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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i'm oliver north. good night. ♪ there'ss is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. lou dobbs and let's begin with a political earthquake. for the first time donald trump has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in the fox news poll. clinton has led trump in the head to head polling ever since he entered the race on june 16th of last year, but now trump tops her in a general election head to head match up. 45 to 42%. a 10 point swing from last month when clinton was ahead of trump by seven points. trump has not only pulled ahead of clinton but has done so with higher favorables and lower negatives than hers. a record 61% of voters now have
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a negative view of clinton compared to only 56% who have a negative view of trump. trump's unfavorables are actually lower, down 9 points from two months ago. we will be taking all of that up tonight with two former presidential candidates, former house speaker newt gingrich joins us as does former governor of arkansas mike huck away. we will talk about trump's release of 11 potential supreme court justices, the list has been well received by conservatives who want someone with similar principles to the late justice antonin scalia. >> and a lot of upheaval tonight in the democratic party that after senator bernie sanders won the oregon primary and is on track to lose by only a narrow margin in kentucky, the results there not yet official. and sanders is now promising to fight on until the end of the primary season. >> let me be as clear as i can
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be. i agree with you, we are in until the last ballot is cast. >> i will be taking up tonight as well the lighter side of politics, red eyes's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky join us. joining us tonight newt gingrich, co-author of the brand new book "rediscovering god in america." great to have you with us, newt. >> good to be back. >> good luck with the book and we recommend it highly. let's start with these new fox polls. trump has now taken the lead. there are a lot of people out there that have got to be scratching their heads who have given up on this guy about last july. look at him. i mean, there he is. what do you attribute it to? >> a couple things are going on. one is that hillary is losing on basic honesty, she's losing on the scandals involving the clinton foundation, she's losing on the scandals involving her
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e-mails and she is further alienating the sanders people as we saw over the weekend where in both nevada and alaska there were really bitter convention fights. it looks now ironically like instead of cleveland being a problem for republicans, cleveland may be a triumph for donald trump and at the same time philadelphia may turn into a disaster for the democrats. in fact, you had senator feinstein today reaching all the way back to 1968 and the riots in chicago as a danger the democrats have to be aware of. >> and to pick -- to choose the comparison with '68 brings with it a whole series of possibilities. for her to make that comparison she must be expecting terrible things for the democratic party. i know you are not particularly distressed over that -- that vision, but -- >> well -- >> but the reality here for
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trump is that he's moving ahead, he's improving his unfavorables, his negatives, he has moved ahead in -- by three points where he was behind seven two months ago. this looks like the right direction. today he releases a list of 11 potential justices that he would appoint and the conservatives seem to be absolutely thrilled. >> well, i asked chris dabooth who used to be the head of the american institute, he said it was a superb list that any conservative could be very proud of any one of the 11 picked. i think it was a very strong sign by trump to send a signal that should reassure most conservatives that the gap between who he would pick and who hillary would pick is so gigantic that i don't think any reasonable conservative can do anything except try to help elect trump in order to block hillary from appointing a radical supreme court. >> an immense positive to have
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your favorable view of those names as well as that of the heritage foundation and other conservatives, the federalist. he is also -- i think deserves great credit for being so adroit politically to do this. i can't remember it being done by a presumptive nominee, maybe i'm wrong on that. i think it's a bold move. >> this was actually encouraging at two levels. i think they made the decision to explore doing this shortly after justice scalia died and i think that they did it very methodically, they worked from people from the federalist society and elsewhere and they really wanted to take their time to vet these people, to be really sure that these were serious people and i think that's both a good sign about process, that you're beginning to see the trump operation take some zones and become very presidential in their calm, careful, calculating way.
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at the same time, of course, he's going to remain donald trump and he's going to be slightly wild, very aggressive and i think that he's not going to pull any punches. >> well, i think a lot of people will be encouraged by your outlook on that in particular. history sometimes does repeat itself and it's done so for hillary clinton. as she's talking about two for the price of one as her husband did about her in 1992. it's not going over so well when she says he's going to be in charge of the economy. first of all, most folks don't like hearing somebody is going to be in charge of the economy, but your reaction to what looks like a -- an immense gift to the trump campaign. >> well, i just think that the clinton team is totally off balance now. they haven't been able to cope with sanders, they haven't been able to cope with the scandals involving the clinton foundation, they haven't been able to cope with the scandals involving her e-mails. she's not a very good candidate
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and i think all of these things are compounding in a way that they are just sort of -- they are losing their touch for how to do this stuff. bill at his peak was as good a politician as i have ever seen but he clearly is not directly engaged anymore and she has just never been a very good candidate. i think that's all beginning to crumble around them, i think they will get more desperate as they watch trump get better and better. he is a better candidate today than he was six weeks ago, he is just now beginning to turn his attention to her. i think it can be an election that can be blown wide open with clinton and the democrats losing very badly. >> newt gingrich, we thank you very much. look forward to talking to you again soon. thank you. >> look forward to if. breaking news now. the pentagon has announced two chinese fighter jets buzzed u.s. military reconnaissance aircraft in the south china sea today. u.s. defense officials calling that an unsafe manner of
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buzzing. the incident comes a week after u.s. navy destroyers sailed within 12 miles of fiery cross reef, an artificial island that the chinese constructed a year and a half ago in disputed territory in the south china sea. the pentagon says it will address today's incident, quote, through the appropriate diplomatic and military channels, end quote. which is by recent history a very strong statement on the part of our defense department. donald trump today talking foreign policy with henry kissinger and kissinger obviously thinks trump has the islamic state correctly figured. >> i do not think that the -- that the islamic state is a group with which we can negotiate. former governor of arkansas mike huckabee i don't think our guests tonight. and a man pinned under a burning truck with little time
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for a rescue. who will step up to save him? we will have the uplifting video for you right after these messages. don't go anywhere. a lot more coming right up. okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. donald trump blasting president obama on the issue of free trade in an interview with
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fox news's sean hannity that airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, trump says the president is, quote, ignorant. >> we want you all to do well, it's america first. when china is ripping us to, you know -- when you look at trade deficits of $500 billion a year, who is negotiating it deal? >> you want fair trade. you are not a protection nis. >> i want fair trade. the problem with fair trade, the people we have now is incompetent, our president is -- he used the word another day, not a nice word, but he is an ignorant president. he is an ignorant president. he doesn't know what's going on in my opinion, okay, and the opinion of plenty of other people. >> well, joining us here tonight former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. great to have you here. donald trump putting it straightforwardly that this administration, this president has been ignorant on free trade and by the way we might add like so many before him on the issue
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of just ignoring the consequences of the inappropriately named policy of free trade because the middle class pays the price for it. >> the middle class has taken just an absolute whipping over the last several years. there was a very fascinating article by peter maurici that came out today that said if we would erase the trade deficits under bush and obama, let's be fair, republicans and democrats pushing the kind of trade we have had the american economy, lou, would be 30% higher and that that would translate into a 30% better economic position for the workers of america. so what trump has been saying is being affirmed by leading economists in the country. a second thing happened today. big, big thing happened. the u.s. government is going to put a new tax on china five fold over the current tax for the fact that china has been dumping steel into the u.s., violating the trade agreement. that's exactly what trump has
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been saying. it's like today obama and economists are validating what trump has said and what all the elites have been snipping at him about. >> you don't suppose that obama is going to start that trump wall tomorrow, do you? he seems -- i think you're exactly right. he is -- he is anticipating a november 8th election in which donald trump has a serious advantage in policy terms with the american people. the american people understand him, understand what he wants to achieve with fair trade and i think he's exactly right. he says the united states has played the chump for far too long with presidents who are indifferent to the consequences to the middle class. >> lou, all the smart people that tell us, you know, never trump, and they are out there trying to recruit a third party candidate and failing miserably at it, if they're so stinking
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smart help me understand why their policies, their so-called conservative orthodoxy have cost american workers 30% of their economy over the past several years. help explain to me why the policies have put us in billions of dollars, 13 billion -- excuse me, $13 trillion trade deficit since 1990. if we're really so smart how come that we're not smart enough to be winning? and i think that's exactly why trump is winning. >> you know, the premise on third party candidates, first of all, if i can convey my impression, first you said if they're so smart. well, it's purely a hypothetical because they are not very smart, these people who would have -- let's name names. we are talking about bill krist kristol. >> yes. >> mitt romney who by today announced and i feel like we should have a drum roll, that he has decided not to be an independent candidate challenging donald trump. and i know that there is immense
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relief throughout the land. do you think that he -- his supporters will -- he being mitt romney -- will fall in line and be energetic supporters of the trump candidacy? >> well, many of them will fall in line. now, how energetic they are, i don't know, because one of the reasons trump scares these guys so much is because he is not beholden to them, he is not a wholly owned subsidiary of them, he doesn't depend upon them to get to where he is today and he is not going to be held hostage by this incredible -- i've always called it the washington to wall street axis of power where the donor class feeds the political class, they both get what they want at the expense of the working class. and that's why i think these guys are nervous. it's not about that donald trump isn't conservative enough, it's about that he is not a party of
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the club and they are afraid that their club is going to lose membership. >> i know in your secret heart you have to laugh when you hear mitt romney talking about how conservative another person might be and whether or not that person would measure up to romney's lofty conservative standards. i mean, it's reached a level of absurdity. let me ask you in that context, this list of 11 people, donald trump has put that out as a list of potential justices that he would nominate were a vacancy to occur. it seems to be well received by conservatives all around the country. >> well, and it should be. this is a strong list of solid jurist people that by anybody's imagination and determination have great credentials and would be the kind of constitutional jurist that we would be proud to have on the court. i think some of those people in the never trump nonsense movement need to come out tomorrow in a press conference
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and apologize and say now they realize that what they were saying about we can't trust donald trump on the supreme court appointments, well, now they can say that, look, he's done something that i don't know of any presidential candidate in recent history who had done this. has said, here is a list of the people that i would likely pull from to nominate to the supreme court. it was a masterful stroke on trump's part today. >> governor mike huckabee, always good to talk with you. and hopefully some of those folks will be listening to you and do precisely what you just said. thanks so much. >> i'm sure they will. you bet. >> mike huckabee. up next, travelers blasting the tsa and security lines at airports, many of them across the country, those waiting lines stretching to two to three-hour wait times. is it time for something of a change? i have a few thoughts about jeh johnson, the head of dhs, the tsa, this administration and what has turned out to be just a
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a few thoughts tonight on the crisis that has suddenly gripped our nation's airports, many of them ahead of the summer travel season. wait times are simply out of control at many of the largest airports. tsa says they expect the crisis to worsen. now, that's what you would expect to hear from a government agency. the problem instead of being solved is going to worsen. and in the next few months 230 million passengers are expected to be flying on american airlines between june and august. the leadership of dhs has never been adequate. you can imagine what dhs secretary jeh johnson's reaction would be to this crisis and what it is. johnson had the audacity to tell airline passengers to simply accept that this is their new
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reality. which prompts me to say to jeh johnson, you are out of your mind, and thank god you will soon be out of that job. in his tenure as secretary i have rarely, if ever, heard him give anyone in congress a straight answer to a question. and as leader of the department that include customs and border patrol, immigration and citizenship services, tsa and the secret service, well, just thinking of those agencies tells you what kind of, well, leader he is. what kind of executive he is. he has done nothing to enforce our laws or to raise the level of the performance of any of those agencies. quite simply he is a disaster. which hardly makes him the lone ranger in the obama outfit. and, yes, congressional oversight, let's be clear, has been as lousy as the administration's performance. and the union representing tsa employees, well, of course, it
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wants more money, more manpower. wants to hire 6,000 more screeners and there may be, by the way, some relationship between what looks to me like an intentional slow down rather than sudden, well, spontaneous crisis. saying the long wait times are a direct result of congress' failure to provide the agency with enough money to do its job is -- seems like the -- only the natural reaction of a union. management abounds at the agency, cutting screening staff in recent years with the expectation that the pre check program would expedite screening and therefore they wouldn't need any of those people. well, many of them. but that backfired because they were wrong. too many people don't have the time to sacrifice for what should be a simple process and there is no such thing as a simple process when dealing with the government. and the agency itself has become a laughing stock, certainly its management has. a year ago the tsa again a
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national readiness test failed to detect explosives and banned weapons in an embarrassing 95% of tests. and the agency didn't show much improvement a few months later, citing failures in technology, procedure and human error. i can't, in fact, remember a time when the agency did anything but fail those tests. senator mark kirk has called on the tsa administrator peter neffinger to resign if he doesn't resolve this crisis by memorial detail. he should take johnson with him in my opinion. most of the officials in this failed administration, he simply doesn't give a damn about the citizens he is supposed to be serving. the leaders of the airline industry, by the way, have immense responsibility and they had better step up because they, their companies, their employees and their shareholders will be paying a heavy price for the ignorance and the incompetents
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administration officials have once again broke american people. november 8th can't come too soon. now the quotation of the evening. on the administration's frequent if not constant indifference to those it was elected to serve. in so many regions of government and policy and in so many ways this administration will be long remembered for its indifference to our citizens and to the consequences of its policies upon our nation. and i confess it is this administration's wholesale indifference to americans and what is america that does at times rile me. ellie true sell authored tonight's quotation. he said "the opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference, and end difference abounds in this administration. up next, melania trump says the clintons didn't give her and
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donald a wedding gift. what was that about? we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky next. can you believe they would be that cheap? >> and an unusual and dangerous beach rescue in hawaii. we will have the story and we will have the video right after these quick messages. stay with us. we're coming right back. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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joining us tonight co-host of red eye, andy levy, and correspondent for the greg gutfeld show and former miss new york u.s.a. joanne nosuchinsky. good to have you both here. >> thanks, lou. >> let's start out with the great news about donald trump moving ahead of hillary clinton and no one -- no one must be more stirred emotionally than andy levy. >> there was some excellent news in that poll i totally agree and it's that gary johnson is at 10%. >> gary johnson the libertarian candidate. >> hopefully the libertarian nominee. he announced today william weld will be his running mate. >> excellent. >> huge news, lou. the fact that you didn't lead your show with this shows to me how biased you are. >> oh, gosh. >> i am a man who makes certain judgments based on his values and views and experience. and of course philosophy, which -- >> like i said, biased.
11:34 pm
>> gary johnson, i can't argue it. are you thrilled as well? >> you know, there is a thrill, mostly, though, just being on your show, lou. >> understandable. >> i saw a recent tweet where donald trump said, yes, the movement -- he is now referring to all of his voters and supporters as part of a movement and that is such a smart move on his part because a lot of those bernie supporters love feeling like they are a part of a progressive movement. this is kind of on the other side but still something that hasn't been seen before. >> it also makes me think of a different kind of movement, lou. >> i suspect it might and -- >> i feel like it's an irritable one. >> yeah. >> it's something that i suppose can be if not cured treated. but the movement that he has created, it is that, and we find out today officially that donald trump is now the most successful at gathering votes, has collected more votes than any
11:35 pm
republican presidential candidate in history. this is starting to look very bad for hillary clinton. >> and her votes went down, was it in kentucky? >> yeah. >> she had like half the number of people coming out and voting for her. that's -- that doesn't look good. >> she won kentucky by 35 points in 2008. right now they won't even declare it officially. >> right. >> because it's that close. >> uh-huh. >> staggering. would you have expected her to have had a broader appeal, more stand ma, a more sustained popularity. >> those are not words stamina and popularity that i typically use with hillary. so no. i think that she is a little surprised and that's good. i think that's good. it should really, you know, encourage her to work a little harder >> i don't understand why she has any support at all. i honestly don't know why someone would look at her and say, i really am fired up about this woman being president. >> you don't think it was helpful for her to say after all
11:36 pm
of this chewing on history and making a woman president, which she was trying to sell with madeline albright, a special place reserved in hell for women who don't vote for a woman. you didn't have a problem with her saying but she's going to put bill clinton in charge of the requeeconomy. >> >> i think she was kind of joking about that. it was one of those applause lines, it was her attempt, i'm going to put bill in charge of the economy and everyone goes woo woo woo. bill clinton is a political liability. bill clinton is no longer the guy with the amazing political instincts. bill clinton is now the guy where the day after he says something or hours after he says something the campaign has to clarify what he meant. that's who bill clinton is now, he's been showing that steadily over the last bunch of years and the democrats need to get it out of their head that this is bill clinton from the '90s because he ain't that guy anymore.
11:37 pm
>> with that would you expect bernie sanders to do better? i mean, he just won oregon. >> a huge surprise. >> basically tied kentucky. how much more can he do? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. and his supporters are being really -- getting frustrated, as they should be. i mean, hopefully it's not taking on this violent tone that people are now nervous about, but bernie is saying what trump has been saying. i feel like maybe i'm not being treated fairly and he might not be. >> speaking of unfairly, melania trump making it known that the clintons didn't give the trumps a wedding gift. that was a bit of a shock. you had to be outraged. >> no, you have to remember this wedding was back in 2005 and i believe the clintons were still dead broke back then. >> that's right. >> i do feel a little bad for the trumps because weddings are expensive, if you don't recoup through the gifts you could be hurt financially. >> first thing you do when you're invited to the wedding
11:38 pm
you look at the registry, i i'm sure there were two salad spinners they wanted for their two different kitchens, it was really a shame. >> joanne, a very thoughtful examination of that. >> yeah. >> andy, thank you very much for your thoughtful examination. incredible video now showing the life and death moment in which a man trapped under a burning suv was rescued. watch as a brave police officer and a group of passer byes -- passersby worked together to save him. >> ready? one, two, three, lift. lift. go. go. go. go. go. lift. >> my arm is stuck under the door. >> his arm is stuck underneath the door. >> on three. go. go. go. >> you guys saved my life. >> i am okay. i thought i was literally going to die. >> and they managed to free the driver as you saw there and
11:39 pm
heard there. only seconds before the car burst into flames. amazingly the driver ex skapd with only minor injuries even with his arm trapped beneath the door. swimmers and sharks normally enemies but not this time. beachgoers in hawaii found a tiger shark, a tiger shark, ladies and gentlemen, that's a somewhat smaller one, but they are very aggressive sharks, struggling in a fishing line off the shore of oahu, instead of running away the shark, they bravely dragged the shark up on the beach, removed the looks from the shark's mouth. no one was hurt, the shark was returned to the ocean and took off. up next fox business' stuart varney my good colleague and friend said donald trump is behaving brilliantly, particularly on the issue of choosing supreme court justices.
11:40 pm
>> i think it was a brilliant move, it came out relatively quickly, it's a very solid list, it shows that he's on the job, on the ball. and a left wing advocacy group, the -- what -- media matters. catchy, huh? they went after my friend stuart varney and we are going to talk about that amongst other things here on the other side of these messag messages. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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"washington post" owner, amazon founder jeff bezos hitting trump, saying trump's attacks are, quote, not appropriate for a presidential candidate, done in an appropriately way for them to behave. trump last week accused bezos of using his newspaper as a tool for political power to protect amazon's monopoly. whoa. jing us tonight my colleague stuart varney, host of van n nn varney and company. >> great to be here. >> let's start with this guy with bezos. not an appropriate way. who talks like that first of all? they sound like the british circa 1776. >> stop it. >> i mean, really, come on.
11:45 pm
>> you jump right in on my former national -- wait. wait. wait. didn't you know that i have become an american citizen? >> i did know that. >> you're still a go at the brits? >> i don't think you're carrying their water or flag anymore, are you? >> not anymore. >> here we go, let's be american. >> i swore off foreign potent tapes. as we all have. >> well, most of us have. >> look, jeff bezos runs the "washington post" and he's gone full tilt right at donald trump. i mean, the paper is just wall to wall anti-trump in most extreme language. >> that is literally true. late real i counted on the homepage on the web six separate pieces including one from bezos into yes, using extreme language, calling him a liar, et cetera, et cetera. so you can expect a guy like trump to counter punch. and i think his counter punch was rather not exactly subtle, that's not donald trump's strong suit, but nuanced.
11:46 pm
>> nuanced. >> that's a good word, lou. he came right out and said you might have antitrust problems. do you know what, i think he does or he could in a trump presidency. >> there is a whole issue here to be explored, you know, in technology. i mean, you ask yourself why is there just one google really? d. how could that be? you know, how could it be that amazon is such a dominant force within its own -- you know, if you look at retailing broadly. what it's done. by the way, i'm a big fan of both google and amazon because i use them both. >> maybe we've learned our lesson from the 1990s when they went after microsoft for being a mon oppist in its operating system for personal computers, broke the company, set them back many, many years. maybe they've learned their lesson and they don't want to do the same thing for very fast moving companies. >> and then you have mark
11:47 pm
zuckerberg holding a meeting of conservatives. if i may do the air quotes, conservatives to talk about his trending -- what do they call it curators -- i don't know what -- news curators. >> look, i think silicon valley as a whole is in the tank for the left. >> oh, absolutely. >> democrats generally. >> yeah. >> eric schmidt organized barack obama's campaign, his technological campaign, and was very successful at it. across the board they are very much in favor of the left. i thought they used to be libertarians, but in fact they are much more leftists. >> they've moved well beyond libertarian, i think, in the access that they have had to this administration, unprecedented. their lobbyists visiting the white house more than -- more -- >> 160 times. >> -- than the five other top lobbyists in the technology industry. it's amazing. let's get to trump being sort
11:48 pm
of, you know, snarked at by the times because he said it looked like terrorism and i think it did to a lot of folks. the first reaction is to attack. >> trump got right out front of this. it literally was 7:00 this morning as we were all getting together with what's going on in the world, out he comes with a tweet and what he actually said was it looks like terror to me. >> right. absolutely. >> he didn't say flat this is a terror operation. in doing so he put himself out in front of the story and i think he is the political winner from this event. i think he's the guy who has a plan, he's the guy who has a strong stand, he's the guy who says we're going to beat isis and we are going to do something about immigration. he is the goo i. >> and speaking of immigration, one of my favorite folks in congress is congressman louie gohmert, you are going to be talking with him tomorrow.
11:49 pm
>> yes. >> what's he up to? >> now, this is very interesting because louie gohmert is one of the last holdouts of republicans in the house anti-trump. >> right. >> now we have this "new york times" -- just came on "the new york times," reports say the party -- reports republicans want their party to unify behind donald trump poll shows. the vast majority of republicans want to unify around donald trump. >> by the way, 80% according to this poll in the "new york times" that stuart is referencing, 80% of republicans want unity. period. >> so what will louie gohmert tell me tomorrow morning because i'm going to ask him that, are you on board yet, louie or are you holding out for an apology. >> he wants a what? >> apology for what trump said about women and various other issues. now, louie is a very nice guy. >> he is. one of my favorite people. he is very colorful. but now he's become a one-person
11:50 pm
grievance curator. >> grievance curator. don't they work for facebook? >> oh, absolutely. sir, great to see. >> you thank you. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning as well. thanks for being here. >> watch varney and company starting at 9:00 a.m. right here on the fox business network. let's turn to florida quickly. a police officer there has been cited and put on leave after a very bad crash. the officer there you see him hitting -- was chasing two armed robbery suspects. he chose to do so at 90 miles an hour and as you see he ran past another police car and struck another car, a woman at the wheel who suffered two broken arms. she is suing the police department. the florida highway patrol says the police officer had his lights and sirens going but failed to -- get this -- failed to safely navigate the crossing.
11:51 pm
the idea that anyone would do 90 miles an hour through an intersection, i don't care how many lights, how much of a siren you got. up next, donald trump escalating his attacks on the clintons. >> if hillary clinton for some reason wins, your country there never be the same because she's going to put disasters on the supreme court. >> we're going to continue, we're going to take up that very issue, the unthinkable, donald trump not winning. how could he even explore that possibility? we will take that up here next. stay with us.
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philadelphia wpht radio talk show host tom giradano and fox news contributor eboni williams. >> great to see you, lou. >> i would play the trump talking about bill clinton on hannity and we don't want to spend the time on the tape, but using the word rape in connection with clinton and people talking about the r word, i mean, they sound like children discussing the conversation. as if the charge had never been made that it was somehow in politic of trump to say that of bill clinton. i mean, it's like they won't even understand the country's history and clinton's history. >> rape is incredibly serious,
11:56 pm
i'm going to put my criminal lawhead on, lou. rape to me when i hear it it's a legal term. for that reason i have to take that very seriously but i get politically what donald trump is saying, he is certainly not the first to your credit to imply said term around president clinton, but, you know, again, it's a legal term so i've got to take particular issue with the usage of the term. >> lou, i would say, though, with what donald trump is doing that there are -- i get these callers every say, i don't know about ebony, millennials they don't know anything about the whole history of this, this is new to them and i think trump senses some of that. to the rest of us we've been through this 100 times with the clintons and this is new territory and carries news cycles when he talks about. >> talk about the allegations and their true nature and really what -- i agree remains unanswered about the actions of bill clinton. >> she is a presidential candidate let her talk about it.
11:57 pm
he is an ex-president let him talk about it, let him explain everything. the last time that didn't go too well. >> i think he was having trouble, lou, explaining exactly how it went down. >> he's going to have a lot more trouble because it's pretty clear that trump is going to come after them. >> counterpunch, yeah. >> this war on women stuff that she likes to pull it looks like it's going to be a very tough issue for her. >> i think she knows, that, though, i think she knows she is not going to be able to fly that in there in the way she might have with a different nominee. >> jeff bezos, trump targeting him, he's targeting trump. "the new york times," "the washington post," i mean, they look like -- i mean, they look like they're operating as attack ads not as national newspapers, don. >> right. and, lou, what i was surprised at, look, if you're going to try to take a guy like trump out who is very, very difficult, we've seen that again, you don't go with "the new york times," the weak woman's store or what the
11:58 pm
"washington post" has, i think you have to wait with all those reporters, you have to hit him with something startling. if you don't what happens is people say, that's all there is? >> don is right. and the people just aren't just right wing conservatives that's saying that's all there is, i'm talking about liberals, i mean, that was a joke. it was a joke. >> that was as lame as -- as anything i have ever seen the times -- and they tried it before. >> i think they damaged their credibility. >> exactly. >> do you remember going after mccain, bringing up a, quote/unquote, relationship, trying to make something out of that. i even hate to bring it up. the biggest bunch of garbage. here they are doing the same thing again but doing it in order of magnitude greater. they've made -- i think the times and "the washington post" have made such tools of themselves and i'd like to hear what you guys think. i don't think readers put much stock in anything they say anymore. >> both of these were front page, i think the times may have been, you know, banner, the
11:59 pm
whole thing and it talked about how much they had collected, how many interviews they had done and trump is not john mccain, trump is much more difficult in this. >> yeah. >> he's right, it took 600 words for me to get that a woman was asked to put on a swimsuit at the pool party, she said yes and the man complemented her. i'm confused. i really am. i'm very confused. >> certainly a little confusing to think that mark zuckerberg called in a group of so-called conservatives to talk about the way in which he was managing what are trending stories with news creators -- curators. i mean, i still don't know what the dickens that was all about. the fact is he has been slanting reality for his facebook users. what do you think, don, real quick. we have 30 seconds. >> absolutely, lou, he is the big illegal immigration guy and big visa guy. that's why he has such
12:00 am
resentment. >> ebony. >> not only does he have a trust problem, he's got to fix it, here is to hoping he's taking it seriously. >> thanks for being with us. goodnight from new york. for time life's music collection. (soft music) ♪ (narrator) these are songs that can relax and soothe you. (ray conniff) ♪ somewhere my love ♪ there will be songs to sing (narrator) songs that make you feel good. (frankie valli) ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ (narrator) songs that take you to wonderful places. (the 5th dimension) ♪ up-up and away ♪ in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon ♪


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