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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 25, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> thank you. maria: wisishing you the best ad mary anne as well. >> thank you. maria: and thank y youjon hilsenrath hienenrath, arthur aidala anand thank you. stuartakake away. i will, maria. ststua: have you seen anything lilikehis bere, rigging the primaries,s, it's happening now ted cruzuz a john kasich will cooperate to m maxize the nontrump vote. cruz will not contesest egon and new mexico and kasicich ll the same in indiana. is it fair to say y th the candndidates are rigging the delegate count? trump calls it desperaration an there's a little not dedevepment in the hillary e-mail programam. it was dumped into the news s mi on friday afternoon. jujudge napolitano says it's moe bad news for the clintonon cp. here comes bad newews r the obama ececonomy. a rerepo this week will show it slowing to almost t a ad stop.
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the word recessisionill be mamaki a comeback this week. d stocks will be down a little this mornrning. however, "varney & c company" i about to begin. ♪ ♪ wewell, we're strehing a littlee bit here. why not? >> game of thrones, okay.. stuart: the e g.o.p. game of ththros. two candidates to o ta down a third.d. in the end, of course, o onlone of them wiwill be left standing as thehe nominee. game of thrones, of coururse, kiing off the new seseason last night. i bet a lot ofof pple watched itit. more on the politics of gagame f ththros in just a moment. look at this, we arere gng to open lower on wall streeeet t by mucuch, it's not a huge sellofby any means. we w will get the latest read o economic growth anand at thursdsdayorning, does not loook
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like there's m much growth at all.l. that's after tririllions in stimululus and record taxes. we'll tatalk about that throughout the show.w. look at this, some o of the e bi names ththat took a big hit las week. les see where they're going g to start out. googlele is going to be down a little bit more this monday morning. how about micrososoft? catastrophe.e. it's unchanged from m last week last friday whenen it lost four buckcks. don't forget about applele. it releases the latetest fifinancial numbers tomorrow afternoon. oking for a drop in iphone numbers, the s sales thereof. ththat not great and apple is down ait this mornining around 105. z macdonald is back after r two weeks away from us s all. a a grd old time. >> and i want to talalk out the economomy. yes. > 2% growowth in the fall of last year. >> that's right. 1% growtin the winter. fit quarter this year, probably less than 1% % liz: the numbers, new w york at
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0.8%, and atlanta fed 0.3%. ththis is not the immaculate recovery that joe bideden lked about in the summemer 2010. the blblanket of the u.s. government heaeavily on the u.s ecomy. stuart: i i think that's going o count not just for thehe market but t al in the election. if y youe sliding toward recession and thatat wd is going to be used, you're goingn ask the candidates, how d do you u get us out of this? >> a and how do you fix income inequality a growtwth and a job. stuart: welcome backck, z liz: got to o be back. ststuart: i'm pounding the tabl liz: t takyour shoe off and pound, too. stuart: all right. i'veve got to get to this. at graphic, let me use it t again. ththeryou go -- that's not t graphic,c, it's the g.g.o.p. ga of thronones, ted cruz and john kasich are joining forces s to trtry to stop donald trump froro getting to that ththe magic number of 1,237 delegatetes. here is what trurump tweetedn respsponse, quote, lying ted an
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kasich are going to collude to keep me from the nominatation, desperatatio all caps. and robert, to you first, i said at the top of the shohow, have you ever r seen anything likeke this before? i'm not didid ur-- i thinink we may have seen something like t this before? what's youour take on it? >> what we have going on herere, crcruznd kasich both are mathematically elimimid from winning g on the first ballot. they admit they'rere not going o win on the first ballo only hope isis tstop the candndidate o can win on the first ballot. donald trump. think it's distateful for r republicans, 66%6% of republicas say they b belve whoever comes to cleveland w with the most delegates and votes s wi, and that should be dononald trump. i'm going to predict, , ifhe establishmenent somemehow wrtle this away from trump eveven thgh the rules aow for it,t, i thinink 's you're going see a massive e boycott of trum
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pporters in the general election, i'm m not saying it shouould be. stuart: u're a trump suppor georgrgette is not an ert trump supporter althou think she's beginning to lea this way. do y you think it'rigging, the candidatesnot the party, but the candidates rging things. >> rigging appears to be the new polical word. i have to say i disaee to some degree. i ink that this is all about the math. i derstand what they're trying to do. they he to make sure that trump does n get that 1237 on the first vote. i disagree. i thk it's the trump suorters want to win. th wanant to win the white hohoe and i think that they will clesce behind whoer is picked. no are they-- >> wait, you think-- i mean, the word riggings being useded widely. trump supporters don't like thte idea that anybodody is going to rig things against him and i
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don't ink they'll sh up for the rigged candidateif it's cruzr kasich. i don't think they wl. doou? >> stuar i disagree. i thinthey w wanant to win the white use more than they will be angry at the riggin stuaua: rort, fast, what do you y about that? at the republicans want to win above all else? >> lk, the people trump have ergized are people outside o the repuican system, many of them. they are peoplwho have sat on the sidelines in the last ur eight years and they're coming io this because theyey're exted about trump and i think theye going to sit ink that's a very real possibility. stua: i'm going to stay on trump for a moment. he's said that he's ing to tonet do look more presidential. didn't last thh the wed, he mocked hillary all over again. just rolthat tape. eing presidential is easy. much easier than what i ha to do. here i have tot and rave, i have to keep you people ing otherwise u're going to fall asleep on me, t?
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if i was prential, first of all, i'd have a teleompter, hahave you ever en crooked hiary clinton. e-- good afternoon, bridgept, h are u? thiss crooked hillary clinton. the ople start yawning and leaving, the whole thing is a disasternd she will be disaster as a president. stuart: i ha to tell you everybodarou this table was laughi at that and i know i can hear him in dall, , e laughing all the way her do you have a stabout chan the tone about trump? >> yes, i do. i've been with tmpmp in many differenttings and i can teou h he can moderate his toneording to the need of e mont. i remeer after the last bate in miami he was so sud. ter the debate, how did yo like that i was very presidential. he was laughing. i said why did you do at? he sthat's what was needed tonight, apirit of unity.
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trp can do whatever is necessary and d by the, stuart, that's wwe want in a esident. we want a president o uses tone when he's dealing wit the leaders of a nlear ira that is different from t tone he uat fourth of july ic. that's not duplity, that's wiseeadership. stuart: georgee, what do you say about changing the ton >> you kw, i think that trump being trump g him this far? who am io say change your style. however, that same sle has got lost on women and hispanics. would say pull it back a little bit, woul't hurt him beg who he is. he's got to get the gatives do if he's going twin this.. stuart: okay. all rit. we hear you. let't's move away from donald trump for a second. i've g got something on the migrant crisis, president amama. nonow, he was speaking from hanover, germany.
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bring them in. anand we should bring them in a well. roll tape. >> startrt seeing those who woud try toto exploit these fears an frtrations andnd channel them in a a disruptive y. a creepingng emergence of the kind of politicscs that the eueuropean project was founded o reject. a us versus them m mentality, that tririeses to blame our problems on the othehers. somebody whoho doesnsn't look l us or doesn't pray like us. whether it's immigrantnts, or muslims, or somebody whoho's deemed dififferent than n us. stuart: rorobert, your reaction first? >> look, as a christian, i believe we ought to o show merc and compassion to ththose who ae in need, but, , stuart, government has a responsibilility, according to roma 1 13 to protect its citizens andnd our law enforcement officials hahave sad we have no way to screen thehes migrgrants coming into our country. government needs to prprotect is
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cicitizens, that's not unchristian, that's s a biblica position. stuartrt: georgette momosbacor, last t to you. > it's the christian positio, but t it doesn't work. they've got to figigure out how to bring the m migrants in, kno not t only screen them, t what about the jobs and w what it's doining to the economy. it's grereatat to take the high roroadadhowever, the high road has to have a pathth that makes it viable economic f the eu. uart: ezabeth mcdonald wishes to speak liz: there isn't a depent both georgette and the gooood pastor are correrect. stuart: : that wraps that up. wanto geto t market. wilbe down , 50oint t timthe eninbell ris 20inut fronow. sevel bicompaniehave earnin rortsnd tt cod fe the sto. ape anfaceok.
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bett looat mcdond's. were aalking aut n rerd h a alo to 30 a are. l dabreakfasis rlly rkin droed to 12frid, it gng topenroun125 thisorni. let'see at happe thoh causthat vermuch a ock theews. what'sex i'llell u, theatt brian pagliano who t upup t e-mail server the firirst place, judgege napolitano says looking at the d detls, that's bad news foror hlary. back in a mome. poor mou breather.
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>> alright. hillary's e-mail scacandal, a major development and it w was dumped on friday afternoon, onoe of the dumps you get in ththe news media. it was igngnored by the mainstream media, but t not by us. brian pagliano the former staffer whwho set up the server in the first place is not gog to testify beforcongress.
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jue napolitansays it't's bad news for hillary. how do you geto o that point? >> backgrounund, pagagliano received a promi by the justice department notot to prosecutor o or an order of immunity from a federal judgdge one oror the other. whwhatever he's received h has induced him to cooperate.e. of the five people closest to mrs. clinton involved inin this e-mail scandndal mr. pagliano was o one of them and hehe's guiding the fbi through. stuart: 's saying to the fbi-- >> ang what he was telling he wapaid $5,000 to commit a felony. the felony was to take her seet e-mail stream from a safe, re goverernment server and migrgre it to her own server. stuart: the issusue is who told him to do that >> he's told the f fbi mrs. clton did. stuart: he did. >> yes. what elshehe's telling them and how he's navigatating them through h the servers, more tha one, whichch they now have, we
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don't know. but hehere is the significance f him nonot testifying before the judiciary commmmitteand the judidiciary committee accepting his deteinination not to testify, the fbi does s not wan him singing to t the judiciary committetee in public because that will tell mrs. clinton anad her r lawyerers what he has tol the fbi and theyey do not want her to know that bore they interre her. that particular item tt, at you're just talkg about. senator chuck grassley said friday, he the chair of the senate judiciary committee a you well know. heres the quote, youav interpt this. if there is political interferce i assume somebody in the fbi is s goin leak thesreports and it's either going to havan effect politiy leak to prosecution if there's e enough evidence. . he's s saying openly that the fi will lk it. ashley: in fairness to senatato grassley, he says later on i i not encouraging such a leaeak because itould be a crcrime,
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but humans are humans. here is what he's sayingng and anybodody who knows the law and has looked a at the evidence ca say this, , the evidence susufficient to obtain an indictment is overwhelming. . the publicly known evidence,e, never mind what the fbi knowows the publicly knonown evidence t obtain a conviction is overwhelming. soso if the j justice departmen does not present thiss to a grand jury there w will be such an outcry fueled by likekely leaks ofof the fbi that the political outcome would b be as ifif mrs. clinton was indeed, because it will look likike shes under r the protection of the democratic party. stuart: i haven't t heard the e-mail scandalal mentioned much if at all over t the e entire weekend.d. ashley: chris wallace had quiuie a dust-up with d debby wasserma schultz in which she refererred
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to the e-mail investstigation a ludicrous and colin powell did the sasame thing and c chris sa wait a minute, colinin powell said he may haveve inadvertentl sesend something over an accoun. but he didn't have a server tot his house and didn't't take away from a vernment venue, how cayou possibly compare the two? and mrs. wasserman-huz was not ableo answer. stuart: so that hilly cnton is more in political trouble. >> and theore that mrs. wasserman schultz mocock te fbi the morere it will become. thatat's troubling because last octotober, director comey said, hintnted january, we're now in april. in januauary, he hinted may. now, he rerecently has said, we have no timetabl honestly, hehe os it to the american people andd candidly,
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the democratic paparty. they need toto know if they're about to nomominate somebody wh isis going to be a defendant ina criminal prosecution. remember, there'e's another investigation of her for pububc coupupti, the allegations are that while sretary ever stat she made official decisions using her governntal authority to benefit foreigpersons and governments that made he contributions to h husband's foundation and to r husband's pock book. stua: could both of these be delayed until after the election? >> that wod be reprehensible fofojustice, particurly if she's elected. stuart: buit's not impossle. >> it's not imssib. [laughte >> all right. look at starbucks,hy don't we? at stock dropped a full 5% o fridayit looks like they're the market opens in abten en minutes' te. and some of the other big mes that took big hits. they're basically stabilizg at lower levels this monda morning.
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ave this for y you. virginia's governorccaulmccauli, he'll leconvicted felons vote in t election. thahat good law? good polits.s. stay with us.
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>> now thisis, the governor of
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virginia used hihis executive power to restore v votes rights to 200 excons, they can votote thth november. listen to the anger r that came atat him from the g.o.p. >> i i would tell the reblicans, quit complainining and gogo out and earn these folks' right to voteteor you. go outut and talk to them. i find ivery-- in fact someme of the langge out of the republilicans, i woud tetell them to be very careful how they frame this, carareful ththeir rhetoric. . theyey have an opportunity to gt the individual voters to vote for them. stuart: all right, and the governor ovirginiaia. the judge has been held d over for is, a glutton for punishment. c can do this, nothing under the law. >> he can do this under the law. a loof governors don't have the thority to do it it reques a legislative lane. and no one canay it's not potical. he's bilill and llary clinton's
9:25 am
close friend, and in cppaqua ere the server was held. on the otherand, punishing somee for life once they've serv their time violates the 8th amendmdmt, what he's doing is constitutional. >> i'm going to be very careful with meyer rhetoric. it's ri. [lghter] . stuart: a sound bi. >> it's not en subtle rigging, nothing stle steanghetate for her. stuart: and d leave itit at tha. >> it's the last word, i gavave it. but, you know, he'e's right tha pupublicans should not assume that all the p people are going to vote for democrat. >> wait, they know who thehey are, they're goioing to bus the to the polling booths, j judge. he's got some 200,000 0 votes i thr pocket. stuart: ti is up, got to go. thank you. mes away from the opening bell, tough read on the economy coming u up on trsday morning, that's aack drop to what
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we're looking , 50 points. microsoft stocdown on iday, at at the oping bellnd 'll have the opening bell in a moment. ththe rsuit ofealthier. it begs s from the secocond we're born. because, h healthier doesn't haen all by itself. iteeds to be earned everyay. using wellness to kekeep away illness.
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>> all right. we're about 15econds away frfr the opening bell anat
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wi be this monday morning. friday was a tough day for se ofhose big name tech stock we are goingo tell you how they open up this mond morning, ithey stabilize at all. i k they have, by the way. wee also gearing up for r big economic numbers on thursd, that's the back drop tthe market, om 9:30 here we go. we're off and nning this monday morning, whe have we opened down abo 20 pointsn the ve, very early going. if you lood at the futures ma before we actually began tring. weere expecting a loss of about 50ois. nonodown 31 in 20 seconds. i say e economy is stalled. i say that's aig dea a back drop to this particular market elizabeth mcmcdonalds here. welcombaback. eryl casone, with em-- lcome back. anand keith fitzight there. at tn washington or oregon or hawaior where? is that looks like sttle to me. >> seatt it is, stuart liz: travelling man. stuart: it'sot even raining.
9:31 am
get the late he is read on at they're saying is economi growth on thursd. it's the state othe economy numbers, 8:3thursday morning. it's notoing to be good. it will be way down deste record tax collecting. is this big deal, a stall in the economy thursday morni for the markets? >>t has to be. yore exactly right with erything that we've thrown a this problem for the lght years,emember, several years of 0% interest rates, we couldn't b anyny inflation, we have thrown the kitchen si at the problem and condition t any grth. our gdp stinks so bad i'i've named it gdp-u. [laughter] >> how abouout you, keith? scott is coming on strong ying thihis the backdrop to the e economy and no real growt there. is this a factoror in the marke, kekeit well, here isis thing, ststuait should be a factor in the mararket, but the feded e itit very clear they don't want
9:32 am
it to affect the market. they w want all gain, no pain. what that means is that the price discscovy is out the window. economic reaeali is out the wiwindow. the markrketare high and mapulated. i don't ththinit's going to be the crash h th everybody thinks it going to be. it should d bebut it's not. i think we've gogot to look to thursday, , wh yellen jawbones us to death and look foror it t h higr. stuart: inteteresting stuff. ke a look at a apple. the profit report comes out tomorrow afternoonon, investors are bracing g for what's within that report which coululd be a declcline in the number of hohones sold, and apple is down at 105 this morning and that's it, the numb sold. >> the company h has been a device centrtric company for many, mamany years, that job's legacy. i think they're e makingng a mistake, this is morore than twices, this is commerce, , artificial intelgenc c cars, buildings, e et ceterara.
9:33 am
for me, i'milling to wait i out onpple liz: keithth is right. losing a fifth of s s value. and ina is cracking down on iss for apple. stuart: apple is an intereing company. stled ght there liz: that's ght. stuart: check names down on fridayn particular. microsoft lo about 7% friday. stabilizing-- can can you callhat stabilizing? i'm hopeful, i o the thi. noit's dead flat. gole down a bit more, they were up-- were bn friday, and starbucks,tabilizing. and sa, no recovery and down another 73 cents as this monday. how about donald's? seri of rerd highs last week, then it cameropping down othursday and friday and
9:34 am
now it a125. ubs, just ra the target price to 131, not makinguch diffence so far this morning, anit's up, what, 4 cents at 125. how about netflix? ubs ving it a buy ting price rget of 141 on it. not much differenc the stock is down nearly a bk atat 94. w about halliburton, delayg the earnings release uil next week. they're trying to accoodate the baker ghes deal. by t way, the company says itit's going to cut 6,00jobs in the first thre months of the year, physical year, i gue. more fallout from oioil, rig, keith? is that at's going on here? i thi there's some of that. to me, tre, stuart, i think the sty has alreready been prpriced in. i'm not convinced that the earn are going to be as bad everybody this they are. if you look at i the stronger companieare making lots of meers and acquisitions and going out and down. so vertical and horintal in
9:35 am
integration, i think youe got a buying opportuty. >> fiat chrysler recalngng cs worldwide, drive canan't tell if they put the vehicl in park. adam shapiro down at the n york sto exchange, give us the stock prices, please. >>eah, the stocks are trading up abo 1%. in the premaet it was up after fiat chrysler-- talked about the vehicle recall. it's suv's and cars, dodge charger, chrysle300 sedan, essentially 2012-2014, and t jeep grand chekee, 2014-2015. ananyone whoook driver's , when you shifted it into park, you could feel it was park. it's mechanical. today's electronic transmis, when you shift intoark,ou can't feel it and listening to the warning signal. fiat chrysler is going to modi the warngs and settings r you stuart, it has tdo
9:36 am
with t crank in the front. stuart: funnyny. . and u make a good pot, the sound when sometng is in park. th's how i if i go yo-- ift't's in park. anlike anlectctron car, i don't want that noise somebody knows howe're coming. >> some eltric cars have fake sounds to adesess the issue you jujust raised. stuart: thank k you, adam. gannett isffering 815 mimillion to buy tribune publishing liz: picking up marquee inn los anangeles and orlando-- >> do yoreize how big of a news item that woulde 15 years o? a drug maker called perrigo,
9:37 am
new y in, , a guy-- it's s a guy. do you like taking oral medications, le if you had to ke a pill. would you ther have alternative? >> yes. >> it's base ireland and one of the hotte drug companies, it's generic, how to give medicication to people who can't particular pilills. there's a a lot of concerns abot the earninings, a lot of concers abouththe market overall, obamacare. theyey're targeting u.s., they want to make drugs f u us, and they're ncncned about the reregulatory envonment. stuart: i've got another one for you, goldmanachs starting bankccounts for ordinary peop, you and i. >> y. uart: what is , digital? >> for $1 you can ha a digital savingaccount and you can have an account golan sachs.
9:38 am
this is goldman, normallllyou have to be aillionaire or mark zuckeerg or something, i can write a check to stuart varnrney from my account. stuart: it's something like the savings ssbook. >> they're looking t to brinin the avage person. they're noting anything on trading so they want to brin in ma and pa. stua: i've got a story on target. take a look at the sto. i don't think nat has much influencon the stock price at all. an interestingngtory about 34000 people signed a petitiledging they're going to boycott target ov the trsgender bedroom policy. all righheryl, what is targ's transgender bathroom policy. >> if you identify as a mailr a female, whether you e or not genetilly. you can use whater bathroom you choose and the amerin famissociations
9:39 am
protestingbout it because they think it's going topen up the bathrooms to sexual predators. there's a concern that tget isoing to become-- there's going toe crimes committed, but tget says we don't want to be discrimitory, we want to be en to whatev sex you choos to be. >>nd trump said initially k caitlyn jenner said he shoul be able to go o to whatever bathroroom. but now he's saying is s the company-- >> therere's a huge national story and a lawsuit againsnst target, they h have a point abot creepy men that could j jump ino the babathroom. stuart: itit's a tricky issue, very trickcky. president obama warns, it cocoud take a decade for brititain to negotiate e a new trade agreemet with america, if the b brits leave the european uninion. scott, does th souound like a threreat to you? itit does to me.
9:40 am
>> sound like a threat? ? it's an ououtright threat. i was embarrassssed over the weweekend to have him tryingo dictate their foforeign and trae popolicy. could you imaginincameron coming h here and doing somethig similar? nono. i i didn't like it at all and think that he should be e out o it and it's up to o them t to m theieir own decision on the fututure not the u.s. >> stuart, he wawas lecturing europepe. took 25 minutes thisis morning f like an hour speh to lecture them and cut awato angela merkel who kind of-- me on, it was uncomfortable. stuartuber opening the door to tippingts drivevers. with a it second, at the moment you don't have tip. now they're going say, well, you might want to tip. >> the driver going to be allowed to ask foa tip. a sign in the car thatays, hey, you want tip me exa. tips an' uberride is what is saying.
9:41 am
uart: who is on this one? who? >> scott. uart: give me a thing on ubertipping. >> i've been uber when it comes out and used it a ton. when they first cameut, there was something about the seice they made you el like you didn't he to tip and that's the probgoing foard. a lot of folks that staroff the beginning felt like, y, it's in the p price and cost, don't have to tip. i don't mi tippi because it'still scheaeven with a tip you'u're better 0 of, but t thend d of the day, mindset thbegiginning made you feel li you didn't have to. >>ber is getting wayor pensivive, and could be e beat y rival via, $ $5 or $6 for a shae ride.. stuauart: last word to you. > i know you want to get in. >> and like airlrlines, didn't charge you foror blankets, and you have to pay for it later. uber, , maybe you tip and d may you don't.
9:42 am
>> the poioint is you don't hav to have cash. stuart: i tip everywhere. >> youou do? >> what did you u say? >> the convenience facactor. peopople in the building are no chiming in. stuart: you're all so chcheap. [lauaughter] >> anand w we're down. and i think that the trading i s what happens thursday on the growthth report. i think that's why we'e're down i'm out onon a limb, probably, s i usually am. ththen we have preresident obam announcing he'll send anotother 250 troops to syria findining isis. colonel ralph petetersrs is her and says it't's too little too late. we're talking to him at 10:15 5 this m morning. and the obama ececonomy strikes agaiain. we will not be seeeeing robust grth when the latest read d comes out t thursday of this week. austan goolse, formemer economic advisor to o the president willlle with us in just a moment. ♪ baby, you just t n't seen nothining yet ♪
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>> hehere is the market, now we're down o over 70 points. i think that investors a are concererned about the growth rae of the econonomy. we'll get numbers on it thursday morning. i don'n't think we've got much growth at t all. i think that hururts the market how about ththe price of oil ths morning, h holding at $ $43 a barrelel and the price of gold,a function of the dodollar's direction.n. 1259 p per ounce, that's gold now. how about tesla, we watctch thi frequently, goldman sachchs raised its target pricice to $25 a share. ththe thing is at 256. how do y you raise your target price liz: go o figure. stuartrt: are ey saying sell it becaususe it's going 2 245 or--
9:47 am
we've dusted off one of our favorites, because of f austan goololsbee, the economy running into a roadblolock. i want to talk to yoyou as an economist not as thehe architec of president obama's faileled economic policieies. >> i only talk as anconomistst,, stuartment i try to filtlter ou this n noise that you sometimes send to me and d deal only in fact.. stuartrt: whoa, what a guy. all righght. look, 2% growth lastst fl. 1% growth h ov the winter. probably less than 1% grgrow in the first three months of thisi year. that's's a nasty trend. do you discount enrely thehe possibibility of going into recession this year? >> a recession, no, , i don'n't discount it.t. we've talk about before, i think ifif you look around the world at what's happppeninin china, what's s haenining in europe, what's's happening in erging markets, , it's like the
9:48 am
trle crown of nightmtmare. i mean, i dodon'think you can rule out recessionon in the u.s. stuart: it doesn't seem m like ntral banks, whether it's s japan, eururopor the federal reserve here, it doesn't s see lilikee've got the answer to this problem, does i >> no, of course thedon't have the awer. we went through the wors financial cris of our lifetime and they t interest rates from, t's say, 400 basipoints to zero, now ey're trying to figure out how to make it negativ if that was going to work, y would ve thought that it would already ve worked. now, that saidjust because their tos aren't that strong, doesn't mean we shou abandon the tooland they should start raising the tes. i thinat woulde a mistake we get out in front of thisis precisely becausthe economy is nothat strong yet. stuart: so if wee not going to get help fromhe central bas, i don't see what help ey can give us, ite frankly. i want to see help ce from thtax policy of our r future presesident, and-- >> i aost thought you were
9:49 am
saying you had converted tbe a keynesian, stut.t. now u wantiscal policy. u're going to say regulatory lowethe tax rates, et cetera. stuart: yes, i am. is there something wng with weng individual and corporattax rates so youive money ba and it gets right into privatenterprise and stimulates there eine of grow? i memean, what's wrong with at? >> there'snly one thing potentially wrong th that, overall itoesn't -- it's not wrong, but if byoing so you choke off the ney that you needed to make t investments that areritical to your future growing, then there mething majorly wrong with that. if you say y know what let's do, let's cut spding on financial aiso people don't t education. we don't he money to spend on scientific research or infrastructure. stuart: wait a secon what's wrong with cutting individual tax rate immediely and corporate tax ras immediately so you bri money
9:50 am
into pvate enterise immediately? i undetand that you w will probable rai the deficit in very, very short run, t in the long n u would control it because youet growth in e economy. growth is the thing that w need more than anythinel. >> you're sounding dgerously li you're coming back the well, these tax ts areoing tore pay for tmselves. like that you admitted in th short run yoknow they would not pay fothemselves. stuart: i think th hillary's got a oblem if s goes into the ecti with more tax and spenr what we've had for eight years. are you vising her,y the way? >> not -- not formally, a little bit. i definitely said i suppor her, think she'll make a good president. stuart: ok, austan-- okay, that's a stran way to end it. and thk u for joining us, always a please. thk you very much. and leaders of both partie urging tir members to spend 30 hrs eve week making
9:51 am
phone calls for campgn cash,h, literally didialing for dolla. up next is a congressman whoho says he's a lawmwmaker, he's no a telemarketer. >> you have six x months uil the election, break that dowown to having to raiaise $2 million in six months. and new member, your jobs to make se yoyou hit $18,000 a day. we live in a pick and choose world.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
>> coressman david jolly is here and he saysys hs fed up to ththe back teeth with all the time he has to snd making phe calls for campaign c cash. he's in e studio in new york. great to be with you. stuart: : we saw you on 60 minutes. where we g got the storyf congressmen n have to go in and spend 30 hours a week k to rais $18,000 a day dialing g for dollars. you want to stop that.t. >> i surure do. i'veve introduced legislation t ban direct solicititation. we know about the amount o of momoney in politics. this is about the amount of time it takes to r rai that money. and the fact that you hahave a part-time cocongress and a -time world spending all o their days shaking down the american people for money and not doing the job th ran. stuart: what abother coss peopl they surely can't rish 3030 hours a week?
9:56 am
>> thiis not to criticize my colleagues, this is to criticize thsystem. the members on the dedemocratic side of the eyed, they were givethe model, 20 to 30 hours. and on my side of the sle, heres a call sheet how to shake down dn fund raisingng is the fit prpriorityty. stuart: y you're running for senate. what are you goioing t to do if therere's two weeks away from te elecection someone comes in wit big moneney, corporate money, doesn't matter, big money, thehy zap you right therere two weeks fore and you, o o have not been making the phone calls, you don't have the cash h to bet them? >> thas s the shame of the system now that money y buys politics and votes. he took the ededge to no longer directly slolicicit. at the enoe
9:57 am
election because i go outsnt. my we and i are fine with that. stuartreally, you-- >> i gotn this to try to do somethinand i'll be honest, stuart, i had no idea the demands on the time of a siing member. as a first time caidate not in office, y can juggle your schedule, but once y are elected you hold theublic trt and every hour you're spent insomething other an your day job, you're cheating the taxyers. they're paying you174,000, do ur job. stuart: is this a main plankf your camign? > it is we created a websisite, thstop act.m d put every organizational resrce behind getting this don i don't care abouthe p politics ofof this, let's do this. stuart: you flewew the flag up the capil building when i became a citiz. >>t's my wife's id. stuart: she's in the stio. congressman, thank you for
9:58 am
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10:00 am
stuart: well, look at is, califoia waking up to new poll numbers, looking good for dold trump. he leads with 49%. let'go to the democrats, because at numbeis very, very intesesting. these are california polls okay? in california clinton leads sanders 48-46. can we now go backo the reblican pl in california? thank you. 49, trump; 22, cz. so donald trump has a huge ld among repuicans in california, but it's neck and neck for democratin california, hilry anbernie. liz -- >> yeah. stuart: -- if you ok at that ll r right there, it appears f the paris me in a couple -- first timen a couple o of nerations, california republicans will have a say e tional election. >> good morning, calornia. trump is in a ad heat with clinton youstate.
10:01 am
hillary clinton not gettinthat latino firewall. they waneconomic growth in that state. watch this, also pnsylvania. you e more than 61,000 former democrats nobecoming republicans, we'e're seeing that trend in other states s like wet virginia as wellll. stuart: whwhich state was that? >> they were talking pennsylvania seeing more than 6161,000 d democrats are now rerepublicans, also the trend's takingng hold in states lilike t virginia.. stuartrt: and pennsylvania votes tomorrow. > correct. stuartrt: thank you, liz. it w was tough day friday, we're downwn a bit more this morning t 17,918. i think there's s some concern about economic growtwth,ew numbmberon that thursday morning. nonot ch growth at all. how about the price of oilil? well, $43.77 7 to be precise, vivirtually no change. how about -- no, look at applel. that's more e important. look at apple. reports profits tomorrrrow. lots of concncern n about how my iphones are they selling.. fewer, is the word t thawe're gegettg, and apple's down 1.04,,
10:02 am
it's down 20 percent in ththe pt year. how about xexero less m money coming in, strong dollar hurts them m and so does lower saleles printers and piers, that's one of the w worst losesers in all the s&p 500. xerox at $9 a a share, down 0%. all right, we e ha new home sales numbers s coming in, just came in at thehe top of the hou. this is new home sales on an annualized basis, it's 931,000 ----511,1,00 > dn 9%. we've got case shiller homee valu c coming out later in the week showing just t 5% growth in home vals s nationwide with. stuartrt: that's not good news r housining gerally speaking. president obamama urging germany this mororning, big speech, , let the migran in. he said that t to germany, and hehe's implying the same thing r us. let 'em in. roro tape. > you startrt seeing those wo
10:03 am
would try to exploit the feaears and frustratioions and channel them in a destructctive way. a creeping emergence o of the kd of p politics that the european project was foununded to reject. anan us versus them mentality at tries toto blame our problems on the other, somebody who doesn'nt look like us or doesn't pray like us. whether it's immigigrants or muslims orsome w who's deemed -- or s somebody who's deememed different t th us. stuart: we have e thformer senior adviser at the statate departrtment. do you t think that that approah to immigrants, north african a d middle easternrn iigrants, coming to amamera, encouraging them to come to america,a, dyou thk hillary clinton will follllowhe president's word on this? w wel i think the approach you're describing or the presesidt's rhetoric was largely that. it's notot auaually a descriptin of how the pololicorntry will work.
10:04 am
it's more of the theory bebehi welcoming people and amemeri being fundamamentally a land of grants. now, the r reaty of the policy is that the united states isis acacceing the least number of migrants of all l ofhe western countries and has a very strtric syststem of judging whwho ts ino the u.s. from the sysyria conflt zone.. germany, on the other hand, hahs actually welcomed granantsn large numbers, largely f for economic reasons. germany is facing a 1.4 million-person, i guesess,eficit in the work force, andnd so they have economimic reasons for tryg to attract some of t the skilled labor and unskskilled labor thas coming i in from syria. stuart: that's not their reasosn for imimpoing 1.4 millilion norh african migrants. >> oh, no let m me correct, they have a 1.4 4 million defic, but they'r're accepting about 200-300,00000 that to boost they labor. ststuart: wait, wait, they've alady y gotten more than a million muslslimin their
10:05 am
cocountry, and it's not going dn well. >> you would actually tatalko their labor mininist, and they seem to disagreeee. i'm not saying t this is a gambe that's going to work for thehe s., not by any means. d, frarank, obama putting pressure o on e europeans to keep track of their r mimiant flow, it savavesuite a bit of pressure from the u.s.s. thave to do the sasame stuart: you're a l little defensive. think you know this is a losing issueue for the democrat. >> oh, i don't know ababou defensive. strident in my viewsws, will giveve you that. stuauartyeah. but i think the democrats s are dedefeive on this one. ifif youut it to the amecan electorate tododay, let 'em in, les let 'em into this cotrtry, i think you'u'd lose the electi. >> well, andnd ectly. that's's not a policy that realy anybody's going toto aocate. let's be real. stuart: wewe a waiting to hear frfrom hillary, aren't we? >> so she has actualallyome out broad support for humanitarian principleles in immigration, but undererer tenurere athe state department, again, the s syriarefugees
10:06 am
largely a crisis that was contained and limited to europo, and the numbmbers really haven't changed drdramatically for the u. while t the has not been a massive policy platfororm llout, i don't t suect you're going to see much interest frfromither side of f the aisle on bringingn lots of middlele etern immigrantsts. stuart: i think you'u're right there. i think you'u'reead right on that one. xt story, the fit over planned parentho comets. new report, it s companies may be maka profit from selling human tiue. congsswomamarsha blackburn is with us, republican of tennessee. what's t thistory all a abo? what are you going t to about it? hold on a second. the republicans in congrs have failedo stop funding for planneparenthood. you're not doing much about this. >> well, what we are dng is investigating, and the is a house resolutionh.r. 461, to put in place aelect instigative panel to gin and look at thaborti industry and their medil practices and the prurement industry and
10:07 am
their business practic andhe relationship between thewo. and had our second hearing last week. we dealt with the icing of fetal tissue. and you'veot some of these organizations, and they haveeb sites, and youano in and order specific parts, specific gestation periods uartyeah, but u know wha m talking about, marshsha. when t thosese videos appeared f the woman sasayi this is how we crush the fetus toto maximize te valuof the body parts, a lot of republicans wted some change, and we haven't got change. >>e do, and we are working towards that xthe house voted to defund planned renthood. and there hat been that agreemt coming through t nate in the budget reconciliation agreement. ststuart: you understandhyhy the republican-- >> listen, i g it. and that's why i'm chaing this sect panel that is overseeing this. what we will do is he a report by the end of the ye with recommendationback to the authorizing committees of e steps they should take to
10:08 am
tighten up the code. we had thr u.s. attorneys before us last week, andhey all aged that this was worthy of an investigatio we had witnessesdemocrat and republican, said you need subpoena these p procurement organizations,s, wch we have done -- stuart: : but, again -- >> and t they need to bring ther accounting rececords so that we cacan t to the bottom of this. stuart: you u understand the frususion. >> i get it. yeah, , beuse we are so frustratededith them. stuartrt: ay. >> yes. stuart: 350,000 people signened petition to boott target stores because of theinew tranender bathroomolicy. marsha, they say if u identify a man, you go to the male bathroom. if you identify as woman, you go to the men's bathroom regardless of whe you are biologically. what do you makethis? > i think this is one of thoe issues that locaand state governments are going to fin themselves tacing, and local scol boards are going to find themselves tacklin anthat is, that is whe that --
10:09 am
uart: well, where do you stand? >> i think if you're a femal you go to the fema bathroom. stuart: biologic. >> a male, you go to the mal bathroom. that kind of been the standard set arnd the globe. and that is the way peopleave acceptedhat we utilize public restroom facitie 's what has been since publi restroom facilities -- stuart: so why do we havto change? >> i thinknkt is a good question, and you'oing to hearar morore about it as we moe forwarard, a and these local governments are going to begegin to tackle it. stuart: again, that't's got a lt of p peoe really, realally angr. why should 99.9% of the popolation have to change baroom policy for 00.1% of the popupulation? >> t that's right. stuart: why? >> well, and that's ththe questi that i thihink the local and ste governmements are going to be focuseon. i certainly do.. stuart: okay. >> a and what the american peopl want us to do is what you'u're talking about, stutuart, focus n the things people arare ncerned about; natioional security, jobs and economicic security and retirement security. stuartrt: on the left-hand sidef
10:10 am
your screen, you c can see john kasich's campaign is arriving at a venue, thas s a hand-held cameraththey're all over the place. u get that live aly.y. you casesee what's going on there. that's a venue in pennsyanania whh, of urursevotes tomorrowow. there's a republican a a a democric pririmary in pennsylvania tomorrow.w. very, ve i important. we're gointoto monitor what john kasich has to say. if he breaks onenews, we'll tell .. you'll know what it's all ababt. mu m more on the european migranant crisis is comi u up. the anti-migrantnt movement ga traction i in europe. a lot of traractio the freeeedom party topped the first round of voting austria. that's n, , and that's a big dedeal. also president obamaenending 250 troops to syri ralppeters says like sending the fire truck aer the house has burned down. raffle peters is next. ♪ ♪
10:11 am
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10:14 am
stuart: wh, there are five big primaries tomorrow incding pennlvania, and john kasich is rit there in philadehia as we speak. he's cpaigning hard. remember, we've got a uz/kich deal to not invade each oer's space sthey maximize thenti-trump vote. that's what ey're looking to and kasichight now, that's a hand held camera, all over t place, buthey' right there. i i think it's a diaper, actlly. -- dineractually. there he is, iphiladelphia as we speak. th'soliticics, retail style america. goodff. look at th, we a moving lower by the moment. now we're up16 points. what's goingn he? well, we've got numbers comi out on thuday morning which ow virtually no growth. there mabe something else pushing prices down. th"usa today" publisher,
10:15 am
that's georgia net, tried buy tribune. "usaoday" is trying to b the l.a. tes, the "the chicago tribune" andhe baltimore sun, getting them all togetr. tribune stock going up on th one arly 60%. wouldn't you likto own that onththis morning? and how about this this is st coming in to us. in austr a righting an-immigrant party gets 40 percent of thest round votes in the presintiaelection. that, believe it or not i ow we're in america, that'us austa -- that's a very big story. lieutenant colonel ralph pers is with us. that mea europe e is going way down t the road to jt breaking up. that'sn anti-immigrant party th 40%f the vote in austri say that's a big deal, and say? >> it's a very big deal. austris a small country, just undenine million people. but that country last year w swped with 100,000 migrants. d you have, as elsewheren eupe -- you and i have diussed this, stuart -- this split beeen n the elites who a
10:16 am
multiculturals in the germ-speaking world in diversity x e people, the man and woman on thetreet and chilin the schools who all have to deal with the consequenc. d so you're seeing this outrage er this catalyst of an issue ofigrants from the ddle east. and this in stria was really huge. it reverberates far beyo austria. because since 19 two parties -- essentially, democrats and reblics, essentiall the people's party d social democrats -- dominated austan politics. there were se other parties that came along, b two parties domited. in this election ts outsider candidate of the freed party, very far rht, he got over 35% of t vote in a six-candidate field. the two traditnalararties' candidates got just rely over lf together, over half of hi vote.
10:17 am
now, there's anotherer round coming. the paies all may unite against him, but the pe are speaking. and it comes down,ltimately, to comn sense. i ask you, stuart, if peop burn down theihouse through negligence or malevence, am i obliged to take themnto my home andive them a box of matches? that's what the miant crisis comes down to. uartwell, this is taking place just as prident obama lectes europe -- stuart: -- on the ne to take people in and be good humanitarian, supporting anga meel whose very policy of bringing iover a million migrants has really destrod hepolitical position. what i getting at here is that the vote is t just isolated in ria. thiss across europe. this is a huge warning signato all politicians, do somhing about thesee immigrants or y're out. >> yes. and today in hanovover in gmany
10:18 am
president obama was at hisost european when he w lecturing erybody again about diversit you know, heakes up histor u know, almost the way the soviets used to. and he w was sing in germany todathat we're strong because of our traditions of diversity. no. pe and america are rich and strongnd powerful because we d a culture, a specifi cilization that valued hard work, strong laws, private property, and there arentire continentsyou know, that didn'tet to the wheel or the alphabet befefore the eupeans arrived. so i'm sick abouhearing how all cultes are equal. they're not. if they were all equal, rope wouldn't be flood m migrants today. so our president nds tget real. stuart: i've got 20 seconds left.. the president said 2 more special oppeople to syria. make any diffence at all? >> yeah, it'll help us useir power mo effectively. it helps, but 's too little too late. imaginhow much better not just syriri but the world would bif
10:19 am
five years ago whehethis all arted, president obama had sent 2 special operators to syria. he's always many days late a many dolollars short. stuart: all right. ralph, wpreciate you being with us, as always. thank you very much,ir. >> thank you, stuart stuartthank you. ldman sachs, can i say that they're appealing to theasses? lettg the average guy save with them? re's a question: would you give tm your mey in a savings account? [ soft music ]
10:20 am
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. stuart: well, there is anothther reas whyhy the market is selling off so mucuch, and the name is muhammadal aryanan. he's jusust come out literally 0 minutes ago, h he said that the federal reserve is settingng the stage for a rarate increase this june..
10:23 am
that's running counterer to whaa lot of people say. that'shat he s says. he's a big hitter. down goes the mamarket on that news.. of crsrse, t the's contradictory news. thursday morning we e get the gp numbers which h will show virtually no growth at allll. let's see how they work ththis e out. at the momentheyey're saying sell stocks. ubs says pie mcdononald's. a number - -- buy mcdonald's. it's back up little e bit. still away from the alall-time highs of last week. goldman sachs, very ininterestig story. theye going to offer onlnline savings s bankccounts. anybody can opopen one online fr as little as $ gerri willisis is here x she wro the book, , h is not a four-letter word i'll agreeith you on that one. [laughter] i do find it interesng that a big name like ldman sachs, you go online and open a savin account r $1like that. nd the return is great. you know in is environment
10:24 am
that actually is topthe charts. at's a good number, believe or not. this?ution, why are they doing theyuired ge capital, right? a unit of ge capital, got bin inin assets, 150,000 customers. thre serving the masses. you said it going to break that's absoluty true. and i've got to sais is going to be attractive to a lot ofeopl but relators kind of pushed the coany in this direction. dodd-frank made itery difficult for thbanks to do propetary y trading, so there we gogo. i me, th is going to be fascinatin they havhired super smart executives in this ana which is red hot, by the way. online banking is red hot. stuart: sure. 's a start, isn't it? well, it seems to me that they'ra little more than a start here. stuart: if io to a bank and buy a cd, a certifice ofof deposit, i've wrapped up myy money for threree months, six months, one ye, whwhatever it is, and i don't get t a rate of return.. >> it's punk key. stuartrt: i go to goldmanachs and give them a buck or $100,,
10:25 am
they give me 1%. >> 1.05, m my friend. a lilittle more. stuart: but i can get it out anytytime i like. i'm not locked in. >> and i if you look at the interestst-bearing accounts, savings accounts at the big banks, they're payining virtualy nothining. so that t would be the actual comparison. >> also profits crasashed 60% in the first quarter, so it's g god they hung onto theheir bank shshingle which they got in the crisis.. stuart: : i just wonder what can they do? lelet's susuppose they open thee savings accounts and in comes a billion dollllars. i don't know -- > well, thas a good point. stuart: what can they do withh that billion dollars? they can't t trade stocks d bobonds -- >> whahat they're trying to do, the stratetegy here is to amass assesets that they can then lend back o out. they're operatinmoney more like a conventiobank here. stua: exactly. >> right. stuart: not annvestment bank th trades commodities all over ththe rld, a straightforward bank that takekes deposits -- >> andnd i say hallelujah becaue
10:26 am
a lot of banks have gotttten out of the business of sererving consumers. >> right, actly. >> so this is go news. >> you wder if morgan stanley's going to follow them -- stuart: i like the whole ide even i can open an online >> for a buck. stuartrt: and get a 1% -- >> the cosost of your mcdonald's coffee. stua: abouout. gerri, that's good, and liki the book too. >> thank you so mucuch. "rich is n a four-letter wo." [laughter] stua: repeat that. [laughter] hiary clinton out with a new ad. it pushes kindness a love. wah this. ♪ ♪ >> ameca is stronger when we are all supporting one anothere. thanks foroing this, dad. so i thohtt might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay h back? so let's srt talking about your lonterm goals.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
stuart: we're down 136 points.s. the news is, a well known naname in the world the moneyisis pepecting a june rate hike. that sends the mkeket down. do n f forget gol a nice little pathhey are. that is the rkets, as of now. heres former obama economic advisor. heres what he said about it last hour. >> what is happening in cha and emergingarkets, it is like the triple cwn of nightmare. we wen through the worst financial crisisf our lifetimes. they cut interest rates. ey are trying to figure out how to make negat
10:31 am
stuart: he says itit is not outf thee question. as always, elizath macdona steve,t yst. then wll ask you about mohammed. i think on this one, io. i think that ware in danger of a recession. the growth rathas gone down from 2% which allows me. i think that wwill be in that 1% ran it wl fe like a recession even though it is t techcally a recession. strt: why would d he turn. >> i do t t that at all. weill get the gdp report.
10:32 am
>> i predict we will be somewherarnd 1%rowth. how in the world does the fe raise interest res and that ndan envirme geared i ju think that he is wrong on this one. i just thinkhathe fed will be terried get a hold of this man. what is the reasoning bend is stement. we will get to it. the economy, i am sayiying itt bebecomes a big issue in the campaign. dodo you a agree? > absolutely. i think k the american people ae speakiking loud and clear. they'r're talking about anything but the economy neither siderereoioing this. >> talking aboutut he will brirg jobs back inrorowth. ii think thatt, we are also
10:33 am
starting to see him talkining go details. i i expect to see that even mor. >> the reality cheheck has bound in washington, d.c. rules and regulations. >>ry and bernie sanders. raising rat i would lovesee the republicans talking more aut taxes s regulations. they are notoing it. i think these offial statistics that are using, the joblesnumbers. incomes. talk about aves.
10:34 am
everyone else is getting crushed. >> thaou. i have to ve on to polls in nnsylvania. donald good news for kasich and cruz are kind o gettin togethe he is doing ste and dandy in pennsylvania. >> he is having a huhu surge. think that it was an interesting strategy tthey careful.that they bett be very stuart: what we're lookingis jojoasich. he is campaigning there. he is taking some questions. justisten to this for a second. >> it is an economic -- the latelood in new hampspshire. he loses 50-31. we do nohave all of the resoces anymorere
10:35 am
>> i feel that it isery fair for me to bee to go to aas where i can spend my resourc most effectily. thsame is true for senator cruz. itl be an open conion. the delegates will pick person that cado the best in the fall. [inaudible] stuart: just to give y little bacp to the comment there. it wasnnounced that john kasichld pretty much indiana primary did that is n week. crewcould get more votes effect of lee. at tame time, ted cruz will wiaw, not campaign in oregon annew mexico.
10:36 am
you , this is just a fferent use of our resourc people have said 11%. what he is basic saying is i kn better. >> ste, come back into this, please. how le to ordinary everyday republicans and mae trump supporters. they collude, and thats wh they are d. to deny dona trumpmp as a leader of the race. now is the time for the pato stop attng donald trump.
10:37 am
start atcking bernie sanders and hillary clinton. tues tomorrow. the is over. it is time forhe p to come tops with tha preaching love and kdness. ol tape. ♪ upporting one another. >> stevethink that that is a direontrast to donald trump. supposo o be divisive. what do you say. >> tt should be her theme.
10:38 am
it is gigantic gender gap. problem with men. gender gap i amot sure th touchy-feely stuff will helher with men. bad onon nationasecurity iues. e has not really been forthright about the e-ml scandal and so on. i am n not sure th this helps her so much with respectct to voters. >> touchy-feely somememes works. hillary clinton settingng u hillary clinton's s prate e-mail server. hillary clintoneems like, you knknowshe is in a very difficult spot right now.
10:39 am
pre. he summemed hillary's e-mail server. he can tell usus hwill not appear before congresess. you just tell e story to thehe fbi. thatat iquite a breakthrough. terribibleews for hillary. >> hillary is struggling. beating bernieie sanders. nobobodyares about thahat. cricket hillary. crooked hillary.
10:40 am
it is right there. whatever peoe are thinking about. >> if you read theainstream media,ou know nothing about it. thg at all. aughter] >> there ia hit. thank you ve much. thinking e. scandal. adam shapiro. the e new york stock excha same-store sales axpected to be 28% year-over-year in t last quarter. take aook at what is happening to chipotle ght now. in augus2015, it you had to buy thistock. wn about 30% ithe last 5 weeks.
10:41 am
keep an eye on this one. escially with the earnings morr ying to give aback a littltle owly. donald trump says the sysystem s rigg.. up next, and our oncnsider. and harvard natitionalsec. i'd say buying a c car, uh, can make you as nervrvous as landing on an aircraftft carrie. mitigates those fears.s. car buyingng service uh, theyey make it a very easy exririence for you. find the r right car, save moneyey. it's that ea. usaa car buying seservice, powered by truruecar. exclusivively for usaa member.
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ >> reminder, all the hotction, all the news you need to know. did not cah the top of the ow. heres what you missed. judge andrew napitano on the e-mail scandal. >> obtaining an indidictnt is overwhelming. never mind what thfbi kws. publicly known evidee to obtain a conviction is overwhelming. fueled by leakby b fbi. as if she has en indicted. hiding under the protectioof thdemocrat -- ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
> what, are you kidding me?e? what doethat even mean. >> teaming u up to compete. the two of us are competining to wiwin a nomination.
10:46 am
> i think what donald trurump needs to understan -- l let's be clear here. jojohn kasich teaming up with dd cruz to stopop donald trump from getting enough delegates tin e nomination. >> it wateresting to hear. taing about resources. usy a code word foroney. joining together to trto stop do trump. some point on or before the first. i want to break down for you how this works indianhich is winner take al fifty-sen delegates an play. that would be cruz's's terry.
10:47 am
then you move out west. fifty-two delegates and ay proportional. least some portion of 9at delegates. all ofhegoing donald trump's way. little while ago.ter a it shows how wk and despe lyg ted is when he has to team up with a guy o cannot stand him and is o when. implemenng tir own strategy. the deba committee. you say, theop e establishment isis still stant to a trump nomination cot? >> wd our our own c meetings last week.
10:48 am
e we at the beginning of the beginning of the end or the e ed of the beginning trying to ha their alamo at the very and as the trumrces continue to buil mentum. we are at the beginning of end. the repoport we ived was we are just at e binning. all of our ends anti-anybody but trump fs. i would expect iby the end of morrrrow night. trouble be close to 00 delegates. ws india where he is up a points, curre.
10:49 am
moving really closto 1100. there wie about 400 unbound delegate >> think how it looks think how itooks. trump supports. has it looked tom? deing the nomination. it just s bad. anywayou slice it. >> it los like a generation of insiders that fail to get fighting to hold ontoower. keg the government contract or that is what ilooksik what you will see is a mad rusuh at the veryy end. you have h had 20 years of insideders seeing the ultimate insider coming in. they will want to stayay insidie here it pushing them over thee top at the end.
10:50 am
he could actually hahave 1300 delegates.s. as we get clososer and closer. i do disagree with onene thing that was said. it is a combination ofof the drying up p of resources a momoney. the moment it was r reporteted t ted cruz.z. i i could tell you having been n the gingrich campaign, thahat ts li t taking the valve and turning the e faucetet off. you u are left with no choice bt to join up with others. afthis. ♪
10:51 am
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >>t is great to beith you. weet the story of how ressmen go in and spend 30 hours a week to r raise $18,000a day on the phone. you want to stopop that. >> rex solicitatation. we all know about ththe amount f money and politics. this is about the e amount of te it takes to raise that mey.
10:55 am
>> this is to critize the system. here is how you can shake somebody down. its the only thingng republicans and decrats agree on an congress. fundraisg is the main busisiness and d first priority. >> called on a seconond. what are you going to do withh there are two ekeks ago to thehe elecection and somebody comes in from outsiside witith big money. it does nonot matter. big m money. twtwo weeks before. you do n not have the cash to fd them. >> money buys pololitics. i took t p pledge. i tookhe pledge to no l longer
10:56 am
direct solicit contributio.. baking theeoeople to push cocongress to pa the stop act. my wife and i are just g in without. uartrt: really? >> i got in it ttry to do sothg. i will bhonest, i had no ideas the demand of the tting member. you e cheating the taxpayers. 74,000. do yr job a website. we put every oanizational research behd gettg this do. i want to geget this in act did. became aitizen.
10:57 am
>> it was my wife's idea. iave to give her credit. stuart: thank you for joing us. ♪ if a dture were to be put unr a microscope, can see all the bactea that still exists. polident's unique mio clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99%f odor cacausing bacteriaia. fofor a clcleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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11:00 am
>> cicely 11:00 o'clocock easten timeme. momohammed -- a famous g guyn te world d of money. he expects the feded traise terest rates in june. that is papart of the reason why the dow is off. carpillar. the biggest trigger onon t down right nonow. do not fort nick donald. it is a littttleit higher. wewe ha couple of search firm saying it wilillo above $130 per share. politics,, pase.
11:01 am
all right. thursday, liz. we have the gdp state of t econom a dead stop. >> a n breed on new home sales. across the board, it y are seeing stockand oil. tumbling a little bit today. a storyline in the election. >> dairyry good question. >> if hillary ishehe candidate, i assume that she is, she goes into thihis election with an economy that i iclose to cession. itit probably will be. that is a problem for herer. are you really going to o get growth? >> we really havave not heard a lot of scififics from anyone.
11:02 am
>> a a of them was growth in the economy. > i will not dispspute to on that. here is s my view. any time youou have a a c candie thatat is of the same party of e occupant in the white house, they will haveve a little bit of an uphill battle. a republican following a democraticic resident. i thk that we e see th economic growth. people will blame e not on prpresident obama. it will tricickle dodown to hily clinton. >> thank you f for admitting th. it is all good.
11:03 am
he is campaigning in l louisian. thprprimy in indiana is next week. next tuesday. john kasich has teamed up with ted cruz. standing asi a and indiana. hopefully,llllowing him to pick up more votes to go o after dond trump.p. that is the philosophy here. >> yes, it is. >> randy advcece from a r lindsey rulecocommittee said that it will probably be all ovover by tomorrow night or by e enofof pulling in indiana. alligight.
11:04 am
lelet me d dl with california fr a second. i will focus on the republicanas for a second. cruz and california. >> hillary clinton 48%. here is whwhat is happening. in c california. wait a secon here. raining minimum wage to fit team llllars an hour. that is amammingour businesssses. the e economy will lose jobs if trump is the nominee. list t to this.
11:05 am
we want five lanlilides in a row. 1.3 million peopototed in those five s states. we wantt landslides. more votes in the state of state of wiscoinhehen donald trump did in new york. yes, i agree, there is desperation onon the trump stuf. dona t trump is desperate. it iclear that no onisis getting 21237. it is ababundantly clear t that nobody is getting 21237. at a contested convention, donald trump is in real trououb. he cannot earn thehe support of e e majority of the delegates elected byby the people. 40%. donald has been a minotyty candidate. a fringed candidate. he benefited earlyly in the rac. the opposition being used.
11:06 am
happening over the next feww months. a republican party. five have now endorsed witith r campaign lindsey g graham. jebubush scottt walker. let me say setething about the hoosier state.. you haveve had learsrs like gogovernor mitch daniels. governorikikpence who roll u their sleeves and solvee problems when you cut taxes and lif regulaonons, jobsxpxpand. n need a president in the spits s of mitch daniels. that is exacy y what this campaign is based on. jobs and econocc growth. appealing evevery woword of obamacar we will pass a simple tax.
11:07 am
we wl l reign in the epa and the federal regulators. killing tens of ouousands of jobs. expectinalall of t that. we will see millions and the aliens of new hi-p-paying jobs in a america. w will see wages rising again. manuctcturing g jobs coming back from india. coming b back from mexico. the younpepeople coming out of school. th is what this election iss all about. >> lastueuestion. how do you justi t that as not collusion? let me ask you a question.
11:08 am
the voters finance who has stotd up and let theigight against the washington cartel fromom day on. i amhehe only candidate in this race leaders in my n n party over and over andvever again. when iran forr senate, i p promd i ululd lead the fight against obamacare. that is what didid chch to the annoyance of the washington cartel. i will appeal every word. i promisedhehe day v voters. i i uld lead the fight again amney. that is what i did. at the samee time that, trump ws fundining. getting over $50,000 t to the propoponent of amnesty. i was leading the fight aiainst congress. i wi s stop amnesty and secure ththe borders. we will have a welfafare benefis -- we will end welfare b benefis for ththose here illegally.
11:09 am
>> how iitit not collusion? what dyoyou say to those people who say y that it is collion. >> he is in a tigh spot. he has agreed to work thth john kasich. droppiping, essentially, not contesting t p primariries in return. kasich will not compete inhehe indianaririmary. this is annttttempt to get more non-n-trump votes. he is acceded of coalition. itit is not collusion. our own m media watcher howard kurtz is with us. heas been listening tollll of this what appears to me is it looooks like collusion. it looks like it is bein rigged. vovoters will not be happy wit th.. i it smells like collusion. it? lilike clulusion.
11:10 am
this who r rigged system. my head spinning. donald trurump is a fringed candide.e. happens to be beatinththe texas senators. kasich said, he still wants peoplendnd indiana to vote for hi he just w wilill not campaign there becaushehe has limited resours.s. >> they know howow i it seems te the people. they know it does not seerery good to us, we the peoplple. they a are trying to downplay it and run away fmm it. it looks like he is relyly in the coerer there. they are going r right after hi. hohow do you think that this wll be reported in the mainstrtream memedia. >> we live in an hour o our media environment.
11:11 am
and appearance of desperationon. i understand what they arere trying to a accomplish. the anti-trump votes. each one wldld like a cleashot at donald trump. even trump will be o on a roll tomorrow. it just seems like a haiail mar. probably will not have thahat much. i it does have a feeling of endgame. donald trump has one prett big. >> i agree. e e last dan. not ahahead by 20 or 25 points. somew,w, crews could s stop this stream by winning indiana. we would s still have no way of getting 1237.
11:12 am
i do not know if he cacan dot.t. llll iwhat you will. >> the media guide. you read all of this media stuff far rere than i do. how is the establishmentnt media treated. especial t ted c cruz. do they prefer c crews to trump? how does that work? >> probably preferred d trump to cruz. attacks from p pundi on the right and the left. stories abt t if you did come away on a second ballot t win in clevelan even more c conservrvative. going down taa hug defeat because of h his posioions. the mainstream media believes. i think k it wasas psychological thing where e it trumps when was such a landslide that trere is
11:13 am
sttiting to be a sense that he is barrengng toward the nomination eveththough he may or y y not. >> our mediaia guide. stst like that. profound analysis. corrtt analysis. thyoyou very much. ththank you, sir. the dow jones industrial avagage. we will have a rate increase in june. down goes that market.t. wewe have been covering a lot o liberal lunacy. florida lalantic university. standingp p for free spepeech. no safe zones. student from the unirsityy will join us in a momoment. ♪
11:14 am
thousands of people caut today to run t race for r retirement. so we e asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared?d? could you save% % more of your income? it doesn't sound like much busaving aadditional 1% now, cod d make a big difference overer time. i'm goin be even better about ving. cod d make a big difference you can do it, it hein the long run. prudential i'm goin be even better about ving. bring your challengeges
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11:16 am
>> a sport solar. seth curryprprained s right knee..
11:17 am
the war years werere able to fal off a wiwin despite his absence. due for an mri l later on today. that is important. nonow, this. h he a reversal o of lunacy on college camseses. wanting to makitits entire camp is a free speech zone. a free spepeech from the university. bebethany, obvious question. whose side are you on? >> the stutudents are excited fr their speech. yoyou do not want these specia zones. you do not want that.t. > we do not want t that. 9191% of the student governmen passed a resolution. this is the firsrst s step. e e right to stay away frosasafe
11:18 am
zones. >> we think that this is a a wonderful thing.. some back loans. stanupup a and say not on this campus. most of the e students at floria or atltlantic university are in support of what t miministration is doing. >> they are. 91% o our student governmen rerepresents more than 33,000 stududents. votingo o pass this resolution. eyey will l be a able to decidef theyey want to act on is. this is somethg that the stududents started. something that they wt.t.
11:19 am
what has been the reactition of thleleft on your campus to what your administratioion has done? >> a s schoolbobout votes. both pololitical sides get along very well. everything thahat has been happening,llll sites have rereported wholeleheartedly. >> the l left and the right of ief. what is special? i i think that it is students coming together sayinghahat they want c change. i i think that this can happppel over t country we want our right b be defended. wondfuful stuff. can i ask you, are you on the right or on the left?
11:20 am
> i am on the right. yes. ayay. trump, crews or kasich. >> i am not a fan ofof a of them. >> i am sorry, i am not aanan of any of them. if i am beining completely hont. >> what issue do you want toto talk about thahat you u care a ? >> i want t to see these candidates reforngng education. talk abobout the economy. lk about how we get people back to work. dominatebyby d drama. it has been dominated by people. thank you very much for joining
11:21 am
usus. the state board of elections. accucusing new yorork city mayoo willfully violating finance ws. guess who ll pass jumentn that? judge napolitano. ♪ he same way to create fifinancial plan built to l last from genatation to generation. we'll listen. we'll tatalk. we'll plan. baird. innovative sonicicare technoloy with u uto 27% more brush movovements vers oraral b. t healthier gums in 2 2 weeks guaranteed. philipsonicare.and you. save when you buy the mo loved pal pharmaceuticals,potlighs branparn on aq.a.
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11:25 am
stuart: so far the election campaiaigngns of both parties he been about anything g but ososperity. ththose issues have made headadlines. not reretu to p prosperity. thatat is about tongnge. we will get repo on ee ony. itillhow itlidi towds ressio six nths to a esidenal econ. e economy is oa dangerous doends. the next psint will ha to grapplwith t s samproblem that a psint get. it is qution voters will asksk because that is what this electi iallbout. it is what the last two well.
11:26 am
you can talk about r s slicing th pie.. unless y p proce more jobs and better pay, we wilill get more anger jealousysy and division. the choice this s year is the se it has been in the past. fairness from thdedemocrats on the left. less government, lower tax.. thursday morning83830 eaern time. that is whwhen the bigig number. period the reporonon how the ononomy is doing. it wilill owow virtually no growth. nono return to pspererity. she is marriried to obama's tax, spend and borrowow policies. stay tuned. ththursday morning. thcacampaigns will start to shift. ♪
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
. stuart: we were down 130 now down00. says they'll raise rates in june, anand we're expecting a slow, slow growth reportrt on thursday about thehe u.s.. economy. we're down 100.. don't forget about oil. they're roughly y -- well, $43 per barrrrel as we spe. now, this, plee. new york city bille blasio
11:31 am
believ or not is under federal ination for criminalal fundraising activivity. judge napopolitano joins us agagain inin our third hour. what exactly has he algeged to have done? >> well, i don't know if hee pepersonally is under investigation. acaccording to him, he has not received a target letter,, which the if h he does send you when yourere personally the object of the invevestigation. his campaiaign probably is. here's the allegegations against the campaign. that theyy r recved contributions for billll de blasio for mayor, a and they gaye this contributions toto other democrats, not billl de blasio for mayor. now, t the govovernment says, well, th w was to avoid the capsps on those other projts. theyey cld give one of his pacscs, political action committee a ton n of movie and then he cocould give all he wants s to tse political campaigns and that way thehe got around t the maximum limits on the political coributions. e other sad to this s is it
11:32 am
happenens all the time, thehe government doesn't prosesecute it. these rules were conructeded withth these loopholes in them by politicians f for politicians so that they c could do this and get away with it.. why go a after de blasio now. this are the two stotories. but in n nther case is there an allegation thatat he personally supervised or orchestrated that t these are crimeses of intent. the government w went to show intentnt. i honestly thinknk these are his political opponents gangs upup on him. and he is right to poopoo it. no what few stories ther are on this,hat's what it apars to be. stuart: it's not a he moral failure,s it? >> no stua: it not like getting the money and buyi a nthouse on park avenue. >> well, i'lgive you an exame. what can c christie do with all the money thahe raised that he didt spend because of his premature termination ofis campaign? give it to oer campaigns. even people not ev in the --
11:33 am
candidates notven in the consciciousnesof his contritotors. even people weren't nnnning at e e time contributors gave him ththe money. would krischchristie would be committiting a crime? no, that what they use for the move. he can't be used to builan adtion to the house. ople have tried and fled. why are you laughing? . uart: because you are very contentious to piticians. you don't like tm. but you've goto have politics. would you favor public financing of elelectns? i i know you don't. >> arere you serious in asngng bubut he that question? i don't even favor the government owning the seets, and you wawant to ask me if f te governmentnt should finance the campaign. i'm exgegerating about the ststreets. i'm just trying to getet under your skin n a little. stuart: you u certainly wouldn't want toll roads. >> well, i favor toll ros because 's user fees. you pay for what youse. stuart: that's why you favor -- [laughter]
11:34 am
so y don't fav public financing of campaigns >> no. and i dot think you do either. stuart: . they do in britain, though tho. >> you like the britain system? . stuart: i did d not say that. >> the person i admimire dennis skinner has been kicked out. he doesn't have toto g go out ad raise funds for his campaiaign. stuartrtno. he dodoes not here's whahat happens. i think there are 656 constituents in britain. >> right. stuart: they look at h how many voters a are in that constituencies, , and they multiply that by the number ofof pounds. >> right. stuart: that's how much h money ch candididate, if they cross a certain threshold, spend in money. >> and they cannot go end more thathat. stuanot one penny more. national parties, they can raise y and back up indidual candidates wher they wish. >>ohn mccain told me onc
11:35 am
he tolme 100 times he prefers that systetem. loves being in the sene e bu the worst part about i it having to raisise neney. stuart: yes. >> and chris chrisisti sometimemes spends two-thirds of the day raisinmoney. stuart: congressman sat on this program e earlier today, the parties say you've gotot t get out and spend 30 houours a a week in the special callll centers raisingg rates. >> right. . because they accidentalal use the congressional ofoffice or their congressional telephphone to raise cacampaign funds. stuart: well, that is -- >> that's a lolony. stuart: okay. but a all of this time s spent raising money instead of d doing the real work of deciding what we're going to do as a a country, that's riridiculous. >> actually maybe it's b bette if they don't dodo that real work. maybe our property andur liberty are safer when there not legislang. stuart: the cr and kasich mpaigns announced they're gog to team up to stop donald trump. they'r're tryi to stop him
11:36 am
from getting the nominatio here what trump said in reonse to that. quote it is sad that two gro politicians have to collud against t one person. who has only bn a politician r ten months iorder to try to stop thaterson from gettinthe publican nominaon. joing us now repubcan stratest mercedes. they areluding, aren't th? it ds look like it rigged, ani think that looks really babad for e establishment republican party, am right? >> well, iplays into trump's narrative that there is isis rigg system. and saw t ts even this past weekenwith ted cruz being able to secure 19 out the 20 delegates in maine and doing the same 36 out of the 37elegation delegates in utah. no cruz's argument is the fact that he's saying, wl, i'getting e grassroots support ofhis club, of e -- what we would call the p club; right? and he's playinthat game very effectively.
11:37 am
i mean, in fact,asterfully. trtrp on the other hand is trying to play catchp with these deletes. but here's the dl. eryone's looking into indiana. now thate have this sort of cruz kasich unity effort playining out abit just ows thatathe cz campaign is incribly politically savvy and ey're willing to take this fight to e contested coconvtion. stua: okay. here's what randy evantold us this morng. randy evevans is on the rnc rules coittee, the debe rules committeand all of that kind of thing he said, look, for moment it was announcethat ted cruz cannot -- mathematally cannot under any ccumstances t t 1237 delegates. the moment thas announced. the money spigotwere turned off. that's why ted cz and john kasi he to collude on w much they're goingo spend in w mexico or oregon. at's why it's desperation becauserump looks like he's got it. >> thas right. i think for the cruz campaign.
11:38 am
it's been such a frustration of the ft that kasich did not get out earlier. because even if you lookn thcase of indiana just the rent polling that came out, it would be a two-man race beeen trump and cruz, it ulbe a difference of 2% meaning at cruz could possly win indiana. but nowith a tee-m race and vided vote, it rlly has benefid trump at thehe en and it might be tooate for the cruz/kasicefforts to stop donald d ump and, again, indiana is w wt we're looking at right now. stuart: it surlos like it. cld be wrapped up by the next tuesday night could be. not making aorecast of course rcedes, thank you very much for ining us as always. >> thank you. stuart: gobrking news for you. we all rember deflate gate when patriots quarterback m bry was accused of using unr inflated footballs. a u.s. appeals court has reinsted bdy's expreson. >> yeah. patriot fans not liking this. bradhad a four-game suspension.
11:39 am
courof appeals here in new york city said rodger goodell, it is in their pors exercise admintrative misconduct punhment. nishment against tom brady. strt: so he's suspended. >> he's suspended for four mes as it stands right now. stuart: okay. i think iot this. and i absolutely heard enough. >> yeah. stuart: of dlated footlls. >> yeah. i didn't wantoto hear defla g gate again. stuart: it'sn the script. i had to s s it. now this, please. president obamnounced earlier r y in germany, he will s send over an additional 250 troopsps tsyria. this is to combabat isis, fight agaiainst isis. you got anymore on this? liz: yeah, here's the nana of the game. theyey need to take back the de facto capital oisis. cacalled raca, so they've got raramadi, there will be now 300 u.s. troops on the ground.d. not boots on the groundd fighting butut basically air support. basically directing airplanenes and strikes s against isis in the region.
11:40 am
stuart: 25special ops guys. liz: more. stuart: 200 too late aording to ralph peters. liz:eah,. stuart: californ's primary. do y reaze that publics may now play- califoia republicans may now pl a national roll because of what's going on in california. by the way, donald ts up big. 'll deal with california in a moment i know wha i can exct from usaa the usaa caring app s really helul. all the infoation was laid out rightre. when you have to purchasa car, so i've been tellingverybody. save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
11:41 am
>> i'm a adam shapiro on the
11:42 am
floor t the new york stock exchange. take a l look at what the indexes are doining right now. the dow off 10109 pois, s&p down 100, nasdaq down 23 points. euro stotock trading down right now. it reported earlieier today, revenue came in at 4.2828 billion but year ov year down. invevestors don't like that. 52 weeks t thihis stock is down 7%. take a look at what't's haenining for the energy sector too. the biggesest loser in the s&p 500 sectors and someme of the stocks that t are taking a hit totoday. southwest energy d down, a lot of brorokerage can you get their generating o on that stock. transocean down 5.5% a and capipital oi o oil a and gas. jp morgan raisinthe pricice stock market but stiti up. a positive day. more vararney after this
11:43 am
11:44 am
. stuart: i'm going to cl this a shock that tsa set a new cord for confiscating guns fromassengers who tried to t them in their luggage. how many gs ---- liz:ecord 73 guns in one week. more than two dozen of them had a loaded round ithe chamber. so rowley, they found it i detroit, phoenix, dallasort worth. the law says you can carry a a unloaded firearm in a cked container as a carry on, but
11:45 am
you have to declare ito the airles first. these people did noto it. and -- more than two doz had a round the chamber of these guns stuart: what are theyy thinking? >> t that's it astonishing. stuart: at the top of my h head, i would say y thank heavens for tsa. >> yeah. ththank heavens. stuart: two dozen people had a a rounded chamber walking intoto a. liz:z: yeah,. stuart: fofortunately they were caught. i uld love to know who these people are. who are they? what arey doing? liz: we'll track this developing sry for you. stuart: thank you. metimes the news comes acrossand you're shocked by this. who uld have done such a thing. thank you,u,iz. liz: sur any time. stuart: i'll fly with eedom and ease. alright. the republican party in the ste of california. yeah, there are some republics in california,nd th're going to plaquite a role in the ection. ok at this. trumleads by a long shot. this is california republicans, 49 ump,p, 22 cruz, 20 for john kasich.
11:46 am
come on in republican frocalifornia. this is new. alof audden you guys,, there are a few repuicanin californ. the's still a couple of you scattetered around the state and you, sir, are ing to play aole in the next election because you've got 170 odd delegates to decide trump or cruz or kasic big deal. >> yh. the firstime since 1964 california is gng to play a decisive role in a reblican primary. we'll see if it's worth the wait. stuart: how do you republins feel wn you get tother and talking. how do you feel of bei a republican in califora? well, the problem for california is repuicans e stilwinning the vote. the problem iseople are now voting with their feet. we've had a domestic gration ofbout -- yeah, million people in the last ten y. the only reason r population isn't c collapsg is because of
11:47 am
immigratmost of it illegal and indigenous popution. but there's a cided exodos out of california anthat over t te begins to have a big impact on the litical demographic. ststuart: it sure does. and i can't rememb the last time when any republicanon a statide office. maybe -- swarzenegger. but you're a cruz guy not a trump guy. ump is in the ld. what dyou think? >> well, cruz was in the ld they really ye. our election primary is not for other 43 days. so we're still living vicariously thugh voters in neyork. there's big difference between public opinion tt ap answer that somebody gives to a plster on the way judgment, what people eveic after they've acally go to thought thgs thrhrghgh.
11:48 am
that's whahappens during a campaign and ours here in califoia is reallyust beginning. you mention scschwarnegger. i ran against him inhe recall in 2003. trump has a lot of similaririties to hwarzenegger. when i looat hwarzenegger saying all the right things. but look at his background and there was nothining there pport anything that he was saying. he promised to c taxes and roll back regulations. insteahe provided over the biggest incrse in taxes and regulations the state's hist i've got an awful lot ofupo me d said we wish we voted r you. we g got burned. i hope they look at trp and have that same reservaon. stuart: but maybe elings ll change in cifornia after tomorrowht when we'll have the rults of five praries and donald trump looks very good there. pecial in pennsylvania. and also he's in the ld in india, the following esday. by the timall of that is wrapped up, he may welbe wellver 1,000 delegates closg in on the 1237 he
11:49 am
nes. and that couldffect in californ bausese he will look like 's going to win in california.. that wl affect the polling, suspec >> well, yes, and don't rget california is no longea winner take allstate. so there are actually 53 congional seats. really 53 separa primarieses. the winner of each othose individual primaries get three delegates and then 1 gog to the statewide winner. so it'-- it's not going to be a bw out i think for any candidate. stua: now, you're a cruz guy. what hapns with your vote, your support if trump is the nominee? willou support the reblican even if it's trump? >> oh, yes, absotely the reason i sport ted cruz is i'mbsolutely certain that he will gornor according to nservative principles, he'll stand those principles, he'll be able aiculate them clearly to the ameran people. that doesn'take me antitrump. i don't quite trust trump to do the se thing.
11:50 am
buif it comes down to a qution between trump and clinton, that's a estion between somebody i d't quite trust do the right tng and somebody i absutely trust to do e wrong g thing. stuart: that an out cue, and we'll leleave it right tre. repuican california. thanks foroini us, sir.. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me stuart: thousands of people boycotting tart stores because their tranender bathroom polies. become a campaign issue, a we will de with it ia moment there are two billion peoplee who dodon't have access toto basic banking, but that is changing temenenos, with the microst cloud, we can enable a banker ttravel to the most mote locations wiwith nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where the's a phone, you have bank. we can enable a banker ttravel to the most mote locations
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:54 am
. ststuart: we have a developmentt from w within the trump cacampaign. he's polishing it up.. he's met a new hirire. his name is ken mckay. a seor a advisor on the delegatete operations team. in other words, he's goioing to help dald trump p mamanage the delegates of the u up coming convention. that's's polishing his team. liz: yeah, h he'e's strengthenig his team b because he's seeing the delegagatete fight coming. .. stuartrt: : okay. do you like this, liz? i'm going to shohow you a pipicture. fifirst picture of trump's daughter's family. his nonee e isis theodore. i believe they're going to call him t tededdy. does that win votes?
11:55 am
liz: i love the naname theodor. stuart: nonot the name. the picture. [laughter] the picture. i love old-fashioned classic names like that.t. elizabeth or s stutuart. family shot. beautiful. stuart: : yeah, , that's sort o, family guy donalaldd trump. liz: teddy roosevelt. no, i'm j just kidding. stuart: all right. now this.. far more contentious. 350,0,000 people have signed on a a ononline petition tooycott target. over their bathrhroooom policy. liz, let m me see if i've got this right. liz: yeah,. stuart: taet has a bathroom policy. if you identify as man, if you say i'm a guy, i identify as a guy, you go in the men's room. if you identify as a woman, you go in ththe won's r room. liz: going to be alarming fo thfemale women shoppers, which is the bgest percentage of rget shoppers to see this happening and what's gng to have to happen i think is target'going to have to boost their security in this bathroom areas. i'm sorry. it could hit the bottom lin lin.
11:56 am
uaua: explain to me. why does the whole wld h have to change because of the sensitivy of some transgender ople who are a fractional minority. liz: right. personally, hate speaking just because'm a journalist. i do fd it offensive and obnoxixious that they put this on the g general population. so, you knknow, i don't thinkit right. i ink ththatat, you know, transgenender -- you know, just use the bathroom that yoyou u we born as. i'm sorry i'm going to bee blununt. stuart: : which isis what t e north carolina says. ifif you don't agree wh that law -- if you agree with thahatt law, if you want m men in men's rooms and d wowomen in women's rooms, youou'r're a big o on th. >>: so simplitity y and childish and to think l like that is idiotitic.c. people are allllowowed to have their opinioionsns and comfortae level when they're shoppppinin. stuauart: i don't think this is going to affect target's business that muchch. liz: no,o, it may precedent. but who knknows. uart: 350,000 people j just like that. liz: right.
11:57 am
it'snteresting trump's reversal trump was saying caiyn jenner should be allowed to use whatever bathroom she wants. but then rereversed and said it's a state's right issue, which h is a mulley y mouth. ststrt: it is.s. that's passing thehe buck on the wholole issusue. liz,z, you're right on every count. liz: thank you. stuart: welclcome back. good seeing you. ththe you to is down 1 100 poins and more on varney after thihi
11:58 am
11:59 am
. ststuart: we've opened up monday morning with a signinificant loss for the dow.. over 100 points lower.r. point number one, mumuhammad, a guy very well-known in the financial world says w we may have a ratate e increase in jun. market went down on thatat. what else hahaveve we got? liliz: wee have got jammed pack economic week. flat to no gdp growth. that meaeans possible recession, rtrtaiy within the margin of error. three or four straight arte of corporatate profits recession as well. stuart: welladd that lot up, and you've got a markeket that's down 109 points.
12:00 pm
was down 14040. right now, d down 110. outime is up. but neil cavo just getting in there he is. off you , neil, it'sours. neil: clearly the most on firing hvy event of the day is the appeals court ring to uphold tom brady fougame suspension. and we're all over it, stuart. thank you very much. stuart updated you. four-game suension reinsted appeals court has done ts by two to one vote reinstate the man over the deflated balls. now, a lot of it comest a time when either just get it er with, tom, sit out the first four games of e season for something that technicly hand the season before last. but it is very c clear that tom brady expects to keep fighting on here that he will likikely continue to apappeal that ruling. he's probably on his own on this regard. but, again, worscase scenario is he would miss the first four games of the se.


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