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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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it. >> ed rawlins, joe trippi, good to see you both. i'm maria bartiromo. for all of us have a very merry christmas and wonderful new year. "media buzz" begins now. tonight, german police are searching throughout europe for the man who plowed into a crowded christmas market killing a dozen people in berlin. we'll have the latest for you tonight from berlin, and ambassador james woolsey joins me on the nation's security. and donald trump addressed the deadly tragedy in germany. >> it's an attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity, and it's got to stop. and just days before president obama leaves office he slaps russia with more sanctions.
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why, and what will be putin ice response? you're watchi you' you're. good evening. it turns out german authorities were aware of anis amri. they had tracked him for months but amri was elusive, he managed to stay in the shah goes or go to ground remain hidden. here why german authorities had missed the suspicion of him being a jihadist and they had actually scheduled him for deportation, we learned. joining me now james woolsey, national security adviser to president-elect trump. the germans are a patient people. they've invited in a million
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refugees, improblperly vetted i vetted at all and europe is now only beginning to respond. this has to change as donald trump has said today. what is the likelihood that it will change, that germany and the eu will change? >> well, it's not going to change much, although, there's definite room for improvement given how many times they misd the guy. it's not going to change much if you keep trying to stop them as they come at you. it's sort of like i compared in the past having a hockey team where everybody is a great player but you have everybody playing goalie, so you're not going against the opponents out in the field. you're essentially taking hits and trying to avoid getting knocked out at the very last second, and it's not going to work. they have to go after the institutions like isis somewhat
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the way giuliani and his colleagues went after potential terrorists after 9/11 in new york. they were very aggressive, and it got unpopular after a while and some things were changed but he was on the right tact, i think, and the germans are going to have to undertake investigations and reinforcement out in the field and out amongst the population from that part of the world. >> the threat is magnified when we realize how many of these tunisians, syrians, and so forth, have gone back to carry out jihad and then return to the european union and specifically now in terms of germany, we're talking about as many as 20,000 fighters, terrorists, returning from syria, tunisia, various countries, and there's no way in
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the world german authorities have sufficient internal counterterrorism agents to deal with all of that. >> they're only playing goalie, even if you've got a dozen doing it. some day somebody's going to get something through on you. >> and the less sons for this country are what because we've been watching this go on now -- the number of domestic cases since 2009, ft. hood, have been rising. we have not had particular success, no matter the claim on the part of this administration against the islamic state. it remains an animated and resource threat to this country. and the american people and i would think all of europe is getting a bit tired of strategies and no results. >> i think that's absolutely right, and they are not going to
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change things much by what they're doing. they've got to take the fight to the enemy. they've got to infiltrate these organizations and groups. they've got to play tough, and they have to respect their laws with respect to privacy, and we have to respect our first and fourth amendments. but even those frameworks one can do a lot more than either the europeans or we are doing. >> let me turn quickly to russia. this president with 129 days remaining in office slaps additional sanctions against russia to what end, to what purpose, and what will be the likely putin response? >> well, rather than sanctions, i wish he would have cleared alternative fuels for cars that can be mixed with gasoline like
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me methanol and let them compete. that will drive down the price of oil where it is now, and that will benefit american and other countries' consumers, and it will make our russian friends sit up and take a lot more notice than sanctions that are going to be temporary. >> okay. and the national security's response to fuels? >> i think do to oil what electricity and freezers and refridge raters at the beginning of the 20th century did to salt. salt was the only way to preserve meat, and it was a very precious commodity for most of human history. and then with the coming of electricity, refrigerators and so forth, tastes a lot better than meat frozen in salt brine.
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ing. >> i'll have to take your word for that. thank you very much. i just demoted you again. thanks, jim. president-elect trump naming billionaire carl icahn as special adviser to the president on overhauling regulations. icahn has spent time doing all sorts of things. he's reportedly playing an extra role in helping trump select s.e.c. i've got to tell you, carl icahn representing donald trump for me is the best. it is wonderful. i feel like this was the dream come true. silicon valley has become the home of those bitterly divided over trump presidency.
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an oracle manager has resigned in a fit of righteousness because oracle's ceo has joined trump's transition team. and this fellow brimming, brimming with piety. george pozner is his name posted this open letter stating, quote, i am not with president-elect trump, and i'm not here to help him in any way. in fact, when his policies border on the unconstitutional, the criminally and morally unjust, i'm here to oppose him in every possible and legal way. wow, when you see that come possibility and righteousness, it's something. he asserted moral and legal superiority in his gush of pure
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wre . they decided to meet with trump and she pledged that oracle will help donald trump in any way that it can. she is a leader. george is a -- i'm not going to say it. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president-electmp is ready to implement a temporary ban on jihadist countries. europe and america now on high alert this holiday season. the "five's" kimmer kimberly guilfoyle joins us best. is this really the best the
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losing left can really do? we take up the dwindling democrats and
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generosity is its own form of power. you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. president-elect trump today met with the ceos of boeing and lockheed martin. mr. trump addressed reporters after that meeting saying he's
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working on a better deal for the f-35 program, a nearly $45 billion plan that's behind schedule. >> it's a program that's very, very expensive. we're looking to cut a tremendous amount of money after the debt. >> and after their meeting boeing's ceo said he promised mr. trump he would build two air force, one jets for under $4 billion. he said he wants it to be affordable in the national security interests of the country. joining me now, co-host of the "five," kimberly guilfoyle. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> i think it's remarkable. here's donald trump doing work days before christmas and he getsing more done than the president in his first year. >> it's exciting, it's
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exhilarating, he's keeping his word. he promised america he would do it and he's not wasting a minute. this is something people should feel optimistic about, feeling they were left behind for eight brutal years. now there's a bit of shining light coming through about opportunity, about jobs, about america first, about manufacturing here, infrastructure, and doing good deals. isn't that what they're supposed to be doing, and not even waiting until he gets into office but not a minute to lose when he gets an opportunity. >> nearly every announcement out of washington, d.c. while he's president-elect, every time i hear one of their pronouncements or one of their reports, i think, this is what trump is talking about, smart government. and what we've got is the opposite of smart government in every respect. >> it's really true.
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smart, efficient, effective government getting things down versus weighted bureaucracy, job stifli stifling, policies, and proposals. now he's got an opportunity to get business done. i think it's a stroke of genius to have someone with the acumen and business success model in president-elect donald trump who actually knows what to do to get the nation going again. >> and the two ceo s of both boeing and lougheed say it's nice to have somebody who knows business. they're obviously impressed. how nice is it to sit down with a guy who know as what he want, lays it out with something that ceos can respond to. >> they have an intelligent meaningful conversation and can sit across from somebody who has a clurks an iq about it, you can
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cut through all the rest of it. you don't need 25 different advisers. you can sit down and actually make a difference and move the ball forward. that's what this country needs to get us back in a stimulated fashion, moving in the right direction. you see the market has been very responsive over what he's done. he was elected resoundingly in a huge movement from the country. >> you mentioned the market. we're seeing a rise in competence by polling. he's doing the right -- i actually believe -- and i realize i'm not entirely an impartial observer here, but i haven't seen him do anything that anyone could call a misstep. it's been a grit performance on the part of the president-elect. what he did, an attack on humanity, and they have to be stopped. we never -- we heard -- there's
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one instance in which barack obama said something eakin to that, and that was that he would degrade the islamic state and he would destroy them. >> yes. >> he turned out to be a total lie. >> you're scaring me, lou. degrade, degrade. sounds like i got bumped from my first coach. this is man of courage and conviction that isn't afraid to call it like it is. >> plain spoken. >> plain spoken. used the words radical islamic terrorism and radical islamic jihad and look them in the eye and say we're going to come get you, we've got to to get it done. i love hearing that. when you go to the rallies and listen to this, the people feel like, yes, this is man who's going to make americah again, that's not a dirty word, safe again. >> and someone asked him a question today. i think it was the pool reporter. i may be wrong on that. asking him if he is staying with his view that there should be a temporary ban on immigrants into
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this country from jihadist country and he said -- i mean it was a preposterous question on the part of the media. he said in so few words, i have been right about this all along. the reporter did not acknowledge it, but the facts sustain him, validate his views and everyone watching and listening to that exchange between one reporter and the president-elect in the united states said what is the -- what is the media doing? >> what is the media doing. they've been in the bag the whole time for the liberal left and hillary clinton and despite their own essential super pac for hillary clinton, they could not get her elected. >> we're talking about smart government and donald trump is bringing that to washington, d.c. now we need to bring a smartd media and get over it and get to its principal responsibility, to inform the public and do so. >> the subjects, ethics and competency.
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they're long overdue. >> they're only short on two areas. kimberly guilfoyle. thanks so much. >> thank you, u. there was a horrific explosion in a marketplace that left at least 31 dead and dozens more injured. the blast inside the san market sent fireworks going off constantly throughout this tragedy. the market is in the town of tultepec north of mexico city. my lord. i don't know how many fireworks they have there, but that's an incredible, incredible disaster. a wild piggyback ride. watch as these pilots jump
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through the air with base jumpers clinging to their back. they hold on for as long as they can before letting go and hope the parachutes work. let's find out. altogether now. she's clinging. there we go. not yet. not yet. there -- i think he dump her. i think he just got rid of her. i'm looking for a parachute. that's what i want to see. i want to see one parachute. we're going into the clouds here and we're deployed. a reminder. coast to coast on the radio salem network. up next president-elect trump knows we need a new plan to get rid of radical islamic terrorists. >> i'm going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out
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of our country. >> how long the american people have waited to hear their chief executive, their commander in chief use those words. the need to keep this country safe is the subject of my commentary here next. stay with us, please. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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a few thoughts now on german chancellor angela merkel. li merkel insisted on bringing a million refugees into the public of germany, no vetting or social impact statement from the government and all hell has broken loose in germany and much of europe. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the latest attack and berlin has been the latest tar get in what has been a deadly wave of radical islamic
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terror in the past year. one said these are merkel's dead, a member of the democratic christian party. he said, quote, we must admit we're in a state of war. and president-elect trump released this statement. recognizing that there is likely no coincidence that terrorists struck a christmas market at christmastime, mr. trump said this. innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the christmas holiday. these terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all ving partner. he recognized the urgency that president obama has failed to act upon but, in fact, has helped to create.
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president obama has seemed to have done everything in his power to bring in more refugees. in fact, he has exceeded his power to do so in some cases. obama increased the quota to allow 110,000 refugees in the upcoming year up from 85,000, this year a 57% increase. the obama administration has resettled more than 13,000 refugees in this country since the beginning of the year, 675% increase from a year ago. of thoerks 99% are muslims. just a .5% collisions. in 30 days donald trump will be sworn in as our 45th president of the united states, and two-thirds of the states will be looking to him to act as a national interest and empower governors and legislators to decide in their state. governor scott walker sent a letter to the president-elect today asking for a broader role
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in determining how many refugees are allowed. until a vetting process is utilized to screen these individuals, walker's state of wisconsin and 38 other states have been fighting in federal court for the last year trying to temporarily halt resettlement programs for syrian refugees, and president-elect trump, those states and governments have a champion and in my opinion just in time. our quotation of the evening on all that has to be done, all that has to be done to protect the national interest and to be sure that we're on the right side of history on leading, and as mr. trump puts it, winning. this one from norman cousins who said this. optimism doesn't wait on facts. it deals with prospects. pessimism is a waste of time. and that is the truth. we're coming right back.
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tonight a disturbing new report out that reveals that at least 8,000 illegal immigrants continue to live in this country after escaping deportation under the obama administration. this new report for immigration studies say the illegal immigrants have been convicted of heinous crimes including rape and drugs and high news crimes. kellyanne conway says she will coto play an active role in the trump administration. >> if i can do my small part to make it easier for them to put into effect these many ambitious policies that they've promised and put forward, thenallies t i answer that call. the dean republican ed rollins joins us here next. and are you ready to go from zero to 130 miles an hour or so
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7:35 pm
i happen to agree with him entirely. the redacted document shows um the laptop never showed classified information. key spite that they found 25 e-mails with classified information. joining me now the good dean, ed rollins. i mean this scandal just keeps going because no one apparently in authority and the federal authority has the guts to say on its face these are crimes. >> well, i this i the judge today basically did the right thing and i think obviously all of the b.s. that clinton's party was putting out took the race away from her. it was certainly evidence of wrongdoing and they did not appreciate the sanctity, the
7:36 pm
idea that you could take these documents, put it out unsanctioned and let a disgraced congressman have total access to it is just absurd. i hope we don't have any more of this. comey did us in. >> comey did someone in. you know what? you can pick a lot of victims. the fact is, as he made his decision, he created a new category against reasoning and law and that's extreme carelessness. this is beyond me how he was permitted to come up with this nonsense, then recant it, then again change his mind. this is not exactly what i would call principled and exemplary leadership at a federal investigation agency. >> i think donald trump and he will have to have a long conversation about the future of his career here. >> no. they should tell him to get the
7:37 pm
hell out. that's riddiiculousridiculous. >> it's going to be important to rally troops. >> can you imagine going to work and having a guy like that at the top of your organization? these guys put their lives on the line. >> you have a lot of former fbi agents here who clearly say the same, the department and morale is very badly damaged. as many things are starting to turn around, it's time for that to turn around at the top. >> well, if it turns around at the top, it will turn around in the right direction. "the new york times," "the new york times," they don't think much of our constitution. they don't like the electoral college, ed, they don't like the constitution it's been there for years. it was a deliberate intention and the reality was if you want california to elect your president or the city, get rid
7:38 pm
of the electoral college. if you want the country to elect your president, it's a pretty good system. >> it's not only a pretty good system. it's fundamental. it's a constitution of the go. for "the new york times," i'm so sick of this dwindling left and their obsessive anti-american principle and value that they -- the position they take on at everything. these people need to understand they are receding, and it is time for them to recede even farther, as far as i'm concerned. >> well, i think the american public knew what was going on. it was a very tough election but obviously they're going to make a change and do what they want. it got elected overwhelmingly. it's my sense the electoral college will work. >> and the other part of this is that the left -- and this is institutionalized now. we've got jeff bezos, "washington post," carlos slim's
7:39 pm
"new york times," we've got george soros who knows a little bit of everything and continue as what is an assault and an affront to our democratic institutions now. it's going to be perpetual warfare, not every four years. these folks are working to subvert these institutions, the will of the people. they don't give a damn, whether it's the electoral college, whatever's involved. they lie, and they cheat and they will steal whatever possible in this campaign. ask bernie sanders what they'll steal. >> i think the reality is this president is going to be a changed agent. we definitely need it. i think to an extent the america public will be happy that they made a good choice. >> i think they're doggone happy. at least in new york city, people are walng with a real bounce in their steps and their heads and chins are higher. i appreciate it, ed. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. ed rollins.
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troubling revelations about the front-runner to chair the democratic national committee. the hill reporting that congressman keith ellison has a questionable past with a number of campaign finance violations. ellison was also sued by the state ofennsylvania for failure to pay his taxes -- excuse me -- minnesota for not paying his taxes through 1992 through 2002. and ellison even had his driver's license suspended a number of times because he didn't pay his traffic tickets. sounds like the right fellow to lead the dnc, doesn't it. up next, the dow is within striking distance of 20,000. what's behind the bullishness? this rump rally? we'll be talking with a trump rivalist and elizabeth peak. they'll have the answers for us and will tell us where the market will be in january of
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obama today banned any new offshore oil and gas development in more than more than 100 million acres of the atlantic and arctic oceans. the president announced he's
7:46 pm
using a provision of the 1953 outer continental shelf ends act to implement -- he actually proclaimed but implement the revisions. it was easily reversed by the republican led congress and may follow up with late-hour regulations and laws that are quickly and easily unraveled. joining me now, trump campaign economic adviser steve moore and columnist for the fiscal times, liz peek. great to have you with us. let me say it. it's music to my ears. the final month to the administration of obama, what is this nonsense about? >> 30 days to go, rejoice. i think obama has come face-to-face with the fact that his environmental legacy is going to be basically blown to
7:47 pm
dust by the incoming administration, and so he's running around like the energizer bunny putting all the new rules in place including the stream act which basically takes off or his strip mining in appalachia, one of the poorest regions of the country. but this other thing, the banning of offshore drilling is really a bad idea because it's a permanent issue. he wants to make these permanent leased land hundreds permanently out of reach for the oil industry, and what americans need to know is that a good deal of our future reserves are going to be found yaufr shore, particularly the atlantic coast and on the arctic, so it's an incredibly costly decision to make. >> steve, this looks to be easily within the purview. >> it's gone -- that ruling is gone maybe the second day that donald trump is in office. >> who is this fellow, trump?
7:48 pm
>> look. how many laws have been signed? not many. guess what. if that's how you govern, the next governor could come in. i agree with liz. completely obliterate that agenda. liz, you're right about the intercontinental shelf. there's also millions of acres on shore, public land that have been easier to get to. i'm not talking about yosemite or national park. not environmental sands that have been taken out of circulation and we have literally trillions of dollars, lou, of oil and gas that could be gotten at. >> and the president-elect has made it clear this is going to be an independently energy nation and now if he could fix this debtor nation in
7:49 pm
perpetuity, we'll have it all. >> think about this, lou. related to that, you know, there's 50 trillion -- i didn't say 50 billion. $50 trillion worth of oil and gas underneath federal lands. now the royalties -- think about this. the royalties the federal government could collect from the oil and gas companies and the fees to drill there, you're talking about $3 trillion or $4 trillion that could be used to redurs deficit and retire our debt. >> and a lot of jobs that obama has never cared about. >> i'm going to add one other consideration. why don't we follow the states of texas and alaska and create an american trust in which all of those resources when they're brought up goes to citizens. >> it's a very good idea. >> don't dismiss me, steve. it's an idea. >> it's interesting to have a levg revolution take place in the united states and have the
7:50 pm
president basically dismiss it out of hand. people don't understand. it could also be a geopolitical weapon. if we look at russia, if we're concerned about russia, europe is concerned with russia on independent gas. we could take that independence away. there's all kinds of reasons why we should be fast and furiously developing any energy resource we have access to, including offshore. >> there's a great book on this that just came out called fuing freedom, exposing the war, and it was written by me. thank you so much for mentioning it, lou. it's a great stocking stuffer. >> i was stunned into silence realizing what you were doing. i was thinking who would do it better than steve, let him do. we do recommend it, by the way, highly. >> liz has it right. this is one of the most -- by the way, without the shale and oil and gas revolution that's happened, this is the irony. we would not have had an economic recovery.
7:51 pm
it's the exact industry that he hates the most -- >> we want to get you both back and we're going the talk about the future an not the last ten years. >> you've got it. but this is the future. >> there's eight years you pa y popularly don't like to discuss. >> dial 30,000. >> and liz peek. >> thank you. up next, 29 days until president obama leaves office. critic says it can't come soon enough. stay with us. g new cars.
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joining me now, washington times columnist charlie hurt and the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp. charlie, let me begin with you, president obama raising sanctions against russia. what do you think is his motivation? >> i think the comments where he said he wanted to do everything he could and make it, he's doing everything he can to undermine the president, to set up a new situation to basically set up obstacle so that donald trump has to deal with all of this
7:56 pm
stu stuff. the good thing for donald trump, heal probably deal with all of it very easily and because so much of it is being done by fiat on the part of donald trump, he can remove it by fiat. >> it seems that he's building consensus in the way in which he's communicating. he's made it very clear. the national left wing media are a bunch of liars, thieves, goat ropers. i don't know what you call them. and the dim democrats are getting dimmer by the moment. >> yeah, that's right. it's so interesting with both the liberal folks in the media and the democrats on the hill. they just keep rolling with their same old strategy, with their same old leaders. they haven't listened to one thing the americans are saying that they expressed through their votes on election day. the republican party has changed
7:57 pm
a lot in a very short period of time and donald trump's that change agent for sure. >> i was talking with randy evans earlier who heads up the parliament association. he's rationalized his way through this process. it's a meritocracy and only donald trump could have possibly withstood the test and the metrics by which we selected a president and i think he may be right, charlie. i do know this. i don't -- i think he's got it exactly right. only donald trump could have been the survivor, the win e and prevailed in this contest. >> you know, one of the most interesting aspects, things we've heard throughout this campaign from several people is donald trump doesn't listen. what we have learned -- what i would hope people have learned is that, of course, donald trump, not only does he listen, he listens better than anybody else. he listens better than any of the other people who were running for the nomination and
7:58 pm
obviously was listening better than the democrats do. as matt just pointed out, they're still not listening. they're refusing to learn the lessons that so many people are learning. and one of the lessons is that, wow, not only was donald trump right all that time and not only did he wind up winning, but he really is trying to build consensus as you say. >> there's another quick axo a. that stupid had better get out of the way of smart. >> don't know, lou. you're getting awfully close. my interaction with trump, president-elect trump, he listens intently. he's figured out the political game quicker than the 16 other people he ran against and the people on the hill. if you actually listen to the voters, the message is usually pretty clear, lou. you can pick it up pretty
7:59 pm
quickly. >> as you pick it up, i'm looking at the decisions that are being made right now by this president-elect, whether it is russia, whether it is a response to a terrorist attack, charlie. he is the leader of the nation. barack obama is about to leave. he'll likely be serving for the next eight years. what do you think? >> i don't think we've had anything like this where somebody basically becomes the president and they're the person that everybody looks to for these tngs as you point out. and, of course, he enjoys it, and he's -- you know, think i that people -- if they give him the opportunity, i think he can do very well. >> matt, you get the last word. >> i think president george w. bush ended his presidency as a class act when barack obama won. he tried to hand over the reins
8:00 pm
of power in the most civil way you could possibly imagine. barack obama is going to go down fighting. >> thanks. we appreciate it. >> it stands in the way. >> it's just her house in the middle of the block. >> she won't sell out. >> the 84-year-old seen here turned down $1 million payout. >> he's caught in the middle. >> i promised her that i wouldn't let them take her away. >> that's a really big promise. >> what's "up" with that? >> people from all over the country and even around the world have stopped by this house. >> they put balloons on the house, and that's how it became the "up" house. >> it is amazing. i can't believe that she held out. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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