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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sectors that have broken down in terms of volatility and -- connell: all right, guys, henry and steve and eric, thanks to all of you, you hear the bell ringing on wall street. we'll leave ourselves 55 points on the table for tomorrow. into the closing bell, david asman and lauren simonetti picking it up "after the bell." david: thank you, connell. >> the first day of winter. stocks cooling off on the big run group dow 20,000. the major averages ending the day in the red. hi, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti in for melissa francis. david: good to see you, i'm david asman, good to see you as well. the big names holding markets back. here's what else we have for you on this very busy hour. >> 100% correct, what's happening is -- >> it's an attack on humanity. that's what it is.
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an attack on humanity and it's got to be stopped. david: president-elect donald trump making a surprise appearance on camera this afternoon for the first time this week. responding of course to the berlin terror attacks calling it an attack on humanity. this is a massive manhunt is under way in germany, and arrests could be made at any moment. german officials releasing the name and the photo of the tunisian man suspected in the deadly attack on a crowded christmas market. new details, a lot of embarrassment over europe on the man, his motives, all the red flags that were missed time and time again. the heads of boeing and lockheed martin wrapping up a meeting with president-elect trump moments ago, after trump was critical of both companies calling them out for what he says is out of control spending on government contracts. both ceos just speaking to the press. we're going to bring you their comments in a moment. >> back to the markets. the dow ending the day down
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about 31 points. let's call it 60 points away from 20,000. oil not helping matters. we have phil flynn with the details on surprise inventory report from the cme, and connell mcshane on the floor of the new york stock exchange where you've been all week, connell. is it you? what's holding us back from dow 20,000? >> interesting, lauren, we were watching and talking about it throughout the last hour on "countdown to the closing bell" that we got within 14 points in the morning trade of that 20,000 mark. there is a building sentiment that some point we get it over with and get ourselves over the hump. today was not to be the day as we fend off 20k, you see some of the stocks lagging and the drugmakers do stand up. the likes of merck and pfizer down by 1.8 and 1.4% respectively. goldman sachs the storied stock in the march up towards 20k and accounting for so much of the dow's rise, it was down today by $1.65.
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that's part of it when you see a pause like this. walmart down by 50 cents. newswise, home builders after existing home sales rose near a 10-year high. the home builders kb, lennar, toll and all the home builders had a good day, and the final one i'll mention for you now is taser. louisiana state police ordered 1500 body cameras, it was enough to help tasers' stock. up today, the big story is what we did not do, we did not get to 20,000. david: 30 points away from where we were yesterday in that race. connell, thank you very much. phil, oil is a factor when it came to the dow missing another milestone, a very surprise inventory report. lauren was just talking about that. what's the deal there? >> well, you know, oil always gets blamed, so the stock
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market doesn't do good. you're right. it was a bigger than expected build on the crude oil inventory of two billion barrels. i thought we were going to overcome that. if you look at demand on gasoline and distillus it was very, very strong, it was not to be. in nigeria, a planned strike in oil field fell apart. let's talk about natural gas real quick. this market is up over 10% in the after-market. a change in the weather forecast and the expectations that tomorrow, we're going to see a report that shows that we use more natural gas last week than ever in the history of this country, and as we get closer to that report, the weather forecasts change, this market is on fire right now. back to you. david: good stuff, phil, thank you very much. lauren. >> timely on the first day of winter. the dow tracing lower as investors signaling they're not quite ready to push the dow to the 20,000 number.
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here now to weigh in ingrid piece and jonathan hoenig of the capitalistpig hedge fund. jonathan, two questions for you. when do we get on dow 20,000 and what happens when we get there? >> there's nothing uniquely inherently important about 20,000 or even where we are now, 20 or 30 points away. 20,000 is a media friendly number for what market watchers have known for months, that this market is in a bull market and through the summer, we talked about the trend is your friend. what's changed since the election is the nature of the rally. it's become more focused. in fact, goldman sachs accounts for about a third of the dow's rally but the trend is higher whether it's 20,000 or 21,000 after that. >> we're seeing, and this could be seasonal, ingrid, but a very narrow trading range, low volume. what do you expect as we head closer to the holiday, and we expect the volume to get even lower? >> certainly seems as though
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people are piling in, and it's no surprise that it's still going up, and i think, that you know, even though it hasn't hit the magic number and we heard it is just a number, that is true, but still, it's still an important milestone, what happens is it signals to other people there is a lot of breeze still to come into the market and people are going keep investing. i expect we would see more movement over the next few days and traditionally a slow time to invest. doesn't look like that has signs of slowing down. >> jonathan, i understand the 20,000 is merely psychological, from 19,000 to 20,000, 19,000 was 20 sessions ago. this is an unbelievable move 2000 points higher. what do you make of that? that energy? >> for one thing, a thousand points ain't what it used to be. as the numbers get higher, the percentages get smaller. no question there is tremendous uncertainty in the market. we all know that.
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what makes me curious is has the market anticipated the move, and people are finally comfortable to get into the market. that's the sign that a turning point has come. but there's no question in the aftermath of the election, people have felt more enthusiastic about investing and hence the dow led by the financials, i'll say, is up sharply since then. david: president-elect donald trump meeting this afternoon with lockheed martin ceo marilyn hughesen and boeing ceo, trump an outspoken critic for out-of-control spending on the aircraft programs. boeing ceo maintaining important of building air force one and building it at an affordable price, listen. >> we're going to get it done less than that, and committed to working to the make sure that happens, and i was able to get the president-elect my personal commitment on behalf of the boeing company. this is a business that's important us to. we work on air force one because it's important to our
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country, and we're going to make sure he gets the best capability and it's done affordably. david: jonathan, he's meeting with lockheed now. you've been talking about pentagon spending, it's surreal, the billions of dollars of overruns, not on air force one, but every program, any way to get it under control? >> i don't think tweeting at companies and lashing out for the president who is the commander in chief -- david: hold on, he's the president-elect, give him a little credit now. this is before he gets into office? . >> you are absolutely right. president-elect, and randomly tweeting at companies that aren't adhering to spending plans is the way to address. that what i see is president-elect trump is using the companies as political props, saying i'm going to be tough on spending and playing with people's real money and real lives think abouts around on the stocks. asking the companies to grovel at his feet because he's the seat at the table.
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david: it's not the money of the -- of these particular companies. because we're spending it. these are contractors working for us. if they have cost overruns. we're the ones that have to pay for that. he has every right to be angry about that? >> you are right. a lot of lashing out, chats about whether this is a good idea or not. there's been a meeting, a discussion which signals some level of openness and fact there are probably 300,000 people that work at the companies, a lot of jobs at stake, and costs need to be contained, obviously, and hopefully the fact that there's a positive statement coming out of the ceo is a good sign. david: well, i got to say, jonathan, i'm going look at one program now. i don't think either lockheed or boeing is involved in this program but there's a navy destroyer called the zoom walt, it was initiated in 1999, they were supposed to cost $1.3 billion each.
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the pentagon had an order for 32 of them. in the last count they were costing $4 billion each and now can only afford three of these ships. this is typical of the hundreds of billions of dollars in overruns that the pentagon is famous for? >> david, i can't disagree with that. it's a bit of a strawman, excuse for the fot have for example to lobby to keep jobs in this country,er to lobby for certain factories -- david: jonathan, it's real spending and it's our money! >> well, let's see, let's hope it's not drain the swamp and build the wall and lock her up. let's see him do it after he's elected and i'll give him the credit he deserves. david: see if he can walk the walk as well. >> big news out of the trump transition team. navarro saying this i'm deeply honored for the opportunity to serve the president-elect and this nation and to advise on
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policies to rebalance our trade, rebuild industrial base and restore america's national power by making america great again. and wilbur ross did advise trump on the trade policies. david: the great thing about this for fans of larry kudlow, leaves the position open, some think navarro is going to get that. supplyside tax cutters wanted kudlow to have it. that position is still open. there's time for a supply sider to move in. that would please conservatives. democratic senator chuck schumer says trump's one trillion dollar infrastructure plan sounds good to him, that's an endorsement that has a lot of conservatives concerned. should they be? jonathan, if it's good for chuck schumer, i tend to think it's not good for fiscal conservatives, what do you think? >> this is what worries me, david. the president-elect talked about this trillion dollars in
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spending as a means to create jobs. this is exactly what obama talked about and schumer himself talked about eight years ago. so i think if president-elect trump thinks that spending money creates jobs then saving a billion dollars on air force one isn't going to do squat. david: ingrid, he says it needn't be taxpayer money to pay for the infrastructure, he can get private financing at two trillion dollars the companies have abroad, he'd give them a big tax cut if they spend it on from forecast. -- infrastructure. >> if there is private infrastructure and private investment, that's obviously a very good sign, and the truth is that if the tax cuts can be brought into force, we'll see whether they get implemented or not. if there is comprehensive tax reform, this will be a boost and allow people to bring their money back and spend it here. it does require massive reform. david: it does, and massive action, more than talk.
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got to see the action, maybe that's why the market is stuck where it is. ingrid and jonathan, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> millennials living at home or with relatives, that number, climbed to a 75-year high last year with 40% of young people unwilling or unable to afford their own living space. jonathan, ingrid, bring you back in here. why is this? four in ten young adults age 25-34 not living on their own, i thought the economy was getting better, shouldn't they be able to afford to do just that? >> there's a lot of competition, obviously for scarce resources and it's difficult to get onto the housing ladder. but i think the other thing we should recognize is millennials don't necessarily want to do what we wanted to do or parents' generation wanted to do, so it may be an amount of choice, to know what is difficult to get mortgages and so on. there is an element to which owning bricks and mortar isn't
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the be all and end all anymore. >> they've been sold a bag of goods, the millennials are coming out of college with tens of thousands of dollars worth of student debt for degrees in, i don't know, gender studies or whatever it is, that aren't getting them the jobs that are commensurate with taking on that type of debt. that is unique with this generation and intervention in education. >> are you that as the economy gets better millennials move out of their parents' basements. >> i hope so! what to they call, it failure to launch, get your own apartments and live your own life. even obamacare encouraging young people to stay on their parents' plan, we're set up towards collectivism, not set up towards individuals, unfortunately. >> ingrid, used to be our parents wanted their children to have a better life than they did. seems like kids aren't doing
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better than parents with the change in hope and optimism and the change in society, are kids going to have it better going forward? >> i think parents still want their children to do better than they did, and children are as optimistic. tech entrepreneurs started out with nothing in their parents' basements, too. they get the skills they need provided they can get decent education and do something meaningful with their lives and increase their pocket books right now seems as though people are living hand to mouth. >> what do you make of the notion that millennials are just lazy? >> it's called the snowflake generation, and there is an element of truth in all of these things that people say. with the ability to do something and then the desire to not do very much at all, because it's easier to opt out than opt in. >> ingrid, jonathan, thank you. a massive manhunt under way in germany, an arrest could be made at any moment.
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german officials releasing the name and photo of this tunisian man suspected in the deadly attack in a crowded christmas market monday. new details, his motives and the big red flags that were missed. >> they knew he was a suspect and let him go. as refugees are flooding right into the u.s., and president obama is releasing more gitmo detainees, former governor mike huckabee weighing in on that, and he is mad. >> president obama could cost the country billions of dollars, but warns donald trump against using too many executive orders. go figure.
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. lauren: huge development in the manhunt for this suspect involved in monday's truck
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attack in berlin. the german authorities have identified the man responsible as 24-year-old tunisian named anis amri. blake burman standing by in washington, d.c. with the latest. he was known to authorities, blake. >> reporter: that is the report out of there, lauren, this man is from tunisia, believed to be in early 20s, gone by a couple other aliases but identified as anis amri. german authorities are warning people throughout that country, also throughout europe he should be considered armed and d. at this point, he is considered a suspect, that label is yet to be flushed out further. according to reports overseas, specifically in germany. amri traveled to italy in 2012 and applied for asylum in germany last year and been on the radar of german authorities for potentially trying to plot an attack. back here at home earlier today, president-elect trump briefly made these comments
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about the attack. listen. . >> reporter: the reward for amri's capture has been set at 100,000 euros. back to you. lauren: unbelievable. blake, thank you. david: here for reaction, ambassador stuart holiday for special political affairs at the united nations. ambassador, we're just looking at pictures there of this guy amri, the suspect. you think of this, he spent four years in italy for allegedly burning down a school. he then came to germany in july of 2015. he was denied the right to asylum but they couldn't kick him out. he was granted a dolldum allowed him to stay in europe. if i was a german, what's happening with authorities. they're a bunch of clowns?
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>> i think if you look at german people who see 900,000 refugees that have been taken in under chancellor merkel in the last year or two, you can understand the concern. and this guy was from southern tunisia where a lot of isis recruits, and you wonder how a guy like this could cross into germany from italy but apparently they had him on the screen. they were waiting for him to get a passport to be sent back, which is ironic. david: this is more than frustration, i would be furious if i was european. you wonder why there are all of the changes. this is why. people look at the authorities and say maybe open borders was a good thing, 20, 30 years ago or sounded nice but doesn't work anywhere and the authorities don't seem to acknowledge it? >> the chancellor has an election coming up. you've seen what's happened in britain and in france with the
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far right parties coming to the fore. there is a far right party in germany making this an issue. she's still relatively popular, over 50% but there's a lot of frustration there, and they could take it out on her in the upcoming election. >> you know the final insult, and it's not only germany by the way, remember one of the terrorists was walking in plain sight in belgium, authorities didn't know about it for weeks afterwards. there have been mistakes all over europe, similar to the ones apparently made in germany. the added insult is the authorities are paying the terrorists money in terms of welfare. we've got a list of some of the terrorists that were involved in the parisian attacks, they got over $50,000 in welfare spending. this is like insult to injury. >> right. all over europe, you know, this generosity and spirit of kindness rewarded by violence.
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unfortunately by a few, but the risk is significant especially with the low-tech attacks, assault weapons, trucks, and i'm afraid we're going to see more of this, if there doesn't get a more serious approach by the europeans to the process. david: don't you think the time has come where the europeans say out of here, you folks are out. you haven't handled it from a law enforcement point of view and certainly haven't handled it from a social point of view. >> absolutely. there is also the question of this whole balance of privacy. you remember the nsa issue, and they have a preference for sort of looking at this thing that can be managed by, you know, nonintrusive methods. this is a full frontal assault on this terrible stain, which is facing europe. david: ambassador stuart holiday. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. lauren: breaking news, president-elect donald trump will name carl icahn the billionaire investor as special adviser on regulatory overhaul.
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icahn reportedly been advising trump on his choice for the next chairman of the sec. we have charlie gasparino with the latest from the newsroom. hi, charlie. >> this is only breaking news, if you didn't watch fox business because we've been reporting this for weeks now, and i guess now it's official because we reported a couple weeks ago on and on air that carl icahn was weighing both an official and an unofficial role. what he told us at the time when i got the tip about this, he was leaning towards unofficial role, almost 99% sure he would do unofficial role to advise trump on economic matters. that's what this is. he's going to be an unofficial adviser, an outside adviser with, i guess, a special code to the president, maybe with the president's cell phone number on it where, he's going to be talking to him and advising him on economic
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matters, regulatory matters. and i'll tell you what's interesting about this, in my view, you know, unlike other presidents who are afraid to appoint successful people to top jobs, afraid that somehow the notion that you came from nothing, which carl icahn did, not necessarily zero but modest means and became a billionaire many times over, the left believes there is something wrong with that. one of the best things about donald trump and i've criticized some of his stuff a lot, but this is where all americans should be happy about is that, you know, he's looking at successful people and bringing them into key jobs, jobs they're qualified for. yesterday, vincent viola, former head of the new york mercantile exchange, a billionaire, was named secretary of army. vinny is a billionaire, he's also really smart and came from nothing and became a billionaire.
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grew up the son of a truck driver, the same neighborhood my wife grew in. before it was a trendy place, that's where vinny came from. that's the interesting thing that donald trump is doing, appointed successful capitalists to key jobs, and you know, you got to applaud him for doing that, th good thing to have carl icahn. no one knows the markets better than carl. you know that, i know that. no one knows the regulatory system better than carl. he's a good guy to have on your side if we need help. lauren: we know donald trump wants to look and do as good a job as possible, hence he's surrounding himself with this type of person. >> up and down, i have problems ideologically with some of his pix. i hope he puts larry kudlow at cea, peter navarro as head of trade policy clears that away, and that would be a very good pick. larry is rich too but really smart and knows economics. you know, gary cohn, the number
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two guy at goldman sachs was appointed the head of nec national economic council. i think that's a bad choice, not because he's rich but ideologically he's a progressive. one of the good things about donald, being rich, he's not counting against you, so to speak. lauren: thanks, charlie. david: he's appointing successful business people to head the economy and appointing very successful generals and admirals to deal with security. the security of this nation. donald trump is meeting with some of those generals and admirals right now. we're awaiting him to come out and talk about his meeting about the future of security in this country, particularly relevant in light of the attacks going on in europe and fears of similar attacks happening here, not on his watch. he's going to say. of course, he's not president yet, but he has been putting the team in place. top generals and admirals who have clear ideas about how to deal with the security of the nation meeting with trump now.
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as soon as he comes out of this meeting, we'll bring you his comments live right here on fox. lauren: we're going to go florida in a bit. in the meantime, donald trump defending his win today -- well, on twitter. this is what he tweeted in one of the tweets -- let's talk about it. we have emily shyer, guy benson with, and erick erickson, the resurgent editor. good to see all of. >> you hello there. lauren: seems losing the popular vote has gotten under donald trump's skin. >> it's interesting, we all knew donald trump was a sore loser and now seeing he is a sore winner. it's a very curious move but the response we're going to see for a while because concerns about the legitimacy of his
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presidency when he not just lost the popular vote by close to 3 million votes is a problem consistently throughout his presidency. i think it's a clever move because we're talking about this and perhaps not bigger concerns that the cia and the fbi seem tong russia hacked the election to help him. that's a bigger concern for trump and now focusing on, this a really interesting move. lauren: okay, guy, seems like everybody needs to accept the fact that like it or not, donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states, and he starts officially in less than a month. yet the "new york times" editorial board calling to end the electoral college right after cemented trump the winner 304-227 for hillary clinton. would the "times" editorial board have said that if clinton had won? >> definitely no. talking about sore losers, the entire left is losing sorely because they're upset they fell to donald trump, someone they
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believe should not be president but he's going to be. the reason trump fired off the tweets, i sometimes have issues with them, he's totally in the clear, have you people trying to erode his legitimacy and he's saying, look, we campaigned with one goal, winning the electoral college. if the entire game were different and a different goal to achieve, we would have campaigned differently and won that way instead. he's pushing back again so i think this lazy, after the fact narrative from the left trying to elevate a factor that is frankly irrelevant when it comes to determining who wins the election, which trump did. lauren: erik, he played by the rules, played fair and square, he pulled that in, how would he have done different if what senator dick durbin from
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illinois had to say. >> he would have written off places like michigan and wisconsin, would have focused on conservative areas in california, southern california, the san diego, orange county area, focused more time in texas where he barely campaigned, focused in the miami area and the i-4 corridor, instead he went to pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan all states that republicans haven't won since reagan because he focused on the electoral college. this has nothing to do with trump being a sore wirn, democrats haven't come to the fact that hillary clinton lost and by the way in the electoral college lost more electors than donald trump did. hard to say the russians stole the election when she can't keep her electors in line. >> and he won by spending less money. we'll get back with all of you. see you in a bit. david: do as i say, not as i do. pen happy president president obama has advice for president-elect that some
4:33 pm
people are saying is pretty hypocritical. lauren: and awaiting comments from president-elect donald trump live from mar-a-lago florida any minute now. we'll bring them to you as soon as they happen. you're looking at a live picture.
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. lauren: okay, donald trump expected to speak at any moment to the media in mar-a-lago florida, where he'll be joined by generals and admirals that he met with today. we're going to bring you those comments live from that scene you're looking at right there.
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david: timing is everything on the heels of a deadly terror attack that looked like it was carried off by a middle eastern refugee who was arrested, released and on a terror watch list. the u.s. refugee resettlement is accelerating here in the united states. president obama's final months, this as he's releasing former terrorists from guantanamo bay. here now former arkansas governor mike huckabee. former republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor. governor, we have another mideast terrorist attack, apparently carried off by a guy who was a refugee. he was captured in jail for four years, released, and in light of all, that the president is thinking of releasing more gitmo prisoners and bringing in more middle eastern refugees. you can make sense of that? >> nobody can. look, obama appears to be a slow learner when it comes to the challenge we face, if you bring in syrian refugees that haven't been vetted. we have no idea who they are.
4:38 pm
surely, he can learn something from angela merkel right now, and i think she's learning it the hard way because her whole county is outraged at the fact that she was so adamant at bringing in the syrian refugees. over one million of them to germany. most people in america right here at the christmas season realize that there is a lot of ways to celebrate christmas, but bringing in people that could disrupt our familiesure our peace, that isn't one of them. >> i thought gitmo was down to the hardest of the hard in terms of the evidence gaeps t -- against the suspects. i know there isn't a criminal trial there, if you release anybody from gitmo now, there is good evidence that they're terrorists. >> all the people are there because they either were terrorists, they're detainees, not one of them is there, david, because they sang too loud in church last week. none of them. i've been to gitmo.
4:39 pm
i'm going to tell you this is a very humane place they're treated. they're given far better accommodations than any prisoner in a federal or state prison in america. let's remember why they're there. they're not there for any other reason other than they are suspected of either killing americans or plotting to kill americans, and for us to release them as we have done in the past, results in a huge, huge disaster. we've seen some of these folks that were going to be released into a friendly country, and as soon as they got there, they returned back onto the streets and participated in plotting against americans. you know, you don't change the stripes of the tiger just because you put a fresh coat of paint on it. and not doing that with these guys. david: more executive action, president obama giving president-elect trump a pretty hypocritical piece of advice on this. take a listen. >> my suggestion to the
4:40 pm
president-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better in part because it's harder to undo. david: governor, this came right after the president used executive power to ban offshore drilling. your response? >> for eight years, this is a president who has bypassed the legislative process. he's acted as if there are not three branches of government but one, and he ran it. that's not our great republic, that's a monarchy. we don't have that. i'm stunned he's saying he's trying encourage donald trump to go through the legislative process. that's something he didn't do. his executive orders and executive overreached only outmatched by the republicans foolishness in not challenging it, and i think one of the big mistakes of the republican congress is that they did not hold their duty of checks and balances to the president. david: let's talk about one of
4:41 pm
these things, by the way, to ban our drilling, and by the way, u.s. drillers are cleaner than any other oil company in the world, to ban them means not only are we losing u.s. jobs but giving market share to the dirty drillers like the folks in venezuela and russia, we lose u.s. jobs and the world ends up a dirtier place as a result of this action? . >> well, it's an insane idea to say let's stop drilling in america where americans could prosper, could have the jobs and as you mentioned, not just venezuela and russia but the saudis. if you look at it, everybody else drilling is an enemy of the united states, and they use the money that they get from drilling, they use it to fund madrassas and terrorism and actions against us, this is insane. what the president did won't make a deal of difference any time real soon because quite frankly we're going to have so much oil and gas coming out of
4:42 pm
north dakota and texas let's hope it's one of the quick things donald trump can reverse as soon as he's sworn in. david: good to see you, governor, thank you very much. appreciate it. lauren. >> merry christmas to you. david: merry christmas. lauren: the death toll rising after a deadly blast in one of the largest cities, an explosion ripping through a fireworks market in the outskirts of mexico city, leaving 31 people dead including a 3-month-old boy and dozens hurt. this is the third blast to ravage the market since 2005. they're looking for victims, it's a tradition in mexico to light fireworks for christmas. and instead there will be funerals this year. a looming showdown, the president-elect said to begin his administration with a major battle over immigration. new details on the fight for sanctuary cities next. david: we're awaiting comments from president-elect trump from mar-a-lago florida. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. keep it here.
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. lauren: lockheed martin ceo just leaving a meeting with donald trump. now we're expecting to hear from the president-elect any moment now. he'll be joined by generals and admirals that met with him today. we're going to bring you his comments live as soon as we get them. david: nice looking castle there. a showdown is brewing over what to do about illegal aliens already in the u.s., we're trying to gain asylum to stay in the u.s., cities who disagree with president-elect trump on the issue raising money to provide free legal counsel to the immigrants, particularly the sanctuary cities. fox news' william la jeunesse standing by in los angeles with the latest on this. william? >> reporter: david, two policies president trump will likely unwind, sanctuary cities and the asylum loophole on the border where agents are on pace to apprehend almost 600,000 illegal immigrants at the highest in eight years led by
4:47 pm
the continued search of central americans seeking asylum. in one month, agents arrested 7,000 children and 15,000 family, almost double last year, instead of being immediately deported as in the past, president obama considered them victims and refugees entitled to stay pending a court date, most ignored. right now spending 700 hours to travel around the country to stay with relatives. >> it's like a group and five minutes later another group and half hour later, you'll see another one. >> reporter: as for sanctuary cities, monday los angeles allocated 5 million taxpayer dollars to hire defense attorneys to fight any attempt to deport illegal immigrants here. >> we're saying that the good and law-abiding immigrants are family members, friends,
4:48 pm
neighbors, they belong here and we'll fight for them. >> reporter: l.a. says it will also shield criminal aliens, sharp departure which says cities can not withhold information on immigrants from i.c.e. trying to deport them. those cities stand to lose federal money if they don't cooperate. >> the president can cut off their money on january 20th of 2017 if they do not change sanctuary policies and hand over criminal illegal aliens in their custody to be deported. >> reporter: that will be a battle as immigration activists claim the feds don't have the financial leverage to do that, david. president trump disagrees, back to you. david: william la jeunesse, thank you very much. we're watching down in -- i guess it would be the florida white house. that's what it will be called. mar-a-lago, the resort of donald trump where, he's meeting with all of the people involved one way or another with the next administration, the white house. he is meeting right now with
4:49 pm
members of the military. high-ranking military officers from the army, the navy and the marine corps. he's going to be stepping out, we're told, any moment. presumably, with some of those high-ranking officers from lieutenant general to lieutenant colonel level. he earlier met by the way, we told you about. lauren: lockheed martin. david: and boeing, quite critical of in the past that cost overruns would not be snepd his administration. but this particular meeting focusing on national security, various actions we may take abroad in order to ensure the safety of u.s. citizens abroad and assure the awful terrorist attacks we've been witnessing will not happen here. lauren: and we've seen his comments, heard comments, what he had to say about the attack in turkey and germany. he comes right out and says what it is. how the united states, with
4:50 pm
donald trump as president, will respond to acts like that? you would be sure he'd address that as well. david: the interesting thing is that very often, they put the academics in charge of national security here in the united states. this is one of those areas in which donald trump is focusing on people that have real life practical experience in charge of the areas they're covering. charlie gasparino mentioning that carl icahn and other business leaders are in charge of the economy. he's putting military people in charge of the military. not many academics in there. mostly people with practical, real life experience. lauren: real life experience. seen that throughout the course of forming his cabinet. he is surrounding himself with people who have deep experience in what they're doing, and will make him and this country look good and feel good again. david: again, we're going to bring you his comments live as soon as it happens. we see a couple of guys going in there. we just had the head of
4:51 pm
lockheed martin step out of meeting, but it's a very busy day. i guess, lauren, this is president-elect who does not take a vacation before he becomes president. i don't think he ever takes a vacation. lauren: he's going to hit the ground running, on january 20th, he would have started already, we can't call january 20th his first day of 2017. guy benson, want to bring you in here. what do you expect to hear from president-elect donald trump when he speaks from mar-a-lago, florida? >> you know, i've given up trying to predict what donald trump is going to say for any reason. lauren: right. >> but i think he's done a good job in terms of keeping himself, his administration top of mind. whenever there is a transition, there is interest. but between his tweets and meetings and the whole trump tower live feed, people coming in and out, now trump tower south at mar-a-lago, he's feeding the media bits and pieces and keeping everyone paying close attention and the public is focusing in, he's
4:52 pm
such an unknown quantity, an outsider from the actual typical politician sphere, people want to know how is he going to stand up in the administration, who is part of the administration? the interest level partially because of celebrity is high. david: erick erickson, this is coming in light of this horrible attack, terrorist attack overseas. the one thing a lot of people disagree with aspects of donald trump, i think it's fair to say. lot of conservatives don't like his views on trade, other people have other problems, but they all seem to recognize this is a law and order guy, this is somebody who's going to take a very different approach to using whether it's police force here in the united states or military force abroad or military force near protecting citizens. we are likely to hear something to that effect today, we're not? >> absolutely. i don't think it's a coincidence we've got the optics, after what happened in turkey, berlin and around
4:53 pm
europe yesterday, the day before, a meeting that was previously scheduled but wasn't going to get press attention, suddenly the trump campaign is allowing the spotlight on it, givers great opportunity to reassure people and juxtapose his handling and suggestions of moving forward from what we've seen from this administration. we're probably not going to see anyone blaming youtube videos for anything like what's happened in europe. lauren: emily, used to seeing what mar-a-lago looks like, trump tower. eventually in the new year, the white house. this is going to be a president like we've never seen before. >> that is certainly the case. and you know what? he does know how to use the media well. two billion dollars in free media use during his campaign. he knows how to manipulate it. interesting to see if he can dodge the concerns whether he's violating the emolument clause and dealing with conflict of interest coming from both parties or if they're drowned out.
4:54 pm
he is adept at using the media. david: guy, it appears from what emily says that the left isn't going to let go. do you think they may be looking for an area which to find some kind of impeachment charge against him? >> maybe, i would say the right was relentlessly tough on president obama. the left was relentless on president bush. this is how things work, especially now that the left has been so deprived of power across the country. they've lost the house and the senate under president obama. they've gotten decimated at the state level. david: what can they do? they don't have the house or the senate? >> there's an oversight role for democrats. i do agree that when it comes to disentangling himself from businesses, that's something we should expect from a president because this should not be a presidency for profit. there are questions -- david: we've got to stop you, listen into donald trump here.
4:55 pm
. lauren: admirals and generals, trying to get id's on some of them. counting several to come out. david: let's hear if we can hear what they're saying to each other. i think it's nice to get these little comment.. lauren: off-the-cuff comments.. >> primarily the f-35. it's a program that is very, very expensive. reporter:. reporter: [ inaudible ] we're going to see, we're going to see. it's the beginning, it's a dance, a little bit of a dance, we're going to get the costs down, get it done beautifully, these are amazing people.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: thoughts on boeing? >> impressive and good negotiators too. reporter: [ inaudible ] i think so, we had the chairman of boeing, the ceo, and i think we're looking to cut a tremendous amount of money. okay? are you comfortable? everyone okay? not bad, thank you, thank you, thank you. general, thank you, thank you very much. lauren: speaking to the media talking about the cost of some of our fighter programs, the f-35, he came down on the cost air force one, erick, president-elect trump knows "the art of the deal". he said that was a tough negotiation, it is a little bit of a dance. >> anything he can do on the f-35 which is a terrible airplane. the only pilots who like it are the ones on the payroll for lobbying for it. he needs to scrap that program. it's got ridiculous cost overruns and can you tell it's a terrible program because they basically set up little shops
4:57 pm
in 45 states to justify the expense knowing congress won't kill it because it will be jobs in their state. having a guy like trump say this is a terrible plane is a good thing for the department of defense that never want this plane. it looks and acts like a platypus for a reason. david: liberals for decades tlarg is too much spent on the military. now a president arguing the same thing that costs need to be contained, that there are too many cost overruns, you have the zoomwalt, this destroyer, which has become ridiculous in its costs, originally was a billion dollars in the year 2000. now it's up to 4 billion for each one. aren't you happy finally to have a president finally cutting costs in the military, the cost overruns? >> legislators look for where
4:58 pm
donald trump and conservative republican agendas divide and play to that. they're not just looking at donald trump. david: that's a yes? >> no, i think democrats definitely will work with that. when they see that divide, they're going to play to donald trump for sure. >> this is also very daring and different what he's doing. you were getting to this earlier, erick, they create jobs in almost every single statement when you mess with something like this, and change it up, that's not always as easy to do as it seems. >> right, it's not. but at the same time, you've got a lot of jobs out, there for example, some of the programs are paid just to stay open. it's not actually workers getting paid, it's bureaucrats getting paid within corporations, the jobs can be reassigned and realigned. the good thing is we have apparatus around the nation in order to build the new defensive programs, but the question is whether or not it's a good defensive program. even the people building this
4:59 pm
plane and other programs like it understand that the resources are better spent elsewhere. just in the name of national security, no one wants to waste money on a fighter jet that can't fly when it rains. david: guy, ronald reagan used to say peace through strength. he proved it. spent a lot of money on the military. we became so strong that very few people tended to do anything we didn't want to do, essentially broke the back of the soviet union. might this be the same with the trump administration? >> what we saw just there, david, was president trump or president-elect trump, during the campaign, promised, i'm going to rebuild and build up the american military. what he's showing is that doesn't mean shoveling money indiscriminately out door. let's do this in a smart way where we're using taxpayer money well, and used the question on the follow-up. we'll see, circumspect. give it more time. this is the beginning of the process, he hasn't even taken office yet. david: very busy day for the
5:00 pm
president in mar-a-lago. this guy has not taken a vacation, right from being president-elect to president. not taking one day off until that happens. we thank you for watching. lauren simonetti, good to see you. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the manhunt is on. about 100,000 euros for help, cashing the tunissian refugee, suspected in deadly berlin christmas market terror attack that killed 12 people, he is considered arms and dangerous, troubling details about his background are coming to light, after his identity papers were found urntiond the


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