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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: great to see you. >> and maria bartiromo. maria: and my interview with trump executive, eric trump. he'll respond to what we heard on the dnc. that's sunday morning futures. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you, indeed. and good morning, everyone. hillary clinton's speech overshadowed by events inside the convention and on the the streets of another american city. first, let's deal with an act much disrespect in the extreme. roll tape. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers, with a moment of silence. silence. >> all right. let's be clear, a moment of silence for fallen police officers interrupted by black lives matter.
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and what you're looking at. hours later, another police officer shot dead. this time on the streets of san diego. the democrats convention was characterized by strong anti-police and anti-military sentiment. that was the back drop to hillary clinton's acceptance speech. the first woman to accept a major party's nomination presented policies little different from president obama, very few are calling it a rousing presentation. oh, what a contrast to the performance of america's top tech companies, truly rousing. google and amazon followed facebook with stellar financial reports. those stocks are going straight up. what a day. the conversation this morning is not hillary clinton's speech, no, it's about disgraceful behavior, another fallen officer, and the weak economy. the latest report on growth just 1.2%. a special post-convention edition of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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and we begin with this. a san diego police officer is dead. shot last night working with a special gang unit. he had a wife and two children. another officer was wounded. police arrested one suspect who has not been identified. now, 33 police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year. that followed just hours after that-- what we showed you earlier, the moment of silence in honor of fallen police officers, interrupted by shouts of "black lives matter" at the dnc. tammy bruce is with us this mork. i'm saying that hillary's speech was overshadowed by the events and i think it drives people to trump. what say you. >> clearly, her speech was overshadowed during the speech, the heckling and booing, and it proves to you that words are just words, actions are what we see. the quality of people's lives or in this case the lack of the
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quality of our life, it highlights the disconnect of hillary clinton, it highlights the absurdity and sometimes the obscenity of the democrats themselves and they had to be prodded to put the american flag on the stage. you have disrespect for americans who give all. a lot of lip service and then a lot of real demonstration of what they think of our first responders and it was a shameful display. stuart: was she interrupted? >> oh, regularly. there was-- what you heard during the speech and we had confirmation of people who were in the arena, is that when you heard people shouting hillary, hillary, usa, usa. they were counter acting demonstrations inside the hall and this is where she wasn't able to take a breath or have the right rhythm for her speech. she was not in control. stuart: okay, i want to get more on hillary, she did not mince her words when she was attacking donald trump last week. roll that tape.
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>> if you dare imagine, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. stuart: obviously, that was a short clip from her speech, but there was a lot of trump bashing throughout. here is my question for you, tammy. can you make yourself likeable and bash your oement. >> you can tell the truth like mr. trump does, without being perpetually angry other problem is no matter the issue, and no matter the context of the situation, people see her and recoil. in this particular case, of course, she's also being a hypocrite when we talk about the nuclear weapons. her husband's administration allowed north korea to get them and she was responsible in
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large part for the iran deal and she's the last person-- >> and the clip, do you you want someone in the white house like donald trump, really? tell that to the people who lost their lives in benghazi. stuart: and we have a weak reading on the economy in growth. that was 1.2%, that got the numbers this morning. here is hillary touching on the economy, roll that tape. >> in my first hundred days we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii. stuart: by investment, that means spending, huge spending. so, my question for steve moore, come on in, steve, is massive government spending going to give us the growth that we so desperately need? >> hey, stuart, well, you know, i just read from my friends at the wall street journal, i don't know if you saw it their lead editorial which is about
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hillary's speech and they call it hope without change. and it actually nailed it, what i've been saying for months, which is that everything that hillary said. i didn't find a single thing that she said in her speech, where she talks about how she was going to repair the economy that was one iota different from what has been done for the last eight years. for example, when she said first hundred days we're going to do all of this infrastructure spending. doesn't that remind you of something, stuart, didn't we do that with the shovel ready? >> she was overshadowed by events and she made the speech last night and then we find the growth 1.2%. >> just looking at the numbers had the off the press. they're dreadful, dismal. 1.2%, the concensus forecast among economists was 2 1/2%, you know that, stuart. this is way, way below where we thought. and another headline buried in this report, they revised
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downward the number for the first quarter. 0.8 in the first quarter. that tells you for the last three quarters, going back to the fall of 2015, the u.s. economy has been growing at 1%. and that's pitiful. we should be growing at 3, 4%. 1 is% is not enough to give america the pay raise. hillary talks a lot about pay raises for american workers, how are you going to get that with 1% growth. stuart: you're going to legislate them. i don't want all the talk of politics to detract from the fact that we got astonishing numbers. >> horrible, horrible. stuart: hold on a second, steve. i've got two more tech giants with blowout numbers, google and amazon. okay, ashley, first of all, let's go to google. ashley: yes. stuart: look at the stock over 8 h 800. ashley: second quarter profit to 4.9 billion. the cloud services division for them doing very well.
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now, they had this moon shoot division or other bets, if you like, that lost a lot of money, the digital ad space, google is doing well. there was a fear that facebook would wipe out the competition, but google doing well in that space. stuart: amazon, at that stock is going to hit a lifetime high. what's so good about the report there. >> the revenue's up 30%, net profit is it 30%. and you were reporting, too, remember, amazon was criticized for not announcing the world profits. they're up nine fold versus last year, amazon proven to the street, yes, it can make money. remember for 15 years it was criticized for doing the numbers and the stock is up 50% this year. stuart: steve moore is still with us. i want to get your opinion on this. american tech giants are simply blowing away the global
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competition, they are the stars of the american economy, aren't they? >> you've got it. there's no question about that. if you look at the facebooks and the googles out there, they're doing well. it's the small business sector of the economy, in my opinion, it's not growing. it's become so difficulties for these businesses to grow in this hostile environment. by the way, i know you don't want to talk about hillary and politics, but i did think in listening to her speech, that there was kind of anti-business sentiment that ran throughout it and i think that's the problem. one other statistic i want to throw out there. i'm going through this was we speak. the problem with the economy, businesses aren't investing. we've had negative growth in business for nearly the last 12 months. how are you going to get jobs if businesses are not investing. stuart: i'm glad you're digging in the numbers because they are truly bad. thank you for doing the digging, we appreciate it. >> thank you.
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stuart: i want to bring you this, a commuter trail derails outside of washington d.c. 75 people on board. no reports of injuries. we'll keep you updated. that's happening now. now, look at the price of oil. this is going to be very important for the stock market's performance today. earlier it had touched $40 a barrel. coming down, down, down, that will influence the stock market. should be down a little in favor, along with oil. crazy video shot by a passenger on board an american airlines flight. flames shooting out of the engine, a loud boom before the engine caught fire, wouldn't you love to be on that flight. the plane made an emergency landing and the union says we have a problem for this. an all-out trump bash fest at dnc, took every opportunity to blast him, calling him a racist. and natalie hthe pro golfer, listen to her at rnc.
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>> he has been an incredible influence in my life, a tremendous supporter and positive influence and one of those people that continues to encourage me and someone i can reach out to.
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>> now, if you want to see how the stock market is going to do today, watch the price of oil. it had been around $40 a barrel and as it goes back down there, the stocks may be down a bit more. profit and revenue exxon, actual profit per share cut in half. that's the ripple effects of cheap oil. the same with chevron, largest quarterly loss since 2001. down goes that stock. how about this? pilots at american airlines raising safety concerns, it's not about that engine fire. this is something else. ashley: this is something else, it's the airline pilots association, there's a big fight with american airlines saying they don't like the culture that the company is pushing. they say they're being pushed too hard and too far and endangering and pushing the
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boundaries of safety, all in the time to improve their on-line performance. what does that mean? they say they're increasing the speed of the aircraft, rerouting flights, pushing cockpit crews to lengthen the work place, pilots can do 14 hour days and they're asked to do 16 hour days and american airlines says we are always within safety and compliance regulations. stuart: and to get there on time. ashley: one more thing they're doing, they're closing the doors early, close at that door now because we want to take off on time. stuart: i'm all for that. ashley: more people stranded liz: american airlines is embarrassed because the department of transportation says they have the worst on time, one out of four flights are delayed. stuart: can't catch a pr break. open season. politics, let's get back to it. speeches at dnc launched a full scale attack on donald trump. our next guest was a speaker at
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the republican convention and knows donald trump personally. natalie is with us, a professional golfer and trump supporter, natalie, welcome back. >> thank you, good morning. stuart: how do you feel about it when you hear donald trump, who you know, called a racist or is terrible with women. how do you feel? >> i was just shocked and surprised to see some of the comments that were made throughout the week and it's just so inconsistent with the donald trump that i know, the donald trump that's been an incredible influence on me, has been a champion for women, helped me up up my boys and girls club and i first met donald in 2003 and i didn't see anything that was consistent with the comments that i saw. stuart: i wanted to square that away and talk about the pga championship. you're a pro golfer. >> yes. stuart: i want your comments on going on. a total unknown to me, jimmy walker, big names and dustin johnson and rory mcilroy not
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doing well. what's with the newcomers coming on. >> and it's the state of golf. jimmy walker is not a newcomer, won twice in last year and three times in 2014. the key with jimmy walker, he hits the ball a long way, distance like dustin johnson and on a golf course like that you need lengths and he certainlily has it. stuart: a golfer these days, pro male can hit the ball drive the ball what, 330, 340 yards? >> yes, are they up to that level? >> they carry, unbelievable how far they hit it. probably carry at 310, 320 and then depending on rollout, the numbers just go up and up. it's remarkable, the athleticism. stuart: is that new equipment or the athleticism of the golfer themselves? >> both. i think because the sport is getting more popular, you're seeing athletes that traditionally might be playing football or baseball and now
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they're playing golf and you look at these guys, they're very, very tall and athletic and combination with technology made for some super long drives and we're seeing it on our tour, but not to that extent. stuart: gary player is a frequent guest on the program. he's 80 years old. last time he told me the average of his last 20 rounds he shot 70 over 20 rounds. what, may i ask-- >> i would take that average. stuart: you'd take that. >> yes. if you have that average around 70, you would be a top 25 player on any course. stuart: come back and see you, please, we like your commentary on golf and trump. natalie, thank you. >> sure thing. stuart: you've got to look at amazon, the stock to watch among several, actually. a terrific financial report and it's up and up big today. hillary clinton officially accepted the domination last night, as we went into the
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convention, her polling numbers were not good. we'll give you the numbers and tell you how she comes out of the convention. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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profit up 27%, that's cvs and that stock will go down a little. it's been helped by "star trek" low pressuring, go figure. and hillary clinton facing tough polling numbers headed into the dnc this week. a sample, 68% said she won't honest or trustworthy, going into the convention. only 31% said they favored her. a low number. 38% said they'd be proud to call her president. that's a low number. tammy bruce, do you think she managed to change those polling numbers over of the course of the week. i haven't seen going into the speech. the tracking poll had her at 42% and sunday leading into her week, by wednesday she had gone down to 40%. she had a negative bounce after two and a half days of a convention lauding her and her policies. stuart: there was a lot of dissent in the first two days. >> there was. and it continued, but the
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conventions are a reflection of the nominee's leadership so we have to see if her speech did anything, even if she gets a bounce, if that trend was overall, it means her bounce maybe will get her back to where she was. stuart: now, you're a past president of the l.a. chapter of n.o.w. >> and i was on the national board of directors as well. stuart: the national organization of women. got it. now we have the first woman nominated to head a major party into a presidential election. it's a historic moment. >> it's a terrific step and i wrote this a month ago when she got a number of delegates for the convention for the nomination, it's a betrayal as well. stuart: betrayal? a strong word. >> i want the first woman who is going to be president or the nominee to be someone that everyone can actually look up to. when we see hillary's history, it is embarrassing, it's painful. i want the first woman president to also be a great leader. i don't think that hillary will win and i think we need, when it comes to women be president,
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i want a woman to be president, the right one to be president. stuart: margaret thatcher never ever, never played the woman's card never. she was asked about a woman running and she said, well, what is the difference. [laughter] >> a pretty good response, prime minister. >> the perfect example of the nature how women can lead and hillary clinton is not that and that's why i'm a trump supporter. for that reason and so many others. stuart: what a day it's been. tammy, thank you very much indeed. next case, look at oil because that's an indicator for the market. we're back to $40 a barrel. almost 41, but when you see the first two numbers at 4-o you might have a problem. big theme today. american technology company making a ton of money. spectacular financial report, look at google, it's going to crack $800 per share, right there opening bell three minutes away. same story with amazon. its cloud business booming. we'll see it go straight up to 766 per share. watch your money grow with
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"varney & company" moments from now.
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♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> all right. we're back on this special post-convention edition of "varney & company." it's the last trading day of the month, the opening bell-- well, the bell will ring and we'll start trading in about 20 seconds.
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the backdrop here is not so much politics, it's the gdp report we had about an hour ago. we just don't have growth in the american economy at the moment. it's about 1.2%, that's it. in fact, in the last three quarters, growth has been about 1%. that's it. that is not good. it's friday morning, bang, it's 9:30. we're off and we are running. we're expected to go down a little bit at the opening bell. so far we're down 20. and if you look at markets on the left side of the screen, it's 50-50 between winners and losers and the dow is down 9 points. similar on the s&p 500, that's up .16% and nasdaq indicating technology, .13%. look a the oil. we're back down to $40 per barrel level, that's a negative for stocks. look at google, making serious money from mobile advertising. the profit is up 24%.
9:31 am
when google when it opens-- know not when it comes, but get a chance to show it. i'm moving on to amazon. >> why not? the 1.28%, they made a huge profit and roughly 60 million americans now are prime members. >> wow. >> that's a big deal. we're watching facebook, down a fraction after hitting record highs yesterday. and apple, where is it today? 103, 104? virtually unchanged. the other day it sold its one billionth iphone. that's how we got off and running. ashley webster, liz macdonald. john lonski and keith fitz-gerald. and american tech blowing away the competition. this is where the money is going in the stock market? >> absolutely, this is all about innovation and creativity. for the doom and gloom in the
9:32 am
headlines, we've got creativity resilience and the best creative brains on the planet and i love seeing this happen. stuart: hold on, keith, would you buy these big techs? would you buy amazon at 760-- . you would? >> you bet i would, stuart. the implication is these are all-time highs, my goodness, they might fall. great companies continue to grow and these are all about the future, the technology in the world has got to park its wash somewhere and based on growth. i have no problem recommending any of those companies. stuart: john lonski is with us, about you buy alphabet, google, if you were buying stock-- >> as long as they maintain market power. these are the dominant forces in the marketplace. amazon is sucking up the sales from other retailers. who knows how much higher amazon stock will go.
9:33 am
stuart: got shellady, google, amazon, et cetera, et cetera, are they up because the central banks are flooding the world with money? is that why they're up? >> that's a little bit of it, stuart. you're watching in front of your very eyes, the train wreck that's the u.s. economy. we're going to create wealth, but the upper 50% will benefit from that and put people out of work in the middle class, drones doing that, and they've got the auto loan debt and student loan debt, it's going to collapse in itself and that's in the next five years. stuart: well, you have a nice weekend, scott. [laughter] that's the point you've made consistently, and you have a point liz:ed shovel-ready government spending, we have the worst economy, and growing slower than canada and europe. when we talk about the tech giants, they have such massive
9:34 am
profit margins in the double digits because they have low overhead, don't have a lot of labor. you need jobs for government spending and stop with the taxes and as obamacare explodes on the launch pad. stuart: you were watching hillary clinton. scott shellady, do you have a question? >> it's the great unanswerable question. how do we go from 10% unemployment from 4.9% unemployment, all the while our economy is shrinking? explain that to me. stuart: i don't think i can. hold on, i've got an economist with me, john. >> that's a great question. i'm shocked, i saw the latest report on gdp, year over year, 1.2%, jobs grew by 1.8%, that makes no sense, that's like negative productivity when you have employment growing faster than gdp. it cannot go on. companies may be hording labor in the not too distant future and we may be shocked.
9:35 am
stuart: 1.2% growth in the second quarter. all we got. >>. ashley: for quarters, under 1%. >> can we say we're approaching recession? >> i would say recession risks are on the rise, probably 25%. i wouldn't be surprised 2017 they go to 40%. keep your eye on the labor market. it's patently so slow. stuart: scott shellady, on the version of recession? >> i'd say 40% or maybe more, let's hurry up and raise rates, and then 100%. stuart: i don't know what, but you're stalling the show and-- >> the highest form of wit. stuart: the lowest. i want to get to big name companies and let's look how they're performing. start with the parents of outback steakhouse. that's blooming brands.
9:36 am
that's 5% down. what do you say john? >> discretionary spending is slowing. we had ford talking about slowing second and a half. and. stuart: he's such an economist. >> hey, the economy, we saw that today. stuart: all right. john, i'm listening to you. bloomin' brands down 5%. and higher sales at merck, they got a boost from a cancer and hepatitis treatments, merck is up nearly 1%. there's clearly a supply glut of gasoline. that cut phillips 66 profits in half. ups, let's see where the stock is. the profits grew, helped by better cost cutting and higher sales. and the stock is down nearly 2% at ups. go figure. higher profit at xerox, falling expenses, and that figure is up nearly 3% there. look at cvs.
9:37 am
profit up 27%, they made a lot of money from "star trek" licensing fees. it's down 2 1/4%. something else going on there. what are you laughing at? >> something usual, amazon is booming, doesn't amazon ship goods via ups? and they same time what is with that? >> maybe amazon is going to start its own delivery service? >> ups put out a statement now, saying that amazon's own logistic and delivery systems won't threaten it. >> they're still down. we'll see let's move on to the gaming stocks, the casino operator wynn. revenues from macao revenue is up and las vegas revenue is down. >> this stock is down 5 1/2%. up over 50% this year. the story here is not the latest quarter, which is actually good news, and they have strong numbers for the quarter and they beat. it's going forward.
9:38 am
august 27th, 22nd, they are due to open wynn palace in macoa and the analysts, looked at what is in that casino. and while the allocation is less than expected they expect that those tables will yield es added once they're opening and trying to put a positive on this one. the big picture, people are nervous, maybe they don't have enough tables to generate enough revenue. stuart: thank you, nicole. look at tesla, a look at the giga factory, a gigantic structure out there in nevada, it's the size of 107 football fields. ashley: good grief. stuart: that's big. i've always said that tesla is a battery company. that's it, isn't it? tesla is a battery company. >> i totally agree with you, it's not only a battery
9:39 am
company, but a company that happens to make automobiles. elon musk has a method to his madness, and it's. stuart: scott shellady, i want your views on tesla, well-supported by the administration, tax subsidies, green energy subsdyes, and i want to hear your opinion on this? >> it's almost an arm of the federal government so it doesn't matter. at the end of the day, i like how he reforms things and outside the box, he's a disrupter, but he's not going to be the only one. we can't put our chips behind only one, we'll have three or four like elon musk around the corner. i do like it, but at the end of the day he's not the only one. stuart: ash, you put your hand-- >> the late breaking story if you want to hear it now liz: and tesla is saying that they want to make--
9:40 am
>> and breaking news, i can't hold onto. what is it? >> it's about the fires in-- the virus in florida, it's coming from local cases in the united states. stuart: you've got it out there and you'll have to repeat it in five minutes. you interrupted the flow. ashley: i didn't, you did. stuart: oil, not good profits from big oil. obviously, oil is down 40, $41 a barrel. and profit and revenue sliding, the stock is down 3%. it's pretty much the same story with chevron. they took the biggest quarterly loss since 2001 and they're down there at 100 a share, 1.6% lower. oil, moving down and look at it now, $40.75 a barrel. >> come on, scott, i want you into this.
9:41 am
are they going to hit $39 a barrel? if they do, it's bad news for stocks. >> i think that's what's taking the top off of stocks as of late anyway. if we see stocks go out higher if the fact that oil isn't doing what they're doing. and bigger rigs and we think we will have a reduction. nothing for the bulls to hang onto. >> did i see you raise your hand, liz? >> it's not just the webster ratio, when oil goes down and oil majors fall. it's also the fear that sovereign funds, meaning the oil rich nations are dumping stocks to raise money to pay for their budget and government spending. stuart: that's a fair point liz: we didn't know the pressure on stocks from that. that's a big deal. stuart: i want to show you italian banks, not that many people invest in italian banks, but just look at them. european regulators stress tested them today. they're still going through that. i don't know what that means for the banks themselves. they're all up in percentage terms this morning, but i want
9:42 am
to know john lonski, if european banks are in such bad shape, we're told that they are, why is that bad news for me? >> that the european economy isn't going to pick up son and if these banks start to have major problems and liquidate, and this will-- >> is it the european banks, are they a threat to us now. >> the europe goes dn and the euro will weaken and becomes a more competitive environment to u.s. companies. ashley: john is right, not just italian banks, deutsche bank, for instance. stuart: in bad shape. ashley: in bad shape. stuart: keith fitz, i can hear you. you want to get into this? >> absolutely, there's a very direct link, the banks are cross-collateralized. when they have to unload in a panic, how it affects treasuries and derivatives and currencies, linked to the money market accounts that most americans hold their investments.
9:43 am
and there are a lot of other consequences. stuart: we hear you. you can have the last word, scott. >> how about this? i got fairly-- two or three weeks ago whenever it happened i think that europe faired with brexit better than the european union. maybe european union was the yolk around britain's neck and finally let it flourish and see what the ecb get themselves out of their own problem. stuart: very, very interesting. thank you, john, keith, scott, thanks indeed for a fine friday morning performance. where are we after 13 minutes of business down 30 points on the dow industrials. the bernie or bust crowd making a splash at the democratic convention? can the libertarian candidate get enough to make it to the first debate? we're going gary johnson next. and the pga, greg norman, he's
9:44 am
the shark, up next hour. ♪
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>> 16, 17 minutes into the trading day, the dow is down 40. oil is down to $40 a barrel. 40.63 and going down, how about that. politics, next big date september 26th, the first debate, our next guest wants in that debate, gary johnson is with us. you need to be in established polls to get into the debates, is that right? >> that's right, presidential
9:48 am
debate commission says 15%. they don't identify which poll, but 15% so we've got a campaign to get 15% by the 15th of august and we believe we might actually be there. stuart: what are you doing by the 15th of august to raise your polling numbers? >> well, right now, social media is really taken off. it's just on fire. 25 million, we're reaching 25 million people and by all those analytics, which is kind of a straight line up. it should get reflected in the polls. we'll see. stuart: okay. bernie or bust voters, are they coming to your side? i've seen a lot of them at the two conventions, mostly at the democratic convention. thisser' carrying around a big joint, a marijuana cigarette, carrying it around and you're not smiling like you usually-- there you are. is that your big issue to attract bernie voters over to your side?
9:49 am
>> no, certainly not, but we certainly agree with, i think about 75% of what bernie has to say, but, boy, we sure come to a t in the road when it comes to economics. i'm making the pitch that crony capitalism and free markets are not one and the same, which i think bernie sanders' voters believe. they're on opposite ends of the needle. so we really do promote free markets, a balanced budget. equality opportunity as opposed to income equality. are they looking for that? you know, that's something that is achievable. stuart: your main point, and not policy, but your main point is that you can win if you can get into the debate and show people what you've got. that's your big deal, isn't it, get in that debate? >> yeah, stuart. last week they're saying that the audience for the first presidential debate is going to
9:50 am
exceed the audience for the super bowl. so there's no way that you stand a chance of winning unless, of course, you're going to be in that game and we're hoping to be in that game and we hope we're at 20% before that game starts and if that's the case, why, anything is possible. stuart: gary johnson, thanks very much for taking time. i know you're busy, but thank you for coming on. >> stuart, always appreciate you, thank you,stuart. stuart: colonel ralph peters, a popular guest on this program. guess what he says? he says he despises hillary clinton, but he will reluctantly vote for her. he's with us. he's moving and he'll explain in a moment.
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>> our next guest says that donald trump's comments on russia were enough to make him decide to vote for hillary clinton. ralph peters is with us today. ralph, i want you to look at this and look at what we're going to show you on the screens.
9:55 am
we are going to show you leon panetta, defense secretary, his speech interrupted and that's leon panetta on the lefthand side. general allen, four star general, interrupted by demonstrators, no more war. a medal of honor recipient. people in the crowd turned their backs on him, a war hero, ralph, you're a military guy, a great deal of disrespect was laid on the military yesterday. are you really thinking about voting for hillary and that party? >> yes. and the bernie-- it's not so much voting for hillary. and a lot can happen between now and november, but it's voting to keep trump out of the oval office. hillary, i disdain hillary clinton, i believe see should have been indicted, but based on what trump has said the last few weeks, about nato, the baltics, crimea, russia, turkey, this guy, i mean, he's strategicically illiterate and
9:56 am
got the attention span and temper of a five-year-old. stuart: but they would argue that he's simply realigning our foreign policy, renegotiating our foreign policy, if you like, is that-- >> blather. you know how hard i've been on the obama administration and may remember a certain event on your show last christmas. i'm tough, i want tough foreign policy, but i think that hillary is better man than trump. look at what trump has said. he has said he wouldn't necessarily respond if russia invaded the baltic states and members of nato, that's an invitation to putin. he doesn't like nato, doesn't think they're paying their nato is the biggest strategic bargain the united states of america has gotten in all of its history. stuart: i think that people would disagree with that. europeans don't pay up. they don't. we have protected them for three generations. >> that's pound-- penny wise and pound foolish. >> nato kept the peace in
9:57 am
europe over half a century, the longest period of peace in european history. trump also said that he might recognize crimea as part of russia. and that's breaking the international front of democracies that have aligned against the invasion of crimea. he has-- no, he has. stuart: ralph, look i've got to wrap it up. got to wrap it up, a hard break. hold on ralph, 15 seconds. as of now, if the election were today. is it correct today to say that you would vote for hillary clinton? >> with great disgust, i would vote for hillary clinton. stuart: come back and see us soon, we want to to renegotiate-- weak growth in the second quarter, i say very weak. hillary's historic night overshadowed with negativity like this. >> please help me in honor of
9:58 am
all fallen american officers with a moment of silence. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> another terrible day for police officers and that is now a political issue. good morning everyone. this is a special post convention edition of "varney & company." at the convention, a disgraceful event. dallas county sheriff called for a moment of silence for fallen officers the silence was up interrupted by shouts of "black lives matter" earlier delegates turned backs on medal of honor winner. a no more war speech disrupted. and then this morning another police officer shot and killed in the line of duty in san diego this time. all of this overshadowed hillary clinton's coronation speech. donald trump has already
10:01 am
responded to it all u with hillary he says things get worse. and he campaigns in colorado today. now, fix this date monday, september 26th that is the first debate and the lines are now clearly drawn. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. >> this is breaking right now we've got a read on consumer sentiment what have we got? >> university of michigan coming in at 90.090 exactly for july down from 93.5 in june and misses expectations. so no influence on the market whatsoever. >> no, no. that expectation is a guess. >> but you have to measure and gain something otherwise it is floating there. >> you got me. check the dow 30 a lot of red arrow on the dow today that is
10:02 am
not a happy market by any means but we are down most of them 22ings to down in the dow and about 7 of them are up. now, look at google. that's a big story today. google is up 29 dollars at $7.95 astonishing financial report outright yesterday that is way up. same story with amazon another tech titan that's up $6 reaching $759 a share. knocking e them flat. price of oil $40.73 not good for stocks. expedia lower sales and that stock is going down. not sure of the percentage on expedia but it is down nearly 3% on okay stocks stand out we'll brick them to you. okay politics father of a fallen muslim soldier delivered a powerful speech blasting drumple at the convention last night. watch this. >> hillary clinton was right.
10:03 am
when she called him the best, if was up to donald trump he never would have been in america. donald trump, you're asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? >> trump campaign co-chair stan is with us this morning. sam, how do you respond to what i think was a powerful message front seat father of a fallen muslim american soldier? how do you respond? >> i think first off call an american soldier and religion and background never been an issue in the united states military and it never will be. i have 25 year was service. i'm son of a veteran. the brother of a veteran, and father of a veteran and i can only imagine the pain he feels for loss of his son. i know u how i felt the first
10:04 am
time my son deployed to afghanistan one was eight deployments that he made and i haven't ever slept you know during any of those deployments so i understand his anguish and pain. but the issue of whether or not he's a muslim or not is really not the issue and fact of the matter is, that donald trump is e never articulated a fact with a ban on muslims. it's said all we were looking for is help in vetting people coming to the united states. and i think what is happen haded is we have people who are creating narratives flankly do not exist, and we need to get the facts out there . again, i feel that pain of this man i do two years in a combat zone and sent my son to war many times. i understand this. stuart: was donald trump presents dark, pessimistic view of the united states now and in the future. obviously, you don't share that. but how do you counter that point of view? >> i think all we have to do is
10:05 am
take a listen to you know mrs. clinton speech last night unfortunately i had to listen to the whoat thing baa i knew i would be asked about it today. issue is there that i could not believe that fir that she was painting about how good off or well off the united states is and the fact is, i know for a fact readiness of our military is below 1978 levels. that was back when we had the great complaints about hallow force if i looked at the gdp number this morning stiewrts and i cannot tell you how fin credibly depressed i am over the fact that we have now since 2005 averaged on average 1.38% gdp groament for last see years. that's not an economy to be proud of and we take a look at the fact of how is she going to pay for all of the issues that she uttered last night? fact is she's going to tax businesses more. she'ses is going to tax individuals more so that we can
10:06 am
raise income and to do what? toes force more jobs overseas to do all the punishment that she's talked about in economic plans she articulated last neeght is frankly undoable and cannot help the american people in any way. >> sam, will donald trump address the economy gdp this afternoon when he speaks in colorado? >> i think we have a major economic coming up and a.m. not sure of the date we have a couple of these that we're going to that mr. trump will roll out but you get a clear picture of where we are. >> sam thanks for joining us this morning appreciate it. >> freerkt it. as for hillary a poll taken just before the convention shows 68% of voters do not find her to be honest or trustworthy john is host of rescue with us for the whole hour. now, john going into the convention, numbers were bad. polling was bad that don't trust her. find her dishonest. do you think she can lift her
10:07 am
poll standings by her performance last night? i guess john i'm looking for a judgment on your part of her performance. >> you know, in may her unfavorable dishonesty numbers were 59%. so in two months she dropped down to 68%. rather than going away she's confirmed it. when i take a look at this whole situation to me we talk about unfavorable dishonesty than we ever have. can you imagine if hillary was running against candidate who didn't have trump negatives what her poll numbers qowb? >> yes, 30% possibly, and what if trump was running against candidate who didn't have her negatives so they're changing the entire dynamic of this and she's confirmed her negatives last week and fbi confirmed her. i don't know if she can widle away at that trump can. i don't know if she can with the dishonesty issue anymore. stuart: key will be that first debate september the 26th
10:08 am
head-on clash. donald trump speaks well off the cuff hillary clinton is more scripted. i wonder if she can full things around in a debate situation. a lot of people think trump will run away with a debate. >> i think a lot of americans would agree with me and say dishonesty is single element that changes a relationship. once somebody lies to us everything is different. everything is looked at different filtered differently. she has an issue walking into that debate . people are going to look at her words differently. fng you may -- she may have an issue with the economy we have news this morning only growing up 1.2% that's a very weak growth rate are. that is as she goes into this election, and she's saying she will basically copy president obama. his policies, the economy that's not a plus for her. >> certainly what she says how great everything is clearly not aligned with the way everybody is feeling and those are awful low numbers wait for obama care numbers hit in a few weeks and that becomes a double whammy as well opinion >> do you think
10:09 am
government spending can shift and raise and grow the economy? [inaudible] >> you know i'm a numbers guy and never get there until we have a balance sheet that works website period. >> i want to back to news that broke this morning from san diego. another police shooting leaving one officer dead, one wounded donald trump moments ago tweeted this saying, quote, two policeman just show the in san diego. one dead. it is only getting worse. people want law and order that's the latest from donald trump. correct? >> that is the latest so what's happening here is the law anded or or theme still holds because take note of this. the day that that priest was murdered in france was the first day that democrat convention. there were five -- more than dozen and no one mentioned isis and major major terrorist attacks within past year in europe again very little -- mostly down playing the threat of terrorism, isis and also you know discussion you have to get
10:10 am
to the number its of the plovers being assassinated this year. i think it's up nearly 80% year after year. >> and thens last night at the convention john, a lady the sheriff of dallas county trying a moment of silence, black lives matter intrpts it. it looks terrible for democrats when the next day officer was shot. >> unbelievably disrespectful and make us you think that they are more perpetuating this negative energy than solving it. >> it overshadowed hillary clinton's speech the event of the day and night overshadow what hillary had to say. >> i completely agree but huge difference to me between two is engagement versus avoid, they arrive and avoid. >> most engaging guy on the planet. >> she won't humanize herself until she stops talking to people not at them. >> john you're with us for the hour you lucky guy to stay right there. okay. breaking news actually we did
10:11 am
bring it to you earlier going to respeak it florida on zeke ka virus. >> with more information in miami, and braugher county in florida. four cases of zika they believe transmitted by mosquitoes in the area in other words in the continental united states people who didn't travel to central america ore somewhere ems. they were infected here in florida. in fact, they have even located it they say the location of these infections north of miami, miami day county north of downtown that's how they've been able to qualify exactly where this is going on. but it is arrived a huge development. arrived passed around locally. >> exactly. not good. >> no. all right months away from season down there. >> could affect -- significantly -- a good point through october. >> my goodness thank you we all check that big board. we're now down 78 points. okay, 18,300 pope francis fell
10:12 am
during his trip to poland at an open air alter pope misses step goes tumbling. priests rush him. the hope is okay. we bring it to you. another dismal reading at the dnc president obama and joe biden still on that stage and said that economy is the strong test in the world. but, in fact, down to 1% growth. we'll deal with that in a moment.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> we have largest economy in the world. we have the strongest economy in the world. we have the most productive workers in the world. >> we have the strongest economy in the world that was vice president joe biden couple of days ago. saying again it's got welfare the world strongest economy.
10:16 am
now, today we've got a reading on gdp somewhat different. ain't that right? >> at 1.2 average over last two quarters quarter other numbers stuart we've been talking about household income at 1996 levels labor force participation and senior and disables but 1978 levels hardship at 1965 levels this gross rate is the worst since fdr first took office. >> john you're involved in day-to-day businesses. small businesses at that. how do you characterize the economy these are small business? >> we feel it in the spend levels and strawns and bars and properties. even traffic levels the same. spend numbers are not exactly the same. so people are impacted by it. but you can tbeel it out in the community i can feel it with employee and such fact of the matter is this is a rippling effect. >> doesn't it feel like d.c. is a boom town and don't see what's going on and mistaking for
10:17 am
achievement. >> that income is doing just fine. but look at washington, d.c. i'm one who goes into each market and studies dem graphic and look at washington, d.c.. government employees making good amount of money income levels are very high in washington, d.c. compared to over markets so they are living in a bubble. >> per cap a higher than income, and employee so they're living in a bubble. >> all right. i've got a couple of stocks that are moving individual stocks start with cigna. higher medical cost from obamacare pushing that thing down $6 that's four and a half percent. microsoft will cut 2,l 800 more jobs. investors like that up a half percent. 56.50. now this retired marine core four star general addressed democrats lasting night in met h chance of no more war. watch this. >> an the american military will
10:18 am
continue to be -- will continue to be the shining example of america at our very best. >> leon panetta met with similar chance and medal of honor winner they have turned backs on him. here's lieutenant general thomas mack saying it was disrespect flat out. what u do you make of it? >> well, i was stunned by general alan's comments that he trusted hillary, stuart. my goodness did he trust are her at benghazi and set up her server and created espionage and pull out of iraq and create ared isis and trusted her when russia took over crimea and eastern ukraine where did he trust her and think we have a better
10:19 am
when i was the system chief of staff u.s. air force, we had 155 fighter squad today we've got 50. this administration has unilaterally disarmed military and nobody is talking about it. >> how do you -- what about the response to general al and the response to leon panetta from some not all but some of the delegates clearly not if of favor of the military. what do you make of the response? >> i think that's what democratic party is made of i think it is disgraceful that they would do that, but at the same time i think it's disgraceful that general alan would say what he did that he would trust hillary clinton. look, the fbi comey has been and talked about all of the things that she violated how can a retired general officer say in all honesty that he trusts her? >> what's morale like in the military right now? >> it is terrible. unfortunately it's terrible and
10:20 am
these guys have been fighting war for going 15, many cases much longer than that for the commitment since we've had since desert storm. so we've warned them out. we've made them smaller we're leading from behind. we created robs such at the middle east was most disstabilized its history stuart and how can you trust an administration that is left the nation in shambles you're talking about gdp. look we cannot rebuild our military until we get agdp up around 4% we have to rebuild our gdp before we can rebuild our military. >> thomas thank you for joining us this morning. important stuff. we appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> thanks stuart. next case hillary clinton reassuring us she's not going after guns. hillary says we're going to fact check that. we're going to move on to the pga as well. golf tournament. outsiders stealing show golfing
10:21 am
legend greg norman joins us with a lot to say about donald trump as well.
10:22 am
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>> listen to this from wynn they say they've received only half the new gaming table permit that they'd expected and wanted for their new mccow cast e know that's why the stock is down 6%. donald trump campaigning heading it to colorado two events today that he will address. and look who's on the phone with us again. golf legend chair and ceo of great white shark enterprise greg norman is with us. okay i want to talk pga championship, obviously, but first are you still for up trump greg norman? >> well, yeah i would say that pretty tough choice between the
10:25 am
two. but i think from fuel business perspective stuart i look where donald can take copying the question from an entrepreneurialism to growing small businesses like that. i don't like some of the policies that he says. but then again you look at the other side with hillary you know, the disapproval rating so high according to polls. it's tough to you know get over that hurdle and in the white house. can't we really trust her? so it's a tough one and no matter in the world everybody ask the same question who would you vote for. i say it's a very, very difficult choice but the question donald has hit the neive of a lot nerve of point. you talk about being an outsider he's an outsider from the establishment. and when you hear had the difference between the two conferences you get difference in attitude between outsider and the -- incumbent. >> it's a pleasure to have someone express ab honest
10:26 am
opinion about donald trump and election. thank you for doing that. we appreciate that. stuart: talk about golf okay. i have a statistic here that says 65% of people engaged in golf people who watch it or play it over the age of 60. i think that's an a important statistic because at the p about ga tournament, the new brand, new stars are not doing well and i think it's the new guys that we need to do well to get golf back among younger people. what do you say? >> absolutely correct. baby boomer carrying game of gosm golf for a long period of time and we need to have the gnx and millennial stuff out on the plate an initiatives put forward to try to attract younger generation and there's no question rickey mcilroy and now that's stimulating the use of the game to come back in. but to players right now, i think that schedule is being so
10:27 am
compacted with olympics and a pga moving so close to the british open it is taking a built of a toll on players. >> did you put out a suggestion they reduce to 12 holes instead of 18. is that you? >> i made that suggestion e done developments where we try to reduce the investment and get it down from 18 holes down to 1 holes and developer gets a good because you don't have to build that extra six holes. on going maintenance cost of annual basis is reduced as well. >> now we're talking. good business that's what you want . greg norman sorry i'm out of time. thanks for checking in with fuss we appreciate it. >> yes, sir. >> back to market we're down 2378 points as we speak. now let's talk hillary and guns. she says she wantses to protect the second amendment. she just says she wants to take away guns only from bad people
10:28 am
that's what she says. some critics are not convinced. we're on it, next. ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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10:31 am
>> let's get it straight american technology companies lead the markets and lead the country on this special edition of "varney & company." look at them. alphabet that's google and got used to the switch is. amazon, facebook, apple all of them going well apple is 103 not straight up but rest extraordinary performance. john is here far rescue guy you use those american tech companies don't you? >> i do but what's interesting about amazon it is spontaneous buying is almost more important
10:32 am
today than plan buying when you go to planned it is a trip. you go in there and buy something and might buy something spontaneous along the way. but sitting at home and buy stuff you see it. you react to it. sometimes you've got to sleep that night buy things you never thought you would buy. or -- go spontaneous sales in my view adding a huge sales dynamic. especially when you're amazon so easy to use and it is totally ubiquitous. >> that's true. amazon prime. >> so more than warren buffett. >> repeat that these rude gentleman were speaking over the top of you. jay now worth more than warren buffett. >> corrects. >> 65.3 billion. >> 6.3 billion number three in the world. he was nuts? >> not anymore.
10:33 am
serious stuff please. a moment of silence for fallen police officers during the democratics convention last night that moment of silence was very rudely interrupted by shouts of black lives matter. watch this. please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. i think that was disgraceful. david webb is with us and i think that helped trump. what say you? ling forts it's disgraceful and doesn't help americans and opportunistic it's uncutting but what do you expect from a democrat party in a president of the united states who barack obama who incorporates black lives matter into the party platform not the issue. of bad shoots but a violent
10:34 am
group out of ferguson by the way this is the same party that violates federal law on national tv by directly showcasing illegal alien. it's in violation of federal law. lawfulness does nots belong in that party anymore. stuart: what happened last night at the convention overshadowed hillary clinton accepting nomination speech and overis shadowed it but you're further. you're saying part of the blame for the bad race relations in america belongs with president obama. you're saying that? >> a leader sets the tone stu they come for stew varney but varney first. anything for my radio show they look for the tone you set as president of the united states you set the tone or for the nation. you can bring police officers and you can bring in victim was bad shoots have and have the conversation but incorporate mother of michael brown a thug who committed a robbery and then fought with a police officer for his gun what do you say?
10:35 am
or when you're hillary clinton and you give a platform to them what do you expect? >> we're told that donald trump is the great divider. you're saying it's not donald trump. >> the great divider is the democrat party that divides americans to interest groups and that wants to amalgamate for them if you're black this is your issue, hispanic this is your issue. what happened to one network? there will only with one america for americans. >> that's what the president said when he was running for president. >> but what about no white or black america that's what he said. >> he says that but look at ferguson, baltimore failed liberal progressive policies in cities like detroit, in parts of houston, gage san diego two shot at a traffic stop is i'm looking into it, into a bad neighborhood. we don't know details of that but look at some of our cities and -- the shot today in san diego. very early this morning. our time, that police officer is
10:36 am
dead, married two children on anti-gang operation that's what he was doing and he's dead. >> going to have another beer summit what they're going to do? >> remember that? >> i do. okay so beginning of it. sad done difficult times pif to say david webb thanks very much, sir. hillary clinton trying to assure gun owners she's not trying to take their guns. watch this. >> i'm not here to repeal the second amendment. i'm not here to take away your guns. i just don't want you to be shot by someone who shouldn't have a gun in the first place. seconds amendment defender katy is with us. what do you make of that statement? do you believe her she doesn't want to take your guns away? >> absolutely not. hillary clinton's record shows that she, in fact, would really peel the second amendment and look no further than the campaign trail for 2016.
10:37 am
hillary clinton has said repeatedly that she thinks the supreme court has gotten rulings on this second amendment wrong. and when she says that she's referring to mcdonald and heller and mcdonald referred seconds amendment applies to individuals and heller reaffirms that individuals have a right to possess a firearm. and so when she talks about supreme court getting that wrong, it absolutely is a front to the second amendment as it stands? definition. >> was she addressing a general concern in our country? which is that not many -- not all of us want to see guns everywhere. i don't to walk into a bar or you are smiling but u you know, this is a very strong feeling that we don't want this. we don't want guns in restaurants and bars we don't want to see people carrying guns as they walk with down the street. we don't want guns everywhere. we don't want to look like beirut there is that feeling and she addressed that feeling. didn't she?
10:38 am
>> but stuart there are millions upon millions of law-abiding conceal carry hold terse in this country carrying firearms right now that you can't see and it doesn't feel like beirut, in fact, we're safer as a country as result of it. and sure she can address the issue of people being concerned about mass shootings but fact is that lying when she says she doesn't want to repeal second amendment if hillary clinton wants to have a discussion about this issue and how to actually make sure that people aren't -- who shouldn't have firearms or who are criminal ares rpght aren't getting weapons to carry out crimes she should start with obama justice department not prosecutorring those who get firearms illegally. let's not forget hillary clinton has no working with people who support second amendment, in fact, compared nra to communist and iranians so therefore, if that's where she wants to start a lot of american who is do not support more gun control can't start a conversation with her had based on her history of
10:39 am
advocating for firearms confiscation. >> it is going to continue that's for sure. katy thanks for joining us. back to your money and back to stumming. look at this a one year charge chipotle tough charge if you're a stockholder now that she's getting into burgers john taffer man who turns businesses around. what do you say to that? >> mcdonald's lunch program was very successful and impacted company sorry their break program impacted their company well. chipotle focuses on a audience and they have a short memory and react to current story is. if there's a great story around that burger blended meats special buns, special this, that, they'll try it. so they walk past the legacy brand to that new current story and your mommies are short soy say yes i think they can turn it around. >> you know what you're talking about that's fascinating what you first said when they played
10:40 am
the breakfast thing. i thought you were referring to back to 1973 when they came out with breakfast in america at the time and kept saying who will go to mcdonald's for breakfast are you kidding me? what a success -- >> a lot of people. interestingly breakfast wasn't successful until they introduced pancakes that took it over the top because you have to have pancake for brk fast . >> but brands can turn around if they send a right message. stuart: consider this and have blood pressure just like mine. [laughter] now, tomorrow's powerball jackpot there's a drawing tomorrow that jackpot at the moment is 478 million. close to a half billion. odds of you winning 300 million to one. why not? and protesters shouting, no more war" kernel oliver north is with us and says democrats are antimilitary, anti-cop, anti-reality. he's next.
10:41 am
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>> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief another banking crisis when european banking authority releasing the result of its latest banks stress testing. investors are particularly
10:43 am
worried italian banks, or bmps failed test two years ago. they have 50 billion ruer euro and fall shofert new capital requirements. centralbacked or peshed to cut the nonperforming loan exposure to 2.46 billion euro within three year and led for a big selloff. it bank is in desperate bid to raise up to 5 billion and board of directors has approved a privately funded recap recapitalization from goldman sachs and credit suite deutsche bank and that european court could cause problems.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> medal of honor recipient endorsed hillary clinton last night while that endorsement was met by hecklers chanting no more war. some people turn their backs on a middle of honor recipient. watch this. >> and the american military will continue to be -- will continue to be the shining example of americas at our very best. i'm sorry that was general allen
10:46 am
he too interrupted by shouts of no more war. earlier there have been congressional medal of honor recipient turned their backs on him buzz they don't like guys not in uniform and he wasn't in uniform. host of war stories, oliver north you must have been sitting back and watching that in sheer dismay last night. go. >> welcome to the u new world disorder stuart. the progressive party isn't just is antimilitary but anti-cop and anti-reality as you led with that two moments ago. what you're looking at is we're becoming eyewitness participants to breakdown of civil order on a global scale. it's here, and it's overseas. last night made on platform where is social justice for police officers and family of the police officers gunned down
10:47 am
on our streets we have two more cops shot right after she made her speech. out in san diego. >> how would you characterize democrats as a party i call them socialists that's pretty strong. are they pacifist? >> well it's the lyndon johnson version of the progressive movement that's what we have here. look we've had 33 cops murdered already this year. 34 counting last nights and the legitimacy or legacy rather of this party is that genocide is rampant all over the southwest asian subcontinent you have 65 a refugees from sub sahara in africa and asia you have isis operating in 43 affiliates in 34 countries and you have nuclear proliferation and no plan by this party, but a candidate herself to deal with any of that other than make promises just like obama. >> earl yerp today on this
10:48 am
program we had some military guy -- and he's a popular guest on the program. he said because what had donald trump said about russia, he was prepared to think about voting for hillary clinton. now he's a military guy. what do you make of that? >> well you've got a four star marine general up on the platform talking about, obviously, he's looking for a job in the new administration if he gets elected. i've got a news flash for your -- physical low that was on earlier today this administration is poise abouten to future of my kids and 17 grandkids, and it's not just isis. that's just a trade name and if you see people going crazy over a if you will a humorous comment made by -- republican candidate that's crazy. >> okay. north i wish i had more time but i don't. but thanks very much for joining us as always. flghts good to be with you stuart.
10:49 am
couple of individual stocks that we cover for you in making a move. new rubber made now they make those sharpy pens of course rubber made food container better profit, sales, stock up 6% with a 52 week high . that's rubber made the people there. john tapper all new fifth season of the bar rescue show that starts august the 7th i want to give ow viewers a quick clip. look at it. roll tape. >> i don't have intention of running a mini bar. >> no intention of running one either and getting paid a lot of money. >> if you want to be a good guy it's time to back her up and solve this. >> you're a tough guy -- aren't you? >> a piece of cake. house on the line and hundreds of thousands of dollars i show up four days after counting on me that's not the time to be a nice guy. but you roll in and take no nonsense you show them what you think. >> never been there before and
10:50 am
now we have thousands of borrows so depth of failure that i'm dealing with this season is worst ever you cannot believe -- >> do you always sending them around? >> running 80% success factor tracked by independence side rowed of that. >> thanks very much for join us we appreciate it. check that big board, it's coming back a bit only down about 30 point not a big deal on a friday morning. a warning from the fbi about isis, mean more attacks it is here and in europe, that's from the fbi director himself. we'll have more on it in a moment. ♪
10:51 am
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> the next big date september 26th. that's the first debate. our next guest wants into that debate. gary johnson libertarian kate is with us. i right in saying you need 15% going into the debate to get into the debate, is that right? >> that's right stuart. presidential debate commission says that 15% of they don't identify which polls but 15% so we've got a campaign get 15% by the 15th of august. and we believe we might actually be there. >> what are you doing by the 15th of august to raise your polling numbers?
10:55 am
>> well, right now social media is really taking off. it's just on fire 25 million we're reaching 25 million people and by all those analytic straight line up. it should get reflected in the polls we'll see. >> okay bernie or bust voters are they coming to your side in i've seen them at the convention mostly democratic convention and carrying around a great big joint. big marijuana cigarette they're carrying it around. now you're not smiling there you go. smiling okay. is that your big issue to attract bernie voters over to your side? >> no it's certainly not but we agree with i think about 75% of what bernie has to say. >> your main point is that you can win if you can get into the debate and show people what u you've got. that's your big deal isn't it get in that debate? >> yeah, stewart.
10:56 am
s last week they're saying the audience for first presidential debate is going to exceed audience for the super bowl. so there's no way that you stand a chance of being in that game and we hope for 20% before that game starts is, and that's the kaition why anything is possible. >> gary johnson thank you for taking time. you're busy but we appreciate you coming on. >> coming up in the next hour nearly 300 people die in baghdad earlier this month following deadliest isis bombing in history. investigators believe isis may be using a new weapon. and this headline, washington post this grim economic forecast about life under trump are is even worse than tim kaine said it was. we're going to debunk that, hour three of varney next.
10:57 am
. . . . eryone.
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11:00 am
what a way to close out the week. disrespect for a medal of honor winner at the democrats convention last night. "black lives matter" disrupts a moment of silence for fallen police officers. a top general shouted down, he was, shouted down. then came hillary clinton's acceptance speech. she did not wow the crowd. look at this. this morning, another police officer shot and killed. this time it is san diego. he had a wife and two children. he was working with a special gang unit. the democrats held an anti-police, anti-military convention. hillary clinton is their champion. it is donald trump for the republicans and by the way the first debate monday, september the 26th. it is now, monday july 29th. three of our special edition of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
11:01 am
stuart: well, we're down 29 points. that's not a huge loss on an 18,400 index. the price of oil has recovered. why maybe markets recover ad bit. we're at 41.34. we had been down in the $40 range but look at this. these are american high-tech titans and they're doing very well, thank you. alphabet, that's google, amazon, facebook all up. google, $800 a share. look at amazon at 764. even apple, 103. facebook at 125. joining me cke restaurants ceo andy puzer in. and elizabeth macdonald. andy we've been saying american tech is far and way way to put your money? >> absolutely. what can make you feel better,
11:02 am
american entrepreneurs are leading the world. it's a great place to put investments. as long as the government doesn't start regulating the internet you'll be fine. stuart: i knew you would get that in. in the spring quarter our economy is only growing at annual rate of 1.2%. that is extremely week performance. how should we get real growth, three or 4%? how do we unleash the private sector, do you think? >> first of all you need tax policy that will allow businesses to grow and encourage them to grow. right now, we've got with president obama and what hillary clinton is proposing they're really looking to redistribute income through the internal revenue code. trump would encourage revenue growth. reduce oppressive regulations. every problem hillary clinton sees she thinks it has a government solution. donald trump, he built buildings in new york city. he understands regulation. he will eliminate a lot of executive orders that president
11:03 am
obama put in place holding businesses back. third, a progressive, mo open energy policy. all of the above policy, rather than a policy focused on climate change. climate change may be a problem but not our biggest problem. our biggest problem is radical islamist terrorism. if we got energy independent and stopped sending billions of dollars that support radical islamic terrorism we could cut it back. those are three things that i think would be very effective in releasing -- stuart: andy, i agree with you. we're not going to do those in the immediate future. regardless who wins the election, no way you can get any kind of tax change, regulatory change, until way into the early part of next year. it is not going to happen. so could we hit recession before we get a change of policy? >> look, we're dangerously close. you mentioned 1.2% in second quarter. what you didn't mention was, 1.4% in fourth quarter of last year.
11:04 am
1.1% in first quarter of this year. then 1.2%. now, you have 1% gdp growth, one time that could be a blip. two times, maybe a coincidence. three times is a trend. this is a trend very, very close to recessionary levels. i would hope that -- it is an election year so i don't expect any progress. but i would hope president obama would foster and support some economic policies that would encourage business growth but like you i don't see it happening. the soonest it will happen is after we elect donald trump that could be early next year. stuart: hillary clinton made her acceptance speech last night. here is what she said, what she would do in her first 100 days as president. roll tape. >> in my first 100 days we will work with both parties to pass the biggest invest in new, good-paying jobs since world war ii. stuart: okay. now, liz, spend a whole lot -- a whole lot more money. that is government money.
11:05 am
most of it on infrastructure, or education. is that going to get the economy going? liz: taking money out of people's pockets and recycling it through this big inefficient pump known as the u.s. government. margaret thatcher once said, you and i we take the rail, we take the train. economists take infrastructure. they ride via infrastructure. stuart: did she say that? good one. liz: feels clunky. here's the thing. we have a slow motion recovery from obama's policy. he says he inherited recession but he created the slow motion recovery. hillary clinton is doubling down on it. stuart: andy puzder, if we spent hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure would that get the economy going? >> infrastructure is least dangerous thing she proposed. we could use a little infrastructure spending.
11:06 am
don't expect the to grow the economy. to prothe economy, you don't build a bridge, we build a business. we don't need temporary jobs while we do infrastructure project. her most dangerous proposals. she want to increase taxes to redistribute wealth. she wants to punish companies to try to reduce their taxes. she wants companies to share more profits with employees that should go go to shareholders. she wants hiring of new employees by increasing business expense. shoe that is not how you generate economic growth. that is not how you increase good paying jobs. that is not how you get us out of the economic doledrum we're in. stuart: other side of the coin, the left really blasting donald trump's economic plan. look at this. this is washington post headline, this is quote, this grim economic forecast about life under trump is even worse than tim kaine said it was.
11:07 am
now, obviously andy, you completely disagree with that. >> i do. stuart: that is saying it would be just awful if trump would be president. we would have a real economic crisis. don't agree with that? >> not true. this is done by mark zandi, mark is a good guy. i know mark. he is supporting hillary clinton. this is the "washington post" which really damaged its journalistic credentials in this election coming out so anthony trump. what that analysis ignores what donald trump is saying about trade. donald trump said repeatedly trade is good, we need trade. but we don't need massive trade deficits. trade deficits in of open telephones aren't bad but massive trade deficits are. how do you reduce massive trade deficits and help american workers? renegotiate trade deals. enforcing tenets of world trade organization to get china to stop cheating.
11:08 am
only time tariffs come up if people won't move. mark zandi and "washington post" analysis really assumed there would be tariffs but tariffs are a hammer. they're a negotiating tool. if you're going into a negotiation as a business person, the one thing you don't want to give up are your hammers. you don't want to give up tariffs before you start negotiating. chinese and have to believe that we would walk away from the table, that we don't need a deal. well if you give up all the tools before you negotiate they will not believe that. you will get kind of deals we have right now, which are deals where other countries take advantage of us. i think donald trump is doing the right thing on tra. the assumptions in that analysis that we would definitely have tariffs are false. stuart: quick one. you run two restaurant chains that i know of. donald trump propose as $10 minimum wage, federal minimum wage, $10 an hour. real fast, andy, could you live with that? >> look, $10, based on the congressional budget office
11:09 am
analysis, $10 would kill 500,000 jobs. the number to which donald trump would go is something i will wait to see in his economic policy plan which will come out in the next few weeks. i wouldn't, don't lock into into $10. $10 is high number and would kill jobs. stuart: andy, thank you very much. markets are coming back. the dow is down a mere 19 points. more importantly look at google. look at it go. up $37 as we speak. it has reached $803 per share. stellar earnings report last night. up she goes today. that is a massive gain for an already very large company. now this. san diego police officer dead. he was shot last night. working with a special gang unit. he had a wife and two children. another officer was wounded. police arrested one suspect who has not been identified. now this happened just hours after a moment of silence at the democrats convention in honor of fallen police officers was
11:10 am
interrupted by screams of "black lives matter." watch this. >> the moment of silence. [shouting] ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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11:13 am
>> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. [shouting] stuart: to repeat, that was the dnc last night. a call for a moment of silence for murdered police officers and "black lives matters" protesters started shouting as you heard. detective steve loomis, cleveland police department. you've been with us before, steve. i know you're pretty disgusted about this, aren't
11:14 am
and it is, giving credence to president of the united states. stuart: steve, it is really a terrible thing that that happened last night. hours. another police ever shot and killed this time in san diego. there. is climate of antipolice feeling here. which really has to stop. i don't see it stopping if things like that happen as they did last night at the dnc? >> every time the president of the united states or the dnc
11:15 am
and, and murder and, to hurt police officers. stuart: steve, last time you were on this program was i think during the republican convention in cleveland. you came on the show. you said that president obama has blood on his hands. you either, you want to take that back or rephrase it, or restate it? this is not black or white issue. this is social economic issue as far as police is concerned. stuart: steve, i think it has become a political issue. >> absolutely has.
11:16 am
stuart: relationship between people and the police departments has become prolit sized. we had video from the other day where people leaving a donald trump rally were shaking hands with police officers saying, thanks very much for being here and keeping us safe. last night we had disrespect of fallen police officers from the democrats. seems to me that, it has become politicized. that is not good, is it? >> shows what these politicians are made of. you know, i understand a grieving mother. i completely, my heart goes out. there is not a police officer out here that ever wants to use deadly force in any situation.
11:17 am
politics doesn't belong in the criminal justice system. lady justice is blind and she is blind for a reason. stuart: steve, we want to let you know we grief for all the fallen officers. >> thank you very much, sir. stuart: i want to get more on shooting last night. san diego, one officer get -- dead. what have we got. >> these officers belonged to a gang suppression unit. stuart: i want to interrupt. the person on the gurney is a suspect. not a police officer. it is a suspect unnamed. >> he is expected to live. they are searching for four, programs more suspects. they stopped the car. a gunbattle quickly ensued after they pulled over the vehicle. both officers were hit. one unfortunately died leaving behind a wife and two young children. the other one underwent surgery. we understand he will survive. stuart: terrible.
11:18 am
>> came under attack just for pulling over a car. stuart: 33 police officers killed in the the line of duty this year. liz: that is up 78%, right? shooting deaths. stuart: a significant gain. it's a tragedy. an outrage, actually. let's get back to your money. oil companies reporting, some of them reporting this morning. exxon profit and revenue sliding. whereas you might expect with cheap oil. it is down 2%. we also have chevron, same story. cheap oil hurting the company but not the stock. it is actually up a fraction. price of oil as we speak has recovered. we were in the $40 range. we bounced a little to 41.60 that is what is helping the stock market too. look at this. check the market scan. we have almost dow stocks are in the green. more than half are in the green. the dow is down 13 points. now this. fbi director comey, warning that
11:19 am
isis fighters could spread to the united states if they are defeatedded in the middle east. >> at some point some point there will be a terrorist diaspora out of syria like we have never seen before. not all islamic state killers will die on the battlefield. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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11:23 am
>> at some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora out of syria like we've never seen before. not all of the islamic state's killers are going to die on the battlefield. hundreds and hundreds of them when the coalition succeeds, and i'm confident it will in crushing islamic state, through the fingers of that crush will come hundreds of really dangerous people. stuart: pretty serious warning there from the fbi director, james comey, in essence he is saying, you crush the caliphate they spread out and come here. that is the gist of his argument. >> it is already happening. they're losing ground. when the caliphate false they have to go somewhere and they're spreading around the world. we're already seeing it in europe. it is incredibly dangerous. liz: comey saying it is 10 times coming out afghanistan. what is the common sense reaction?
11:24 am
ministers of france seeing 25 agents to track one target. that means 200,000. >> it is impossible. >> you do have to take them out in syria, iraq and libya. you just have to stop it. stuart: even if you do, he is saying, you're still having terrorist diaspora. >> it is common sense. you can't have 200,000 agents. stuart: that we're over well misdemeanorred. as you said it -- overwhelmed. it takes 25 people in the authorities to surveil one suspect. >> yep. stuart: 25 for one suspect. >> >> yes. stuart: if you have 1000 it is impossible. >> they don't share intelligence. stuart: and do not talk to each other. >> angela merkel opening the door when they weren't ready for it. stuart: what are we going to do? >> well he says, spot them and stop them. easier said than done. >> spot them and stop them. shut it down now. stuart: i hear it. we're close to break even on the market, actually.
11:25 am
we've come right back. maybe because oil has come back. we're now at minus five for the dow industrials and we've got the dow, about half the dow stocks are up. saab miller, their board will recommend shareholders accept the ab-inbev oer despite value. that huge brewing operation, looks likes they will get together. we're down seven points. there is the beer deal the looks like they are going to get together. market approves of it. sabmiller up. anheuser-busch inbev up. i think entire two companies will be together. they will dominate brewing of beer. >> unusual for the acquiring stock to go up. stuart: i guess the world likes beer monopolies, whatever. i have a strange, not frighten video. this is taken by passenger
11:26 am
outside after plan looking out. a loud boom was heard. engine clearly caught fire. flames shooting out as you can see. how would you like to be on that plane? >> no thank you. stuart: emergency landing in dallas. no injuries. the pilots union wants to talk about this american airlines is down. not much. ivanka trump, reaching out to women urging them to support her father. what else does she need to get the women's vote? a special edition of "varney & company." >> i don't know what is going on with the women here. but i think -- [cheering] i think i'm doing well with the women. my daughter does well, ivanca. she is doing well with the women. [cheering] and she understands the real donald. and i think we're doing well with women.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
♪ ex. yes, she made history, hillary clinton becoming first female presidential nominee after major party. that doesn't change however, the tough polling numbers she had as she headed into the democrats convention. look at this.
11:31 am
68% of people said she wasn't honest or trustworthy. remember that is going into the convention. 31% of people say they favored her. that is a very small number. here is another small number. only 38% of the people polled said they would be proud to call her the president. that is a very low number. ed rollins, you're a trump guy. you're with us this morning. those were numbers going into the convention. you watched her speech last night. would that turn around those poor polling numbers. >> they won't turn around totally. my sense she got a little of momentum out of it. may have got similar bounce to what trump did. she unified their party but there are still dissy dent sanders supporters. she gave a better speech than she normally does. stuart: didn't seem to resonate or wow anybody. >> they were excited her being there the first woman. the premise, i am good, he is bad, i am safe, he is unsafe. i care, he doesn't care.
11:32 am
we will do it together, he will do it alone. that was overarching them. it won't have lasting factor. we have 103 days, it will be knock down, drag out vote. 10, 15% maximum of electorate undecided. that will be issue. stuart: how do you think she will do in debates? first one is monday, september 26th. >> she has the substance, if she makes the debate substance. he clearly doesn't want to do that he wants to batter her on his strengths. it is hard to predict. stuart: i'm not sure he will be combative. i'm not sure he will be blasting away. >> problem that you have, if you go too aggressive on the stage like that, you will alienate that independent voter that you need at end of the day. stuart: ed, we had libertarian candidate gary johnson on the program earlier this morning. listen to what he had to say about that upcoming debate. >> last week, they're saying that the audience for the first
11:33 am
presidential debate is going to exceed audience for the super bowl. stuart: yeah, i think it will. >> there is no way that you stand a chance of winning unless you're going to be in that game. we're hoping to be in that game. stuart: now that is gary johnson, libertarian. he only gets into the debate if he gets 15% in various polls right before the debate. or i think in the month of august. a, ed rollins, is he going to get 15% the vote? b, if he does and he is in the debate, could he possibly win the election. >> no. stuart: okay. >> no on both counts. you're not going to get 15% because there is a green candidate who also will get some of that vote and even if he got in the debate he is not going to win this election. this are two parties in this country. independent vote is not a well-known candidate even though he is two-term governor. he just won't do well. stuart: he will be in the election but probably not in the debate. >> what he can do, for some
11:34 am
reason he draws some vote away, when reagan ran in 80, john anderson, republican congressman took 8 or 9% of the vote. obviously perot took substantial vote in two elections he ran in. my estimation, 7 or 8%. stuart: who does he take the votes from? >> that is the critical question. stuart: what is your guess. >> probably split. stuart: split between jill stein and gary johnson. i think there are disaffected people on both sides. stuart: still predicting a very big win for donald trump. >> no, i never predicted a big win. i always predicted close win. that is what i still will predict. this will be battle down to the end. you have to dig out, dig out every voter you have, and she probably has better structure to do that right today. he has to do that next 100 day, build the ground game. stuart: were you one of ronald reagan's people? >> i ran ronald reagan's campaign. i ran -- stuart: i know, doing you down there. you were his cam pan manger in 1980?
11:35 am
>> i was campaign manager in 1984. i was in white house. i was his white house political director before that. i worked on 80 campaign. stuart: he was great president. >> he was a great man. led the country very effectively, the world. neil: how would you compare ronald reagan and donald trump? >> no comparison. ronald reagan, in the sense that ronald reagan was a guy who had real vision where he would take the country. he talked about issues, strong national defense, lower taxes, those kinds of things. he had a greatability to communicate. he could write his own speeches as he had for many years. trump i think is a leader. i think trump can make change but more of a at this point, i don't want to say destructive force, the change agent. he would shake it up. reagan would make it work. stuart: you're raising money pour him. >> i'm all for him. at end. day try to be honest, at end of the day he is not ronald reagan. shouldn't try to be ronald reagan. different time. he is donald trump. i think that may be enough to get him elected.
11:36 am
stuart: ed rollins, thank you very much. sir. appreciate it. donald trump still facing a big deficit when it comes to support from women. oklahoma's governor and trump supporter mary fallin is with us now. governor, welcome to the program. good to see you. >> good to see you too, stuart. stuart: what could donald trump do, do you think could get more women to vote for him. >> what donald trump can do to get more women to vote for him talk about issues important to women which i do believe he is talking about those issues. women care about safety and security. they care about jobs and economy. stuart: what are women's issues not men's issues? jobs and economy. those are men's issues as well, aren't they. >> absolutely. family issues. women, if you just talk about women in relationship in marriage, the number one issue you always hear women are concerned about is safety and security and feeling secure in that relationship. having a strong family with jobs and being able to take care of their families.
11:37 am
that is what is important to women. that is what donald trump talks about. when you look at hillary clinton's record and how she has not stood for the things that stand for safety and security and protecting our nation, whether benghazi, whether it is libya, whether it is taking large amounts of money for speeches, for clinton foundation, taking money from countries not been good to women, not protected women, those are things that i think will resonate with women as they continue to listen to what donald trump says about being able to protect your family, whether it is against isis, whether protecting against our open borders, making sure we know who is coming across ourrd boors, whether creating job security. keeping our taxes low. hillary clinton says she will raise taxes last night. she said she will have open borders. she will not build a border wall the talked about things that will be destructive to the jobs, economy and families. that is real important to women. stuart: governor, early on the program today, we had someone who used to be a senior figure
11:38 am
with now, national organization of women, tam bruce. i asked her would she support hillary clinton for presidency and how does she feel hillary clinton being president. roll tape. >> betrayal as well. stuart: betrayal, is strong word, tammy. >> i want first woman who will be president and nominee to be someone everyone can look up to. when we see hillary's history, it is embarrassing, it is painful. i want the first woman president to be a great leader. i don't think hillary will win. stuart: that was a bit strong, governor. a betrayal. what do you say? >> well, i agree with her. stuart: really? >> she is the wrong, she is the wrong woman. hillary clinton is the wrong woman. i am proud for the first time a national political party has elect ad woman nominee for president but she is the wrong woman. if you look at her history, her background. not just recently. for decades upon decades, the life of her and bill clinton and
11:39 am
what they have done, she is not trustworthy. she is not honest. even the fbi director said that you know, she was careless, she was reckless with national security information. we're talking about the safety and security of our nation, jobs and economist. she is talking about the status quo and moving even further left. she told bernie sanders supporters last night, we'll be there for you. that is socialist agenda. i don't think that is where america is. i don't think that is where women are. stuart: you are the governor of oklahoma, one of the most republican states? the nation. tell where you're coming from governor. mary fallin, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. thank you. i will interrupt a moment to look at the dow industrials. we turned positive, not much. we're to the upside. 16 of dow 30 stocks or 21? i can't do the math. >> can i give you a margaret thatcher quote about socialism. the spirit of envy destroys, can never build.
11:40 am
stuart: margaret thatcher. raised that name. zika, making appearance in florida, spreading locally, is that accurate? >> four patients. one woman, three men. it is believed they actually picked up this virus from mosquitoes for the very first time that were inside of the continental u.s. they have actually boiled it down to one zip code in florida. north of downtown miami. this is a significant development because it now means that miami, florida, is on the forefront. we can expect this to move. cdc, 5582 people now have contracted zika in puerto rico. it is on the move and it is here. stuart: thank thank you, ashley. we're ever so slightly higher for the dow, i mean ever so slightly. tomorrow's powerball jackpot, $478 million. close to a half billion. the odds of winning? 300 million to one. just so we would tell you. russia, china, serious stuff.
11:41 am
reportedly holding joint naval exercises in the south china sea. just weeks after a u.n. rules committee said china has no rights in the area. we will bring you that story. and coming up, this is the scene of what may be isis's new, deadly kind of bomb. we'll explain it. ou suffer from, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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reporter: i'm nicole petallides
11:43 am
with your fox business brief. we're seeing it up, i'm sorry, down about nine. for the week five days in a row of losses. what is up, s&p 500 up four, nasdaq up 16. i checked s&p 500, half the names are down, half are up. looking at this month's dow winners and losers, don't forget january was terrible month. down 5 1/2% for the dow. since then every month, february to now, all up arrows. microsoft and caterpillar led the way while coca-cola and exxon were laggards. casual dining, canaccord report july looks better than june but still cautious tone. cheesecake, up arrow. bloom inch brands, parent of out back is down. more "varney & company" coming right up.
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> we're looked down upon all over the world. we're not respected anymore. we were talking about putin today. no respect, no like, no nothing. you know, wouldn't it be a great thing if we could actually get along with russia? stuart: yeah, there you have it. that was donald trump speak about russia there. and. donald trump speaking about putin. this development, russia and china reportedly holding joint naval exercises, joi exercises in the south china sea.
11:46 am
this is weeks after the u.n. said, hey, china, you have no rights there, don't do it! ambassador john bolton is with us. this is serious development. russians and chinese are together in the south china sea. >> in fact if they're in international waters they do have the right to do that. what is really troubling this is not the first time that russian and chinese naval elements have conducted joint manuevers. they conducted them in the east china sea where there is dispute between china and japan over reefs and rocks analogous in many respects to the south china sea and involving taiwan which the chinese want back. russians and chinese, get this. held joint naval manuevers in the mediterranean. a little far away from china. stuart: another challenge to president obama and our position in the pacific.
11:47 am
>> represents two things. number one, real assertiveness on the part of both russia and china. some places closer to home for the chinese. others closer to home for the russians. it reflect as breakout of russians into the mediterranean, in a serious way. really for the first time in 30 or 40 years. likewise for the chinese, this is part of their development of a blue water navy, a capability they have not had in 600 years. stuart: good lord. >> they do it because they think we're a receding power under obama. stuart: i have another serious issue to bring up here. isis may have tested a new kind of bomb, tested it in a bombing in iraq that left 300 dead. who are risk scene there. is this a new type of bomb we're told, mr. ambassador? do you know anything about this. >> i think we're still looking into it. it appears to be a development specifically for vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.
11:48 am
it was devised in a way that, was able to get you there the detection barriers that the iraqi government has. so it's a threat for places where truck bombs or car bombs can be used but obviously, if you think about bringing that technology into the united states, we had examples as recently as couple years ago in times square. so, this is an in advance, if it proves out, and we still need to know more about it, that could have implication in america and europe as well as in the middle east. stuart: yes, sir, it could. john bolton, thank you very much for joining us, sir. i'm cutting it short because i have breaking news to bring everyone. ambassador, thank you very much. this is live pictures out of san diego. police are surrounding a home where they believe a second suspect in the fatal police shooting. that suspect may be holed up there. that is a s.w.a.t. team that you can see there. they have surrounded this house. if you're just joining us, i
11:49 am
should tell you very early this morning, a police officer in san diego was killed, shot to death. his partner seriously wounded. a suspect taken into custody. he is has not been named. what you're looking at is police surrounding home of what may be a second suspect. the point here, ashley, bring me up to day on this, is the timing. because last night we had that insult delivered to the moment of silence when the dallas sheriff was asking for a moment of silence. and "black lives matter" were shouting inside of the convention and then, hours later, you get this development. >> number of police officers killed in the line of duty this year is spiking tremendously. they have a very dangerous job. each day they are remind of that. these were two members of a gang suppression unit, pulled over a car. came under fire. got into gunbattle. one officer killed. very seriously wounded, will survive.
11:50 am
the suspect being taken into custody. maybe a second suspect now. we'll have to wait and see. these stories coming in on far too regular basis. stuart: you got that right. thank you, ashley. check the big board. we're down 12 points. not a huge move. go nowhere, friday morning market. want to show this video taken by a passenger on board of an american airlines flight. the engine caught fire. the pilot's union is worried about all of this. details in a moment. i know what i can expect from usaa
11:51 am
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. stuart: here is a nice deal for uber. president obama is allowing federal employees, if they are on official business, to use an uber car and get reimbursed. have i got that right? >> you are absolutely right. you know, apparently they use them quite a bit as long as they're doing their business, federal business, ultimately, we the taxpayers will foot the bill. i don't see a problem with that, do you? stuart: no. here is where i see the problem. david plouffe. david plouffe is president obama's campaign guru. he sits on the board of uber. >> isn't that convenient? stuart: isn't that convenient. >> sounded like dana carvey. but it is great for uber and lyft, to be honest. stuart: nothing wrong. they're usually cheaper than a car service. >> they are. stuart: no objection to getting reimbursed. but just the plouffe connection.
11:55 am
>> doesn't always smell right. stuart: is it crony capitalism? i did not say that i wouldn't say that. i'm not going to say it is crony capitalism but you know it is crony capitalism. now this one. american airlines raising, their pilots raising some safety concerns. you know, ash, it is not about that fire in the engine, is it? it is something different? >> pilots union doesn't like culture of american airlines now, that the carrier is forcing an pushing employees to the very limits to try to get back their performance. in other words, you know, their on-time performance. this is the busy summer season. so they say we're increasing speed of the aircraft. we're rerouting some flights. they're being told to close the cockpit doors sooner so they can take off on time, stranding some people. if they were late, well, too bad. but all of this, they say is putting a strain on employees, all because they were trying to improve their image.
11:56 am
but they're worried ultimately safety is going to be, and regulations will be broken because of this. the airline says, no. we always operate of course within the regulations, and safety, you know, requirements, however, pilots can go 14 hours a day, which i find is a lot but now they're being asked, could you do an extra two hours here and there to keep our planes on schedule? they say it is pushing limits of safety. stuart: really. so you can do 14 hours of work as a pilot? that is legit? >> yeah. stuart: they wanted to go to 16. >> if the pilot agrees, airline asks, they both asay yes. which is crazy, they're asked too often to put in extra hours. stuart: how many times have i been delayed because the crew was late and crew used up all the variable working time. had to go on a break. took them a long time to bring in a new crew? >> or stuck in traffic on other
11:57 am
side of the bridge type of thing? it is a nightmare. american has had a tough time with its performance. so the accusation is, that their employees are being pushed to the limit. stuart: the industry, that gets the worst public image. >> airlines. stuart: other than lawyers, journalists, politicians. >> dmv. stuart: and dmv, i think it is airlines. everybody loves to pick on the airlines. >> its often deserved. >> you think? >> i do. stuart: my heart goes out to the flight attendants. they have the most difficult job in the world. >> they do, they do. stuart: are we agreed on this. >> kind of. you're being more kind than i am. stuart: i think i am. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
. . .
11:59 am
stuart: live pictures of san diego where they believe a second suspect may be hold up. a second suspect in the shooting of a police officer dead earlier this morning. ashley, the timing here is important. ashley: yes. stuart: the police were badly
12:00 pm
discussed -- dissed at the convention. ashley: we heard people shouting black lives matter and very disrespectful and hours later we see another police officer killed in san diego. charles: we are on top of that story, of course, we will give you more updates as we get them. the official presidential nominee hillary clinton, she will be holding a campaign kickoff rally in philadelphia. he's going to make the belt state run. 2016, this sure ain't 1996. >> we know and we work to give the american people a smaller less bureaucratic government in washington and we have to give the people one that lives within its means. the era of big government is over. >> if you believe the minimum


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