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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 27, 2016 6:00am-6:31am EST

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entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty and a never well. that is our show. see you next week. ♪ he said he should not have been born has died. well, good riddance to fidel castro today. more to come. targeting our economy. black lives matter protesters trying to shut down chicago's magnificent mile retail district. and $15 minimum wage protesters planning strikes at several major airports next week. now, some here say trying to ground key parts of our economy will backfire on the protesters. hi everybody. i'm in for brenda butner. this is bulls and bears. joining us this week, john, morgan, chuck and a warning to all you gentlemen ready to take morgan on, she's in the navy
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reserves, guys. john, you say protesters try and targeting our economy will backfire on these protesters. >> yeah. i do. look, dr. king i think was one of the greatest men of our country. i wish he lived to be 100 years old because he did so much in the little time he was here on earth. but his protests were not militant. his protests were not harassing of innocent people that were just coming by to shop in a store. and i think you lose the message. people take black friday off to go shopping. if they go down and can't get in, they're being called names for trying to go into a store which by the way has nothing to do with what they're protesting. i think it hurts the message. i'm sympathetic to the protesters, the protest over the mag nif sent mile was -- i agree with what their cause is. they want an elected committee to oversee the police. i get that. i think it's lost when it's protesting magnificent mile and
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protest they've had which is good is lost as well. >> morgan, do you think it will backfire? >> i do. i agree. i think there's a lot of ways to get your message across and even us sympathetic to the message, there's a lot of ways to get it across other than sort of ruining everybody's holiday. you know, we've had a really tough and di visive election and i think people wanted to spend time with their family at thanksgiving over the weekend and just adds more to the angst of people trying to shop. again, i think there's other ways to do it to be peaceful without sort of ruining everybody's holiday. i am sort of sympathetic to what they're trying to do. >> chuck, please explain to me how blocking the entrance to a kragt and barrel pushes your message about whatever you're trying to protest? >> they teach us that in protest 101, you don't protest when there ain't no cameras around. they wanted some attention to a very important issue that john and others have talked about being a good issue. i think it's a smart tactic. and they teach us liberals that in 101 how you go out and do
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this. i don't think this will hurt the businesses. i think the businesses won't stop anybody from going in to tiffany's or spending a lot of money. i think what's hurting them is the internet. on thursday alone a report put out this morning that $1.15 billion was spent on the internet. i don't think a few hundred protesters are going to hurt a bunch of folks in chicago. >> gary b., one thing about this is there are a lot of these pile-on causes and people at home watching this even if your shopping isn't disrupted, you wonder what they're protesting. >> exactly. but you quickly get over that and figure out that, my god, i can't get into the crate and barrel, i'm going crazy. look, we are stressed out enough during the holidays. i disagree with chuck. he says, oh, my gosh, we just walked through the crowd. listen, if there's people yelling and shouting out there, i got news for you, i'm at the corner, i see those people, i turn around and go some place else. or i don't shop at all. so, one, it's going to hurt the business. two, i am convinced these protests help only one group.
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and that's the protesters. they feel good about themselves. chuck is right about one thing, they do get a lot of tv coverage. but i'm betting most people tune in and then, oh, yeah, there's people protesting. who cares and they move on. unless it effects you personally, 99% of the people just like occupy wall street, 99% of those people that were watching the occupy wall street wondering like why can't i get into my apple store today. that's what they care about. that's why this stuff is foolish. and it doesn't make any sense. >> but some protests do often work. you had that threatened strike at the philadelphia airport. remember that? that kind of moved ahead the effort to unionize there. and you're going to have similar protests next week. again, when you target say the airlines, that sometimes does work. >> well, when you're at an airport you have time to read things. protest in front of a victoria's secret i think that's a good way not to have someone read the sign you're standing in front of the store. but to bring up the mlk reference, we have a path of voting for a lot of these things
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very successful. look at all the states that added more minimum wage increases for example. i don't think the average person shopping thinks that's something you can't achieve locally with your elections. black people had a problem wasn't vote outable, they needed to protest. i think people still ultimately sided with them, some of these protests are on things you don't like who won the election, that's something you should be voting your way out of. you don't need to protest your way out of that. on the other hand the situation with police and black people is a protest grade thing. the protests i've been reading they haven't been blocking the economy. i think if people went to the museum after thanksgiving with their family that's where the protest would be. it's not they're trying to destroy the economy. >> but, john, do you think this does have an economic impact? >> it has to. listen to what gary b. just said. you have people that are going out there and deciding this is too much trouble, i'm just not going to go into this store. and if you realize that next tuesday they're talking about a strike in chicago airport, people are not going to fly
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through chicago airport. i fly about four days a week, i would plan around that. so, yes, it does hurt. and the message of the protesters i think is what is lost. they're talking about protesting $15 minimum wage. when you talk about the strike in chicago. the problems in chicago are so much deeper than minimum wage. you had 600 murders as of last month. that is more than new york and l.a. combined plus 100. the issues there have much more to do with just wages in that inner city than they do with if you can increase them doesn't stop the generational issues of poverty and incarceration. >> gary b., we've seen so many $15 minimum wage protests in the past sponsored by the unions. and the very candidates who were backing this didn't get elected. >> yeah, exactly. look, i think that people hear it maybe to jonas' point, they think about it but it's kind of like all politics is local. i think all politics is personal. if you're out there and you're
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one of those people making $12 an hour, you care about moving to $15 an hour. but that's not most people. so you go, yeah, well, okay. and then you move on. unless, as a few people point out it's on the ballot. as far as by the way losing business, i definitely think people lose business. look, if you're walking down the street and you see 200 people in front of the restaurant you want to go to, particularly in chicago where you have thousands of choices, i got news for you a lot of people especially with a family are turning around and going to another place down the block. >> yeah, but i think the people that are affected most are actually the employees of these businesses, whether it's the protest in chicago or at the airport. you're actually affecting the people who are making the hourly wage. if people went to magnificent mile in chicago, all ages, all races, all creeds employed inside of these retailers. and they're the ones whose paycheck is being disrupted. if you go to the airport, it's the same story. we often look at it how is this affecting the bottom line revenue of business, but i think sometimes we miss that these protests actually really hurt the individual who's making an
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hourly wage who these protests claim they're trying to help. >> yeah, chuck, hurts the people who need those jobs who got to get to work, get out of my way. >> that's a great point. at chicago airport the people that actually come down and get your grandmother in the wheelchair are making like $8 an hour. we should be making sure we can pay people a living wage -- speaking of election, we just had an election where a man got elected said let's make america great again. there's a lot of people in middle america feel like they've been left behind and government and rich people don't want to speak to them or do anything for them. this is exactly the conversation out there right now where people want a voice in their government and feel a good protest is the way to do that. >> jonas. >> i think after what just happened in the elections, a lot of left wing people particularly need to rethink strategies that may have worked in the '60s that may not be loeappropriate today getting their policies achieved. >> somebody explain to me with all these protests why we've got record highs in the stock market day after day in the last week, gary b. >> well, i tell you what, i
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think most people out there particularly on wall street the big hedge funds, they're saying, my gosh, we're not going to collapse. we're not venezuela. everything looks pretty good out there. and the actions that trump has taken in the past few weeks you'd say, my gosh, he's not a lunatic. that's all upside. i think that's what the market is voting for right now. >> john, i'm going to give you final word. so we're not venezuela, yeah! >> the best thing that gary could say about our president-elect is he's not a lunatic. that's incredible. >> well, made us all laugh, right? thank you, guys. cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now. hey, neil, what have you got? >> hey, well, tradition after moving out president obama suggests he will have no problem speaking out against a president trump. and a new debt crisis that could create crisis for our next president, and maybe you too. in fact, maybe all taxpayers. we'll see you at the bottom of the hour. >> thank you, neil.
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we can't wait. but up here first, college professors and officials continue bashing president-elect trump's victory. and some here say the liberal bias on campus is a big reason why we're divided across this you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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that will begin taking his ashes to -- liberals on campus not letting go of the election outcome. a harvard law professor writing an op-ed calling for the electoral college to choose hillary clinton over donald trump, saying she won more votes and is more qualified. in the interim, president of vassar college in new york wrote a letter questioning and questioning more activism. morgan, you say this is a big reason why america is divided. >> absolutely. if you go onto college campuses right now, really the people wlo need safe spaces and i say that in just are the conservative kids. i have a family member in college in california, he wore a make america great again hat on election night and he was literally harassed and booed,
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spit at. it was really tough stuff that he went through. so when you look around universities around america, there's no tolerance for any sort of diverse thought. i spoke at the university of pennsylvania recently, and i had students coming back to me in the mba program quietly whispering with me they agreed with conservative principles and feel they have to whisper. i think the real question we all know this is an issue, what can we do about it? i think this is where we need to actively support students of conservative thought on campus. we need to look at the fact that most of these public universities get some sort of public funding and how can we make sure that there's diversity of thought at any place that's getting public funding from congress. >> chuck, not only are these universities breeding this division, these kids' parents are very often paying about a quarter of a million dollars for it. >> well, just by the numbers, the number of kids between the years 18 to 30 voted like 75% for hillary.
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the same thing with college professors. this is not surprising that people are upset that they lost, especially young people upset that they lost. and, yeah, there's some di visiveness there but it's on both sides. what we need to realize is donald trump -- and i vote against donald trump and outspoken against donald trump, but guess what, he won. and when you win you get to pick the cabinet. let's be clear, i worked for bernie sanders. if he'd won the presidency, you'd be interviewing the secretary of agriculture right now because i'm the only liberal that knows how to drive a tractor. that's just how the game is played. >> gary b. >> well, i don't think it creates a division as much as it creates misinformation. you know, i have a daughter, vassar is one of the original seven sisters, my daughter went to one of the other seven sisters as a college professor in boston, she could not be more liberal. but here's the nice thing, now at 29 she's starting to realize as she furthers on in life you become more con zefbtive because you all of a sudden have to start thinking, my gosh, i can't
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afford my health care bill, or my gosh, i wish i made more money, how can i make more money? and she's starting to become, my gosh, somewhat of a capitalist. i mean, she still shed a tear that hillary lost, and god bless her, but i think life teaches you to become more conservative. that's the good thing. you rarely find -- as you well know, dagan, people that start out conservative and become liberal, it's almost always the other way. we're still holding out for chuck, maybe when he gets a little bit older he'll see the light, but life has a way of educating you. >> it's because most -- >> and lealege education behind. >> it's because most of us leave the fantasy land of the university campus and have to live in reality, jonas. >> exactly. >> i wish i could go back. my gosh. look, i don't think they're winning, so what does it matter anyway? you're talking about a relatively small amount of the country that goes to a quarter of a million dollar school, to your point. and if anything to hold
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halloween costumes or funny things, alienating moderate voters or some of these people that could go away by focusing on issues that don't apply to people that aren't in college. i would say it's as effective as -- probably less effective as corporate in dodoctrination -- >> but, john, it creates devicidevice i -- divisiveness. the school leaders even creating and breeding intolerance in the name of tolerance. >> sure they are. look, 1945 kids were hopping off boats about to storm normandy into certain death and now kids of this generation need a safe space. that's ridiculous and it's all because of these wac-a-doo goofy professors out there we didn't win so banish the electoral college and make it retro active. you know that would have changed how people would have voted. i am for banning the electoral college, by the way. it was created so the southerners could count slaves as three fifths a person, that's why it was created.
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i'm for banning it. but you can't ban it now and make it retro active. these college professors are sitting in class sucking their thumb telling everybody else to do the same thing because you didn't get your way. stamp your feet but do your job like you're supposed to do. >> morgan, final word, quick. >> i think we need to support young people on university campuses. there's a program, a william f. buckley program at yale for instance that gives students the opportunity to do internships and give them a voice. i think this happens not just in the really expensive schools. we have to remember this happens in state schools this sort of indoctrination. i think it's a bigger problem than maybe one would realize. >> thanks, morgan. thanks, guys. cashin in just over an hour from now. eric, what do you guys have coming up? >> hi, dagan, president-elect donald trump rolling out plans to make the market great again. a fair and balanced debate on if it will work. and new calls for trump to dump his twitter account when he moves into the oval office. why someone here says it's the
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worst thing he could do. >> thanks, eric. up next, our next first family won't be living together right away in the white house after the inauguration. some say that's concerning, but others say it's good paren
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xfinity, the future of awesome. when our next president moves into the white house on january 20th, he will be without his wife and 10-year-old son for awhile. the first couple deciding to let barron finish the school year out in new york city. gary b., you have kids, is this good parenting or should the first family be all together in
6:24 am
the white house? >> i think it's good parenting. look, the first lady, mrs. trump, was not elected to any position. she should be entitled to raise her family as she should. i am concerned about the cost of the secret service guarding all of new york city, but beyond that she's making the choice she thinks is right for her family. good for her. >> morgan, i agree. and i think we also have to remember that he has adult children in ivanka, donald jr. and eric trump who have been very much of this campaign, ivanka's husband is reportedly moving to washington too, so i think we'll see a lot of the first family and let this young 10-year-old do what he needs to do in terms of finishing out school. >> john, how about folks just minding their own business? he's not your child. >> of course. look, his mom's a super model, his dad is a billionaire about to become president of the most important country -- biggest country in the world. this doesn't fit into ward cleaver's family management courses. when you got a president who's been married several times, says the things he's said about women, we didn't elect donald
6:25 am
trump for family values, we elected him to be president. and that's what he should do. >> jonas. >> definitely not a leave it to beaver family, modern family with gold leaf chairs but at the end of the day seem to like it and that's what it is and that's the way they're raising kids and wonder private schools in new york are better than d.c. anyway. take that, d.c. >> chuck, final word to you. >> scare me i almost sound a little like gary b., i wore my bankers vest to try to look like i was important, but what the deal is they can stay up there and i was a momma's boy and he should stay with his momma, but they should reimburse the government for every day of security that they have to give that boy and that woman up there in new york city. and we done expect the same thing of barack obama if his wife and two daughters stayed in chicago. >> thank you, chuck. i bet you're wearing cowboy boots with that vest though. chuck, thank you so much. and great thank you to morgan as well. thanks to both of you. holiday bargain hunters going wild for deals. and one of our stop bargain hunters says that could make one
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name the deal of a lifetime if you buy it now.
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oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. predictions. gary b., go. >> you couldn't have said this years ago, but right now holidays mean it's binge watching time. i like netflix. i think it doubles in two years. >> john, you like netflix? >> i prefer the broadband internet provider like verizon, i do own it. >> yeah, that's sexy. john, your prediction. >> bp, december 5th dividend, that's sexy. big uncertain times are coming with a transition. even if they don't stock's up 20% in a year, i do own it. >> i think the trump rebound is almost over. >> that's all you got? jonas, give us your prediction. >> online sales are doing super duper, best ever already. if you're a credit card company, it does not matter, american express up 15% in a year. they get a piece of everything. >> gary b., do you like amex?
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>> jonas only likes it because he has a black card. i'd buy it on a pullback. >> it's not a black card if you -- thank you. neil is now. president obama is promising to pipe up if he doesn't really like the way things are going. hello everyone. i'm neil cavuto. president-elect trump isn't even in office yet but this president wants him and the world to know if he doesn't like the way things are going, he'll be talking. a lot. breaking with a tradition -- a usual tradition of former commander that keep to themselves. charlie payne and charlie, two charlies who do not keep to themselves. we have kennedy here along with gary and adam, ben stein is out this week, dagan you just saw doing usual great job of hosting


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