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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> romney most likely choice at-this-point. and senate foreign relations bob corker still in mix for
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position he met with mr. trump today, ask called it an honor. >> secretary of state, role so important. to a president, he needs to choose someone who is comfortable with, he knows there is no daylight between them and him, world needs to know that secretary of state is someone who speaks fully for the president. and that is a decision he will have to make again. lou: more contendors, initial favorite for post, former new york mayor rudy guliani, he sent more time today with donald trump, here to talk about trump's expanding cabinet. also joining me tonight, former reagan white house placal director ed rollins. ready to crackdown on
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sanctuary cities from day one. we have a lot to cover here tonight. including worsening crisis of radical islamist in america, islamic state is now claims responsibility for yesterday's attack at ohio state, where a somali refugee ran pedestrian down with a car, then stabbed others with a knife, speaker paul ryan and republican lawmakers have overseened importation of somali refugees into this country and done nothing about it, president-elect trump held meetings with at least 7 potential cabinet members, he met with 3 house members. from business world president and ceo of rolls-royce.
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all visits trump tower today. as for two appointment announced today, trump called congressman price a 6 term lawmaker, quote, extremely qualified to lead the health and human services department, and to fight against obamacare. trump nominated, washington insider elain chao as his secretary of transportation. in private sector irk elain chao. joining me now, chairman of the american conservative union, matt and tony. let's start with these appointments. elaine choi, a reliable republican figure who had
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expens -- extensive public service. we look at ma new chin -- man such inan-- man -- and others we're waiting on. >> you look at these cabinet picks. his white house picks there is no doubt, he wants to reduce the size and scope of government if our lives, i am excited about the picks. lou: and tony, as we, talking about the picks of -- pick that is looming the man he is having dinner with that is mitt romney. who was nastiest -- more energized than any time in his life, his public life. what do you make of the potential choice?
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>> we heard concerns of a lot of republicans, particularly those in the trump team. lou: you put that nicely. >> the fact that donald trump has given mitt romney even this much consideration defies every ounce of object. donald trump has two modes, the governing mode, and unifying mode, i think he has to be very careful with this pick. considers amount of push back from grassroots organizations. we heard some of those concerns with kellyanne's comments over the weekend. lou: the more you say this is unwise, and provocative choice, donald is not not above making a choice just because someone said is impossible. >> cons have very begun to out weigh the pros.
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it seems to be a big step to have dinner, the wives are joining them as well. very inner personal type of dynamic. i think we're watching this real anticipation to see what kind of -- comes out of this. lou: matt? >> i will say, i am all for bringing party together. i am all -- lou: wait a minute, i want to write that down. i got it. >> i am for it, but -- here is the rest of the statement, i would rather have somebody close to president as secretary of state, and someone that understands that building filled with bureaucrats that hamstrings president, someone like bolton to me is a clear choice. this is donald trump's decision.
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but i worry about giving mitt romney this particular position, we'll see what happens. lou: on the other side, look at, president obama. he did select hillary clinton as his secretary of state, he did select john kerry, they had no personal relationship, and did not seem to have much of one other than dispatching and receiving orders. it is -- colin powell and bush administration as you know. >> these -- those names wheny this went to foreign countries, they were seen as very important people, very close to the person that they worked with. the problem with mitt romney. lou: i get confused, to me. whoever is in that job is working for the president of the united states.
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unless we have a president who is leading from behind. >> that is the big difference we had 8 years of -- all people who have not brought any practical experience or accomplishment to the job under the obama administration. lou: where is rudy guliani. the initial favorite? the man who stood at side of donald trump through out his campaign. his trusted friend? >> i think rudy is till very much in the mix. he is the choice. of a lot of people very loyal to donald trump. but donald trump himself has pointed out, just reporting what we heard out in the news
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. that is prevailing sentiment that is, merging, as much as i agree with matt we have to trust president-elect trump. it has become a lot more problematic than it was in the start. lou: i never heard 2 of you be more dipmatic, it is remarkable. i'm turning to you to wrap it up. a second appeal to unity. >> yeah, right. let me tell you, i think that rudy guliani -- i think mitt romney. let him go to v.a. that is a mess, it has been a disgrace, let him turn their wait times and on-line problem, give him a real serious problem to solve, and i will be for it. lou: truth is, maybe that is where he could work, i don't know. but, i have to tell you whoever the president puts in there, it is going to -- it is
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he has made if clear it wil it clear, it is his priority. they better be ready to deliver, thank you. >> we're coming right back with more, we'll not be too cautious. stay with us. >> president-elect trump working nonstop to build his white house team. who will he choose to serve as his secretary of state? a burning question? ed rollins is joining me next. president-elect,in issues a strong warning to those who would burn the american flag. we take that up and more ahead. stay with us.
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lou: wisconsin election commission confirmed that jill stein, did successfully wire the $33.5 million required for the recount she demanded,
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process will begin thursday. hillary clinton campaign is still backing the move, this despite that there is no evidence that any machines were rigged or any kind of irregularities in the vote. there is also fact that donald trump did beat clinton in wisconsin by over 22,000 votes, in pennsylvania, a hearing just been set for december 5. to hear jill stein's argument for a state wide recount there, she missed deadline to file on enoug on november 21, she needs three voter from each state 9,000 voting pricincts to submit. there is a big question hanging. over pennsylvania. not in terms of the vote but in terms of whether or not there will be a recount. the wrangling over recount, despite fact that trump trounced clinton in pennsylvania by over 70,000 votes, there is no evidence there either of
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irregularities, jill stein will petition for a recount in michigan by wednesday's deadline, trump beat hillary clinton in michigan by more than 10,000 votes. >> jill stein has been raking in millions of dollars for a the recount, it has been a very big deal for her, raising more money than she every thought of raising for her own campaign, raised $6.5 million so far, she is now asking her supporters, for more money. have you seen this movie, she claims recoin effort in 3 states will cost $9.5 million, this is one of the highest rates of inflation that we've seen on anything. to watch original price tag now rise, joining me now. ed rollins. dean is with us.
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>> i would predict there would not be a thousand votes changed in the recount. lou: all 3 or in michigan. >> all 3 is probably 2000, this is carefully done, this is a waste of money, and a waste of time, she is just doing this to get her name out. lou: troubling aspect, pushing things off to december 5. a deadline of 13 of december, to get those certified electors into place and vote on 19 of december. >> december 19 he will win over 300 electoral votes. and january 20 he will be inaugurated. lou: ed rollins. ajudicateed the recount. we can just take your numbers, i would accept. >> i those not to make a recount when i was cathedralle -- challenged by state chairman in minnesota, i
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said no. he said -- congressman weber was our chairman i said no, let's move on. lou: weber still, keeping his hand in this, turn to what we don't know, we seen cabinet filling out, elaine chow moving into position, he hear steve - -- will be secretary. the question who is secretary of state, president-elect trump having dinner with mitt romney and his wife. >> i think who picks up the bil bill. one we missed, tom price head
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oh circumstance -- one of the most knowledgeable people. >> if romney is chosen, all good people it will offset that. i we think we've tried to experiment of sending a guy from boston to be secretary of state. i don't think you want a real rival. nixon put in 6 governors, he fired 3. first one was romney. hud secretary. lou: george romney former governor of michigan, mitt romney father. >> he would not respond to white house. lou: there are people watching us right now, they are soy young they don't remember
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george romney. >> he had to get rid of 3 of 6 . he has an outstanding cast of characters. this is -- lou: i love watching those people. running through the lobby. i've seen shorter lines in 1930s pictures, if you know what i mean. >> absolutely. lou: edgreat to have you. >> my pleasure. lou: how do you think. who do you think? >> i am in anybody but romney camp. a couple other choices, rudy and my first. loyal and talented and i like petraeus. lou: if donald trump were
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sitting there next you to, and asked who should be secretary of state, you wouldn't say anybody but trump? >> i want rudy guliani, i think rudy busted his tail for him. >> thank you for your answers. >> vote in our poll, question is do you believe country will ever awaken to subversive threat posed by american lift. not a dress rehearsal they mean business, cast your vote, follow me on twitter, like he on facebook. on wall street stocks prices closing higher, dow up 24, s&p up 3, nascar up 11. -- nasdaq up 11, volume on big board picking up, 3.7 billion shares, banks reports record profits in third quarter. crude oil plunged down 4% over doubts that opec of cut
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product at the meeting tomorrow. >> dollar is so track for best month against japanese yen since 2009 after a half percent against yen today. listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, donald trump said that the economy is his priority. >> i asked my transition people to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one, to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. lou: about time, he is ahead of schedule. he is not even in office yet, but the economy is already heading in the right direct, and a lot of places. that is subject of my commentary here next stay with us.
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the o.e.c.d. forecasts that under president trump the u.s. economy growth will double by 2018. a growth will double. back to the stock market because that's fine and a breathtaking trump rally since he was elected. markets are holding near record levels. since election day the dow has crossed 19,000, closed. >> the a record high 8 times. the president-elect work on jobs holding talks with carrier to keep their factory jobsth this country. he already had success with ford motors withholding jobs in this country. the. but it's decided to keep production of the lincoln sport utility vehicle in kentucky. more work to do, but the work has gun under this president-elect.
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call it the new optimism, resurgence, new confidence or nowhere to go but up from obama. something is movingth these markets and this economy. that's something our middle class working men and women haven't felt for a long time. putting america and american workers first puts prosperity in prospect and american on her way to being great again. our quotation of the evening. he said, much effort, much prosperity. let's get to work. we are coming right back. our lame duck president and speaker ryan are responsible for bringing in all but unvetted somali refugees. >> large numbers of somali refugees coming into your state.
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lou: poor vetting at least partially to blame for yesterday's ohio state university attack. bilbill gavin on radical islamis in america. we'll show you a remarkable stunt in a video coming up next. we'll be right back.
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lou: new questions over the refugee resettlement program after the attack at ohio state university. 11 injured after somali refugee abdul razak ali artan drove his car into a crowd yesterday and then got out of that car and stabbed a number of people. since 2001, 90,000 refugees from somalia have been admitted to the united states, including nearly 9,000 last year. president obama earlier this year announced he wanted a 30% increase in the number of refugees coming into this country. 40,000 of those refugees from the near east and south asia. 35,000 from africa, including somalia. yet congress under speaker paul ryan has done nothing to address the issue. the ryan-led house of
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representatives passed a spending bill fully funding the refugee resettlement program with support from leading republicans. legislation backed by 49 republicans to put the funding has yet to even receive a vote. that's the responsibility of the speaker of the house. president trump says he will pause funding of refugees from countries that sponsor terrorism. bill gavin, great to have you back with us. as we witness this huge, huge immigration into this country propelled by the obama administration, aided and abetted by speaker ryan and many members of his conference and leadership. this looks like it's all been done with a political purpose in which they didn't mind not vetting thoroughly these refugees, particularly from
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somalia. >> everything that has been done makes no sense in view of the dynamic problem we have by letting people in here that aren't properly vetted. we have the ability to vet these people properly but we don't have the will and therefore the law enforcement intelligence services don't have the authority to vet them properly. i have no idea why all these people need to come into this country at once. the political correctness aspect of this whole nonsense is going to kill americans. it's a given fact. lou: at ohio state they are fortunate no one was killed in that horrible attack, driving a car into a crowd, and the somali refugee who is a green carder now, attacking with a knife those folks. it's terrible.
7:38 pm
but it is becoming pretty clear, isn't it, that radical islamist terrorism in various forms is now part of this country. there is radical islamist terrorism in america. >> you are absolutely right. radical islamic terrorists want to do harm to this country. none of us want to say that muslims in general are just shouldn't come into this country. that's not it. radical muslim extremists wants to put our country down, want to kill all of us and run this world according to sharia law. we have to make sure that it doesn't happen. i think with what i have seen the president-elect do right now with the finances you discussed in our last piece, i have all the faith in the world that he will devote that same kinds of enthusiasm to the security of our country and stop this. there are other ways to handle
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this problem other than let people into this country that can't be properly vetted. >> instead of having detractors on the left who attack donald trump because he represents a way forward that they never contemplated. that is an american constitutional republic that prospers and survived. people need to remember, we wouldn't be talking about these refugees, these immigrants vulnerable to becoming radicalized and carrying out these acts of terror if it were not for donald trump bringing up the issue. the first thing that happened was the national left-wing media scoffed at him and mocked him. it's been absolutely precisely what he predicted. >> lou, we would still be drifting along on the absurd rhetoric that has come out of
7:40 pm
the white house the past 8 years and everybody would have been happy smiling at each other. they don't understand what the goal of the radical islamic terrorist is. i saw an required in a scandinavian country. i can't say was radical. but he was a muslim. here is we can do. you bring us into your country under an immigration program. we'll come and have four wives, five wives, 25 children, 50 children, and sooner or later we'll vote you out of your own country, and that's our goal. simple. lou: it is without question, votes seem to be the calculation on behalf of this adds min strailings straition's policies and not votes for -- i would take as being in either the mainstream or in the national interest. we appreciate you being here.
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come back soon. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe this country will ever awake to the subversive threat posed by the american left? this is about the survival of the republic' itself. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. we are nearing 1 million followers. i thank you for that. like me on facebook, follow me on instagram@"lou dobbs tonight." aup of women jumping out of aircraft taking to the sky nearly 20,000 feet above the arizona desert. locking arms and forming a snowflake while plunging to earth. they hold the world record for the most women skydivers to be
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lou: president-elect trump dining with mitt romney momentarily, we are told. and the president-elect trump's motor kade has arrived at the restaurant. romney will be joining the president-elect for dinner. joining me mike gallagher, form election law counsel for the republican national committee and cleave financial officer for romney's 2008 presidential campaign. charlie spies, it's great to have you here. i have got to start with charlie.
7:47 pm
your former boss sitting down the president-elect? what do you think they are talking about? >> hopefully how donald trump can be a great president. lou: i think that course has been laid out during the campaign. what about the governor? do you think he should be secretary of state? >> i have confidence in donald trump's decision. i give him a lot of credit for sitting down with a variety of different voices, and i think he's doing a great job filling out miss cabinet. >> do you think crow is on the menu? how do they serve crow. there are millions of people who can't forget governor romney's scathing indictment of donald trump's character, and we know -- we appear to know how loyal donald trump is to those
7:48 pm
who have been loyal to him. it's been a you are ream few weeks. it's no shock -- lou: it's scene extraordinary campaign throughout. the passion, the outright contempt for between these elements, there is 17 of them at one point working against each other within the party. but nofnl is was nastier and vile than mitt roll numbers attack on donald trump. do you think the governor is sincerely putting that aside and ready to work for the man he so vilified? >> if he was offered the job, that would have to be the understanding. i think he's extremely patriotic, and donald trump is our president. if he went that direction, i have 100% confidence mitt romney would be loyal and serve at the president's pleasure.
7:49 pm
>> i'm not sure how you are loyal and put that duty to countryside by side with an attack just on trump's foundation, his character. governor romney called him disshownest, a liar, a phoney, a conman. that's got to be difficult to reconcile. >> the speech was during the primary. donald trump is the one who has been gracious about this. when he was asked about this, he says he was tough on mitt romney, too. lou: you have got to give me credit for honesty. i said i'm much more shallow and pettier than donald trump could ever be. you attack the man, it just doesn't feel right it was so personal. and it was so invidious.
7:50 pm
i don't understand what he was doing. >> as kellyanne conway said there were the never trumpers, then there was romney. >> it's hard for me to wrap my brain around a secretary of state being someone who attacked the man the way he has. >> there is precedent for this. the clinton folks were extremely nasty about barack obama. there is no love lost between them but barack obama brought her into his administration. >> republicans are supposed to do things differently than the democrats do. democrats play a different kinds of hardball. ronald reagan's 11th commandment was shredded by the never trumpers in a big way and romney. lou: there is a lot of shredding going on. charlie, what else your
7:51 pm
prediction? >> i predict if donald trump picks mitt romney he will do a great job. >> i'm hoping for rudy giuliani or john bolton. you will have to count me as a hashtag never romney. anybody but mitt. lou: i think i have got to say, first giuliani, then john bolton and primarily not because of the difference in their qualities or imaiments or intellect. but was frankly donald trump is closer personally to rudy giuliani, and i think that would be good. i think that job needs all the friends he can get. >> i would avoid a confirmation battle. he wants the right to work, repeal and replacing obamacare. lou: charlie and i never agree. some fights are worth having.
7:52 pm
some battles you just have gotta win. you are very gracious, charlie. breaking news. the "new york times" reporting president-elect trump will announce a major victory stop jobs. they will reportedly be announcing they have struck a deal with air-conditioner company carrier to keep as many 2,000 jobs in the great state of indiana. carrier had planned to move the 2,000 jobs from indiana to mexico. that has apparently changed. trump to make that announcement at carrier's indianapolis plants. great news. up next, president-elect trump vowing to slash federal funding for sanctuary cities in his first 100 days.
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lou: joining me now, congressman culverson. govern forward to force sanctuary cities to come in line. the president-elect says during his first 100 days he will do
7:57 pm
precisely this. you have got to feel pretty good about the prospects of rieght the country. >> americans show they want to save and preserve the america we know and love. as chairman of the committee i created an off switch, i got department of justice under loretta lynch to notify every city and start in america, unless you comply every time 100% of the time about criminal aliens in your custody, you will lose your federal funding. senator sessions can turn off the money to the top 10 sanctuary cities in america on january 20, all at once. lou: top 10. nearly all the major cities in
7:58 pm
this country are sanctuary cities. there are 400 jurisdictions that are sanctuaries with for illegal immigrants. how long will it take the republican-led congress and the president of the united states to turn this thing around and of course attorney jeff sessions. >> they will be by example illustrate that unless you hand over criminal defendants who are here illegally in your custody tto be deported, you lose your funding. july 7 this notice went out to the state of connecticut, california, new orleans, chicago, be miami-dade, milwaukee and las vegas have all been certified as sanctuary cities. the state of california will lost $69 million january 20.
7:59 pm
new york city will lose $15 million. we'll make the other states -- we'll do it by example. lou: that's terrific news, it's a responsible way in which to govern in which this administration and the previous republican administration chose not to enforce our laws. how they felt empowered to ignore a federal law is beyond me. but it's an arrogance that has been dispensed with. we have 30 seconds remaining. is there not a sufficient body of law that says we can enforce our immigration laws and we have a responsibility to do so and we are going to do so in your city, your town under federal law? >> that's right. using the power of the purse i demonstrated congress can use the existing authority we have. we don't need a new law. use the authority the founders gave us. if you want federal money,
8:00 pm
follow federal law. the switch can be thrown on january 20. time is up, new york. lou: we thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow. kennedy: you want a lesson in hypocrisy. look no further than the great recount of 016. how messy will it get? donald trump threatening to toss black burners behind bars. sound policy to strengthen the nation or direct assault on the free speech. protests over the $15 minimum wage popping up coast to coast. but will the free market decide what's right? it got hot and crazy last night between jill stein and me.


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