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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we have been warning people, drink a lot of coffee, they say maybe coffee is good for you. >> a study every day of the week that says something different. >> there you go. >> we'll take it. >> sheryl thank you, it is "risk & reward," with deirdre bolton, starts right now. >> at about 1:45 today, members ofs orange county sheriff office dive team, located what believe to be the remains of the deceased, a two-year-old, identify him in a moments. at about 3:30 today we recovered the remains of the two-year-old from the water. and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiner office for an autopsy. >> tragedy striking disney world, first a possible target
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of orlando terrorist now, the scene of a horrific alligator attack. this is "risk & reward." i am ashley webster for deirdre bolton this afternoon. >> happiest place on earth is now a grizzly crime scene, the toddler's body has been recovered, as we heard after a call greater snatched the two-year-old boy as he waited on the edge of a lagoon. jeff corwin is coming up with his reaction and thoughts, but first to orlando, fox business' jeff flock on the scene with the latest on this very heartbreaking story, jeff. >> how many more tragedies can orlando endure? christina grimmie friday, the orlando massacre, and now this, two-year-old, matt graves, lane graves is his name, the son of matt and
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melissa graves, of elk horn, nebraska, he was potentially wading on the beach, this is trouble for disney. there was a sign that said no swimming. i would point out this is an extremely rare occurrence, this has never happened in 45 years that disney has been operating, disney operating in what was a swamp, alligator k4r58 ocapital of the world, they have not had a problem until now, this is a tragic drowning, that is by the way. what sheriff thinks of cause of his death, would be drowning. that is the only silver lining in this if you could say it that way. that body would never be recovered, it appears he was pulled into water, and downed. his body was found according
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to sheriff in tact, he believes 30 feet off the shore from where the boy was wading in duivelg dusk, the late hours, in the dark, that is the time that alligators feed, right now all of the beaches at walt disney world are closed to the folks that are attending out there. just another tragedy here in orlando. the site of pulse nightclub, where we stand it has been quite a week here in florida. >> a terrible week ejeff flock with fox business thank you. >> since last night's attack, 5 alligators have already been caught in the lagoon and euthanized. police officials confirming that body has been recovered in tact. >> i will share with you that the child was found body was completely in tact.
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and so at-this-point, we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. >> all right, let's bring in animal planet host, jeff corwin, jeff thank you for talking with us, this attack happened at 9:20 at night, the little boy walking in weighe wading on the shore, is this typical of a al-gheit ar attack -- al-ghei aalligator attack, you are surprised. >> this is rare, alligators normally do not prey on human beings, we're not a parts of the food chain. alligator, they spend most of its life in water pursuing prey like fish, turtles, small mammals and birds. this is a freak accident, they are ambush predators, active
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at night, as nocturnal creatures they sitnary near the shoreline. where the prey will be drowned before consumed. >> that appears to what happened here, the boy was drowned and left under the water. is that also typical of an alligator attack. >> that is not. usually when alligators, and other croc dillians move anda ambush their pray, they are fuel fired with innate skill set, they find themselves in a situation they compete with other crocodilians for that food, i believe that gator had an reaction to prey on this small being, then was startled. and release the little boy. who likely had drowned from the trauma of the situation.
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>> they captured i understand 5 other alligators today, euthanized them. disney is situated on thousands of acres, we know there are thousands of alligators, how hard is it keep alligators out of an area. >> disney, for over 40 years has operated this park, they have tens of millions of visitors every year, hundreds of millions of folks have walked through disney properties, this ha never happened before, you are right, disney -- the small part of the park we experience is actually inmates large or ocosystem -- ecosystems. it is impossible to keep them away from lagoons, because of that, they have full time staff, animal experts, 24/7,
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keeping an eye out for creatures, this is a very unusual event. but, these animals migrate, they can move across great distances, this is not unheard of, they can move to a pond or a swimming pool, if there is water in florida, standing fresh water, or a river, chances are there is a gator in there. >> jeff corwin, animal planet host thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's turn to politic, donald trump and president obama in a war of words. mr. trump said that presidenta angry at him, than at terrorists. >> we have proposal from presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states. to bar all muslims from emigrating to america, where does it stop. >> i watched president obama today, he was more angry at me
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than he was at the shooter. one of the folks on television said, boy has trump gotten under his skin, but he was more angry, a lot of people said, the level of anger that is the anger he should have for the shooter, and the killers, that should not be here. >> this is a trump, tweeting out he will meet with nrasaying, i will be meeting with the nra, who has endorsed my about not allowing people on terror watch list or no fly list to buy guns. trump campaign senior advise ear barry bennett is joining me on the phone. with regard to this gun control move, are you surprised, that this perhaps some compromise here on gun control? >> the issue is really the quality of the list, right now the list is flawed. they need to make it a better list. if we have enemies of -- on the list they should not be
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able to buy guns. the list is not that good. >> how do you think that nra will respond to a basically no-flying no-buy proposal. >> i think if the list is pure, saying be fine. problem is that list is too broad, not good enough. >> but those who don't want any restrictions on the ability to purchase guns, could mr. trump lose support or this or pick up support. >> what the democrats want to do is get rid of guns period, and donald trump wants to get rid of terrorists, period. one way to look at this list, make sure that the highest priority list we can get. if you have someone on there that tries to purchase a gun should trigger -- >> new york police commissioner slamming pro-gun
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lawmakers calling them political prostitutes. >> shame on them. shame on them. they are beholden, they prostitute themselve in front of the nra, they putin rest of their own political -- put the interests of their own political careers, they talked about idea of terrorist watch list you can buy a gun, you u on the no-fly list you can buy a gun. >> that was bill bratton, what do you make of those. >> we don't need to push political agenda, we have to figure out a way to identify these people, and how we can identify them who are radicalized, and applying for visas, that is where we need to focus, not a time to push your antigun agenda.
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>> barry bennett thank you for joining us byphone. >> let's look at financial market, major averages closing down after falling into necessary necessary in final 20 minutes of trading this, was after the indices hit session highs after fed announcing to leave rates unchanged, not change them, dow down 34 at 17640, nasdaq and s&p also down. >> and fbi investigator orlando terrorist wife, questioning how much she knew about the attack. but now, there is a video reportedly showing that wife shopping for a ammo with mateen. >> but first president obama now criticized for delivering one of the most partisan speeches ever after the orlando terror attack, ari fleischer is he, with his
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> that is the key they tell us, we can't beat isil unless we call them radical islamists. if we use that phrase we're going to turn this whole thing around, not once, they know who the enemy is. so do the intelligence and law enforcement officers who spent hours disrupting plots. and protecting all americans. including politicians who tweet, we're now seeing how dangerous this kind of mind set and this thinking can be. with proposal for presumptive
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republican nominee for president of united states from barring all mul muslims from entering america. where does this stop. >> critics calling out president obama for giving what they say was most por port partisan speech ever, ari fleischer is joining me now, what do you make of president obama, he is getting defensive for not calling it what it is. >> the president has to resist temptation to participate in partisan politics, he will lower himself, it is tempting, his policies are coming into question, he needs to leave the politics to hillary clinton. not engage in that. ashley: we have a mass shooting in orlando, he uses this as an opportunity to talk about gun control. >> and talks about donald
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trump in a political context, that is a mistake. this is a war against radical islam, it should be called that. who is the balloter. >> i will also say, too much has been made of the use of the two words, i 78 less interested -- i am less interested in what any president calls these people, and i am more interested in what they do, if president has waged a half war against isis, like he is trying to take whatever steps necessary so he will not be criticized, not so we actually destroy isis, as he pledged. ashley: what do you make of donald trump. your take on him, you worked for george w. bush. >> there is a trip dous tremendous amount i disagree with donald trump, in particular the muslim ban, the problem and i will vote for donald trump or hillary clinton any day of the week, this election feels to me, you
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need to go to your hamper, pick out the cleanest dirtiest shirt you have and wear it, that is what we're faced it, we have two choices,neither one is my first or second choice. ashley: what is his appeal, what is he appealing to? >> he tapped to among 30 million republican primary voters, it is yet to be determined if he can tap into 100 million, high tapped into, anger about washington, and people who are fed up with politics and politicians. that is why he cleared republican field, issue with hillary clinton she is so scripted, and predictable and barack obama's third term that donald trump do it again. ashley: would you like to be do donald trump's press
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secretary. >> i would love to be nobody's press secretary, i am a retired man. ashley: talk about finances, stocks still rising but ended slightly down as fed left rates unchanged today. steve moore is here with me, look move was widely expected do nothing, but what do you make of janet yellen's comments, i have to be honest, i don't think that the fed has a clue right now. >> you look at what fed has done over last 7 1/2 years, ashley, with the very low interest rates, that have you know unprecedented, in the last 50 to 75 years, you look now at what the fed is saying, i thought that was most interesting about report, was that they are projecting for growth for next year ear two, they are saying -- somewhere, little less than 2%, that is pathetic, we have this low interest rate policy for search years, we've never
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gotten to 3% growth, you have to wand wonder whether fed knows what they are doing. ashley: i thought it was mandated unemployment rate and inflation, but it seeps they are bringing in other act fares, 8 of them -- factors like 8 of them, i can't keep up, what they are doing, it paralyzes, they are out of errors, maybe they should raise rates? >> the interesting thing, i thought you might say that one of these factors might be dare i say it, politics there is a big election in november, my friend, colleague brought this up, peter barnes, about is politics playing a part, yellen denied it but we know from history li.i wn e rain it -- witthe interest rate policy, now the question is, unlikely we'll see an interest rise, before the election. ashley: quickly, you know, okay, they say two interest rate hikes still on the books for 2016?
5:21 pm
do bluff that -- do you believe that? >> i think it is doubtful, if you look at what fed said, it was a big gown downgrade of what they said a few months ago, they said we overshot the growth rate, they are not seeing any kind of big pick up in the economy, i do not see a rate hike. my point is that our policies, right now washington, our problems with this slow growth economy, which is growing 1% are not so much monetary, they are tax related, they are fiscal related they are washington, you know just stuffing their nose in every business in america, until that is solved, we will not get back to high growth, that is why we have to make america great again. ashley: on that happy note, steve moore thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: all right, critics calling out president obama, for not saying islamic terror but has the president really been soft on the subject? we'll have the tape, hollywood
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actor and trump supporter scott baio decides, after this. >> united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i am proud to carry with me the goodwill of the american people. and a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the proo problem in combating violent extremism it is an important party of pr promoting peace. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company,
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but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. ashley: is president obama reluctance to use the term, islamic terror. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i am also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the american people.
5:26 pm
and a greeting of peace for muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combats violent extremism it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious freedom, al qaeda's cause is not islam. it is a yes distrargz. distorti. >> isil is not islammic, no religion condones the kills of innocence, and vast majority of isil victims have been muslim. we've reaffirmed again that u.s. is not and never will be at war wis lamb -- with islam, islam teaches peace. ashley: actor and donald trump supporter scott baio is joining me now, we appreciate it i would imagine you are eye alonely guy in hollywood if you are a donald trump supporter. >> not as lonely as you think. there are more of us out here
5:27 pm
other than people realize. ashley: we rolled those series of sound bites, would you agree it appears that president very reluctant to say islamic terror? do you agree? >> very reluctant? he is absolutely reluctant. i can't tell whether he is dumb, a muslim or a muslim sympathizer, and i don't think he is done. ashley: the reasons? >> i have no idea. like i said, he is a sympathizero or a muslim, to allow this to keep happening, listen, these muslim terrorists are radical islammers terrorists say that are are going to kill us, they saying they will kill us, then they kill us, and it still not enough for this president, and hillary clinton, to get serious about it, and do something about it. donald trump is the only guy, that wants to handle is, and tackle it haded on -- head on i, am lost, i have
5:28 pm
conversation with my buddys about this. i don't know what end game is for liberals who want to continue these policies, and hillary clinton wants to increase 500%, i don't know what the end game is, is it to eliminate the united states as it was created and founded and way it is now? i am baffled by the lack of anything, happening because it seems to me that president obama and hillary clinton took only time they get angry is at republicans, and when they get passionate it is about gun control, never angry at terrorists, just angry at republican and conservatives. ashley: those who don't like donald trump call him a racist and xenaphobic, saying you cannot call an entire religion a terrorist, because it is only a small faction, who don't really belong to that religion.
5:29 pm
>> who is saying that? this guy in orlando called said he was with isis, trading allah akbar. what is that? and the president said, well christians have done this, when in when do they yell jesus christ and kill people, when does that happen? we're at war with a whole religion in no but we're at war with a faction of that religion who's to decatch -- decapitate and kill us, at a certain point if you have a party av your house, and 2% of your people come to your house want to kill you, do you want to figure out who is coming into our party? or not have a party? what is the solution. is this new norm, well, there is a certain amount of -- acceptable amount of casualties every year in america that is just the way it is, we have to live with it, that is the way the rest of the world lives with it, is that what we want because political correctness is out of control?
5:30 pm
you know, the constitution, is not a suicide pact. we have -- we're sovereign nation we need to protect our people, this president, hillary clinton, and down wan don't want to do it donald trump wants to do it, and fact that rest of nation does not see this, is beyond my comp mention. >> -- comprehension. >> leave right there, thank you, scott for joining us we appreciate it. >> all right, new video has emerged of orlando islamic terrorist, working at a security second guard in 2012, we'll show that you, next.
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>> when you listen to the stories of what took place, and the laughter as this man was shooting, incredible people, you say to yourself, how can this possibly be happening in the united states of america? how could that be happening? and we have to be tough. we have to be smart, we have to be vigilant. we have to be vigilant. we have to have people report two people when they see things happening, they are not doing that. ashley: they are not, donald trump saying something is going on, this as reports of fbi, now investigating the terrorist shooter's wife, of what she knew and when. reportedly now there is new
5:35 pm
video shows his wife, with the husband buying ammo at a store. with me now, terror analyst, brigitte gabriel, thank you for joining me, we're told that charges are being considered against noor zahi salman. she is the wife of omar mateen. should she be charged? >> the investigators will come to the right conclusion, but without a doubt, after they finish their research, there the realize she was with him, hand in hand. there is no way she could not have known about what he was up to. she knew about it, i think the authorities will find amazing information when they dig into after arresting her as to how much she was involved. ashley: if they don't go forward with the change, does that send the wrong message. >> it will send the wrong message, this is why it is
5:36 pm
very important to precede with charges and use her as an example, they have to deter, and put in the heart of family members who are privy to information that the general public is not privy to, they live with that person who is carrying on. the same thing in san bernardino, the mother who lives with the son and daughter, who carried on the attack in san bernardino, knew what was happening, she saw packages delivered, couple stays up late, working in the garage, there is no way she did not know what was going on, the same with this wife. ashley: my next question, did the fbi blow this investigation, they talked with him twice, they had multiple complains from coworkers, they knew he had contact with suicide bomber from florida who win the is syria, -- who went on syria, are they negligent in not keeping better tabs on this individual. >> there was no reason to drop
5:37 pm
him, they interviewed him because a friend of his game them a tip he was trying to recruit him for isis, to start with the trigger of the investigation, was that fact that a friend reported him recruited to isis, you add to, that bought a $4,000 luxury ticket, for a trip to saudi arabia who is 24-year-old, a prison guard who got fired, how can someone that age, with that job afford that vacation, that should raise a red flag. ashley: was he getting terror training? we will need to know, brigitte gabriel thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: liberal media striking again, rolling stone columnist saying forget gun control, why not just abolish the second amendment. libertarian radio host david web said that democrats will trample our constitution if
5:38 pm
given the chance, he is coming in, he is fired up, after this.
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>> rolling stone has come out with a scathing editorial, titled why it is to repeal the second amendment. saying it was quote, outdated, and that our founding fathers got it wrong, he quoted a threat to liberty, and a suicide pact. with me now, sitting next to me is radio host david web. i can -- all right, as you said, in the break, all about selling newspapers and magazines. >> second amendment is going nowhere, this is not a constitutional law professor, this guy has an agenda. fact is that second amendment go nowhere, rolling stone play to their base, magazine is irrelevant even in the music industry today. ashley: but we have donald trump saying, i'm going to
5:42 pm
meet with the nra, but what about talking about hey, you know a no-fly list, you can't buy, no fly-no buy. >> i don't know what he meant, but this young man, this terrorist, got off the watch lilist. at which point fbi would not be notified when he bought the weapon, the store owner, is not in the problem he pass that background check. his statements, think of nadal hassan at fort hood, statements states clearly what he means to do. ashley: there was a suggestion from james comey that islam phobia came into the
5:43 pm
investigation, which this individual of questioned by fbi, he said he felt he was being marginalized because of his faith, at that point, fbi agents said, well, i don't want to go there. >> they are careful, talking about radical islam, muslim terrorism because of that dodge administration, this leads to problem of loretta lynch, they turn it to political ideology of obama administration they did a disservice, and you claim islam phobia, they say it, we will use your laws of freedom against you. ashley: because of political correctness, they back up. >> and people die, call it what it is, people day because of political correctness, and this administration's unwilling to deal with it head
5:44 pm
on. ashley: do you would think we have -- to death, do you think that point is made. >> the point of made, the republican need to advance a narrative, not just about calling it what it is, isis does not care, terrorists do not care what you call them, they know what they are. all bs, they don't care, they are committed to their cause, they will use as a recruiting tool or donald trump as a recruiting tool, don't you think that drone strikes against their leader is a recruiting tool? you kill one, they say, let's get back at that's correctville -- back at that evil sat an. we have to deal with this, make sure thatfusion centers, and ib fbi and our laws are
5:45 pm
updated while protecting our constitutional rights 92 a day after 3 democrats walk out during a moment of silence for the orlando terror victim, senate democratic stage a filibuster for gun control. tucker carlson responds next. america, they don't call it travel season for nothing.
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>> the chair asks that the house no observe a moment of silence, in memory was the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. ashley: just a day after 3 democrats walk out on that moment of silence, senate democrats staging a filibuster, protesting inact
5:49 pm
on gun control, tucker carlson with me now. your thoughts on the lawmakers walking out in that moment of silence, trying to make a point? right, these scenes blade out again, was that appropriate? >> i don't know. so much that goes on in congress it is stupid. bustupid. stupid. >> but the idea this the sunday calls for gun control, it does not make sense. there is no serious person, no for example social scientist who strewed studies crime. will tell you these would have an affect on the crime rate, they would not, it is all about preexisting agendas. ashley: donald trump today hinted that he would talk with
5:50 pm
the nra, maybe, kicking around possibility of no fly-no buy. >> what a shame, trump's position is stupid, no one should have a constitutional right script from him based on suspicion. the due process system we're guaranteed, it turns the converse -- conversation back to gun control. >> argument would be, the guy is you know suspicious, hi activities are suspicious, the people he is hanging out with are suspicious, he as been to saudi arabia a couple times, he made some statements and wants to buy a gun. wouldn't it be okay if someone called fbi said, you know this
5:51 pm
guy, he is trying to buy a weapon. >> yeah, i mean, the fbi can watch him. and if they have evidence he has done something wrong they can indict him, if he is a foreigner they can deport him, but the message, someone to dangerous to fly on a plane, but and go hunting but he can live next door to me, hous how does that work, if they are that dangerous, why not just get rid of them. if you can take away my right to buy a gun why not take my right to vote. ashley: does donald trump risk losing some support over this. >> i don't think -- the option is hillary clinton, probably no. but i think he is on the wrong side. ashley: all right, we'll leave it there, daily call are' caller's tucker carlson thank you. ashley: facebook, mistakenly
5:52 pm
allowing a live streaming murder. >> we have a big responsibility, running this big network and community. to help prevent terrorism.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
>> today i have seen messages on twitter in arabic, they have been into english, they are gloating about the murder in orlando. the threat is coming from radical islam not from people who are trying to warn about radical islam. ashley: ingrid on why facebook are not able to stop a live streaming of a killing
5:56 pm
of a police officer in france. they use live streaming platform to document their crimes. my political panel is joining me now. thank you all for being here. to emily, i want to get to legal side. what is out there, should facebook do more? should any social media company do more to stop this kind of conat any time? including people killed post owed line? >> that is the public sentiment they should be. in addition to held bibl liable for creating that platform, facebook said, they recognize this is a serious responsibility, we have dedicated staff to monitoring these videos, it is an
5:57 pm
ephemoral quality, theyn ' -- it is un-- these laws are not handled to live broadcasts. the viewers who see the crimes as they are life, are they witnesses or hearsay? >> it seems that technology is getting ahead of the law. you know best thing about internet is the internet, worst thing about the internet is the internet, same with social media. that rape a horrible story, put up live on periscope, should these social media platforms do more. >> they should, they have a responsibility they reach so many people, to hire more staff, do a good job of monitoring the videos, it very hard to monitor them, but you
5:58 pm
have to watch them, you are monitoring things like articles you can look at titles, but with a video, you are stuck watching it. facebook and twitter have done a better job at monterring conservatives, and taking their content off line. ashley: that really also we could put a murder or rape on pai periscope but they block conservative voices. >> by very nature of being live it is live it is happening right now. what is the outset. >> i think, more staff, more eyes on it, a community problem as well, with wikipedia. self editing, if you see something fal false you edit it, as users we have a responsibility. in defense of the companies, we're talking before, i have a friend who works with counter terror unit there.
5:59 pm
they could have up to 800 hours of footage up loaded every minute, they try to get as many videos off as they can, they get beheadings off on a daily basis. there is not a lot you can do when the number of hours, and volume of it. more people who work there, and more people, it our responsibility as well to report these. ashley: emily, at what point do you think that government gets more involved. we live in a free speech society, does the government have to get involved? >> they have been trying, we're seeing additional conflict, these social media sites, for point of data protection, it is fantastic. they are not or loathe to turning over date on a to fed but for this situation we need crimes to be proven and prosecuted, it a tremendous roadblock they are loathe to turnover, and public statements are we comply with urgent requests, but they have
6:00 pm
a stead fast, laws and rules against turning over this data unless there is a certain process. that does not bode well for the crimes that are -- with what we're see. >> out of time, efficient you being here. -- appreciate you being here, that is risk risk for you -- "risk & reward" for you, "making money" with charles payne next. charles: federal reserve announcing it will leave interest rates where they are for the time, initialy the market jumped but then it tumbled lower. >> donald trump is splitting from most polls is it time to reexamine how he is running his campaign. hillary clinton, she won washington dc primary, she met with bernie sanders, he is not backing down. >> but first, donald trump meeting with the nra, talking


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