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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i am m maria bartiroma. anand supertuesday 3.0 in the books. donald trump sweepeping all fiv contntests, hillary clinton takg four of five states,s, both candidates l looking at the gegeneral election. >> i consider mysf f the prpresumptive nomine heers and applalause] >> johkakasich should get out of the race. >> we will unifyfy our party to win thisis election because whether you suppor bernie sasanders or me, therere is mu more that itites us and divide us. >> we e will bring you the late delelegate count straightahead. a cloud hanging over h hillary clinto h her email
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investigatation. the new rertrt says the state dedepartment hit a key piece o evidence for two yeaears. 54 millionmemericans facing the threat of severe weather including tornadoes, l loong at the thth of storms on the way. big surprise, and ownersrship stakee i in the company, sto w l be valued at $ $1 miion, great story for r the employees to arare. apple shares takaking on earnin, ststock is down 7%, t the techny gianant deploying weaker than expected profits and revevenue r the sendnd quartrter. apple's outlooook a disappointntnt. we will take a c closer look at mbmbers later in the program and tell you how manipiphones they sold, , that was a disappointme. turning to the broaderer market acti a aund the world today that apple and earnings s news weighingn n investor sentiment, investors waiting for th federal reserve dedecision late daday and the bank of japan meeting tomorrow in asia slight decline acroross the board etettyty much fractiol moves t t lower.r.
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in europe rkrkets hovering ouound the flat line. some strength in the cac quarante per fractn n in paris and the e dax index in germany, the s&p 100 down, in the u us a similar sty y as a result of those earnings in anticipatitio ahead of t f fed, expecting a lolower open and broader averas, dow jones industririal average opening 40 points, altlthough stories s coming up in the program, and dagan mcdowell, morgan ortega and bbbbie, thanks for joinining us. dan:n: so m muc to talk about. mari d debbie wasserman shultz will join us m momentarily. joenenrik is with us, looking at what is going on iththe oil sector, a rololutn n there as wewell. and sean spicer wi u uss well and boonpickens on this huge move in oil we havbeen watching over thpast couple week you don't want tmiss a moment oft so stay with us the next three hours.
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our top stories donald tru extending his mmanding read in e delegate race sweepinal five eastern priries. the republican front runnerow has 950 deletes, ted cruz trling behind, 560 delegates for ted cruz anjohn kasich with 153 delegates and the democratic side llary clinton clclaimingictory in fourutf five pmaries, almost a eep, the front runner with141 delegates and pledged d superdelegates combined, fousiness's peter barnes iin washington witmore. >> reporte good morning. threpublican battle, trump routed ted cruz and hn kasich in therimaries last ght, he bre e 50% in all fe contests. a first for him. >> i consider myse the presumptive nominee, absolute.
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[ches and applause] >> senator cruz and governor sichave no chahance. no havto make e it. ey should get out o of e race. wewe should raise ththe republi party anand the people. >> reporter: analysts sait will take stng showings in two more conscious for trump to lock the nomomination. indianand california are the crucial prizes that coululpit trump over the top. he holds modest ads over ted cruznd polls, trump comes to washington dc to give a jor foreig policy spee and heads to indiana a rally tonight. maria: peter barnes in washington. let's check e other side of the aisle, hillarylinton oking ahahead to the general election, rnie sanders refuses to concede the demratic nomination
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>> with your helwe are going to come back to philadelph for the democratic it nional convenon. [cheers a applause] with the modes pts andhe mo pledged delegates. and we will l unify our party t win this election and build ana america wherere we can allll ri together. >> we have won ovover 1200 delegates toto the democratitic national conventntion. [c[cheers and applause] >> and in the lastst several wes natitional polls don't show us points down. a few of them have us ahead or if you points lo. if the demococratitic party is look at w which candate is the
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candidate to defeat donaldld trp or any oth republblican. [cheers and applause] >> w what we a are seeing on natitional polls which have is , 20 pointshehead o of donald tru, far more than s secretary clint. maria: joining me is debbie wasserman shultz, gogood to see you, welcome b big night. victory last night from nato clinton. >> what we have here consistently in the last several cycles, voteoming out of imary contests indicating ho enthusiastic and eed they are abouting for either one of our candidates, being aed what you thibout what this
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imary has done for your enusiasm, 7 out of 10 voters said they are enthusiaicut either one oour candidates was on thether side in pennlvania yesayay exit s showed 58% of republicans think their imary has been divive and destructi to their chances of eing a republic president and with good reason. it is chaoc on the other side. they are sll scrapping around option, how vots on the st republican side maria: secreta clinton, the data that breitbart is reportining, demratic turnout collapses, 20% have the numbers in tetermsvoter
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turnt way down and breitbart is saying it is down 20and contesteeconon, why voter turnout habeen dropped smuch on democratic side? >>n 2008 we have a multndidate field for ad long wle, towards the end it is head tohead, senator inton and ama, 17 candidates, double digit candidat for quite some time. we have consistent race between people for long while, the real indicator is when asd about their lel of enthusiasm what the primary has done for tt enthusiasm voters ha said they support an are excited about supporng either onof our candidadateandou can see in wisconsin and primaries d republilican voters said this primarhas been disruptiveo our desire to come
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out and vo, how chaotic it ha been, they are still likelyo head to contested convention and t there is little enthusias. the least option, thatat doe't bode well for your chances of success. maria: t the general election a the end of the day they y come out. at some point it will resosonat and be out for the general election. >> dynamic in the primary different from a dynic head to head in the general election and the excitement for supporting ourcandidate, me no mistake, theikel outcome, so alienated large groups of voters in 2012 said ey had to
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bring ba into the fold or attract their candidates or they would never win another presidential electn so they haven'done anything to f fix t prlem they acknowledge they had. maria: i w want your take on wh was said last night. donald trump suggested b bere sasands should r runs an independent. >> the democratse treated bern very badldly and frankly i think he shoul run as an maria: what do you this behind that? has the democraticarty treated senasanders unfairly? first answer that and whatbout trump's tion that he should run as an inpendent? >> no, and gosh, i reall appreciate donald trump' advice.
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toive that feedback, what i am looking forward tos when we geto the end of is primary nominating contest ware going to do we have always done, come back together, ufy and focus onhat both our caidates understand is criticalnd that is making sure can move our country foar ild on the economic progress and if you ask ahey have beenepeatedly ask either one ofur candidates th clearly say they understanwhat is at stake in this electn, either one wououldupport the other end beie sanders in partar the other dasaid he would do everytng hcould to make sure none of the republican candidates would becom present. maria: hillary last night ga an olive bh to berni sanders supporrs, saying there is more we agr on than disagr oand we were having this date yesterday. i wonder how you s it. a lot of peoe feel once we know secretary clinton ithe nomiminee or gs the nominati
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where did bernie sanders supporters go? someeople believe they will gogo to trump. >> come on. our voters are s suprting either onone of our candidates becaus they know we have bebeen throug 73 mononthof job growth in the privatate ctor and republican policies under the bush h administrati intnto the worst economomic crisis sisince the ga depression andnd their candidat artalking about taking us baback to those enomimic licies which arare voters understand we he e made progress, prorotecting tha progressss is essential in buding on it and that would only occur w with supportiting either onef f oucandidatesf f they become the nomininee and ty certainly y unrstand on top of all that, the most extreme particulular with donald trump, misogynistic, , bigoteted, outrageous candidadate for presidident in modern times is e last thing that will earn their support. ria: before we let you go, indiana comingcalifornia right
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after, what is most imrtan how do you prepa going int thnextontest? >> i believe that to the candidates to decide they are focusedn their own stragy. we had the dnc prepare and continue to preparto support our entual nominee and get ready for the general election working with parti throughout the country stand out for the campaigns and get ready t to ma sure wcacan n push the launch button as soon as we have presumptive nominee.e. maria: good toeeee you, thanks for joining us, a big victory last night. secretary clinton,n, chip p oaks firsrst quarterly loss, what it means for the wall street darling d from one houseo another iphoneales on the decle, apple on the first revenue decline in 13 years. is this the new norm or the rft time to buy? back in a mont, stay with us.
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maria: the family pnce trying to ttle affairs after hihis sudden dth sets in. cher: this could be something else. thmusic icon as far as we kno left no ll behind a accordi to documents filed by his ster in obate where he died lasteek in h his coound. and died interstate and as for the special admistrator, $300 llion, on behalf of 5/2 sisiblings which would be legal heirs in the statef minnesot we will keep our eyen that storinrince's will. we are keeping our i on
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daerous storms where pential damang thundstorms coming along with theisk of flash flding for the final few days of april aft severe storms rlier this week, we are arning in oklahoma 16,000 people are without power thi morning. they have been dealing withail asig as grapefruits, damaging roofs, breaking car window all of this in northeastansas. smaller size hail in indiana, missouri, nebras, oklahoma, and xas feeling thisassive flooding. somebusiness, to boldly -- chipotle sales droing more than expected. a steep declinamong loyal fans as it seeks to rain custers after a series of diase outbreaks including e. coli, nora virus, chipotle developi new menu ims and other incentives to g back those cuomers. a lot of alystsorried about
6:19 am
how ny customers will leave chipotle and i wasas worse than exctcted. maria: super tuesday r results e in, the top iseses on voters minds, looking at exit poll data you will see next. e e yogurtmaker cocoming a favorite w with a brand-new pla details comingp.p. which allergy?
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maria: it was a sweep, donalald trump sweeping five states l la night but it w was on voters mis come november, dagan mcdowell ln the e exit poll data. dagegen: good morning to you an everybody out there.e. we know ted crcruz has struggle with suburban voters, nonreligiousus voters but he ha bigger problems. if you looook at one pole out o pennsylvania people were askske insert the canandidate's name herere, if elected president whh best describes your feelelings about what he woululd do in ofoffice, concern or scared if elected presidedent, 58% said ty would d be concerned o or scare ted cruz was elected presideden
6:24 am
% for donald trump. there is hesititancy there. you saw the overerall numbers a then you see more and m more republicans say if somebodody comes into the convevention wit nonot necessarily a morority of delegagates but with the most votetes in the primaries, they should be the nonee,e, they should be the candidate. if no majoty the gopop should nominate t the candidate who ha the most votes. 70% in penylylvania, 65% % in maryland, 67% in connecticut,, morerend more gogop voters thin if you get the most t votes you should g get the nomination. 1237 notot as important. maria: t that was amazing. not only are they afraid of ted cruz but thehe numbers you put , 5151% were afraraid of john kas. dagen: realllly quickly donald trump,p, women. he got 50% orr more of the f fee vote in the e jor states that
6:25 am
hahad exit polls, connecticut, maryland and pennsylvania, not quite 59% in new york but t comg close. maria: w wt do you thinknk of this? >> the data tells us what drives voters. >> when you see ted cruz says he is blaming the media b because is not winning, donanald trump says women don't't le h hillary clinton and you look at she rolled her eyes, whawewe are seseeing is donald trump's use a steamroller, he e keeps going and hihillary clinton will do wt wants to do, and exit polls tell us what we do in our gut. maria: wherehere is a path, the more we see whappened last night the less it looks that way. this exit poll data, peoeople a afraid of f ted cruz. >> trumpmp and his supporters should not be w whining about t
6:26 am
delegatete process and the ted cruz campan has applied d their logic. if he can seal the deal l wi american vototers it is notot j kakasich's ult. to wrap this up p and get to 12 anand i feel strongly for donal trump and ted d cruzuz if y you get to 123237, congratulation good f you, they arereoing the same thihi. maria: to bernie saers, he has a stragy. and the general election. >> he dn announce his presiden, we are not en into a year, r donald trump's campaign. this time la year we were talking about rand paul, and it
6:27 am
is going to be too -- fighti it out at will be ugly. >> how many bernie sders supportersold me they would consider voting for donald ump.p. maria: some will go trump. >> debbiwasserman schultz is come on. is is an scientific, this is mywn musings, but absoluly was oored first time i heard it. can trump make up r bernie sanders supporters, can deal with womenen and independenc a big surprise, e yogurt maker's ceo is giving awastock in the c company apple rereports disappointing iphone sal, what that meanans for the company'y's future, we willll bringng you the numbers,y morning this morning on "mornings with miaia".
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maria: welmeme back, everybody. a maria bartiromo. wednesday, april 2 27t. sur tuesday doing the books.s. dold trump soup p in all five contesests hillary clinton to four r ououof five states. ted cruz n not going down withot a fight. now he b blas the media. >> the m media is going to say going toto se the race is over. the media going to say donald
6:31 am
trump is t replican ninee. and so the media has td us the candates in this race, , the republicans and dedemocrats are both going to beat new york liberals. i want tohank the mediaia appeared to media a habeen really fair for the last two hos.s. [laughghte [applause] know, they've been fair r ov the lalast few weeks. > it is true it ain't over tl it's ovever. breakdowown yet supposed to brig you the latest delegate e count straightht aad. a cloud hanging erer hillary clinton. ththats s certainly no investigigatn.n. the state e dertment had a key piec of idence. a a big surprise to work with tt show by mediocre. the areses are valued at more thanan a million dollars in appe stock meanwhile,e, t thnology company settining the tone this momorning. therere shares down 13% post
6:32 am
whether or not the l loong weaker this morning, weakness at the start of trading.. we are expecting a lower opepeni for the dow jones inindustrial average at active 40oints. nanasdaq about 50 points given weaknenessn technology.y. investorors de on the federal reserve. a decicision on interest rates totodaat 2:00 p.m. eastern. a great night fodona trump d hillary clinton. w it's oto indiana. john roberts right n. good morning to you. >> gd morning. one of the most icon plas thindianapolis motor speedway coming uon memorial day. politics very ch like caca races. a huge fld come up right as it is some vehicle ash at go aroundn circles until eventually you have ainner. a huge victo in five states wh in ery county and now he got a he's got his s sisights seon indiana because thihis is
6:33 am
the place where the folks ar going to t to stop them. donald trump is big rally this afternoon, this eveninwith bobby knight, faus coach of thhoosiers in saying this ide th they want me to cnge, beco more presidential? here is trump. >> i am downt. whitney. it'sver. as far as i'm concerned it over. so why would i chae? if you hava football team ininterweaving and get to the super bowl you don't changnge yr ququarterback. reporter: teted cruz will say im the person to go with. even the test to make that case. indiana's state that i put up with a lararge evangelical populalation about 3 from thee wisconsisin style come from behi victory. last night thehe iconic hoosierr gym to s sithrough it was then not deliver you the tree..
6:34 am
here is cruz. >> the people of indianana was n and transcend d a werful signal to the m media, to the washingtn establishment of the chosenn cacandate of washihing 10, the chosen candidate of f the money anand e bbyists on the they are not going dece the republican ninee. it is going to be we the people. >> oneig question abt a week before the primarygovernor sct walker endorse cruz. the government -- governor mike so they willatch for in e. urs to come. the ekly standard staff writ miaemoore and along with daily peace political porter betsy woodruff. good to seyou both. than for joining us. ck us off with your obseations from last night. >> w strtruck me was just how bad last night w.
6:35 am
the reality is he dn't just beat the size dates. he wonajorities inllive. i spoke with the numbeof the leads that the antitrust movement throught the day and eveniningesterday. th all say we are braced for this. it's baked intour plan. e reality is in this coming week, trump going to say a febarnrnstorms in india or calirnia debt crews d kasich are competive and are serious. when the dicate man is somow in your favor inhe convention wi the convention rolls might give you some sort of layo, you are big trouble and it's hard to pitcthe competiveness or siousness of your candidate. maria: michael moran, ur thoughts. weigh in here. it's interesting t to note continuing e economy worries really seem to be driving votets on bothh sides. >> that's right. the number one issue accordiding to exit t polls. donald trump has filed among
6:36 am
republicans whwho care most abot the economy. i was struck by how ththey're feeling at least in the e skyy state that the republicacan vovs coalescingng around donald trum. i was hearing this f from republican insnsiders in washington as well, , the idea that donald trump is bringngingn paul m manafort, a welell-known figure in republican establishment t circles. this has given nevada's s voters the e feeling of al qaeda planes landing, donald trump p is sortf inevitable amount and the voters, a much smallller turnout than in n previous primaries in the recentnt past dates. the voters: the thihing that te rerepublan eablishment. maria: it took while but they e finally getting behd. >> it the psychogy of what happens afr a jor r blout win that he saw in w york particularly with donaldru
6:37 am
is wro all along and i'm the wier get behind winner. do not underesmate the mementum trackpad after a directorow moving into indiana. he ileading the polls over t ted cruz and outputtg to just pesyania. he w pulling it 30% three weeks a a. he delived 56% of thvote in pennsylvania and he n every a script and eve i income group where johnhn kasich was bn.n. agaiain, very powerful. >> i look fofor p passionon i speak to trump supupporters ad i i haven't seen this passion in yours. speak to t t clinton people. they are buried in theheir head. the umump people are buried in their heart. it's almost like it t doesn't matter what donald trump sayays. for what hillary says hihis only reasonon not to vote.e. >> the big loser l last night to giveve cruz z and fairneness, hn the northeast eigighth.
6:38 am
this is suppososed to be where kasisich was supposed to have a shot and he clearly y failed mimiserably. i cocontinue to not see any sort of jtificacation or have going forward. indiana is definitely going to win n california, probably hande it. i don't see a path tthey doesn't find a way tcollect inindiana. maria: even supposedff in a wisconsike way and it esn't look like it's going t be able to. ma michael a back to you, why y make of this election compiled by prybar which says butter can't turnout w 20% verersus 2008 when it was he with iraq obama. >> it indicates how weak and h w littttle energy. overall but that the democratic party. one ththing that struck me last night is the fact that democratatic agreement.
6:39 am
alalso in pennsylvania where the senate candadate establishmentnt was alalso in maryland where we saw the same thing.. chris van hollen, a business friendly guidede, the more progressssive candidate. what we sesee as the lesess exexciting, lester maddox forces of the democratic paparty are actually the o ones bringing. the energy is thenergygy is the side of ththe party that's ultimately less impactful as far as growing a compapany giving yu folks involved. it's's not fair. true to michael moran. >> i tnk it's interesting. yoknow, we look at the enthusiasm on the reblican sidehat must mean very od thingngs in the general election. things kind of change completely once the nominees are decid. ey have a real big motivator and donald ump be the republic nominee.
6:40 am
they don't have exciting candidate at t top of the ck if hillary clinton does the one to win. but they do have an exciciting eny y to go o after. enemieies of politics or more voting than inspirational. mari we will leavet the. betsy woodrumichael moran, good to see yo both. a bombell of the clinton e-mail here athe state department wasiding a key big icy e-mail. the ceo ofogurt company giovanni with a very special 2000 eloyees. details on the straight ead. wall street ek ofox business network airing friday night at 8:00 p.m. stern in saturday and nday mornings onhe fox ashe stopper coasted by ou very young antny scaramui.
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maria: w welcome back. new dedevepments in the llary clininton e-mail scand.. transfer conseservive watch dog group judicial w watchch bringse state department w was held by the enough for two years.. the exexistence of a privavate server. the grououp successfully sued in federal court for clintnton e-mails and now w claims one e-mamail was withheld because it
6:45 am
shows she was conducting statate department busininess on a personal serr.r. state department official calling this delayay a administstrave error. i want to show you se drdramatic video of a h hercop at a surface. itapappened in new jersey aftetr motorists new jersey aer motorist repord concern about man washing through traffic next to a bridge and possibl putting himself in danger. i want twatch this. maria, as you can see, h stopped themrom dropping off the bridge. he's an 18 year battering that the riverdale police department from his police cruiser. finally, pretty coolf the ceo of yogt company giovanni catering to special 2000 employees shares in the comny they were handed packets detaililing homany shares they will get converted intcash if
6:46 am
giovanni goes public bed on the $3 billioto pay 150,000. mef this could have shares woh over a million dollars. ria: that's a great story. very gerous to give away such a large state. once the employees have a stake in the company ds go public, they will work that ch harder and be th much more committed knowing that their futures are part of it. >> think it's fabulous story. i love the yogur i even felt e time. this is the thing in corpora america decides s millennialism pele who want a positive message about business and i think more corrations would be smart if they uld llow suit, espeally in an age with beie sanders ainst big business so to speak. stories likehis only help rpororations. maria: the founder wasurdish comeboard in turkey,
6:47 am
immigrated here and to over a closed craft when in thastate new york in new berl it start with tax x breaks as the classic american successss storory. i jujust love it. >> somebody y is clarity of visn and d purpose in these coming fm the heart and that will flflect in the proroduct and ultimately the sale price. >> it is w win win win.. trtrade to another story story w he started thihis. he started this fifireman turned it into this plan. mariria: fire was being sold in limite distribibution. he bically decided to massss prode e it and make it less expensive. that is how we eat now is greek style yogurt. maria: great sry. apshares tumble in the smart enough to telogy choi at b
6:48 am
this first-ever declin iphone sales. we will ta lookext. if you need advice fofor your business, legalzoooom s your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people j just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count o on
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maa: welcome back a bu morninon the earnings that economic calendar.
6:52 am
exxoobil edging higher this even as the company lo its aaa edit ring. s&p lowered the ratg yesterday citing the rising debt levels. only two american companielike the perfect tings. microsoft d johnson & johnson at a. itter shares plunging bett than 14%. first-quarter revenue camen below expectations aft the close. one area of concern, twts from big brands that haveeen a big driver of revenue bere. the technolo sector taken a toll on this book shares. social mia giants will report earnings tonht. investors and analysts are more optimistic and keeng an eye on e mobile biz to set this t period that may set thtone for tech tomrow. shares oapple right now in the free market. is bettethan $40 billion spread at the open. it's first-er decline and revenue decnene of 13 years.
6:53 am
seco-quarter results miss expectations. reported a profit o $50.6 for the first ree months of the year down 13%. earnings per sha was down 18% to $1.90 a share. joing us now with a cute equity reseah analyst, good to see you thank you fojoining us. your take on thehe quarter last ghght. i know you thinknk the stock is valued well. >> overallll, e quick take is kind of a perfecststorm of bad news that the e company has to deal with their firsrst off, the iphone at laununch which we didn't h have a huge effect on e good and could we've alslso got an iphone access current cycle which h there wasn't manyy enhancements t to it as a result weeeee a very soft cycle.. ovoverall the total smartphone space ririghnow is just not growing. as a r result we have to start looking at apple differently.
6:54 am
more of the cyclicalomompany than w what's going to see this robust growth on a year-over-year basis mariria: at thertrtphone is not growg his hair and not gwiwing his hair and i if is growing? >> that's s exactly what's happening. the belief you are whahat apples lookg g to do o is clearly lookg to enhance its p position in the markets. it is one area of hope for invests. at t the lower margin business d we saw that indicated. it's an issusue. nonethels s it's also an opportunity b because that willl enhance their ovall base in the portunities that their service business we thinwill be positive for the company. dagen: content couldo was give bsid?
6:55 am
not a dead company, unrvalued mpanies likexxonmobil is an altogether diffent business. it is being valued as one silar to other companies like hp given the full 've sn. i review hercan becomeme a grow company again. they need to stt utilizinghe cast of $230 billion athis time. maa: the majority of servers these. th need to start taking some risks. >> just go out and b netflix. a contt company. >> if you lo a what apple has done since their strategy started,hey returned $160 billion t investors. think what thecould've purchase could've been tea, netflix, both of them.
6:56 am
ishat something you think the company wouldonsisider for likee a tesla? toto driverless car. >> a l long-term opportunity as well as furtheher penetration which the company really hasn't been focusing that much h on. tv streami e eventually becomes a real opportunity and evenentually hardware oriented devices. that remains to o bebeeen. >> o thing i wted to gauge your take on is w much of th inindition of what's going on with the consumer? >> to consumers wag to see the next big tng.. everyone wants atherext t big thing. tim cook no-space, too. so does the applboarand apple investors. >> when weook at the smartpho network, the hone
6:57 am
fit inetter a big hit and give nsumers what they want. weo ve oil consumers out there. we just need to start ghting thisis. >> are they going surpris us is there some surpri?? >> it's s more revolutionary thn anything but thing here is so many others have held onto t the device will not. late september is the expepert shame. grt to he e you on the program this thank you for joining th we will be right back. stay wh us. and finally your new logo is r, and you dede the perfect time to showhe world is right... now. this just got interestg. whpause toake a pill? or stop to finind bathroom? cialis for dailyly use is approved to treat
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7:00 am
maria: gd wednesday morni i maria bartiromo apareded wednesday, a 27. ur top stories at 7:0a.m. donald trump seping all five cots last night. llary clinton took fr out of five states. both loong aad to the general electionndnd trump took on clintith the women's vote. >> the onlcard she has is the won's card ve frankly, if hillarclinton weren the end, i don't think she woulget 5% the vote. >> mr. tmp accused me of playg at t quote woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care for paid family leave this thread the one-n ca, then deal me in.
7:01 am
ria:a: breaking on the exit polls. edwas noteto blame for the rise ofsis to one official says encryption technique advance seven years because snow in eep. budget problems telling lawmakers by the alumni geget their paychksks cocomct in talks to acquire dreamwmwor for more than $3$3 billion. the move wouould make the compay look like its ririva disney. take a look expectina bigg affair. broader markets not so much. investors are awaitingng the federal reserve decision later today asas wl as looking ahead to the bank of japan tomorrow. sigho o clients acro t the boarard, but certaininly fracti. markrkethave her near the flat line as you c s seehe s&p down one third of percent. wewe a looking at the looking at dedeclines at the opening of trading.g. dodown about 40 poin l larly due
7:02 am
to technhnology. apple one of the big issues.s. l the stories coming up wiwith the pgram. with s. dagen mcdowell, morgrgan or take it and anthony scaramucci. lcome. great show so far, y you guys. dadage and now lookt these handsome gentleman. nald trump extended his commanding lead seing off five primars yesteay. now with 950 delegatesersus the 37 needed. cruzas 5. on the democratic si, hillary clinton blaminfor a besides taped yesterday. the frt runner has 2141 versu the 2383 and that incles superdelegeges. all the candidates weiing in on the outcome of supetuesday inhat lies a ahead.
7:03 am
i do not >> donald t telling us he's lying to us. hehe c be a different person smarteththan he is today. >> we are going to come back t o philadelphphia for the democratc national conventioion. but thee most about him ththe mt plgeged delegat.. >> it is about having t courage to demand a pititical revolution. and yoyou arthe revolutionaries. maria: democratic strategist richard goodstein d supporr scott brown. good to see you. thanks for joining us. senanator brown, your observatan afteter last night. >> i spend l little time at dodonaldesesterday.
7:04 am
very e excited obviously. hehe has feelings drawin ter of wheheree'e's at. he's the frontrunnnner. this race isis over. there is no mathematica a way fr any y other candididate -- maria: ted cruz yoyowould say th.. >> have lot of respect forr d.d. he's done a greajojob, but he shshould listen to what he's tod john kasich to get outececause he c't't mathematically win. the rereason it's so important,e came i in third in four out of e five states. so what is t that tell you? is this gogoing to be in the thk of things, he e should at least come in second. 's putting it all l in indna. those donald t trump a donald umump. lucy thatapappened. b bernie sanders should just go because he's not b being treated fairly by the democratic committee. but he think about t that? >> you heard the l laughter amog trumump some people. this is the problem.
7:05 am
there's a large part of wt donald trump s says that is untethered from realit the facts s there is zero stisistical evidedence to o evey single issueue that the sanders peopletatand for, donald trump is almost 180 deeeees different. but the factct of the matter is ththe new book out by trump says about keining out muslims, kind of go down the list. none of ththese things -- anyboy o o follows the policy wrote take seriouslyveven the notion he s side with hillary. he l lt to her the last dirty sixfold head-to-head. i'm glad. i like running against a g guy who's delusional. in the busininess he looked to e opposite somebody living onn another planet i hope that continues. maria: by the way, dememocratic nation c committee chairman debbie wasserman schulultz weigd
7:06 am
in kind for sanders tounun independndent. listen to what sheaiaid. >> whai'i'm really looking foforwarard to when we get to th end of ts s prary nominating contests, we are going t to do s we havave alwaysone,omome back together, , unifyingococus on wa both of our candidateses understand is ititical and that is making sure we could momove r countrfoforward, built on the economic progrgress we've h had. if you've been repeatey y asked on the art kennedy spoke clearly say they understand whats at akin this election. maria: do you wa to weigh in? >> theesponse that we hearis onof the reasons donald trump is going to d because they are t talking about what he's talking about. exit pol showed the issue he's toucng upon the american people and they've been treated unfairly. the surdelegate process in new hampire questioned hillary
7:07 am
ton and got the same amount of delegates that e process was ant to keep jesse jackson out and other usurpers. that process is wrong.g. but donald has done e and what bernie should'veve done earliers by not in fact we e need to chae the mood going forward. bernrnie is going to statay and continue t to try t to peel delegates at idid d with hillary the firsrst time. >> i agree. why is ich an honor for idea that he would run as independ why should w we assume that he s so committed to the democratatic party? >> don't be offended by y this, but i work with scott bukhahari jeb bu and you guyuys sounund le theirr campaigns. i'st asking you guys, do youou thinyou're u underestimating do t trump in terms what the skill set is s inhe verbal dexterity whenen heventually takes on secretary clinton. >> excellent queuestion. over time going back to januauay
7:08 am
when d donald trump is beating hillary clinton by three pepercentage points that's gone from hillaryry tthree, six, nine, 11 is the most recent ll. e trendline is merable f for donaldrump. evenen what we just heard from he's notot bn treated unfairly. hillllary clinton is the billion mark a comment 300 more pledged delegates. forgive superdelelegates. that's fantasy. i love it when i hear peopople engagiging in step because it is untethered from reality. if you listen to everyry oppoposition research at the democratic side, thehe sff they've come up with b basil may seem e evint that 20% of it. i am sayayinbring it on. if you want toto fight again in the gutter, i have no dodoubt hillarary clinton will win that. dan: donald trump is the onlnly politician who c canay whatever he w wants to and get aw with
7:09 am
it. >> listening to o get away with somethining went 5%, 70% of the voters can vieiew unfavorable. people don't'tike him. >>s favorabilitys improving. the polls veve moved in his favor. don't undererestimate him, rid. >> it also m no address hiary clinton. she hasn't drin in 20 years. she has some very hiegatives as well. two peop t that the highest nenegatives that we've ever hadn this country runnining for president. if you put those two is together, the fact thahat hillay still has some l limited and rel issues ofhe problem. it's goi to be a an n exciting race. m excited to see what happen in the american ople have real chces coming up. maria:'s look at what they were looking noter they ted d last nigig. >> let's look at the iss of trade. some voters out there think trade es creatmore u.s. jobs.
7:10 am
pennsylvania replicacan ted cruz did fairly well unr three out of 10 vors who thought trade creates jobs. trumpeup 48% of those voter and in addition,rump dinat amonters who think trade takes jobs ay from u.s. workers. mong on to wall stet, ted cruz and johkasich scored ll. a quarter ofers think wall street doehelp create jobs for the u.s. economy but trump go about half omorere. in addition,t dominated among peopople who tnk wall street hers the u.s. economy how is donald trump to admit the ladies? not badl 55% in pennsylvania, 54%n connecticut. agn,n, if these numbs move in the rig d direction, it will help h him. maria: we will see. the women issue is o one that keeps comiming up. when you seeee these many thick
7:11 am
grease like last nightht, like w york, nedada he took women there. you have to belie e that you can't really believe overallll that t there's a brushstroke approach to this. it next. maria:y big question when i was watching hispeech last night, can donald trp be the same perso cahe be the candidate we know alreadbut still be aetter candidate. can he feel his s authtitic self and still will people whmight not beyond. thushe question i don't have an answer to. >> he's beenoing it 10 months against seasoned politicns these learning a growing. ria: senator scott brown, thank you so much. we'll ta a short break. coast in talks to acquire dreamworks that could beeachched any momentnt now. but thmove cou mean for the animatn industry. flatateright in a million
7:12 am
dollar class-action lauit agnst epa. details next. ♪ when it comes to sma business, she's the know. so sap yourselves in for tion flo! small business edion. when it comes to sma business, she's the know. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save e day! foumrs and bakers and scapers of ln, she's got cuomiz coverage u can coununt on. you chipped my b birdbath! now you'reonnana pay! not so fast! i cover more thanan just cars and trucks. ♪ actioflo did somebody say "surance"? children: : flo! ♪ action o cut! cai get a smoothie, plse? ooh! the gosmoothies? for me.
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mari welcome back. edward snowdenith encryption tenology. cheryl caseut that. trsf the name that doesn go away. james clapper says that snowden's sclosures exhilarad the onset of enyption available to consumumerspent seven yrs. clapper says that mas it harder f his agency to collect intelligence are togher late is. ofll t things i've been accused of, this is o one of the most wch'm most proud. there you go. another lawshas been filed in connection with theater
7:16 am
crisis and let michigan. suing the envinmental protecti agency for $220 million f negligee. the water supply contanated with lead, copper and her toxi materials. e epa says it's reviewing th complat. thisig story this morning. cable git mcast in talks to butrademarks for more than $3 billion. comcast universal stuos has been doing good in rect years with the minions mies,utut it's still n aajor player in hollywood. comcast to compete with lt disn and the family entertainmenbusiness true marks mes madagascar in the present supposly journal this mni some shopping around the studio for a couple years am lking for a buyer. comcast could be h happening.
7:17 am
maria: i could understand needing toto compete with disne. bubut when you look at disney's assets, pixar, marvevel, it's going to be difcult. les compare "star wars" to batman versusuperman for exple. >> you're not going to g any pushback from me.e. maria: it's a juggernaut.. it's going to be verery high. this is anan effort to do bette. >> you have to rememember they'e got netflix, hulu and amazonon n their tail. they've got to expxpand in this area so that they can n continue the oducuct, push it throughgh n the cable boxes. i i ink the idea of using ca flow to do something likike thi. i also think that those brands are pretty g they are disney li bnds. cheryl: evenen universal picturs
7:18 am
hasn't done so welell thatouould be gting the theme par edge. maria: i will say that it't's bn that i i don't like the cocompetition. les s face i it. maria: what competition? > maria and i don't lee comcast. whare we k kidding. i was ju k kidding. i was tryingo o get a reaction. maria: the business is incredibibly actctive. dagen: to dreamworks needs t to find a cozy parent companyny foa few years. but that is s going to go for 2.5 billion. speaking out against the dodge said six patriots startom ady. deoit answered dononald's call
7:19 am
to bringng jobs back to the unid states. joe hendricks will join w with a big announcement comingg out. stay with us. ♪
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
♪ maria: welcome back to tomrady has s allies in the vatican's
7:23 am
commissioner rog goode. a lohappening this morning. >> oakley, maria ditom m brady four-game suspension get rededed? according to bleacher repo from the twowo nfl owners said e punishmentnt is too severe and that they would like t to see te nfl reach h ddle g ground that m brady. likeke to see the suspension reduced d to one or two games sd most importantly to put anan e d to deflategate. would that bee nice? transfer i enjoyed actuallyy becaususe i like readading up om brady. >> harry reid sayingomomething else. >> donald trump and harry madede in a bipartisasan effort. bringingng washington together. tom brady. whoo knew. >> with all beenolollowing the golden s state warriors. 's's time to shift gears and focus on baseball. the city of c chicago has been 0
7:24 am
a year since the cubbies wonon e fall classic w with this one in ththe cubs are the best record n the major leagues. averaged a field a game-tyin two-rutriple in the bottom of the sixth inning. the cubbies s ld on to beat the brewers gavehe cubs record is 15 and five. best rececord thugh the first 20 games of any sean since 1907 when thewon the first ofwo straight world series but nonsense. how about the south siders? chicago whitsosox with the best record in the american leagu the half game behi the ve-gameinners. what a year for the windy cicit. it all start o of the chago getttting into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> i just rembmber being in chicago's wrigley field came fofor. i sort of rememember that last ye. they get tight, though.
7:25 am
>> they've got a pnomel team. they need usoror psychologists. transfer and let's remembe ring the playoffs poure wh the cubs got by e mets iwhat you're sayin >>es, thank you. gen:n: d she know we are sittat 48th and sixth avenue bred in here he heart of manhattan? >> tomradyan alpha male hero. i ed to point that out dagen: because thearriage itse. nobecause of what is done theield. >> gss he went to the justin bieber concert in clevand celebrating s indictment by a grand jury in dallas? johnny mademoiselle. that was earlier in day. was spotted at an apple store. ere's ato that gets posted
7:26 am
on its chagrin. we don'tnow if that's his ppy or whatever, but what cu lite puppy. imaginyou grab somebody els not foththing, look at how msn --ney have that tattoo on his right arm their. his wyerer is going to say you should havput the sleeves down we could've won. ma he shows up athe apple store and thent goes to the concert. somebody treated lasast ght we got front row ticketets and just sajohnny benson out in the procesess. dagen: he's got a a r subsnce abuse probl and he's beenen indicicted for domestic violence. he's got a career that's over. >> it goes back to texexas a&m. the poinint is brought on him. he's not eveven 24 y yet. he's livining like jim morrison.
7:27 am
morrison made it to 27. you know what i meaea maria: nobody likes toto see th. thank you. next, goldman sacachs stock head for the bibiggest dedecline in o years this m morning. it is late than nenever. we will take a look. ford makes big announcement d estimate that a billion dollars in facto a jobs in the s days. ne w was a one-on-e interview with the president of rd next. ♪ (gasp) shark diving!
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.. maria: welelcome back. happy wewednesday, everybody i'm maria bartiromo. it is wewednesday
7:31 am
down 7%etting the te e for a weak technolology sector. the company reportining weaker th e expecteted for the apple wehihing on the broader market. take a look at theututures, the dojojones industrial avererage,e, 45 points, also weakness w within the nasdaq nonow. putting rnings aside, instors also waiti o on the
7:32 am
fed. we will get a decisi f from the two-day federal seserve meeting atat 2:00 p.m. eastern. no i interest rate expected. back to politics we go. donaldrurump expending his lead last night teter sweeping all five p primaries yesterday. the republicanan front-runner now has 950 delegates withth cruzrarailing with 550 and kasich with 153. on the democratic side, hillary clinton claims viorories in four out of yesterdas s five primaries. the front-runner forouou with 232341 delegates comombined. john fox news analyst with the lastst this m morning. >> good mornining out of home motor speedwa. the bigger race least politically coming up next tuesday when donald trtrump hopes to seal the deal, winning g inndiana and really givingng himself a good chancnce to get to the 1237 majorit
7:33 am
donald trump began last nightt inhahat big victory speech after r winning all five contests ievevery county and every cocontest warning the party that happen ththere could be difficultimimes ahead if he goes in the with the polararitiy but not t a majority of the delegates into thehe convention anththen has the nomination snatched away from h him. hehere's trump. >> how do yoyou pi a man on theececond or third or fouourth ballot who has millions of votes -- those people e at a minimum, they're going to bebe very upset, very angngry, but at a minimum, they're jt t not gogoing to vote. a and that is the argument atat ted cruz is making, ough, on the c congress yiying nomiminee, there are milillions republicans. a lot of them conservavatives who will stay home in noveer, and d ththey will not win the general elecection and at's why hillary clinton would not win in a matchup. donaldrurump is trying has
7:34 am
had, 57 delegagates up for grabs, it's a good statate foror ted cruz, 57% identifies as evevangelical. and last night look at thehe fifive states that were voting he appealed in the voters s in the hoosier ststatbecause he's the nonomie to become prpresident. here's cruruz last night. > the eyes of the nation are looking at this ststate as the crossroads of america.a. to make e a decision for our country, do we want to s support a a campaign that is based o o yelling and scamaminand cursing and insults? do o weant to unit unit behind aositive wab guard looking cocovative campaign? >> and as we comacross the finish line, ted cruz hopes come across thatinish line onuesday. going to be pulling ouall
7:35 am
the six stops the next six days to see if he can win in indiana. maria: yeah, ina is the ste everyone is looking forward . it's next tuesday, m 3rd. >> it . d this is the state that they sayay is probab the most important one in the priry ason so far. because ted cruz could stoto donaldrump mathematically from getting the 1237. after s six big wins in the lastwo weeks if trump wins india, a lot of people are saying that pretty much seal the deal for him he'll be the nominee. maa: yh, for sure. john, ank you so much. >> you b. ria: john in indiana this morning at thendianapolis 500. the ro there. forward anwhile announcing a .6 billi investment to upgrade two plan in michigan and ohio. a broader commitment to add more than n 8,000 s. jobs over the next four years,his as republican front-runnenald trp addrdresses the problems of largeompanies sending jo to overseas, outside the u.s. >> o jobs are being sucked
7:36 am
ayay from our country. and we're not gointo let it happen anymore, fos. bottomine is one of the big problems our cntry has is problems with tre where you have china, japan, mico, so many countriesust ripping us left and rig. maria: jni us right now is ford america's president jo joe. good to e you, s sir. >> yeah. thk you for havi she maine. maria: this is a b investment and musico peoples ears bause they are worried abt jobs going to mexico. was that part of the decisn sayi okay. we're going double down in.s. whwhen youeard donald trump. last time you announced that you werere planning on investi in mexico, was this part o it? >> well, maria, we make investment announcements bas o product plaand what we have a plan for the business. fact, we've created over 28,000obs s in the last five years. so we e focused in what it
7:37 am
takes to make a rspective oduct out there. it h nothing to do with at's going on in polits but with what's going on economy,y, in our business, and globally. maria:a: so tell me about this. you're going t to cate e new jobs with h the ohio assembly plant, talk to us abouout how this will take place. e timing of it. how manyobs you foresee creati. >> yeah. the citement around the investment really is arountwo plants. the transmissi plant which makes a now ten speed transmsion which will start in our new f5050 raptor, which comes out this fall and her f-150 produc. and so in ohio to bring the supe duty chassis plan so that we can subpoenament r factory. more imptantly it's a continuation of all e investments we've made in e last five years. $12billion in the u.s. just alone the last five yea.
7:38 am
ria:eah, i mean you're talking aboug money and big job creation, which ally positive for america. but can you talk to usbout basiy this balance? look, yore a company that s to answer to shareholders like a company companies and emplees. so you've e got several constitituents that you are answering to. employees, shareholders, g give us the c cost when you invest in americicrsus somewhere likee mexico. >> well, there are a lot o of factorors that go into it. certainly in mexicico ere are lower labor costs. bualso a great supply base there and fofortately mexico has strong t tra agreement aroundnd the world, which is a great location to o locate in the globobalcale. here in u.s., most of f ou ininvements are here in the u.s. and what we're doioing is moving some of our small car producucti toexexicwhere
7:39 am
it's hardeder make money on the small car productition and we make morere vicles in the u.s. than any otheher manufacturure and employ more manufactcturing workers as well asas ithe u.s. we think we hahave it right because we're cocontng to invest here and employing g mo peoplele than anybody elelse. maria:a: a of this whichas contentious aftethe mexico announcement, bringing somebody like donald t tru together with the union. obviously you did a a nelabor contractct at the end of last year with the uawaw. can you c chacterize what you're seeing in terms of thee broad environmement where e does the auto sector and ford s stand right now in terms ofof wt you're seeing in demand? well, we're coming off ofof a year in 2015 wherere all three cotries, north america, mexico, cananada, united s stats set recocord levels of sales. so the auto o industry is at a all-titimeigh right now. what we're seeing is thihings stabilizing a little bitit but a very high level.
7:40 am
if you look at t the quarter, demand of sales were u up year over year, so ththat enencouraging and also transactioion gns were up. we are seeing mid-levevel like housuston and texas. but the hohousing market continues to evolve and progress, and we're seeieing employment pick k upup. so thee arare gns while we have low interest rates and gas prices. stl good times, but we're not seseeing the growt saw the e lastive yea. maria: see. really interting because we did see a real recery in those last fe years. l of this in the face of what seems t a revolutn hat's going on in the auto sectors you look at nogy. alsoe partnerships with googleyou're investing in driverlessars. what will the caof the future look lijo and how far ay is that when you incorpore technology in ere? >> well,ou know, the next ten years are probably onenef the largest flection points ofof the ao industry whe comes to thnology. and th's why you're seeing so many new interest cin and be intertein our space. technologys allowing us to
7:41 am
do things that we couldn't before. talk about autonomy, talk about providing aids to drivers to me it safer. d certainly eleric make better fuel economy. now,s going to be five years or so beforeouee significant autonomous vehicles be able to te and long than that before they beco viable for sales. but it's no qution we're in a chnology revolution in the auto indtry. and ford is ve excited to be a part of it. and that's why we' spent so much time talking about ou mobili part of our business and alalso talk about the solutions of mobility around world. maria: mark aneessen, the vp venture capitast told me there will be ur auto companies. tesla apple gole, and uber. >>e might have something to say abt that. we he been around for 114 years,ndnd we're proud of that ctct and continue cliff what our customomers want today and torrow.
7:42 am
and we have one i in today and of coursonone food in tomorrow. mariria: my answer to him was, well, you need manufacturer. so i don't know where you're goining with those. joe, t thank you so muchch. we'll be watatching the investment and whahat it yields. thank you so much. >> thanks. maria: what caused a massive cargo ship to sisink last year. how sesearch teams managed to find thehe data record more than 15,000 feet deep. and earnings expected afafter the closing bell today. plus we'll tell l you why they're ililinon the world's largest company today. apple down in a minutete the puuiuit of h healthier.
7:43 am
it begfrom the cond we're born. becaus healthier doesn't happppen all by itself. it n needs to be earned eve d day. using wellness to keep away illness. and lieving a single life c be made better by millioions of others. as a heaealth serviceses ad lifeinnovation companyby optum m pors modern healthca b by connecting every y pa of it. so while the world k keeps searching for healthieier we're hereo ma healthier
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7:45 am
7:46 am
. maria: investitigators may soon have clues into the sinknking of the freighter last year r after it got caught in a hururricane. cheryl witith that story. that was an amazing ststory when that happened,d, cheryl. >> it t was. and d it of us so sad, maria. ththe el farro, search crews hahave now found the missing dadata recorder of the el farro, which went down inin 15,000 feet of water near the bahamas s in a hurricane. that device able to recocord conversations anand sounds on the shipip's bridge. anand it may help inveigators len more about thehip's nal moments before it sank. ll, other headlines this morning, e state control an to delay ychecks of elected offials in illinois due tohe year-long budget csis. republican governor and demo control legislature have been fighti over a t tax and spending plan and the pl
7:47 am
and the fight continue anfinanally the shares of apple shply wer in premarket tradg right now. the company reported first ever decline in iphone sal and rst revenue drop in 13 years. apple issug a weak revenue recast. by the way, goldman shs has removed ple from their conviction buy list. maybe a little too late. anfinanally look at twitter, th stock is tuling 12% on thpremarket. they wned on the revenue in thcuent. twitter blamed brand on advertisers, all aut bringing the money, and ey didn't do it. maria: yeah,alking about monetizing twitter for a wle al facebook porting after the be. anthony scaramucci with us this morning. >> so general broad base ncern about energy -- i'm sorry tech earnings because ofof e slowdow slow down wt i would collin violation. facebook has a differerent problem.
7:48 am
theyey'rlosing the millennial demographic. so i expect ththose earnings to be weaker thanan expected, although probably prpriced int ththe market right nonow. >> hasn't facebook been losisi mimillenals for e past five years? that's a perfect pec story. >> it was but ththey've e had a surgical strike on these advertisisers. for example, i do these podcacasts now. >> nicice plug. >> i'm not trying toto plug. you don't use facebooknynymore to advdvertise them. you'rere using instagram and these othehe-- twitter, not cebook. and if youust multiply it out by millions of peoe, you're -- >> facebook instagram. >> youe seeing a declining. yeah, but billion on itagram isass as well. people have lost that. snapchat h become more favoble. >> i say snapchat is fleetg and facebook has done terrific job metizing inagagram. mariria: it has. >> because it is theweet
7:49 am
spotf f young people and older people. > i don't disagree but the trenliline is down for them right now. and you u ha to be worried because these arare wall gardens. you haveo o be worried twowo or three years s from now, could be talking about something totally different from facebook. are you updating y your facebook pa?? not reallyly. i use twitter and thatat's it. >> my millnial friendagen is notpdating her facebook page. morevidee. >> you're ght. there you go. maritreaming seems to be the future butideo buffering is stillnd always getting into the way of progmmmming.g. oncacambridge technology company could have foundnd a solution to prevent disruptions onon platforms every daday. we'll take youou inside the inincredible akamai i waroom net when a moment turnrns romantic why use e to take a pill?
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7:53 am
. maria: welcocome back. akamai, a cocompany that makes sure y your online video watctching experience is glitchness and f free, the company weet on bottom lineses in the firstst quartrter. video ststreaming demands for the olpics and 2015 election should help boost eain for the rest of the year. i wantnto tabling ceo of akamai right now. tom, thank you smuch for joining . >> gooto see you too. ria: we've been having this whole bate in terms where people are moving. and anthony sayslook, this stuff moves quickly. people choosinother things overacebook. i don'n't knowhere you stand on this, but i'm getting a e-mail from one of my soces at says, look. at the filings, and you will see milleials leading facebobo is eculation. you still see facebook and google take 85% % of digital ad
7:54 am
dollllars. how do youou s it? >> well, t took and google are very large entities, verery powerful on the internetet and the tech landscapepe moves quickly. maria: what are you seeingng out the in terms of f business today? how could you characteterize things? >> i wouould say business is moving strtrong, trends moving heavy in a akakamas favor. video online, proliferatition, you need to seit show w up instantly. and teterprise is a huge ararea. every y enterprise has to worry ababout it. our fastest t growg business, 57% yeyear over year. >> what t are those s specific parts thatat you're focusing on secucurity. >> taking dodo north american banks and that's a pretty babad scenario. so we block that. we stopped that from hahappening. you have groups that youou want to deface websitites. you know, for example, u.s. governmement websitites. sosome groroups would like to pt their message ththere. we stop th from happenining and groupsps that want to steal
7:55 am
your data, credit cardrds, or in my case i had my tax histotory stolen from ththe federal govemement. lou: and you s show growth and revenue in t the business 47%. >> yes. 48% year over yearr and $300 m million annual runway and prproducts coming out of there. very fun ar. maria: yeaor sure. >> it's five years f now, hoe we watching tv and programming? >> five s a good chance a lot of it is donline. far the traditional methods. we just brdcast the first major sporting even 4k a couple of weeks a. major golf trnament if you have the new ssung or sony tvs. >> brought to you by poposturepedic mattresses. maria: and you're creaeating a war room to monitor streaming. you're already gettiting a l lot of praise for this innovation.
7:56 am
what does that war r room look like? >> well, that's the broadcastt center. anand it's sort of what you would have for tradiditional tv but a lot more complplicated because traditional tv youou just worry a about get that signal to the sligight. and from there, , thgs took care of themselveses. for the internet, it's s a different path to eachch end userer. and d -- maria: we have o our own war room >> more sosophisticated and won best in n show at the nav shsho, which we're excited about and the technonology of the future for media. maria: it's s teresting because eveven when you look at a company keke blackberry; right? they're also focuseded more and more on secururity. thatat's where the business is going as well l as streaming. sesecurity and streaming. >> every verticacal, you know, securirity's important. media companieies care a lot about t it. you can imagagine the olympics, e e world cup sites, every b guy wants thr message on thossites. >> how competive? do you have a lot of competitors inin that space? >> youou know, i think the competition is thehe old way of dog g things.
7:57 am
and the e old way of doing things doesn't work k in the modern internet rld. you can't just buy a box andnd stick it in your d data center. you get overwhelmed with the attack traffic. so you need a defense in the cloud and we're in a grere position to provide ththat. mariria:pparently. tom, tnks so much toto jn us. >> thahankou. maria: anthony, great to see you isis hour. we're gogoing to see see you ththis weekend with wall street week. >> wall ststre week with mariria bartiromo. maria: i'm'm excited about thatat. we wilsesee u friday night at 8:00 p.m. for walstreet and we'll be right bac we asked e when they thght they should start sa for retirement. en we asked some older peopl wthis gap between whenwe shg did art saving. and when we actually do is s e of the reasons why too many of us aren't prprepared for retirement. just start as early asas y can. iif we all starart saving ofa little more todaday, we'll all be betetter prepared tomorrow. prudential. ing your challenges.
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. maria: good wednesday y morng, everybody.y. welcome back i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesesda april 27th. your s stop stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the easast coast. super tuesday three in the books. donanald trump sweeping all five contests last t night.t. hillary clintoton takiking four out of five states. both candidatetes looking ahead toward the g general election now. > i consider mysyself the nominee at tss point. [cheers and a appususe] senator cruz and govovernor kasich should reconsidider. >> we willll ufy our party to win this election. because whether you susuort senator sanders or you supupport me, there'e's much more that unites us s than divides us. maria: we e are breaking down ththe itit poll data this momorning. bring yoyou the e latest delegae count straight aheadad. a cloud hangs over hillary clinton, though. the mamail investigation.
8:01 am
a a report says that the state department hid a k key piece off evidence for two years. new w developments in the paris terror attttack, the allegeged suspect has been extraradited back to france. the latest detetails ahead. 54millioion americans facing threat osevere w weather, including this week and d this day. we arere looking at the paths of thstorms coming up. dangerer disguisbecause of yourilot. showing pilotsts getting and did you think k engaging in criminal actitivity before going into the cockckpit. boboeing shares outmove this morning. it i is lower. the company rereporting first quarter r rnings but down nearly 9 9% fr a year rlrlier. afafter tax charge over a tanker. we will tell y you the story of boeing this mning. he didn't acacceptability setting a tone for the broadader advocate and most of thehe earnings in chchnonology hav been a d disisappointment. as a result wewe're looking at a brbroader market decline at the opening of tradiding. dodow industrials downwn about 0 points.. all of those storiries coming up thisis morng. also w waiting on the federal
8:02 am
reverse when we will getet a decision from the fed afte its meeting about t 2:00 p.m. eastern this aftereron. with me now, fox business david minimum wage do yoyou, morgan, and outside adadvisor to president t obama, robert wolf with us this mororning. good to o see everybody. robert, well known, great to have y. rning back to our top story of the morning. donald tmp expending his commanding ld in t delegaace after sweeping all five easternrimaries last night, the publican front-runnerow has 950 legates with cruz traing behi with 560 and kasich with 153. on t democratic side, hillary clinton aiming victories in four out yesterday's five primaries the front-runner now with 2141 delegates with deleges and super degates combined. fox news per barns with more from washington this morni. peter, good moing. >> good morning, mia, and the crowd routed. bre 50% in all five contests and said last night,t, he considers himself the prvity nominee.
8:03 am
>> i use the alogy of the bobser, u knowow, when the boxer knocks out tther boxer, y don't have to w around for decision, so that's what it and that's what happened tot, that's what happed last week i new york. and that's really what are happening throhout. we have millions morvotes, millionsns more than cruz. we have e millions more votes than kasich. >> but analysts say it wilill take strong shows in contests to lock it up. indiana anand california are the crucucial l prices that could pt trumump over the top. he holds modest leads inin both states over cruz thehere in polls there.e. trump p comes to washington d.c. today to give a mamajor foreign policy spepeech and then, thoughgh, indiana for a rally tonight. maria:a: all right. peter thank you so much. joinining us right n now, guy benson, , fox news contributor john bear. gentntlemen, great to see you both. thank yoyou for joining us. >> good morning. maria: i'm going t to kick this
8:04 am
off with you, , guy, observatations from last night. >> big night for donald trump.p. not unexctcted. lookining at all the polls ahead of tuesday nigight. donald trump was goingng to romp roughout this five states.s. i think the mamargin of victory anand breath of his victory mimight a little bit ebrow raising. but in terms of of t the degate mapapa lot of those viorieies are baked into the cake. the big question, , we just heard this from pepeter barns, the bibig question is one week from yesterday, next t tuesday in indiana, can ted crcr mount a cocome back and win there? if not, , i think this is psychologically andd mathematically a devevastating developmenent. so indianacircle on yourur cacalendar, made the third. that c could be the date where donald trump, not officially.. but for all l intents and purpos puts it away. maria: tom bea what do you think about that? california and indna important on botsides of the race >> yeah. it is importan but i ink the issues hillary faces are a lite bigger than gandy ihinkhe is the
8:05 am
presptive nominee. and at s faces, first of all, is deloping a general election strategy against mr. trump, which defines him without precating his suorters. perhaps that ey've been sold a bill of goods. coly the deal th mr. saers and to come up with some kind of arrangemen which satisfs him that is ok f her without giving away the store. third having a riveting convention. if we keephis up, this convention's gng to be a snooze and that's impossible. and ththen finally is continuing to win the remaini pririmarie p. maria: yeah, robobert wolf, do you agagree with all of that? >> i a agree with some points. first, let me start. i know everyone think so foror e republican party s sandy strong hold. i don't agagree. i think k trump is going to be the nominee. i i think he has shown that from a popular vote perspective andnd ththe delegate vote perspectiv
8:06 am
that even if he's w within 100, i don't know howow youive it h him. i think with secretary clinton whenen you winin the key stes of country, ohio, floridada, pepennsylvania, rginia, it's over. so i i think at thend of the day, that itit's trumpmp versus clinton. i think they s showed last night that they absosolutely are going to be the general candidates. and i think it's r respective to tting out the vote andnd the excitement. the republican party will be excited to beat clinton.n. the democratic partyty will be excited to beat trump.p. you have p president obama coming out. i'm not concerned abouout a great t convention for the democratic side. anand i'm certainly not concerned with the great convention o on the republican siside. who knows s what that will be. >> that's a a good point about prpresidenent obama. he is a prololific fundraiser and going toto be ableo help her r immensely presuming s shes e e nominee. maria: really? >> in fundraraising, absolutely in fundraising. he's a j jugger nut in furaraising.
8:07 am
>> don't understand how he's's going to raise the mononey. >> talking about t trump? >> yes. he ys he's nonot goining to have pacs. he hasn't beenen raising any money.y. i think his -- >> i can do the math f for you on that. >> well, g good. >> they ononly made 15,000 inindividuals s to get the republican party $33,400 a a piece, and i think that't's doable. ifeoeople really s start hitting the phones and s shaking shhands. it's doable.e. because the's such a passion to defeat hillary clinton. >> yeah. there'no question the far left a far right are going toto get activatated. ii know we think that the populous rhetoric of berernie, oh, my god. hillary hasas to come him onboard. bernaly wiwill come onboard. and, oh, m my god the far right, don't support trump. thehey'll support trump p. maria: l look at the data nunumbers. the turnout has collapsed particularly o on the democratic side; right? there's a rereport out thisis morning that turnout was downwn 4.5 million. that's nearly 20% from whehere we were e whenen barack obama ws exciting everyining. >> yeah. listenththat is obviously get out e e vote is
8:08 am
a big concern. but i also wld say that the republican primaryas been more eitin you had candidates. it was like watchingwe on a weekly bis. it was exciting. i mean -- maria: yeah. >> a it was a very dferent general -- verdierent primary syem. >> i agree wh b on that. and i k i would also a that the nbers really don't tell a great deal at ts poin 121milon americans voted in the election in 2012 and toet from the numbers, which seem big in the all arenthat we're opeting, to get these numbers up twherere you n win a natnal electi is a mae venture. and i alsogree with bob, there's going to be e ormous enthusiasm on the democrat side becse the allegations are, wellyou know, people are notnthusiastic. once democrats andmericans and independents and lot o republicans are aware
8:09 am
what'st ake in running agait donald trump, the enusiasm for secretary clinn is going to be enorus. maria: yeah, that's what deie schultz told us earlier. she was the show at the top ofof the show. guys, doou agree with that in terms of voter counand the output oboboth the democratic a r republican side? >> yeah. i do- welltwo poin. first,hen you look at primary excitement and tur t, those arere interesting metrics. anagainst people like us talking. but historally primary turnout is not predictive general election ocome. so it's important to keep at in mind. i don't agree that thereill be excitement around hilry clinton she unexciting. show us disliked, she miss trusted. but i do agree there will be massive mobilization against trump, notust the democratic side. but with independentand a certain chunk right leaning voters as well. so i don't bieve that it will be a low turnout eltion because you'll have this largerhan life -- if it's
8:10 am
trump, he'larger than life, inspires lots of feelings on way or the other in lo of people. mrs. clinton sort ofas to be the steady alternative as popular as she is, he will be at the center of the election for good or for ill for his campaign. >>uy, , then you must also say that trump must be on light because s s favorability is light yes s -- >> oh, m much worse. o okay. worse. we should make sure that everybody y on fox business -- >> no. i'm not a trump apolologist.t. >> i think it's ininteresting you took that one dede. >> hang on. that's because you guys were talking aboutxcxcitement by hillarclclinton who's excited about her? almost no one. >> i don't a agree with that. >> okay. >> i i think when there's a lot at stake here, in termof who's going to be in t the oval office, i will see a trsformation. if this is a a job interview with thehe american people, i think it's g going to become clear that you're not sasafe with donald trump.
8:11 am
and d that's going to o create enthusiasmsm that does not perhrhaps -- >> i would say that we shouldd throrow all the polls out. maria: yeah.h. > yeah. >> bauause obviously when we get to t general eltion -- >> right. >> everybo will get engaged. maria: trump has b been leading inin the polls since last august. >> i'm t talking about -- >> well, the exit of pollsls. he wonon among -- he won 56% of women in connecticut and 55% of -- > of republicans. >> i know w but his numbers are among republican women. these are better thahan they have been. >> let me e put t it this way. as far as ththat woman vote, don't dress as they say y in llywood. he is not going toto get the woman vote. remember, there's no camampaign now. >> because women n need to vote for hillary becacause she won? >> s sang ththey need to -- >> he has a 70% disapprovall generatiting among women. that's the current state o of affairs s right now. maria: women in n general. thedemocrats or repepublicans.
8:12 am
when you look at the individual markets, she's right. you've got to look at whatat ppened for republican women in new york. republican women last nit. >> throw out the polls. i'm the guy that bked obama en he was at 1%. nd of like, you u know. maria: i have a question foror you about bernrnie sanders. guy bensontom m bare, great to see you both. >> thank you. maria: great conversatioion. we want toto find d out what bernieanders wants. you sait's over. why isn't heut o of the race yet? at does he want from hillary clinton? >> listen, fst of all, i'm not saying bnie should leave e race. actual i think he helps the democratic party by gettg out e votes. staying in or not staying in thk k is in some ways i'm indifferent. what i did find interestg is his coents at last night was really talking about him wanting a platformt the convention him making sure hivoice's heard. maria: so at's what he want a platformthe convention.
8:13 am
>> think he wants a platform at the convention becae the numbers arfactual. >> yh. >> it's imssible for him to win. maa: do you think he wants a job in the administrion if hillary clton becomes prosecute president? >> no. i actually think berniea setor like him, elizabeth warren, more for the party by not being peo pigeonholed to a spefic job. >> i want to say one tngng. if he seeks to get approval of some of his ises, such as free t ttion, single payer, and some of these other tters that are not going to cut the mustard with mrs. clint there's going to be a diffilt discussion. and agree he's very impoant for general ection. his supporrs have to be ought along, a they will be. but when you getet down the specific issues that h he suorts, and there are some, i thinth's going to -- the only thing i'll say on the polousovemenent, you'll have elizabeth warren comi in at this point. maria: will shshe have a
8:14 am
platform at the nvnvention? >> absbsolutely. maria:a: we'll take a break, talk, and take a looook at the convention and what that looooks like. tornadoes touching dowinin texaanand hail the sizof grapefruits puelelinkansas. the worst not over y yet. we've got the detatails. stay with us so strap yourselvesn for action flo! small business edidition. oh, no!! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll savavthe day! plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customomized coverae you u can cot on. you chipped my birdbat now you' gon pay! not soast! i cover more th just cars and trucks. ♪ action flflo did somebody say "insusurance? childrenen: flo! ♪ action flo o cut! can i i geget a smoothie, plsese? ooh! they got oothies? for me.
8:16 am
. maria:come back. a majovelopment in the investigation of theis teororist attack. cheryl with the y and more. cheryl. >> well, mari abdeslam
8:17 am
haen handed over to the authorities. believed be the only one that has survived. his hometown,shes, we should say. l, the tional weather service 60 million people from coast to the midwest andd east to north carolina virginia sd be on the alert fostrong storms toy. the nastiest weaer predicted foan area fr houon, texas. getting again frankly. and up into iowa. consumer weath yesterday in the plains and midwest ns erous as originally feared today. could be a different story. well, the ceo of yogurt company giving an amazing his 2,000 employees. sharesthe company. they were hand packets detailing w many shares 're getting, which can be converted into stockr cash if they go public. based on the evalun of 3 billion, the average employ payout could bebout $150. employees could have shares worver a millllion. and finallthere's a new
8:18 am
depment in the hillary clinton e-mail contrersy. conservative wch dog group judicialatch claiming the state department waseld an e-mail for twoears. but exposed the exise of private sver. the groups sued r courfor mails, and claimed one e-mail was held om them beuse shows they were conducting state deparen businessn her personal se. state dedement official calls the delay an administrative error. back to you. maa: all right. tha you, cheryl. >> you b. maria: life onhe campaign trail, mayberiving politiciancrazy. we have the do's and don'tof politians as well as wh e reactions on twitter.. pretty funny. looktim. bruce sprgsteen. is that brucspringsteen? the pilot of your xt flight could be flying drunk. we've got the details from your repor straightheadad. the e-class has 11 intelligent
8:19 am
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. ♪ ♪ . maria: welcome back. the news of the day dodonald trump and hillllary clinton winning big lastst night in the five primamaries. but with the balallots counted and exit polls now done, wee nonow turn our attention to
8:23 am
ends on social media. jo l ling kent. >> as the polls closeded in five states, check ththis out. there was one excited pennsylvaniaian voter decked out their r house in a full american flag, all f for donal trump. this is a home in pennsylvania. clclearly a die hard fan here. really beautiful aricann flag and of c course trump winning big as hillalaryook the democratic s sidof that victory. and asas always everyone had their eye on chris christie and his facicial expressions. stood behind trump in a victory speech, this t timin new w yo city. and some people sayiying this is chriris ristie's calling. over the shoulder face m mak. chris christstie suffers another cupcake trance, #super teteeth tuesday. another person adding this onn twitter, chris c christie is still being held captitivey umpr he really wants to vice presidency or whateverr
8:24 am
scrap trump leaves out. w well, itit was actually new jersey first lady pat christie e wh rely stole the show last night on twitter and f facook as trump was calling hililla clinton playing the wowome card, sosomeing she rolled her eyes. t it looks more l like a sigh eye dropping there.. and the file out of f senatotor teted uz and indiana, tripped ov some basic basketball terms, calliling hoops a sketball ring. >> t thehe azing thing is that basketball ring here i in indiana, it's the sameme hght as it is in new york city y and everery other place in this country.y. anand ere is nothing that hoiersrs cannot do. >> notice thwkrd silence the a little bit at the end of the day? ted cruz clearly mesng up a movie that he loves s so much. oror that he claims to love so mumuch while in indiana. >> it's the claiming p part
8:25 am
that's's the problem. whwhen you get stuck. how you call a hooa ring. >> you believe? >> i have no ce. >> no, you wouldn't. i have to -- i love hoosiers, and he just tal e wffed. no one got thehe ten foot thing. just forget about it. >> it s a babad day. >> no atathleticism. >> shohows the candidates are human, they may y kn is a basketball hoop, call itasase ngng, who cares. >> i don't know whwhat would coco out of my mouth if i was running r office, had no sleep. maria: when people t on trump for mixg up 9/11 and said 7-eleven, butesperation is t the worst cologne. >> indiana at the hoosiers g for a reon, at least get at one right?
8:26 am
>> anyway ere's thing wrong wi fork and pizza. i grew up about a gat pizza place. >> you td me aut your susunday night dinne. i'm not gogoing to debate. >> i grew up on pizza. so don't tell meme you can't eat pizzzza. >> you're the auththory. >> yeah.h. >> i agree. >> i'm a g gererman phone, i'm l for it. not as big of a g gern phobe as trump b but lolou:our pilot could be under the influence while flying t the plane president tailils behind the alarmimingindings next. ile pilgrims pride pulling more than four a half millpounds of chicken from store shelves. that's next
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back, happy wednday. i'm maria bartomo. your t top stories on ththe eas coast. super tuesesday, for the third timeme donald trump sweeping all five contests. hillary clinton took f four stes out of five primaries. ted d cruz is not goining down withthout a fight. he's blaming the media. >> the mededia is going to say ththe race is over.
8:30 am
the media is g going to say, donald trump is the republicica nominee anand so, the media has told us the e candidates in thi race, the publican and decrat, they're boboth going to be new york libera. >> i want to thankhe media. e medias has covered me fair for the last two hou , they've been really very fair over e last few weeks and --. we're breaking down the exi lllater this morning. we'llring you the latest delegate counts eaead. danger in e skies, the f.a.a. shows pilo are getting drunk and engaging in iminal activies before going into the cockpit happening more than y. check yourefrigerator, pilgm's pride, materials include wood andlasticic and rubb and metal were found in
8:31 am
some of the company's oduct. stocks are plueting on the news. apple,n eaings story, the company reported wker than rert profit and revenue for the second quarter and the stock is trading down abou we're looking at apple andts iphone sales, the result weighing on thbroader market. and futures foththe broader avalanches tod. 've got a lot of earngs settg the ne awell as economic dat a gdp. we'll findt 2 p.m. eastern what the fed will do iterms of interesrates. no interest rate incree is expected. we're also watching oi above $45 a rrel this morning, we're tainwith boone ckens coming up in the program. 'll get his take later ts hour, but you haveo believe the stabilizion in oilil has rtainly helped the stock market in the last coue of weeks. oil now up 2% at about $45 barrel, right der it. tuing ck to politics, donald trump csing in on wiing the republican
8:32 am
nonation after sweeping all five etern primaries last nigh senator ted cr went me pty handed and blamed the media for ump's rise. >> the people ofndiana are going to sd a powerful signal tohe media, a powerful signal to the washingtoestablishment the chosen candidate of washington, the chen candide big money and the lobbbbyists, they are not going to side the republicanan nomine, it's goingng to be we, the pepeople. >> we have so many other peoeope ththat have endorsed us, so tha will be great. wewe'll be spendnding-- wewe'll start in the afternoon and spend numerous case in indiana and it's going to be something really, , really spspecial. i wantnt to thank the media, th media has covevered me very fai for the last two hours. they've been very fair or the la few wks. maria: joining me rit w, is nationalommunications directorere in the studio. thk you for joining me. you blame the media for
8:33 am
trump's rise. >> i'm a conservative,e, ilame it's a double-edged swd. s. in t this case not all othe media coverage omr. trump or any our candidates have been particularly favorab. it's definitelbeen a lot because the tensity and enthusia is the republican de. it a doub-edged sword. you cod argue, some candidates could argue bause the media covered them certain way, there not portrad favorably. i n't blame anybody. mari all in all, voter turnout is up onhe rublican si. >> in every state. ria: and down on t democratic sid >> and annalysis democrats versus republicans maria: saw that. >> you can tk about ratings enthusiasm. when y l look at voter registtition almost every sing one of the state it's up, not insignifantly, 60, 70%, especially the battle nd states important come this general electio maria: is true. brightbart reported 4 2 million wn, 20% down in terms
8:34 am
of voter turnout. >> there's not a lot-- >> since barack obama. >> you've got hillary inton and a 74-yead cialist om vermont. that's notxactly exciting. maa: let's talk about the convention. what does bernie sanders want? he wants a platfororat the convtitionment on the republican side, the convention, what's is s going t lookikike? o o gets the platform? >> on eir side, i don't know what he wants. bernie sders is going all the way to califora, that's a prlem for history, especlly if the f comes down with an indictment. he understands that he is wo almost as mu of the vo. may not have the delegates because they have a ried subsidizedtem on the democraticide in terms of how they allocate the delegate beie sanders is smart enough to realize if e gets indicted, he needs to be waiting in the wing. on theepublican side, if dold trump gets the delegates
8:35 am
he will be the ninee. if he doesn' we ll go to open conventn the delegates will c continue a series of vovs to choose e the nominee. maria: let mgeget your take on this exit poll. voters sayay if ththere is no delega m majority that the party shouould nominata candidate with the most t vos. thatat would be donald trump. will t that happen or do we stik to the ruleses going in even if he-- >> i appreciate popolls. they're useful in some ways,s, buwe have a set of rules t that we've lived by since 1856 6 an wewe'll continue to live by th rules and let our grass roroots lks frfrom coast to coast elect delegates and come to t the convention, , vote for our nominee and platform and rulese. maria: a lotot say that he's no getttting the support, you guys had a meeteting with him rececently. what is it goioing to take for the repupublican party to get behind donald trump? > first, i would argue the rerepublican party is made up o our grass roots vovoters and they're supporting h him and senatotor cruz and senator kasich.
8:36 am
whoever gets the 1237 delegatets from aofficial s standpoint, from a preresumptive nominee perspective, the rnc steps i in when you have 121237 bound delegates, you b become the presumptive nonominee. if you d don't have that, you don't t have it by default and e don't have t say to -- you get ththat nominee. it's's not ours to choosose washington is going g to choose one candidate or anonother. maria: that's wh v voters want to hr you say, thehey nt with a fair process. whwhat does it mean for the republblic party to get behind donald trump. what does he get? >> whetherer it's donald trump r anybody else. maria: all right, anybody y els, all right. >> i if you get to 1237 before r after the convention, once t tht happens you bebecome the nomine when youou official get the votesment you u become prpresumptptive when you have 1 bound deletetes, which means we knowow you're going to get the vote and w we start earlrlier a
8:37 am
certain courtesisies and custom with that, we memeet more and collaborating g where to put staff, how to coordidinate resourceces those are the kind f things that yoyou coordinate wih a presumumptive nonee and a nominee, but the question n is, when? and the e presumptive statusus just saying to somebody, w we know you've got the votetes tha are going to be reired to get the nomination, and so, t's, u know, diense with a little of e pomp and circumstance andtart getting our game togetether and start coordinatingnd make re tha wee focusingn thgeneral elon. maria: right now we from donald trumpted cruz and their ducks in ord. o get prepare for the convenon in july and what does thet couple of months look . we know that indiana i crit and california is critical. >> on june 7th, you've 303 remainindelegates. ere's no question that we're goto have to wait until june 7th to know whether or t have a presumptive nominee. on that day, 172 othose deletes are going to bin
8:38 am
california alone, so, yo going to he a very, very important night on junh. wel wa up on je 8th and see we have someone with tse delegateor they don't. wel go from the coconvention and the general election rategy ready to . and thrnc chairman has focused four years on 2016 o nonovembero ile they engage in a primary processss, , we ha been focused on the laser r lik a general elecection, putting staff out there and d opsition research on hillary clintoton, making sure our data and didigil l operation is seconond none. 're ready to go for the neral whether we have a presumptive nominefor waiting for eveland. true, is going to be alolobal event. >> uquivocally, i think you're going to see a astic difference between thehow we put on in cleveland, the demoatic process that we unveil and what you e the coronati that you see in philadelphia of hillary clinto we've known the ouome of this cause it's been truly a
8:39 am
rigged system on their se with the ser delegates. we know how philadelphia is going to end, t clcleland is going to be exciting maria: we are going to be e thee and takeke our viewers there lie in july. >> i hope so. maria:a: sean spicer there. exxonmobil losinhis triple-a-a rang and b boone pickens will weigh in on theeil industry. and pilgraram's ide and chicken nuggets, how t the recall coul affect y you. ♪
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>> wewelcome back, 45 minutes away from m the opening bell fo a wednesday. we're expecting a lower openenig for ththe broader averages. we've got the fed memeeting today. a couple of stocks on n the mov toy. apple setting the e tone. down n nearly 9% in the prpremarket. the company reported t the firs everer decline in iphone sales tonight. goldman sachs remomoving it fro the convictionon buy list and taking t the price target on th stocks down. ththey're between5.76 and 95.78. from a year ago, t that was hur by an after tax chcharge for a tankerer. other news, , at&t&t lower afte ththe cocompany said it lost t service customerss and thehere s a boost to earnings from
8:44 am
purchase of sasatellite tv provider dirirectv. oil prices takaking a toll on te world's largest publicicly tradd oil company.y. meanwhile, exxonmomobi chcher casone with that story. >> yeah, mariaia, this is a sig of what's going on i in e inindustry. ststanrd & poor's stripping exxonmobil of its s totriple-a credit rating and had that since e the depression. the 1930's. exxon has gogonento debt to ndnd capital spending and keep payiyingut dividends even though oil prices hahavelunged. two companies haveve a triple-e rating from s&p, that' microsoft and j & j we, an alarmingew report for all of you flyersut there. f.a.a. records show beeen 2010 and 2015, 6 64 pilo were cited for violating alhol and drug provis. and last yr alone, some 1500 personne incncluding 38 pilots, teed positivfor one or more illegal ugs. so there five that are listed that pilots n't take. whwhe under.
8:45 am
if-- f.a.ules, they're not alloweto consume alcohol before a flight. a recall of chicken prod reca of more than 4 1/2 miion un of fully cooked chicken products. an expansion of prious recall that we had told u about. consumer and inspect fnd contamination by such marial, od, plastic, rubber, mal. tt recall continues and these producthave the numbers and inside the inspection mark. check right now. and the fast food giant is going to introce edible seing bowls in india later this week. they're made otoillas. they're going to get r r of plastic ones and put rice , and it's popularf you go to o k.c. th is ban n on plastic for a trl period tomorrow. k.f.c. will seif iactually lls,ou never k know, it
8:46 am
might. dagen:ndust saying-- >> think it sounds yummy. oil prices hitti a high. boone pickcks ll weigh in what's next for ergy. he joins meiv stay with us. ♪ ♪ nivea in-shower body lotion.
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first i wash. next, i apply it to my wet skin and rinse. i get 24 hour moisture, with no sticky feel. then, i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion. in the body lotion aisle. >> welcome back, have you noticed the rally in oil? oiprices tradi near $45 a barr. the hight since november. this comes as global procers
8:50 am
pull back anforth over prtion. d next guest is saying keeping opec relevant is the key to keepi prices lower. >> good to see you ria:ou said that oil price would go back up you nailed it agai do younk we'll continue to e moves upward in oil? >> absolutely. ria: why? what's behind this? >> w first, november of 14 we had 1rigs running on oil, drilling for oil in t united states. today we have342. that's enougright there to-- whenou shut down the rigs, you're not adding production and you immediely experience a declinbecae these wells arshale wells, they have been fractured. maria: less capacity? >> well, no, they'llrt say at000 barrels, pioneer and
8:51 am
they're comption, 2, 3,000, a year later ty're down to 500. maria: less supply is th bottom line? >> that's ri exactly. you've gotkeep feeding the nkey, you know? you' got to keep drilling the wells. maa: do you think that was saudi arabia, bacally? we've had is discussion on is set manany times, the fact that the saudis, wananteted to basisically kill the shale industryn n the u.s. was th thettttempt? >> well, youe e had five times, since 1980whwhere the oil price has dropoppeped at leasast 50% itits high. fifive times it's happened. four times thehe saudis have balanced the mararket by cuttin prodoductionon, their productio they said before this one happened, they wouould not cut. so what eyey told the united ststes is, you a the new swing producer. well, we swiwingecause of economomhere, we don't have, ey don't call up and say s shu
8:52 am
everythingacack, you know. i mean, it's a t thoand producerers is whahat have and when they're not makining any money, i i mn, and the decline curve takes s over, so we hit 97 million barrels a day before i t broke. now we're e down to 9.1 and with sixix months we'll be down to 8.5 so we're down a a millllion bars in the last year. >> are you sururpred by the saudi announcement, they'r're going to take one publicic i 2017. what do you think happenens? >> i wouldldn't put a penny in o. >> really?y? why? >> do you think i'i'going to ha stock over-- i'm a stockholder advocate.e. >> the question. gen: and you're a man, toooo. >> and now with h saudi saying they c cano as low as the mid 20's and lower beingng profitable. are you concererned that they kind o of boost and open the flood gatetes?
8:53 am
who, the i iranians? >> yes. >> you can't -- they p put nothing into their proctction over thehe yrs, haven't had the money to and you canan't just say, turn itit on, turn it off. it's not like a faucet and so o they -- yes, they-y-- >> a false perception of them m coming back on? . >> it's a false perception of f how high thehey can. ey're talkinababoumillion barrrrels. well, we know ththey were shipping o out of iriran, rorossraq. satellites, you could see the e truck flow back and d forth. so t there-- i thinink when they say a millin rrels, i think it's closer 200,000. a: wow. sorry, gen. dagen: i want sk you big piure. this economy hasn't grown faster than 3%3% ithe decade. anand you're the presenent the united states and-- >> when did it happen? >> i'm appointing you. make the economy grow, first decision.
8:54 am
>> whawowould i do? >> yes.. >> there's got to be s somethin done for the economy. we're sitttting here 19 trillio in debt, i it may be0.0. somebody's got to adaddress tha some time and addresitit by growing e e ececonomy. all of tse peoplple that are runnining for president say, i' going to grow the e economy, an everything, they don't tl l you who you they're going to do it. the with -- way to do it is off chcheap energy, we have at cheapt t energy iththe world,ou rebuild e e economy f cheap energy. you've gotot to get off the 2% growth. >>owow do you do it, boone, w doou do o it? >> youriring companies back to usn n the united states. mariria:hat's tax reform? a and exactly. you u ha to have tax reform in it, too, but somebodody's got t come up with a plan. now, i think that donaldld trp's going g to be the nominee and i think he'lbebeat hillary clclinton, but donald trump stll hasn't told me how he's s going to do it other thahan he says he's going t to do it. maria: why are you so susure hes going to beat hillary clinton.n
8:55 am
when y you look at the polls, hillary clinton keeps atating him. a lot of p people say throw out the polls, they y don't tell us really what's s going on. why are you u soure that donald trump can beat clilinton. >> you're seeing polls today before we had the e nominee. once you get the two nomomins, i don't ththink-- i'm really going to stick my neck out h here. i dodon'think that she will be theominee for the democrats.. > i'm going to take two bets wiwith you. maria: s she not going to be the nomiminefor the presisident. >> you should read her p plan, and includeses real depth. i'm going to send it tyoyou. >> i will read it. maria: wababout her tax reformlan, robert? >> liste i think right now we need busess tax reform. maria: she wants to rais taxes. >> yeah, think her tax reform d the republican tax reforms have t to figure out what the right balance is to get t tax i congngress, neither her side or
8:56 am
the republican s side will get taxes. they need to do something. >> i totalally agree. >> a now, my dad used to say, you kn, it's time to make a decisiow, even if it's a bad we've got to do mething differen maria: where do u think oil willthe end of the year. >> 5 60. maria: 50,60 a barrel up from 25 boonood to see you. >> you're dismissing maria: i'm missing y m not dismissing you, i'm missing u because you u don't come on enough wall street, a special t on wall street week friday nighthtt 8 p.m. right heron the fox sine business, and its on friday d d saturday and sunday. i'll be the, too. catch it. back in a montnt.
8:57 am
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xeroxhello mr. kent. can ireboo? help companies provide here! customer care n work better. xerox. wa'm here! mr. kent? >> it's's been a great show, dagen mcdowellll, robert wolf, fifinal thoughts quick, robert? >> i thihink it's going to be a intereresting six months, that' all i've got to sasay. maria: yeah. >> i d donnow, i think tha business is s going to taka back seat to politics. maria: in the next s m months. dagen, i t think it's true. dagen: oneore basketball gae from ted cruz he's not going to win india. maria: you mean the ring, , the hoop? >> and come on, morgan, whis going to ve for a third party when you he people who want to vote-- >> the two most popular
9:00 am
candidates. >> and no delegates s that's wht a thd party candidate es for you. maria: "varney & cpany" begins rig now and stuart, take it an w way. stuarthere is my headline. thearth moved last night. and good morning, everyone yes,t did. it was a huge sweeping vicry for donald ump. he won every cnty in all five ates. he took north of 50% of th vote everywhere. and heres where the earth moved. he called hielf e presumptive minee, translation, he'the republican'suy. senator cruz came in trd in four state he only got 10% of the vot two of thosetas. hilly won pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland d laware, her r margin of victor thghgh nothing like trump's. delegate-wise, she is the presumptive nomiminefor the democrat bernie won rhode island and says he will reevaluat don't no w what that means, but


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