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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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torrow is super t tueay 3. 11gop degates up for grabs. "making money" starts w.w. [♪] chles:he dow jonones industrialrage closed up 26 ints. 100 popoints to off the low. super tuesday 3.0. the candidates are all fightg fodelegates. ted cr keeps on take unbound tell gas. anothebig weekend for ted cruz. damage assessment hillary clinton's emails has enen made. first is ted cruz cliewgdith john kasichn a way to deny
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donald trump the nomation. >> if you collude in busiss, if you colluden business or llude in the stock market th t you in jail. but in politics because it a rigged system, because is a rrupt enterprise, in polic you are lowed to collude. chles: donald trump calling it cousion, but john kasich doest think it's a big deal at all. >> i don see thihis as a big deal other t than m not going to spend resources in indiana, what's the big deal. >> we want t to apply our resources where theyey a used most effective, it's allll to
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stop hillary clintonon from bemiming president. charles: rresentative blackburn. you are the picture of the re honest washito d.c. person. everyone likesou. >> well thsenator joins in that. charles: he's former. everyo likes you. is it collusion? is it smarpolitics? or are they dissing the voicef thpeople? >> they are reizing they will have to do somethi if they stop tmp. the feisty five is tomorw with those big states ae'll see what happens in the. think that donald trump probab has made it very clear he igog to move forwarwith this. cruzs looking to stay relative and epep his campaign going. crud has run and greatampaign.
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they he a great team. ey think this is the way to . this will beorked out before they get to convenon. >> is it clusion, a smart deal or are they ignoring the v ofhe people? >> i'm not a cruz supporter. here is e thing, i agree with many othe things he has put forward and d the style i appreciatete. charles: even when he's leaeadi. yes, youou m disagree with the ste and rhetoric of mr. trumump and i i peonally have had my moment wn i wish you could take back k some of the things when they y come o o t you have respect the process of demococracy. ifif y are going to rally up too gogo uagainst somebody, do it
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out ofof the merit of your position and q qualification and not jus s something th looks like, let's s just gang up agait and play the se bullying game. let's call it for r whatt is. win out of merit. charles: you don't aee with this comnation. >> don. if you are going t to earn that position and pve you arehehe most viable candididate fofor te party to unify it, ts s isn't the way to do .. it. >> i thinknkt's a sign of weweakness what they are doing. cruz said to kasich whisee in, he c can't win. cruz cant t mathematically win either nonow they are joining forces going to thehe convention and hoping it blows . cruzouould have a better sho than kasich. to think he's going to c come in
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onhehe fifth, 60 sixth rnd, it'sot going to happen. >> if you u lo at this from the perspective of cruz and kakasic, the more than n a majority of repupublican voters who still oppose donald trump.p. if you looook at most polls he t less than a majoririty of f suo. what they arare saying is, there should be a voice for that. they are saying g it poorly and ey threat trump frame thee issuas c collusion. it's part of trump's genius at he can own thessue. they should ha said we believe the republican partyuld be reesented by someone other than donald trump. if you areoing to collude, they sent out statemen the same time with the same age saying thee clearing the path. charles: if they hadn'done
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that wouldn't ople argue it's t transparent? >>hey should say we have a common interest suorteted by most republins, which is to have sebody support our party in le with the beliefs of our party and we want this to plplay out at a conventntion. let's bebe open and transparent abouitit. otherwise it seem lilike it's a half step. >> here are a couphings you have to consider. you hahaveillions s of individul that have come intnto e republican party t this election cycle. what you have to do isis say, we want to build d a bigger tent, republican pararty and bring everybody in. yoyou cannot dismiss what the peoplele have said. they sent a message to people en elective office. we want to see t thing changed. we love our coununtry enough too to the figig.
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any time youryry to say we are going to d do a gimmick or tric, it backfires.. charleles: so far 62% of republican voters have n not vod for doldld trump. if you were to dri d down to only republinsns, the number is even much h larger than that. but you sounds like e you wewerr kakasich now perhaps you are no. those people areayaying they wa a a voice at conventioion. >> when you look at the bibigger picture of what is i in the fute of thehe republican pay, can they win at t the national level without the appealal to ththe voters, those group that lasast time were critical.
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there needed to be a shift in tt message. mae e that's the mess and that kasich and cruz shshould have brought rward and say, 11% of all of us republicans happen to be me up of mininority. what can we do to fifix this and win nationally. everyone's negatives - hilly clinton'n's are babad, tes are bad. everyone's areff the charts. as marciand others were sayi, when neetotop beating g up our frontrunner. at what point do we shift thee fire to hillary clclinton or bernie sanders? charlessanders?chchar in the previousus races by ththis timee
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frontrununner was clearly establisished. >> back to reagan. go back to t the reagan campaig. charles: does ththat say -- >> it talklk aboutut the anger f the e american people, that they are not going to sit ts one out. lookt what happened with reagan. '76 and come back to and do the comparisons.s. the american people are e fed up with this anand ey are watching closely. i think ththe publican party has touild a biggerr tent. charles: older white -- >> think is the oppoity, right? talking heepubublican issue, it's a democrac issue as well. what you are seethe rigged politic and thoslabels you are hearing, it's nojust the republican side.
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sanders' flowers are concern about what's happeni there. hispanicer thihick wee ded hispanics, e everybody thinks we default to democrat. >> i think it's easy to gett caught up on the extremes of the party. threrealisk is that donald trump getsts t nomination. and itit reals how small his supporort tually is. if y youook at the popatio that a actlly supports donald trumit's a small part of the population. republican vors and democrat voters are fed up wh at is going on in washingtgton it an outsider year, we'll have an outsider nomineeee. >> thahat's whwhy the vice prest is very important t on both se. charles: martinna says you w wod
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love that one. charles: thanks a lolot. fantastic conversation. you u don't want to miss fox busi it s super tuesday 3.0. what did you calall it? >> t the feisty five.e. charles: younonow all the feisty states. tomorrow o on fox business. trump hires another gop vet. he has three campaign mamanager. why? is he worried about a a coention fight?tt we'll be right back. clipips food truck, ruining your perfectececor yeah. now you would thinkk your insurance company would cut you someme slack, rig? no. your i insance rates go t. your perfect record dodoesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,s,
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arles: maybe donald trump p is
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preparing for aontested coconvon. he is planningngo personalllly announunceordell gas at party conventions inaliforninia and virginiahis weekek. he mayay blearning the delegate dance. if it does go be one vote, thisld come in handy. joining me now, y brucend curt heglan. he won 19 in maine andn minnesota. if this goes past one rou at the convention, he'sing himself up pretty we he hadolid gamthroughout. think back to iowan everyone predd donald trump would win d a high turnout wou benit him and ted cruz came out th
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victor. his teamnowss mathematically eliminated win on the f ballot. and they havhad consistency on their team. thepaigmanager has been the the entire time. you are seeining a g shift in donald t trump's campaig >>oth of these approaches are completely legitime. e system is set up to do jus that. charles: are youeferring to the llusion? >> that't's legal term about secrecy and illegegality. somebody read d the art of the dealal this is dealhat was made. it's very million leading of mr. trump to call it clusion because it literally is not.
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and mr. trump should be flattered these guys are admitting he h the road to the delegates and theyon't beyond that what cruz and kach are doing is legitime. going for thdelegates are the strongest waway to g the nomition is to get the delegates rst. obviously if igo to the second ballot, that is gog to be mr. cr's bailiwick, mr. cruz knows it. chles: you know, i know paul manafort has the resumd kelly has the resume now a thircampaiaignanager. how come manafort and ththese gs didn't win a anying over the weekend. they have been in place e foa couple of weeks. th talked the talk, but whwhen are they going t to start walkig
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the walk? >> that's s a good question. it may be totoo ttle too late. it's like grab trophies than going to do the work to say we have the big na is it actually goi to work ted cruz has beeplanning this run r president for years building t best team. notrump is just getting into the game. >> y you have to look what's on the map r trump. indiana will be a g state for him. if he winit, it extinguishes ted cruz. charles: iiana i is do or die. >> the last race thethe convention itself. anything canappen after that rst llot when you are talkg to the delegates at the conventition.
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you needeoplple who know them. >> t the delegates will know the aren't people e who were on boad all the time. charles: donald trtrumsays you are going toto have a revolt. if you pick ted cr over hihim, you u will have all ll to pay. will there be a nationanal revot if donald trump is n not the nominee? when it comes to s small business, she'e's in the kno.
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do not improve or gs wors ask your doctoif 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for yo. see if u're eligible for 1212 months free at >> w we are going to pick a a gy that over a year g c creamed. you would have a revevolt. you would have at a minimumum -- all thesese millions of people o join the repepublican party which makes s itit so hot. all of these peoplple will never vote for anynybody probably, but theyey certainly won't be ting for republican.n.
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charles: that was donald trumpp ququestioning whether voters wil choose senator cruz in a systetm he continues to call rigigged. the winner needs 1,237. donald trump nds 115 delegates totomorrow to chart that path accocording to most experts who mapped t this out. pennsylvania, that's a trickcky state. so the big question is a again, can he win the majority,y, 1 1,7 going toto cveland. stacy, t math obviously up to new york got m more favorable fr nald trump. the polls for the northeheasare off ththe arts for him. t indiana presence aobststacle than is a slim chance there would be contested convention.
6:24 pm
would there be riots if dold trump is not the nominee? >> that's a grt question. one thing i'm look at isow this election has exciteso many people. upset and people who jt refuse to come out in november. trump oks like h hhas the momentumum going to indiana. charleles: we know people who ae life strong in friends he e each other now? but wi t they y rip each other o shreds. >>hehen they t talk revolt, the revolt will be against the repuican party. they are goi to caus the diseven franchisof millilions of people. , there won't be riots
6:25 pm
the republican party in november ainst the congress and senate. they will sweep th house clean. charles: do you mean they won'tt vote for them? >> i known t there will be caidates who arere not establishment t candidates. there willll be new people on te scene and they will get electet. >> i think there is a good chance there wl be rioting. but i'm disturbed dog some rerting talking to degates o have received death threat i was talking to a gentlan whose phone blew up. sincerely hope and prayou die. thiss creating a climate of the fear. if things dot go as donald trump wants s th to they could easily getet out of control. charles: is he f fanning the
6:26 pm
flames?? >> i think in his way he i iss trying to simmer thihis down. the way u u make america great again is to shshow the world how this process w works. charleles: a lot of amicans don't like theayay the process works.s. you can argue about whetr r it's fa o or not, it's been around fofor a long time. ronald r reagan had a contested convention. do youou think there will be serious change to the system.. >> you will see a a lot of grass roots organizers who w will want to see chahang and implement them themselves. this is the waway it's been done evevery single election cycle. this so much more e nirnlt whats happening and theyey are a actuy participating. so next go round it may not bebe the way it's alway been. charle we are awaita ted
6:27 pm
cruz r i flin, indiana. wewe'll take you therere momenly and discuss wh ted cruz has got to do if he's going toe this comtitive before the convtion. we'll be right back.
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>> we are focusing our energy yn the ate ofof indiana, and
6:31 pm
governor kasich h is focusing hs energies elsewewhere. itit's and i allocation of reurces s that makes sense too beatilillary clinton in november and turning this c country arou. charles: that was teted cruzn yes s and john kasich dede join forces. is it the art of the d deal or e they dismissining the will of te people. we are waiting to hehear from td cruz.. but in the meante let's bring inur politic panel. kirsten one you were surprised ted entered into thlliance. >> definitely. and ted cruzomes offs having a ot more ego and skin? the game i think it's a desperate mov i don't support donald tru but
6:32 pm
i don't thk it makes either candate look good. kasich said bore that his voters aren't bots. th are notoi to like okay, just becse some politician tetells me to thati will not do that. charle somometimes when you are desperate it's okatoto lk deerate. >> he hahas known for a while ee won't get the nominatition on te delegatetes. a president has to a adapt and make d dea fan negotiate. and i think this i is part of i. and i give them crcredit for continuing to try for not faining, for not saying no, anad not giving up, and y you can't o agagait the will of the people.. the winnerer wl be the winner. at this point 37% foror mr. trup is not the wilofof the people.
6:33 pm
he, totoo, needs to overcome th. he's's g to be able to overkoimenent if he thinks he cn run the world. that's why thihis prococess is o exexciting. his opening is i wanant somebody el. but let me tell yoyou something. with t the way the world is beig run right now,w, it better be somemebody different.. charles: on twter on my poll atat cv p payne, that's what's resonating more than is else.. the narratative is bad. so what is i it, any press is gd press? he needsds to get his allies in the trtrump crowd rallied around indiana. he said he narrowed down his v p picks.
6:34 pm
he needs t to come off as serios and thoughghtful. he n needs to get money around them to win indiana, w which is his best bet to stop trumpmp. >> in that sound we playayed coming in, h he usedhe w word allocationon of resources. there were a lot of rereports te money was running low. does this s help or hurt his effos to raise moneyey? will this be the last,t, last td ofof the never trump crowd indiana? >> yeses. >> with all of these argrguments they arere saying they are going to be doing. everyone is still l on the ballt and people will vote for whoever they want t to vote for. this is anan effort when it coms to mediaia they can win a few me districts. california thehey e as being important, especialllly if they have a loss in indiana.. no will ofof any voters being affected here.
6:35 pm
it's a a matter of how these people are goingng to sway -- charleles: but to your points -- >> how a are you taking away choice? they are o on the ballot. >> they know he's not -- >> you canan make up your own mind. chcharles: ke k kasich is -- whn kasichch is asking them to do that. but if they dott cpaign ere in any of these states, we are talking about three states f now. it may be that sma amount that doesn't gogo for one will go for other. wel see. in the meaeantime, let's's sft gears and talk about t the.b.i. the leaks dedetails of cnton's probe, we are trying to combmb through them. the intelligencece cmunity is doing dadamage assessments. 2,100 hillary clinton emails.. a lot of work, a lot of f dage.
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chles: the hillary clint email probe,f doeoesn't come to light befe novembmber, could it b leaked?
6:39 pm
charles: hillary clinton's email andal will not go away. rtainly not anytime soon. the late revelation could spl disaster for her campaign. catherine herrge is here with the latest. first tell us more about t inlligence community doing someththing called a damage assessmentf hillary clilinton's emails? >> tt's right. a senior official told fox news the intelligence community is doing damage asments after 2,100 hillarclintoemails were identified containing
6:40 pm
clasfied information. the roadmap for employs handling cssified information. it state if it'sost, compromised orutside a secure gornmentnt network like a personalmail server, there is requirement, a mandatory requirement to do a dama assessment to figu out whether urces and method weree mpromised, what kind of disciplinary action shou be taken anwhether it amount to a crimal aivity and whether there has to be coornation with the justi department. so ts is a serious matter and the bottom le is there is no wiggle room this. the code of fedalal regulations is clear. they have to do these mage assessments. charles: if ey find some thinings thamaneed -- have legal implications. whmakehe call on that? >
6:41 pm
reporter: we went a group at the national archives whicis the reposito for all the government recor there is a security coonent inside of . we asked if they would comnt on the assessment ofny damage assessme. they said theyre not involved in thessessment because the partment of justice is in the leadn this and they are cut out of the process. that takes uback tthe f.b.i. investigation. charles: it'complicated, it's a lot of different thing ware learning. thk you very much. i want to bring inur panel.. gillian is back with us. we know mitary guy, ere is alkind of codes out there. the onus is alys on the person, people invold to k know these de. hang said that as they comb through is they know there are 22 topecret emails.
6:42 pm
how doou see it playing out from her >> it plays s out onof two ways. the investigation is conude and the right thing is don the f.b.i.nd the justice departmentures the indictment, but there is n a belief that will happen. the scenario is if the justice departmentoesn't move forwd. there e 30,000 emails she said she deleted abouyoga classes and fts. but the justice department refuses to move, they mighget a place ere the f.b.i. there is a leak or resnations from e top because they don't bea like justice is being serd. charle chuckrassley said if there is political interferee and i assume somebody in thehe f.b.i. i is going to leak these reports s d is going to have an effect piticallyly or leaked to
6:43 pm
the prosececution, tt's a pretty heavy chgerom someone so ranking in our government >> he had to walk back. he sd i'm noasking you t to break the w, b but it might pp. there is precedent for f.b.i. to be disgrununtl about this. if youou look at what happened th t the petetraeus case, obama said similar languag the f.b.i. agents were v ver upset about the e way this was haleled. i thinththere is a general sense thatat the " "new york times" reported if hillary y gets o easily with this, ththere will e an uproar. >> is therere a midland ground? either she getets off completel. or she is dinged. and that will ct affect her effort to to the white hoe. >> that'why there is a cloud ov the hillary clinton campaign. ifif she iindicted.
6:44 pm
k4ubg assley didn't say they shouldeak, he said there probably would ba leak, all of whicwould dog her still a primary en it cop out or more likely in a general. a lot ofemocrats a worried about this. 's highlynlikely that nothinhappens. something will happen. it's jt a matter of degree and timing. does it happen now or after e elecon. >> g, thank you very much. president obama in the meante haannounced he's going to send 250 more speal forceces to fight isis isyria. he may relse a portion of the panels from the 9/11 investigation. you're late for work.
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charles: president o obama announces his version ofof a sue in syria. at home there are reports thatat say the administration may sooon release poportions of the 20 pas missing from the 9/11 inveigion. reesentative blackburn, 250 more scial forces it feels like too le too late. e took president obama at his word andsis is on the run, why not go for t death blow once and for all? >> what is frustrating to my constituentsn the middle. they feel like theresident does not listen tohe cocoanders in the field. we saw thisn with e drawdown
6:49 pm
in iraq and ghanistan. we are senng in addion troo. how many exactly arere there. from the 150 a and 6th division, ththis causes concern for my constituents in tennese.e. lack o of clarity. defining t the mission. charles: pete, 2 250 more soldiers. president obama taking grereat pains to sayhehey are not trtros on thehe ground. it's always the political l part of this to represesent the clary of the mission itstsel >> tell ththat to the 101sthat congresssswoman planningburn represents. ononly 217, no higher than t th. it's a politic numbers game
6:50 pm
run n inside the white house, nt the defense department. we don't have e the reliable partnersrs o on the ound. anand because we donon't, wee ct untie the hahands our special operators toto do what they need to do. the leads in syria have been made by kurdish troopsps, which are good. but you u will need lol allies to take raqqa and moususe as we. variablele d raqaqqa and mosul s well. and it won't be enough. charles: you are sayin it's evitable any gains we have made we'll give back at some point? >> clely this president has not learned the lesson of the iraq surge. he slow dripts it would leaderip without clarity on the mission.
6:51 pm
our trps are demoralized beuse they don't have a mission and tells the amican people we don't have bos on the g ground. for representative blackburnrn d the troops she represesents. they are frustrated. >> let me ask you out is 9/11 report. many people are speculating e role of saudi arabi should we see that -- should the american pubc have a chance to see what's goingn fun iteans saudi arabia is somehow plicated in the 9/11 attacks? >> this is 2 pages of the reporthat congress did. s, i think it's time for us be able for the americaneopl to look at this and gets the full picture. and, you know -- arles: fun it means our ales played big role in 9/1
6:52 pm
thehe american people deserve to kw the truth. we a 15 years past this. let's havehe report out there. charles: y don't want to miss hannity tonight. sean will be talkingith donald trp and ted cruz cruz's alliae with governor john kasich. here is a sneak peek. >> it's coion. in business you to jail for that it's llusion where they are ming together because they are getting beaten badly. cruz was reduced to thing last weekn w yo he got almost votes. he had no delegates,o nothing. sich is doing terribly. he's 1 f for 42. if iere to have campaigned two more dayin ohio i would have won. charles: therere five states voting tomorrow, ser tuesday 3.0.
6:53 pm
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arles: super tuesday 3.0 or the feisty fivive. hihillary clinton is 3 point ahead of dald trump in a general electi matchup. former senator scott brown iss back repreresentative marc blackburn and tammy bruce. there don't seem to be r real question mksks. pennnnsylvania, so few of these delegates are bounund. maybe thatat could be somethinga wildcard. >> it could be a a wildcard. what w we are going to see
6:57 pm
tomorrow is s people coming out tomorrow in n a decicisive mann. i thinink the turnout will be hihigh. i think ththe exit polls will tl us a lot. they wilill be interesting as we start getting those tomorrowow. let's see if the voterer anger s stilthere and d they are continuing to send a mesessage. charles: any chance kakasich can do better than w we think tomorrow?? >> no. you kept hearing him s i it's always t the next go-round. so pennsylvania is closese t ohio, big deal. connecticucut, and rhode island are close to new york.k. what's happening in the e feisty fiveve tomorrow, i think you wil see a solid win f for donald trp to put thehe delegate numbebersn higher. >> the numbers are a all over te ple.e. but fromom what i checkeked apr3
6:58 pm
th the pennsylvanidepartmement in charge this. dems are getting some, t too. they got 6 60,000. there e is a lot of movement. the e gop is dominating that. mostst people give the credit to donald tru. >> this has been the case.e. the numbmbers that matter. we need to see mr. t trump gettg past that ceiling. charles: what about 50%0%? >> t that would be nice, too. i like ted cru but i i want the strongest gop nominenee we can have. i think going into calalifornia and the nature of whwhat we have here, that bececomes the issue. evererybody beginning to coales. especially g going into californrnia. the nature of hihis strength, is he bringing people together. the fox news polls indicateded a tipping points forndndna and california this seems to occring. charles: donaltrump hahas all the momentum.
6:59 pm
i think this would give m a chan to get over 50%. >> it would be vimpressive if he did get cle to 5 50%. what'm interested in is how the percepon will be after tomorrow nht. how does donald trump respd, how does he conduct himsel during tt speech? can heeparate himself from the crowd. if he build that momentum charles: hmay not want to ange. it's working for him in th primaries. >>he anger and the gop civil war. you arare still nfident it going to heal itlf up at some pot. >> i'm conde lit heal itlf. this an outsider year. trumor cruz will be the nominee. the party will go. we need to raise the seses of
7:00 pm
ththe tent. bring in morore people it's good for us. >> all of ththese men love this country. and that will bring us b bk. chararles: on that great note, let's leave it t there. thanks for wching at home. we hbe doing extraordinarilllllecause of you. alalso lou dobbs i next. lou: good evenin i'm lou dobbs. we are less than 11ours to the pollening in the next primary contest. there is aot of polling, it's going to be a blout for donald tr tomorrow is set to be the biest y so far for donald trump th presidential primary season. in the five 8 that will vo tomoow, connecticut, pennsylvania, mary, delaware d rhode island, trump has a clear double-digit lea president neverrace for


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