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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance," and remember, you can't take it with you. business. >> president-elect trump promises a change of course for israel after obama administration betrays our ally. >> i must express my deepest disappoint. with the speech today of john kerry. tom: pete said abstaining from u.n. vote is another example of president obama leading from behind, he will join me. also, president obama reportedly plans another parting shot, this time sanctions again, russia.
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we'll have a full report. >> and the president elect scoring another victory on jobs, mr. trump well on his way on becoming the greatest job president ever, we'll have details. tom: good evening, i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, obama administration today, taking its betrayal of israel one step further, john kerry, a long and conden sense condescending speech, move ensuring that president-elect trump will have a lot of work to do to repair relations is our ally. rich edson has our report on kerry's rebuke of israel. >> some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means u.s. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests our own positions, our own words and principles.
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even after urging again and again, that policy must change. friends, need to tell each other the hard truth. and friendships require mutual respect. reporter: netanyahu his government and its allies criticized obama administration this past week, after united stated allowed united nations security count regular pass that condemned israel over its settlement building, prime minister continued his rebuke of u.s. policy, greeting kerry's speech with what he called great disappointment. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state. reporter: kerry claims no american administration has done more for israel security than barack obama, he points out more than half of u.s. foreign global military
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finances goes to israel, and obama administration has defended israel. and opposed boycotts against the long time u.s. ally. kerry spend much of his speech denouncing israel on expansion of settlement, chastising netanyahu administration calling his coalition the most right wing in the history. and claiming its settlement policy in part jeopardizing any possiblility for a two state solution where israel lives in peace next to a independent pdsa dicki -- pdsa dicki pal -- palestinian state. >> we may not be a to stop them, but we cannot be expected to defend them. >> if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both. and it will not ever really be at peace. reporter: kerry criticize the palestinians ask their
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government for tailin failing to condemn specific terrorist attacks. and naming public schools, streets and squares after terrorists. -- kerry denies that, and says that u.s. warned israel of its abstention. >> we've known for some time that palestinians were intent on moving forward, i advised prime minister repeatedly that further settlement activity invited u.n. action. reporter: as prime minister netanyahu conclude his response, palestinian president mahmoud abbas released a statement, say he is ready to peace negotiation. tom: donald trump saying that. john kerry's speech spoke for itself, president-elect taking aim the united nations over its censure of israel.
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>> you see the u.n. solving problem, they don't. they cause problems. if it lives up to potential it is a freigh great thing. tom: president-elect took to twitter to reassure israel, we cannot continue to let israel be treated is such total disdain and disrespect, they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not any more, the beginning of the end was horrible iran deal, and thousand this u.n. stay strong israel, january 20 fast approaching. prime minister netanyahu thanked trump forever his clear cut support of israel. >> israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and with american congress, democrats and rings republicans alike to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done and to
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repeal it. tom: joining me now, tomorrower congressman pete -- what -- listen this is for those of us that may not understand all of moving parts regarding the issues in israel, what do you make of this last minute throwing in mud against the wall changing 40 -- almost 50 years of u.s. policy went just a couple of days left of the obama administration? what do you make of that? >> a chaotic administration, but really this is a pattern that has been going on throughout the obama administration, back to 2009 when the obama administration again, throughout 40 years of american foreign policy, by embracing muslim brotherhood then having doing their iran deal behind the back of israel, then cul culminating
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with san diego the decision they made friday, then speech today, it administration has never had the back of israel, israel always had to be concerned about what this administration might do. david: reporter, iran deal i think of the proof in the pudding of where this administration stood versus israel. >> the iran deal is very important, i go back in argue that the embracing muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization, that is committed to destroying israel, is committed to destroying western civiliation, in 2009, remember what did that lead to? it lead to the over throw of mubarak in egypt. and in libya, and see now in syria, it made the whole middle east, neighborhood where israel exists, made that whole area much more hostile to the nation state of israel. you know only democracy of inn
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the region. tom: whole world seems to be a mess after 8 years, but let me ask you. >> you are right. tom: since really just last few days of this dang, israel -- administration, israel knows that, is it doing a lot of damage or they waiting for january 20 in. >> this really does do a tremendous aim o amount of damage, it signals to world, and to israel's enemies in the region, is that america is no longer a reliable ally to israel. sure under donald trump, america will be a stedfast ally to israel, we'll intergreat economically, and militarily, and all that, we will be great under barack obama. but the rest of the world now sees there is an american administration or there was an american administration that was willing to turns back on israel.
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they will be testing this upcoming administration and future administration, this is very destabilizes in long-term for israel and the region. tom: this allows countries to do some sort of work against israel in the interim, we'll see whether or not they do any sanctions or they will be waiting. saying maybe we should not do anything before donald trump comes in. other part, does not seem to stop, all of a sudden, there is a hyperactivity from the bong obama administration, saying we'll retaliate against russia, and russia says we'll retaliate too, are we getting into a shooting match of some kind over the last few days of the obama administration? >> this is crazy, at-this-point in time the
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obama administration had almost 8 years to define its foreign policy, you know most of the world today is in chaos, and in last 21 days, they are making it worse. in rather than recognizing that under donald trump we'll be heading in a new direction, and trying to facilitate a smooths transfer they are throwing up more roadblocks, if he 3u9 puts sanction on russia, i hope he is consulting with trump administration, and what he does, that incoming trump administration will agree to, that congress, agrees to, because, for sanctions to have any impact, they have to be long-term, and to to something for 20 days that an incoming trump administration will overturn, would that crazy. and would make america look foolish, trump has a russia policy, we'll deal from strength, and trust but
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verify, we recognize that a partnership or working in some relationship with russia to resolve problem in eastern europe to resolve the problem in syria is absolutely essential. and donald trump is doing that and barack obama is making it more difficult, key thing is trump is sending signal to russia, and to israel about where h dodge stands that -- administration stanes that is critical. critical. tom: i think so took former congress ma congressman pete thank you for coming on. >> good to be with you thank you. tom: we're coming right back. with much more, stay with us. >> lame duck obama administration under fire over his decision to not veto a united nations resolution condemning israel. >> the united states did not draft or originate this resolution, we did not put it
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forward. tom: we'll take that up with tony say jackson. >> january 20, conditio can't come soon enough. come soon enough. your insurance company
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tom: president-elect trump today delivering more good news to american workers, announces two companies will be creating jobs at home. >> just called by head people at sprint, they will bring 5,000 jobs back to the unite thunited states. and also one web, a new company will hire 3,000 people, so that is very exciting. tom: donald trump saying that deal was done through softbank ceo. who he met with this month over at trump tower. softbank investing 50 billion of their own in this country. joining me now, republican campaign strategist tony saeg, and political reporter for the federalist bree peyton. tony we start with you, people
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criticizing trump saying you can't go company to company doing these things, but i believe he is setting tone that i suspect boardrooms are paying close attention. >> donald trump understands that presidential power comes from the bully pulpit, he has chosen to focus on creation of american jobs as a major people of what he is using the bully pulpit for, in that regard it is powerful. other piece his agenda particularly first 100 days is oriented around tax reform and deregulation, two things we know the spurn job growth and economic growth, this is the type of one-two punch you need to get the american economy working for everyone again, that is one of the main reasons he won. as much as president obama pointed to certain indicator benefiting wall street or existing wealthy it was not
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benefiting middle class america. now have you a president with a different tone and sets different policies, that will help those americans. tom: bree, i have never seen anything leak like this, this is incredible, have you a president-elect that is essentially acting as if he is not only putting his administration together, but he is so thing policy -- he is setting policy, on other hand you have an outgoing president they usually quiet down, and step back, but president obama is going you know throwing mud at israel and russia. >> yeah, i are right. i think president obama is acting unhinged. i think that he is realizing a lot of policy he tried to push during past 8 years did not work, now he is doing a last-ditch effort to throw everyone in the kitchen sink to appease the liberal -- he has tried so hard to suck up
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to, i think he knows that upcoming president donald trump is going to you know undo a lot of regulations that opressed taxation that obama pushed for, as a daughter of a small the business owner, i know do obama administration his policy specifically obamacare did put a damper on a lot of job creation, my family had to hire fewer people as a direct result of that. donald trump values capitalism and profits and small businesses. >> this business about russia, and maybe sanctions tomorrow, some kind of announcement tomorrow. and the israeli vote. in the u.n. is this -- is there a silver lining around this where donald trump gets to come in on january 20, and kind of with the white hat save the day, and put everything back
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in to good relationship? >> in short-term yes, there is no doubt that the contrast between the ineptude and weakness of the obama administration. and fact that we need to have a much more constructive relationship with russia, we need to get them outside of the strength they have developed within the geopolitical balance in the middle east. there is something long-term that bothers me, even political points we can score short-term did not assuage the pain, president obama has broken so many protocols with these rules, he breaks 40 years of policy that both democrats and republicans have always supported. our unwavering alliance withs state of israel. but he breaks a their tradition where presidents going out of office do not do
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anything, in particular in foreign policy that alters course really interferes with what the incoming administration wants to do,s fact he has done so really hurts us, if you think about israel right now, everyone in world who wanted to create a bigger fizz ireure, now understands it can happen they will wait it out maybe, that really bothered me, we cannot as republicans and democrats allow such ambiguity withstanding up to our strongest ally in the region. tom: we have 23 days left. but we'll see what happens, still a couple of weeks for mischief to say the least, tony and bree thank you. >> thank you. tom: vote in tonight's poll, are you relieved that we'll soon have a president who defends our allies and stands' for work class americans? cost your vote on twitter @lou dobbs.
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and follow lou on twitter. like the show on facebook. and instagram. breaking news, actress debbie reynolds, ma mher ofarrie fisher has reportedly been rushed to a california hospital, after suffering a medical emergency, a couple hours ago. tmz reporting a possible stroke. but it has not been confirmed. she has been distraught since the death of her daughter yesterday. meantime, on wall street stocks falling after a two day winning streak, do you declining 111, and s&p down 19. and nasdaq coming off record yesterday, down 49 today. big board volume picking up a little bit 2.4 billion shares. >> a reminder listen to lou's reports three time a day coast-to-coast ons salem radio in.
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>> up next, president-elect trump is being diplomat wick his public re-- diplomatic with his public remarks about probe and his administration. >> a general conversation, i think that secretary's speech spoke for itself, we have a very general conversation, appreciate that he called. tom: there is signs of trouble behind the scene as president obama is doing everything he can to leave a foreign policy mess for mr. trump to clean up. up. full report is next.
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tom: president obama is apparently determined to create more problems for donald trump before he leaves office. a new report says president obama is close to announcing new sanctions to punish russia. all this with 22 days to go before mr. obama leaves office.
10:28 pm
>> a parting shot at putin. that's what some are calling it. punishment could come as soon as thursday. but some gop lawmakers are question can the timing of the administration's decision. >> let the new president and new congress deal with russia and pass tougher sanctions than we already have. >> it's a second major move from president obama who is just weeks away from leaving office. scrapping dormant registry for male immigrants from largely muslim countries.
10:29 pm
>> the only reason to destroy those regulations is to delay any effort of president trump in carrying out his campaign promises. it's like general wereman burning his way through the south and leaving scorched earth in his path. just when it was believed a diplomatic thaw might in the offing. the president has noticed a diplomatic shift. tweeting doing my best to deal with president o.'s statements and roadblocks. reporter: a broken promise that
10:30 pm
some say the president-elect will have to clean up. the kremlin saying they will retaliate against washington with a foreign ministry spokeswoman saying this whole episode is a provocation directed by the white house from the very top. tom: kevi kevin corke hawaii. a restaurant in obama's home state of hawaii sparking outrage. the owners of the honolulu cafe named 8 1/2 put up a bright yellow handmade sign. if you voted for trump you cannot eat here. no nazis. meantime, rest kent in new england, where are the snow
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shovels? rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center with all the details and snow boots ready to go. a big holiday weekend coming up. parts of massachusetts and western and northern massachusetts, and towards main, that's going to be the bull's-eye once you get to elevations, areas at the higher peaks. this is how the storm plays out. it runs inland and that means we don't pull as much cold air in. we end up with rain along the coast. so good news, the i95 corridor from boston down to new york. tomorrow you go inland and that's where the snow is and it will be heaviest across vermont, new hampshire and maine. that will be the 10-16 inch
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range. take a look at this. this is a snowfall forecast through the day friday, and you get an idea where it is. that's the 2 feet plus and that's where we have the higher elevation. portland down through new york city, we are talking about train for this. it will be good news for a lot of the travel. behind this storm, friday a windy day and we'll be seeing delays in the nation's airports. >> just in time, everybody is trying to get home from grandma's. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. president-elect trump and president obama have never really gotten along. >> he pumps himself up by putting other people down. he has been a disaster as a president. he will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history
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tom: on twitter mr. trump said it has not been a smooths transition. joining me now "the five" co-host kimberly guilfoyle. is mr. trump just being gracious here? he says i'm having trouble and then he says everything is fine. he's being incredibly gracious and presidential. you would think and hope president obama would honor his word like he said he would take a page out of the book from george w. bush, how the transition went so smooth. by the seems like using an opportunities to take shots. it's unnecessary. then subsequent to that we have comments, the under mining, well, if i ran against you for a third term. very playground antics. just the last kinds of
10:38 pm
presidential maturity you would expect. >> it has flipped. earn was worried about donald trump. he have the demeanor to be the president and the president is having a temper tantrum. >> trying to see if he can provoke a reaction. president-elect trump said they had a nice conversation. they had a quote general conversation, he didn't get into the specifics. but he came out and addressed the media and acknowledged that. in light of all the international diplomatic problems we are having right now with israel, show is one of our strongest allies how it seems the administration is taking its last chance to under mine. >> nervet diplomatic community is up in arms. we could all see through this. and we can see okay, barack obama is about done.
10:39 pm
so whatever he says. but if i was running russia or israel i would say figure north teller. tantrums, let's wait for the next president. >> president-elect trump said israel be strong, hold on, our ally in this difficult region until the 20th of january. we need to stabilize the region and this divisive rhetoric is not aiding itself well. >> as much as i'm not a big fan of barack obama i think it makes him look small on the way out. >> it's unfortunate. take the high road. mr. professor, mr. aloof. >> leave with a nice clean exit.
10:40 pm
instead he has the secretary of state john kerry mudslinging and trying to under mine israel further it's such a disservice given what's going on in the region. is rail is already surround by enemy hospital want to see its demise. >> when george w. bush came into office there was the stories about the clinton administration took all the ws off the keyboard. so i had a call early to my radio show say i wonder if the obama administration is going to take the ts off the keyboard so it just spells rump. they are talking about how petty some of this stuff could be. we think there are big official people at the white house.
10:41 pm
but they can be petty. >> sometimes you can't control all the staffers. that will be the excuse of some sort or another. hopefully it ends on a good note because there is a lot of work to be done. tom: it will give trump a transto clean up this mess. >> they set the barlow. i think he will exceed them and he's look forward to it. >> kimberly guilfoyle. she guest hosts hannity at 10:00 p.m. then new year's eve, the big news dropping the ball. so she is everywhere. thank you so much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. are you relieved we'll soon have a president hope defense our allies and stands up for working class americans?
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tom report latest on the berlin christmas market attack. british police detained a tunisian man they suspect is an accomplice of amiri in the attack. photo and voice mails were sent to him by amiri within 10 minutes of the attack. expwhrieng now, the founder and president of the american islamic form for democracy,
10:47 pm
dr. zuhdi jasser. this whole story continues get even worse as we find out that amiri -- he went through amsterdam, netherlands into leone, france before ending up in italy where he was caught. >> how many of these do they need from "charlie hebdo" in paris to belgium. that attack was the same cell in 2015 that then committed an attack four months later and they still didn't get their border situation fixed. why? because they are losing their national identity. this man had a circle of influence. there is an imam network that
10:48 pm
had 20 jihadists that have are now we are know being and this guy was in that group but was stopped monitoring in september while his roommate continued and the german authorities knew about him. hopefully we don't need another one for them to wake up to what they need to fix. >> there was criticism before. what's your take on the professionalism of the security forces or police department when this guy was the most wanted man in europe. they knew he would be anywhere in europe. and he wound up getting caught as you know by a simple accidental police stop that turned into a shootout in which he was killed. >> the pro specialallism. the security apparatus can do the best they, the tools they are given.
10:49 pm
when political correctness prevents them -- italy got them right away because he was in prison for four years. they booted him out. didn't send him back to tunisia which is what they should have done. '. but they got him because they knew he was a criminal. he had been arrested in germany, had been arrested multiple times. political correctness, multi-culturalism has bean suicidal operation where they are not following the ideas, they are following the tactic and hopefully we'll do the same changes, which is the change from countering violent extremism and look at these cells and continue to monitor them and not take them off monitoring because they are no longer quote-unquote violent. tom: what's your opinion about putting back together again the registry that hasn't been used
10:50 pm
since 2011. is that something that should be put back together? did it help? >> for a long time it aloud us to track folks coming from other countries that don't have the same rights as citizens but are here as visitors. it's not a muslim registry. we are talking about following individuals that come from certain countries and tracking them into our registry. we know far more about our registered citizens than we do about social security numbers than visitors who come in. there were reports we had refugees in the south and louisiana and elsewhere that three months later we had no clue where they were. the regional industry is about tracking people from certain countries, islamic majority countries that are radicalized when they get here. if we followed them we would know quickly where they are if
10:51 pm
things go sour. tom: we we go to europe, they know where we are. dr. ziewdy jaser, thank you so much. up next. president-elect trump has credited evangelicals for helping him win the white house. >> how about the evangelicals. a world record. we set the all-time record in the history of elections in this country. evangelicals. tom: today we learned evangelicals will have a prominent role in the prominent role in the inauguration.afoot and light-hed i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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tom: in our online poll we asked you, should the u.s. cut off the $billion we give each year to the united nations after it voted to censure israel. 94% of you said yes. meantime, president-elect trump's inaugural committee announcing 60s faith leaders will take place in the inauguration. cardinal timothy dolan will join 40s others in giving readings.
10:56 pm
joining me now, founder of the harvest praise and worship center. pastor mark burns. good to see you again. this whole business about bringing all these different faiths together, i guess that's the kind of a sign of i'm going to bring people together, not separate and divide. let's have all these different religious leaders there. it seems like that's the message. >> this is the united states of america inauguration of 45th president of the united states. and faith is a main part of our country, which is why president-elect trump is elected. people like myself and others who have been paving the way since almost the beginning. donald trump has spoken to the heartbeat of america. so it's important to incorporate as many faiths as possible. not one faith is over another.
10:57 pm
i think it's important that we could incorporate the different faiths without drawing a line in the sand. for me, christianity is centered around love and acceptance. so i'm happy to see different faiths come together and have a major part of the inauguration. tom: the last time you and i met, you were here in new york and you had just come from a meeting over at trump tower. you know the man, you met with him. there was a group of primarily african-american ministers that were meeting with him early on. the question has been, the promises that he's made to the african-american community, to the urban centers, to the inner cities, he's got a lot on his plate. do you think he can make a difference? >> without question. again, what's important is not to separate the african-american community as a separate group of americans. we are all americans.
10:58 pm
and when donald trump talks about bringing jobs back to america, he's talking about all of us. we are all citizens of the greatest country in the entire world. who was supposed to be the change agent or transformation agent? he left us in a more racially divided country than ever. donald trump will do the number one thing that all races -- poverty knows no color. poverty don't care if you are black or white. so the number one issue plaguing many minority community is the lack of jobs. donald trump is going to bring jobs back to america. that will transform a lot of lives. >> that's all true, i don't disagree with a word you said. i look at the numbers out of chicago over the christmas weekend. 11 killed, 50 wound.
10:59 pm
what can donald trump do, what can anybody do -- it seems like they tried all kind of things in chicago, and they still have more violence, more deaths, more shootings. >> i have this crazy ideal that to understand there is 2.3 trillion that has been made overseas by jobs that are supposed to be here in america. when donald trump brings that back here we should take a large part of that money and put it into the areas of the lower class and give businesses spy stipends so they can hire people in these community. giving them real opportunities to change their lives. get rid of some of the freeze social programs that creates dependency.
11:00 pm
tom: it comes back to what you said, jobs, jobs, jobs. pastor mark burns. always good to see. thank you so much. meantime, that's it for us tonight. business. >> president-elect trump promises a change of course for israel after obama administration betrays our ally. >> i must express my deepest disappoint. with the speech today of john kerry. tom: pete said abstaining from u.n. vote is another example of president obama leading from behind, he will join me. also, president obama reportedly plans another parting shot, this time


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