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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 3, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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east coast. 108 years in the making. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series. it's over. the cubs have one at all. [cheers and applause] maria: the cubs finally winning the world series after nailbiter became inextricably and into early this morning. the highlights ahead. president about his invitation in the celebration goes spiral after the cubs picked area. five days to go now. donald trump's wife melania making her first beach ballhuma abedin set to return to give campaign. >> were going to be nice and cool, nice and cool. stay on point, donald. i've been watching hillary the
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last few days. you've got to make sure to vote and to vote early. >> i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering and you, north carolina are going to have to make sure that would push in the right direction. >> new details into the fbi's investigation into the clinton foundation. "the wall street journal" explaining how secret recordings were used to launch the probe. all the story this morning for you. but the tightening presidential race has the mark on edge posting declines. seven straight sessions in the longest losing streak in five years. take a look at what were lucky not than what we are expecting. another day of mixed performances. the dow industrial looking lower. we are expecting fractional gain for the dow today up 15 points. nasdaq s&p 500 next.
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european performances edging higher throughout the year as him. the loser down a fraction albeit dft 100 is higher. in a show overnighters of the story looks like in terms of markets. u.k. average closed for holiday. the other moving this morning overnight. the country's elite military force is reportedly sending fighters to it will treat the u.s. and europe. we will bring you the story. new file for wells fargo over its fraudulent account scandal. the sec looking at the big violated rules that the disclosures. calling on hyundai. the automaker will take measures to take drivers at risk. the biggest night last night was a blast from the past is garth brooks took the top honors in the show did not hold back from holiday jokes about the presidential campaign. all the highlights last night.
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joining me to talk about it, dagen mcdowell, mike murphy with at the national review reporter. good morning. good to see you. dagen: again, i feel like when the show is packed full with got even more to talk about. trained to if the fbi were going to can do need to dig deep and if it was going to be stopped by anybody, jim cummings boston something with me. someone would threaten their lockout. dagen: particularly with fox news reporting on threadbare last night that the clinton foundation investigation by the fbi is taking a very high priority. maria: a lot of details. coming up wisconsin congressman sean duffy is here. congressman sean duffy joining us live plus harvard law professor emeritus and defend attorney alan dershowitz in the creative director samantha wills
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jewelry. joining us on the head. the longest drought in sports history is over. the cubs are the world champs after 108 years of waiting. they beat the indians in a wild game seven. quite exciting declining bat from a three to one series deficit. the roller coaster lasted five hours with a 17 minute rain delay for extra drama. cleveland's four-run lead into extra innings. the cubs seal the deal with hits from then so and miguel montero. fans poured into the streets of chicago. hundreds celebrating outside of wrigley field. the celebration extending to the nation's highest office of president obama treated it happened, cubs win the world series. that is changed even this
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outsider can believe in. want to come to the white house before i leave? hillary clinton took a break in the campaign trail to say they did it 108 years later in the drought is finally over. way to make history. only five days away from another historic moment and that is the presidential election. bernie sanders and later a fundraiser hosted by cher. donald trump focused on north carolina florida. senator ted cruz, melania trump all slated to speak at trump rallies. clinton made huma abedin will attend a fundraiser for the candidate yesterday president obama rallies supporters. he didn't have kind words. that's for sure. i ran against mitt romney. i another thought that the republic was at risk if they
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were like dude. we have to stop thinking that his behavior is normal. they know he's not qualified that they say carrots or doesn't matter. it's in the middle of the game. then you're a loser. maria: join us now is pollster and senior visor is scott walker's presidential camp with us. good to see you. thank you for joining us. do you think is canceled a sense of urgency to wrap up debate? >> certainly that's the whole campaign. it has close dramatically in terms of the campaign. what hasn't changed is the hide negative for both candidates. they are going to their base, driving a car appeared one of the things we've seen in the closing of the polls is not so much hillary coming down as those voters voted for the independent candidate i've moved
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over closing the race. >> donald trump is right there. >> years. if you look at the field right now in pennsylvania and north carolina and nevada, all those are showing that closing within range. certainly when you look at the electoral college map you have a problem if yes run the table on all of that. pennsylvania is the one state that does not have early voting. north carolina has voted 30%. florida has put a 25% of voters. they still have one of her scent for pennsylvania. >> 18 months into this election season. is this coming down to what e-mails can picture what happens over the next five days. >> negatives are so high about this candidate and that's not coming down for either one.
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the more important thing i've seen in the last week in a party showing the clips of trumps and keep calm is that he has been different in the last week. one of the things that has always been driving the numbers is that her negatives are driven in the politics of the past fights for sonnet. when he's trying to drive the message that the boxer with a class job. what is happening the last week fbi has been driving the message allowing him to sit back. >> will you be able to not say anything inflammatory five days is a long time. dagen: how much does it influence with the hillary clinton surrogate dad the campaign trail? president obama yesterday actually brought up the plan in reference to donald trump and also president obama talking not by name but about jim comey say
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anything there is ignore them when investigations we don't operate on in the window and incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. he's increasingly trying to tamp down the fear or over what's happening with the fbi. >> there's been lots of speculation on whether he came out on friday because of a mutiny inside the fbi. maria: secret recruiting. it's clear the justice department was trying to stop the fbi from investigating the clinton foundation. >> i think they're trying to do the right thing. the fbi is. lots of rules in terms of what they can say as you get closer to the election. i think all of this is plain to the base if you will. it is not changing negatives for either of the two candidates. this is the good news for the republican ballot that we had
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always seen a lot of those voters for the third-party candidates they didn't like either one of those two candidates as they have folded in the fear of not voting has actually decreased and that's where we are seeing the picture today i'm keeping control of congress is much better today for republicans than it was two weeks ago. may have more information on the state of play. they are ramping up against hillary clinton. fbi agents from the crime division made the foundation of very high priority investigation. according to sources, threadbare as they just told us. agents looking into pay to play ties between the foundation and when clinton was secretary of state interviewing people connected to the case. trump is seizing on the opportunity. listen to what he said yesterday. >> "crooked hillary" clinton. that term has really stuck. has anyone seen "crooked
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hillary" clinton today? great term for president. >> with investigations we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. maria: i don't know. it's a new window to another 650,000 e-mails, some of which were from the state department not anthony's lapdog. >> or next to point and they can, we're in the field of five battleground states. i've not seen one of the states that more than 43% say this is important to them. this negatives are baked in and it's reinforcing the base and moving the numbers on that. that is good news for trout. dagen: one other thing i wanted to point out. the laptops handed over by clinton's top aide cheryl mills and have their sanders said as a result of this immunity deals, those laptops would be destroyed.
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they have not been destroyed. they are in washington in the fbi field office in d.c. again, you are looking at potentially hillary clinton gets elected next week. you have a -- the next president of the united states under fbi investigation. >> she can pardon herself. >> that's very important to the tribe voters. >> it doesn't matter. >> was there the word indictment use? the fbi apparently according to sources that there could be an indictment. they didn't say to whom. when i heard that word i thought to myself wow. if something happens down the road should hillary clinton become president, does that mean 10 cane was president?
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she chose 10 cane. the word indictment i couldn't believe that word. >> that's very keep coming back from the negative moving down or moving out. what has happened over the last year is the strongly unfavorable has increased appointment 60% for both candidates. a lot of this is noise. the more important thing is we have an historic high number of voters, 20% that is like both of these candidates. that's the factor that comes into play is supposed to be positive towards one another. >> good to see you. stay tuned to fox business network for special all-day coverage on election day in for a postelection day coverage. we've got a big show the next day as they navigate the results. 5:00 a.m. eastern.
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the this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. train to a victory to report for police after catching a suspect in the ambush style attacks that killed two officers yesterday. share with the details.
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transfer authority than iowa arrested got michael green for shooting people. the authors in separate patrol cars yesterday were ambushed. green was alone on foot at the time of his arrest. he surrendered without incident. hillary clinton and donald trump spoke about the shootings on the campaign trail yesterday. >> this is horrifying, heartbreaking, totally unacceptable. as president celebrate the full weight of the law down on anyone who kills a police officer. >> we send our thoughts and prayers to the family of the fallen. an attack on our police is an attack on all of us. >> the latest case of police officers driving the total number of cops killed in the line of duty 2113 this year. more troubles. probing whether wells fargo violated rules on investor disclosures after calls by three
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democratic senators requesting the fcc investigate if wells fargo misled investors and engage in illegal sales practice is at the second investigation into the services company recently under fire for opening 2 million customer accounts with unauthorized information. another health insurer i'd sure about the future of obamacare. and then threatening to exit the exchange at the health plans don't become more profitable in the coming year. it isn't changing its strategy for 2017 but they say profits in regulation before they commit for 2018. and thomas obamacare the changes for its thickest customers as well as flexible plans and change in the health insurance tax. finally not even a cup of coffee can escape the contentious election. starbucks under fire for the great cups we show you a couple days ago.
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the political messages strides with criticism of social media with some threatening to boycott starbucks. the cuts feature hundreds of people embracing one continuous line. howard schultz said the chain wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values turned up divisive time in our country. they hired an artist specifically to make this design but many say it went too far. back to you. maria: i don't know what's going to far. we said yesterday it looked like a boring looking type. what do you think? >> if there are people getting mad about starbucks cups and there's a threat against your life on one of the cubs, then maybe pay attention to that. otherwise, drink the coffee. dagen: -- maria: just give me the coffee. 6:00 in the morning.
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train to breaking news this morning. two u.s. service members killed, two others injured in afghanistan. embedded with local forces and they came under fire for trying to create talent in the country. u.s. airstrikes killed an al qaeda leader linked to osama bin laden into syria. former navy seal and author of extreme ownership. good to see you. thanks for joining us.
6:24 am
terrible story. your initial reaction. >> it's a horrible thing. americans need to remember we still have 10,000 troops in afghanistan. we've lost five troops killed in action in the last month and is still a war going on and it's been all but forgotten. maria: attacks to much about every income is serious and we're not talking about afghanistan as much. in terms of iran, new reports the revolutionary army said they believe fighters to infiltrate the u.s. and europe. >> that is not shocking. they are bad people. the peace deal was signed with sadness one of the greatest blunders in the sister of u.s. national security and foreign policy. very dangerous regime and we've lost our ability to deter enemies. they are empowered by what they see as weakness in this kind of thing is going to continue.
6:25 am
we will fight a major war if we don't do something in the near term. >> is someone over there, what would be your recommendation to send more troops to increase tenfold for just back away. let them have their area. let them fight it out amongst themselves. if it's something we can win if we increase boots on the ground? >> kind of the whole middle east. we've been in this for 15 years. is there a way to win it the war in the middle east? >> there's absolutely a military solution. the middle east on fire we see today is the result of an american pullout. this is what you'll get a lot more about his folks like iran, russia moves then can cause a lot of albums. the u.s. has to lead that fight and it does require massive amounts of troops on the ground. it does require your presence.
6:26 am
all that's required to deter enemies as leaders they fear. if they have that fear that we will not push that far. same thing for vladimir putin, china, and a bad actors across the world seeing how far they can push things. all they need is a leader they can be concerned about and fear they will back off. dagen: does those leaders fear donald trump or hillary clinton? >> that's a great question. they fear donald trump a lot more than hillary clinton. donald trump is one of those things he says things foreign policy that i disagree with particularly the iraq war. you've got to do his thinking and it's not a guy that will be pushed around. we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg now with some of the catastrophic issue is whether it's iranian nuclear deal for allowing russia to continually punches in the face and get away with these things.
6:27 am
it makes the world a more dangerous place and we could very well find ourselves in a war that makes afghanistan or iraq look like child's play. >> with hillary clinton blamed donald trumps rhetoric for everything going on in the middle east. that was an interesting take. dagen: isis has recruited because of donald trump. maria: here is a quote that's funny. these candidates are the catastrophic reality that goes beyond what we are saying that ayatollah khomeini. he's making comments about this election, and donald trump and hillary clinton catastrophic coming from the head of iran. >> that's very interesting. if you want to come back to her hostage situation in 1979, the navy when reagan took office they released those after 444
6:28 am
days. iran can be detained. they can be deterred. they have to have someone they fear them not sure what that person will do. maria: can't make this stuff up. good to see you. thank you for your fantastic service. fox business network by this weekend. join us saturday and sunday. we will have special coverage on the election added tuesday. don't miss it. u.s. futures mixed this morning ahead of a crucial jobs report friday could determine that action come december. the protests at the north dakota pipeline after police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators. details on the overnight clashes. stay with us. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
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maria: happy thursday everybody. it's thursday november 3 we are we're happy you are with us at this morning. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. five days to go. the race is winding down as the white house. he is campaigning right now for crooked hillary that's all he does his campaign. >> one way or another on
6:32 am
january 20 america is can have a new president. >> some people say what they want is change when we tie this. we will have it change. the question is what kind of change. they hit all of the swing states. does it have you feeling like you need to get away. with the top international spots. it is coming. a tightening a presidential race. the as a longest losing streak in five years. we are looking at a mixed open. the nasdaq is under some selling pressure. were also waiting on the jobs report out tomorrow.
6:33 am
take a look. a british court dealing a blow to the u.s. government. in asia overnight stocks are next. the other majors moving as you can see. they're calling on the company to do more to protect owner safety. they will help boost business. we have with the highlights from countries. from carrie to beyoncé. the race for the white house is getting tighter. we are trying to see the reaction in the market. the longest losing streak in five years. along with vice chairman allen. >> is the market reacted to reacting to the uncertainty of
6:34 am
the election. i think it certainly is. investors don't like uncertainty. it looked like a week or two ago hillary head this thing in the bag and now it's all clear that she does. i think markets are pricing then and by selling off. he won and now in the broader story of the economy we have the jobs number out tomorrow. the job situation has been sort of a self week recovery. we've have the worst wage growth if you look at this. on an inflation adjusted basis. they're actually making less money today than they did prerecession. i've seen it go all the back to the early '80s. i think the biggest thing we have after the election is the fed. in december do we get a rate hike and if we do what
6:35 am
happens. the market have a huge selloff with nate hiked just a quarter of a point. if her deafly getting a rate hike what effect does that have on the market. >> it is a double mandate inflation. they have to take us from inflation. they are highly employed. the numbers don't bear that out. we have some charts that will show you that we are at very weak level of wage recovery. when we get inflation. one of the points i would like to make. this cycle here is a little bit different than last year. with a huge run up in the dollar going into last year's rate increase. this time around i think markets have figured it out.
6:36 am
there can to do one but then i can do a lot after that. as a result little bit shorter than it was a few months ago. it's pretty stable and were not hearing a lot of noise out of china right now. i think it suggests that the markets have prices in did you hear anything yesterday they said a raise in rates is likely. we were expecting as well. the one thing that really struck me. they're starting to see glimmering's of inflation picking up. it has been a below their target for 53 straight months. almost five years ago i now and they're starting to see some signs that it is picking up and that's another reason why they want to move. there were several references in the statements that might lead to the wage that we been
6:37 am
missing. >> i wanted to point out something it was a note i got yesterday at s&p. it was down 2.2 percent in the three months prior to october 31. so from july to october. it implies a republican victory. if you go back and look since 1944. it has fallen during those three months and it come in person or party has been replaced 86 percent of those times. they do not think that a trump victory this whole election
6:38 am
cycle has been so unpredictable. who would've said that donald trump would've been the nominee. who would've said that these e-mail revelations would've come out the fbi revealing its investigation. it's very hard to hang what's on them right now. i just thought it was interesting. >> since the rally really began we talked about what bad news is actually good news. if it's get a raise and has to raise in the face of not very strong economic data that is the worst set up for the stock market.
6:39 am
i think when we see good jobs numbers the market will take the in stride. maybe this economy is finally starting to grow a little bit faster. you are in the thick of things every day. you really get a good sense of how things feel. characterize the job picture for us right now. when a new normal situation. well have it declining job market either. i think 175 is safe.
6:40 am
it's a seer steady can of shallow growth as we move forward. where do you see the opportunities. what areas. first of all for the first time in the recovery. they are doing more hiring than small and midsize businesses. that speaks well for potential wage growth. and then in terms of the industry. professional services. and healthcare. mining has been shedding jobs now for a long time. good to see both. thank you so much. live coverage is tomorrow. checking out the jobs in
6:41 am
number the number and where the jobs are specifically. we will see if alan is right on the money as he typically is. with the highlights from the cma's up next. we are back in a minute. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
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maria: futures pointing to a mixed open this money. dow industrial is up about 12 points right now. we are looking at a couple of the names on the move. the parent company of the foxbusiness network. fiscal first-quarter earnings. top wall street expectations. 20% increase in net income for the quarter. rising 7% year-over-year. were watching facebook this money. 56% growth in revenue during the third quarter. the stock is down because a social media company warned that growth is slowing and will continue to do so. it will be one to watch today for sure. >> police firing bullets on protesters yesterday. and things got ugly.
6:46 am
they say the pipeline that threatens for sacred sites. they're finding a way to reroute the pipeline. federal regulators calling on the automaker to do more. to make sure the airbags are replaced. his talk to honda about using private investigators to find the owners. they're just trying to get the word out. if you like air b&b you can now earn delta sky miles. it's there.
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country music's biggest stars came out last name. carrie underwood and brad paley hosted a show and didn't miss a chance to take a few addicts. when talking about the nominees. the nominees. i'm with carrie. the show is rigged. but the people need to know what you accept tonight results. >> if i win. and you're a nasty woman. see make it. >> it went on. beyoncé took the stage with the dixie chicks to sing her song daddy lessons. dolly parton by the way this
6:48 am
is close she was awarded the willie nelson lifetime achievement award. we love her here. dolly parton is awesome. beyoncé is actually as country as some of those hat wearing doofus who are posing now. >> what was she doing there. gotta see it. a lot of those people are sitting in the audience there you go. the race for the white house. they're looking for ways to race out of the country. back in a minute.
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maria: does this matter -- election make you want to escape quacks after the most recent debate. compared to the same date last year. in five days things do not go your parties away. travel experts can help you find and out of country destination. josh, good to see you. so first characterize what were seeing right now.
6:53 am
i think every election cycle you hear people talking about it. as you said searches are up for a lot of it destinations outside of north america. outside the u.s. they want a break whether it is to buy a round trip and take a little get away there is a lot of interest for people traveling abroad. >> where the top destinations. we saw a huge increase in demand there. it's amazing how far your money goes in a place like london now. i was just there myself last week. you can stay in four or five star hotels. although it's rally today. when you see these people traveling are they booking
6:54 am
one-way tickets were and not in the air business so it's hard for us to tell. people are saying if so-and-so is. i think a barbara streisand barbra streisand said she's going to australia. we've seem quite a lot of uptake in. they're very popular destinations with how the without the u.s. dollar has done against the mexico peso. you're talking four to four and half everything all in for about 500 and night. not outside of britain in terms of travel destinations. it's cheap because the euro
6:55 am
has fallen so much in recent history. >> paris, rome another top european destination for us. obviously there is a lot of unfortunate rule word -- world events that have happened. but they are really resilient. they are done with oil being cheap. were seen a lot of people take advantage that. what hotel recommendations you head for us then. >> for me i love going down to mexico and the all-inclusive's. you get the convenience of flying into cancun but you're your world away from the hustle and bustle when you are in london. >> is that as he got zone.
6:56 am
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maria: good thursday morning everyone. it is thursday november 3. your top stories on 7:00 a.m. the chicago cubs have done it. 2016 world series champions. >> this is gonna be a tough play. it's over. and they have finally won it all. what a game. hundred eight years in the making. and in the early hours of the morning last night. we will take you live to cleveland. plus hillary clinton's celebration going viral.
7:00 am
they return for the fundraiser. as a rhetoric keeps up on the campaign trail. crooked hillary clinton. the guys they nominated they were rep running against. they wanted to qualify to hold this office. this guy is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. maria: election day now five days away. we are taking a closer look at the allegation of fraud in the battleground state of florida. as a longest it is a longest losing streak in five years.
7:01 am
the s&p 500. higher on the morning. in europe markets there. also take a look. they hit a roadblock. in asia aged overnight mixed performances. they closed for holiday. and markets are all looking towards tomorrow. this is the socket to watch. they warn that revenue growth in advertising well slow the next next year. that is out wayne the better-than-expected earnings. breaking news this morning. they disclose new details of investigations into its fraudulent accounting scandal. they had launched a probe now to make the higher litigation
7:02 am
lawsuits. and with a peak holiday travel season coming up. where the can of the best and worst airports in the country. we are taking you live to nashville later on this hour. all of the stories coming up. all public figures should learn something from dolly parton and terms of how she's conducted herself and how she treats everyone she ever meets. i don't care how she's feeling and a given moment. she stops and looks you in the eye and well always talk to you. she is a professional and she has gotten a personality that i wish we could clone. and give away to free for most celebrities.
7:03 am
with the big show coming up. stuart varney is coming also to weigh in. he don't want to miss a moment of it. big moment coming up. hillary clinton is leading the way in the battleground state of wisconsin. holden does a six-point lead. standing at 46 percent. donald trump is behind with 40% of the vote. 6% of likely voters are still undecided. they stress how important the selection is. >> show up early and vote. the lines are incredible. we tend tend we are slightly behind. it will never happen again. it might be the most important
7:04 am
election in our lifetime. are you ready to vote. >> what do you think is most important for the people of wisconsin. that is the gold standard. a couple of days. the over sampled democrats. maybe it's a two or three vote. i think it will be tight. ron johnson has 70 people across the country.
7:05 am
they wrote of our senate race. this is gonna be a horse race. it's a great tradition of tickets. they want to check the balance. we are not out of a here in wisconsin. but clinton has the lead. i'm surprised as you've heard all morning talking about pulling how close colorado is in michigan and pennsylvania. these are some really great place. wisconsin might be one of the states. but you have some opportunity. the wall street journal actually wrote journal
7:06 am
actually wrote an entire article about that very thing. do you think obama care and the premium increases in the diminishing lack of choice is hurting russ feingold. he was the final vote in the senate. he is getting slaughtered. were seen 20 to 30% increases. aggressive in his support but he made the ultimate sin. he made at the same promises that barack obama did. if you a family of four on average the cost of your insurance will go down by $2,500 a year.
7:07 am
we like people who are trustworthy. they're running great ads. they can of lean republican. >> they see donald trump as one entity. then you see the republican candidate.
7:08 am
you see a lot of the folks running their own races. we have some house members. demo 15 to 18 points. what if they are allowed to change their ballots. now have the new information from the fbi last friday. what is your change on that. you can do it up to three times but when mr. trump was here couple days ago he made sure everybody knew if he made a mistake. you don't want someone who is
7:09 am
crooked or corrupt. you still had time to change about. and it's been an interesting new cycle. all the new information comes up by mrs. clinton. this is probably one of the first election cycles that they wouldn't be locked in. we have politician seen even sell a change or vote. go on it and we can switch from hillary over to me. i think those who voted early. were pretty much locked in. >> what about the voter fraud story. what's going on in wisconsin in terms of what you these machines. a. >> i don't want your viewers to think that because he has said this could be a recollection our department of justice is the blowing this
7:10 am
new team to watch our elections in wisconsin. they get their team together. we are to make sure that our vote totals are accurate. you hear all other places. we want to make sure that this is accurate and true. they got and make sure that the voting system is running correctly. not really big story. i think more states should take this very seriously and make sure that they are public officials whether they are attorneys or high-level law enforcement officers. on the ground just to make sure there is no shenanigans. >> the consensus that it doesn't really matter with all of this e-mail stuff which i kind of agree with.
7:11 am
i really can't believe people don't care. it makes me sad. >> i think they do care. the new information that there may be an indictment with the clinton foundation. we don't want to have another four years of clinton scandals where there is lawsuits and indictments and past bad things come into play. we want to focus on policy that will grow the economy. and if she went making a mistake that is going to drive the conversation in america as opposed to the families will been suffering over the eight years of obama academy. our people increasingly can have to look at that ticket when normally the vice presidential pick does not matter and say i could be
7:12 am
stuck with cane kane in the next four years. after that last debate. i'm not sure i want kane either. i think both clinton and kane our bad for the economy. adam shapiro did support yesterday. in a key county. it includes fort lauderdale. we talk about this being a story there is some evidence of that. good to see you sir. we are gonna be all out all day. with the most important people in this election.
7:13 am
as we navigate the results we been talking about for the last year. it was quite the game. it's more than just dessert. back in a minute. just like the people
7:14 am
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7:16 am
maria: the cubs finally buried the curse. they partied all night in chicago. i think they might still be going. the fans are finally getting to call their team world series champions. since 1908. even included a rain delay. and in that 108 year championship drought. hillary clinton enjoyed watching her hometown team. she used an ipad to watch the final innings.
7:17 am
in other headlines of this morning. the traffic gridlock continues. the calling on the union that represents about 4700 workers to engage in negotiations. it started on tuesday. they provide about 900,000 rides per day. the amount of time off between shifts are among the many issues. last year to be it began on thanksgiving day. jcpenney discovered it was just too late. all of its advertised specials for the day i can be available on wednesday the day before thanksgiving and unlike last year they will open for business 3:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. the employees that choose to work the day will earn double pay.
7:18 am
many americans are using new tele on bread for their breakfast instead of eating it with dessert. 1 tablespoon. as a room breakfast replacement. there are more ways to each new tele. there are more ways to each new tele. a serving of guacamole is 2 tablespoons. i'm good at that. new tele that's making breakfast dessert. just take a spoon and eat it
7:19 am
right out of the jar. coming in. the fight for florida enters its final day. and next facebook profits soar but how high. they may soon be out of momentum.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
maria: welcome back. check out this new cbs new york times national poll. i three-point lead over donald trump. that lead has shrunk in recent weeks. but as we already know voters have already gone to the polls. adam shapiro's life. is life. has a very latest. good morning to you maria. this is just west of tampa south as well. part of the eye for corridor. and we want to get the issue that foxbusiness broke yesterday involving potential mismanagement in front of the vote by mail account and i was taking place in broward county. recall that they were opening vote by mail ballots. but according to the republican party of florida they were not following the canvassing procedure to verify if these ballots were eligible. more than hundred 50,000 of these bouts were opened and then counted.
7:24 am
there was no way to go back if a ballot was eligible. so the chairman of the republican party of florida spoke to foxbusiness. here is what he told us about the problem yesterday. >> when the supervisor of election takes in all of these ballots they have to be approved to be open by the canvassing board. they were not approved to be opened by this. and that was troublesome. if there's any challenges. so we got a statement from broward county. in the supervisor of elections we are following the standard practice for ballot by mail preparation. we haven't done anything different than we dent in the past. but late last night. they also broke the news. the agreements have been reached in the republican party going forward judge john
7:25 am
fry will oversee the count by mail ballots. and they will be representatives from the republican and democratic parties. maria: adam, good stuff. adam shapiro in florida this morning. facebook will be the stock to watch today. overall but they have some good news. including a major milestone. 1billion users. mike murphy with us. your take on the results. it was a great quarter. numbers were up 56 percent. they came out afterwards and kind of talked down to the future expectations. when i can grow this fast and in the future. nobody could expect a facebook which is almost a 400 billion-dollar company to keep growing at that clip.
7:26 am
hearing the talked on the conference call. we speak to a lot of new companies. many years ago actually mtv owned the young person. they have it. they have the millenials. today it's facebook. it's become the place to get and find out cool stuff. even mark zuckerberg announced that the cut but he is getting an election date boost. i know elections people are paying more attention. it has made facebook a little bit more of a painful place to
7:27 am
be sometimes. if you're going to this. i'm in a do that. if you vote for trump your killing my children. if your father or an uncle how . are you god. and facebook by the way needs to clean up just a bit. there is a lot of click bait on there. it will be a fox news headline. they had to do a better job at this. we will see what happens after the election.
7:28 am
the bit is down as will this morning. it's kind of a hot item. i don't think so anymore. i think people have the same technology on their phones and getting in different ways. i think the company is doing that. the company is doing that. how does it know really what's going on in your body. that's what we saw with the apple watch by the way. coming up another case of mainstream media.
7:29 am
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7:31 am
to make this thursday november 3. five days to go. hillary clinton's lead is still shrinking. it has donald trump now three points behind. donald trump hits at least three key swing states today.
7:32 am
hillary clinton is turning his attention to north carolina now. the american people are the victims of the system. so corrupt in some anyways. and this is your one chance to change it. you had republicans in congress that they will impeach hillary. she has not been elected. they just jump on something. how trump and clinton has a tight race in florida. the tightening presidential race. has markets on race.
7:33 am
we are watching some key earnings today. that is setting the tone for market. one reason that things have improved in terms of the u.s. they are also mixed this morning. the plan to leave the european union hit a roadblock. the parliament has to approve the process to start exit negotiations. and in asia overnight mixed action there. the japanese markets closed for holiday. with the exception of the hong kong. our own travel nightmares. not even a possible vice president was spared. country music takes time to honor a legend last night. and just five days until election day. for accepting debate questions during the primary. hillary is the one who
7:34 am
accepted the debate questions given to her in advance and use them to cheat instead of reporting the breach. that's a big deal. to me that's a big deal. is a real cheater. and she was given the questions by a woman that frankly should reserve -- resigned from the dnc or be fired. >> she was a cnn contributor. the network held an internal review and they did terminate that she acted alone but as of now there is no independent investigation. we want to bring in the associate editor. thank you so much. what do you think about this whole .-dot brazil story.
7:35 am
they have read earned the respect. i am still astounded at the fact that she would take information and risk her career with cnn a long longtime place of work and give them questions that were so obvious that the campaign could have actually anticipated on their own. they ask what the government can do to help them. it is just astounding to me that she is now this is potentially a federal crime. it is an embarrassment to cnn. also a terrible wonder. it's amazing to me that she would risk at all to even pass on something that would have easily been anticipated by the clinton campaign is obviously how politics works.
7:36 am
you have these people on all of these networks the commentators but there intimately involved with the campaign as well. i don't understand when she was found being a little unfair in giving hillary favors. she is not stepping down. she was pushed out on day one. when it was learned that she was in there for hillary. when you look at that story. were still try to figure out how she got that question. cnn says she acted alone. we learned that from the e-mails. there was a hope that maybe one of the actual questioners and gave it to her. and doesn't appear to be the case. there is a problem inside a
7:37 am
cnn. i think that's what donald trump is still suggesting. the issue is hillary clinton here. look away from donnell -- donna brazil for a minute. she receives this question not one to be but two debates to debate what does she do to it. no one has asked the clinton campaign what did they do with this question when they received it. did they receive more than just the two we know of. she would send more. the disclosures are still very partial right now. you think hillary clinton could've said i don't want these questions. it's hard to actually imagine. it is a political campaign.
7:38 am
and clearly they have officials inside the dnc who was a super delegate all along. she's a major figure in the democratic party. why would anybody at this point ever ask the clinton campaign a single question because they either they deny or they just blatantly lie about it. ab is expressing intimate that she would do this. she went on with making kelly and sent i understand persecution and i will not be persecuted. that's an excellent question. if hillary clinton had not come out in the e-mail scandal
7:39 am
and she said she did it for convenience and she is one device she would not have been on the record with a story that could later be checked against the facts as they come out. i think the entire season it's amazing it seems like a lot of really smart people are doing some really stupid things. were so divided and one other camper and you want that side so badly. you mentioned that question. what was a plan that. my give her the exact question. >> this is point out though. it goes to agosta donald trump's long running narrative that the system is corrupt.
7:40 am
look at how tight the democrats are. they go to the ends of the earth. but certainly the ends of this country for hillary clinton. and they rally and circle the wagons the result that kind of loyalty and support within the republican party. they all get in line. what did governor richardson tell us. we have to dump all these e-mails. he sat here and said we have to get the mouse and release them. that is a talking point. we have to get to the down ballot race. that is shaping up to be as important in the white house. very quickly. >> it seems very hard to imagine. look at the real clear politics. he has been ahead and every single one of them since
7:41 am
june. as a real that is a real trend and he appears to have a solid lead. we will be live all weekend. were kicking it off at 6:00 a.m. eastern for a special election coverage. we will be here live this weekend do join us. san diego number three. will tell you what airport is the best in the worst coming up. the highlights from the star-studded night. it's all coming up. this man creates software, used by this bank,
7:42 am
to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. searching one topic. that will generate over 600 million results. and if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel even more overwhelming. so start your search with a specialist at cancer treatment centers of america. start with teams of cancer treatment experts under one roof. start where specialists use advanced genomic testing to guide precision cancer treatment...
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7:44 am
>> welcome back. remember last week. putting the spotlight on an
7:45 am
airport that has come under intense bipartisan criticism. >> our airports are from a third world country. yolanda kennedy and lax. and you come in from dubai and you see this incredible. and said where do you think you are. this must be america. if i took him blindfold it in new york. i must be in some third world country. they will tell us why. laguardia landed at the body of his list. -- bottom of his list. let's talk about your study and it is the worst u.s. airport.
7:46 am
and then also factored in how easy it is to get to airports in the u.s. all three new york airports came in last. what is the worst part of it. the worst part is a flight delays and cancellations. it takes forever on public transit. and requires at least one transfer to get to each of the airports. any other airports in the u.s. cleaned up especially on the west coast in terms of getting to the airports and once you're there leaving on time. >> in terms of the flight delays there is not much that
7:47 am
they can do about it it's just the heaviest level of traffic. and the very tight airspace. in and around the greater new york area. our air traffic control system is outdated. it's a little unfair to peg peg that on the airports. when you have an option of connecting through charlotte or philly. choose them over connecting through new york. people don't know the difference. but consumers do had options. you can connect to better airports. i think for us to live here the only real solution is give yourself three hours to get out to jfk. kind of like being in an airport. it's full of possibilities.
7:48 am
you go and allowed to early. then you will miss your flight if you drink too much. three worst are in new york. those are the three worst. it's all on the west coast. taking the top spot it's just 3 miles up from outside of downtown phoenix. it gets the best ratings for getting in and out of the city's center. we also took into account how nice it is in space. portland is number two. in san diego is number three.
7:49 am
the detroit airport is there. it's pretty colorful. that's kind of nice. i will take that into account for next year. is there any tips for election day travelers. a lot of business travelers will get called to the road. the dcu. i to see you. i think you so much. donald trump and hillary clinton got shot out. how the race for the white house it came to the cma's. with this highlights.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
maria: a big night for country music last night. they celebrate the 50th award show last night. garth brooks takes him the biggest prize of the night. all of the highlights. hi abby. still an emotional high from last night. i talked to a lot of the up-and-coming artists. they say he is just fabulous. they are good people. of course things got political. we know they had been pretty political in their careers. but also the host of the show and brad paisley having a little bit of fun with this election. donald trump and hillary clinton. take a listen. >> hashtag i'm with carrie. the show is rigged. it doesn't matter what i think.
7:54 am
will they accept tonight's results. yes if i went. you are nasty woman. they also sang a song together. it's gone on for so long. we hit the red carpet before the big event. he was pretty darn talented when it came to impersonating donald trump and president obama only in the fair and balanced way that they could do it. >> that's what we can do.
7:55 am
organ to make it really great the way it's supposed to be. >> the take away talking to some incredible people. with just is how they are aching for this country to come together right now. charlie daniels spoke about that. i'm hoping that whoever is elected will put this thing back together. i will be glad when this election is over. when they came on the show a couple of months ago.
7:56 am
this is in july. i try not to get political but if i am i might as well just run myself. i have the hair for it. she is a class act through and through. she is old-school talent. i think a lot of those people and in those audience might be cheering from. how she treats people and in terms of her real country roots. the jewelry line that celebrities love. samantha joins us in the next hour. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
off your first purchase, promo code: tv. . maria: welcome back, good you thursday morning thanks so much being with us us i am maria bartiromo thursday, november 3 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, a moment 180 years in the making. 108 years. >> this is going to be a tough play, play it -- >> [cheers and applause] it is over. the -- cubs have finally won it all. >> chicago cubs, finally winning the world series after nailbiter of a game into extra innings early this morning
8:00 am
highlights plus hillary clinton reaction coming up. >> durng to the race to white house candidates barnstorming battleground states millennia trump a speech pennsylvania clinton aide huma abedin returns for a fund-raiser with cher, rhetoric on both sides of the aisle. >> e-mails show assistant attorney general involved in the investigation has been feeding information directly to john podesta and clinton campaign, do you believe that? [boo]. >> should he should not be allowed to run i ran governs john mccain mitt romney thought would i be a better president but i never thought that the republic was at risk if they were elected. >> plus new bombshell details this morning in fbi investigation into the clinton foundation, "the wall street journal" this morning reporting that secret recordings were used to launch
8:01 am
the probe and they had pushback from justice department race has market on end s&p 00 declines seven straight sessions longest losing streak five jooergs futures like this expecting a mixed market the opening of trading although things turned bulli dow jones industrial average higher nasdaq s&p 500 positive territory in europe market mixed britain plan to leave european union, hit a roadblock that is why you got the sp 100 down 14 points high court ruling parliament has to approve process to start exit negotiations for the prime minister's office says plan remains the same move forward by end of march in asia overnight mixed action japanese markets closed for a holiday, others, as you can see, up fractionally hang seng hong kong index down half a percent, facebook stock to watch the stock is tumbling ahead of the opening social media giant warning that revenue growth from advertising will slow next
8:02 am
year, that outweighed better than expected earnings the earnings actually strong, but the revenue outlook was not. uber a new look company rolling out updated version of its app what you need to know before hailing your next ride from uber, today, is national sandwich day figure we will tell you where you can will get deals in the best sandwiches today those stories coming up joining me to talk about it, all, this hour rather, fox business network dagen mcdowell -- mike if you arel murphy "national review" reporter. >> good to see you. >> i can't even imagine wul the like nice fox news broke yesterday, about the clinton foundation, investigation, and how it moved forward how it is -- essentially picked up steam how that impacts the election. >> you said earlier that fbi sources said that this is becoming a priority. >> right. maria: it is now. >> quote a very high priority according to bret baier
8:03 am
reporting the tlaptops from cheryl mills part of limited community deal assumuelson not destroyed in field office in d.c. as you pointing out indictment likeable in the case of case barring some obstruction. >> obama laughing about how people talk about -- hillary rodham clinton not like we are people are talking about that because she is a woman talking about it look what is going on word indictment huge. >> harvard law professor allen dershowitz here kellyanne conway with us host of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in director of samantha wills jewelry don't miss it stay with us a big show coming up this hour, just five days to go unti news has learned the fbi investigation, into the clinton foundation, is now
8:04 am
quote a very high priority, fbi were looking into pay-for-play interaction between then secretary of state hillary clinton and clinton foundation run by her husband blake burman with latest from washington blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well fbi agented quoting actively, aggressively procuring this case according to two separate outsources say fbi has been investigating the clinton foundation more than a year now, on may to play accusation fox is told case has taken on as you mentioned a very high priority as there was great deal of evidence including some from wikileaks, and some from newly disassociatived e-mails "the wall street journal" also reporting this morning, that secret recordings, of a suspect in a public corruption case talking about alleged deals that clintons made fueled the investigation there is a bhalt between fbi agents want to per sue others in justice department view that as
8:05 am
hearsay. >> president obama and donald trump took on the charter of what a potential president hillary clinton could face. >> hillary is likely to be under deviatiinvestigation will years. >> you've got republicans in congress already suggesting they will impeach hillary. she hasn't even been elected yet. it doesn't matter what evidence they just they will find something. >> maria so far no response from clinton campaign or the clinton foundation. back to you. maria: all right blake thank you so much blake burman with latest there, we are on this story this morning, the fight for the swing states as well bike story the presidential candidates are out on campaign trail, with just five days until election day, watch this. >> show up early and vote. show up early. you know the lines are -- incredible the polls are all saying we're going to win florida don't believe it don't
8:06 am
believe it get out there and vote. pretend we are slightly behind. >> i know that -- that those of you in this room don't want eliminate to become president but let's face let's face the facts. a lot of americans are voting for him. right? >> joining me trump campaign pollster john mclaughlin thanks for joining us what is your take on polls just say one poll this morning we got a new cbs "new york times" national poll shows hillary clinton still in lead, but that lead has shrunk to a 3-point lead over donald trump. what is your take on it? do you believe this. >> we have momentum right now she is washicrashing in 2000 gee w. bub was ahead by five points the neck and neck appraise, john kerry loving to george w. bush, then just four years ago at this point romney was ahead he lost the in the lead last weekend polls change because there is momentum even five days, you are looking at
8:07 am
a a historic vote could be 150 million people come out. early voting is up new voters coming in, old voter models that elected barack obama, 8 years ago four years ago have changed, and you are seeing differences in the early vote so right now, you are seeing trump gain in all they see polls hillary clinton big trouble because all this news about a pen indictment the investigation went on, her corruption is now the issue in the campaign a lot of momentum. >> look at poll this is latest cnn poll hillary ahead two points in florida. obviously florida a crucial state trump campaigning in florida campaigned there yesterday. what is his appeal to voters in the state what is the sales pitch. >> it changed his message is about change, changing washington also that poll two points -- that is margin of error "new york times" had us ahead in florida so average polls have us slightly ahead we've got momentum there ways
8:08 am
going on too early voting republicans are doing better than they did four yeaago,i am expecting larger turnout in florida than four years ago. >> the last five days do you need republicans to come out and vote more or do you made to the independents to switch over and say we are actually going to count cast votes for trump. >> both both, because -- algebra, but independents going to trump right now at the same time he is is maximuming out republican vote great for our -- members of congress and our senate candidates, because if they vote for trump, chaksz are 90% vote for republican candidate for senate and congress. >> but really quickly pennsylvania is still -- hillary clinton still ahead in pennsylvania he really needs -- he needs to win that, even if he sweeps the romney states, and gets florida, ohio iowa nevada still doesn't get 207. >> pensdz really close the average in four points there is a poll out had us within
8:09 am
two five days left closing fast a different turnout in pennsylvania the western part of the state central part economy obamacare hurting them bad i think the republicans are making inroads in delaware county pennsylvania do very well philadelphia won't be quite the bastion of proper democrats counted on four years ago. >> election night zero in on pennsylvania florida. >> and, i would look at some states like even michigan. >> okay. >> trump has momentum right now. >> john good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> we have live coverage throughout election day morning after we're starting hour early, on the day after election night at 5:00 a.m. eastern to a break down results, from the election so join us live coverage, on the 9th all night on election night we have been talking about this for a year and we are here! next up more woes wells fargo another ignition this time from securities and exchange
8:10 am
commission the curse lifted cubs 108 year drought thrilling game seven win ove indians world series back in a minute. ♪ this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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maria: well back we look at a xhp nails on move this morning expecting higher opening from
8:13 am
broader averages wells fargo expected to be down bank confirming securities and exchange commission probing whether bank violated pruls around investor disclosure lower ahead of open wheel foods getting rid of dual ceo role cofounder mackey soul ceo no longer kro ceo that is up premarket this morning we told you about facebook plummeting on its growth expectations, going forward. it is finally done 1 o 8-year-old old drought erased after cubs beat cleveland caveliers last night, jared max live from progressive field what a night ohio battleground in election in world series if you wait 108 years you can wait extra innings check out last night
8:14 am
winner take all game seven world series, first batter of the game dexter hits a home run off indians starter, kluber 1-0 cubbies chicago kept building fast food are to 6th david ross catcher playing final major league game set to retire david ross hits over the fence after making a bad error that helped indians closer on scoreboard now bottom of the 8th brandon guyer more with cubbies as they continue to score. >> cubs beat indians in 10 innings -7 cubbies piling on with this there the ball through the infield, bends over rbi double, montero rbi consistently in 10th advance back with a little something but that was all they could get the fiem score in this game 8-7 cubbies win world series first world series victory in 108 years, the president of the cubs talked about witch doctors can get
8:15 am
rid of curses, epshteyn ended red sox curse after 86 years, 10 years as president with cubs helps do unthinkable cubbies world series champions in case you are waking up the chicago cubs are world series champions you know i have this to prove it this is a bottle mumnapa champagne in hand came from cubbies clubhouse must be 150 hanging around cubs have landed back in chicago, world series over we couldn't ask for better ending, the drought finally ends maria. maria: amazing, it was exciting because it starting late in the game. . reporter: and -- cubbies -- the cubbies ifront indians down 3 runs in 8th, turned to closer gives up two-run home run tie z the game this place went bonkers but then it starting to rain, that rain
8:16 am
delay 17 minutes really took momentum away from cleveland last night cubs scored runs next you know they say fly w, for the win congratulations they are back in town, the parade in a couple days. >> are you think drinking champagne 8:15 in the morning. >> i am not drinking champagne i have water i don't want it to stink. >> okay. >> this is a little bit of a smell. >> thank you, jared max progressive field coming up uber rolling out biggest changes since 2012 if hillary clinton wins white house what happens to all the controversies the legal concerns that could follow her to the oval office back in a minute. ♪ ♪ so much fun ♪ ♪ did you know there's a way to save up to 95%
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>> we'll back, five days away from election day, and they are on the attack, donald trump slammed hillary rodham clinton on campaign trail. >> she will be in court for her entire tenure. and she will be convicted the first time she gets the subpoena from united states congress, and she deletes everything? there shouldn't have been a second time, but i have respect that the fbi has given it a second chance. >> bring in the harvard law
8:21 am
profess other emeritus defense attorney alan dershowitz hillary rodham clinton supporter authorize for erectile disfunion thank you for joining us what is your take on the latest reports, this morning another in the journal fbi looking into pay-to-play allegations, at it clinton foundation whereas i wanted to get to the secretary of state office you paid a toll gave money to the foundation. >> there should be investigations but we should not be hearing play by play description this is not a baseball game, where we say indians tied it up now man on first man on second, investigations are supposed to be conducted secretly in provident announcement made by attorney general of the united states going to prosecute or not going to prosecute, now we've leaks from the fbi, we have a bigger problem biggest problem is that criminal justice politicized in america
8:22 am
one attorney general in the cabinet and the political advisor to the president and justice matters the ultimately law enforcement official almost every other country, they divide those functions, there are civil servants career officials, in charge of investigating and prosecuting, that is the way should it be. maria: that is all fine, and that is all said and good, but the fact is now the horse left the barn. >> sure. maria: we now know there is an investigation, that is now high priority at the fbi of clinton dealings with clinton foundation while she was secretary of state what is your take on that. >> we know a lot of things we know there is an ongoing investigation, of trump's former campaign manager we know donald trump said he is going to be suing everybody whoever complained against him we know there may be tax investigations the problem is. maria: you are thinking you think those he equal? we are talking about a criminal investigation from fbi. >> we're seeing overcriminalization of policy differences on both sides candidates ought to be able to
8:23 am
run, the criminal law ought to be used only as absolute last resort, there has to be a kind of hamlet moment before a crime is committed, to be or not to be a felon you don't commit crimes negligently carry lesley i think we are seeing too much criminalization on both sides, by the way, i defended the rights of governor perry, congressman delay i don't like it when democrats push for criminal attacks on republicans as well. let's run for office, and let the voters decide, not people in -- in suits from law schools make decisions, in justice department. >> you haven't absence it had question content is content the content is the content is that there are examples whereas donors paid money to the clinic foundation, and were given special treatment. >> to quote president obama we don't go by innuendo and leaks let's see results of a final investigation, as i understand
8:24 am
it had there is a dispute, those in justice department probably career people say this is hearsay based on authorize has ax to grind it if in the threatened should be a criminal indictment let chips fall where they may. >> why make it top priority if there was nothing. >> because -- >> because the clintons running for president, of course, a top priority, i would think the investigation trump's former campaign advisory is a top priority too. >> former campaign advisor not donald trump. >> at the time -- >> not donald trump. >> i understand that. >> hillary clinton, no, it is the clinton foundation, now look, i agree with you, i think if she is elected president she has to disassociate herself family from clinton foundation turn over to gates foundation turn over to somebody else it is wrong, to have foundations that accept money, from foreign governments, and even the perception exists that there might be faifrdz but so far there has been no evidence
8:25 am
of any action taken by the state department, that would be a function of money received by the clintons, clinton foundation so let's see what the evidence is produced but what the comey did was so wrong to just announce that there is pertinent e-mails he has not seen e-mails doesn't know content. >> you think better comey shut up not say anything hillary rodham clinton wins white house we find out later after president. >> let me temperature you what is worse makes announcement donald trump wins chows two days later after election whoops we checked all those emphasized were dupe cats. >> what did bret baier report. >> related to the clinton foundation investigation. >> new e-mails. >> which going on since last year, and there is certainly a push-pull between justice and fbi in terms of justice trying to basically get them to stand down on the investigation. of the clinton foundation, particularly after this
8:26 am
meeting, that justice and fbi had in february of this year. but he was reporting that the laptops that cheryl mills a heather samuelson turned over they are not destroyed they are in possession of fbi. >> good more evidence the better i think that is right, look this should be a legitimate investigation coldest thoroughly at the end we should know whether there is enough to indict or not to indict but this leaking, and people leak and spin at the same time, and -- donald trump says this is worse than watergate this should not be the way campaigns are run or elections are run by selective leeks. >> information coming out because this is -- i am gug we have discussed this that fbi investigators feel they've had basically boot put on necks
8:27 am
from the justice department this was liable this is how -- >> fbi investigators are the justice department there is one justice department, fbi is part of that justice department it is investigative arm of the justice department. >> and but you say -- >> the answer is not leaking and selective leaking there are people in fbi strong trump are supporters probably he people in justice department strong hillary clinton supporters when john harlin was appointed justice united states supreme court said i will never again vote in election that is the wayate to be we must depoliticizesides criminal just not allow leeks we are a third world country which it comes to the way we conduct criminal investigations turning into banana republic. >> what if hillary clinton wins do investigations just suddenly -- >> there he are career people who if donald trump wins do investigations just stop? there are investigations of both the irs is going to be
8:28 am
looking at this tax shelter. >> i want to talk about hillary clinton right now. >> talk about hillary clinton. >> last we checked only one person running for president that is under fbi investigation that is hillary clinton not donald trump. >> not under fbi investigation what she is under is there was an investigation, it was closed, and comey announced to congress if new information comes in he will look at it that is all. >> now sources from fbi told bret baier clinton foundation investigation has now taken a very high priority, agents interviewing reenduring multiple people on foundation case about the possibility of pay-to-play. pointing to fbi 302s interview of clinton top aides said people said lot of things agents going through what they have checking if it lines up they also said the classified e-mail investigation is being reason i by national security division. >> okay now we now have clear evidence of a crime. by agents of the fbi leaking information about ongoing
8:29 am
investigations that is a clear crime. you are not allowed to leak information about ongoing investigations, particularly if it involves any grand jury so, yes, everybody is creating problems here. and that is not the way elections ought to be conducted by united states. >> hillary clinton had nothing to o do with creating any problems. >>, of course, she did, of course, so did people in justice department leaking so did her husband going on airplane meeting with loretta lynch there is o so much blame to go around let me tell you why i am supporting hillary clinton because we are in a world ofxtremes right is getting stronger the left is getting stronger the center weakening we need a centrist president to staib looidz the world hillary clinton promises more in terms of staub looidzing force than donald trump. >> if you think there are donors gave money to clinton foundation will get special treatment should hillary clinton become president. >> i do not, and i don't think
8:30 am
there has been any evidence of that and i think, look, the problem american politics is donors always get special treatment. from republicans, and democrats, pay-to-play is unfortunately, a sickness within the american political system equalizing hequally applicable to republicans and democrats end that strengthen laws depoliticize criminal justice not one sidedly look at hillary clinton because information leaked by fbi skwlz agenda committing crimes doing that. >> i think most people thought jim comey did a really good job in july. >> i didn't i condemned him i said remember that he is a good man a decent man i still think he is a good man but billed he is in named avenue "j. edgar" hoover the precedent he establishes could be used by rogue fbi agents want a thumb on scale of justice he should have announced investigation is over if we find new information we will look at it. >> that is what he did.
8:31 am
>> no, he then said let me give you personal opinion i think should he engaged in this that and other thing then wrote to congress again saying, by the way, we found personality pertinent e-mails how do you know pertinent if you haven't looked at them. >> do you think would use word indictment is possible. >> who. >> fbi sources. >> fbi sources may be trump operatives we do not know who they are don't live by innuendo rules against a selective leaking by justice department. >> hillary operatives, shufrl you probably conspiracy there -- >> breaking news jobless claims hit the tape coming in 265,000 we have not seen a big move in markets now expecting a higher opening for the broader averages up 40 points on the dow back in a minute. .
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
maria: happy thursday i am maria bartiromo it is thursday, november 38:30 a.m. on the east coast on campaign trail hillary clinton heads to north carolina with bernie sanders donald trump's wife melania to swing state pennsylvania both increasing twooktsfy days to go until election day. >> hillary wants to blame everyone else for a mounting legal troubles.
8:35 am
and i don't see if you watched her last few speeches over the last few days, she has become totally unhinged. >> everything he has said and done both in his career, and in this campaign is a pretty good preview of what is to come. if donald trump were to win this election, what you theyed. >> to know polls show candidates neck and neck this morning trace has market on edge s&p 500 declines seven straight days, longest losing streak five years checking futures we may break that because we are looking at a higher opening fort brjz dow jones industrial average expected up 40 points today, earnings once again driving factor in europe, markets there mixed britain plan to leave european union hit a roadblock high court ruling that parliament has to approve the process to start exit negotiating, investors watching bank of england kept
8:36 am
interest rates unchanged, no big news out of the bank he think landed meeting federal reserve yesterday saying no rate move we are expecting more in december. in asia overnight mixed japanese markets closed for holiday the others as you can see mostly higher exception of hang seng down half a percent, more trouble for obamacare to report we will take you to the state that has become at the depositor child for what is wrong with exchanges upper hill as a change the new controls app will give you during your ride, plus from rags to riches how one millennial turned her debt into 12 million dollars, in revenue, and she is loved by likes of drew barrymore rihanna celebrities we will meet her mayor to must taverned national sandwich day how you can celebrate without spending too much. obamacare, opened tuesday premiums expected to rise jeff flock in phoenix arizona the very latest. good morning to you. reporter: maria good morning
8:37 am
to you it was going so well here in arizona, premiums came down as a result of obamacare, but then everything came home to roast the, take a look at the numbers on increases in premiums here in arizona, maricopa county arizona, by the way, this morning, more than doubled premiums have increased 116% a lot states have gone up big time too this was going so well as recently as 2014, between 6 and 8 insurers competing on the exchanges for business brought premiums way down now, most of the counties there is only one insurer left in the exchanges, and this in a swing state is an issue that is resonating in a state most voters disagree with donald trump on building a wall arizona, most voters disagree with donald trump on deporting illegal immigrants most voters agree on obamacare the numbers 53% oppose obamacare in arizona 40% are
8:38 am
for it, and it is remarkably similar moneying republicans and democrats fair and badlbala 50% say health care same as used to be 10% say better now than it was 40%, say it is worse. among democrats 54% say about the same, 21% say better and 22% say it is worse, this is an issue that as i said maria really resonating here in the state, because it is a tossup state donald trump most polls leading by two or three may be four percent so this could go either way, and this is an important issue. maria. maria: all right jeff thank you so much jeff flock with latest in arizona there, coming up hillary clinton losing more ground as more controversies come to light stuart varney will give his take next uber rolls out a major design, a redesign streamlined feature comes to the popular ride-sharing app
8:39 am
-- we will tell you about it next. ♪ ♪ things are going ♪ this is crazy ♪ .
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8:42 am
maria: welcome back,well another blockbuster quarter for facebook the stock down sharply this morning cheryl casone with details there cheryl. cheryl: really is, shares of facebook down nearly 5%, right now, after the company reported third quarter neither profit nearly tripled to almost 2.4-billion-dollar, revenue soared 56% seven billion 1.8 billion monthly active users facebook warned it can't maintain growth users pages crammed with ads can't a"deflate-gate" many more will stall by middle next year. >> cigna, health insurer adjusted revenue topping expectations thanks to strengthen in the commercial business cigna fighting u.s. government lawsuit to block acquisition by anthem there is
8:43 am
the chart on your screen, uber, unveiling its redesign app one of the biggest changes the addition up front pricing, uber says the new feature could eliminate price shock beginning steering more towards car-pool option as a pool faster to naifth going to predict arrival times you can tell friends announce a push notification to friend meeting using contact list on phone millions are using uber more than 450 cities around the world, and guess what today is national sandwich day, so places like subwooi giving away free or discounted sandwiches we celebrating november 3 the birthday of the fourth sandwich, legend has british statesman invented sandwich 200 years ago put meat between two slices of bread to stop gambling. >> honoring the day a lot of get one free deals pot belly
8:44 am
christmas happy sandwich day. >> and to you cheryl thank you so much back to campaign trail we go clinton camp riddled with scandals five days before voters head to polls fbi investigation into clinton foundation, latest controversy to come to light stuart varney joins us right now with thoughts good morning to you. >> maria i think we are in a very difficult situation here, bearing in mind the latest scandals developments seems to me that we are working towards what really will be a constitutional crisis. the latest scandal as reported by bret baier fox news a one-year investigation of the clinton foundation, agents are pushed for an indictment, strong word indictment but has been used, the two computers supposed to have been destroyed ballooning to go top aides not destroyed, fbi has them looking at them, an avalanche of new information on a daily basis, that is why the fbi is pressing this, and there is a 99% sure thing
8:45 am
shall i say that foreign governmen intelligence services did read hillary clinton off her private e-mail server some on weiner's laptop an exploding new scandal, it will not be resolved by election day, it will drag right into probably into next year, that is a constitutional crisis. maria: sure is we have hole debate with alan dershowitz about that that continues i know a lot more. >> i missed that i would have liked to have heard mr. dershowitz on this. >> i don't think you want to pull it. >> okay. okay [laughter] take your word for it. >> we pushed him as much as we could push him everything we said about the clinton foundation he kept talking about the trump issues. so he is ignoring this latest news yyou just reported. >> fbi investigators are the ones committed a crime leaked information.
8:46 am
maria: he called fbi agents rogue. >> we've got bret baier himself on show 11:00 this morning hear directly from him. >> we will be there to watch see you 15 minutes "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. earn a after "mornings with maria" coming up talking strategy trump campaign manager kellyanne conway with us live as election enters its final stretch, back in a minute. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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that fits your needs and budget. that's why we offer three plans. like our new aarp medicarerx walgreens plan with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ . maria: welcome back republican nominee donald trump revealing plan fort next five days until election day, listen. >> we are going to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point donald i have been watching hillary the last few days she is totally unhinged we've got to vote. >> joining me trump campaign manager kellyanne conway, good
8:50 am
to see you thank for joining us. >> hi maria. >> was that in our advice stay cool stay on point donald? this a new donald trump last few days? >> this is the donald trump, and this is the one making his closing arguments in a very positive very aspirational way contrast to policies personal destruction clinton president united states attacked fbi director tens of millions of dollars ads by hillary clinton all negative about donald trump concluding deep blue states following the leader now trying to chase us into wisconsin and michigan, because we are there, and we are going to win tuesday maria feels great feels great because, for decades americans have told pollsters, that they want a nonpolitician to run the government getting that in donald trump feels corruption has taken center stage. >> i'm sorry?
8:51 am
>> when one? >> two fbi investigations unbelievable. >> look a new cbs "new york times" national poll this morning shows that hillary clinton lead has shrunk to just 3 points over donald trump. so if donald trump stays on message, the way he has been, it does feel like this story and the worry about corruption this desire that people want the corruption to end, is actually impacting this race. >> it does, and but donald trump has been talking about ethics and corruption a long time talked about rigged system drain swamp very popular facebook twitter hashtag story, because he has credentialed, you need somebody totally from outside to say this corrupt system does not work man and forgotten woman pressing economically your security hillary clinton best illustration we have an inspired game that benefits a
8:52 am
very, very few who breathe rarefied air, i can't that i have breyer contrast than hillary clinton 30 year politician, own husband has gotten gazillions of collars speaking fees everyone knows what uranium one means to understand russia has rights to -- the clinton funds have rights to part of the u.s.'s share of uranium very concerning to a american they understand it beyond corruption her lack of aspirational message maria why isn't she talking to your audience others in last five days about what economically how she will create jobs stimulate the economy grow the economy how she will -- help people with every day about affordability just not doing that we know that donald trump's communicate plan in terms of lowering taktsdz rolling back regulations has been talked about as perhaps, having a potential to o move needed on economic growth but this issue of corruption this
8:53 am
issue of the clinton foundation, and you just said you know the uranium one deal she agreed and approved selling 20% of the u.s. uranium to russian company backed by russian government. and then the clinton foundation got 100 million dollars is a real story i want to ask you about something that the "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning as relates to trump because this is this is in the worldwide column here, and it says trump could face conflicts of interest over children's business with politically connected foreign firms okay. >> journal has done great work on clinton foundation we know that they are breaking everything out of this fbi -- fbi investigation but what about trump's foreign conflicts how does he separate the organization and adult children doing business with politically connected foreign firms make sure there is no conflict should he become president.
8:54 am
>> the experts to do that will the lawyers, experts to help do that. that we're not worried about, because nobody accuses the trump family of running a foundation where they they are taking money or making side deals with foreign negates oh and having them go through government agency as big as state department to get that access and trade favors look at trump family versus clinton family hillary clinton says she was dead broke when should he left white house, okay, now worth a quarter of a billion dollars didn't hit payer balance didn't take a company -- don't sell anything they sell access don't make anything, they sell access, they sell favors this is exactly the point of donald trump's entire candidacy if you want that to end, you can't vote for more of it i think people are just you know how high and how wide does have to go, before really looking at pay-to-play at clinton foundation, and separately, separately, the never ending e-mail investigation for hillary
8:55 am
clinton and saying just not worth it why should we invite this cloud this overhanging this ethical theme to follow her into the white house, and god forbid beyond the idea that we are going to elect somebody president of united states already proven hers unfit unqualified based on her conduct with national security information based on conduct with government resources at state department based on her conduct trading in for favors access including to foreign nations, this simply is disqualifying veracity honesty trustworthiness may i say how off message they are awful her campaign is aspiring out of control all signs of leadership, and she hasn't exhibited any. >> i know that he had a big bump in terms of fund-raising efforts i want your reaction in terms of those next couple days into election day. >> in the month of october, we raised over 100 million dollars in small donations.
8:56 am
[cheers and applause] i don't think that is ever been done has that ever been done before? so you said more like democrats thing not republican thing that is a great honor means there are a lot of people out there that want us to really get this done. maria: i know spending 25 million dollars on advertising blitz campaign until election day what states are most important where do you need to double down in next five days? >> well you can see we are deploying two defendant assets governor pence and mr. trump in states that have been blue for a long time michigan wisconsin, new mexico colorado, certainly pennsylvania, we are in new hampshire ads following as actually complementing visits, of course, he visit what i call for four florida north carolina iowa, ohio as well i worked for a man willing governor pence as well a friend for a decade i worked for two people who are willing to do three and four stops a day take message drebl to the people, and that directly to the people that goes along
8:57 am
with parallel with our paid advertising campaign, and those i think, that combination is how we win this, is protecting all the states that mitt romney won, but came up short, and turning some states ohio iowa sometimes without most prominent elected politicians in states donald trump will win the states, of course, all-important prize is florida keep your eye on some blue states where we have for hillary clinton and unattended and all supersurrogates back in wisconsin back in pennsylvania in michigan they are following us. >> kellyanne conway very exciting times. >> thank you, maria thanks so much. >> we will be right book. # with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits
8:58 am
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>> thanks for joining us, right to "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: i got it. listen to this, no one alive has ever heard these words, cubs win the world series. here it is now. the cubs have won the world series, in the 10th inning of the 7th game. what a game it was. what a series! baseball needed this, and baseball got it. they're still celebrating, by the way. all right, everybody, good morning. one and all. they are not celebrating in the clinton camp. the fbi investigations are powering ahead. fox reveals a year-long probe of the clinton foundation, agents pushing for an indime


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