for 2017 for stocks? >> well, better earnings growth. a moment ago i said i think you
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get 7% earnings growth. worse stock returns. i think stock prices will rise 5% next year. after dividends get 7% total return. why? because the market is a little bit pricey. one thing i believe in is reversion to the mean. i think europe next year will outperform the u.s. the reason i think that they have been in a five-year earnings recession. they're pulling out of it. the euro cheapened relative to the dollar. it will help them. there is this worry going into next year overall, going over the elections in europe kept stocks prices much cheaper than they usually are. cheryl: i don't know, liz. i have to somewhat disagree a little bit with jack. i was looking at the dow since the election up eight%. s&p up five. same story with the nasdaq. seems under promise of president-elect donald trump and president trump we'll keep this train going. >> i agree. i think there is a lot of tailwinds right now. most important the optimism of
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country. more than half the country is optimistic going into the year. that means consumer spending being more robust. remember the missing element in the last seven or eight years has been business investment. productivity hasn't gene. we've seen really disappointing numbers in terms of capital pending et cetera. that is what may come back. i think basically, the lighter regulation, prospect of lower taxes for corporations could really spur that and end up doing better than jack is talking about. i agree. i think europe is undervalued sector here or area. but i think the u.s. growth is running ahead of everybody else right now. i think expect that to continue. cheryl: double digits, right, liz? you're thinking double digits? >> absolutely. david: wow. liberal media convinced obama economy is working out just fine. "washington post" headline claiming trump is being handed a great economy. what happens when it goes south? all right, liz, so no doubt 2016 was better than 2015, but, we're
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still just coasting relatively speaking, relative to what the gdp usually is in this country. as an old friend said when you're coasting you're going down hill. >> again, it is missing element of business spending. if we get that on track, we'll see a real revving up of growth numbers. we're not going to see double digits but definitely see some improvement. i think all of that is extremely positive. positive for stocks, positive for investors. and again, remember that the consumer is feeling pretty optimistic. consumer numbers are looking good. i think all of that is sort of in place here. the economy, you know, let's face it. we had an election won by someone who basically made the case that the economy could do much better. david: could do a lot better. >> because people didn't think it was doing well for them. that says something. david: jack, trump advisors say he could double the gdp which is extraordinary claim if true but even half of won't the get
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economy up revving harder than past eight years. >> when ever i can i like to leave partisans on both sides dissatisfied. david: you maybe everybody happy. not everybody is sad, jack. >> things were getting better before the election. i think they continue to get better after the election going into next year. i don't think trump will break anything important. david: boy he is hedging his bets, isn't he? thank you, gang, appreciate it. >> not breaking anything. fix health care is what he is going to do. your tax dollars at waste. shocking new report revealing tens of millions of dollars going to pay illegal immigrants after they have been deported. david: plus another failure at the va. why more of our nation's heroes are now battling devastating addictions. opioid addictions and it could have been prevented. cheryl: vladmir putin refusing to engage. he won't stoop to president obama's level after the u.s. announced sanctions against russia. lieutenant colonel oliver north will weigh in on putin's
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surprising reaction how things change under new administration. >> he has done something quite impressive. with one press statement. he has demonstrated to the world how utterly irrelevant president obama is. your insurance company
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david: russian president vladmir putin saying he is not going to retaliate against the u.s. after president obama ordered 35 russian diplomats to be expelled from the country and lot of other stuff so is putin waiting for more potentially friendly president trump to take over in january 20th? this is fascinating stuff, blake. >> reporter: vladmir putin's statement is pointinging to the
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calendar. he will make until the next administration before he makes his next move. here is part of his quote. although we have the right to retaliate we'll not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy but will plan further steps to restore russian-u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration. president-elect trump sent a very brief response to that on twitter a little while ago this afternoon. he wrote, great, move on delay by putin. i always knew he was very smart. at the russian consulate in san francisco today, a government official said hopes that this is the low point. listen. >> we do hope that the new administration would be able to look at our relations because of what we, how we see our relations now between our two countries, between the two countries, the situation is not normal. >> reporter: meantime the united
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states sanctions against russia were on full display as two russian compounds were closed. at one site in centerville, maryland, this is it here, this is basically 50 miles to the east of us here in d.c., this caravan of dark tinted vehicles left just before the noon hour. there was also a second site, david, not too far from you in long island, new york, rather, that was shuttered as well. incredible stuff to see that earlier this afternoon. david: dark tinted windows. you didn't have to tell us. we kind of knew that. blake, thank you very much. >> tinted windows i guess. cheryl: let's bring in retired marine lieutenant colonel oliver north. host of "war stories" and i think you don't have anymore titles. >> it is dad and granddad. cheryl: couple more titles. i want to start with this putin statement we got in and what he is saying, his reaction. he says we will plan further
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steps to restore russian-u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration but there are those saying actions of barack obama are trying to be basically creating a roadblock for donald trump. do you think that's what is at play here in washington? >> certainly the obama administration's last minute actions regarding russia, detainee releases from gitmo. bashing our ally israel. all this stuff is quite frankly surreal. evicting 35 russian spies is hardly a draconian measure. does make me wonder our golfer-in-chief has been last several years? cheryl: if you listen to kellyanne conway, i will play what she said on cnn she is one of the big voices behind the story. >> sure. >> i will tell you even those sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying part of the reason he did this today was to quote, box in president-elect trump. cheryl: what do you say to that? >> well i tell you i read very
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carefully the ideas that came out of the review of this. the wikileaks publication of john podesta emails hardly seems to be as egregious as some of the things putin has done should have been reacted to early on. look at occupation of crimea and ukraine. and shooting down of malaysian airliner which innocents died. provided advanced surface-to-air missiles to iran in violation of u.n. resolutions and bombing campaign in syria, in which thousands have died, and some described as a war crime. none of this got reaction from barack obama we've now seen over hacking into the john podesta's emails. cheryl: we have to also wonder, too, sir, what the role of the united states is going to be with regards to russia and syria. and does our military finally get more involved there since you have a humanitarian crisis on the ground. i want to move on to something else i know is near and dear to your heart and about letting
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your nation's heroes down. the va, overprescribing opioids to returning soldiers to injuries and ptsd. without providing rehab to these guys. thousands of veterans are addicted colonel north. what do you make of this? why do we have such a crisis for our veterans right now? >> cheryl, i was in a va hospital yesterday and i want to just put this problem in slightly broader context because according to the national institutes of health, 20 1/2 million americans age 12 or over have sub assistant abuse disorders, in other words addiction. 2.2 million americans are addicted to opioid pain relievers. nearly 600,000 addicted to heroin. drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in america, 55,000 last year alone. 20,000 of them from prescription pain relievers. amazingly wasn't until 2012 nih decided to alert medical professionals to this epidemic. in 2013, u.s. military hospitals
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and the va starting to tighten prescription criteria. so for example, they acknowledge that veterans are much more likely to abuse opioids than the average american because that's the drug they were given after they were wounded. and it is very easy to get hooked on painkillers after combat injuries. now we're seeing the results of that prolific use painkillers. va hospital this is week and afterwards will say we have got to have a whole lot more rehab for these patients. patients are no longer being given 100 plus doses of these medications. but the problem is going to continue until we have sufficient rehab facilities. that means va will have to build some, or real fix, hire veterans first at va facilities so next va secretary has a chance of succeeding. and number two, make sure when a veteran can't get the kind of help he needs at a va hospital, give him an i.d. card with chip in it, says a service-connected disability, if you can't get
4:23 pm
treated at va facility you get to go to any facility in america that will honor that i.d. card. that is what we ought to be doing. cheryl: public/private partnership from va, donald trump one of the first things on the agenda. we need a va secretary. >> we do. cheryl: happy new year. >> happy new year to y'all. cheryl: tune into "war stories" tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern time and sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business network. david: it is a wonderful show. we have breaking news, in 4-3 ruling, connecticut supreme court reinstated kennedy cousinr conviction in the 1975 killing of martha moxley. that decision rejecting a lower court ruling that skakel's trial lawyer did not adequately represent him. skakel's lawyer says he is reviewing the ruling and has no comment for now. we'll bring you the very latest as we learn more. wow, interesting. cheryl: i mean a record amount
4:24 pm
of red tape to tell you about. president obama is about ready to leave the white house. businesses are stuck with thousands of regulations that he put into place. plus growing calls to defund the u.n. in the wake of the vote against israel. coming up next steve forbes is here to sound off. >> i would say this is remarkable to me that we're talking about sanctions against russia just days after i was -- sanctions were called for against israel. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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david: there's a push afoot to defund the united nations. congress is moving to cut u.s. funding to the u.n. in the wake of the obama administration's anti-israel vote condemning israeli settlements as illegal. talking about a lot of stuff that both israel and the u.s. in the past did not agree to. so is it time to defund the united nations? here to weigh in, steve forbes, forbes media chairman. steve, does the u.n. do more harm than good? >> it has done a lot of harm.
4:28 pm
their peacekeepers, for example, introduced cholera into the country of haiti. there is abuse of population. agriculture, labor relations and like they're not doing it. so at very least we should get a real audit what they're doing. i believe you could find do everything they do for about 1/100 of the cost they spend. david: this thing things went beyond the pale. where our traditional closest ally was essentially humiliated from secretary of state, first by the country abstaining on the vote against israel and john kerry's long tirade israel, not mentioning that the resolution of the u.n. would have pushed back the border to pre-'67 levels, all kind of things not good. even an ally of the united states, the uk, the new prime minister of the uk, theresa may,
4:29 pm
the uk does not believe it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elect government of an ally. so we are hurting our allies for the sake of the u.n. does that make sense? >> no. this is the no are to the sake sake -- not for the sake of the u.n. but the u.s. was precipitator of the res solution. david: you think that is what the israelis said. >> that information is coming out. they would know. if that case the u.n. was passive actor -- active actor instead of passive one like it has been in the past. in the future we could remove some of the funds. one of the things we should do long term in terms audit, we provide 25 to 30% of their funding. how about we have 25 to 30% of the voting right in the u.n. we do that with the imf and world bank. we have a veto of security council. in security of 190 nations we're part of 190. david: we don't know exactly how
4:30 pm
much we give to the united nations. there is 3 billion overall charge. >> then you hear numbers like 8 billion. david: let me put that up on the screen. there is something called a voluntary contribution. the last time we could check in 2010 because they're very reluctant to give it up. that was almost $7.7 billion. should we pull that and just fund specific things we agree with like welfare programs for the poor? and fighting particular diseases they can show they're doing it better than other organizations absolutely, in a crisis. last time, 2010 we got a real break down where the monies we give to that organization. at very least we should know each year how that money is spent. we should demand outside auditors begin to go what happens. david: auditors? they don't believe in auditors at u.n. >> how about us repealing sarbanes-oxley which has done real harm to u.s. investors here and in terms of unnecessary
4:31 pm
costs and have the auditors go to the u.n.? david: you said the u.n. should be forced to live under the same rules they prescribe for everybody else, currency devaluations or high tax rates and other things. >> especially with the imf. the things is if you work at u.n. you have extra territorial privileges not just parking tickets in new york and prosecution, i'm doing it for the u.n., they can't touch you. that has got to change. david: guess what, they don't pay their taxes either. steve forbes. >> i don't hold that against them. i wish we all didn't have to pay taxes. david: for more views on -- steve's views on taxes "forbes on fox" 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. cheryl. cheryl: they say how uncle sam to using hard-earned cash to help illegal immigrants abroad. final farewell to new york city's historic carnegie deli. one man is not letting it go without a fight.
4:32 pm
we talk to a man on his battle to save the famous deli. >> it is absolute tragedy. i came back into town just to pay my final respects. wouldn't have it any other way. . ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. cheryl: rewarded for being deported. the obama administration gave 50,000 of your taxpayer dollars to help illegal immigrants start businesses in their home country, according to rand paul's annual airing of
4:36 pm
grievances report after they were deported. here is christie's anderson of washington exam pinner. there is jessica tarlov, we like her too, a democratic strategist. what do you make of this? when we see the waste of taxpayer money. seems are is lots of outrage but nothing changes. what can be done to change this policy? >> it is $50,000, in the scheme of what we waste, we remember the coburn "wastebook" had a lot more in that. so this teams like small potatoes to me on that level. there is an argument to be made making sure they can get on their feet when they are deported where they're going is good. then they won't be crossing the border again. this is kind of like foreign aid. going forward, it really, part and parcel we need immigration reform and system is just broken. close to 70% of americans favor a pathway to citizenship for
4:37 pm
those here illegally. we'll talk about the border security. we'll not get the wall but people on both sides of the aisle do want border secure. cheryl: i don't know, kristin, if you want to hand out several thousands dollars to illegal immigrant, any i am my grant to start a business, do it in the united states. at least that boosts the economy here but it is going to another country. that is the economic side. >> sure. one thing about it makes me a little less troubled. i get concerned about anything that creates perverse incentive. you give somebody something in exchange for something they shouldn't have done. looking for financing for a small business, it is lousy plan to come to the united states illegally to get deported to access the fund. i'm hopeful it is not a part of a magnet bringing people here. to the point it being small potatoes, the problem is there are so many small potatoes. for all of these things it is
4:38 pm
true. the fact that $50,000 is literally nothing in the course of the federal budget is the problem. the fact that ere cabe so many little, tiny programs that people can scratch their heads, wait, why are we doing that? there are just thousands of upon thousands of them. that is the thing that there should be outrage about. cheryl: jessica, i'm frugal. to me 50,000, one dollar this is my tax money. that is are with the outrage comes from, right? >> i absolutely understand that. $50,000 is ton of money to me. a lot i could do to that. cheryl: kristin has millions. >> oh, gosh. >> those republicans with all the money. anyway, it is but in terms of the budget we know it is small. this is something that rand paul ran on. this is central part of his campaign. very libertarian to be focusing on these things and we want to shrink the size of government, what we're doing here at home or even abroad that we have these little business situations in el salavador as well.
4:39 pm
i get that. we need to focus on bigger fish i do think is immigration reform. cheryl: both answer the same question. kristin, first to you what is the number one priority to deal with the immigration issue if you're donald trump? >> i think the number one thing that you have to deal with if you're donald trump is, how do we make sure that the border is secure. there is so much talk about a wall but i think we need to realize most illegal immigration that happens in the united states is not going to be stopped by a wall. it is folks coming here on airplanes, overstaying visas. getting people's trust enough to talk about the 12 or 13 million people here illegally, we need a solution. you have to build people's trust and comes with border security. it can't be just about let's build a wall. we have to target where the problem exists. it is not just people walking across the border. cheryl: kristin, jessica? >> i agree with what kristin said there.
4:40 pm
there was data through the election donald trump supporters didn't necessarily think the wall was going to get built. this is kind of one of the things, we're smoking to take him literally -- i forgot what the term is. cheryl: literally or figuratively. >> it was very smart when it was originally said but we butchered it. the appointment we need to deal with visa overstays first and foremost. we need to deal with these people who are here and should be on their way to becoming citizens because we're not getting them out. deportation force is not going to work, whatever that means. i thought what was interesting in donald trump's plan, the number of border agents is less than suggested in the "gang of eight" bill. cheryl: it is huge issue. kristin, jessica, happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. david: here is something absolutely crystal clear. it has been an overwhelming year of regulations. president obama added 3853 regulations over the past year alone, according to analysis from the competitive enterprise institute.
4:41 pm
that is 18 new regulations for every single law. a record 97,110 pages of red tape. as president-elect trump promised to repeal unnecessary regulations after taking office, including many related to the epa. fox news's garrett tenney has the very latest. garrett? reporter: last week the interior department rushed to issue new restrictions on coal mining as p obama's second term wind down. cheered by environmental lifts they required coal companies to restore streams after comprehensive activity. >> industry said environmental regulations are too intensive on them. if you're a company producing coal you might not want to think long and hard about the regulat. your main goal is to be profit. it is understandable you wouldn't want to be regulated at a high level. flip side regulations are not for you. they're not for coal industry.
4:42 pm
they're for people being harmed by it. >> the new coal stream rule may not last for long. during his campaign president-elect trump promised to role back such regulation. >> we'll eliminate job killing regulation, cancel many executive orders, believe me, we'll be canceling a lot. and lift restrictions on production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. >> reporter: mr. trump said many of the environmental rules problem -- promulgated by president obama were tougher than necessary and hurt economic growth. president obama says as long as he is in office he is not backing down. >> these are not things that we've been surprising people with. they're well-considered. they're the right thing to do. they're part of my task of finishing my work. >> reporter: experts say mr. trump has several ways to halt new rules as soon as he takes office such as executive
4:43 pm
order. or next year congress could move quickly to approve legislation to overturn regulation but some other rules may take time to change. >> issuing a regulation, takes months of preparing, issuing a proposed rule, seeking public comment and then issuing a final regulation. to undo a regulation, generally speaking you have to go through those very same steps. there are circumstances though, especially at the beginning of an administration where they are are more streamlined procedures. >> reporter: analysts say environment atallists could take a page out of obama critics by going to court to block mr. trump from weakening any regulations. back to you. david: garrett, thank you very much. cheryl. cheryl: pain at the pump. david: not again. cheryl: gas prices on the rise heading into the new year. how this affects you and of course your wallet. that's next.
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david: hate to break it to you, folks the relief at pump may be short-lived. gas prices are apparently set to shore for the new year. jeff flock is in schiller park, illinois with the ugly details. jeff? reporter: they have been creeping up, david, maybe you noticed. i don't think you drive a whole lot of cars there in midtown manhattan but out here in the real world it has been creeping up. take a look at the rbob futures that tells the tail. it largely around the opec agreement. that drove oil prices up. it has driven gas prices up too. natural gas prices up 8%. year-over-year are about 15% above where we were for last year. we were at two dollars for the national average at new year's last year. this is of course great news to the guys that search for oil and explore and all of that sort of
4:48 pm
thing. if you look at individual companies, explorers in the bakken specifically, whiting petroleum, haliburton. whiting is up 37%. halliburton up double digits, hess up big time. that far outpaces gains in the dow. what does this do to the overall economy? well you know, we famously made about 27 billion extra dollars not spent on gasoline in the past year. what will the increase be? it won't be terrible but i don't think it will soar. look what patrick dehaan, gas buddy told us on fox business, he thinks increase 20 to 40 cents in the coming year, a rise in the national average highest since 2014 by spring. not terrible news. not great news. guys in the oil patch, they're happy though. david: jeff, you're right, i don't drive a lot in manhattan. but new jersey, refinery close by it was $2.15 a gallon.
4:49 pm
that is lot less what you're paying out there, right? >> it is good to live near a refinery. you take a lot of heat. but living in hoboken. david: happy new year, jeff. >> happy new year, david. cheryl: happy new year, jeff. fighting to save your favorite pastrami on rye. this man is trying to save a restaurant. he is former dishwasher at the carnegie deli. he will sound off on the 11th hour push to keep the place open. david: oh, he brought all the food for us. wow! your insurance company
4:50 pm
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david: i know you hear this a lot but it is the truth. it is end of an era.
4:53 pm
carnegie dell sy is closing its doors 79 years. he offered $10 million but was rejected by the restaurant's owner. sammy joins me now. sammy, you have a personal connection to the carnegie deli, made famous in movies. woody allen. what is your personal connection? >> when i first came to this country as immigrant it was my first job. it i am passionate about it. david: you were working as dishwasher. >> i was honored. cleaning the plates of woody allen and with his daughter and mia later on. it was for me like working in white house. david: making 3 bucks an hour to a guy who can afford to pay $10 million to buy the place. >> hard work. keep going at it. david: the american dream. you are a living embodiment of the american dream. >> thank you. i think anyone can do it as long as they apply themselves. david: tell us now what is happening. because it is a famous place. a lot of people come to new york.
4:54 pm
one of the first plays a lot of people want to go to the carnegie deli to get a piece of this incredible food. what is your trouble in buying the place? why won't they take the offer. 10 million you sounds generous? >> i did the best i could. initially made a offer previous five million. wasn't good enough. i said let's not fool around. double the offer. david: wow you trouble doubled offer from five to 10 million? >> yes. she is thinking about it, but -- david: so it has not been totally rejected absolutely? leaving a little door open. >> to me it is institution. it's a landmark. like taking the empire state building or from new york city. david: real estate is very
4:55 pm
expensive in new york. it closed down a lot of restaurants, no matter how high the prices were they couldn't afford to pay for the rental. is that why she is holding out? does she want to build up from where the carnegie deli is or what? >> the at the end of the day is about the buck. she says she is old. doesn't want to put hours in. i have three restaurants on upper east side and -- david: your restaurants, by the way, people knew you were going to be on. you said you don't believe how good this guy's food is. if we get a close-up some of the stuff sammy brought us, it is incredible. create your own carnegie deli? you have the power? you have the experience. you know what people like. you could become an iconic part of new york city? >> absolutely. i don't want to inset maryland too much. it is in the cards if she doesn't take my offer that is possibility. i have three already. it is very easy for me to open places now. david: you call her by first name. was she the woman who you were working for when you were a dishwasher. >> no, her father. milton parker. he encouraged me, the food business because of him. he inspired me. david: sammy, you're an
4:56 pm
inspiration, you really are. extraordinarily immigrant experience. starting at as dishwasher to buy the place possibly. we wish you best of luck. thank you for the new year's treat from the crew particularly. cheryl? cheryl: food and new year's eve. here is a question, where is the love? if you're getting ready for a new year's date, i hope you're not hungry. if you have medicare
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we want to reset our relationship so we will do it together. the 1980s are now calling for the foreign-policy back.


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