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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 8, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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nicole: maria bartiromo will take you through the next few hours starting right now. >> here is maria bartiromo with a special edition of mornings with maria in headquarters in new york city. maria: and good tuesday morning, everybody. it is tuesday november 8th, election days, polls are start to go open on the east coast and the state of ohio, donald trump and hillary clinton holding hid -- midnight rallies. >> remember it's not just my name and trump's name. when the middle class thrives, then you have to vote.
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>> one core question for you to consider. do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people. maria: security is tight across polling places across the country this morning and in new york city, police are on high alert right now as both trump and clinton will be holding election night events just over a mile away from each other here in new york city. the next president of the united states in new york tonight. getting out the vote companies across the country giving employees a paid day off today encouraging them to head to the polls instead of working. we will tell you who is taking action. election day freebies, krispy kreme asking doughnuts for those who vote. members are heading to the polls and futures are pulling back from a big rally yesterday. dow jones industrial average looking lower by about 15 points. nasdaq s&p 500 also negative so far.
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in europe this morning, mixed performances, take a look. the cac quarante in paris and dax index in germany down fractionally. in asia overnight. markets settled like this. fractional moves once there. hang accepting best performer there up half of 1%. all the stories coming up on this election day and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell and wall street journal chief economic correspondent jon hilsenrath and pollster lee carter. it is here. dagen: i'm going to give away a secret, maria bartiromo went whoa! [laughter] maria: this is an exciting day. dagen: it really is. we love what we do and we love being here and pass along what we know to the people who watch every morning. maria: what i love about this show we have the most informed guests. former chief of staff to president clinton matt is with us. outside add viedzer to president obama obama robert wolf is here.
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former new york city city rudy giuliani, this is a live picture that we are looking at right now as you see, donald trump's son and trump organization vice president eric trump tim kaine is voting right now in richmond, virginia. that is what we are looking at. this is a live pictures timp kaine casting vote in several states, new york, virginia among others. we will bring you those states. it is election day in america. voting booths are open across the country during 6:00 a.m. hour. connecticut, kentucky, maine, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio, virginia, west virginia all opening right now. both candidates touched down hours ago. we actually have a shot of their planes touching down. hillary clinton landed in west chester, new york, trump landed in jfk. the excitement is building as
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they part their airplanes. each made final appeal as to why the american people should vote for them last night. >> i will pledge to you that i will exercise the greatest care and responsibility in all of the powers invested in the office of the presidency. so many republicans have spoken out to endorsed me and have taken courageous stance against the nominee of their own party. >> when you step into that voting booth, today, now today, there is one core question for you to consider, do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people?
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maria: closing arguments, lee? lee: i think his closing arguments is for independents, change, change, change. she went after, we are stronger together, unity message. do people buy that? that's my question. i want to be a president for all americans, republicans, democrats and independents. people have trouble believing that based on how she ran the campaign. ultimately last night was energetic night. people were talking about how her rally looked like more like a victory rally than it did anything else so it's going to be tight today. jon: what i found interesting and important about closing arguments, do we want to be ruled by corrupt ruling class? if she's elected, if she wins, i think, we are going to have four years of that. maria: that question. jon: there's no honeymoon, she
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gets right into to -- the republicans are talk about ill peaching her before she gets elected. maria: what surprises me how quickly this race went from economic national security conversation to one of stop the corruption now. dagen: part of trump's message from very early on is we need to go into washington, d.c. and i'm speaking theoretically blow it all up. tear it all up. whether you are a member of the media or elected representative that you're all corrupt and talking to one another and not listening or talking to the mesh people -- american people, it's the slogan or threat of a message that has run through the campaign from the very first day that he declared candy that he has hung onto. the fact that he has been able
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to get over so many hurdles and so many problems it is astonishing that he's been able to put a terrible video tape behind him in a matter of days, literally. maria: i would say the same thing about her. the fact that she was springsteen, jay z, beyonce, she's still 50/50. that's extraordinary to me. over and over a scandal and talks about e-mail investigation, it's astounding that they are both in the position that they are. jon: a week before the election for them to say we are reopening it and a day and a half before the polls close for them to say there's nothing new here, it's just head spinning. lee: and she has an amazing ability to pivot. she has not answered the question. she has not closed the door on that. she's pivoted, well, this is
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russia the entire time. [laughter] jon: is that pivoting or evading? dagen: part of what helps her on this and has hurt donald trump is all the democrats are behind her, period. they're all on message. she says, russia, everybody says russia. president obama, joe biden and even bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. jon: it looks like republicans are coming around to it toward him. at least the republican voters. maria: 48 hours left and they're coming home. lee: 11 days. dagen: he got past the problems on his own and voters are still standing with him then politician who is turned tails
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come back to him because they are worried about their own futures. self-serving and at least on the democrat side, those democrats looks like they are working for the cause and the party and the message not just the individual, where hillary clinton has had problems with all of these surrogates at one point or another. maria: they get an e-mail on the talking points every day. lee: that's a big miss for donald trump. his surrogates were not consistent in message and i think that didn't help him, however, the fact that all of the establishment republicans weren't on his side the entire time, i think, helped him because he is saying, i'm not in the pockets of anybody, not even my own party. maria: yeah, for sure. a lot of data to look at this morning. investors are focusing how the markets will react on election day. markets surge after comey concluded that he would not charge anybody on the case of hillary clinton's server and the
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investigation over the clinton foundation continues, that's ongoing. what do you think happens while america votes for president in the markets? jon: i think it's a quiet day today. the markets want stability and that's why they are incline to rise if hillary and there's incline to be some turmoil if -- if trump wins. that's what we get. maria: that's short-term, no? jon: i think we are going to move from election turmoil to transition turm oil. there's going to be no honeymoon if hillary is elected president and if trump is elected president, who knows how he shapes this administration, it's going to be pretty chaotic. maria: you wonder what that means for hillary. she's not going to have an easy time getting anything done. so you do see a four years of lame-duck presidency. jon: depends on how the republican party responds to election results and that's going to depend on how, whether
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they win or lose by large or small margins. they need to do soul-searching whether the message from the election, you guys have to produce results. trump talked so much about results, results, he gets results, republicans take the results of this election as meaning, it's time to get something done. maria: i'm getting a text from a friend that's voting in new york and he took pictures and there are already increased being long lines in new york. this historic election. people have come out, as soon as they got up 6:00 a.m. to go vote and we will show you the pictures coming up. latest polls show clinton and trump in dead heat but the win doesn't come out as popular vote as you know, dagen is breaking path to victory in terms of the electoral college. dagen: it's election day. let's take a look at the latest fox news electoral scorecard.
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candidates 270 electoral votes. latest fox news scorecard shows clinton with predicted 274 votes. trump at 215. trump gaining 23 votes in this prediction compared to the one that they just did last week but still has one uphill battle. if clinton wins the states that fox news has deemed solid democrat along with the state that is are leaning in her favor, she comes out with 274 votes. that's enough for the win right now. trump's victory may have many more hurdles. if trump wins all the solid republican states along with the states currently leaning republican, he comes away with 215. still far short of a win. if he takes all the toss-up states, there are four right now that takes another 49 votes, bringing his total to 264, still not the magic number. toss-ups include florida and north carolina. north carolina was just move intoed the toss-up category according to fox news analysis
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from leaning democrat. still after winning all the solid republican states, all the republican-leaning states and all the-toss-up states trump is still short of 210. he would need to win back one of the states currently leaning democrat. i can name a few, philadelphia, michigan, nevada, nevada has the critical 6 votes that would take him to 210. one thing i do know, everybody is going to need some pepto tonight. maria: that was great. dagen is on it today. new york city is tightening security as both presidential nominees plan festivities in the big apple, measures that police have in place. that's coming next. polls are opening but some offices and stores are closing. e employers are giving workers a day off. all that ahead. back in a moment.
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candidates holding election nights events in new york city tonight. nypd and secret service staff are working together to coordinate a massive security operation. cheryl casone on that angle right now. cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl: it's going to be quite a night in new york city, hillary clinton and donald trump holding events just blocks from each other in manhattan. clinton is going to watch the results at the jacob javetz center on the west side while trump in the new york hilton. presidential-level security is expected as the candidates make their way through the streets of midtown manhattan this afternoon. meanwhile companies across the countries are giving employees paid day off to go out and vote, some include general motors, square, casper, all publishing employees not covering election are also off today. whether or not you have to work
6:18 am
today there's plenty of perks to voting, you can grab a free cup of coffee if you download the i voted app. free pizzas and take the cashier that you voted today and world of beers has dollar drafts, that's before after the. pepto. at least the weather is expected to be pretty nice. most of the countries are going to have sunny skies, texas, louisiana, up to illinois and. [inaudible] , of course, to key states, michigan and ohio. they are going to see showers that are going to go through the afternoon when polls close. temperatures forecasted to stay pretty much of a mild side today. so america doesn't really have a reason not to get out today and vote, back to you. maria: voters have money on
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their mind as they head to the polls this morning. dueling tax and plan next. we will lay it out out. take a look at markets on this decision day. futures right now pointing to lower opening pulling back from yesterday's strong y'allly. we will be right back the microsoft cloud helps us
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, election day is finally here. nominees use their last day on the trail to pitch tax plans for the last time. watch. >> as part of our plan to bring back jobs, we are going to lower
6:23 am
taxes in american business from 35% to 15%. [cheers and applause] >> we will massively cut taxes for the middle class. >> i have proposed a very simple formula. i will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. [cheers and applause] >> and for small businesses, we are going to cut your taxes because i know a lot of small businesses need that kind of tax relief. maria: let's bring in maya the president for the committee for responsible federal budget. mya, good to see you? >> nice to be with you. maria: i know what the economic plans are going to do for the debt, which candidate do you think has the best tax plan for the debt? >> absolutely. one of the discouraging things that at a time when our tax code
6:24 am
desperately needs to be reformed, i don't think we've had any real credible tax reform plans put forward. let me explain that. donald trump has focused tremendously on tax cuts, brings the rates down but he doesn't talk about how he would broaden the base, what tax breaks, his plan would cost trillions and trillions of dollars at a time when our debt is at near record levels, it's not affordable and would hurt the economy even though you cut taxes, hillary clinton, on the other hand, has walled off a group of people, i won't raise taxes at all but on the other hand has a lot of tax increases to pay for spending crane -- increases making this group pay more. what we need is a plan this is how much we need in revenues to pay for spending, you want to tax more of things you want less
6:25 am
of and last tax of things you want less of, mainly by look agent the trillion dollars in tax breaks we have a year, which ones might we get rid of, they are not working very well but no discussion of that really going through the tax code and figure out what's work working and what's not and make changes in the way that would help grow the economy so there's a lot of work to do on tax reform.maria: mayas saying she's lowering taxes for small businesses but if you're raising taxes on anybody $250,000 in income, that means you're raising taxes, i don't understand what she means we are cutting taxes on small business if your plan is to cut. >> you're not alone. overall business tax reform would generate revenues to pay spending priorities but nothing has shown how she would do that. so her rhetoric in the numbers.
6:26 am
this is the place -- overall she has detailed plans, this is the place where she has shown the least detailed and hasn't really focused as business as priority which is interesting because it's something both republicans an democrats have been interested in doing before business tax reform. we've heard less about it from her as an actual priority and much less in terms of details. dagen: maya, it's dagen mcdowell. in terms of being a democrat, she's predictable on the spending and that's not cutting it and increasing it. a third of a trillion dollars in infrastructure, a third of trillion of college plan that she has and even with the revenue increases through the tax crane eses, it still adds to the debt. >> so her plan would add to the add, slightly, i would say about $200 billion which we cannot afford because keep in mind before we do anything, we will be adding $9 trillion to the debt over that ten-year period.
6:27 am
so we should be talking about bringing that number down, not adding more. but she would spend a lot and she would for the most pay for it, though, not entirely. but the problem is that spending and those tax increases leave very little room left to do anything about the other parts of the debt. i think what we should be talking is where are our prities for spending. i think there are a lot of unmet priorities in terms of investment needs but we are spending so much on the other things, the big missing issue of this campaign entitlements, what do we think about what the budget should be focusing on. jon: maya, let's look past the election, how do you assess the political climate in washington after the election? is there going to be any room for a clinton presidency or a trump presidency to work with a congress that's been in a state of turmoil itself towards some kind of grand bargain to address
6:28 am
the issues that you're talking about, tax reform, are they going to be able to get any work done? >> it is such a good question and i'm concerned about it because as we move from the election to governing, nothing, nothing has prepared the country, to come together and importantly that something you have to do on the issues that i talk about, fiscal issues, make hard choices. this has been an election that's been toxic, we all know that, but two, has been completely about giveaways, nobody has really stood up and leveled with the american people, not only are we trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, we are on an automatic pilot plan where our debt is growing than our economy. we have to make some changes and they will not be easy, we cannot purely grow our way out of the problem. we have to have economic growth but it won't fix it. i do think that it's troubling, there's no mandate to sit down and think about how to address some of the issues.
6:29 am
i don't think a grand bargain is anywhere in the realm of possibility. the question is are there any mini bargains they are able to get done and i do think they we are in for a hard period no matter who is president and the question is will there be enough leadership and bipartisan but we have to stop pretending there's a free lunch here. we have to confront trade-offs as a country that's not in a nonsustainable path. maria: extraordinary situation we mind ourselves with. maya, good to see you, great analysis. we appreciate it. >> thank you. maria: still to come donald trump and hillary clinton have made final push for key voter groups, how black and female voters will impact this race, we will zero in on that. florida one of the swing states, we are talking to voters in all important sub shine state. we will take you there live next .
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>> here is maria bartiromo with special coverage of the 2016 presidential election on mornings with maria. maria: welcome back in a beautiful morning in new york city on this decision day. it is tuesday november 8th. election day in america. your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. it is time to get out and vote. polls are just opening in ohio, north carolina and west virginia right now. millions are heading to vote including democratic nominee tim kaine who just cast his vote in richmond, virginia, we watched him do so. the candidates hillary clinton and donald trump imploring
6:33 am
americans to cast their ballots. >> today is our independence day. today the american working class is going to strike back finally. [cheers and applause] >> real change begins. >> the real question for us is what kind of country we want to be and what kind of future we want to build for our children. maria: what does each candidate need to do to win. we are breaking down the key demographics that could decide the presidency this morning. we are live with you in swing state this is morning. we are going to take you across the country in a little bit. protecting your vote as federal agents are deploy today protect against voter fraud. market this is morning look like this as americans head to the
6:34 am
polls, futures indicating a lower opening. we had a huge rally yesterday, things pulled back from triple-digit move, dow jones expected to open down 20 points. the world is watching the u.s. election. ftse is up 8 points but the cac is down fractionally. in asia overnight. here is a look at the markets, fractional moves across the board. the historic race for the white house coming to a close, it is the day america elect it is next president of the united states. fox news' john roberts in new york city outside the polling place where trump is expect today vote later today. he's got the latest, john, good morning to you. john: good morning to you, the nypd is begin to go secure the street for donald trump to arrive, in 3 and a half hours time. the polling place here has been open for a half an hour now and a steady stream of people going out to cast ballot.
6:35 am
not much of a question as to how new york state is likely to go in the election but a lot of other states there's a big question, that's why donald trump returned back home at 3:30 this morning after 3-day barn-storm of ten states, iowa, michigan, pennsylvania, nevada, colorado and new hampshire, wrapping after midnight last night in grand rapids, michigan. michigan is a state that last time republicanned for republican was bush back in 14988. they believe that donald trump's message about bringing auto jobs back to michigan, particularly detroit is resinating well with workers, not just union workers but workers as well. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political
6:36 am
class or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? that's what it is. by the people. today is our independence day. [cheers and applause] >> today the american-working class is going to strike back finally. john: big problem for donald trump. a surge of hispanic voters like nevada, florida and north carolina. democrat returns lead republican returns by about 488,000. that is less than the margin in 24012 when fewer people had voted so the trump campaign believes stills has h hea as chance but he has to use the rnc machine to get as many people out to the polls as they possibly can today. remaining voters in florida and all of the brand-new voters of pennsylvania, michigan and other states, maria. maria: thank you so much.
6:37 am
we will come back to you as news develops. we will show you a live shot in virginia. joining me martin luther king, jr.'s niece. what an exciting day. how are you feeling? >> this is an exciting day after voting two centuries, i've never seen an election like this, this is definitely exciting, very much so. maria: what do you think about african american voters today, how have the candidates resinated with the very important voting block, north carolina early voting is down 8%, the black vote doesn't seem to be coming out? >> well, it was so amazing to me, i live in a hybrid community where many of my friends vote for either secretary or mr. trump, but i've been having different calls that people who weren't speak to go me before because i'm conservative, they
6:38 am
were calling, well, what do you think about this election. that was shock to go me -- shocking to me. it was so amazing because this time they didn't yell at me or scream, i was with family members with me and they took pictures. and i said, this is amazing. we had a civil conversation for a change. so that was good. maria: do you think they'll come out? >> some are coming out and i believe african americans have voted conservatively this time and i think that was refreshing. i was at a point oh, goodness, i can't go to a family meeting or anywhere. maria: without having a fight with somebody? jon: has been -- you haven't gotten anywhere in your communities with democratic leadership, try us, give us a chance, do you think that that's start to go resinate? maria: is that why they are voting conservative? >> actually honestly in the african-american community i'm getting report that is people are actually considering the
6:39 am
issues and the race question, everybody is begin to go say, well, aren't we human beings, this is refreshing. this is my grand daddy, we are human beings. we all want the very same thing. lee: everybody is concerned about that whether it's with black lives matter, whether it's right now the election people can barely have conversations except for you which is great, how do you think it's going to come together after this? >> well, my grand dads with a peacher sermon, king family sermons, we are coming through on broken pieces, the ship broke up, they made it in. i believe in the african-american community and every community, because we are human beings, we are not divided by skin color, i believe that no matter what the outcome of this race is, what we do tomorrow is just as important as we are
6:40 am
doing today to bring us together. dagen: with i just say how awesome 6:39 election day. [laughter] dagen: i know. maria: it's great. it's interesting to hear you say that you are hearing that some people are thinking we want to vote conservative because we are looking at the last eight years and we don't want the same thing. >> we want our men to come out of jail, we don't want them in jail anymore, we would like to be able to see our education system better and to have parents more active in choosing our our kids are educated. many are saying now, abortion didn't work for us. too many of us gone. is there a better way to help community? jon: the other message that trump is sending is that washington isn't working for
6:41 am
working-class americans. maria: black and white, fbi -- by the way. >> people, what are we going to do here in america? so we need to bring jobs back here, put america back to work first not only but first and i believe that's resinating as well. lee: what about the contract with african americans that he has made and the notion of the message that he has, what do you have to lose? what do you think? >> mr. trump, show us what we have to gain. don't say what we have to lose, we lost too much. show us what we have to gain. that did resinate and began to explain, when ben carson, and herman cain going to oppressed areas, this could be fixed by bringing jobs back, it was a no-brainer. dagen: just really quickly, to your point about mass incarceration particularly for
6:42 am
black men, would it hurt hillary clinton on that is the crime bill that her husband passed and the comment about super predators, i have seen that play that over again? >> that particular remark about wanting to help us with has incarceration and i love children, i just love children, so how can you support the largest abortion provider and love children. i'm sorry -- maria: why make it so easy? a word on the women vote, can donald trump do it? >> some women -- you see, i've got six grandsons and grand kids, smack, you can't say that about women, i have to teach them all of the time. we must -- the issues are too important for us to have an emotional moment, the issues are just too important and i want to say that to the ladies, he's got powerful women around him, daughter, wife, they will work on that. so let's pay attention to the issues. [laughter]
6:43 am
dagen: she did this. i have to watch it. [laughter] maria: we love you. thanks for joining us. alveda king. special live coverage of the election all day today, we are all hands on deck. all day and tomorrow. mornings with maria is kicking out coverage tomorrow morning one hour earlier so we can navigate and do great analysis of the results tonight. by the way, most of the polls tonight close 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 we will know possibly fairly early in the night. coming up next voters are lining up to cast the ballots and the lines are getting longer. wait till you see some of the pictures. we are going to talk to voters in the sunshine state. what law enforcement is doing to keep hackers out of the election. we will be back.
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maria: welcome back, it is election day here in america, futures pointing to a lower opening. pullback this morning. we are watching shares of smith and weston, considering a name change, plan to go seek shareholders' approval to change to america outdoor brand. they will keep the best-selling name for best-selling handguns. also keeping an eye on tesla this morning, begin charging for super stations, customers that ordered tesla cars that have delivered january will receive one thousand dollars credit per
6:48 am
year but after that they must pay. today we see the conclusion of the battleground blitz, hillary clinton and donald trump both eyeing the all important state of florida which is where we find abby huntsman talking to voters. she's live. abby, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria, you're right. we are here in fort myers at the mel's diner. we are having bloody maries and steak and eggs. you're a construction, you own a construction company, five employees, you say you can barely survive at this point with obamacare. >> obamacare is holding our company back, we can't afford have more employees and that hinders from us expanding our company and with the hillary and obamacare is devastate to go our company. so hopefully we will get trump in here and we will have a better future. >> you already voted? >> we voted and voted for trump. >> you deal with this firsthand
6:49 am
every day and you see emotional impact it's had on him? >> he's exhausted. he has to work sundays, some days six to seven days a week, a lot of hours. it's harder. he's older and it's not good. >> you we wanted to retire yesterday if you could? >> i'm probably going to work for a long time to come and hopefully the economy will change and hopefully trump will get things in the right direction and we can move on and be more prosperous in this country. >> what are the important issues with you? >> well, i'm word about national security because the open borders and the people that are coming in aren't vetted and great concern, i have grand kids, i'm word about their future. >> and you're a vietnam vet. military is a big one for you. the election is huge? >> it's huge for me. over the last eight years i feel like our military has been shrunk down and the only thing that the people in the middle east is power. you don't have
6:50 am
the biggest stick in the yard, they're not going to respect you. i would like to see trump as he has said very many times, expand the military, get better quality, pay our troops more money and increase that. >> who did you vote for and why? >> i voted for trump and there are just so many reasons, one of them, of course, is being healthcare situation and he's going to try and fix that for us and -- >> firsthand as well? >> absolutely, i'm paying five times more than i did before and it's hard on your pocketbook. >> absolutely. we are going to be talking politics. it's a do or die here. maria: really interesting to hear what voters are thinking about this morning. dagen: can i just say something to all my friends on facebook, if you start a post saying i tried avoiding discussing
6:51 am
politics but then stop right there. [laughter] maria: we are looking at twitter, we are heading to the polls this morning. justice department is taking measures to prevent fraud. that story next back in a minute we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
6:54 am
maria: i want to show you live pictures of voting lines in new york city. pace is picking up. lines are getting longer. people are going directly to voting booths before they go to work today and, of course, the biggest concerns surrounding election recently has been about voter fraud. justice department is sending more than 45400 employees to 28 states to enforce federal voting laws and ensure that nobody interferes with the democratic process. joining us to talk about it is viola's group international ceo paul viola's, thank you so much
6:55 am
for joining us. security ceo is with us. gentlemen, this is an important conversation, is there question that hackers can get in election? >> there's in question about it. the justice department sending 4500 people -- 500 people out. maria: tell us how to combat such a thing? >> i have to agree with paul, i'm not really sure of sending those people out but in order to combat something like, this they really -- there's really little information about how the final votes are being tallied after the electronic systems are closed how they are getting to the central votes so machines are not connected to the internet, there's going to be a point where, you know, somebody the way it's happened in
6:56 am
previous elections elections is taking a memory chip and carry to a central voting hub or server and at that point that's probable write you the mainor the biggest chance for infection would be. >> what states are most vulnerable? which one should we be looking at for the biggest problems? >> part of the problem is there are so many different types of voting machines that, you know, it's hard to say exactly, you know, which machines are the most vulnerable. we have seen vulnerabilities, you know, as far as 8 -- 4, 8 years ago in voting machines, it's scattered and diversed at this point. maria: final word from you. >> we have a decentralized voting system so it's up to the state that is independently run. we have to look at this realistically and the bottom line with the highest probability of risk are hackers trying manipulate the meta data
6:57 am
that would close confusions from voters not wanting to vote. key point is everyone needs to get out and vote. maria: thank you so much. paul and vinny, thanks very much for the insight, guys. votessers have casting the ballots, more special election coverage today in the next hour of mornings with maria. a big show ahead, back in a moment.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> election day in america. here is maria bartiromo with the special edition of mornings with maria, live from fox business headquarters in new york city. maria: good tuesday morning, everybody, thanks so much for being here on this decision day. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday november 8th, election day has arrived. top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. decision day for america, voters already heading to the polls this morning. more are opening right now. we will tell you where coming up. donald trump and hillary clinton made their final bids to voters in key battleground states last night. >> real change also means restoring honesty to our government, so the first thing we should do is get rid of hillary, okay. that's probably -- that would be a very good first step. that's a very good first step.
7:01 am
[cheers and applause] >> lock her up! lock her up! >> what will we decide is on the ballot because although my name and my opponent's name may be on the ballot, every issue you care about is on that ballot. prp maria we have seen candidates and families heading to the polls, we saw democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine casting his ballot in virginia. security is tight in new york, the nypd and the secret service are on high alert right now and tonight's campaign events will be held within 2 miles of one another in new york city. it's not just the presidential race we are watching this morning. the issues that are on the ballots in cities and states across the country and t on soda, for example. checking market this is morning. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader average. this is a pullback from yesterday's huge rally. better than 3400 up yesterday
7:02 am
and in europe markets are also mixed on the heels of a big day yesterday as you see the ftse 100 in london is up 8 points but the cac and both lower this morning. fractional moves. nikkei average fractionally lower. and a vote out of this world, one astronaut cast his vote from the space station. dagen mcdowell, jon hilsenrath and pollster lee carter. such an exciting day. jon: are we going to know earlier or lately? maria: most of polls close at 7:00 o'clock. florida 7:00 and 8:00 and the panhandle closes at 7:30, we will know florida at 8:00 o'clock. pennsylvania, 8:00 o'clock, north carolina 7:30. we will know fairly early.
7:03 am
lee: if he loses either one of them, game over. dagen: how to begin the healing is his article today. lee: such a great article. so good. maria: coming up this morning former chief of staff to president clinton matt is with us, outside adviser to president obama robert wolf is here. former mayor rudy giuliani, eric trump is here, editor and chief laura is here and richard is here. another 13 states just opened, alabama, delaware, florida, georgia, illinois, louisiana, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, missouri, pennsylvania, rhode island and south carolina, washington, d.c. as well. all those polls just opened right now.
7:04 am
we are going to bring you all of the updates as more polls open across the country and voters get on what looks like long lines beginning this morning. to put it into perspective how voters feel, take a look at the cover of the new york post this morning. [laughter] maria: vote for the one that you dislike the least. they're negatives. lee: they're so, so high but statement more than half are voting for hillary not against, so -- jon: lee, isn't disturbing that a large number of people are saying that they're not going to accept the results of this election whether it's democrats not accepting trump or republicans not accepting hillary. it says something about how the next president is going to govern, it's going to be a very tough environment in washington.
7:05 am
>> it is, my biggest concern is tonight at the end of the night that we don't have a gracious concession speech because america as you just read the headline of that op-ed, is we need healing. as dr. king just said we come in on broken pieces. maria: tomorrow we will start to figure out how the country be put together. large minority population could sway the vote. adam shapiro in florida right now. he's got the latest on the latino vote. adam, good morning to you. adam: and good morning to you, maria. this is historic tampa, a section that's populated by african americans and at the precinct where we saw the first group about 20 people go in to cast ballots. florida in early voting states as well as key swing state for both candidates, 52% of all registered voters have cast their ballots. i want to show you some video of
7:06 am
what's getting the headlines across the country. latino voters, latino population in florida are specially concentrated in the orlando area, that's oriental county, very large puerto rican population and palm beach, broward, miami-dade, that would be nicaraguan, venezuelan and cuban populations and the latino vote here in florida has been huge this year on what they call souls to the polls, that's sunday of last day of early voting. 200,000 votes more hispanic latino voters had cast ballot in early voting than in all of the hispanic voting that took place in the 24012 election cycle. so you're wondering how are people who identify as hispanic or latino voting, here is what some of them had to say to us. >> i have seen hispanics saying that trump is going to bring money to this nation and have heard about hillary that she's selling us as well.
7:07 am
>> united states, the nation is so big, both candidates talking about personally, not the nation, they forget the reason for being president of the nation. >> everybody i know are going to vote -- they agreed with me. they even took us to go and vote . adam: why hillsborough county in the tampa metropolitan area. this county, according to both parties is the bell weather for florida and as florida goes to goes the presidency. i want to show you something. i want to step aside. you don't see long lines here and one of the things that republicans pointed out that the strong african-american vote that turned out for president obama has been underperforming for the democrats this cycle and worrying one of the precincts where you would expect to be large african-american turnout. and as you can see no lines. you don't have to wait.
7:08 am
maria: thank you so much adam shapiro in florida. i want to bring in republican pollster. frank, good to see you. >> thank you. maria: we want to go through the electoral map with you and really zero in on what you're watching. great op-ed on the paper today which we are going to talk about and i know that it hurt you to write it. one of the line that is i highlighted from op-ed, the world looked at our democracy with with respect and difference. the 2016 election turned that into mixture of amusement and disdain. wow. >> people come up to me and ask me what are you doing to your country. they look at the politics, they look at the tone and demeanor and lack of policy. they we wanted to model their country's democracy on ours and they wonder how we have gone so far astray. i'm staying up to listen to the concession speech and let us hope there is one and the victory speech because in the
7:09 am
end if those speeches don't begin to turn the tone of this country, it's not just the business community that's going to get hurt. it's all of them. maria: for sure. which states are you watching specifically? >> so you have three of them here. florida, north carolina, new hampshire and i would add one more which is nevada right there. and i recognize that a lot of people that nevada is in the democratic camp because of turnout. all the polling show trump surging at the end actually going ahead so we are going to find out in nevada whether or not the turnout mechanisms which one is more effective. maria: even with the harry reid machine in nevada. >> the average voter is still on the side in nevada of trump and the republican senate candidate and florida this is always the key, 29 electoral votes, a republican cannot win without winning florida. trump had the lead for about maybe a week, clinton has done better over the last few days and once again the battle is over turnout.
7:10 am
latino vote looks like it's coming out and droves and early, but republicans tend to vote on election day and so early voting is never a good indicater of who is going to win or lose in florida. maria: what other states are you looking at in terms of turnout? >> north carolina because you have two different states. it's a traditional southern state when you look to western side of state and charlotte with so many people from new york and the northeast moved down because of banking. north carolina, we will not know that state until at least 10:00 perhaps 11:00 p.m. even though it does close early because it'll be a few thousand votes either way and north carolina also determines whether republican will keep governship there and senate. finally, new hampshire, once again a tough senate race up there. new hampshire also looked like it was in clinton's camp as recently as ten days ago but every single day trump's numbers improve. here is the secret. without new hampshire, north
7:11 am
carolina, florida and nevada, trump cannot win tonight. he has to win all four of those which would give him 272 electoral votes losing any of those states and he loses the election. maria: wow, okay. those are the ones to watch. there's also the wild card of let's say he wins pennsylvania. >> i don't believe it. i don't see it. i've been through the state and done a lot of work in michigan. i think it'll be close but these states -- it's like magic for the gop. they look like they have potential and then on election day they disappear. you don't have the turnout. you don't have enough of this wave to help trump actually capture either of those. i don't think there's going to be a wild card. i think it's these four states. maria: what about the dem states for so long that are now talking about being contested like michigan? >> i don't believe it. maria: you're not buying that? >> so many states are going to be in play, for a week we were talking about texas actually being close or georgia, not going to happen.
7:12 am
maria: okay, frank, great stuff. >> the article is in "the new york times" today. maria: exactly. great op-ed, frank, congratulations there. fox business network is bringing you live coverage all day today. all hands on deck. tomorrow morning we are all hands on deck again. morning show, mornings with maria starts one hour early tomorrow. we will be here ready to rock at 5:00 a.m. eastern for post election analysis. just ahead the race for the white house kicked off a year ago. candidates and families are casting votes before watching results tonight and out of this world absentee to tell you about. an astronaut cast his vote. we will tell you about it. back in a moment.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, democratic vice presidential nominee voting in virginia. cheryl casone with the details there. hi, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, senator kaine casting his baa vot in --
7:16 am
ballot in richmond, virginia. >> we have to show that we want to govern for all not just those who voted for us and we will approach the job that way and if we are fortunate enough to win. cheryl: there are a number of people voting for donald trump because of anxieties they have about the economy. today voters are going to be deciding ballot measures. four states are wanting to raise minimum wage. we will be watching those. californians are voting on whether to prohibit state agencies to pay more for prescription drugs than lowest price paid by the va, the goal obviously in california trying to keep drug costs low. today there were four cities asking voters to support or
7:17 am
oppose new taxes on sweetened drinks like soda, florida, bowledder, colorado and california cities, albany, san francisco and oakland. also voters who were waiting in line to vote in cities with early voting getting some free pizza. grassroots initiative called pizza to the polls has been hanging out slices to hungry americans in cities like cincinnati, miami, chicago. voters submitted a link to prove they were stuck in line. accepting donations of ten bucks for one pizza or a hundred dollars if you want ten pizzas. two web developers in oregon came up with the idea for political action committee. they call it americans against unsecured billionaires with tinny hands pack. that's a real thing. and finally, how far out of your way would you go to vote? well, astronaut cast his vote from the international space
7:18 am
station, he's due back from orbit next february but texas allows astronaut to vote to secure electronic ballot is forwarded to them in mission control in houston and they return it by e-mail to the county clerk. newsweek, get this, hedging their bets, commissioned two covers. one has president trump at the title and the other madame president. these are editions and produced by third-party but once the election is over, the winning cover is going to be rushed to the printer and the losing cover gets killed. because the clinton cover was leaked early, guys, the example that the media is rigging the election, anyway, maria, we are going to have much, muff more tonight, of course, when we begin our election coverage right here on the fox business network. niel cavuto and you, maria. there's going to be five states across the country who want to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
7:19 am
one of them california. that's a big tax revenue for those states. maria: great, big night ahead. thank you, cheryl. election day security being talked about how police across the country are protecting voters after a threat of terrorist attacks. we will tell you about that. then will star power push hillary clinton across the finish line, we will look at celebrity effects on the election. back in a minute they say you shouldn't spoil your kids, but your grand kids? how about front row seats to the best show in town. and that is why you invest.
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maria: well here is a shot of donald trump's son and his wife lara voting moments ago. eric trump is going to be joining us in less than an hour from now after he cast his ballot, he will be coming here to join us to talk about election day. it has finally arrived and a focus this morning is on
7:23 am
security that's sweeping the country. federal investigators are interviewing muslims americans ahead of the voting over alleged threats of terrorist attacks. this is according to reports. muslims were questioned in california, washington, michigan, pennsylvania, kansas, oklahoma, texas and florida, joining us right now sebastian georka professor and author of defeating jihad, dr., goerka always a pleasure. >> my pleasure. maria: i want to get your reaction to that as well as the idea that isis has promised that they want to see attacks on this election day. what's your take on all of this? >> well, first thing is first. i would like to disregard that comes out of islamic relations because they don't represent muslims and they're linked to the muslim brotherhood in one of the biggest federal cases in history, holy land foundation trial.
7:24 am
in 124 isis terrorist cases that we have successfully executed in the last two and a half years in america, it was a very small fraction of those cases where it was the muslim community that helped us track the terrorists. in fact, less than 25%. most of them were located through use of internet. there's a problem here and the fact that the fbi interviewed members of the muslim community really doesn't surprise me, maria. maria: that's a really important point that you are making there. dr. gorka, we heard last week and yesterday that isis is calling on all of its followers across the world to attack americans on election day. we know that both presidential candidates are holding their parties in new york city tonight. the nypd has been increasingly tighter security and yesterday city officials briefed the public on security protocols. listen to this. >> election day in new york city
7:25 am
brings with it a unique set of challenges for the first time in modern memory, both major party candidates will monitor results here in new york. in addition to securing over one thousand polling sites all day, we also have two large venues to safeguard. much the public will see and much the public will not see. >> bottom line, expect to see a lot of nypd today and tomorrow and we will be working closely with partners. maria: dr. gorka, should americans feel concern about the threat of isis? >> absolutely, the war is real and the war is here. remember just a matter of a few weeks ago, really, we had the multiple attacks, the pressure-cooker bomb detonation in new york and the pipe bombs detonated detonated in new jersey. we know that almost 240 plots have been attempted against new york since september 11th and we
7:26 am
know that jihadists like symbolic dates, 9/11 itself was the anniversary of a 17th century defeat against muslim forces outside viena, an election day is absolutely very seductive target, potential target for the jihadists. lee: dr.,gorka, hillary clinton is getting higher marks on terrorism and in some polls neck and neck, what do you say to that? >> look, i'm always very skeptical about polls. you look at the recent failures with brexit and a slap in the face for all pollsters. i truly, i'm biased because this is what i do for a living, i truly believe because the majority of americans will be thinking about national security and they are going to look at
7:27 am
two candidates and this which one makes me feel safer, is it a woman responsible for benghazi, disaster in syria, so on and so forth or a man that's unequivocal to the fact that we are at war and wants to destroy groups like isis. for me i really think it's about national security for most americans. dagen: sebastian, it's dagen mcdowell. one really quick last thing. but people tend to vote on emotion if there has been a recent terror attack and that kind of goes to -- i make no point with this, but again, it's like if it's fresh in their minds they tend to favor donald trump. >> no, i agree. this is one of the things that democrats are good on. they don't argue based on logic, they try to use emotion instead. that's why i think donald trump has given hillary such a run for her money because he knows
7:28 am
thousand tap into that, he knows how to tap into anker -- anger and insecurities. biggest one is that hillary will continue the obama administration's platforms. refusal of using the jihaddism. donald trump on the other hand, i met with this man and talked national security issues, he knows we are at war and he wants to win so that's a huge difference. maria: dr. gorka, so good to see you. can celebrities help hillary clinton win the white house? the stars came out and continue to show support for the democratic nominee. we are canvassing the country to get america's take on the election, historic election, we will talk to voters as they head to the polls. back in a minute it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
7:29 am
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>> america decides, here is maria bartiroma with special coverage of the 2016 presidential election on "mornings with maria". maria: election day, tuesday, november 8th, the day america decides, 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, polls are open in half of the country, we are seeing some long lines, look at these pictures. donald trump's son eric trump voting in new york and the
7:32 am
democratic vice presidential hopeful tim gain voted earlier in richmond, virginia. donald trump and hillary clinton burning the midnight oil feeling the push for every last vote. >> there is no reason why america's best days are not ahead of us. we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. >> i am asking for the votes of all americans, democrats, republicans and independents, first-time voters and there are a lot of those first-time voters. who are so desperately in need of change. maria: hillary clinton shooting for the stars on the final day of her campaign trail, she looks to the likes of lady gaga and jon bon jovi for a second push in the last few minutes, more chaos for democrats, donna
7:33 am
brazil has no regrets over feeding hillary clinton debate questions. both candidates plan big parties in new york city, security a major concern and the major push the nypd is making to protect the next president. more than the race for the white house happening tonight. what you need to know about down ballot races as republicans fight to keep control on capitol hill. markets are waiting. take a look. americans are headed to the polls and the futures, we expect a lower opening on broader averages ahead of the results after a huge rally yesterday. in new york, similar story, fractional move across the euros on, s&p 100 is up, the others are lower. in asia stocks little changed overnight. the world is watching the us elections cautiously. there -- president obama came out to support hillary clinton on the eve of election day last night in philly.
7:34 am
>> throughout her career hillary has followed the creed her mother taught her. do all you can for all the people you can in all the ways you can. for as long as you can. she doesn't plan on stopping now. that is how i know she will work her heart out for you. maria: he wasn't the only famous person to back the candidate. madonna was in new york city, john bon jovi, bruce springsteen, lady gaga all showed support for hillary clinton. want to bring in chief of staff under president clinton, great to see you. thanks, what about that, the stars came out. is it going to help hillary clinton win the race? >> it had some energy, republicans have done it in the past when clint eastwood spoke at the republican convention. george bush xli use a lot of country-western singers to generate a lot of excitement but it has been a star-studded group, no question. >> some people say why why i
7:35 am
want to hear economic issues from jay-z. why does beyoncé or john bon jovi know what is right for my family. do people actually change behavior as a result of this? does it change the vote? >> those stars are entitled to their opinions. people can listen to them or not but most of them, many come to see them perform and secretary clinton makes her fix. anything to energize voters young and old is good. maria: the headlines around the investigations, the clinton foundation concerning whether clinton took gifts from the foundation when she was secretary of state, the nation confirmed accepted a $1 million gift without informing the state department so it took $1 million as a gift, should voters be concerned this will continue? should we win the white house, the investigation on the clinton foundation?
7:36 am
>> it is a legitimate issue. if elected she and president clinton will have to be very clear about the foundation moving forward. they have already signaled that pretty strongly and i think it is the right thing to do. the only sensible course to move forward. maria: you don't want any conflict or the appearance? >> absolutely essential particularly in this time of a very divided country and hotly contested election. maria: this follows jim comey saying no evidence that clinton mishandled classified information in the email case, that investigation is closed but does that feed into trump saying the system is rigged? it is more headlines in what he has been saying? >> it is not just about this election. that igoing on the way we finance our campaigns. people are becoming much more aware. director comey, we had three
7:37 am
chapters in this campaign and may have more going forward but whoever is president will have to be very clear they serve the american people. maria: what is your take on this? we know the investigation into the clinton foundation is still happening. how long does that take? are they continuing to pull up stuff while she is president, could she be impeached? what do you think happens? >> you are speculating. all hypothetical and we have been through this campaign, it is baked into the campaign. i think it is unlikely anything new is going to come up. there has been a pretty thorough investigation over the last year of this by the fbi and politically by the press so my guess is it will start to subside but i think president hillary clinton needs to do everything she can to make it
7:38 am
subside in terms of conducting a very principled administration. maria: the wikileaks factor is unprecedented, the clinton campaign brazil forwarded another question in advance of the democratic candidate saying she does not have any regret listen to this. >> my conscience as an activist, as a strategist, is very clear. what i said i said and i said it and i'm not going back on it. maria: she is basically saying i am a strategist. if i had to do what i would do it again. >> i don't know. i know donna brazil extremely well. i like her and respect her and all my dealings with her she has been very straightforward. you are a journalist, you need to have a line of demarcation between a journalist and a
7:39 am
supporter. maria: she's not a journalist. >> a pundit. that has to be handled with care. on wikileaks, john podesta's email. i know john well, we worked together in the white house. i think they were mundane when he read through them. none of us expect a private conversation which is what email is. to be public. this is a whole new phenomenon i think the press and all of us are trying to figure out how to handle. maria: how are bill clinton and hillary different? >> very different. there is some similarity in their commitment to certain -- building the middle-class and concern about children and all of that but the real key to the hillary clinton administration is can she earn the trust of the american people which will be a step-by-step process given this polarizing election, moving the country forward but both have a global view.
7:40 am
they understand international economics, international relations, both are experienced, both committed to making america a better country, they have a long tenure in public service. maria: there's a different dynamic this time for clinton, bill clinton came into office his second term and went to the center. hillary clinton has the likes of barack obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth lauren pulling her to the left, she looks different from her husband when it comes to policy. >> i would say bill clinton pivoted in the 1992 election, well before the reelection in 1996 and got a lot done on a bipartisan basis on the foreign policy standpoint. maria: will she be able to do that? >> senator clinton from new york was able to work across the aisle very effectively on a broad range of issues and continued that as secretary of state.
7:41 am
secretary clinton's approval was 70%, this has been a bruising election. maria: coming way down. >> both candidates have high negatives. maria: what is your prediction tonight? >> i think it will be 48-44 popular election with the two, third-party candidate getting 6% or 7%, secretary clinton will have 3 before the electoral college in terms of the votes there. i think the democrats will likely take the senate. republicans will hold the house and the big question, can we unify the country and govern. that is what we need to do. maria: just going into this election we know neither candidate has a mandate. of hillary clinton should become president how does she govern when she doesn't have the mandate of have the country? >> bill clinton was elected with
7:42 am
43% because ross perot got 19%. you have to build that mandate, earn that trust, get some things done, get momentum going forward. that is the way to move the country forward in my opinion. maria: great analysis, thank you so much. foxbusiness bringing live coverage all day this election day, all hands on deck and tomorrow morning we kick off an hour earlier, 5:00 eastern tomorrow for postelection analysis, you don't want to miss that. coming up, voters in the buckeye state casting their ballots, breakfast with voters in dublin, ohio, we tell you what they want on a live report stay with us. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
maria: before voters in the buckeye state head the polls they are grabbing a bite to eat. at a diner in dublin, ohio, good
7:46 am
morning to you. >> reporter: we are at 50s old-fashioned diner in columbus, ohio with a number of voters who already cast their ballot this morning. a great deal of enthusiasm getting evidence from voters that there are long lines. what is your name? >> teresa. >> reporter: you voted this morning. >> headlined at 6:15 this morning and surprised myself when i was 22 been line and by the time i left another 50. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for trump because it is time to get someone who is nonpolitical, nonpolitician, a businessman that can help make america great again. >> reporter: the voter seeing big lines at the polls, at the trump table, they are all voting for trump. they didn't know each other before, we united them at the 50s dynasty. why are you voting for trump? >> i want to make sure i vote
7:47 am
for someone who is focused on conservative principles i believe in and that will be trump. >> how about you? >> i feel like i would rather not have hillary in there because she never tells the truth like donald. he says what he feels. >> authenticity matters to you. >> you voted this morning and you are a regular voter. what was your experience this morning? >> i want to be part of fox, good morning. i am a competitive person. always remember number one or number 2 in my precinct to vote and today i arrived at my normal time, 6:11:00 a.m. and to my dismay i was only number 15 in line. big turn out. cut i have a coffee cup?
7:48 am
>> my microphone was hijacked. a lot of control in this diner. a big turn out in columbus, ohio which is a bellwether for the battleground state. maria: we are looking alive at a video of lines across the country. what a turn out. coming up next, decision day in america, we are looking at the presidential race, key states up for grabs, stay with us on decision day. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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7:52 am
maria: as voters cast their ballots candidates are wrapping up their campaigns and reflecting on the road to the white house. here is what donald trump said moment ago. >> it has been an amazing process, 17 or 18 months since i first came up with it, june 16th, a long time. it has been a beautiful process, the people of this country are incredible. i have been all over this country, and they are amazing. and that is the thing. people say what have you learned, that is why learns, the people of this country are amazing. dagen: i want to bring in cochairman of the great american pack, ed rollins, how do you see it? >> a very tight race, national polls have her with a three or four point lead but when you get to states that matter, the targeted states, very competitive, very close as senate races are very close, my
7:53 am
sense is we will know a couple hours after the poll close, if he wins florida, north carolina, if he loses florida it will be a race. maria: you think there's a choice he could win those states? >> there's a chance of him winning those dates. he has created an early. i was there when he came down the stairs, i was invited as a guest, i didn't think he had a snowball's chance of being the nominee or serious candidate. if you told me he would be dead even, he has turned on an audience across this country as much as anybody i have ever seen, turn out to vote with enthusiasm, he spoke with people. maria: beginning with 16 candidates. dagen: the fact that he has come back from that videotape, have we ever seen anything like that in modern politics? >> no. gary hart would have been
7:54 am
president, the reality is when -- he made that a male chauvinist insensitive versus someone who may be a criminal. maria: the fact that she has come back after being under fbi criminal investigation. >> she is a tough candidate. don't underestimate her ability to win this thing and be a tough candidate. maria: so many people are reading into the early turn out in florida saying hispanic turn out has been high, black vote has been low, 200% increase in the white vote. what do we read into that or does it matter? >> we will see what happens today. when you vote early, the winning measure is you take a ballot as a republican or democrat, none of those ballots have been opened. they are counted today. it will turn out today?
7:55 am
sometimes it is more convenient to go early, some people want to vote on election day. republicans like going to the polls on election day. >> which of his messages have been most resonant and most impactful in getting voters out? the immigration message? rooting out the corruption in washington message? the white working-class message? >> this message is appeal to the white working-class but the one that has been most impact is drain the swamp, get rid of the corruption. the wall was something that worked well in the primaries, got people motivated. most people didn't think he was serious but today he is going to clean up washington and that is what we need. dagen: in terms of the ground game and the number of offices clinton has across the country versus trump, can we assume the trump voter does go out -- >> no question measuring the campaigns, her campaign was a better campaign. organization is far superior,
7:56 am
advertising dollars spent, all the things i know i said here, something he has turned voters on and at the end of the day the reagan campaign was not a campaign, we ran out of money and had disarray and won by 10 points. >> of this organization -- >> he has a message that is resonating. >> i don't think so. her message is more of the same. there is nothing there that is exciting to the ordinary voter. kind of like more about you got to fear him, he's a bad diet if he gets elected all the things we have done will be undone which is not true. as far as leadership, change, the rest of it, she hasn't been good on the campaign trail, she worked hard. she hasn't motivated anybody. >> the last final days of the campaign you think each candidate would have a reason to vote for them but her approach has been trashed donald trump. dagen: and surround herself with a bunch of famous people who
7:57 am
resonate more with the american people than she does. trying to drive enthusiasm. >> he is winning the message part. you know he will some -- fix washington and a lot of people across the country myself included think the system doesn't work anymore. maria: pennsylvania which is so important they don't have early voting. and new hampshire. would to see you, thanks so much, great today. any new information from your standpoint at this point? >> it will be down to the independents, we have seen them shrink in support for donald trump but they still lead so anything could happen. maria: eric trump will be here, casting a ballot this morning, "mornings with maria," decision day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. >> election day in america, here is maria bartiromo. with the special edition of "mornings with maria" live from fox business headquarters in new york city. maria: good tuesday morning everybody on a beautiful day in new york city i am maria bartiromo it is decision day election day, tuesday, november 8th your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, polls are opening in another nine states right now, as we speak, that means polls are open, in more than half of the country, right now. we are already seeing loaning lines everywhere you look across the country. some of the candidates have already gone to the polls, tim kaine casting his ballot
8:01 am
earlier, in virginia, donald trump's son eric trump voting last hour in new york city, he is on his way here right now coming after donald trump and hillary clinton maybing their final case to voters last night. especially to the working class listen. >> we are hours away from a once in a lifetime change we are going to have real change. not obama change. >> normal tomorrow night this election will end but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. we've got to be willing to start listening to each other again. respecting each other again. maria: we want to show you hillary clinton arrived at polling place, in chappaqua, new york where she lives she is about to cast her vote we've got video of hillary clinton right now, voting in chappaqua as you see, with her husband, bill clinton. casting their ballots right
8:02 am
now. as the rest of the country security tight polling places across the country in about new york city police on high alert trump and clinton will be holding their election night events, just over a mile away from one another in new york city marks like this americans headed to the polls, while investors are sitting tight, we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages tonight this morning rather on heels of a huge rally 300 plus point rally yesterday for dow industrials we wait markets on edge in europe mixed fractional moves no real trend to show you s&p 500 up a fraction cac quarante in par is down a contraction in asia overnight, also little change, on this election day, as you see there, best performs hong kong hang seng up a half percent shanghai composite in china up half a percent stories up jacked packs list dagen mcdowell, wall street chief correspondent jon hilsenrath,
8:03 am
robert wolf with us, outside advisor to president obama good morning to you. >> great to be here. >> good to see you. >> force together. >> election time flies when having fun. maria: sure does what a day exciting. >> 18 months of just -- wow! what i will say i think, we will all be happy when it is tomorrow. >> extraordinary. >> if it has been 18 or 1 months of you not telling your friends how to vote, gotten own facebook this morning say i don't like getting political but -- >> how about just -- going to the polls. >> when do you think we are going to know the answer. >> well -- it is north carolina comes out for hillary, and north carolina polls close i think 7:00. maria: 7:30 we will know in north carolina. >> i think that will kind of dictate if it comes out for trump later night than we expect. >> your -- >> i was in north carolina this weekend. >> you think that is going to be the one that is going to indicate how this plays out?
8:04 am
>> i do, and i think people underestimateing the millennial voting which i think will play big for the secretary i think that is a lot of college kids out there, the first time they are voting. and they want to vote, and i think, underestimateing that vote i was in north carolina happened to be a duke, and they couldn't wait to tell parents they voted for first time. >> my son there is now says he he is isl is bombarded with student activists trying to convince him get out and vote is. >> he going to get out and vote. >> he did. >> we are watching pictures of hillary clinton in what percent away new york cast ballot with president clinton, bill clinton cast vote talking to voters, in chappaqua right now, we have big hour coming up joining the conversation eric trump donald trump's son sr., vice president of the trump corporation live with editor and chief laura ingraham afl-cio president richard trumka stopping by a big show breaking news you are
8:05 am
looking at a live shot right now hillary clinton, and former president bill clinton, casting their ballots in chappaqua, new york, we are watching it happen as it happens, right now, of course, it is election day in america, the day that the america decides more polls opening across country right now as clock swings past 8:00 a.m., on the east coast, in twef opening voting on the east coast as well under way polls right now opening arkansas, iowa, kansas minnesota, mississippi north dakota oklahoma, so you can't dakota texas opening right now lines are beginning in those states, donald trump and hillary clinton made their final pitch to voters last night, this is at the closing argument, watch. >> as part of our plan to bring back jobs we are going to lower taxes, in american business from 35% to 15%. [cheers and applause] . >> we will massively cut taxes for the middle class.
8:06 am
>> i have proposed a very simple formula i will not raise taxes on anyone making less than 250,000 dollars a year. [cheers and applause] and for small businesses we are going to cut your taxes because i know a lot of small businesses need that kind of tax relief. >> bring in normal new york city mayor trump supporter rudy giuliani right now mr. mayor great to see you how you feeling. >> great this morning got in 3:30. after the last rally in michigan, quite exciting to have 20, 25,000 people there at midnight to 1:00 in the morning it was -- a big boost, i have been campaigning all weekend don't want to tell you how many states because i can't remember. maria: like a machine you guys -- >> -- last night in -- pennsylvania scranton but i
8:07 am
spent whole day yesterday in pennsylvania, the day before in nevada the day before in colorado, so i got to see the ground machine in person, which people think doesn't exist. >> tell us about that. >> sometime around 6:00 this evening, they will figure out actually does exist in hugely numbers, and has been highly computerized in austin it has the second thing i think he has going for him look at any poll see it has 10% enthusiasm gab over her even in polls in which he is behind to so to me 10% enthusiasm gap a translates to 2 to 3 point plus any polls you are looking at if more thufbl about you than about me more are going to turn up for you than me no matter how good my poll operation is. >> that is the reason she is getting celebrities to try to get -- ramp it up. >> she was i knew all summer
8:08 am
she joined -- i am -- than she is going. >> enwith lady gaga bruce. >> she can't match our kro you had. >> can't match your crowd. >> can't come close last night in michigan, the stadium was full, its capacity about 14,000, and there was about half the number outside of midnight. this has been going on since august. there is a reason for that she represents more of the same. that people don't like, 60, 65%. he represents change. now you either buy into that change or you don't. built if you do buy into that change, you are being enthusiastic, people are nerve never enthusiastic for status quo vote for it don't get enthusiastic. >> what matters more crowds or polls. >> i don't think the crowds is what makes an election, about obviously there is big rallies for -- for donald trump, but
8:09 am
the secretary has an organizational struck second to none over one million volunteers no disrespect to mayor but being very tactical where they do rallies near early voting polls a reason certain rallies in florida and nevada when you look at nevada, john ralston who is really the expert in nevada polling kind of says he thinks nevada is over if nevada is over a tough lane for donald trump to go down. >> nevada is not critical, you are right -- >> not critical. >> no north carolina is critical. >> that would be a first. >> no, not -- >> if he wins florida, and he wins north carolina, and he holds on to ohio, and he takes two or three of the other -- what would be those others. >> michigan? >> like a michigan, like a -- like. >> we have heard this before this is what romney people
8:10 am
said in twovl wh2012 went to mi minnesota pennsylvania the we can of it will be interesting. >> -- we will see. >> a different michigan for -- for trump than there is for romney or mccain, romney and mccain tradition al democrats trump speaks to the needs of a michigan voter. the auto industry gone, because of nafta. who signed nafta bill clinton who supported nafta hillary clinton so people come to the rallies, whose jobs were lost the to factors in mexico, and he is speaking right to it speaking to coal industry bleeds a little bit into michigan certainly the steel industry when he talks about being tough on trade then the question becomes in mri, what is the black turnout going to be the away you win in michigan as democratic a heavy black turnout in detroit overcomes the white turnout the rest of the state is it
8:11 am
object numbers in which case she wins. maria: hasn't looked like that. >> but not going to be obama numbers, then we are going to have a horse race in michigan, by the way, also pennsylvania. and pennsylvania. maria: some people -- like never happen -- >> when you take pennsylvania out take philadelphia out pebs is a republican state. so now the question does she do 500,000 that obama did or does she do 400,000. >> she does 400,000 losses the state. >> what happened in pennsylvania she was so far ahead a couple weeks ago. >> people figured out she is antisecond amendment state takes first monday of december off to go shooting a tough -- >> in pennsylvania -- >> -- let me answer, number two they figured out she doesn't want coal miners to go back to work a lot of them are ex coal miners number three figured out she is pro-trade agreements that have taken close to a mall and half jobs
8:12 am
ine pennsylvania those people are sitting in the middle of the state. so she has really bad candidate potential there except for the city of philadelphia goes against the grainy of what is going wrong in pennsylvania. >> she has to be -- >> -- the man and a woman of the polls have her 4% up in pennsylvania which is a landslide, by the way. okay? obama won by 4 1/2% pennsylvania. >> just a few weeks ago. >> double digits in swing states are not happening okay everything tightens up in swing states why they are swing states. >> were you expecting is that. >> listen obama won by landslide by under 5% in pennsylvania, swing states are swing states for a reason okay? i would respectfully disagree with the mayor, okay? the white the white suburban women are coming out for hillary the millennials coming out for hillary the educated universities are coming out for hillary we will see this is what makes -- >> i do not think, that -- that she will be losing michigan wisconsin and
8:13 am
pennsylvania but if she does then you are right tomorrow will be a different day. >> more than two million white high school educated voters in state of pennsylvania did not come out in 12 trump counting on a chunk of them coming out. >> there is that the factor that trump won the primaries we will see if that converts into the general election. but bringing out voters who hadn't voted at all or hadn't voted in two or three about cycles if if he can do that again, all the models are off because none of the pollsters have been able to model that, because they don't know how to model it -- no model for it. >> your advice to hillary clinton right now. >> well, i think -- >> today -- >> who no more sprys i think last night was a great close president first lady bill clinton and hillary great close last night. >> any advice for donald trump. >> relax enjoy yourselves at this point there is not much you can do to affect the vote. if you campaign somewhere today, you pull your people
8:14 am
from get out the vote. >> okay. >> and in fact i am sure hillary clinton considered it we considered it, to go places but then that 20 people that are not getting the vote out. >> good to see you. thank you so much fox business live coverage all day tomorrow starting hour earlier 5:00 a.m. back in a minute. .
8:15 am
8:16 am
maria: welcome back if country big ride-sharing companies are offering deals to help you get to the polls, and vote, cheryl cheryl with the details there cheryl.
8:17 am
cheryl: yeah maria no ride no problem, today, first, zip car offering ,000 cars nationwide free between 6 pm and 10 pm hopes to bring in new business as well, rideshare company lyft offering liltdz number of rides 45% off until 8 pm tonight show will patriotism flags on app if you look at the car, if you are hoping to see a last minute broadway show this election day, you are pretty much out of luck most broadway is dark tonight, the list of closed productions, pretty big the closure purple, cats kiki boots, the musicals all closed tonight but one show about -- well, american -- open the megahit hamilton, scheduled to run tonight so if you want to try and get a last minute show in go for it there are plenty of perks, by the way, if you are going to be out and voting today, you can grab free can
8:18 am
you please of coffee if you you you downloading 711 app keep that i voted sticker handy a free down university at krispy kreme for chanters chuck e. cheese free pizzas, and this is really for the parents theers about dollar drafts for first round today, also, in the world of voting across the country eastern michigan eagles have a football game tonight but team is still going to honor the election, players are going to wear special healths with patriotic flare a letter like the american flag stripe down the middle lists all 44 american presidents' names on it pretty cool finally this the race for the white house has been anything but calm, at least the weather going to be nice this election day, most of the country going to have sunny skies there is a chance for scattered showers, in the midsection, from texas, louisiana to illinois indiana
8:19 am
michigan ohio could see lunchtime showers temperatures expected mild a beautiful november day to vote. >> thank you, cheryl coming up next america is doing just that he helloed for the polls election day we will talk with eric trump next about his father's trump card that could help sway election in his favor we bring it next who has momentum into final stretch of the white house race comparing enthusiasm behind both camping back in a minute. >> o beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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8:23 am
maria: welcome back, day has finally arrived election day is finally here polls are open in more than half of the country right now, donald trump joining "fox & friends" this morning on fox talking about the most important state he is looking at. >> we are doing very well in new hampshire, ohio is incredible a great place they see are they see are the people amazing in this country, ohio, we're doing incredibly -- we are going to win iowa iowa likewise just -- we have had great experience there, i think we are going to win iowa, ohio, and new hampshire. >> going to win a lot of states. >> joining us right now just fresh from him voting himself this morning is republican nominee donald trump's ston executive vice president of the trump organization eric trump good to see you -- >> and you. >> what a day is here how you feeling. >> what a ride it has been honestly incredible one of the proud moments of life this morning checking that box for him, it is incredible, and
8:24 am
what he has done the movement he created a everybody wrote him off no one wants to believe very, very few people said he could do it went through primaries won against 1 different people created a movement, and i was at rallies last night, all over the place 20,000 people, in the people -- outside for six hours to get in, and the signs the this, and then really brought a great spirit to this country, and people want our nation back and people are sick and tired of the career corrupt politicians want this country back tremendous spirit what he has done just about incredible i am so crowd of him. >> no doubt there is momentum and vibrancy in trump campaign and trump camper you said other at a you think there is a hidden vote happening that will swing the election for your father, what is causing this hidden enthusiasm how do you how do you feel about that hidden vote i know you have been crisscrossing the country o all weekend like a machine. >> i have traveled tens and tens of thousands of miles
8:25 am
every state swing state i have touched hundreds of thousands of people everywhere i get people say i never voted before embarrassed to admit i never voted before i am coming out for trump everybody i know coming out for your father i hear from people all the time i have been a lifelong democratic coming for your father workers trucker inssaying we are sick and tired of career politicians i hear all the time going to manifest its tremendous thu. on our side i think very little enthusiasm on the other side i just think we are going to win this people love his message of america first, he is a win he will fight harder you see that based on his schedule, on the campaign trail, he will fight harder than any human being has ever fought for this country before, and we are going to make this country great again he is amazing man he is going to do it. >> yet she has a lot of celebrities right has got jjz,
8:26 am
bruce springsteen enthusiasm doesn't match. >> i don't know if kyles transverbal i don't know if cool is transverbal, that is why we are here today, we have been -- special interest funds eating money clinton campaign may be greatest political machines in history i don't know if that happiness people want change everybody is sick and tired of the federal government, the overreach, the excessive taxes health care failing as you are seeing, what plan has oush government put in place, that helped american people over the last 0 years. maria: right. >> 5 million people out of workforce in this country median income has not gone up a penny in 15 years, you have so many issues we lost the 70,000 factories, 07,000 factories -- 70,000 factors since bill clinton signed nafta people sick of politicians not representing them quite frankly lining their pockets. >> with all of that, the focus
8:27 am
on jobs, and this need for economic growth the drain the swamp theme resonated because with all of that turned into an election about end the corruption, end thank you know, the chronyism that really created momentum for him. >> there is a poll says 90% of people think that washington is doing a bad job for the american people, why would you expand it why would you expand washington, d.c., if 90% people already think it is doing a horrible job, we've got to cut taxes lower regulations bring business back into this country we need to bring manufacturing back into this country we have to bring jobs back into the country need to build greatest military we have ever had we have to do than he efficiently, not spend 11 trillion dollars over seven years like president obama did, we are i mean on brink of fiscal -- it is horrible, just the reckless reckless spending. >> what you are mention hits to some rust belt states i know you have been he focused on michigan looking at
8:28 am
pennsylvania, what state in that regard is most important what are you going to be focused on tonight in terms of -- as polls close. >> michigan feels amazing, the love in that state incredible, and i -- ohio compact thing same pennsylvania you look at rust belt i was by closed ford factor biggest factor moved all jobs to mexico 15,000 jobs. >> small car division. >> of ford motor there was not a single light on parking lot restrictively biggest football stadiums wasn't a single car so dad dead, i saw a picture always remember just vie bransy used to be there, no longer there now outside our country, and thousands and thousands of workers laid off the families affected in perpetuity because of it everything else it is horrible that politicians are allowing that to happen not doing a single thing about it, and not doing something about the won't acknowledge the fact it
8:29 am
is a problem so sad. maria: your father has been so effective at that, really, resonates with people, let me ask you because in hillary clinton closing arguments last night she mentioned what happened at last debate, when donald trump was asked look will you accept the results, so i ask you today, should he lose the election, will he concede will we have a peaceful transfer of power will he help to bring the country together despite the fact that he is not -- >> -- absolutely so long as there is no funny business no anything else, listen no question about it, i clearly believe we are going to win i really i feel something that is out there right now i just feel something that is out there i think we are going to take a o lot of states that have never gone republican before you are seeing the that we are heading in colorado right now never gone republican for a very long time so well in nevada in new hampshire so well in michigan so well in pennsylvania, thence states hey you know toleration problem, if hillary clinton campaigning in pennsylvania michigan
8:30 am
excessively five days i know my father worked across table from him a very long time no better leader no harder worker, no person who will negotiate harder for this nation. he is an amazing man knows how to win, and this country will start winning that is what everybody wants. >> incredible president obama had to go to michigan for hillary people like she must be worried about michigan if seconded big guns in there first 100 days let's say your team wins, what is going to be his most important policy that first 100 days. >> jobs, jobs, taxes, health care, health care is a disaster premiums going up ridiculous amounts robbing people taking money out of wallets taxes highest tax nation in the world regulation killing our businesses, we also have to build greatest military that we have ever had we live in a dangerous, dangerous time we have a deleted military in this couny, and you know we have to focus on education our educational system 30s read
8:31 am
comprehension 34, math skills 37 we better get to work as country otherwise we are going to have a real problem. >> incredible year great to see you eric trump joining us ahead donald trumpdrawing record-breaking crowds all the way to election day will enthusiasm translate into success at the polls plus no republican has ever won election without taking ohio how working class do decide who wins the important swing state back in a minute. or brig? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it.
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. . . >> announcer: america's decides once again here is maria bartiromo. with special coverage of the 2016 presidential election on "mornings with maria." maria: welcome back to special coverage of extraordinary election thanks for being here i am maria bartiromo it is election day! tuesday, november 8 top stories 8:30 oom on the east coast time to vote polls open o now, in 37 states, inclusion arkansas, which is just opening, right now. millions headed to vote including democratic nominee hillary clinton, and her husband former president bill clinton, they voted in chappaqua earlier this hour, clinton and her opponent donald trump imploring americans cast those ballots. >> some of us want to wake up wednesday morning, and wish we had done more. right? years from day when your kids grandkids ask what you did in 2016, when everything was on
8:35 am
the line, you will be able to say you voted for a stronger fairer better america! . >> we are finally going to close have history books from clintons and their lies and schemes, and corruption. we will open a bright new chapter focused on you, the american people. maria: will voter enthusiasm make it to the polls, why massive rallies may not translate into votes, plus battleground blitz following all the action in ohio, wisconsin, as the candidates battle for america's heartland market watching headed for the polls markets cautious, dow jones industrial average k3e7d down 20 points not a lot of volume people waiting to see how this plays out in europe similar story markets mixed a huge rally in stocks yesterday, this morning we've got markets across the world pulling back a fraction in asia overnight simply story, little changing best perform formalers in china, hong kong
8:36 am
up half 1% election day has arrived, after months of campaigning, donald trump is traveling for events in six different states did that yesterday, making the finalizing push, joining us right now is editor and chief fox news contributor laura ingraham good to see you. thank you so much for joining us, you say the enthusiasm for trump, is likegh nothing you have ever seen on republican since ronald reagan. >> not since a kid in 1980 crowds for reaganps the end surging, it all was captured for me at 1:00 in the morning in that cold field in lease burring virginia sunday night i had 11-year-old daughter with me a few friends, came, and i said what is going on here, a rally literally looked like -- coachella music festival thousands screaming through woods, dirt roads waiting for moment to say thank you for fighting are to us it was it was amazing both to talk to people couldn't get
8:37 am
into event like 3,000 people, not impatient not angry most weren't going to get in they were there like kind of a their last stand their last moment to speak for the america they love. >> do you think translates into votes. >> i don't know we will see, i think that you know without a doubt the big donors are on the markets -- the global corporations want status quo big donors want status quo bushes want status quo clintons media hollywood want it the way it is i am here to say that is status quo is going to boil over sooner or later we know hill hillary policies not leading the growth. >> they -- >> the middle class doesn't get wealthy doesn't matter that upper tier has done well want to keep it going keep is this money going. >> status quo we saw market rally yesterday fbi backed off this investigation. >> of e-mails. >> right. >> i don't agree with talking status quo, i think that if the secretary wins this
8:38 am
election, then i think you will see immigration reform first year passed drastic change what this country needs so i don't think -- >> we need more let me get this straight. >> immigration reformer. >> we need i think boards enforced then if people actually believe that we have the rule of law applying at board i think in a few years people would be okay if you -- we are willing to work with you but the idea that america is going to get better, if we have millions and million dollars and-million-dollar of people most of them low wage works copycat with african-americans latinos, the poor white people left behind in this economy their lives are going to get better because of that? i just don't see it i don't see it downward pressure on wages as it is how is that going to increase wages more people flooding into the country. >> wages are up -- >> they are down -- from -- >> no, no. >> they are down from 90s. >> if we get secretary
8:39 am
infrastructure plan passed by partisan. >> your answer spend more money we don't have do infrastructure, and have more people flooding into america? that is isn't that -- >> i didn't say. >> isn't that what obama did though. >> i didn't say flooding. i didn't say spend more money web site decay economics. >> infrastructure -- >> you are going to have to get it -- >> at the same time trump wants to do infrastructure has an aggressively progrowth plan, of about drastic tax reduction reratiegulation. >> it is fiscal year irresponsible you cannot cut taxes raise military do infrastructure plan say okay -- >> you are not including the you are not including the -- economic growth if he gets economic growth. >> i know we don't have much time here one would presume, that barack obama, with all of
8:40 am
his support, and all of his political genius last 8 years first two when he had commensurat democrats in congress we did obamacare got all this stuff he wanted to do, where are we will years later at the same real median income we were in 1999. now in some fantasyland issue liberal thinking a great strong america, people didn't wait in the cold on a sunday night with kids, because they think the country is going -- going just you know peachy keen. >> this is what they talk about rust belt states. >> -- the -- >> it is -- >> voting republican 30 years, how are wisconsin voters leaning this morning, we want to get the fox news in a second back to that she is talking to voters at the george web restaurant in suburbs milwaukee tell us what you are hearing from voters before we get back into it with guests this morning. >> i can hear that debate i mentioned wron ron earlironald
8:41 am
earlier last in time wisconsin voted nor republican presidential candidate 1984 ronald reagan beat will the with aer mondale trying to figure out if this state is going to flip to red state if donald trump can do that spent a lot of time here been here six times since he lot of primary in april to ted cruz, hillary clinton hasn't been here sinceprimes loss about it 13 points to bernie sanders talking to voters what they are doing, by the way, this was early voting state i remember donald trump said flip your vote if you voted early talk to some voters rightly now good morning, sir your name. >> brent baird. >> have you voted already. >> i haven't he inside of who did you vote for pm vote. >> why? >> just all you know rhetoric all the scandals everything i didn't think i had a good account to choose. >> a registered rep are upper telling me you are okay with hillary clinton being next president then? >> i know i think neither are good candidates i couldn't vote 3w5i67bd that. >> john perry. >> who did you vote for who will you vote for.
8:42 am
>> going to vote for donald trump. >> why? >> stronger, for conservatives supreme court justices, strong military. >> do you thigh he can win yes, i do, we've got two republicans here one sustaining the other one for donald trump we've got to leave it there thanks from wisconsin talk to you later. >> that is incredible thank you so much, wow -- he abstained from president vote. >> i don't understand that. >> voted for other candidacy. >> john -- he said. >> kelly -- ayotte, and -- casie i kasich voted mccain. >> listen -- >> -- kasich sticking his -- >> the some biggest republicans out there kind of -- >> -- a republican last i checked hillary clinton could be light a -- homeless person
8:43 am
on fire democrats never break a ripples from hillary no matter what they decided to national security won't criticize her won't question judgment. >> john kasich finished in politics everyone else didn't stand for nominee pledging to stand for nominee shows no integrity i have been all over the country kasich is done bush is done, they are all done! . >> could have been president of the united states i prik paul ryan with brains all savvy will not be president of the united states. >> if you want to know about house -- this is for people saying expanding this is country. this is your country! . >> i agree with that. >> -- this presidential election. >> great to see you didn't want to upset equilib-- >> the republicans, from here. >> all right. >> enjoy orchestration fox business network special all day long we are all hands-on deck we have special coverage throughout 2 day "mornings
8:44 am
with maria" tomorrow morning kicked off an hour early begin at 5:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow, for postdebate analysis going to be some show! we will be right back. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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. maria: welcome back clinton main chairman john podesta e-mails relieving donna brazile for warded multiple questions to hillary clinton before debate paid as cnn contributor says does not regret the action host of "varney & company", stuart varney to weigh in on that good morning to you. >> good morning, maria you and ircolleague lou dobbs way back which started cnn june 1 on air in those days you and i and lou dobbs played it straight didn't we. >> loveed cnn for that. >> what we did the world's first 24-7 news network right get it on the air come on let's do it! look at them now, they are the clinton news network.
8:48 am
they implore sr., official clinton campaign fed questions to hillary during cnn sponsored debates, we find it wasn't two questions was four questions, and donna brazile lady who did this has no regrets swae regre regrets whatsoever no regrets hillary clinton never mentioned it flat out cheated advancing over bernie sanders he didn't know questions she did she could prepare and she did. now i ask you when you and high school college if you cheated on an exam, what would have happened to you. >> you would have been expelled flat out, pedaled would have happened to me hillary clinton, clinton news network do what you like pathetic. >> incredible, drip, drip, drip, this is a major debate, this is the presidential election extraordinary. >> why didn't we hear from bernie sanders. >> has he got nothing to say about this. >> has been quite, bn quieted
8:49 am
down. >> howcom what do they have on him to keep him so quiet? >> he has been -- >> you know he's got to be mad about the way they basically were in the tank for her tried to come up with ideas to basically put him out of business they did. >> a sad story maria, and sad what happened to the network you and i and lou dobbs founded. >> we still love it but yeah, it is a different place today see you in 10 minutes, big show i know that "varney & company" begins top of the hour k a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" robert wolf with us comments on staurt staurt commentary there robert if hillary clinton said hey i don't want these questions i got -- >> as someone part of wikileaks thing not going to respond i think they obviously violated every policy under the sun with wikileaks so i am not -- >> the people who leaked trump's tax returns. >> i don't think that should have happened either. >> seemed center stage this
8:50 am
year no different break down battleground state of ohio next. you do all this research
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america voting today ohio is in the focus, for so many, as it is a key battleground state jeff flock has latest in columbus good morning to you. reporter: tremont elementary school good morning, maria the scene behind me out the door, and they have been since the beginning this is running counter to early voting numbers pet paltry take a look we got from ohio secretary of state in person voting up, but -- the absentee ballots, down, and so early voting was pretty flat. but i tell you we are seeing a lot of people here i take you also to show you one of the election monitors we talked a lot about fraud al credentialed monitor young
8:54 am
lady in the gray has a badge on, and she is a credentialed monitor, you know trump campaign said they are going to put their own monitors out there, us about not allowed to come into the voting area, that we are in right now, we have they have to stay outside a credentialed monitor they have monitors all over the state as well. maria. maria: thanks so much jeff flock in columbus donald trump hillary clinton made final appeals to the working class and middle class voter last night, joining me write now the president of the american federation labor and congress, of industrial organizations, richard trumka good the see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on maria it is going to be a great day make history. >> incredible it be prohibitively election i want to ask economic growth how hillary clinton's plan leads there you are a supporter how do you think jobs are going to react when i'm sorry how do you think companies are going to react when they are
8:55 am
watching higher taxes, higher wages, and more regulation when it comes to obamacare do you think going to create jobs in that environment that is hillary hill's pl hillary. >> plan. >> an independent group anloaded her plan said would it create 10 million jobs through infrastructure, investment in workforce development, and doing manufacturing advanced manufacturing that same group said donald trump's plan would cost us 3 1/2 million jobs you can say we are going rewrite the rules of the economy, so that the people in ohio and pennsylvania and everywhere across the country are get a chair chance that is why today is so important for all of us for all working people. >> isn't hillary's plan very similar to object's plan, as we sit here 8 years after president obama we've got economic growth of under 3%, and about 2% actually. >> let's take a look at president obama's plan, he did great job remember when he took over, we were hemorrhaging 850,000 jobs
8:56 am
every month, he stopped that we've been growing every month since then he made investment in infrastructure to make more competitive in the world economy she will build on that her investment in infrastructure the largest we have seen tins world war ii with good-paying jobs hopefully union jobs as many as we can get when wages are up people can spend when people can spend the economy -- >> richard let me ask you i know hillary clinton wants nafta alive has nafta been good for you? >> well first of all they don't you want to keep nafta live costed against cafta for 10 years said nafta needs to be redone won't work we are going to rewrite rules of the trade agreement with works at table not just wall street or elite at the table going to be a different world she wants to change the economy, not just manage it.
8:57 am
>> you do want her to rip up nafta the way donald trump saying he is going to -- >> we won't to rewrite annualize of nafta and make sure, that tpt doesn't pass is rewritten as well they have not been good for the country they have not we know good for workers, we can have a real trade regime that lets us compete in the world, that is what i hear in every place i go. >> that is definitely resonating people look at jobs, and they are trying to figure out who their negatives opportunity is going to come why voting richard i wish we had more time thank you so much exciting day, we will be watching. >> thanks for having me on we are going to make history maria. >> back in a minute. this is blay that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance. i love it. (laughs) wow. and you don't have to wait until black friday. find your tag and get 20% cash back,
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>> thank for joining us. you know where i'm going right now? i'm going to vote! "varney & company" starts right now. stuart: so am i right after the show, i tell you. what we've got a small lead for hillary clinton nationally. key states moving towards trump. you know, it's too close to call. good morning, everyone. what a ride. we're very happy that you've been with us all the way. donald trump, mike pence, surrounded by family, closed it out in grand rapids michigan. that state democrat for decades is now quote, in play. trump's theme we're going to win and drain the swamp. the clintons and


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