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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the major averages with another down day, 20,000, and the headline today in the markets the first back to back declines in the dow in seven weeks. there is closing bell on wall street for thursday afternoon. it's david asman and lauren simonetti picking it up. "after the bell." lauren: thank you so much. stocks slipping in the final moments of trading, ending lower for the second day in a row. first back to back loss since the friday before the election, seven weeks ago, i'm lauren simonetti in for melissa francis. david: who knows? maybe get in on the dip. i'm david asman, this is "after the bell," thank you so much for watching us. a busy hour, here's what else we have for you in this hour. armed and very dangerous. new details in the hunt for the man believed to be responsible for the christmas market attack in berlin. the question now, why was this criminal, who is clearly intent on doing harm, allowed to room
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free in the first place? is it political correctness giving terrorism a free hand in europe? also the left's going nuclear over president-elect donald trump's plan to boost america's nuclear capability. reaction to his message on twitter this afternoon. and more familiar faces officially joining the trump administration. we've got the details on new rolls in the white house. lauren: let's go back to the markets right now. the dow in the red for the second straight session. walmart, home depot and apple are among the biggest draggers today. in fact, all day, the dow never saw positive territory. gold losing more luster as well. we have phil flynn with the details from the cme and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, start with you, good to see you. >> always great to see you, too. lauren: what's driving the selling today? >> i would say interest rates a big factor. have a look at mortgage rates, 30-year fixed-rates hit a 2 1/2-year high. the fed raising interest rates for the first time in a year,
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and promising more rate hikes in the new year. there is one theme. dragging us down in terms of stocks, well, retail. you recall first thing this morning, the latest spending figures from the government, they were not only lower than expected, i should say they slowed and they were lower, weaker than expected. wage growth not there either. so that weighed on shares of walmart, the weakest performer on the dow. walgreens, j.c. penney, big lots, the classic bri brick-and-mortar retail stores down big, big lots down big. bed bath & beyond was one of the biggest losers more than 10% on a busted earnings report, back to you. david: lori, thank you very much. phil, gold dropping for the third straight day. it's on track tend to in the red for the seventh week in a row. i'm wondering if we're looking at gold in triple digits, could it go down in the hundreds? >> i continuing can, it's going
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break a thousand dollars an ounce, that might be the bottom. i think we've come too far too fast. this is the christmas season, shouldn't we be singing silver and gold, doesn't everybody want silver and gold? not this year, maybe next year. it hasn't been pretty. the other thing they didn't want was opec production cuts, looks like they're going to happen. another report out of iraq today. if you remember, iraq did not want to be part of these production cuts in the government, of course, you have the tensions between the normal government and the kurdish government, the kurds say guess what? they're on board with production cuts. that's another sign before christmas that opec is serious about production cuts. >> i don't believe it, phil, i do not believe they'll get their act together. oil was only up 13 cents. see what happens. >> i think all the traders were off christmas shopping today. david: thank you very much. lauren? lauren: i think i need to finish up christmas shopping. bringing us back to average,
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third quarter gdp revised up from 3.2 to 3.5% that only brings the economy back in line with the sluggish expansion. as an nbc news poll shows americans are bullish on the economy with 42% saying it will get better in the next year. here now to react is maverick pac national chair morgan ortagus and a fox news contributor, good city you, morgspan and scott. july and september, that number was 3 1/2 pshgs the best in two years. if you look at past eight years, average economic growth, morgan, 1.8%, that's all we've gotten under the obama administration. >> certainly the president came into a very bad time into recession. we all remember 2008. i think what's important when you are forward looking and what the president-elect and his team is going to face is clearly there's a lot of optimism in the market, and among average americans as you
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just discussed, related to the policies he's talking about pursuing. i think that one of the reasons that the sentiment is high right now is that we have so many business people that are nominated to be in charge of really important agencies. and we really haven't had this much of a business focused administration in a very long time. so it will certainly be a test to see if they're able to have the significant gains in the economy they hope having the business people running the government. lauren: if you look at his cabinet, the business leaders are worth $4.5 billion. can obama somehow take credit for this recovery that we've arguably been seeing? the q3 number, 3.5%, that's essentially what donald trump promised us during his administration. >> can he take credit for it, lauren? no. will he? probably. he'll probably go out with comments saying i left the economy in the hands of the great donald trump, because it's growing and he's going to
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take it and run with it. there's eight years of sluggish growth, decreasing business formation and decreasing business confidence, a widening gap, all the policies built on hope and promise did not work. morgan is right, having a fresh look in d.c. with regards to business experience and private sector expertise is what this economy wants and what this economy needs. david: overbudget by almost 200 billion dollars, behind schedule by almost a decade. all on your dime, and it's been going on for years. decades. that's why president-elect trump was brow beating lockheed martin ceo about the f-35 fighter jet program. one of many, many programs. trump has been getting bad feedback from the business community saying stop brow beating ceos. this is our money, different from going out in the private community and just brow beating for nothing, he's our representative and wants more
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return for his dollar. they've been wasting billions? >> he's our guy at the table, david. when the boeing story broke, i was refreshed, had a smile on my face, finally somebody is looking after the taxpayer. remember trump is a negotiator, remember this is his first brush with regards to how he's going to negotiate the contracts. he's not trying to put lockheed martin or boeing out of business, he's trying put them back into line with how shay they should do business with the customers. david: more of a bang for a buck for our buck, and morgan, as i was researching, going back to headlines. look at the headlines. the f-35. $165 billion over budget. seven years behind schedule. that headline is from two years ago, and it's happening under president obama's watch. he and all the other liberals say the military is spending our money recklessly, what has he done to fix this? nothing.
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>> you have heard members of congress like john mccain and his committee who's tried to shine a light on the issue for the past few years as well. it's important when we're looking now, there's a push in congress to start auditing the d.o.d. which hasn't happened. i don't think it would be a surprise to any american that there is sometime waste, fraud abuse in government contracts. david: unless you stop it at the top, it's got to stop at the top, that's exactly what donald trump, before he's officially president has been doing. >> i think what you're seeing is this is where his strength lies. he's used to doing deals, a businessman, he's been quite successful a is smart to have him focused on this type of thing where he could be really strong. oprah and weight watchers launching a new campaign where oprah said she lost 40 pounds without depriving herself and making her bank account much fatter. profiting $8 million as weight
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watchers stock soared on this announcement. scott, at one point, weight watchers was up 17%. this is the power of celebrity. >> i'll tell you it goesshow you, a few years ago, weight watchers was forgotten. in the single digits and they signed oprah and things happened for the stock. it goes show you that not saying that weight watchers doesn't work, and i don't know because i haven't had to try it, thank goodness, it goes to show you if you can get a good spokesperson or spokeswoman in the case of weight watchers that can talk positivably it, it can do wonders for your company. lauren: on a daily basis, this stock is down 51% on the year, they are struggling, they can make the one day pops because of the power of oprah. do you buy into it? >> amazing she has this reach even after her tv show is off the year. i'm still a big fan, i think a lot of people are. lauren: the company is struggling, quarterly loss, decline in sales, starting to
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see a turnaround, maybe the ad campaign could be it, but we're not buying it, scott? >> i don't think so, like morgan said it's been a bumpy ride for weight watchers so far, and i'll tell you what the solution is for a lot of you. exercise, do the diet thing but exercise, that's the safer way to play it. lauren: like oprah, i love bread, guys. [ laughter ] thank you. david: are you looking to do last-minute shopping online? you may be able to get it delivered before christmas. well before christmas. adam shapiro live from amazon prime fulfillment center in manhattan. i've been watching you all day. great stuff. what impresses you about the operation after a full day there? >> what impresses me most not only at this facility but whenever you go to amazon facility it's like a factory. henry ford would be pleased but the efficiency not only with automation but in the way things are put into inventory and they're able to retrieve so
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the great item here, the nintendo pro classic. only 50 bucks. david: scratchoff tickets, if she's a winner, she's getting that tv. by the way, 9:45 p.m. on christmas eve. you can order and get it in time. >> reporter: yes, 9:45 p.m. christmas eve, you will get it by 11:45 p.m. i tell you, nothing says "i love you," sweetheart like rao's spaghetti sauce. david: a classic. lauren: newt gingrich goofed. why he's walking back comments he made about the president-elect? david: meanwhile, donald trump wants to boost america's nuclear capability. the message he delivered on twitter that is driving his critics nuts. lauren: armed and dangerous, new details in the hunt for the man believed to be responsible for the christmas market attack in bern. how did he manage to evade
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capture? >> i think a lot of it comes with the fear of being branded based on political correctness. world is changing and there's a new enemy. they have a lot of similarities and we should be able to profile a lot of the people based on the groups they're with.
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. lauren: the berlin christmas market struck by a deadly truck attack monday has reopened for business and it is crowded. fox has confirmed that two americans were injured in that assault, one of those people is still recovering in the hospital. reports are surfacing that fingerprints from the suspect were found on a door of the vehicle following the tragedy, tunisian 24-year-old anis amri also reportedly had offered himself up as a suicide bomber
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prior to the attack. german authorities say amri previously showed up on their radar when he was looking to buy a gun. an informant told police on several occasions amri talked about committing attacks on germany. u.s. authorities had placed him on the no-fly list. the manhunt for anis amri continues. david: sebastian gorka author of defeating jihad, dr. gorka, it's extraordinary when you read this guy's history. he settled in tale about seven years ago, he was an illegal immigrant when he settled in italy. he burned down a schoolhouse for which he spent four years in jail before he went to germany in july of 2015, and then lauren was just saying what he did while he was in germany. despite all of that, his history in italy, what he had been doing in germany, consorting with known terrorists he was roaming around free. why? >> why?
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because the politicians of europe have lost the plot. they are disconnected from reality. very easy to wag your finger at the local police. this isn't the police. i've looked into this, talked to people in germany. this is about political decisions, policy in berlin. the police knew he was a bad guy. he was arrested, detained, but the policies say this man had to be let free. they wanted to deport him but when tunisia says we don't want him back, the german government says okay, let him go. david: nothing to do. dr. gorka, it reminds me of the cases of the parisian terrorists, the paris authorities couldn't catch them, and went to belgium and were roaming around in clear sight of a lot of people there who were interviewed later on. there seems to be this political correctness throughout all of europe. >> david, it's insane, so the
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political correctness is costing people lives. the isis propaganda in english has stated for months now, we are going to use the refugee streams, we're going to use the mass migration. there were people with asylum status, eu asylum status responsible for terrorism attacks. in america, of the 580 people we've convicted of terrorism since 9/11, half were not born here, two dozen were asylum -- asylees, three had outstayed their visas. david: this is the globalist mentality that president obama wanted to bring to the united states, he painted angela merkel as a hero in terms of how she was dealing with the refugees, thank god it hasn't gone further than it has. i want to move onto something else, the president-elect tweeted out the following quote --
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now, the left is going crazy about this tweet, suggesting, you know, he's a nuclear cowboy, finger on the red button, et cetera. however, i remember ronald reagan doing things with regard to our nuclear capability that led the soviet union to its knees and to its ultimate demise. i think he's looking to iran and north korea and say you try to mess with us and you're going to be history, you're going to be dust? >> absolutely right. reagan, look at the cadres that president-elect trump is using, peace through strength. that's complete reagan. reagan was horrified by the prospect of nuclear war, he tried to ban all nuclear weapons but gorbachev refused. he understood what? the ultimate deterrent is the capacity to strike back, and this is what the president-elect today is
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messaging. it's not global warming that is the primary throw the america like president obama or secretary kerry believes. it is nuclear weapons in the hands of people like the mullahs in iran, and the ultimate deterrent is our nuclear capability. david: let's hope they're smart enough to hear the message. if they don't get it, it's their demise. dr. gorka, good to see you. >> merry christmas. david: merry christmas to you, lauren. lauren: top priority for the trump administration. the president-elect looking to make big changes to our tax code. what this means for you and your wallet is next. from the campaign trail to the white house, we have the latest details on kellyanne conway's new role in the trump administration. >> very humbling to be asked by the president to continue to serve in a senior role and also important to me as to who the rest of the senior team is. and i'm familiar with them, there to support them and the great work they've done in the transition, and look very much forward to serving.
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. david: could a tax overhaul be on its way? president-elect donald trump looking to reconfigure our impossibly complex tax code hoping to make it simpler and more conducive to growth. joining me is jonathan birken morgan stanley wealth senior adviser. >> happy holidays to you. david: happy holidays to you, merry christmas. a lot of core beliefs, folks are upset there aren't more tax cutters or people like larry kudlow and steve moore and steve forbes and so forth. but the core belief, i believe, when you hear donald trump talk is that incentives matter. if that you have more incentives for people to keep more of what they earn or corporations to keep more of what they earn, you will have greater growth in the society. he believes in that core belief of tax cutters does he not? >> i believe he does, i believe
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he does, and i think they're trying, the proposal is to cut the right to 15%, that's the proposal that's in front of congress right now. david: that is more than half. so you go from close to -- it says 35% there, when you add the extras with the obamacare tax it could be up to 40%, down to 15%. huge cut in corporate taxes and similar cut in personal taxes. do you think that will increase our growth? >> i think so, and i think what's dramatic is you can go from seven brackets to three brackets, the top rate from 39.6 to 33%, this is all potentially, but i think the potential shock is they're talking about potentially capping deductions at $200,000, that would be a very big deal for charitable giving, very big deal. david: a lot of nonprofits would be worried about that, they w for charitable giving, right? >> absolutely. hypothetically if someone giveso $10 million to a university,
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they get a $10 million tax deduction. if that is law, $200,000, that donor would be capped at $200,000. nonprofits and donors are looking at this to decide whether they should be making donations before the end of the year. they only have nine days left. david: there will be pushback, a lot of pushback, the nonprofit organizations have power inside the beltway, they have a lot of contacts within congress to try to push back on this, i'm sure they don't want those deductions to be capped at all? >> i can imagine if you are running a nonprofit you want no cap on deductions, the higher the tax rate, the better for charitable deductions to them. david: does donald have the will to stand up for the lobbyists? >> i can't speak for mr. trump. there are proposals in front of congress to do this, and it's possible, they have to talk to
4:28 pm
their accountants, this could go $200,000 to next year, but also talking about cutting the investment tax to 3.8% obamacare investment tax, that is on the chopping block as well. that's another issue for long-term gains. david: bottom line, if you're thinking of contributing more than $200,000 and getting deductions, you should do it now because it might go away. >> you can put money into a donor advice fund or donation for family, you should do it now if you want to do it this year. david: jonathan burkan, thank you very much. lauren: back in the blame game where president obama is pointing the finger at conservative media for his reputation. >> why is newt gingrich in hot water with the president-elect, owning up to a mistake he recently made. details coming up next. >> i want to report i made a big boo-boo. to all the folks who follow me, when i make a mistake, i'm
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. . david: the trump transition team isn't taking a major break yet. big announcements coming out today. blake burman has the latest details from the president-elect. what have you heard, blake? >> reporter: hi, there david, the trump white house is continuing to take shape with top campaign aides getting key
4:33 pm
posts. president-elect's campaign manager kellyanne conway announced today as the incoming counselor to the president. conway told maria bartiromo earlier this morning on "mornings with maria" she initially turned down the white house press secretary role. that job will soon belong to sean spicer. spicer was the director of communications at the republican national committee and worked out of trump tower down the stretch run of the general election. meantime, mr. trump tried to take back the words of one of his own top surrogates. after newt gingrich said yesterday that the president-elect doesn't want to drain the swamp anymore. mr. trump tweeted out the following earlier today. he said -- gingrich has since backtracked. today he put out a short video, put out this tweet which he said --
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david, i guess you don't want to upset the incoming president-elect. david: never a good idea. i love how it's an acronym, dts, hashtag dts, drain the swamp. lauren: balancing a big family and donald trump, the president-elect tapping kellyanne conway as counselor to the president, and conway has a message to critics who say she'll have trouble balancing both her home life and the white house. watch. >> i would say that i don't play golf and i don't have a mistress so i have a lot of time that a lot of the other men don't. >> oh! >> i see people that spend an awful lot of time with their golf games and that's their right. the kids will be with me. we live in the same house and they come first. lauren: here now blake rutherford and hadley heath manning, women's senior policy analyst, hadley, start with you. that was a powerful sound bite, how conway uses her time to
4:35 pm
balance having four kids, working for the president. she's got a way with words. that's what helped donald trump win the election. what is she going to do in her new position as counselor to the president? >> she's certainly going to continue using her excellent communication skills and giving guidance, offering guidance to the president-elect about how he should address certain issues, message on certain issues, package those issues when he's presenting them to the american public because there are big changes in washington, d.c., and changing intimidating, but the american people voted for change, they want to see change, in order to sell the policies trump is listening to advisers like conway and using people like sean spicer to make clear to the american people what he's doing and why. lauren: blake, do you see conway getting along with steve bannon? >> that's the most important question here is how is she going to fit withsteve bannon and with reince priebus in the new and evolving inner circle
4:36 pm
of trump land that includes some of his family members. i think we're going to have to wait and see what's her portfolio and how does she assert herself in this west wing? i think it's going to be interesting dynamic for kellyanne conway. lauren: overall, this is a family-friendly white house and we hope a white house where everyone can get along. reince and sean spicer, kellyanne is going to balance being a mochl four. hadley, this is a family-friendly white house. >> let's hope so. that would reflect the american workplace, our economy is moving to make more flexibility for working moms. we have more working moms, more female bread winners, in order for women to get the balance in home life and their careers, good see examples like kellyanne conway. we applaud what she's doing, she's going to be incredibly efficient. working moms have to be efficient with their time.
4:37 pm
that's exactly what she's going do. lauren: couldn't have said it better myself. it's a disappearing legacy, president obama's legacy will vanish within a year of trump take office. that according to newt gingrich. the former house speaker says -- because he didn't do the hard work of passing legislation, what do you make of, that hadley? >> you know, that's the bottom line here, that's the take way, that's the hard lesson we're going to learn from the obama years, if you want your legacy to last, you have to late foundation working across party lines, if you are going to drive home a hyperpartisan agenda like the aca that didn't have support from republicans and use executive action to support the agendas, those things are easy to wipe away, and things we'll see as trump takes office. it's unfortunate for president obama he built his legacy on a soft foundation that can be washed away but can be fortunate for the american people that we can undo the misguided laws and regulations.
4:38 pm
lauren: blake, isn't there irony that barack obama told donald trump it is better you legislate than push through executive orders, obama pushed through 269 executive orders, 89 since election day? >> i think the most important thing is the executive order process was not unique to president obama. but i think what we have to be mindful of here is the challenge the republicans are going to have to scale everything back. i think newt gingrich is wrong. nothing is going to happen within a year. let's talk about the affordable care act where there was a legislative process and repealing that and replacing it is not going to happen in a year. you have things that people really like in this bill. you've got republican governors wanting medicaid expansion, asa hutchinson worked out his waiver with the obama administration because it makes rural hospitals in arkansas thrive. i think the republicans have to
4:39 pm
think through whether repeal through executive action is the right thing to do or whether they actually want to manage the legislative process in a way that's effective, and i think the affordable care act is the way they're going to do it. lauren: he also doesn't want people to go without health care. >> exactly right. lauren: thank you so much for your time. david: talking about president obama passing the blame. president obama saying conservative media vilified him throughout his presidency. the president telling the atlantic magazine, quote, in 2008 i was subjected to the vilification of fox news, rush limbaugh, the conservative media ecosystem, and so as a consequence even for my first two years as a senator, i was polling at 70%. here now is tim graham, director of media analysis at the media research center, and tim, there's a big problem with
4:40 pm
the president's logic here, which is that right now, he is polling higher than he has at any point since 2009, so if you accept his logic about fox news and rush limbaugh as being hypercritical of him, he wouldn't have approval rateings this high if it actually was us that was responsible for his bad ratings. >> i think you could probably suggest it has something to do with there hasn't been much motion on anything in the last two years. the republicans made a decision basically to not challenging him on anything in terms of the budget in the last two years, here you have a media which suggests that donald trump is somehow almost authoritarian like lenin for attacking the press, but they've always let obama attack fox news. they've always let obama attack rush limbaugh, and they've always -- basically support him on that, but when you attack the "new york times," somehow, you're a communist.
4:41 pm
david: right, right, there was one instance where the white house tried to shut out fox news from a presser and the media got together and objected to that, just once, for all the times that we were criticized. let's switch gears if we can, to a fun part of what we do at the end of the year. we have seen a year in which the media have gotten so many things wrong, it's hard to pick it's just the election itself, which is right up until election night itself and impossible for hillary to lose. what stands out in your mind as some of the biggest blunders that the media made this year? >> that's certainly true, but you could argue both republicans and democrats were always perhaps too negative about trump's chances. i think there were other moments that were bad. i think again, the media's treatment of the other
4:42 pm
republican candidates was bad there. for example, the pbs shot where the pundits agreed that ted cruz and his father came from satan. david: that's right, that was david brooks and david corn, brooks from the "new york times," corn from the nation magazine. that was notable comparing him to satan, comparing cruz to satan. another case where lester holt had an interview with the president, and after many, many weeks of the president not granting interviews to anybody finally gave one to lester holt and asked him the most softball questions imaginable. >> right, and he had an interview with hillary clinton that he told her when a democratic voter suggested she had a credibility problem, he winced, he cringed, how dare anyone suggest hillary clinton didn't tell the truth. david: a young man, bernie sanders supporter said young people don't trust you, when he said, that i wince, talk about
4:43 pm
soft balls. hard to find the press acting the way the press used to act towards politicians, isn't it? >> yeah, i mean, this again was lester holt's first cycle as a major anchor, and really didn't distinguish himself from the way brian williams handled obama, puff, puff, puff. david: tim graham, from the media analysis corporation. good to see you, lauren? lauren: jeff flock is flocking to the slopes. what can we expect from the winter ski season? jeff is testing out his skills. i didn't know he had such skills. are celebrities keeping the nation from uniting? we'll talk about it next.
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. david: last year was very tough for the ski industry, but this year's cold spell's already
4:47 pm
been a boon for them. jeff flock at the grand geneva ski resort in wisconsin. you're off the slopes, jeff, you're now in a vehicle, is that you? >> reporter: no! >> oh! i see the cameraman was pointing there. you are way up at the top, holy cow. >> reporter: holy crow, you threw me off. geez. oh, geez. david: he's on the black diamond. >> reporter: this is not the way i was trying to go. santa claus, santa claus in the truck there. do you see that? holy crow. now i'm all messed up here. it's a beautiful day for skiing, bottom line, and you know, this is the headline story of the year, last year was so bad, the number of participations way down last several years because of weather. this year, snow early, cold
4:48 pm
weather early and whew! i don't know if i should be talking and skiing, not a good idea. david: so tough to manage to ski and keep all of that stuff in your mind and you got a camera to play to and everything, but you're having fun, admit it. >> cameraman has done a wonderful job. come on, doug, show them yourself. david: there he is again, he's okay from the injury during the varney hour, right? >> falling off a cliff. david: falling off a cliff, skiing backwards and running into a tree. >> reporter: the trifecta, the ginger rodgers of the cameraman, he has to do everything in reverse. david: time for one more ski down the hill before the sun goes down, jeff. he's having a good time. leave it at that. a breathless jeff flock, and
4:49 pm
you rarely see him speechless, lauren. lauren: the weather looks so mild, makes me want to get on the ski slopes. >> cold but mild. lauren: coming up, president-elect trump gearing up for inauguration day, who is going perform at the ceremony? backlash as celebrities keep turning down offers to play trump's big day.
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. lauren: the inauguration is less than a month away and looks like a-list celebrities are staying home. celine dion, andrea bocelli, elton john, kiss, all reportedly declining. david: this is an a-list. lauren: declining offer to perform. the beach boys reportedly are considering performing. we have our panel back right now to respond to this blake and hadley.
4:53 pm
good to see both of you again. >> thanks for having us. lauren: what i don't understand, blake, is performing at inauguration is such a patriotic event and an honor, why are celebritying pushing away from this? >> you are exactly right. traditionally this is easy for artists to want to participate. there are a couple of challenges going on. one this is a polarizing and divisive election. i think two, president-elect trump now only has approval rating of 40% based on the latest polls and i think three, these are commercial artists and got to think about their futures, whether that's right or fortunate or not, i think those are the circumstances they're dealing with. we haven't come back together. i think one of the challenges is how unpopular president-elect trump is during this transition process,
4:54 pm
ultimately it's unfortunate, where the country does come together and we're introduced to the new president. lauren: and four years ago, alicia keys, beyonce, major a-listers performed. if some of the celebrities got together and did perform, would that help unite the nation? >> you know, maybe, it's just natural, it's sort of the how things go that celebrities and a-listers are liberal, democrat, celebrating the inauguration of democrat presidents instead of republican. blake is right, it was a tough, divisive election cycle, people who voted for trump are not bothered by, this they're not concerned by the fact that the hollywood a-listers aren't going to show up on inauguration day to celebrate. that's not why they elected president-elect trump. they didn't vote for him to pull the big names on inauguration day. they voted for him because they want to see change in the
4:55 pm
policies, domestically, those are going to affect our lives, not who sings on inauguration day. lauren: trump, let's face it, busy pulling ceos and business leaders on his team. do you think he cares he can't have an a-list performance on inauguration day? will that get under his skin? >> there are reports he very much does care. he's brought in mark burnet to try and help him bring some of that celebrity appeal. certainly donald trump had a lot of connection to celebrities over the course of his career, and i think anyone who understands sort of the magnitude of this would probably want someone of significance to be there just because that's customary. so certainly not getting in the mind of the president-elect, but i think there are plenty of news reports that suggest he's interested in this issue, so i think we'll see how it all comes together. he certainly has loss of the friends who can probably be
4:56 pm
helpful to him. lauren: blake, hadley, thank you, and happy holidays to both of you. >> you, too. lauren: happy holidays. david: a lot of speculation about the president-elect's appointments. john bolton, ambassador john bolton suggested many times as a person for a position in the state department, but they say the mainstream media anyway, he'd have better luck getting a trump cabinet position if he shaved his mustache, which is an iconic feature of john, if you know him. he has now responded by tweet. he says -- good for him. we love john. the d.c. metro system not showing much love for the president-elect, a special metro car that was made for the inauguration missing any mention of president-elect trump unlike previous cars that featured the president, seeking permission for a photo of the
4:57 pm
president-elect but never got a reply. that's their excuse and sticking to it. lauren: whoa! the least influential people of the year. who is at the top of gq's annual list? you won't believe it but we'll tell you, next. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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>> deal maker and chief bringing more big business to united states of america, welcome i am trish regan i am filling in tonight for deirdre bolton. ibm committing 25,000 u.s. jobs, apple talking about potentially bringing more jobs back from china. and a chinese auto glass tycoon who is bringing jobs here, decides in october to pribringing jobs to united


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