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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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that is the belief. kamala harris current attorney general is replacing barbara boxer is the new senator from california. stuart: and becerra will probably be the next governor of california. neil: 1000 carrier jobs that were guaranteed, looking at donald trump's plane. he will leave new york's lagarde you yaw airport en route to indianapolis a lot of those workers whose jobs he saved. scant details coming available to us, is that united technologies, the parent company of carrier was granted aboutmillion dollars worth of -- $7 million tax breaks over 10 years, meant to encourage carrier to keep the jobs, not only in the united states but specifically in the state. carrier will invest 16 million to keep operations in general in the state you but there were a number of guaranties given here,
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largely at local level but with some initiatives spearheaded by president-elect trump. this is very unusual for a president-elect to personally call the company and company management to try to work something out. that is what happened. that is what transpired. of course those jobs look like they will be saved, part of this victory tour, that mr. trump is planning not only in indiana but later on in ohio. speaking of ohio, we've got that state senator, rob portman, easily re-elected by the way i should point out of washington. senator, good to have you. thanks for coming. >> neil, thanks for having me. neil: are you going to have a chance to join the president-elect when he goes to cincinnati later on tonight? >> i will. we have a vote this afternoon i will make. then i get to cincinnati as fast as i can, look forward to be with him there. i'm very hopeful. we're turning new page, new congress. new president. i see a lot of hope for us to
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begin to focus on some of these problems that came up over the last few years in my campaign. i talked about them a lot, jobs issue, how to fix the tax code and write regulatory relief. deal with obamacare and cost increases. so i think we get at a lot of these problems now. neil: what about your state's governor, john kasich, noticeably absent in all the hoopla as he was at the convention earlier this year. is he going to be there? >> i don't know, i don't know. look, john's done a great job in ohio. we're a little ahead of the nation in terms of our economy and some changes we made in ohio, including getting debt and deficit under control. neil: i know but he look as like a big baby now what do you think? >> i think it is time for everybody, whether you're a republican, democrat, or independent to root for america. that means you want this president and his team to be successful. neil: have you told him that, senator, cease, desist, stop acting like this? >> i haven't her him say anything negative at all.
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neil: have you tried? you've been very diplomatic throughout the process. a lot of things made you wince at candidate trump but you worked your heinie off to make sure the vote got out there. the governor did not. have you talked to him since to try to mend things between the two camps? >> no. that is something that is between them and again, i haven't heard john say anything negative at all. in fact i heard him send a tweet out immediately congratulating donald trump and he wanted the country to move forward. that will be fine, neil. the big issue whether we work with democrats on capitol hill to put forward agenda many of them supported in the past. more infrastructure for instance. fixing the tax code to work for everybody. that will be our challenge. so far, so good. i talked to some democrats this morning in fact they aren't happy but the election results. they want to make sure to move
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the country forward. it is up to us in the republicans in house to map it out get democrat support to get it through the senate. that we actually deliver results. neil: senator, what do you make of the role the president-elect played with carrier air-conditioning, keep those jobs here? some people have said it is unprecedented. other pure market types fret over this sort of thing as we see mr. trump and his entourage line up in the plane to make the trip to indianapolis? how do you stand on this? it is a unique role. what do you think? >> no, neil, look i think it's all good. i do this now and again, pick up a phone, call a ceo. i'm not offering any legislation, ohio is great place to do business. explain why and it makes a difference. he was able to nudge top executives to make right decision. frankly sounds like what they're most concerned about is the state providing them additional
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tax relief to stay there to be competitive. what i do think donald trump can promise all of these companies that are america-based now, we'll have a tax code that doesn't punish them relative to other countries. that is one of our problems now. you and i talked about it before. you've been on this. not just inversions where companies are leaving, merging with a small company overseas, it is takeovers. a lot of u.s. companies taken over by foreign companies because our tax law is so non-competitive they can pay a premium. to carriers of the world, they will have issues in indiana. they're getting resolved. that is great. make a decision to stay for now. what they're looking for is certainty into the future that america will have a competitive tax code so they're not losing out to foreign competition. neil: senator, real pleasure having you. congratulations on your re-election. good luck with everything from here on out. >> thanks, neil. always great to be on with you. neil: thanks, senator. meantime we noticed there was
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something unusual with steve mnuchin talking to maria bartiromo yesterday. i was like a dog with a bone. a lot of you, what is neil going nuts about? the comment that the treasury secretary-elect, can we call them that or pre-appointed? commenting on upper class tax cut. listen to this. >> we're going to simplify the personal income tax, lower from seven brackets down to three. simplify it. deliver a very significant middle income tax cut, that is going to be combined with the child care program, and the other aspect of it is, on upper end, we'll cut the tax rate but it will be offset with a significant reduction of deductions. so for the upper class, it won't be a tax cut but will be simplification. it willower marginal rate which will spur investment. neil: did you hear what he said? he said upper class, despite all
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this talk will not get a big ol' tax cut. they will not walk away with riches like they did with the reagan tax cuts. what he indicated as well, offsetting a cut in the top tax rate from 39.6 to 33% would be limping a lot of their -- eliminating a lot of their deductions so it's a wash. in other words, no net change in their tax responsibility. if that is the case, that was obviously a fox alert to a lot of rich people who were emailing and texting me yesterday, saying what the -- to americans for tax reform president grover norquist. grover, what do you make of that? >> well, i think what he was saying was would be reducing rates for everybody and some deductions and credits will go away. that's what happened with reagan, and he and nobody else knows what happens to one individual. if you organized your life around deductions and credits, it is public that the deductions and credits are larger than the rate reduction but that would not be true for most people. they're just not that many deductions and credits.
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trump's proposal is a significant cut in rates for all americans, and a cut in tax burden for top quintile, middle quintile and lowest income group. all not only do better but they all do better compared to what hillary clinton was offering. so his tax cut is better for all americans at every level, dramatically better, for middle income americans than what hillary was offering. neil: might not be dramatically better for upper income folks, not as much as they hoped? >> depending on how much, depending on credits and deductions. other thing to remember, the president has put a proposal forward. the house republicans have several proposals. senator hatch has got one. they all agree the corporate rate needs to go to 15 or 20. neil: right. >> they all agree on full expensing for investment. they all agree on territoriality and allowing money to come back to the united states. neil: i know all that.
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what i think was going on here, i could be wrong, any kind of taxes cut, particularly when republicans are orchestrating it. it has to work through the media. they always get rammed by the media giving gimmes and benefits to the rich and i still think they technically know the lion es share of tax cut, i'm not saying percentage terms it will work out that way will go to the upper income but offset by deductions. i was crunching at numbers you would have remove almost all deductions all of them, not to see some gains and significant feigns at that from you know, six percentage point drop in the top rate. think know that. i think you most astute know all of that, that is part of a marketing of this package. what do you make of that? >> well, yes, i think incoming secretary of the treasury and
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commerce both understand the most important thing for economic growth for everything, for everybody and to cut across the board taxes for everybody and biggest beneficiaries as percentage of their income is the guy who doesn't have a job now and has 100% -- neil: very good point. >> infinite increase because he has 30,000 or 40,000-dollar a year job to start with. creating those jobs which what obama forgot to do over last eight years, on his checklist but he didn't do it, now we've got to get into the business of getting jobs, created in the united states, and a lot of that is getting rid of not just taxes, regulatory burdens and delayed permitting on hundreds of energy proposals all across the country. i think trump should go do not victory tour but go to each one of these, ready to go privately-funded efforts on pipelines and have 20,000 person rally, call out by name the
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bureaucrat for last numbers of years holding up these jobs. neil: i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't that. donald trump is leaving laguardia airport and rout to indianapolis and take credit, for jawboning carrier air conditioning to get the company enough to reverse itself sending a thousand jobs to mexico. what do you think of that? >> i think the most important thing for carrier take corporate rate down and do deregulation. neil: in other words to prevent the temptation in the first place for the company to leave? >> right. the reason why we've been killing jobs in the united states, tax thehigher than other countries, we regulate them more than they can, we litigate, trial lawyers go crazy against these companies, and labor union work rules have damaged our ability to be competitive. so, we need to take on the labor law that has been abused, the tort law, billionaire trial lawyers have used, high taxes on businesses and, individuals and
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if we -- the regulatory burden from the epa and others. we do those, people will be moving jobs and money into the united states, not out. we've done, we, collectively, the government, has done this damage to us. and what trump has promised to do, undo a lot of this damage. that is the way to get growth back. neil: do you think that donald trump is going to try hard to get bipartisan support for these initiatives, either some or all, especially if it will be part after 100-day blitz, where you submit omnibus economic stimulus measure akin to what ronald reagan did when he first became president? big tax cuts, big initiatives to boost defense spending all at same time but he has to win over, as ronald reagan did, southern democrats, bow weevils at time, democrats still technically controlled the house. not the case.
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they have the full table, house, senate and white house he doesn't have to do that but do you think he should? >> he should be open to democrat support. his tax plan is right out there. it is very close to paul ryians. here's my plan. i would love to have your support. there are 25 democrat senators that have to run for he re-election in two years. and when reagan put his tax proposal forward, only 11 democrats voted against his plan in the senate. now most of the house guys voted against it but back then you had some moderate democrats. there aren't any moderate democrats in the house of representatives anymore. there aren't any conservative democrats in the house. they have become republicans why the republicans become the majority. we should offer it but you shouldn't not have the train leave the station because you're waiting for somebody who isn't showing up. love to have your input, love to have your help, love to have your vote. if you can't do it, this all can be enacted with reconciliation
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through sim pa majority vote in the senate and republican majority in the house. democrats have to decide to be part the solution. they spent eight years not reducing corporate tax rates. eight years not taking on the epa and other regulators and people with slow permitting processes. they have been part of the problem. if they want to change teams, that's great. neil: what is it ronald reagan said to those democrats? it is your call whether you want to be part of the revolution. have a nice day. thank you very much, my friend. grover norquist, americans for tax reform founder and president. donald trump now officially en route to indiana. he will do a little crowing, everybody says she should. latest press wave seems to be on cabinet selections. indications, will be richest cabinet if nothing to say the richest president in american history.
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finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. neil: all right. he is on his way to the hoosier state. that is donald trump, what do you call it, trump one? it will be the president-elect's plane until he has big one, air force one, once he is inaugurated on january 20th. for now a little bit of crowing as he heads off to indiana to remind folks, thanks to his personal interest and phone calls and jawboning, carrier reversed course on 1000 jobs it would shift to mexico. we're getting details how he went about doing that. some were local incentives provided by the state's governor, about to become vice president of the united states, mike pence, incentives that will be spread out over 10 years.
12:19 pm
about $16 million worth but could be significantly worth more than that bottom line people's jobs are protected. congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers, from state of washington, she is trump team vice-chair. congresswoman, great to be with you. >> great to be with you. neil: what do you make of that donald trump did on on that transactions, that corporate move as president-elect? >> i think, i'm very proud of the president-elect. i think it's a great move. i think he is signaling that he is committed to american manufacturing, the jobs here. the working men and women that really propelled him to victory. he is committed to making sure we have jobs and opportunities right here in america. neil: what do you think as well, a lot has been said and written about the early makeup of this trump cabinet to be, it is not all finished but already shaping up to be the richest in the american history.
12:20 pm
the media had field day that betsy devos, education secretary, comes from family worth in excess of five billion dollars, wilbur ross, commerce secretary, net worth $4 billion. add it all up you have a lot of billionaires and multimillionaires. they're making a big hullabaloo. what do you make of that? >> president-elect talks to people from broad background. they have a record of success. he is picking best and brightest. you want people to go in there, understand the job that needs to be done, think big, reimagine the government from top to bottom. i think he is making some great picks. i'm excited about tom price as the new health and human services secretary. he is someone that we can work very closely with to repeal and replace obamacare. you look across the board, he is making some great picks. and i think it is reflects very postively on him. neil: i kind of agree with that.
12:21 pm
it is a big deal when he is considered the pauper of the cabinet, congressman price, worth only 13.6 million. interesting enough, congresswoman, john kennedy, besides himself being quite rich, his cabinet, holds record for being richest cabinet prior. yet i don't remember, of course i was just a child, but i don't remember anyone in the media making a big deal of that. i guess it's a big deal with republican cabinets that are rich? >> these are people that have a record of success, building organizations, knowing how to pull people together, to get a job done. and we have a moment, we have a moment here to actually really get some things done for the american people. and i think these are the type of people that know how to shake it up, can go in there from day one and start leading that effort. neil: what about you? your name came up for variety of positions? i heard several mentioned, interior, other, you have a very good position certainly in the house right now. would you entertain it?
12:22 pm
>> i did have the chance to sit down with the president-elect and his team. we talked about a whole host of issues. and i walked away, let me tell you, i walked away even more enthusiastic. i'm excited to go to work. there is such energy right now on capitol hill, with the republican majority in the house and the senate. neil: would you want to be part of that in the administration on the front lines there? >> i'm ready to go to work to be -- neil: in congress or in the cabinet. >> well we'll see. i am here and i'm ready to go to work. neil: what do you think of the president-elect later on, president-elect i apologize, will be going to ohio, be in cincinnati. indications are at this point governor john kasich is not going to be there. he might, might surprise us. there are several like him in the republican party who have been resistent to him, even since the election. i should stress the governor congratulated mr. trump on his election. >> yes.
12:23 pm
neil: you know like many others in the establishment, i'm not saying you, who were resistent going to the convention, recoiled at the notion of a president trump, here he is on the way to the white house. do you think he should go? >> that is his call to make. what i see with president trump is somebody who is going to shake it up. and i have heard from people, republicans, democrats, independents, who recognize this is president that is not business as usual. i think most americans recognize it can't be business as usual. neil: do you think that the governor looks like a baby if he doesn't go? >> well, that is his call to make, but at the end of the day i heard from overwhelming number of other people and across the board, not just republicans who are very enthusiastic, large majority. but also some of my democrat friends and independents who maybe were not trump supporters saying you know what? this is guy who will sake it up. that needs to happen.
12:24 pm
this is time to think about what is possible and going to work to make it happen. neil: i want to thank you, congresswoman, very much. >> thank you. neil: you have a crazy schedule. kathy mcmorris rogers, bright future in the house or cabinet, whatever she wants, her pick. i dare you to look at media coverage of democratic presidents, also came from a lot of money themselves, had cabinets to put it mildly very, very elite, very, very upper crust, not a one was ripped over their wealth. not a one. this one was. do you know the last one that was ripped apart? ronald reagan's. let me see, ronald reagan, donald trump, republicans! think about that. more after this.
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[and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. neil: if you thought it was a one-day wonder think again. oil continuing to advance after nice pop yesterday. another 4% surge today.
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all in in reaction to opec announcing the first time in eight or nine years it will curtail production by 1.2 million barrels a day. half of that false on saudi arabia, and others sharing. even non-members of opec, russia freezing production. that means everyone has to stick to that. it is like a diet commitment i like to joke here, a lot of people break, not me, but a lot of people break these things. former shell oil president john hofmeister whether it holds and if it does, what does it mean for us? >> i think it's a big question mark whether it holds. i think faster the oil price rises the less the chances that it will hold because there are a lot of folks out there, opec as well as other producers are really short of cash, lived with such difficulty in the last few years that they will do anything they can to raise production in the short term in order to capture some of that available money with the higher oil price.
12:29 pm
you but we'll he see. i think, what helps the price rise is not just the anticipation of the cut, but there's also the natural decline of the oil fields and in addition, there is the already announced major cutbacks in capital spending by all kinds of independent producers that simply aren't going to spend money in 2017 because they don't have it. neil: what if, you know, gets to a point where, you know, donald trump comes in, far more friendly force for the traditional energy industry, takes away a lot of regulations, impediments to oil drilling and the rest an fracking and the rest and could that lead to more supply, get these prices back down, what do you think? >> well i don't think we're going to see any kind of a immediate return to prosperity or to rapid production increase
12:30 pm
and that's because the money's not there and banks are still reluctant to loan to oil and gas producers from, you know the past, and we also have a supply chain that's broken, and we are short on people. and so the combination means it is going to take a year, year-and-a-half, to kind of gear up the system, any relief, that the new administration can provide from the burden that the previous administration or the current administration put on the industry would be welcome but what also may happen, neil, in response to any relaxation, we'll see a lot of activism like we're seeing in north dakota right now. we'll see a lot of activism, maybe not in texas or oklahoma but in other parts like pennsylvania, ohio, perhaps, where there will be, just a built-in resistance to whatever the trump administration tries to do. neil: you can count on it. >> it is the whole anti-fossil movement that has gained
12:31 pm
strength over the last eight years. absurdity of course, these people don't mind raising price of the product to the american people which would otherwise, which will dent the otherwise good economic growth of the american economy. neil: very good point. very good point. no matter what happens there. i'm all-in on all types of energy, that's what we're doing. less we rely on folks abroad better off we are. that is a silly notion. john, always great chatting with you, thanks very much. two things to john's point on crude oil, not only building on yesterday's surge, 9.3%, charlie brady says it is en route to settle at highest levels since july 14th, 2015. charlie also points out we've got almost the same gap for the 10-year, around 2 1/2%. it is up about 10 basis points, it too at the highest level we've seen since around mid-july 2015, which tells you that these
12:32 pm
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>> we got to get fannie and freddie out of government ownership. makes no sense these are owned by the government and controlled by the government for as long as they have. in many cases it displaces
12:36 pm
private lending in the mortgage markets, and we need these entities that will be saved. so let me be clear. we'll make sure when they're restructured they're absolutely safe and don't get taken over again. we have to get them out of government control. neil: fannie mae shares alone, sort of quasi-private-public entity in the mortgage industry, to steve mnuchin's comments they popped up 50%. but charles payne, a lot of that kind of stuff and that kind of talk, easier said than done, right? >> well it is easier said than done but we're talking about the incoming secretary of the treasury, wall street guy, by the way, someone who was in the thick of the financial crisis when he he took over indymac and turned them around. neil: good point. >> here's the deal, neil. fannie mae and freddie took back
12:37 pm
$180 billion, to date they paid back $250 billion. there is some form of premium we took, is it$70 billion. shareholders say they have given pound of flesh, time for the government to take tentacles out of and by the way both sides of aisle love. neil: both sides of aisle rich particularly during clinton years. i wonder why they're there in the first place? everyone shudders at the notion of them being away and not being part of this process but they're a relatively recent phenomenon. by that, last couple decades. we obviously got along prior to them. is the fear we can't take them away and if we do, all hell is going to break loose? >> that is the fear. you know, at their peak, 40% of the mortgages out there. talking about $1.4 trillion.
12:38 pm
irony, the subprime loans and portfolio weren't even -- at 168 billion, that was enough to tilt the whole thing over. there was implied government assurance and you know, people quibble over what that really meant. it meant we came to the rescue. i think there's a major, bigger role for the private sector without a doubt but we seem to be intimidated, once we go down this path. we've gone down the same path with student loans. we moved the middleman out. now the american taxpayer has all the risk. no one watching the show feels like they get any of the rewarded. neil: do you think that is the next bomb to explode, whole student loan thing? >> i think it will explode but won't have the collateral damages mortgages have, chopped them up and resold them, chopped them up and resold them, chopped them up and resold them and lied about investment worthiness the entire way. delinquencies are soaring on
12:39 pm
student loans and it will be a problem. neil: while you have the 00001%. you heard steve mnuchin talk about how the upper income upper income rate taxes go down but offset by limits on deductions, i.e., your deductions so you won't see a tax ben at this time in the end. it will be simpler, you will be grateful for that, but you will not get a big ol' tax refund. do you believe that? if so i would imagine it would come as a shock to many upper incomers? >> a, it is a shock. about, i don't want to believe it, and i did cry when he said it. because, there is a sweet spot in this country for people who make a certain amount of money. i think we fail to realize not the 1%, 1% of the 1% that really all megawealth is gone to. the idea of punishing, somehow getting other folks to pay more has had a negative impact on the economy. so, i think it would be wiser
12:40 pm
for me to pay about 5% less and let that money circulate at local mall with my wife than as opposed to giving it to uncle sam. neil: well-put, well-put. >> by the way, i will spend a few bucks at mall too. i don't want to make it sound like she is the only one. neil: there is a mall by me you can sit on a couch. i would do that. and let her spend. let her do that. >> i fell asleep on michael kors last sunday or saturday. neil: who doesn't. thanks, my friend. i didn't want to upset you with at lunchtime you would not get a penny. i felt obligated to do that. imagine if the 1% did protest. how would they do it? would they march on capitol hill with gray poupon. i'm tired with it, deal with it. we'll have more after this. ith ? i'm crazy stressed trying to figure out this complex trade so i brought in my comfort pony, warren, to help me deal. isn't that right warren?
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>> nicole petallides with fox business brief. dow is up 71. focus on oil. right you now at 51.48, tacking on, gaining 4% right now. tacking on to yesterday's over 9-point surge. now is on pace for the highest settle since july of 2015. also topped $51 for the first time since october 22nd. bringing those energy stocks up a long with it as will. southwestern energy, transocean, can see the moves up 5, 6%.
12:43 pm
this comes on heels of opec's cut. we keep a keen eye on retailers. turn the arrows right around go from green to red, express, guess, dollar general, coming under significant pressure for different reasons including weaker sales, weaker outlook and less foot traffic is something that top two retailers talked about in the malls and the like. there you have it to the downside.
12:44 pm
neil: a little rain did not help
12:45 pm
more than 1000 homes, structures, buildings destroyed in the tennessee while fire. seven people have been killed, some in the most bizarre fashions, simply trying to dodge this thing and get out of its way. and it is a long way from resolved. we'll keep you posted. well now obamacare and what to do with it. replace it, that is what the president-elect says, proving apparently lot easier said than done. indications republicans think it would be a while for replacement is in the works, maybe a few years, before it is. gerri willis on that. gerri? >> neil, that's right. the slow train to repeal and replace, three years. that's, that's what they're talking about apparently. they would repeal the bill for obamacare but wouldn't take effect for three years. apparently they're doing this, because the idea behind this, according to people promoting this idea in the republican party would be to get some kind of consensus moving on what to replace obama care with and
12:46 pm
bring on board democrats they need to get this thing passed. i have to tell you though, this is not a done deal, not by a long shot according to my sources who say, maybe some people like this but not everybody. there have been many things on the table in terms of how to get rid of obamacare, replace it with something that might work better. and the question is, how do you make that actually happen? because the law is very complicated as you know. one of the things i think people are talking about, if you wait this period of time, three years, it would be a big disappointment to trump supporters who were told time and again this law will be dumped, it will be ripped away. it could be opening a can of worms for the law as well because, if you give yourself three years to figure you out a solution, wow, that is a very, very long time. so, not a done deal as i said. 10 to 11 million americans covered by obamacare, the question, what is going to happen to them once this law is repealed, if it is?
12:47 pm
of course no guaranties here. what happens to them and, total of 20 million folks if you include the medicaid folks and others who managed to eke out a additional coverage under obamacare. but i have to tell you, neil, fascinating story. this is what is floating out there. you wonder if it is more of a trial balloon than anything else. neil: expectations, right? if you think about it, i think this thing signs up five to seven million every year. let's say it is a three-year thing. 15 at a minimum more who will have coverage presumably didn't have coverage. so that is 35 to 40 million who would have that coverage. it is not a guarranty, they didn't have prior coverage. i'm just saying at that pace, now, republicans then have to explain how they would be taking away that coverage, replace it, argue, presumably with something better, gets to be a more difficult task. >> gets to be a more difficult task, you build in people want to support it, bigger and
12:48 pm
growing number of people. also, gets more and more difficult to hold people on board to the promises that trump made one year ago, two years ago, three years ago. dims in the memory. i think it becomes more difficult to do. neil: well-put, gerri, great seeing you again. gerri willis, apologize as i was talking to her we're getting interesting comment out of mexico city from head of mexico's auto industry group. he was commenting on this united technologies development with it is carrier unit, protects those one you thousand jobs. apparently news to him that nothing has changed. no notice of any canceled invests in mexico on the part of any company that might have business in mexico or intentions to leave mexico. so if this is truly happening, carrier keeping jobs in the united states, those 1000 jobs were to go to mexico, it's news to him. we'll see how that sorts out. this was cobbled together in the
12:49 pm
last, you know, day or so. so maybe they're just not been made aware or they didn't get the memo, to the head of mexico's auto industry, no news is good news. he is not buying it, that it is really going to happen. carrier says it is. donald trump says it isn't. donald trump is en route to indiana to celebrate the fact it is happening. we have marky-mark hitting the mark with a comment many in hollywood aghast. mark wahlberg, what he just said about some of his hollywood friends and buddies, that might surprise you. ♪
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
do and shouldn't talk politics. a lot of hollywood living in bubble. out of touch with common person, everyday guy out there providing for their family. i'm sure hollywood types come back, yeah, we didn't co-star with a teddy bear. which was dumb because they were very funny movies but i digress. entertainment reporter, katrina szish. what do you make of that? they're turning on their own. >> this guy youngest of nine kids, grew up in rough part of boston. he knows what it is like to be a real person. he really didn't live in a bubble for a long time. he was on drugs. he was in jail. this guy knows real life. and so i think the fact that he is still in touch with his roots and really i would say, in touch with reality unlike a lot of celebrities, really goes far you but you can bet he is going to have a lot of backlash from the amy schumers and lena dunhams and katie perries of the world who made it their mission to
12:54 pm
broadcast every single thing that pops into their head at every moment throughout this election. neil: he might risk that as well by weighing into this, going against them. >> absolutely. neil: there is always that risk. >> absolutely. neil: how does it all falls out? >> i don't think he cares. mark wahlberg is somebody, dedicated dad of four. has a close bond with the teddy bear community. this is guy who successful. neil: brilliant, brilliant movies. i digress. >> i like that digression. i really -- neil: not for your kids. >> no, no. neil: not a children's movie. >> it is not a childrens movie. i really don't think he cares. the reason he doesn't talk about politics specifically because he doesn't want to get involved but i think also he is kind of guy who speaks his mind. that is his personality. i really think he could care less what the rest of hollywood thinks about him. i appreciate that. neil: he has been this way for many years. >> yeah. neil: very self-deprecating, unusual quality to see from anyone else in hollywood,
12:55 pm
willing to mock himself. i wonder when a hollywood type goes out of his or her way to say something that is not politically correct or isn't in line with an industry, whether they suffer for that. doesn't always happen. hasn't hurt likes of clint eastwood and others who risk doing that. >> clint eastwood had the chair incident several years ago. remember during the convention. people thought he was off his rocker. neil: they had a field day, right. >> mark wahlberg, i don't think he was, he wasn't directly attacking individuals. i think it was something, you know, he said, i don't think it was mean. i don't think it was vicious. i don't think it was, you know, over the top. i think it is something that really he said, it was honest. came across as honest. i don't think he will see a big backlash. neil: i think you're right. i think you're right. well-put, katrina. >> thanks, neil. neil: always appreciate it. we're getting word new jersey governor chris christie, who
12:56 pm
seems to be shut out of a trump cabinet, that could change, is expressing interest in chairing the republican national committee. that would be reince priebus's old job. reince priebus as you know going on to become donald trump's chief of staff. and christie is apparently interested in that. he did get a little preparation fothis, not only temporarily heading up donald trump's transition team before he was unceremony newsily dumped down and chairing the governor association, particularly republican governor's association, when he was talked about as a future president. he has practice of moving republicans, fund-raising for the party, very, very good for that in popular days. we found it interesting he is entertaining that. we told you a little bit this carrier deal, do his way to indiana. carlos slim, the big mexican billionaire, one. richest people on the planet, he frankly is much more concerned
12:57 pm
for americans about the prospect of a trump presidency than he is for anyone in mexico. that americans might rue the day they elected him president of the united states. that from carlos slim. very rich guy by the way but not very slim. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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neil: welcome back, everybody. i neil cavuto. we are getting more details on this agreement are package of incentives that cat carrier united technologies association to keep jobs in indiana. it's a $7 million worth of tax break coming from carrier. i think i misstated saying it was 16 million the 16 million was to keep its operations in the state and that's the amount of money that carrier will be spending through its parent company united technologies to stay there and update operations in those $7 million worth of incentives are spread out
1:01 pm
essentially over 10 years that there could be more incentives to come. all of this happens at the same time the top minister of mexico has said all of this is a stand that that no indication from anyone that is an american company downscaling plan operations in mexico. it could be lost in neither the translation or the mail here. carrier making it official. donald trump on this later to make it official. mike pence and to be vice president of the united states ready to make it official. a lot of congratulations as they should be. unusual to put it mildly. in indianapolis with all of this going down. i would imagine some happy folks. reporter: there are some happy folks. the reason there is confusion as they are probably more jobs that will actually be going to mexico and will be saved.
1:02 pm
maybe 1100 jobs a few in their furnace unit will continue to make furnaces here in minneapolis. here's the catch. carrier is still looking at the ac unit to mexico. that's the air-conditioning unit about 600 jobs and they go away as well as a plant in huntington indiana near ft. wayne and that will also be going to mexico as well. you can't see it behind me, but there's a number of workers here, presumably the happy one. not the ones whose jobs will go away but the folks from carrier have kept us apart from their workers. i'm not going to push it today given the events earlier in the week. i don't want to get a reputation for perhaps the chance to talk to some of them later. neil: and understand why. i hear the union has your picture. >> their steel workers here in indiana. neil: will just leave it at that. thank you.
1:03 pm
that was phenomenal, as are you. jeff flock in indianapolis. that guy coming in outcome is a very low-key guy. but when he gets angry, like me when they run out of prime rib. you don't want to go there. senator bernie sanders shows corporations had to be donald trump and much to the point that jeff just raised, you can show some rain to donald trump as those jobs are saved in with the other hand secretly take other jobs away. that's the gist of what the candidate was saying to former michigan congressman steve ulster are not. it is a shell game. i always would look at it and say these are 8000 jobs that were saved. these thousand jobs were saved in lebanon. >> that's exactly right. congratulations to donald trump, mike pence and the other folks
1:04 pm
involved probably management, maybe the union. we are keeping a thousand jobs here in the united states. these are the very people in the last election cycle they voted. they are the people that believe the elites in washington had forgotten about them. donald trump is demonstrating i'm going to fight for every job. i will win as often as they can. obviously you want to keep jobs in your district. it is an uncommon for people and representatives to do that at the local level. governors who tried the state level appears so what's wrong with incoming president trying to do it at the national level. the key word is incoming. what do you make of that? >> there is nothing wrong with that. it's like an energy and dcs and behind donald trump. 50 days away and inserted trying to make an impact.
1:05 pm
the important thing is he's in a position where he has to do these kinds of things since congress has failed to pass tax reform. we've talked about it for 15 to 20 years. we haven't done regulatory reform where you're going to do one off every week. we are going to do this for ford. you can't run a country that way but right now that's the only option she has -- he has. neil: you think about the criticism donald trump has been getting over this that it's unseemly for a president, let alone president elect to do this sort of thing. i think it is unseemly not to. >> exactly. it's unseemly to the elite on the coast and washington. for the people in indiana and michigan and ohio, pennsylvania, they are thrilled finally a president recognized and is coming in and going there to do whatever he can to keep their thousand jobs. there's a thousand families this
1:06 pm
week that are thrilled that they don't have to worry about their jobs for a period of time as long as they are competitive. obviously we're disappointed the other jobs may be leaving. if we do the right things they will be more of these jobs in the united states and more of them will come back. >> eggs, nail. neil: it's clear to me the investment community that would be seen luscious say if you're a ceo and getting a call from the president-elect still take it to one of sort that out. i don't know how that can be deemed. what do you think, brian? >> a common meal. you are scared of the bully pulpit twitter account.
1:07 pm
neil: i always thought if teddy roosevelt had twitter, i imagine what that would like. go ahead. >> exactly. i have a little bit of mixed emotions about this carrier deal. on one hand you are using government to save the economy. from my point of view, the biggest problem with our economy today, the reason it is growing so slowly if the government has become just too darn big. we have to remember every dime we used to fund the government either borrow or attacks from the private sector. if there were tax incentives given to carrier come if there was money from the state of indiana that means other companies in indiana has to pay for that. the state budget has that been claimed.
1:08 pm
i'm really happy with the idea trump has shown some bit during on the trade front but won't go full protectionist mode. he will cut corporate tax rates and invest the railway to keep keep companies in america. >> some of that free market theories and even reminding ceos fear the president-elect or the president calling out. got in a way is intimidating in and of itself. you're playing that tony soprano role there. it's only doing so to remind companies that might think about this sort of thing, could you hold on? my hope is to cut corporate taxes more than half to cut individual rates a lot.
1:09 pm
the environment will change the incentives you and your colleagues have had to lead this country, go away. give me time. if you still feel it hasn't happened by all means to you'll have to do. there's a difference in having a phone call or is that still little picky. >> i'm in favor of that. give me time. i want to catch her corporate tax rate than the cost of regulation. ottawa should have your break room with a thousand pieces of paper on the wall that nobody ever reads in force you to do this and had 25 people working in human resources just to comply with all the government regulations. give me a chance to cut those costs. and when i do that come you'll be way more competitive. that's a perfectly fine phone call. the one that i don't like is hey if you go i'm going to hammer you. neil: something is going on here. apple is already talking about
1:10 pm
making all of them in the united states. -- >> i can hear you. i'm not on? neil: you are on, but you can't hear me. i apologize. we lost him here. i wonder who took over the audio for that. there is a difference. i'm going to leave it for you to think about. these companies but the sheer force of will and post the election are doing things that donald trump wanted to see done. just because he taught about in the campaign. not only what you see going on with carrier they are promising here in the united state and to the united states in the
1:11 pm
election of donald trump. and it's got this, big change. that no matter where you stand is pretty remarkable. the
1:12 pm
seeing is believing, and that's why
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. neil: all right. well if all things go i suspect it, steve supper will be the next secretary of the united states. the upper end time not getting away with the tax cut that when you swap out the big cut and deduction that it's a wash for them. they won't be getting a tax cut which was big news to them, big news here. what do you think?
1:15 pm
>> yeah, that's right. mnuchin's comments differ from what theined this summer and appeared to promise lower tax payments for everyone. this morning the top tax writer in the house, republican kevin brady, chairman of the ways and means committee at code mnuchin's comments. >> yummy way to lower rates for everybody is to eliminate the hundreds of special tax provisions for sun. and so that is what we are proposing to you, significant trade-offs to move to this. >> rady said republicans are waiting on more guidance from the trump team on how to proceed on tax reform. the tax plan mr. trump released in august when he was campaigning suggests that every taxpayer including top earners would get a tax cut and thresholds would be the same rights as mr. trump. here mr. trump. here are those thresholds that a couple making $75,000 a year would pay 12% tax dispute income
1:16 pm
between 75,235,000 tax at 25% and anything above 230,000 would be taxed at 33%. the top right now is 39.6 starting at around 400,000. deal. neil: you know, peter, i was crushing some numbers when people were following up on this with us. even if you took all the wealthy deductions away, talking charity and just tax on mac, and they would still end up with big tax cuts. so seeing trump republicans in general dealing with this is just a way to market and sell these tax-cut and ensure either the mainstream media. >> so the trump campaign in the summer said that the wealthy would still pay their fair share. but as you say, even with this
1:17 pm
kind of new plan that mnuchin is outlining, which is similar to the house republican plan from the top earners could get a tax cut if they lose all the deductions the tax foundation estimates the house republican plan would give top earners in a percent tax cuts. whether this all adds up her ads down as that keeps piling up. what do you think when it comes to the tax cuts for the rich that might not be there? >> but we are sitting in american history where we are facing 20 trillion in debt. obviously we want to get that under control. but to get that under control if you've got to get back to growth. we've got to get back to 3% or 4% road race and start chipping away with that. my concern must not be what happens to the debt and deficit because i wanted to growth going. once you start to get the growth
1:18 pm
happening again holding the line on spending and trump is talking about draining the swamp, getting rid of deductions is one of the wake you simplify the tax code to drain the swamp. neil: i can see the method to the madness but he also sees regardless of whether the well-to-do and i've seen a tax cut at all, you're going to make deficits worsen the beginning. the understanding lets the revenue comes infamous tax cuts as it invariably does will show up and improve revenues for uncle sam and washington can avoid spending money as both parties have in the past. >> when bush cut taxes you had a surge in receipts. when reagan cut taxes you have a surge in receipts. when john kennedy the first supply sider cut taxes you have a surge in receipts. i'm expecting a very progrowth agenda.
1:19 pm
neil: you can look at that. from your vantage point you can live with a short-term increase in deficits as ronald reagan saw for a longer-term bigger surge in revenue. >> you've got a good growth. neil: what happens back then. you're a great student of this than republicans who had control of things and spend that money and then some. how do we stop that from happening this time? >> i'm going to stomach a broken record because i talk about the same guys every time i'm on the program. this is by the house freedom caucus are so important to me. this is the fiscal conservative members of the house. i believe it's incumbent upon them to make sure as you start seeing the growth you start seeing taxes and revenues coming in. you hold the line on spending. the reason you want the growth is get the debt and deficit under control. neil: you generally get the most bang for the buck from people who enjoy big tax cut because
1:20 pm
even if the rich to more than other groups save that money or spend that money if they get a big enough one they'll do both. it's a net gain for the economy whether they do either or both. but if they find out that it won't be as much of the bang for the buck, will this thing go bust? in other words, the tax cut for the middle class more in percentage terms the that big of a deal. i'm not minimizing it might not change things. >> the tax cut will help you spending and growth going. the upper income earners that they are looking for is not so much the race but the simplification if they just know what their rates are, they will put a bad plan in place. the real thing especially for the upper income earners predominately owning small businesses is the cutback and regulations. it's the regulatory relief. the growth of the regulatory state having more of an effect on growth that even the tax
1:21 pm
rates. you put the left right combination of tax relief and regulatory relief, that's how they get back to 3%, 4% growth. >> could be interesting. thank you very much. he does hold these guys need to the fire. this back and forth with mitt romney and having to play this kabuki theater were a lot of folks think in the end it won't play off any walk of the secretary of state position. next, ted cruz for the supreme court. ask yourself this, with ted cruz if mitt romney is not think secretary of state even take himself out of the running. mackie stepping up to the supreme court judge? after this.
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
neil: we are just getting where donald trump will finally be meeting with john bolton, former u.n. ambassador actively supporting donald trump. he hasn't got a lot of recognition for that, that he was in sort of a small pool of folks being considered for secretary of state. apparently still is. a lot of those people were early backers and supporters that donald trump hadn't got assignments. rudy giuliani still tingling in the win. secretary of state oddly enough a position that could go to mitt romney of all people. newt gingrich couldn't find a cabinet position that was suitable to him or presumably offered one to him. he was an early supporter. i could go on about chris christie who is now entertaining becoming a vendor outside this building because no-caps positions appeared to be materializing. of course it's just a joke, but i like it. no one else really did hear she's now considering not able
1:26 pm
to play and had not the r. in the two replays reince priebus. it's going to be chief of staff but the upshot and sometimes they need not apply or be considered for itself. enter ted cruz, the outspoken former presidential candidate and texas senator has apparently been bandied about as a possible supreme court pick to the federalist patent leather. what do you think? >> i think it's been amazing to watch donald trump does ted cruz as a politician is all the other guys. author of the primary cycle, ted cruz was very verbal and very outspoken in its opposition. he tried to make his opposition appear like a sensible argument and the rnc kind of punted his endorsement and kick that down the road and later on as soon as it became politically expedient for him to endorse john come he quickly reversed his position.
1:27 pm
so now we know donald trump just seems to be doing this again, dangling this potential supreme court position in front of him in an attempt to bend him to his will. i think is less than really makes it obvious that everyone has a price and i guess for ted cruz that price is a position on the supreme court. >> does very well put. i'm glad you said it, not me. one thing i did notice and i was making my doubts that startups need not apply. those who were early backers, quite the opposite of what you are just saying, did everything they could to help donald trump and obviously in their own interest again on board early. chris christie comes to mind, ted cruz making sense. i could go on about rudy giuliani. they're not being rewarded for it. when we make of that? >> christia giuliani have his back so he doesn't need to keep
1:28 pm
doing things in order to keep them happy here. neil: willie always have their back or does it matter? >> right, that's exactly the point. he got what he needed from them. and now they are not useful. what is useful is getting that romney and ted cruz to second to him and very publicly apologize and embarrassing themselves which is exactly what they are doing now. we know donald trump is obsessed with apologies and is very good at enacting revenge later in the white house correspondents in the 2011 when obama tried to make a full of them now has made a bit full obama. neil: i think it was 2011 without that plan for his eventual white house run, i could be wrong but i think he has a long memory. i wonder if phase dangling that is neither entry in the secretary of state job and i'm
1:29 pm
wondering if he doesn't pick mitt romney and avoid in a courtship that offer the supreme court because it could all be kabuki theater. >> welcome at this point ted cruz has made such a fool of himself. reversing his position about donald trump and the villain is a washington politician like the rest of them. desire to expose all the political grandstanding and ideological pontificating is really just a bunch of horse wash. we know that who ted cruz says companies are deposed himself to be a big phony. i don't see a downside in continuing to up to donald trump at this point. >> don't beat around the bush. tell me how you really feel. it's kind of a weird issue, but trump has managed to make this raw size very, very anxious and have a very, very riveting. he makes announcements when it's
1:30 pm
not fair for the announcement. this is unusual. most presidents elect, whatever the term has come a, whatever that term is, they are there with their nominee for a cabinet position. next up as announcement, the world knows about it, but he's not there. it's as if he doesn't want to get too close to the process, just the process is golf. >> i think you're right he's definitely been vague about all of these positions, you know, this entire time. you are right that it is a purposeful attempt, purposeful thing he's doing to make the process seem like there's a bag of magical thing. in doing that in doing matthew strine is the and doing that he's trying to speak out of the woodwork and getting them to expose themselves as phonies. neil: okay, great. i do not want to get on your bad side. thank you very, very much. i think she's right. we are still awaiting this donald trump event in indianapolis.
1:31 pm
of course this was the same company that became sort of a focal point for those angry the populist wave of jobs that played in america and particularly the jobs of thousand of them supposed to go to mexico. the company put the kibosh on that. some in indiana were offering. you also know the company might be playing to sell ship some jobs abroad. i will always go back to this point. a thousand jobs are not going because of the intervention of the president-elect. that is it. that is a big deal. after this.
1:32 pm
. .
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
neil: you know, sometimes it is a kick having the media pick apart a president-elect and media of course, picking apart donald trump and whether he really did anything magical at carrier, arguing that the company was not going to let these 1000 jobs go to mexico. that other jobs are going to mexico. bottom line the president-elect picked up the phone, talked back and forth with head of carrier, talked with united technologies parent company and those thousand jobs are not going. that we can pick apart. that is little weird for a president-elect so the thousand jobs are safe. when the media goes overboard to talk about a wealth of a cabinet to come and populated by billionaires, richest cabinet ever, richest president ever, didn't say the same when fdr was in office, pretty rich guy, very rich cabinet.
1:36 pm
last richest cabinet was also under john kennedy, democrat. so me thinks make a big deal when it involves republican, because i looked up in history, they did the same when ronald reagan was selecting his cabinet, filled with merrill lynchers and the rest at the time. they pick their battles depending on party. to charlie gasparino, bipartisan sob. >> hate them all equally. neil: you hate them all equally. what do you think? >> it is pathetic. hillary clinton earned, became a millionaire in short period of time, purely through crone you any capitalism. neil: leveraging. >> leveraging the foundation which kicked her back a sally salary and -- neil: you humored us. >> i reported it. neil: there are a lot of legitimate points on air-conditioning thing. >> kind of a good thing. why are we arguing about it?
1:37 pm
first of all, it is a brilliant, tactically political thing, right? neil: absolutely. >> he calls up. he does it. obviously, and here's why carrier, the company is likely to stay. he and pence told him, listen you will lose a few bucks by staying here not going to mexico, basically they know that. would shave i think 2 cents off quarterly earnings. neil: is that right? >> i heard that you will make it up, because we implement free-market capitalism. less regulations. lower corporate taxes. we'll help you make it up. he sold the case of how the free market and less regulations will work. that to me is why i have some confidence in donald trump. neil: you don't look like this tony soprano phone call we think it would be very good idea? >> no. literally level i said it. mike pence is not tony soprano. he is a nice guy. he called up, said, give us a shot. here is what we'll do. listen the president of the united states is calling, let's
1:38 pm
do the numbers. neil: that's a big deal. can not be overstated. >> and, what can't be overstated is the fact that free-market capitalism kept them here. the promise of a less, more deregulated environment, less taxes. they did the math because they have fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. they said this is worth the shot if pence and trump can deliver on tax and regulatory agenda. neil: they also, no company enjoys bad pr. if you have the president of the united states constantly jawboning about you, threatening tariffs, you and i would agree it is bad idea. >> no, it is a bad idea. neil: this works. >> neil, they made a calculated decision here. neil: i think you are so right. >> cost us 2 cents a share immediately but if they deliver on their plan for lower taxes and less regulation, i know this, i've been talking to people about this, we can make, we can make it back. neil: companies also that would be on the fence about this, if
1:39 pm
the message give us time to implement this stuff, we would make it less incentivized for you to jump -- >> if he called up apple, said don't build the plant in china, they would tell him to take a hike. neil: now even apple is considering. >> apple will weigh in more deregulated environment keeping more jobs here. that is what they will do. just like this one did. i think -- neil: isn't that where a lot of money for infrastructure supposedly going to come from? if you wave a wand and incentivize all the money offshore to come back? >> listen -- neil: that seems like a leap to me. >> infrastructure thing, tax and regulatory plans are great, the infrastructure thing is mind-boggling keynesian, that never works. we'll see where donald trump's head is on all this. he is populating his cabinet with a lot of goldman sachs guys. neil: before you go, i said this has been bad for all the suck had of ups, rudy giulianis,
1:40 pm
chris christies, by extent newt gingrich didn't get offered kind of position that he wanted. instead they're going, i'm not saying to non-loyalists but to those who were not sucking up. >> they went to wilbur. he is a big-time suck up, kind of. neil: he was establishment guy in the beginning not keen on trump. >> right. neil: i am not faulting, what does it -- >> scaramucci, perfect example, our friend, scaramucci, former goldman guy, backing walker and jeb, and attacked by donald trump as a hedge fund guy. neil: right, right. >> went nuts on him. neil: now goldman guys ago go. >> scaramucci, hedge fund guy is in inner circle. neil: what about cohn? is he in or out? >> i heard. not confirmed. gary geir cohn wants out of goldman a long time. he wants to replace lloyd blankfein.
1:41 pm
he had a meeting. i heard he is not a high level choice for that job. he is so liberal, one of wall street's initial backers of barack obama. he may get the job, the word i got last night -- neil: that is what they mean you're not draining the swamp, populating it with a swampy guys. >> a lot of contradictions with donald trump. neil: wrapped in a conundrum. >> i am not from the swamp. neil: you never forgotten the swamp. >> italians were buried in swamps back in jersey. mooch, goldman. wilbur ross, big time billionaire, finance ear. gary cohn goldman. mnuchin, goldman. this is like goldman coming back to life. you remember jason? neil: look at the time. charlie gasparino, fun stuff. enjoy the segments. getting ready for the carrier
1:42 pm
event, president-elect, vice president-elect, a lot of people say it is beneath a president-elect to make phone calls. just me, but it might be beneath not to. after this.
1:43 pm
>> i'm ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. let's take a look at the 10-year treasury. the cost of government debt falling. the yield going up to 2.46. we haven't seen that kind of level since july of 2015.
1:44 pm
so treasury yields continuing to rise. meanwhile take a look at the financials and their performance in the month of november, very impressive indeed. you can see that goldman sachs gained 23% in the month of november. hit highest level in about nine years in today's session. bank of america, jpmorgan, citigroup, all impressive gains. meanwhile the automakers out with the november sales numbers. ford, as you can see, up 5%. gm up 5%. fiat up 1%. ford sales up 4.9%. gm sales up 10%. not bad. more coast to coast with the every suave neil cavuto coming up after the break.
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
neil: still awaiting air conditioner event going on in indianapolis. the president-elect will be there, more intriguing how this whole deal was cobbled together, the vice president-elect, mike pence, indiana governor, who did provide some of the state incentives at play here, seven million dollars worth to keep carrier where it is, united technologies, parent company. this moves again that the vice president-elect is a quiet, unsung hero through a lot of these developments. what do you make of his role here, what we know of it, working as he is through the governor role he is still technically at?
1:47 pm
>> yeah. he is perfectly navigated something that he had the advantage of doing, as governor. this carrier thing, when it blew up originally, we watched video of workers being laid off. we were stunned by that. the whole nation was stunned by it. we saw it as sort of symbolic moment, but literal moment where again more and more jobs leaving united states. now with his role of governor of indiana in his understated roles many ways guiding hand within the trump campaign he helped bring i think a great win for donald trump, despite the fact that the press seems to be sort of tempering that victory. the reality is, it is a victory. achieved in early days before trump is even president. before mike pence is vice president. they have accomplished something. they're proud of that that is why we hear from them in couple minutes. neil: you probably read bernie sanders editorial, cut to the chase. be careful celebrating what is essentially a shell game mere. the jobs you gain to keep here
1:48 pm
and many more the company quietly jettisons to mexico. they're the ones playing donald trump. i always come back say even if there is truth, i don't doubt companies play fast and loose with jobs numbers, these are 1000 jobs would have gone, not going. >> if bernie would accomplished this it would be brilliant bernie. neil: very good point. >> just because it is on the other side of the aisle, democrat who as far as i can tell long been advocates for workers are now in the precarious position suggesting that donald trump is not, somehow not getting a victory here by keeping workers in the united states. so, mike pence i think, he has a got a real role in this trump campaign, very helpful. neil: teddy roosevelt analogy, speak softly, carry a big stick, you don't have the use the stick if your very presence, donald trump phone call, mike pence phone call makes all the difference.
1:49 pm
you take the phone call and it might strike some as a little tony sopranoish, but more often than not gets the job done, doesn't it? >> for sure. there are some problems need to be addressed in the united states, especially with jobs, donald trump and mike pence will not make individual phone calls to companies but this is sort of a beginning of a promise to companies, hey, we'll do what we can to create an environment where you can retain workers in the united states. and this is, you know, yes, they make a couple phone calls to carrier. sending a tremendous signal across the country to manufacturers, thinking about leaving the country, hold your fire, see what kind of presidency trump brings along. neil: let's see what he can do. vince, well-put my friend. thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: investors like what they're seeing not just on the carrier development but the prospects of a rejuvenated
1:50 pm
economy, whatever you call it. 19,174. we're only 4 1/2% away, 4.3% on 20,000 on the dow. higher you go the 1,000 point jumps seem to get smaller and smaller after this.
1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
not. have we seen a president-elect do this ever? >> not in business realm. presidents made impact between interim period between election and inauguration. abraham lincoln, south carolina and other states secede. reagan made a difference in iran. neil: he couldn't intervene to stop that. all that went on interim between election and inauguration which was in march those days. >> absolutely. trump is making difference before he is inaugurated. this is unprecedented. only strictly businessman ever to be elected as president. he is putting those talents to effect to try to bring carrier and keep ford into kentucky and that, we haven't seen this before. in the case of carrier, carrier was really, got its start in the 1920s. it existed before the 20s but the tax cuts of the 1920s got carrier going in the
1:55 pm
air-conditioning business when its with supplying air air conditioners to movie theaters. neil: i didn't know that. bert, i always learn something. flip it around. i heard some people say unseemly for president, let alone president-elect to do this, you do it for one, do it for all. my reaction, if it can save jobs, do it. what do you think? >> exactly. part of this is trump's program is reducing income taxes and especially reducing the reducing the corporate tax rate. we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. if we reduce the rate we will keep more companies here and keep more american jobs here. we will encourage much more american expansion. trump sent that message right away and seeing beginnings of that impact right away. neil: some people worry about, i
1:56 pm
call it the tony soprano feel of it. president-elect calls and you're answering like ralph kramden, humadhuma. what do you think of that? >> president does not want to get involved in crony capitalism. that is not a victory for the united states. if we reduce tax rates and reduce unnecessary regulations we give incentives for entrepreneurs to expand that is much different than giving federal aid to a company. we're increasing atmosphere of freedom, that is wonderful thing to happen, that is looking what is happening here. neil: burt folsom, thank you, my friend. >> thank you, neil. neil: minutes away from the big event. as the historian said, an historic event.
1:57 pm
. . .
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
neil: all right, getting ready for donald trump and mike pence's big event in indianapolis celebrating carrier keep the thousand jobs that were
2:00 pm
supposed to be shipped off to méxico. we have exclusive with microsoft ceo, former ceo steve, thoughts on all the changes going on. he's a pretty passionate guy. he will be weighing on some of the passion with president-elect trump. trish: all righty, thank you so much, niel. big stuff coming up this hour, everyone. take a look here. a live picture, you will be of a carrier factory in indianapolis where any midnight from now president-elect donald trump is going to be meeting with factory workers there to make good on that promise he made with them on the campaign trail. that promise to keep their jobs in the united states of america. i am trish regan, welcome everybody to the intelligence report. donald trump is about to take to the stage there in indianapolis, in indiana, he struck a de with carrier. remember, he said he worked all through thanks giving and executives there to try to keep jobs in america. it looks like he's got roughly a


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