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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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over that magic number to become the next president of the united states, over the course of the last week, she has lost about 40 electoral votes. that's how quickly things are changing. to trish regan as fbn continues our live coverage. trish: here we are two days before america votes. the candidates are making their last weekend push to seal the deal. donald trump holding events in five different states. hillary clinton will be in three. this ahid fresh concerns around ms. clinton's ethics. it's revealed she instructed her immigrant maid to print her classified emails and scheduled and asked officials to forward sensitive information to her house maid. this suggests hillary clinton had little respect for the sensitivity of her position as secretary of state.
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but first want to head out to the campaign trail. he is on his way to minnesota. the state so solidly democrat, it hasn't gone for a republican since 1972. trish: demeanor post-reporting today hillary clinton routinely hatter made printouts sent to then he will head on to michigan. the government e-mails and trump can take either of those documents including one containing classified blue states he can move to 270. information. who does somewhat or housecleaner off their work e-mails. not just any work e-mails. we have peter barnes in my home she was the secretary of state state of new hampshire. for the united states of america trump is quickly gaining ground. and she has her made printing out state documents. take a look at this e-mail from and jeff flock is in ohio where hillary clinton to her top aide, huma abedin. can you get this printed by they have correctly picked presidential winner since 1964. sending to marina, they made. we are asking to print and send to me. arena is the name of her blake were what you hearing? housekeeper. "washtington examiner", michael >> welcome to north carolina on a beautiful sunday. yesterday here saturday wrapped blue. i've got to ask, why didn't the
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up the end of early voting. we are starting to get a look at the totals of how things are fbi check out this main e-mail account? did they not do it early job as shaping up potentially leading into tuesday. they should have? >> obviously there is some hanky-panky going on. already so far there have been 3.1 million votes cast in north it just fortifies in keeping the carolina out of a possible 6.8 news the story about hillary clinton's secret e-mail server million people who are part of the electorate. and the statue seems to have that's 45.2% of all eligible considered herself above the rules. in 2011 she sent out a letter to voters have voted here in the all state department employees early voting period. so how does that break down? about the importance of obeying according to ballots cast by state department protocols in republicans, democrats and keeping financial information independents, here is how those confidential and not using personal e-mail for government numbers shake out. about 42% of democrats voted business. trish: it applies to all of here in north carolina, about them, apparently not to her. >> that's right. 32% of republicans, and the the "washtington examiner" say number for independent is 26%. how are democrats and again we are not in republican republicans rating? politics anymore. we are running the loyalist
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the turnout for democrats is politics. hillary clinton is certainly one example of that. great in north carolina and they say that's great. the person who doesn't know how they are seeing turnout for to press the print button. african-americans in north carolina which they feel is trish: i hadn't even thought of pacing with what they night to that. it seems to me, michael, aside be. the gop wrapped up a call and here is the argument they are from her living by one set of making. rules and anticipate and everybody else should live by another, it is the idea she is it's about a 10% edge of ballots not respecting the office she democrats over republicans say their share of the head of what held. she doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of it all. mitt romney share was 2012. basically while that's a >> well, this by the way was the 10-point spread they feel like they are doing better here than 16 at this point that romney was philippines. in 2012 that he won this state what is her background. by about 70,000 from 80,000 trish: did she get clearance votes. one thing to keep in mind, from the state department? trish, among all of that when we >> she did not have a security talk about democrats and clearance. republicans come you got i basically would assume she's a 2 million independents here in north carolina and that could potentially be what tips this one way or another. person without security trish: they may decide all of concerns. hillary clinton's sofar did not
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ask that. this. latecomer to new mexico much. trish: it's also her computer. the male importance in north carolina, and donald trump and why would she get it forwarded wife of eric trump, laura trump. good to have you here. to her e-mail? why would arena beginning of >> k., trish. thank you so much. state department e-mails because the critical state from your home state and it looks like it's going to boil down to he had turnout. what are you doing to get trish: there were the allies that have a spy and then not the supporters? apparat who was the valet of one >> north carolina is my home state. i wanted to be very involved. it's critical that we went north of the leaders, something like carolina. that. this can be disturbing i think i think this is our third time in north carolina really just especially the look of voters in getting out, talking to women a state like michigan, my home and all voters about the donald trump that we know. there was a narrative that state. we've seen the clinton campaign and the chapeople in their and r candidates into there. existed that we didn't agree multiple times in recent days. with because they know this man personally. we noted that manny has come a great father, great businessman that suggests that the state that was 54-45 for barack obama and so we wanted to convey that in 2012 in the democratic margin to people. the response i get is really is now in play.
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incredible. it is not chopped liver. trish: it's important, laura. he is still struggling with women. this has been one of his this is a serious and important state. weaknesses. getting a different message out any time that private e-mail is obviously critical for you because you need women. what kind of reception are you system is in the news, that is getting right now from some of not a good new cycle for hillary the women you're talking to that clinton. may have been on the fence and trish: the trustworthiness have the opportunity to hear issues, concerns about pay to from you and other women is play with the clinton foundation close to. her inability to respect her >> i love you think i'm able to office of secretary of state in terms of safeguarding some of that information. change peoples minds but i'll tell you women are very enthusiastic about voting for donald trump is there a poll is you mentioned michigan. out there suggest otherwise. you think about michigan, ohio, i'm on the ground and people are pennsylvania, the state that have really been hurt saying other woman i know is voting for donald trump gave economically. them are highly offended a >> you have a high percentage of candidate like hillary clinton noncollege ways. michigan is 52% according to did she get there both simply a voters. because we are the same gender. that is a demographic that donald trump has been doing well it's ridiculous, insulting, offensive and women have caught onto the candidate she is. in republican primary. we have a candidate under criminal investigation running he carried michigan in the for presidency of the united
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republican primary and he carried those areas like macomb states. i think women have caught onto county and getting a big lead to hillary clinton as and they want somebody they can trust and respect and they think it donald hillary clinton in uaw of trump. trish: what is your pitch to suburban detroit. glendale's? they are the same unpromising roulette game. now they don't seem to have a they used to rely on to keep ton of passion on either side. that state and it looks like they may be in trouble there. >> you see what hillary clinton has tried to do. she do. she's tried to pull out all the trish: they keep talking about stops of the big stars. katie berry, beyoncé, donald reagan democrats coming out of trump doesn't need that to get the woodwork or the blue-collar folks want some economic team crowds. he is 10,000 people every day spirit i appreciate you being here always. thank you so much. show up for him pay for millennial since important that >> thank you. they know they are going to have a job. trish: the example of how biased some in the media are. we are learning today from the economy is going to be good for them that they are going to have a job. i graduated from college not too wikileaks that cnbc chief long ago. washington correspondent john it was hard for me to find a job. i think that is something really harwood, the guy that network important to them. has chosen to lead their they have jobs and the economy is going to be something that's coverage was asking the clinton
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campaign what he should be going to be beneficial. asking jeb bush in an interview. trish: people want to know they talk about being in cahoots. have a future. details after this. you're still producer and "inside edition." is that right? >> icann. they let me have my job to come out. trish: is a member of the media, what is your reaction to how the media treated your father-in-law? >> yeah, it's really disappointing to be honest with you. you and i both know how it works. you take one sentence out of an otherwise great interview or great rally and you can twist things around and make somebody look different than they are. it's been very frustrating because this is a man that didn't have to do this. this is a man i have great such respect for. he's doing this for the betterment of the american people, for the future of this country and the fact that the media, the clinton machine, everything against him and he has withstood all of that and we see where he is today that he is mackinac and in a lot of a lot of cases winning right now.
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it's truly incredible. it has been frustrating and eye-opening. i've seen both sides of this and i can tell you that i look at things differently after this process. >> it's been an interesting one. laura trump, thank you so much. enjoy time in your home state. meanwhile, eric trump is making four stops in florida including one happening right now coral springs. a live picture of it. actually no, that hillary surrogate president obama would you have my pictures of this. he's in kissimmee florida. this is early voting wrapping up in the state on behalf of all registered voters with 33,000 going to democrats. the rates pretty much a virtual tie. adam shapiro is there in florida. >> than they give you the numbers on the last day of early
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voting. as he said 49% of registered voters in the sunshine state have cast their ballot. roughly 6.2 million people have as we head towards election day here so we've got. unaffiliated voters up 1.16 million. there's no way of knowing how they have voted and those numbers are people who vote conservative. democrats will tell you in those numbers are newly registered hispanic voters who registered and voted for the first time but didn't claim a party that they say they are voting for clinton. numbers just based on those who registered with the party voting by mail, publicans 1,043,000 has been their ballot and as of late last night and they've been trish: we've got some fresh counted. evidence of media bias. imagine that at our competitor democrats 974,000. voting early getting on your cnbc. here we go. feet and going to a polling the day before the chief station in roughly half the counties in florida to do that washington correspondent john haaretz is set to do an republicans 1.35 have voted interview with jeb bush, john harwood sent this e-mail to early. hillary clinton's campaign
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democrats 1.46, roughly chairman, john podesta. 1.5 million have done that. he says what should i ask chad overall in early voting, just and speakeasy interview looking at his registered with the party, democrats are leading tomorrow? so here he is asking john by 32,000 roughly. republicans will tell you i'm podesta clinton campaign manager the last day of early voting in for question to do it interview the last election cycle when you with jeb bush. of course a month later mr. harwood moderated nbc's look at his registered with the party. republicans trailing by 145,000 widely panned republican ballots. this time her to 2000 ballots. presidential debate and we know from previous week female's harwood boasted to podesta about they've closed the gap with the his trump questions, which even democrats and if the democrats who have always emphasized early the mainstream media here were voting are cannibalizing their shockingly biased and just bad. vote come tuesday and that's here's the kicker, folks. where these numbers are in favor right now. john harwood, who kind of seems like you can bet that the trish: one of the first results clinton campaign is actually a we see on tuesday night, the major part of the election night polls close at seven and coverage and chief washington correspondent. to me from our analysis, fox anticipate most people will be done by 8:00 but we anticipate news contributor where murdoch. early results out of florida and good to see you guys. your contributors. this is make or break territory. adam shapiro, thank you so much. in fact do can catch is right
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donald trump to plan one of his most respected surrogates to the great state of new hampshire today. his daughter, ivanka. here. colin laid eight points a couple weeks ago. >> out as clearly as i can. it is completely evaporated. it is gone. trish: john harwood is the chief donald trump now has to lead in washington correspondent, which means his obligation as kind of middle-of-the-road but the facts on both sides. the granite state, but live free or die territory. shall we are learning basically peter burns is live in manchester, new hampshire right inoperative. what's going on here? now. he joins me and i've got to tell what is cnbc need to know about you i'm not entirely surprised by this momentum shift bear, the role? knowing folks there as well as i >> there's definitely a do. what are you hearing? difference between chief correspondent and commentator. i'm not convinced we can >> you are right about that. conclude john harwood is as up about two points in the latest average of polls for new biased as this one in the mice suggests. hampshire. so kind of a statistical dead what if we had e-mails that were heat. speaking of dead heats in races, put the campaign manager for jeb bush and john harwood has sent we have been manchester city in e-mails. marathon going on behind us if we remember that from your days here. trump wants to try and ensure
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that to rehear it one way to do that is to send his surrogate a trish: trying to get arise because of his ridiculous secret weapon. question at the debate where he his daughter, ivanka, entrepreneur and obviously basically said donald trump, aren't you running a superman book version of the campaign? accomplished woman to try to make sure he can get women to there was a craziness there that vote here for him. i don't think is normal among he's been behind in florida. some one who is trying to beat according to "the boston globe," down the middle. 35% to 50% compared to hillary >> not very normal. clinton. ivanka trump coming here to talk i also think it's interesting in about a major ratio. response to the media and the public about this. the opioid and heroin crisis this is unusual. imagine if we had had an e-mail taking 400 to 500 lives a year contacting the charm campaign in here. if her dad becomes president he what questions should i ask will crack down on hillary clinton bush and mark ever would stop a lot of people pharmaceutical companies and would be screaming. total chaos. there's some concern. doctors. listen. >> we need to control the pharmaceutical companies who are creating gateways for everyone, trish: to train the media, especially the left because we do present both sides and try to you know, who were looking to make sure we have all angles get hooked and who get hooked covered. because of overprescription and somehow just the fact you are presenting the conservative angle on this story makes you a
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religious gross negligence on the part of doctors and right-wing conservatives. pharmaceutical companies. it's devastating. >> i think we need more information to make a judgment about what john harwood did. i don't think it's necessarily reporter: of course she was talking about prescription pain improper because he reached out killers and widespread use of and ask her questions. in the course of my reporting those. interesting statistic. a million voters approximately. called camaign strategies they would be think about this or i'm the charm campaign says they guarded not down 1.6 million going to talk about than what would you ask? that's good reporting. i agree entirely on this doors you trump volunteers so far and made 1.3 million calls a question of a double standard. there is no doubt if everything voters have fewer hearing a lot were reversed about the from the trunk can paint. situation, you would have the chin stroke worse in the wearing >> hillary clinton's side is their brows, scolding task, doing what it can as well because i'm getting reports that they are literally going door to taste, fox. door knocking to make sure they trish: there's a hypocrisy in get their democrats out there to the polls. general. the fact that she had jc onstage granting matters and you're talking about four electoral votes in that little state that with her. don't get me started. may become quite important. i've been on this thing all week peter barnes, thank you so much. because i'm so horrified and disgusted by his language in the bombshell report that hillary way he demeaned women. clinton will routinely hide or
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a horrible tragic wake her and may print out scores of how many young kids are sensite government e-mails and listening to this music and it's not setting any hand or for any documents including, get this, classified information. normal civilized person. details next. but anyway, she gets up on stage with jay-z and nobody bats an eye. his language was terrible when he was up on that stage. >> she can then right afterwards and high-fives the guy. trish: i keep saying i cannot tell you what his lyrics are because they are that bad. they don't even make sense, but they are that bad and not antagonistic and misogynistic towards women. and yet she's the women's candidate. >> grow power, right? trish: where's the media on this one? >> huge double standard for some of his language. justified criticism in my view. they should be doing the same with jay-z in song lyrics with hillary clinton urges is bad.
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>> get up and sing and i saw. don't get into that sort of thing. keep it clean. that didn't happen. not even close. trish: you go from jay-z to this news today about the made. according to "the new york post," basically wanted to raise to forward classified information ,-com,-com ma sensitive information to her housekeeper so it could get printed. who the heck forwards work e-mails to a housekeeper to begin with? and then on top of that, this women didn't have any clearance. this housekeeper was not supposed to see any information. hillary clinton who previously sent out a note to a stab you in very careful about what she sends what she stands and to you send it to sending it on to remade? >> is a very interesting detail commended for writing it. the fbi noted clinton periodically received a daily brief, a top-secret document prepared by the cia to receive
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data and how they're made for the presidential daily brief. nothing gets any more secret than that. to have somebody without security clearance may be perfectly decent and honorable but who knows if she sees them and they mentioned that to somebody else or someone has tapped her phone and is listening in. this is gross negligence and by that standard hillary clinton should be convicted under the espionage act and not be on the way to the oval office. >> she's got all these excuses. we haven't heard from her on this one. getting the foundation of million-dollar she never repeated that are actually pulled the state department about that despite having promised to do so is there any designations designations to come in. it's like one after another. at some point you run out of excuses. >> well, all of these things tell us the same story. it's a total disregard for the
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rules and laws that apply to people when they talk about repair work on their home, talking about the potential pay to play with the clinton foundation and especially whether you talk about her handling of classified and sensitive information. when the fbi three of tuesday's interviews that came out a couple weeks ago, there were interviews of diplomatic security agents who were horrified at what they said was hillary clinton's disregard for basic rules that others had to follow for years. i remember calling one of them about how she takes her blackberry into the id, which is secured compartmentalized information facility where she gets classified information. you're not allowed to take her blackberry. nobody does this. it is rude number one. all sorts of interesting information came out of this interview summaries. trish: wanted to make all these rules for everybody else did they cannot live by it. >> she spent six years in the senate armed services committee.
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she should know better. dealing with big secrets. trish: good to have you here. going to be back in a minute.
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trish: donald trump on the same in minnesota. a state that if only democratic that is not voted republican since 1972. another democratic stronghold, michigan in the state once seen as a safe bet for hillary clinton. hillary at one time had what many call an insurmountable lead
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in the battleground states. now suddenly he gains momentum in that firewall is crumbling. joining me now to look at all of this, lee carter, democratic john rally and bill wheatland from the hoover institute. starting with you, people are say you could actually turn some of these historically blue states red. your thoughts. >> i think anything is possible. as we look at these polls, it's so hard to predict who is turning out. likely voters are what these polls are made out of. north carolina and florida, his anecdote were then expect it. they are not counted in likely voters. the traditional reagan democrats who haven't voted in places like minnesota, michigan for a long time will be coming out in record numbers. we will see quite a switch on election day from what we see in the poll. trish: wow, this is what we saw with step three.
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all the polls basically said there was no chance that the u.k. was going to separate in the e.u. all of a sudden i. all of a sudden i see that dates closer to the events, the poll started to narrow. we started to see things or to shift, much like we see now. would you know, lo and behold, the e.u. -- the u.k. said bye-bye. are we witnessing potentially a similar phenomenon here? >> i think that is very inspiring for people who were hoping for an outsider to come in and do the things mr. trump has done. and might account partly for the momentum we are seeing. he comes in with the outsider status about what voters come what voters, the undecided voters tend to gravitate to once they are actually in that voting booth. we saw the enthusiasm gap in the latest poll that tells us that enthusiasm gap is getting even wider and mr. tribe's favor. com those three or zen i
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think he has reason to feel optimistic. >> let's zero in on a state like new hampshire. my home state suddenly you seen a real turnaround in most polls. hillary clinton has been leading. now they are not kidnapped. what happened to her? >> very clearly, nine days ago there was a black swan in this race which was the fbi announcement. this campaign was over then. this has been a game changer. as you look at states like new hampshire, florida, nevada, and places in the blue states of michigan and new hampshire there's good and bad news all over the place for riverside. really there is a competing turnout model and they are not mutually exclusive. is there a tidal wave of latino and hispanic turnout which is an attraction to hillary, but also as trump senate majority this rural vote which we see in a lot of places.
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trish: john, you are sounding remarkably middle of the road right now. i'm wondering if you're getting nervous. you can't call this because you have been so much under the assumption hillary clinton would take this in the lands led and i think yourself and other pundits have started to back away from that in a way that is very interesting right now to watch. your thoughts, bill. >> loci should be nervous because in the selection before we went on the air, there were six or seven states ago red to blue or blue to red. back to 2012 only 2 cents flip from one side or the other. you go from three different time zones and all this time zones could change. the one thing about the election i find fascinating is like watching the super bowl and both candidates have come to a core strategy. she's going to marshal her forces to early vote in ground game and trump is hoping for frankly a cosmic force.
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trish: is in that enthusiasm? >> you will see this with a good place to look his ohio right now. cbs came out with their idol crown poll this morning. hillary has a 63-13 lead among voters to look on the other side has to enthusiasm and trump enters the enthusiasm side. trish: john was just making a point that this election may shift dramatically as a result of the fbi investigation. i'll come back to you in a second. what are you seeing in terms of voters who were in the middle? we've got the fox news poll puts a lot of independents are increasingly going for trump. what is your data showing? >> we see an 8% lead over hillary clinton in the independents. there were times we saw more. but i do think that right now the independents are leaning towards donald trump.
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i'm looking at focusing on the message. he is winning them over and the reason is it's not necessarily about donald trump. this is not about the man donald trump. this is about the antiestablishment we need to do things differently. were tired of the corruption. everything that's come out in the last few weeks has indicated a background politics that is not for the people. it's for the elite and it's got people upset and more likely to vote for donald trump and they would be before. trish: it is interesting. you originally were not a donald trump supporter. he came around through the primary process. it's one of your biggest concerns of the voter, as a conservative this idea that somehow the system is rigged to the political elites have taken over? >> we have seen that. i am married to a former state senator and i've seen how they establish networks and i know that there is a huge force both
2:27 pm
republican people will just call themselves to public instant democrat i am the outsider. sort of project and.label and running as almost an independently minded conservatives. i think apple windows that want the outsider vote. >> i think that people aren't losing money getting so fed up with both parties that they don't want to see sent in this just beholden to a party itself. he certainly has not been beholden. anyway, lee, good to have you all here. interesting couple of days. brief scare last night disrupting donald trump rally in nevada. someone had shot a gun.
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no weapon was found in donald trump did return to this page. a scary moment your trump's campaign manager is blaming. watch. >> we are told he's a republican for hillary clinton and donated money to the campaign. until america votes, this race is boiling down to a handful of battleground swing states. we are checking in with our all-stars on the state of the race in ohio and pennsylvania. trump and clinton. we've got it next.
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trish: hillary clinton heading to the battleground state of ohio hosting a get out your vote event with basketball superstar lebron james in cleveland. too desperate to rally the african-american votes, which is critical to her if she's going to have a shot at taking ohio.
2:31 pm
donald trump leads her by two points. and get this from the state of ohio has picked a presidential winner
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vote for hillary clinton. that's what a lot of people in the crowd say. we want another four years of obama. we are going to vote for hillary clinton. that is what lebron james says. trish: if you want another four years of that track record. i find it so when tristan and all these event she is really bringing out the star power if he were. i'm not going to go on again
2:33 pm
about jay-z, because a horrible person representing what he represents. lebron is a whole lot safer and of course michelle obama and all of the surrogates had come out earlier and health care really commands that kind of numbers in terms of the crowd. good to have you here. jazz, locate backend. pennsylvania become a make or break territory. hillary's huge lead time. in fact, she's only up about two points. connell mcshane in west chester pennsylvania. he joins me now with the latest. reporter: hey, trish, very well may decide how the state goes. in pennsylvania we know that donald trump has more in rural areas than hillary clinton has supported many big cities like philadelphia and pittsburgh. there are four suburban counties
2:34 pm
in philadelphia and only chester county where we are with the republican mitt romney. can trump keep their bad? he's not been fully well here, especially women voters. i talked to two women voters in west chester. one for clinton, one for trump. >> this is a country that embraces different than we have certain rights, health care being of them. i am for the candidate who will fight for all of that. >> i don't like that she may be indicted. i feel that she may have done things wrong and covers up things and that not for the people. i believe he'll bring change to america. >> that pretty much sums it up will bring change to america. we've heard from so many trump supporters in here on the streets of west chester read
2:35 pm
ahead of the election. will it be enough? the clinton campaign has a superior organization. we saw that an action earlier today. they have the momentum and enthusiasm. we will see which one wins out. trish: it is incredible. been able to make up so much ground in so many states that people have written off and now within the margin of error. connell mcshane commit thank you so much. we'll take a quick break and be right back into. you didn't read your
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there are reports of people getting upset and boycotting churches. see back people have brought religion up into each other's faces. you're a sinner if you don't vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. no no no.
2:40 pm
we are christian people i'm speaking from my perspective. to pray and vote responsibly. that is the end of that. that is the end of that. kind of passed out information showing what the two platforms are as can can do the most supreme court justices were pro-life and all of that. to inform the people as to the state i want people to know that abortion is not healthcare. but to be healthy that kind of information is legal and is fine to share that information. >> you bring up something that's very true. it seems like it's happening more now people get so angry with each other about which
2:41 pm
candidate they're supporting and they take it so personally. at the end of the day family friendships that matters. >> what's your advice to them. i have lived and voted into centuries. i have never seen this kind of anarchy among friends and family members. it is incredible. who is can even have christmas or thanksgiving if we can't get over this. they are not appropriate. it should not be a situation in church what some he says. your church is no longer valid because you can't say that to church members. we should not be having these religious wars right now. i hope those married couples move in.
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i have to leave it there. we will be right back.
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trish: this has been one for the ages. but now here we are down to the final stretch. we are covering all of it for you every minute of the day. and then tomorrow night. i will be here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have a special edition of the intelligence report.
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as we count down the final hours to election day. >> we start with breaking news. donald trump expected to arrive at any moment in the first date of his blue state blitz. he will land right there at the twin cities airport. four of them traditional. he began his tour in sioux city iowa. blasting his democratic opponent. hillary clinton for her
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