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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  June 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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him. >> right. no, no. >> he's going to withstand every issue. i've got to go, ed. i'm sorry. michael goodwin and ed rollins taking us right to the end here. this is tend. thank you. . >> thank you so much! >> she's the democratic nominee. probably our next president. so what will president hillary clinton do? >> hillary clinton is going to make america great again. >> her fans love her. >> she's very well qualified and she has experience in gettining things done. john: getting what done, exactly? >> what different that the point does it make? john: she's eager to go to war. >> we came, we saw, we died. john: she's eager to spend money on other people. >> get the costs of child care down. john: very interested in making money for her friends.
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>> the people who are closest to clintons have made out very well. >> i don't feel no way tired. john: yikes! once on vacation i was stunned to see bill and hillary there. we had lunch, and i argued for quite a while. i'll tell you about that. hillary clinton. that's our show. . announcer: and now, john stossel. >> i know you donald trump fans have high hopes. get real. the smart money, the people who bet say hillary is pretty certain to be america's next president. we devote our entire show to hillary. what worries me most about her is that i fear her ideas are going to strangle our future. she thinks she knows what's best for everyone. she'll micromanage our lives,
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spend our money, she thinks she'll do that better than you do it. we'll spend and promise to spend much more money than we have and hillary wants to spend more. it's worth it because her spending will create jobs. >> jobs and infrastructure, our roads, bridges, tunnels, port, rail system, water system. [ applause ] >> the audience applause but don't says dan mitchell of the cato institute. here to debate him is democrat, fox news co-host juan williams. are you going to vote for her? >> probably, if she's running against trump. the question you asked to me is quite important and so glad you're doing this, because i think for many people, the idea that you would invest more in stimulus spending comes across almost as profane. john: yes. >> i'm here to say to you, john, if you spent more, you might have gotten more bang for your buck. generates higher levels of
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consumer spendnding which . generates more economic >> why are you herehillary? activity to the benefit of us all. >> because she is what the world needs. john: dan, take it away, we the world needs peace, the should spend gazillions of world needs love. dollars. john: peace and love? >> somehow throw a dollar into but when it comes to america's role in the world, hillary the magic bucket, swish it clinton is anything but peace and love. around and magic unicorns give us everything that we want. john: makes sense. she's more hawkish than any democrat in years. donald trump is right when he people have more money, spend more money. more activity. >> government can't give us a says she's big on voting for war. dollar without taking it out of >> crooked hillary said donald trump, his finger on the the productive sector of the economy. button. i'm the one that didn't want to every time changing economics has tried and failed. go into iraq, folks. the excuse always is, oh, if she's the one that stupidly only we spent more, it would raised their hand to go in iraq have worked. and destabilize entire middle east. no, you spent more, you wind up being greece. john: ben friedman is a national defense specialist with the cato institute. john: hillary wants to spend she raises her hand and says 350 billion for reduced college let's go to war? >> yes, she voted for the war tuition, 75 billion for clean energy. in iraq, and subsequently said a trillion dollars in new spending. juan, year going broke. it was a mistake, but not we can afford this? evident she's learned much from the mistake because she was for >> we're going broke. the overthrow of gadhafi which we can't afford to pay social security, medicare, the has been a disaster not just
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promises we've made already. for u.s. interests but libya >> that's not true. social security is viable for and for arming the rebels in many years out. syria and a bunch of others. i would agree that there seems to be a cutoff point where the john: the bosnian war, the kosovo war, afghanistan, iraq, reserve would be expended. so the real issue is in terms of entitlement spending and how somalia, yemen. we can cut back or adjust it. >> if you like war, she's a >> we have a hundred trillion great candidate for you, and perhaps $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities for fair to say as she did to various government programs. trump's judgment on foreign john: juan says this fund policy is questionable but hasn't run out yet. record is questionable. >> it hasn't yet. we've seen her in action and imagine if this was a show in she's been for every conflict, greece in 2003, i bet people on including some we didn't have. john: she should run as a hawkish republican. the left in greece said hey, we're in good shape. >> she is in a sense, if something can't go on interesting, running against trump, she's getting support forever, it does stop. from neoconservatives who are john: i like that i sent my mad about trump not being for producer to ask people at a clinton rally. them, she's get liefth the what do you like about her? support already. john: she's also favored a >> she's very well qualified, bunch of interventions we and she has experience getting things done. didn't have because obama said >> hillary has a way of getting things done. no, she pushed for a no-fly john: what does she get done, zone in syria.
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juan? we look for her achievements as it sounds good? a senator. >> the damage is down by the we found three bills she began. people on the ground, you are a bill to name a post office committed to doing something without committing force to make it happen. after major george cuomo, a getting yourself involved bill to name a highway after without fixing the problem. tim russert. john: she wanted u.s. troops in a bill to establish the american labor study center as the national historic site. that was it. john: that i think you are mocking hillary clinton by doing so effectively. darfor. >> if all hillary clinton ever the one thing she was against did is to have bills to rename post offices, that would be great. was the surge in iraq, now i wish all politicians does stuff like that. revers that and said that is >> she was re-elected in the a mistake. state for a reason. john: she wants u.s. boots on people felt she represented them well. the ground in syria, now only if you go to the larger issue special ops. as what did she accomplish as supported the cuban embargo now secretary of state? no. she supported assad, called him we're in an interesting mix in a reformer. terms of -- end. now he can't stay in power. >> ing a war? what two wars did she end? >> yeah, she's changed her mind . >> helped tend to the war in about things like that. iraq and afghanistan. that's not necessarily a john: wow, i thought those were problem, i want her to change still going on. her mind about more things. at the clinton rally, kids were chanting hillary?
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>> obama foreign policy is what >> hillary! happened in libya after gadhafi hillary! attacked his own people, obama hillary! hillary! and hillary launched missile >> so cute to see the kids. strikes against him. gadhafi escaped but was killed i think real loyalty starts when you are about that age. soon after, and on that day, the president said this -- >> unattractive to me, unattractive when you see >> today, we can definitively say that the gadhafi regime has people screaming profanities at come to an end. trump because he demonizes >> we came, we saw, he died. mexicans and latinos. [ laughter ] i think it's wrong. >> that was her comment when she may not have realized she john: one big democratic scene was on camera. this year has been the conceit sort of creepy, he died. that few government subsidies and much more bloodshed will stop climate change. afterward. >> we're going to combat >> he was tortured, assaulted climate change by creating in a way, no matter what you clean renewable energy jobs by the millions. think of gadhafi, ought to die i believe that we can have in a lawful way if he's installed a half a billion more executed. solar panels by the end of my not murdered by a mob. first term, and enough clean yeah, it's creepy, when the energy to power every home in country collapsed into chaos america by the end of my second which isn't good for term! humanitarianism or any ism you >> take money from people and are trying to advance there. subsidize people like me who can afford a house with solar john: and helps advance isis. panels on it. this is a good thing and going >> yeah, now we have isis
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presence in the eastern part of to have any effect on climate change? >> what do you mean? libya just as syria and iraq. if people are burning fewer other countries that have carbon based fuels and relying helped or are helping in sense more on the sun, the wind, in to destabilize by overthrown, trying to overthrow the dictator who rules. other words, environmentally friendly sources of energy, i it just overthrowing the dictator and saying we're not think that helps us all. going to stick around as we did if you are concerned about climate change. maybe you're not. in libya is a terrible policy. john: well, i'm concerned the it leads to chaos and room for terrorists. climate is changing, i'm not john: thank you, ben friedman sure we did it, and i'm certain of the cato institute. that these things aren't going to make any difference. next, we went looking for good things about hillary. >> this is a recipe for more they weren't that easy to find. solyndra-type scandals and slush money to donors and stuff like that. >> what do you like about hillary? i don't like the government >> well, i like bill. using green energy as an excuse. john: but if there's an family road trip! fun! environmental problem, that's a check engine. not fun! role for government. but, you've got hum. >> if it's happening, and it's that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, caused by man, what is the most "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. intelligent way to mitigate it if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and deal with it, i don't think having government industrial and if you really need help, policy is the smart approach. help can find you, automatically, 24/7. john: to my great relief, our
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likely next president sometimes says things she might because you put this, in here. understand what actually creates prosperity. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car >> create the economic smarter, safer and more connected. conditions. put some smarts in your car. obviously, most jobs are started and grown by private business but matters what kind who don't have access thto basic banking,on people of conspiracy there is. john: create the economic conditions, she gets it. but that is changing. >> i think that's right. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, if government is providing core we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations public goods like rule of law, with nothing but a phone and a tablet. property rights, enforcing contracts. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. if that's what hillary means now a person is able to start a business, by, it i'm with her. unfortunately, i suspect she and employ somebody for the first time. has a much more expansive definition. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking john: maybe she means it, and to ten million people in just two years. juan, your new book about american leaders gives me hope. it's transforming our world. you call libertarian economist milton friedman the founding father of the american economy as we know it today. i assume you mean that as a compliment? >> in part, yes. i think it has contributed to the issue of income inequality that is so dynamic in this election season from the bernie sanders side to the donald
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trump side of the political spectrum. government does play a role in terms of getting out of the way? >> if you can say, that i think that's what you would say. i would say making sure it's a level playing field. you talked about enforcing contracts, making sure everyone has an equal opportunity. that's also a function of there goes my sensitive bladder. government, in an era where it sound familiar? looks like the big boys are then you'll love this. running away with the game. incredible protection in a pad this thin. john: on social media i asked i didn't think it would work, but it does. people what are good things about hillary clinton? it's called always discreet on facebook jim wrote -- watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. public service, dan? >> i guess it means making lots always discreet of money, giving speeches to for bladder leaks goldman sachs, i'm not sure what it means other than her friends made out like bandits. john: i say real public service is make people's lives matter. steve jobs did the public a service by creating personal computers and the iphone. henry ford did a public service by making cars affordable to
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poor people. most of you do public service when you work, you provide people the service or product, politicians, they do the left public service. they take money from us and pander for votes by giving it back. juan, am i wrong? >> i'm all for innovation and private sector growth, but i believe that capitalism needs governing so you don't have us exploiting children and having people view the economy -- >> do you want to live in brazil and get to your home in a helicopter on a mountain top. john: limit the governments like hong kong and australia. >> hong kong? you should check their welfare rates. far higher than ours. >> hong kong, only 3% of the population is receiving government assistance. john: finally, at that clinton rally, i was surprised how many people said they like hillary because she's a woman. >> what is it that you like
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about hillary for president? >> well, i think hillary would bring a lot of change for women. >> i'd really like to see a woman in office. >> it's time that we had our chance. >> i believe it's time we had a woman in the white house. john: seems sort of anti-feminist. shouldn't people vote for you because you're the best not because of your gender. >> if we were talking about margaret thatcher, i'd be cheering. >> the idea that the economically developed nations never had a woman as leader, ours have, great britain, israel? >> why didn't your friends celebrate margaret thatcher, . only left-wing women? john: now, the good parts of john: would you celebrate sarah hillary clinton. palin? i made a list here. >> no, i disagree so many of
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the policies. a pathway to legalization for immigrants. criminal justice reform. hillary clinton has been twice elected senator, secretary of she's okay with gay marriage. it's a short list. state, and now running for president. so i ask you for help on social not that she's gone through only republican criticism but media. jeffrey clark tweeted -- the test of leadership in our country. john: thank you, juan. dan. billy pierce tweeted -- coming up, my lunch with hillary. really, that happened. on google plus someone wrote -- and upcoming movie that answers the question how did the clintons get so rich so quickly? >> enormous amounts of money that's not a bad thing since have flowed to the clintons governments do lots of evil stuff. obviously, we're not getting very far with this. let's go to a real democrat. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked joe trippi, howard dean's former campaign manager. and intellectual property being stolen. >> the tweet that said she's not donald trump. that is cyber-crime. that might be enough of one of and it affects each the good things about her. and every one of us. john: i'm sure it's enough to microsoft created the digital crimes unit get her elected. way ahead in the biding.
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to fight cyber-crime. >> made mistakes but learned we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information from them unlike some of the qualities that donald trump. so we can track down the criminals. doesn't seem like he learns any when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. lessons about anything. i think that kind of experience we're building what we learn back into the cloud is good about her. john: let's leave trump out. to make people and organizations safer. this show is about hillary. >> sure. john: trump has a whole set of problems. >> i got it. john: what do you want from a president that she's going to give you? >> somebody who's going to focus on the economy. john: focus on it by? >> she's going to do infrastructure spending which we need to do, we do need new energy jobs and create solar and other energy sources. >> why is it this infrastructure spending, the spending on green jobs, obama's done a ton of that. we have the slowest growth ever past a recovery. we have all these people not even looking for jobs. >> i think -- look, i think there have been a lot of jobs.
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i think 18 million jobs created, and i do think that we've got -- her focus on job training, on education, because right now -- john: we've got 46 government agencies doing job training. government can't do these things. when will you lefties learn that? >> the republicans did a bangup job the entire time they were in. come on. we've got real problems with the disruptive technology and changing economy, when kodak went bankrupt. it had 187,000 people lost their jobs, stossel. instagram sells itself to facebook for a billion dollars. it had 13 employees. that is going on. that's not the government doing that. you're right. you're talking about what's happening in this changing capitalist environment, and it is up to the government, i
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think, to help refocus the training people are preparing for. john: isn't government most likely to keep training people to make printing paper when it's no longer needed? >> companies are complaining every day they don't have the you guy's be good[ bark ] i'll [ bark ]later trained workforce for the jobs bye. see ya pal. they have available. something like five or six ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? million jobs that no one's [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. prepared for. john: listening to people at aw. aw. aw. aw. the clinton rally, i'm struck [ barking ] by how many of her fans have no clue about what she doesn't support. >> what do you think about [ washing machine running ] hillary's views on drug party's on! legalization? >> like marijuana? know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. people are going to do it anyways, so might as well make see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. it legal because people are you guy's be good[ bark ] i'll [ bark ]later going to do it regardless. bye. see ya pal. >> hillary doesn't support marijuana legalization. ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? >> she doesn't? [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. john: people don't know what she stands for. >> they're going to learn all aw. aw. aw. aw. the positions of both candidates. we're going to have five months
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[ barking ] of knockdown dragout, and one [ washing machine running ] of the reasons i appreciate what we're doing is we're party's on! having a civil conversation know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. xfinity. the future of awesome. without the ad hominem attacks. see the secret life of pets, people need to know the in theaters july 8th. candidates and decisions based on this conversation and not the unfortunately, the probably billions of dollars on both sides that are going to get spent nuking each other. . john: and maybe i should be >> we are fed through the nuking you here. media, a daily diet of sex and but thank you, joe trippi. violence and social dysfunction coming up, my lunch with hillary clinton. and unrealizable fantasies. also a peek at an upcoming john: she's going to fight that. movie that reveals how the that's what she said at the clintons got so rich. college graduation years ago. a few people realize that >> 11 of the 13 speeches for hillary clinton has a long which bill clinton has been record of objecting the free speech. paid half a million dollars or when she was a senator, she sponsored a law that would more occurred prec impose criminal penalties on the anyone caught selling a minor a violent video game. that law never passed. and somehow america survived, despite the fact that every minor i know now spends a huge
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amount of time playing video games that are much more violence. "reason" magazine editor matt welch has long been upset about her opposing free speech. >> hillary clinton unlike tipper gore has never been tarred with the brush as being a longtime foe of the first amendment and free speech. john: al gore's wife of the time trying to ban record i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was lyrics, rap lyrics. going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. >> talking about the filthy 15 songs. hillary clinton was working go pro with oral-b. with tipper gore hand and hand oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to but hillary clinton has much break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. more power. gone against not only pop and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior music, the internet, violent video games, all kinds of ways clean versus sonicare diamondclean. it's been a consistent theme of my mouth feels super clean! her career stretching back more oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. than 25 years. in her book it takes a village, i'm never going back to a manual brush. she praised bill bennett.
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not many are praising drug czar bill bennett. when you cook with incredible tokyo-stingredients...les. you make incredible meals. she praised him, he helped divest time warner from fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, interscope records in the day, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. interscope records did a lot of get your first two meals free at . gangsta rap, she talked about in quotation marks because it is filthy and wrong and we can't have. that she combines the worst of our dominant political tendencies when she talks about the media. john: she supported the telecommunications act which would have jailed people for pornography. >> yes, two years, if you are a parent of a kid and the kid happens to access pornography, you could go to the jail, that was struck down by the supreme court. john: it astonishes me that we had big campaigns against sex and violent video games and now, they're everywhere, with the internet, you can't stop it. the social consequences are zero.
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rape is down, violence is down, and people move onto the next thing. all you people who wanted to ban things are wrong. >> they're wrong about the evidence. as first lady in books and speech ethe evidence is in, we know kids are becoming more violent. she called them as programmable little vcr's, they absorb the content and commit acts of violence. this is wrong, actually. kids aren't getting more violent. much less violent over the last 20 years and hasn't adjusted or updated her rap at all. john: another layer of assaulting the free speech. hillary talking about internet censorship with one of her former employees who happens to host the morning show on abc news. she says we have to fight isis on the internet. >> we're going to need help from facebook and youtube and from twitter. they're going to have to help us take down these announcements and these appeals as quickly as they get up.
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john: so facebook is going to police the internet and take down that anything might be isis appeal? you bet, says hillary. >> we have to deny them online space. this is complicated. you're going to hear all of the usual complaint, freedom of speech, et cetera. like it's an icke thing. >> she said that in the same weekend within 24 hours of donald trump saying we have to shut down parts of the internet. the media only paid attention to trump's statement and not to hillary's. we have a culture of free speech under attack when. you have a government in the name national security in particular. . she shifted from mass john: how rich are bill and entertainment now, it's all hillary clinton? no one knows exactly, but since gone into facebook, youtube and such like. bill left office, he's made she's after the benghazi more than $126 million in situation, she blamed that on a speaking fees. a new film called "clinton filmmaker in sere theo, and the administration had the most cash," everything is for sale, says bill got a lot of that money because people paid to power to -- her next theater of get favors from hillary. war on free speech is precisely
7:21 am
before she became secretary of the one where she has the most legal latitude state, he got a little less should be very, very worried than $200,000 per speech. >> something happened in late on encryption, on the open internet, on hate speech as it 2008, his speaking fees overlaps with terrorism. skyrocketed after he had been that's where she can have a out of office for years. the reason was his wife had drastic impact on the future of become secretary of state. free speech in this country. in fact, 1 john: the way she puts it, we for which bill clinton has been must not allow this bad thing. people agree with it. paid half a million dollars or >> sure. more occurred precisely when if you make an appeal to i'm hillary was the most powerful going to make you safer, it diplomat in the world. makes sense. john: suddenly got double or it doesn't make us safer. triple his previous speaking fees. i'm married to an investigator. that movie is based on the book the best place for investigators to find bad guys is on facebook. they leave tracks. why would you push them offto "clinton cash." another place. the author peter schweizer there is a magical back door joins us now. that we can get into devices. really? speaking, the rules get as soon as government, which is changed. it's that ear? not very competent, has one >> yeah, think about this, john. thing, that one thing is going if somebody gave a politician to come under attack by chinese or family member money directly hackers and who knows who else? for a favor, that's breaking the law. her actual measures she wants if you say it's a speaking fee to adopt in the name of and pay double or triple the infringing free speech and
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normal rate that seems to be keeping us safe will not make legal or deemed legal by some people. us safer in addition to make us i think you see the rising less free. rates to bill clinton after she john: thank you, matt welch. becomes secretary of state is "reason" magazine. evidence that clearly the coming up, good things people paying him are expecting about hillary. and hoping to get something in return. there are some, and also my john: and there was a pattern, lunch with hillary. this happened often? yes that really happened. >> yes, happened often, and what you might expect. we argued for half hour, then she shut me down. entities that had no interest in having bill clinton give a speech before his wife was secretary of state, suddenly she becomes appointecrted secrey of state, you have a friend of the president of nigeria who suddenly offers him $700,000 apiece for two speeches. investment firm in moscow tied ♪ to the kremlin who never paid him to speak giving him $500,000, again and again and again and get favorable action in return. ♪ you've wished upon it all year, >> the most outrageous is the and now it's finally here. swedish telecom case? the mercedes-benz summer event is back, >> ericsson is having big with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz problems with the state department under hillary you've always longed for. clinton because they have this
7:23 am
but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. habit of selling telecom equipment to repressive regimes lease the gle350 for $579 a month in places like iran. ericsson decides in the midst at your local mercedes-benz dealer. of this, this would be a great mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. time to sponsor a speech by bill clinton, never done so before. decided to go in big, $750,000 for a 20 minute speech. bill gives a speech and literally seven days later, the state department says we're not going to take further action against ericsson, we're going to ask them to police themselves. john: most of your film is about the clinton foundation, employees lots of friends of the clintons and raised $2 billion. the money is supposed to help people in need. >> after the earthquake in haiti, the clintons said our foundation will help. >> the aid is coming in, we're getting it out, just not enough of it, yet. >> hillary clinton's state department would oversee the reconstruction effort. the interest of major donees who are had invested interest in spending that money in haiti in ways that would benefit them. >> probably no one came out
7:24 am
better in the haitian reconstruction effort than an irish billionaire named dennis obrian, a clinton foundation donor giving them between five and ten million dollars. john: o'brien owns a cell phone company called digcell. >> four weeks after the application, digicell sponsored a speech for bill clinton in jamaica and paid him $225,000. as it turns out, within four months of the speech, digicell would receive the first installment of the grant point. >> we're used to seeing scenarios where there is a crisis in the country, natural disaster in the developing world and aid and assistance never quite works out. what you have in this particular case is not only the aid is inefficiently spent but you have the added problem that some people made out very, very well as a result of earthquake and the common denominator seems to be they either sponsor speeches by bill clinton or
7:25 am
major clinton foundation donors. john: were there people who made out well who didn't do either of the things? >> hard to find them. instances of people who had experience in reconstruction and dealing with disaster situations who went to haiti who didn't get contracts. >> your film points out the haitian government decided one person should get a permit to mine for gold in haiti. >> what company did they select to get the gold mining permit? a company called vcs mining, they had very little experience in gold mining, but what did they have? connections. shortly after they got concession, someone joined their board of directors. helped to be tony rodham, brother of hillary rodham clinton. john: i imagine they would say look, this was the haitian government giving out the grant. >> right, this is when bill clinton as the u.n. representative in haiti, hillary secretary of state are doling out hundreds of millions
7:26 am
of dollars in grants, vcs mining where hillary clinton's brother is on the board. of all the companies out there, why did the haitian government pick this company? it has to do with the fact that the clintons are doling out so much money to the country. john: i assume you went to the companies? >> yes, we did. we didn't get much in the word of a response. what you get is it's a coincidence. i me, personally believe we need to follow the money and don't believe the clintons exist in a parallel universe. john: it could be coincidence. you can't prove it's a scandal. >> you're right. nobody is stupid enough to send an e-mail that says do this and we'll give you the money. it's the pattern of behavior. most people intuitively do it, right? if a politician shows up and gets a lot of money and the
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government takes action, the events are probably connected. john: thank you, peter schweizer. look forward to the final cut of the film. i'm on vacation, and who do i see? it's bill and hillary holding hands. we had lunch. i'll tell you what had her ignore me like this. next.
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. john: i had lunch with hillary clinton, really. that happened. i was on the vacation at the caribbean island of angwilla. odmix of villas for rent, mostly by rich americans. one day several black suv's arrive, men in suits wearing earpieces got out. i asked another tourist what's that about? bill and hillary clinton may come to stay here, he said. we were on the beach and another tourist said it's not true, it's just a rumor, but few days later, more secret service men arrived and became clear a former president was vacationing there. we tourists then wondered are both bill and hillary going to be here? this was 2006. five years after bill left office. ten years after his affairs with monica and many others were revealed.
7:32 am
hillary stood by him, but pundits said -- >> it is a political marriage. >> a political partnership and a business. >> a political business marriage? so on the beach, people ask who is here? is it bill alone? bill with hillary or with someone else? >> we got our answer a few hours later. there they were strolling down the beach. holding hands, gasped one tourist? is it just for show? who knows. they certainly acted as if they liked each other. my brother-in-law invited them to lunch. why did he think they would accept? he's a successful investor that squandered money on the democratic leadership council to bring people back to centrist economics. they were responsible democrats and bill sometimes was, so my brother-in-law helped bill get elected.
7:33 am
by giving money. money. you know how the clintons are about money. our lunch invitation was quickly accepted. we would meet at this beach front restaurant. the clintons didn't know i would be there. at lunch, i sat next to hillary. she was perfectly nice, for a while, but being the pro vok tour that i am, i brought up a local controversy, chinese workers were sleeping in containers like these, four workers to a container. they moved during a real estate boom. this is why we need regulation, hillary told me. i pointed out the workers were not slaves, they had come voluntarily only because their alternatives in china must have been worse. also containers weren't totally horrible. today trendy americans brag about living in refurbished shipping containers. the chinese trailers weren't up
7:34 am
to american standards but the standards hillary wants would have raised costs that would eliminate opportunities and some of the workers would have never gotten the chance to leave china and try to raise their standard of living. our well-intended rules often create nasty unintended consequences. after western media complained bangladeshi workers were abused in sweatshops, many were closed. good said the critic, we stopped the abuse. the child workers who lost their jobs ended up on the streets and some became prostitutes. hillary replied, i heard about that study, but most regulation improves living conditions. this is zoning rules, affirmative action, licensing, she went on and on. she still does that. >> americans need a raise. that's why we must raise the minimum wage. guarantee equal pay for women!
7:35 am
[cheers] >> and so on and so on. back at our lunch, i responded i'm a libertarian and -- >> i know who you are, she snapped. john: and we were off. i give her credit, she argued with me for a full half hour. she had enough and turned away from me, talked to others and ignored near the rest of the meal. here's my point. hillary's wish to regulate chinese workers' sleeping arrangements is a bad case of lawyers's disease, like most politicians she assumes problems are best solved with new rules. she doesn't notice that most new rules create new problems, worse problems, they kill jobs, they take away opportunity altogether. no, i don't want to live in one of these trailers but by saying no one can, that prevents some people from improving their lives. in the late 1800's, many americans lived in one room
7:36 am
homes made of grass and mud. should that have been banned? in china, most try to live on a buck or two a day. many chinese people were able to come here when. this woman's family arrived, they had no money. because they were able to live cheaply, now they have a big grocery store. this is how life progresses, if politicians don't constantly interfere. clearly, hillary is eager to interfere, electing her will put america further down the road to serfdom. than 4%. "making money" starts now. charles: big news. you watched it overnight right here on fox business. the british citizens voted to separate from the european union. our own market, the dow jones
7:37 am
industrial average down 611 points. it was a 3.4% fall. nasdaq a little more volatile down a little more than 4% today. oil dropping 47 cents. we are going to tell you what all of this means for your investments.
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