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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:56pm EDT

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it's do or. he h got to win. charles: we haive states tonit. donald tmp expected to win them all. how much? we h have the best coverage andt begins rightht now with lou dobs and neil c cavuto. lou: one hour to go until ththe polls close on this electi d day it's another super tuesdayay. good evenini, i'm lou dobbs. voters havave one more hour in which to casast their ballots in five north easastern states. connecticut, delaware, marylana, pennnnsylvania and rhode island. a total of 118 d delegates are t ststake. and if the pololls leading up to this election are right, donalad trump could have a five-e-state eep thatat would propel him closerer tthe 1,237 delegatates needed to clinch the republicacn nomination.
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it's also o expected to be a big night for the democratic frontrtrnener who has been runng strong in the polllls. hillarary clintocould withe fifive states mamaking it nearly impossible for bernie sasanderso bebecome the democratic pay's nominee. we'll have the c coveragage e fu right here tononight. ed rollins, michael goodwin. political commentatators monica crowleley and lee carter are joining g us. r r top story, donald trump set to dominate the nortasast if the latest polls are correrect. the rerepuican frontrunner poisised to win all five states. ted cruz and john kasich are o n the verge of being shut ouout. they a are looking ahead to next week's contest in n indiana, and that may be their last c chanceo stop t trump before the convention. cacarl cameron at trump tower in
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new yorkrk with our report. >> trump is looking to g get0 to 95 delelegates. and he need to get 2/3 o othe unbound delegates in pennnnsylvania. if he e does he remains on track to get the 1,237 to clincnch the nap nation before ththe convnvention. >> it mamany a scam, it's a rigd system. it's donone so the bosses can pk people. reporter: promises byby trump's new cacampaigngn boss that he wd clclean up his act havave not bn realizeded. >> here is a guy whoho says i am going to say what i'i'm going to say wherere they go, i don't ca, daddddy. reportrter: trump restored some power to campaign manager coreyy
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lewawandowski after paul manafot was s rerded saying his presidential manner was s just n act. >> they tend to bebe on the left side o othe spectrum so he may have a good night. but after tomorrow the race will shift back west. as it shififts back west there e a a lot of state i think will be very good. rereporter:ararticularly in indiana. cruz slammed trump f for cricicizing carrier air-r-condititioners. >> dond d says i'm going to use the force ofhehe federal govementnt of any company ththat flees the regulations of t the federal govemement. that's exactly whahat barack oba and hihillary clinton says. that's whahat big governments d. reporter: trump says heilill
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encourage peoplele to return to the u.u.s., not punish them. cruz is getting bangerd d by ququestions from reporters who want to know if he's urgining indiana votedddders to vote for cr a and not him. he r refuses to say that. even though henows tt's part of t deal and it's the only way to stop trump. >> cl cameron. on the docratic side of the eveng,illary clinton poised to win all five states. shhas beenurning her attentn to donald trump as her campaign looks ahehe to the generaelect. but clinton y beetting a little ahead of rself. sanders is refusing to bow out and he won't tell hisupporters to fall in line. reporterhillary clinton is so confident of victories in e five eastern statethat today she jued ahead to indiana
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which votes xt tuesday to show full speed ahead. >> as president i willll go bat for all of our tde. our steel works and iron workers lookinfor that kind of champion. reporter: while the was rhaps one last stand for bnie saers. mpaigning in philadelphia. sanders bristledt questions about whether he going to drop ou vod to fight on to calalifornia june 7nd chased at clinton boasting last night thathe is wrapngng this up. sander was rcting to clinton beindefensive about her lead, evenhough she is winning. >> but i aahead. let's start from thapreme. when we talkboutut what happens next. reporter: clton seems to lose r cool when she was asked if
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she would press sanders get out of the race if she iahead. > i am ahead in the vote. wait a mute. i have the greatest spect for senator sanders. but what he and his suppters are now sang just doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million morvotes than he has. i have more than 250 m more pledged delegates. reporterthat came after sanders ew up a question whether he will get his supporters to rally around clinton if she i ithe nominee, tting the onus back oner. >> we are noa movement where i can snap my fings and tell you whatou should do. ifecretary clinton wins, it's incumbents on her to tell ople rit now who don't believe in establishment lics.
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reporter: clinton has the minaon all but locked up. but sanders showing little llingness to get his supporters behind hefor november. lou:reaking news. we are getting new exit po information fromhree major statesn today's fe-state primaries. the top issue, economynd jobs. fox business reporter joelin kent has all oththat and more. jo ling: it is t e economy and jobsomominating the conversation. let's sh y you some exit polls. ta a look at connecticut republicans. for them theop issue by 44% is the ececonomy and jobs followedy gornrnment spepending at 24%. we a also lookoking at the maryland e exit poll. and the big questi i is going foforward, the delate debate what happens iwe g get to cleveland and the e is no mamajority ofelegates?
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marylandepepublicans say -- 66% say whoever has thmomostst votes shouould get the republican nominationon. only 30% say the delegeses should be able t to choose which candidate eyey think is the best one. we want l looook how people are voting, their seimiment in this race.. if you looook at how people characterize their veses, are they v voting for a candidate in order to stotop another one? % % of people in connecticut say their vote for the c candidate is against another candida.. 25 p perp in mayor portland and 18in pennsylvania. what's iereresting here is mostlyly all trump supporters sy their vote for tmps s not against anyo e else, it's for the donald himself. back to you. lou: j jo ling kent will keep us up to date on the exexit pollin.
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we are coming right backck. stayay with us. donald trump lookiking for a swp of on this s super tuesday. >> the only thing shshe has gots the man card. that's allll h got it's ndering. itit's a weak card in heands. lou: ed rollins, michael goodwin th me here next. these men and women byhe hundreds running across ds and streets to get alimpse of a very important som. we'll have the veo for you. yove to see it to believe it after the short meages we'll be right back. ♪ i built my busins with passion. but keep it growing by ming ery dollar cnt. that's why iave the sparark cash carfr capital one. i earn unlimed 2% cash back on everything i buy for my sdio. ♪
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lou:u: iant to turn quickly to the political evevents of the evenining. i want t to turn to former. reagan w whi house political director, republican strategist, ed rollins, and pulitzer prize winning columnist michael goodwin. it seems 1 10 months we have ben at this a while. and tonight is a doozy of f a a. five statetes. we are look at 170 delegegat,
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depending onon how you want toto count unbound. you called five states for t tru tonight. how do you feel tonit?t? aryou staying with that? >> i i thinknk hwill have a much stronger finisish than anybody antiticited. he wilill be over 50% in many of these ples. he will win n almost alled the delegates that arere uthere to be one. hehe wl have 54 in pennsylvaniaa undesignated. bubut most of those delegates ae pledged to go o hothe district goes, and i predict he w wilwin most of those e districts. it will be a big night foror him similalar new york and the moan men actual is going his s wa lou: is ishehe ilection poinint the campaign if ed is righght d he manages to win big inhese five ntheastern stes, is this the inflection points? >> istted wiwith new york.
7:15 pm
he hadhe loss in wisconsin, that was probably the e loint inin the recent run. th you had the big win in new york. and if ed is corre ae usually is, tonight woululadto that sen of mentum, and there isn't a lot for otheo aim at. the cruz and kasicalliance looks like too little tolate. lo too little too late, extraordinary bizarre, and it looks like the establishment conctethis in one of their ba room smoke-filled laboratories. they look terrible here. do youhink it backfired? >> it totally bafired. it has giv trump the excuse to insu john kasich and tagged him thate's irrelevant. that's all you have se for two
7:16 pm
days is john kasich eati. i think john wl be ht when goes back home. indiana is a wner take all, a one-on-one. cr made it his waterloo, and my sense is trump will spe the entire week there d he will win ther too, then the numbers are there. lou: he will be the with another lla. the biggest endorsemenof the campaign to date. bob knight andonald trump. that is a dynamic duo that thk will probably be pretty ll received in the state of indiana. >> and momenm creates more montum. if he comes out here with ose big wins, itegs to roll and it unstoppable. look, cruzndasich, i don't knowo ch the alliance
7:17 pm
backfired but it nev had a chce in the first ace. the two of tm,eith one of em have any power, really,ny great ll. so twouyboth struggling trying to unite ded up to a bigger struggle. lou: hlary trying to take the ne bigite out of the deletes tonight, what is your view, does she sweep as wl? >> she has a big nht. the smart thing she isisoing is pretendi sanders isn't there. e starting her fall campaign against tru. sensese is trump -- another week or two need to do theame thing, he ne to fos on her. >> i think the me she tacks sanders, theorvisision she cr in the democratic party, and the mo recentment she stirs up in the -- the more
7:18 pm
recentment sti up in the mocratic party. lou: paul on fox today saying quouote we a transition -- the republic pa-- from being an option party to being a proposion party. >> last timeooked they have been the majy party for a periodf time. my sse is we need to make that majority move forward. lou: whats his -- what is wrwith the man? >> he's not had a go year. lou: it willss worse if he will set the agenda, n n the speaker ofhe house. thank you, , ppreciate it always breaking news. a new york sup court judge ruled a fraudawsuit against
7:19 pm
trump university can go trial it was fil i2014 on balf university.ended the hemp sthe universithad a rating of "a" from the br busine bureau. today's moment in the courts i'm sureust coincidental timiming. trump sasays the cruz-kasich alliance reeks of f collusion. >> cruz isis getting absolutely killed. he was reduced to thing in new york he got almosno votes. lou: fox's media buzz, howard kurtz joinus next. we'll be right bacack.
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lou: this just in. the cruz-kasicich alliance is faltering and i'm putting ththat kindly. earlier today the oh g governor walked back what donond trump called the clusion committed by two struggling candidate. >> i have notold anybody to not vote for m i'm just not there camigning. when you d't campaign in certn areas in any kind of a race. gus what? yoururnout goes down. i don't ll people how to vote. i'm not in tt state right now. but i will be in oer states and i will be a brokered conventionrying to become president ofheninited states. lou: there it is our bletin of the evening and host of "mediaia buzz," howard kurtz ins us. head a deal, he doesn't want to acknoedge it. he doesn't even use thnas of
7:25 pm
e state where he will be appearing or not appeari. >> the med laughed this deal righout of the room and in this casthey a right. john kash says he still wants people to voteor him in indian tecruz has been unwilling to look io a camera and say i don't nt people to vote for . so the deal plays intohe trump narrative that the insiders are teaming up again him, and the peop who don't like d cruz don't like johkasich and vice rsa. lo if purase reince priebus -- if you a a reince priebus or soak *, to cmit this clownis oafish act at makes sense en to children,
7:26 pm
what cou y you possibly be thinking now? >> charles koch's reaction raise sod eyebrows. he said he might consider hilly clinton instead of tmp orruz. ted cruz has gone further an anybody might have expectein e campaign. t hion hope now is to pray for chaos cleveland and this dealat was supposed to help keep trurom the 137 ain't working, it probably backfir. lo trump hates the media. atirst i thought he was panel rating his loathing. but i'm nvinced he's less than enamored othe national media. you get the sensmaybybe there is a reason for his animoty. op have been dismissing him, mainalizing him, calling him names over the course ofof 1 months, d here he is as far as audience of this broadcast
7:27 pm
and our pollg, not alwlways as scientific aweould like. nominee.the presumptive he's the very likelyominee woul be m my urnalistic hedge. he gets it fro commentators on right who thinks he's not conservative. he gets it from mainstream medi who said last suer what he isn't t to be takeseriously. th he was a side show and would flame out. now he'sn the verge, he's going do well tonight and he's getting closer to tha magic number. e media don't know what to d withim. so t feeng is kind of mutual. except we love t ratings when we putmp on. lou: i think you are wching a gufor the firstime in my career, a candidate and prospecte president who is bigger than thmemedia.
7:28 pm
the only one have seen come close in that regard wasonald reagan, anitook a while. but this m is demonstrtrating with this candidacy thate's bigggger than the media, his ility to push away and trash political correcess. it something to witness. >> he's spending hours on megyn kelly ime time special. lou: to give herredit she reached out to him. >> i'mlad that happened. but trump hahis own broadcasting on facebook and twitter. the "apprence," he ows w to play the media game. people say y give him so much attention. he often ens it by being prative. lou: and being song as a businessman and rsonality that millions can't take their es off of him.
7:29 pm
and that's all i say, it's a hoot. howie kurtz. we are comright back. stayith . the fight is on. ump looking to win big in pennsyania. >> vote and i promise u 100%, we'll make arica great again. we'll make it better than ev fore. lou:ongressman lou barletta joins me next toalk about pennsylvania's unique delete selectioprocess. bernie sanderstill in the fight, bute may be winding wn. we'll have that and more afterer these brief mess a ands. stay with h us. if you take multiple mecations, a dry uth can be a common siffect.
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. lou: joining us night, the -chair of donald trurump's pennsylvan campaign. coressman lo bartta. a member of the homend security cmittee. great to have you he. i've got to asyou first, how doeses the turnout lk in pennsylvan. >> last night was incredible. nald trump was in wilkes-barrepennsylvania. as opposed to tohe prior day, ted cruz had a rallyith about 500 people. kasich, 500 people, anclinton herself abt 1200 people. never seen anything ke this. u: and this is being replicat -- cuse me, around the country.
7:34 pm
it is really phenonomenal. it is replicateded in turnout t vote today in pennsylvlvania? >> well, i've been talking to peopople around the state. unbelievable. 10100,000 people in pennsylvani have changeded parties all because of donald trump, as well as s peop who have told me th haven't voted in 10 and 2 20 years who arare coming back because of donald trtrump. i can tell you, lou, t those peopople are n not polled or cad when they're doing t the polls. the e is a silent majority that are e coming to the polls todad. u: and at those popolls, the projections s have been huge. doublele-digit leads for trump n every po foror the last number of weeeeks. inteteresting to see whait is tonight. is pennsylvavania, thou, because 17 commended pleledged delegates at stake but 54 unbound delegates. how is that going plplay? some will follllow the dictate f the vovote in the congressional district?
7:35 pm
>> i can tell you at pololling places, people had no clclue about the delegatete situation. not t only are there 54 unbound. but when you v votfor three of ththem in each congressional district, have you no clueue wh they're e supporting. you might sesee a name you are fafamiliar with, give them a vote, you could theoretically vote for donald trump anand cas three votes for teted cruz by nt knowing what you're ining. lou: trump was the first one t o say thisis is nuts. >> thihink about it. big state of pennsylvavania, 71 delelegates, all he's going to get is 17 out t of 71 and the other 54 are free agenents. so many delegates should n have more power than the peoeope of the state.. lou: without question. let's turn to, i if we can, to the numbmber one issue for the voters we're looking at t in ext polling tonight is j jobs and te economy, is there e any surpris in that to you? >> no, that's s why he's got th kind of support he has in
7:36 pm
pennsylvaniaia, a commonwealth hit very hard on j jobs. when he talks ababout bringing jobs back to america a and talk ababout the attack on coal and natul gas, p penennsylvania is the poster c child for that. lou: i've got to ask y a about your spepeaker, paul ryan, sayig he's putting together r an agena atat will be in opposition, competition with the nomineeee f the party, whether i it be trum, whether it be cruz? i mean what is goingng owith you guysys? >> you know, it's bebeen very frustrating for me sxiem s sure all ofof my colleagues with presidident obama and this administration. we've e had no choice but to be the opposition during this administration. we passed over 300 or 400 vever goodod bills thahat harry reid the time w went nowhere. hopefully with a dononald trump in the whihite hse, who will set the agenda for our country, he'll have a house and thehe senatete, we'll see what happen in the election,n, but he'll hae a house that's willing to movov
7:37 pm
thatatgenda. lou: it's faininating that there isis this attitude on the part of the gop establishmenent. they think they y ca-- > is still the peop's house. and the e people are taking the house back, i believeve in this eltionon. lou: o one of the great things about congressman barletta is he has alwayays understood, tha ev b before he was in the people's house. >> thank you, good to be herere. lou: breaking news, apple stock is going to open shaharply lowe tomorrow afterphonone sales sank for t f first time ever lalast quarter. rerevenue e fell for the first e in 13 years. investors reeling tonighght trading. apple stock down 8 8% in after-hours.s. 8%. up nex bernie sanders fueling the democratic divid which is widening. >> y know people think bernie sanders going to snanap his fingers d evybody who votes r me, now we're gog to vote for hillary clinn. that is not the way e real
7:38 pm
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. lou: bernie sas today getting some advicfromonald trum he tweeted, quot--
7:42 pm
the move of course, ght be beneficial to the publans and would draw sup from hillarinton. sanders' wife janeismied the trump suggestiaying the senator wi not play the role of spoil. the dona hado try. > joining us fox news contributor moca crowley. dio talk show host on wor, mark simone. litical communicications strategist lee carter. good to have you all here. >> lou. >> i didn't hear anyone else make the suggestion toernie sasands publicly or r in any cocolumn. yet, there's trump.. >> leading the way once agagain right? look, i don't think bernrnie sanders is going to take the sage advice e of donald trump o this, remember donalald trump hd
7:43 pm
been playing, toying at least t maybe a a pr kind of way of castining an independent run fo president if the repubcan party didn't treat him w well enough. lou: toying withth his opponent, memedia. alanting an idea in mr. sanders' head, wws? >> there's a lot of sasaers voters who say if sanders s isnt ththe ndidate, they're going too go f for trump. could bebe extending the olive branch and saying 'r're all in this togogetr. lou: by ththe way, crossover votetes om sanders' crowd to the trump crowd. >> if theyey play around in the convention and t trump had to g thirird rty, eve expert will say can't be de. if sanders goes foth pararty that would work. aughter]. >> the onlnly waway pull it of. lou: mark is helping everybody out here tonight! yoyour thoughts. if trump d does carry off a sweep, whehen look at polling leadadinup to the election, we're talkining %.
7:44 pm
don't hear r thword ceiling anymore about donaldld trump. %. 61%. high 50s. at that point doeses have a indicate when heurns t to kasich and cruz? please, geget out of the way, we're going to start healingng the party. >> sure, n not onlnly does he h the popular votete going for hi. but state e bytate polling and what we saw out of the mid-atlantic and northeastst states, if thehey believe he's gointo have a landslide in the veve stes but have you national polling shows himim climbibing up in the high 40s. ovover0% in the latest nbc newss poll. he has the groundswell o of popular support.t. you have the popular race, theh delegagate race, but i think going into thehe convention, if he's not able to clear thehe 1212, he will not ju have thee popular vote argumt but the legitimacy case. loou thinknk 1237 before cleveland? >> i think it's increasingly
7:45 pm
likely. >> cruz is only where he i becahe wins caucuses. very fewn the general election, he'sot aroblem. kasich is blanddonald ump n'me uwith ninameor h. he alsbeen rning over a year. lou:ou didn't like 1 in 42? >> he hasn't come up with nickckname for him >> sometng about eating. you're going to see, coming . lou: your thoughts aut the evening, the prospects for trump? >> i think it's gointo be a huge night for trump. we're ing to see huge mbers. i think it's over 60%. i think we're into have -- i thk that trump is going to have a reallbig case that the st o of them should get out. kasich a and cruz are saying th five states don't mamatt, they nenever vote republican anyway. wee going to win wherere it counts with republicans. they're tryiying to make this where republblicans are. i don'n't think that's fair d don't thin lit hahaed ay
7:46 pm
loouw at inteteresting among many things about this evening? interesting tuchl has been sasaying in the months leading p to therimariries that t he's goining to put states in play that people dididn't think possible, presumuming he's not only presumptiveve nominee. he was the presusumptuous nomine and candidate when he was s saying it. it's not presumptuous if y you are correct. wel find out what else we can expect. we'll be bacwithonica, mark and lee in just momoments. stay with usus. up next,t, fewer than 15 minunutes until the polls close in the f five northeastern stats which isis commanding all of ou thoughts. we'll have t results at the top of this hour. and is ipast time for cruz and kasich to drop t? we're going to takthat up in gorous, rigorousnd energegetic detail next. ay w with us. i'm in vts and as a vested invesr in vests, i inve with*trade, where investors can vestigate and invest in ves...
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. lou:enator tedruz, you s ther he hopes to turn the e publ's attention from the five states voting tonight to indiana where has, and john kasich or is it kasichnd not cruz? i can't remember how tt alliance wor, they're going vote next tuesday in either case. trump is leadi by a real clear politics average of6 poin.
7:51 pm
at the hooer gym in knightstown, indiana, of hoosier movifame starring gene hackman. les listen in. >> can thetate of indiana st the media's chosen candidate. lou: now the mia has chosen hi >> it's all your fought, l. >> as you know, we'r here on the hickory basketball c.. and bruce, w travels with me, bruce, want tosk you something, dyou have a tape measure with you tell me something. how tall is that basketball rim? lou: this is ieresting. > ten feet! you knowthe amazinghing is that basketbalring here in indiana is the same heht as it is in nework city and every other place in this
7:52 pm
couny, and there is nothing that hoosiers cannot do. [cheers] >> fksi'm going turn back to monic mark and lee to get some clari here. i'm m t sure i understand the standardiz basketball rim. >> wn he asked the tape measure, i was w worriedwas stealing anoer donald trump ne. [laughr] >> senor cruz realizes indiana is essenally his last std. really needs to win indiana r e delegate race to reset the race iterms of the montntnt and you psychology of this ra. thiss it. he's going to end the next week doioing exact what you're seng here in the last hope -- >> hope to stop nald trump mamake the convention into a real race. lou: honestly, i d't know wh his point was do,ou, lee? >> i have no ia. if it's ten feet in neyork -- we c do it there?
7:53 pm
copy donald trump.ying to he likes trump feel. nohe's trying to trump in the rally. -libbing, talkg about what's in the room >> it was dramatic. >> and, you know, totally bedazzling. i'll lea it at that. as we look at hilly clinton and bernie sanders, arare we moving to e e sunset for the sasanders campaign? > well, what campaigns usualy say is we'reoing to tatake timie and rereassess what the sanders campaiaign said today. after r tonighght's contest whi hillary clinton is expectetoto do very, very well i in these states, theyey're ing to reassess, and they werere quick to say we e are not dropping ou and intend to cocompete in stats lilike california. at the very end, sandersrss operating to be a plerer in the conventionon. lou: he's being awawfully nasty. >> toooo littltle too late. he had a trump-likmovevement. had he been tough in the debates. >> goingng to touch h the e-mai >> w who knows? had he been tough on it.
7:54 pm
>> his wifife said this is not campaigngn, it's about a momovement. i don't think he's outo o leave it any time soon, and, youou know, i think k that hillary is undoubtedly going to getet the nomination, , thing is a big ght for her, i do think it's not as big oa night as everybody thinks. i don't think it a sweep. >> she'll not going in the neral never having been a tough debate a not ready for. >> it may be tt bernie nders was told or suspects h didn't have to go ter her on the fbi scandal or investigatio bececause the fbi is going to do thafor him. >> t that't's a long wait. he should have d done it. >> may be e a long wait. lou: these thingsosomemetimes take a long time.e. we thank you for keeping i short and insighghtful. lee, thanks for being with u us. mark, monica. >> thank you. lou: electionn night coverage e
7:55 pm
will continue e now, in a matte ofof seconds, really,y, with ou own neilil cavuto. stay with us.. . anuncer: this is fox business cove of election 2016, super tuesday 3. here is neil cavo. neil: all right, vy good to have y here on a night that polls close five states in just a few minutes. 172 republican delegatesp for grabs. 384 democratic delates u up for grab if you're keeping track how much further the respective front-nners nee if you include theuper delegates week have am coverageeginning with connell mcane atat trump headquarter blake over at cl


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