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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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it's like an indoor mall, right? pardon me, pardon me, so surreal, but it is what it is. who'd have thunk, right? all vying for cabinet positions, others just to say hello to the next president of the united states. trish regan to you. trish: thank you, neil! a busy day for president-elect donald trump, as he announces three key appointments to his administration today. i am trish regan, welcome everyone to "the intelligence report." the appointments are coming fast and furious right now. here we go, up to speed, senator jeff sessions from alabama, early trump supporters. the first senator to support trump for attorney general. lieutenant general mike flynn for national security adviser. flynn has been outspoken about the dangers of radical islam staying is a political ideology that hides behind this religion, something we discussed over and over again at length on this program. and representative mike pompeo from kansas for director of
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cia. all nominees fierce critics of president obama's handling of terrorism and national security. like president-elect trump, general flynn, as i mentioned, is not afraid to name our enemy. radical islam. and he has called islam a political ideology, and senator sessions is a strong supporter of tough immigration enforcement policies. some of the nominees are getting mixed reviews, with critics worried nay will be too anti-islam, too anti-immigrant. for the latest on the controversy surrounding some of the nominees, i want to go to our connell mcshane outside trumptory right now. >> reporter: interesting with, everything you just went through, no surprise know that these three gentlemen would be hearing it from the other side, the democrats that are processing the nominations today. the important point is two of
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the three positions require senate confirmation, general flynn, national security adviser will not. on senator sessions first, chuck schumer put a statement out and i'll read part of that to you. he says i know senator sessions and we work out at the gym, the fact he's a senator does not absolve him from the tough questions of the confirmation process given past statements and staunch immigration reform, concerned what he would do at the civil rights decision at the department of justice, i want to hear what he has to say. possibly referring to years ago when senator sessions was nominated to be a federal judge, it was stopped because of racially charged comment in the 80s. on general flynn, a top democrat, adam schiff, i'll read part of that to you, it's interesting --
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now that doesn't really matter, that's the one position that does not require senate approval, not that congressman schiff is a member of the senate. the republican mike pompeo nominated as cia director, he is someone who will listen and engage, there are concerns about his stints on torture that would be relevant to the cia. he talked about the interrogation techniques that were employed after 9/11 and said that those that put him in place at the cia were heroes, were not torturers. we spoke to shawn spicer at the rnc and said the congressman would be implementing president-elect trump's views of the cia, not necessarily his own. trish: for more analysis on the appointments, i'm joined by fox news contributor lieutenant
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colonel michael waltz and robin burro. good to have both of you here. first over to you, the criticism from the left is that basically these guys are going to be too tough when it comes to immigration, when it comes to dealing with islam as a religion versus political ideology. what say you? >> let's start with general flynn who served in the pentagon and the joint staff, the combatant commands and general christo in both iraq and in afghanistan. he knows how to herd the cats so to speak across the vast policy of agency, dod, cia, treasury, and everyone else and how to get the interagency on board behind the -- trish: so operational knowledge counts for something. >> counts for a lot. trish: the criticism of him,
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robin, is, of course, you well know, he perhaps has ties to russia that might be considered unseemly. look, i'll tell you, we've made the point all along here on the show you that might want to think about teaming up with a place like russia right now in the fight against isis, in that enemy of my enemy is thus my friend. while we don't want to be too cozy with putin, we got the same goal, we want to take out islamic extremists. this is something general flynn adheres to and something he's criticized for, why? >> well, trish, the basic reason is that they're conflating muslims with terrorism, but you said it accurately. trish: no, he said islamic extremism. >> yeah, okay. but my main concern is that no one is questioning his military prowess, but he was pushed out of the defense intelligence agency in 2014 and essentially forced into retirement because
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he was actually accused of disclosing classified information intentionally to pakistan. for a campaign that won against hillary clinton, hammered her for 17 months for e-mails and transparency, i'm a little concerned, i think, that's hypocritical. trish: he's been criticized for being too much his own man, in his policies were definitely at odds with what president obama wanted to implement, but you know, as much as you need to do the job of your boss, you also, and we saw how much trouble this land of hillary clinton was in when she was campaigning for tpp, the trans-pacific trade deal and trying to say i wasn't so crazy about the thing, you have to be your own person in all of this and navigate the potentially treacherous waters between what you want, what you think is best and what the boss thinks is best. that said, colonel, it seems flynn and donald trump seem it
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be more in agreement than disagreement. >> the number one job of the national security adviser is to be the key national security adviser to the president, and run the national security council staff. and general flynn understands that what we're facing is a global war against islamic extremism. easy to bomb a tank, hard to bomb an idea to undermine the credibility of that idea like we did against communism and fascism. trish: it's a big shift, awakening for the left as they deal with the reality people are tough on the stuff. thank you so much, colonel and robin. i want to move onto donald trump meeting with mitt romney tomorrow, there are reports he wants to tap romney to be secretary of state. kind of like the ultimate odd couple, right? remember all this. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university.
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>> he was begging my endorsement. i could have said mitt, drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees. he was beging. >> there is evident mr. trump is a con man, his position has changed not only over the course of the years but the course of the campaign. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. trish: politics makes strange bedfellows, mitt romney as secretary of state? president obama appointed onetime rival hillary clinton for secretary of state. joining me fred barnes. good to see you. look, romney has said some pretty bad stuff about donald trump. >> sure has. trish: trump also said bad stuff about romney. and i know it's not easy to forgive but now donald trump is president and, you know, mitt romney, he kind of seems in some ways like he'd be better as secretary of state than he
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ever would have been as president. what do you think of this idea of secretary romney? >> well, secretary of something, but not secretary of state. the nominations announced today whether it's jeff sessions of justice or mike flynn as national security adviser or mike pompeo for cia they fit the job perfectly. sessions had been u.s. attorney and chairman of the judiciary committee and so on. they fit the job. they have the right experience. complaints are they're conservatives who are critics of president obama. i don't think mitt romney fits the job of secretary of state, now looks, i think it's smart that they get together. i mean, politics is -- when it's done best is a matter of addition, you like to have mitt romney on your side. may be a position for him. trish: why do you think not right as secretary of state? not the right background? >> well, no, he doesn't at all.
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one of the problems being secretary of state, you want somebody with experience there who knows the foreign service because the foreign service will take over your secretariat ship and in effect be running it and you don't know it when you are secretary of state, unless you are john bolton, for instance, who's been there and knows how the foreign service, which agrees -- trish: okay, you know hillary clinton, not that we're holding her up as anything to look forward as secretary of state, but hillary clinton walked in without a ton of experience in that field. there have been plenty of examples of secretary of states that weren't necessarily schooled in the foreign services operation? >> well, i'm trying to think of george shultz who had done lots of things, i guess he hadn't been in the state department. he was ronald reagan's secretary of state for a long time. trish: you say romney, no. let me ask you about this. if you're donald trump, how do you get over some of the things that mitt romney said about
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you? forget about romney getting over trump. as all the never-trumpers are out there, they're getting over it fast because that's the reality of life. how do you trust a guy that -- don't you worry he's running around behind your back the minute something goes wrong saying, look, i told you so? >> one way to guard against that, that's not make him secretary of state. but you want him in the ten. you want him as a part of the coalition. he was the leader of the never trump movement, really and said sharp things, but trump, it is good for trump, it will serve trump best if romney's on his side. trish: because then you're united, right? >> yeah. trish: and then the democrats, because they're going to come poking and prodding and they're going to try and make things difficult for trump and for republicans. you can stand there and say you know what? there are no holes here, no opportunity because we are a united front.
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>> uh-huh. well, look, the republican party really united in the last couple weeks of the campaign. we saw trump got 90% of the republican vote and now that he's gotten elected, it's uniting even more. the three bushes called and congratulated donald trump despite what he had said about them, so i think it's right for trump to deal with mitt romney and maybe find some job for him, not secretary of state. trish: if you're playing chess instead of checkers, you probably want the likes of mitt romney as tough as it. is there are a lot of members of the base that still don't like romney and all that he represents, but again in this game of chess, maybe it's better to have everyone on your side. >> the base is important, but it's not the entire trump coalition. that's where -- look, there may be a place where romney can fit in. trish: okay, you say secretary of something, just not secretary of state. fred, thank you so much.
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the left-wing national media bashing president-elect trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist, yet barely a word reported about the controversial history of the man who may lead the democratic party. a man with ties to the nation of islam. so why the double standard? brent bozell of the media research center joins me next on this.
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. trish: a new media research center study is exposing the blatant bias of the left-wing national media. the big three networks devoted 41 minutes and 46 seconds of coverage to trump's chief strategist steve bannon. 74% of which was negative. by comparison, there were only
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two minutes of coverage on congressman keith ellison, the man running or thought to be in line for chairman of the dnc. and none of that coverage was negative. so let me share with you what we been keith ellison. mr. ellison has been accused of having ties to radical islam. the muslim brotherhood. he implied that president bush was behind 9/11 and has spoken out against israel. calling it an apartheid state. while i understand it is important to look into anyone that may have the president here, we also need to ask why is the scrutiny so one sided? why is no one in the media willing to take a hard look at keith ellison and the potential new head of the democratic national committee? joining me from the media research center, the organization that did the full study, brent bozell. brent is looking at it.
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i get that the media wants to do a deep dive of anyone around trump, why aren't they subjecting the other side to a similar level of scrutiny? >> you know, trish, there's a reason why by 10-1 the american people believe the news tank is in for the democratic party, it's because they're in the tank for the democratic party. this is nothing new, something we've seen for 30 years. goes back to reagan. with every reagan appointee, it was a scorched earth, any story you heard anywhere. look at attacks on steve bannon. i was telling neil cavuto this yesterday. google, white supremacists, you find all the stories, the only thing that's missing is a lick of evidence. old and new media talking together. jeff sessions today, somebody dredges up an accusation made years and years ago by somebody who called him a racist with no
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evidence behind it. trish: he denied the alleges and some he said, others were taken out of context, nobody wants to hear that side. when you look at what the media called steve bannon, they said white supremacist, extremist, anti-semitic, they look at comments made on the breitbart website, that gets them riled up. you look at keith ellison. tell us about keith ellison what is it that people need to know about representative ellison who could well take over the democratic national committee? >> what do we need to know? deep ties to the muslim brotherhood. a defender and promoter of lewis farrakhan. he's not only suggested george bush and even in, he's also likened the rise of donald trump to the rise of adolf hitler. trish: by the way, brent, i heard that one a lot.
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i want to jump in on that, i heard that a lot, not only keith ellison but mainstream media sourcis and think that that was one that, you know, it's like it crosses a line at some point that this has just become too acceptable to say that donald trump and his supporters represent what we saw in nazi germany, my goodness! that's when you know things have crossed the line and you're at point of no return. >> well, this is -- you're in the realm of the absurd, this is why college students are being hot cocoa by professors because they are really, really upset and crying about this. so they're likening him, i'm surprised he hasn't been likened to satan yet. i imagine that's coming. trish: i think that has come out. hillary clinton might have done that. it was good versus evil, and it's okay.
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>> but do -- but trish, your point is absolutely right, you should do a deep dive, you should cover these people, but number one, look at facts and look at them honestly, and stop report anything kind of scuttlebutt that you found 30 years ago, and number two, be consistent on it. such inconsistency for decades, if you look at one position after another, whether it was ronald reagan, george bush 43, gorge bush 41. this is constant attack, attack, attack, and trish, here's the important thing, personal attacks. they're all personal smears, and comes to the point where the american people say enough of this. this is why they rejected the media so strongly this year in the presidential campaign. trish: you're right, another one of the reasons why they went for donald trump. brent, always good to see you, thanks for joining the show. speaking of the byes anot
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just the media, the schools. the disturbing story out of san francisco. a public schoolteacher creating a new lesson plan to explain this election to students. blaming sexism and racism for trump's victory. this is the lesson plan that this teacher wants to give out. no wonder the kids are so confused and no wonder you see them walking out of school in protests because of what the adults there with own agendas are teaching them. we have the story right after this.
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that was a san francisco high school teacher. she was depending the classroom lesson plan that she created in which she accuses president elect donald
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president-elect donald trump and his supporters of racism and sexism. let us not sidestepped the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge. do not tell the students that we have lost him him to accept this. her lesson plan was quickly circulated. fox news radio. if you look at the data people said over and over again the economy was the number one issue. they are not so great in ohio. in pennsylvania, michigan. here's a candidate that represents us.
2:27 pm
i was pointing out my radio commentaries the donald trump was doing something no one else was doing including in the republican primary. he was personalizing this issue of a job loss. in indiana for example. the true victim is the truth. it doesn't really matter anymore. if you don't agree with someone and this is a game plan you just go right on the line. this idea of that. when you think about the kids that are in the class. this is a lesson plan that you're creating.
2:28 pm
they're trying to rewrite history on the spot. it is significant. public school is being turned against us. it's a rapid shift of the culture. because children are being taught this in the public schools. look at this. there's a lot of controversy in texas over a common core lesson. that per pretrade our founding fathers as terrorist. i believe the danger here is that we are rewriting this. >> a lot of them are 15 and 16 years old. they had been encouraged by the adults that are teaching these lesson plans that are obviously completely invested in their own personal lives. we hear the president out
2:29 pm
there encouraging this kind of behavior. where is he encouraging them to not cause violence. when i was growing up we have a principal who patrolled our hallways with a big old fiberglass paddle. it put the fear of the lord in every single child in that school. that's a problem here. well have any discipline in our schools. i don't want to go back to that. will save that for another day. i hear you on the lawn order step. the democrats consider putting a hugely controversial man in charge of their party. we were just talking about that. house democrats they are in chaos as well. there is now a challenger. the democrats have shown no side of self reflection
2:30 pm
normally this to understand why instead as you just heard they keep bringing -- blaming racism. they also blame james comey and the fbi. will a shakeup in leadership be what it takes to get the party to take a cold hard look at itself. we have the intel next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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without even asking anybody for about have two thirds of the caucus supporting me. it's a funny thing a caucus or anyplace when somebody challenges you. your supporters turnout. she is the a challenge from the sky. he has just become the first democrat to formally challenge the millionaire from san francisco in six years. there could be more. she's desperately trying to hang on to her position. they failed. they refuse to understand the problem for middle-class workers in america right now. these workers abandon them for trump for the republican party. for more on this struggle i am
2:35 pm
joined in dc. it may not be as simple as that. she feels confident. she is in a pickle for the first time in six years. she now has his position that she is faced with. they were only able to cobble together 43 votes. they are making a twofold argument. democrats need someone who can go into those traditionally blue midwest firewall states and went back states. he's basically just say that fresh leadership is needed. they have lost more than 60 seats in the house dating back to 2009.
2:36 pm
the smallest majority. and if you take state and federal officials. we have the smallest numbers since reconstruction. if that's not a call for doing something differently i don't know. she is very confident saying that she has she tried to portray this basically is one big family discussion i don't see anything about what has been suggested now. we are family. the question what are the chances of them actually pulling this off. i spoke with a top democratic aide. their best guess at this point is that he has about a 30% shot. do not go anywhere.
2:37 pm
part of the problem i would say and blake is still with us is that it is a problem that she shared with 70 democrats. they have forgotten their base. and you would think that this would be a wake-up call. i'm wondering whether they are capable right now of that self reflection given the likes of elizabeth warren are still blaming james comey. and keep in mind during the press conference yesterday. she also mentioned that it's a normal cycle when you had one party that is in power specifically empowered specifically at the white house the other party comes in and well usually take over on the congress side. she was hateful about that same watch out. working to be coming in because you had trump in the white house working to be
2:38 pm
coming in at full force. however, the thing is there was about 900 seats lost over the last two terms of barack obama and when that was pointed out to her by one reporter insane they should be thankful about where they are going. >> when you get to that kind of positioned there is a tendency to reinforce yourself and even when you lose it's hard. for any human being to admit that they screwed up. it's already something else's fault. but for the preservation of that party and i'm talking about all of this blue-collar democratic voters that have a very good shot at crossing party lines it's because people like nancy pelosi with her millions of dollars out in
2:39 pm
san francisco. they proved the capitalists there. people like that that feel so distant from whatever the folks are going through. i don't know how they survive if they continue to be this party. that's part of the problem that they're trying to put forward. we are out here in washington dc what about the middle. especially when you look at ohio where he is from. those are states that they normally rely on at least at the presidential feature they lost. over the last six years they head in 2009 a little more than 250 seats now it's gonna be about hundred and 94. i'm the one that can go into ohio and pennsylvania he also mentioned the northern part of
2:40 pm
florida. he thinks that he can be the one to bridge that gap. and bring democrats back into the fold. trish: thank you so much. big business and donald trump has begun. the companies like ford motor and apple are taking notice. this is good to be a battle.ny we have all of the details. e co. with new car replacement™, e co. we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: let's check out these markets everyone. it's off a little bit. trading down 27 points right now. we are still pretty close to the 19 thousand level. they are hugging the flat line. the federal reserve. telling our own peter barnes that it is time to raise rates. we heard exactly that. it's the exact time yesterday. it all goes on thursday capitol hill. she is looking to raise rates. and i think for the fourth time in years investors actually believe her. weak sales out for the holidays. down more than 15%. we will be right back for the
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2:45 pm
back to the united states. there is still some questions about another factory could move to mexico. but i have to say for him to call trump up about this. for apple to say that they're looking at bringing production back on shore it's clear big business is on notice. it sure seems like companies are betting that he could make good on his promise to crackdown on the moves overseas. are they already proving to be a success. he talks a lot about the negotiation process. now you have to put the worst of case scenario out there. a lot of people have been very nervous about those policies. about the potential tariffs he could put on trade.
2:46 pm
there is a flipside to all of it because we do need fair trade. what he think about the fact that they are looking to bring setback on shore. does this tell us that they know there can have to get a little bit more serious about protecting some of their business in america. there is a new economic sheriff in town. i understand the fears of that. i think trump is for free trade. well had that right now. and we act like we don't have the leverage when we do. i think we will get much fairer. if he says you know what. i'm in a take these dogs. -- i'm in a move these jobs to mexico and that he decides to shift those cars back into the
2:47 pm
u.s. he seen their skin to be a penalty there. you can just move all the jobs overseas with no repercussions. i think it's important here. there has to be carrot and stick. to come here. but more importantly i always wanted to motivate people through incentives. how do we motivate companies through incentive. i think it's a buy number one reducing taxes particularly on the corporate tax rate. i think it will be the first thing done in the new administration. i think you will see in avalanche of capital returning. the arrogant can return to this country and invest in people and technology. we need to reduce regulation. we had convinced them it's at war with them. that's like cap next is struggling so much.
2:48 pm
it's okay to have some penalties if you're not respecting the american workers. let's make them the fertile ground. i've never understood this. these companies have paid taxes overseas. they want to bring the money back here. get your can attack some again at the largest corporate tax rate in the world. it seems like our incentive has been absolutely warped. and we had been fighting business instead of working with the business to create jobs. that is fine for most ceos they are earning them enormous profits overseas. it hasn't hurt people in the suite. i think this is part policy government policy is the main driver.
2:49 pm
it is the main driver of income inequality and i think it's the main driver of the election. we have a lot to solve that. good to see. thank you very much. you have the markets which has been exploring all-time highs here. just barely. you are still looking at that. within striking distance. interest rates moving higher right now. is at a near a 14 year high. here is what the smart money is telling you. there is optimism out there. everybody needs to take a deep breath and think about what can be. we're going to see what is happening next in this economy the future is all next. it was always just a hobby
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trish: you have a alice in wonderland quality. i had ten companies. i like putting money into america. but i really love america. and i'm reluctant to put money in. that could all change. he tells me for the last eight years there has been no reason to put money to work. things will change. the market agrees. you have seen at least earlier in the session and the nasdaq -- hovering just below 19,000.
2:54 pm
could it be that everybody was so freaked out by my just her not to be better than anyone expected for our economy there's something about low expectations. and things were not great. i was always extremely critical of donald. on everything except for his economic policies. they were really pro- growth. take the business tax down. get office of economy. that's driven by 1% interest rates. there are two ways that he can invest his money. he can buy the equipment or he
2:55 pm
can put his money in the stock market because interest rates were so low you have the crap taxed out of you. hence stock buyback. he said it. so what we head with donald trump. this is the brilliance of his plan. i hope he doesn't do that stupid wall. if he does the tax policy we are can have decent growth because businesses will tell you they are waiting to invest. they are so disdainful of them.
2:56 pm
when they go back to work it is loving them now. he's can demand for a more normalized interest rate environment. there will be more volatility in the market. the organ say that hedge fund business. i think that's what we should base everything on. thank you so much. steve mnuchin is in the first position. they say that he has not ruled out. he is really an out. there are some good names in there. that is a big thing. we are betting. most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪
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trish: the conversation doesn't end here. i want to know what you think. who do you think should be in the rest of the cabinet. the governor from south carolina. these are people that were not in his camp but he may be looking to mend some fences. tell me what you think. liz has your coverage from here. >> we have big headaches at the big apple. new york city mayor reviewing plans for living life in the big city with donald trump. they are speemac in the middle of midtown manhattan. they're working with this secret service to outline and long-term plan. while allowing new york businesses to operate normally. traffic to flow and undoing convenience. they think security is a


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