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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> donon peebls, new york mayor we wilill see about that. good to see you all. have a a great sundaday, everyb thatat will do i it for uss on "sunday y morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. join me comee morning on lou dobbs. donald trump appears ready to pipivot to more psisidential demeanorndnd to focus onn the general election and the democrat presusumptive nomomini ee republican front runrr telling a town h hall meetiting today he'soioing to act so presidential that,quote, you will be to bore end quote. anand trump is soso committed t making t ttt pivot, that change he's nowow practicing deliverer ateaeaome of his speeches with the help of teleprompters, aa tooll that presidentobobama, cour,, r relies on cotantly, t a tool that trump has used as far as i know, o only once or the past ten months.
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the chang in trump comes as h he builds o out his campaigneam bringi o on more experienced campaign leaders and among them trump c convention maner paul l nafo manafort. manafort will be o our guest tonight frorom hollywood florid. that's where repepublican natiol coitittee officials have been wrangling over wheth to change rules thatrump says are rigged against him. >> politics is very dirty, dirty dishonest business, folks, and i have never seen anything like , and we're runni now for office and it's a rigged deal. this who thing with delegates gged. it's a rig. where i win louiana and i don'n't t as many degates as some guy that lost? >> the newewest franklilin and rshall college poll s swsws trump on topop 40% supporort,has 14 points ahead of ted cruz, and
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congressman from pennsylvania lieu barletta and marino --- ll,, these two congressmen are leading the effortt to line up trump supporterers to be electe as delegates. 5454 of the safe 71 delegates wl bebe unbound, not pledged to supporort anyone that emerges fm thth primary tuesday, it'ss quie a system and just part off what has been a advdventure in this prprimary season. joining uss now is the top trum campaign official, he is the conventionon manager,r, strateg paul manafortrt. paul a veteran repubublican strategi strategiste's worked with presidents ford, reagan, b and joini us from hollywood, fla, i should say the site of thernc spring meeting. s g great to have you on the show. i know that and rickiley talk to the rn membs. do yeeeel you were successful
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in conveying the msages that you waed? >> well, donald trump thought it was important b he could not attendhis week to the facthat he's out there campaiing in the pmaries th the campaign have a presence hereo answe any questions the c members have and to also let them know that as far as donald trp is concerne youknow, ase bemes the presumptive ninee of the par he's looki to work witthe rnc and wk with th other leadersf the state parties to bin to put tether the framework for what will be a united repepublican effort in t fall. >> and, paul, t the -- w workin with the rnc, so much public what would we say acrimony betwtween the rnc, the man that wiwill be leading the conventio paul ryan, and donald trump of course beingng extremely critic of the primary -- primary system, at least manyy of the primaries in this country. is that being smohed over?
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is that procecess under way? is t there a comingtogether, if you will, between donalald trum and thehe rnc? >> i believe there i is a comin together, yes, and really a lot of the acrimony a as you calll isis really a lot of misundererstandiding. donald t trump always understoo as the ninee of thee republican party he w wouould be working w reblican nationanal committee, ththe s senator y'allll camampa mmittee, c congressional commmmittee rga a and oth instititutions because as leade of the party his goal is n not only to ee likt himsmself but ensusure a republican majity in the coness and help elect governors and other downstream members as well. >> i want to turn to -- it unded though -- as though that there was a pledge of deeper operation certainly than there s been. at may note a terrific amount, b a pledge of a traditional relatiohip between e nomee and the rnc
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including furaising, organizati, campaigning for caidates. ishat aair -- fr statent? >> dond trp has been talking to the chairman of th party overhe cours of the lastew week and has had very good phone calls a recently as yesterday and he has made it cleaear that he' looking forwar to working with him to pull the party tother. as fars he's concerned as he bemes the psumpve nominee he uerstands that the chairman of the partyas an responsibility really to work to helpri the unity as well togeth with trump. and so this - it's process, is an going press, we're getti closer to this poi where he wille the presumptive nominee a then the nomin nominee. we bieve that there will n be a consted cvention in cleland and we don't want t wait until clevend to start puttg together the apparatus necessary to run anited republic nomination ithe fall. you have two candidate out
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there, governor kasich with very w delegates, about 300 points behind - delegates behind your ndidate is of course t cruz. ted cruz is- if anything has rais the intensity of his attacks on donald trump. ur thougs a about thatnd the appropriat response as even the candate isalalking aut being more presidentialn the fe of such -- such attacks. >> well, he is raisi the level of aack becse he's losing and he knows he's losingnd he's trying to change the narrative but he's failining. had a great day in n york tuesday, we will havave another great day on tuesday in the northeast stas where we expect to do ver well i pennsylvanania, rhode island, delaware, maland, connecticut. so cruz is trying to dis strakt from what's gng o by min a
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t of noise. the noise is notoing to affect thncreased diffeferencen the vote cnt between trump and uz both o total votes ceived awell as on delegates. we will have another gooay on tuesday andt's going to get us closer to the magic numb. >> you aretill condent you ca hit sometng - -- 1,237, the numbers have en reported a little higher tha that because of internal memonda, b that you can hit 1,23 say, by june 7th? >> we thinks critical for the republican party to come together be july. ife are fighting in ju, if the conveion is fractured in july, then our chaes of winning in november will be dramaticly impacted. from our standpointe are the only one who can nominated on the fir ballot and we thk th the voters in the republican party are i indicati where they want to be. you have 66% of republicans sayinghat theeader in total votes and delates should be theminee. that's alrdy finish.
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we kw who is going to finish first in bot of those categories. now is the time to starthe aling process withhe leadership of the party, now is the time forhe trump organization a mr. trump has out to republican groups to ch gin with bring tether a of the elements of the campaig structes s thatt we can merge the psidential campaign w th commi campaigns. >> and those efforts are going tontensify in the days ahead? >>absotely. >> all rit. paul manafort, thank for takg the time.. i know you've had a busy, busy day. thanks so much. >> thankou very much. a huge hometown victory moves trump closer to the esidential nomination. >> thank you, every, and thank you, new rk. we love newyork. we love new york. thank yo very much, everybody. k you. >> ed rollins, tammyruce and pat buchanan among our guests tonight. they'rcomiming up. the heirloom tomato.
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19. the connecticut primary takes place next tuesday, 28 delegat at state. >> joini us tonig rublican strategist ed rollins, washington times columnistadio stst tammy bruce, both f news contributorsrs. great to have y you here. >> thank you. > y i've got to startith you,u, ed, just givee you all t credit in the woworld. ed called thehe race in new yor and did so early. >> i missed -- i missed the 12th congressional distririct, upper east sidede, trump lost that by0 votes.s. >> isn't that amazing. >> unbelilievable. he reallyy swept the s state no spending any money. >> it's stunnining to look at. i an, everyone was sort of playing expectations g games --y the way, both trump, cruz - -- well, not so much thehe cruz, t cruz people just wanteted out o the ststate. your reactionn to it. >> lookok, i think that this is not necessasarily a surprise.. weee seen that this s is what every --- look, when he started winning evangelicalals the bell should have been g goi off
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around the country, mr.r.rump has affected every section. women, gays, black, white,e, differenent economic frame work the evangelicals, the atatheist because we have onene thing ts common,, we care about the future, we want t to have a job thatat we can be proud of, w wet our children t to have jobs, w want t the n nonsense too stop,e given them 15 years since september 11th to get security dodone, it's nothappppening. suddenly there is a man w who where there's maybe a 20 or 303 chance even thatt somethihing rt mimit happen and he will be best with the economy and the jobs, this is the wake-up call and i don't ththin you can deny it anymore. >> tammy, iay that's -- you foundd affufusive. >> i'm t the partisan f for the ununited states, i have e had m favorites that have not included mr. trump but if this is wheher people are going i'm getting an education about t the nature of whatat's impmportant to him and
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dammit, he is goingng to have t deliver. >> i applaud affusiveness. i would much rathe see affusiveness than t the receipt sense thatt we seeee for whatev reason -- >> i'm italalian. >> -- the rnc. as tammy lays out the panoramam of possibilitities for eveveryon the countryry t there is reince priebus, paul ryann andnd the r going,g, you know, we've got rules. >> dammit. >> what are w goioing to do her, ed? >> we're gng to continuehe ocess here and trump certainly has momentum, had a tremendous victory a he will have a b victory next tuesda what we call the acella caucuses, maryland pennlvania, delaware connecticut,e's gog to do well in all of thos i think there's two spots he has to worry about in the futur here, one is indianana, there's not enough data o in iiana to know. >> to his edit, though, he is inndiananand he has got mike
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pence -- heas his hand clasped saying i am donald ump -- >> that's important because rememb that's the one ste th swung back and forth. >> definitively bate ground state. >> it is a battlground state soso is anmportant ste. thenf course californi whihich is thealamo. at the end othe day her he either gs enough votes there get the nominination ore doesn'tnd that's -- no else has a chance, he is t on one that has a chance, everything at this point has stped him. >> do o you think this is a turning point. >> yes. >> there talking 1400 delegas by the time they get to convention and that one vote as paul mafort says, that' l they need isne ballot. >>hat's what they're goingo have to do. if i goes tthe second ballot it meanshat theyid didn't work so t they knowhey have to at t same time you saw in the speechast night, sen and a half m minutes lo, talked abo jobs and theeconomy, called senator cruz senat uz. t also a warning to senator cruz, they haveeen in califoia f a year but d donald
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trump'teamow is putting tens ofillis of dollars and int television ads for thestate. that is new wch means it will be a more controll, more consistent message. that you can'tet when you get the free med fromm rallies. >> maybe a losing strategy since he has not had any media so far and has done any well. >> it will be a coination, i don'think he's going to ge up one for the oth it's going to add into this messaging and think that willork in california. >> what do you think, ed, you get to calling california. >> haets will ererrear it. >> conrvatives that are left in the republican party in california have pretty muc been r cruz, is goingo be a trench warfare. i'm notredicting in any way, shape ororm cruz is going to california but he may deny -- >> we have a lot of timeme. >> iill getlose when we get am sayaying next week addo the trump momentum after that i thin he'sot-- >> fiv states next tuesday, it will beeresting to see. and by the way, trump favored in
7:18 pm
every one of them at is point. >> remember pnsylvania has 52 that are not pdged delegate >> 54. >> 54. that's going to a game all the way to the convention. >> that's aittle bit of the private clubbishness of the gop. >> i can't't get o ove thatat. ed rollins, again, great c cal n new york. look forward to yr next one. tammy bruce, thanks for being here. > if you thought riding a hoveoard was dangerous on the street, watch this. this russianaredevil is as you cann tell living on the edge, o the top of askcraper. theoung man no stranger to danger or such exploitnd institutes,s is not something i can imagine anyone ever doing but there it is. upext speaker pauau ryan loves to talkbout how he may or may not be -- areou kidding me? do i -- okay. destined f the white house. gi me a break. >> as a visitor. >> are you - eveunning from presiden
7:19 pm
>> no,ut i don't think that far dow the road. i made a decision i in in cycle for 2016 not to run for president. >> you knknow, therere's presesumptuous and there's just t of your mind. i will hav a a few thoughts abot that in my commentary tight. stay with . (burke) at farrs, we've seen almomost evething,
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>> a f few thoughts now o th games or at ast some of the games being played by republican leaders and the gop establblishment. speaker paull ryan w i i really like, i think he is a very likeable fellow, he j jus happes toto belong in both campsps and seems unanable these dss to control himself. ryan infuriati h hououse republblicans with his spending bill tha would raise the dedeficit, offending manany by reaching deals with president obama before reachingg deals wit gop h house members or even lettinghehem know what's going on. and then injecting himself into
7:24 pm
presidential politics, aacacking donald trump and then making his first lat n night tv apprance and playi cute with steven colbert. >>et me say it in clear english. no. >> okay. how about cle rman? >> clear russian. reign language ] >> wow, you seem to know a lot of foreign languages,s, that ki of eerience willl comen handy if you decide to accephe publican minati. >> hisate show aearance not p particularly bright moveey the speakerho is annoyin just about everybodyhese days except of course mr. obama and thedemocrats. ryan's apprance certainly didn't help him offset his graph s deficit. some might be forgiven for thinking the speaker appearing a triefl silly n a the speaker seemslways t to be lacking a sense of proportio as yesterday
7:25 pm
wh he rather transparent lie triedo boost the beleaguered chairman of the rnc. an's good pal rnce priebus invited toapitol hillo bri house republins on the delegate process. declaring that priebus has receed, well, an extremely vorable warm reception by the house. ryan alsodding he iso please that had someone like prius i in charge of e rnc, making sure theules are followed. you only imagine donald trump's delight a he listens to such triep. all ryan accomplished w was to ave everyone shang their heads at h naivefivete and some migh say his boldness and that he wast rea in any way for that j he didn't sk but now hos. mitch mcconnell trying mkly to walk bac his anti-trump remarks saying he spok as he put it,
7:26 pm
inartfully. theyalk like that in the senate, youknow, when he said was increasiny optimistic that there will be a second ballot at the convenon. he has deced that was probably too much. with allhese so-called leaders lacking an obvious tact, constraint, inteect, convicti, gph tas and character it is noonr donald trump unsettles them so profoundly. ifhe gop les seats i in the house or senate itt wl clearly be theault of their leade and it appppears the only way my of those threatene sts will suiv in fact will be on the strong ctt tails of a true leader who has yeto be welcomed by the weak now our quotation of the evening, this one from pj o'rourke whosaid, the are two parties, the silly party and the st pay. i'm t old for the silly partyty i had to join the stupid
7:27 pm
partrty. in my opininion, i i may sa the two parties it seems to me have a a lot in common with each oth, don't you ththink? follow me on twitter @"lou dobbs tonight," like me on facebook, follow me on facebook. we will get too " "lou dobbs tonight,t," links for everythin are there. > a hollywood stunt man perfrforming a mananeuver he caa leapap ofaith. damian walters showingff -- oh, my goodss. look at that. i don't care how that wawas don ththat's -- i mean, that's just crazy. you've gotot a lot of faithth ie fell or whoever heas yelled jump.. it was going, by the way,y, mis an hour. walters is no stranger to mes like this, he served as a stunt double to daniel craig's james nd in sky fall. upp next,ririebus says the
7:28 pm
system isotot rigged. >> the nominee has to have a majority of delegates supporting that persoson and when seoeone gets a majorit of delegates they are g going to be the n noe ofurur party, t se thihingng that abraham lincoln enjoyed, it's the se thing that's going to happen in 2016. >> republilican campaign attorn charlie spies weighs in us with us collect. he does spepeak for the establisent. we will hear what the establishment haso stay for itlf. he joins me xt. stay with us
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speece, vetereran pololitical campaign attorney, former election law counsel for the republican national committee acting ass cfo and counsel foro mitt romney's 2008 presidentia campaigngn. charlie, g great to have you he. >> thank you.u. >> i know your heart has to be bursting with pride andnd great and good will that the rnc and paulul manafafort representingg trumpp have seemed to have begu the coming together. i am correctly desibing your emotions, am i nonot? >> well, i don't buy thehe preme that because m mr. manafort say evernene should fall in line whate'e' calling the presumptive e nominee that that won anybody over. >> actually he was n calling him presumptive nonominee. >> ok. . >> i am. >> okay. > because we took a poll and
7:33 pm
our audience beleliess that he should b called that a at this popoint and i had mee a barinin with my didience as i often do that iilill do what they say. >> traditiononallyhehe nominee earns that. >> yes, i tnknk so, but these are not traditional times, are they? i mean, how a we going to see the republican party now becauae they have made progress obviousl t that emanates from both the c itself, reince priebus, and paul manaft t representing his cacandidate. this should be a time of consnsiderabononfidence and good feelings. i n't get that sense frorom thther senenator cruzrr governo kasichch or charlie speeeece. >> or donald d tr imean, if he was cfident that he was going to winin thise wowouldn't be sayining the systm was rigggged. th's a setup t to thehen campai for when he doesn't win. >> to clarify, he did say that -- paul l manafort said th
7:34 pm
trump never intendedd to sugst thatat the individuals were corrupt only the systems itself archchaic, byzainine, arcane dii mention and d sometimes to the reesentative of the will o of the people. youon't disagree with that. >> t that's a verery good atttto clean up for his candidate butu his candidate spepent the lasttw we attackingng the rnc and i thinkkf you were -- >> feel like i should p put my hand over myy heart ass you say the rnc.c. >> well, the rnc has68 republblican actisists and peop who have toioild in the fields trying to get canandites elected. >> therere ia reciprocacal bibilateral relatnship he, that is, reince priebubus who w exaordinarily hosostile toward nald trump, the mananhole be running the conntntio speaker ryan crititical and severely s f trump. thesee we supposed to be neutral people. u can understand why thehere might be a shared misapprehension on thehe part o both the rnc and the trump
7:35 pm
campaign. >> with due respect ihink ththose might berump t talng points. . >> yeah. >> r reie priebus -- >> theart about trump or the part abo ryan - >> that priebus hn't been- let's not fence. is tre going to be good blood an sensible coming together here on the part othe c because the rnc is supposed to be the leader re, neutral in the -- in an absolute sense, raisingmoney, organizing t the party and going out and winning in november. >> the rnc has been neutral, th've fairly apped the rules and today the rules committee, the standing rules committee met and they declinedo change the rus mid course. >> goo going. so that it's fair a keeps everybody on the same playing field. >> right. >>ut now -- >> i hope that's a commitment for the next several mohs. we're going to ha to go. very quickly. >> ove the next couple of mont donald trump has toarn the support by winning t delegates and establishin himsel as -- >> well, i think he has
7:36 pm
mmitted to doing that, he' spending more money do it, campaigning lik hell. what are you doing to prepare for the neral? >> well, hillary clions not who we want. >>amen, brother. anks for being here. charlie speece, good to have y hehere. come back soon >> love to. >> you gotot itit. j joining me tonigight form u.s. ambassasador to the unitet natitions, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, also a fox news contributo great to have you here. ambassador, t the royal familyy decided to stiff presidedent oba when he got to riyadh sending out the governor of riyadh inn tell of king salmon. is there any insulult that isis much for this presidident? >> well, maybehey're toppingng the cubans who didn't bother to send out the castro brothers to greet him. i think it's a mark of obviously the dissatisfaction the saudis feel given what president obama has done on iran, ththere are a lot of issssues bween us and
7:37 pm
saudi ararabia, but, you know, he w went -- i if obama went to israelel who do you think bibi netanyahu would sendd to the airport. >> anybody. anybody. >> b but a twtwo-hour meeting a hehe's telling the preresident the presisident is telelling np that the saudis now are on board with his iranian deal. >> he hasas been saying t that >> that's stunning. >> -- for some time. of coursrse they are not on bo. they acknowledge thehe reality that the deaeal is there and oba planans to enforce it. obamaa said just the other day n response to a queststion that t saudis, the other arabs need to haveve to share the region with iran. let's like tells the polls to share the region with nazi germany. i think it's att best a naive viview but more likely pernicio. >> and suggesteded the freh perhaps could usese their strtr for pararades. >> plant flflowers. you know, get used to it. . >> is there a any -- i mean, th
7:38 pm
man is -- he's gone b beyond strange, he'ss gonee into absurdrdity itself and people a just shaking their heads, yeteto one wants to say anything. > yeahah. well, i think t they're a afrai the consesequceces if t they do what i heaear from people, ouru friends aund the world, is they j jus want to g get to jany the 20th, 2017, and get past thisis. from their perspspective anythg else would b be better becauaus there w would be some dedemonstration of american strength they think withh almos any successor. >> do you thinink anyone in the white housee n notices that everyone elsee is holding thehe breath here?? >> i think they arare in a bubb of their own creation. they think they're building a legacy, reaeally they're just making a a mockery. i ththink it's as if the presidt has retired already,y, which ha itss benefits, by t the way. >> i was gng to say i thinknk you can get - -- you can get a t of support -- >> for that, absolutely. >> -- that particularar petitio. it's always great to have you re. >> thanks so much. a college stball game a
7:39 pm
stunning halt to it, a dust dedevil interrupting a game between the lynchbuburg hornets and eagles. look at that. the dust up o only momentariril halted the action. may have even benefefited the he team, the hornets rallilied for five runs iththe bottom of the inning. nothing like a little curveball from nanature. up next, donald d trum speaking of curve balls, he has decided to throwow a traradidit campaign at them. why fix what's not broken? eboni wiwilliams, chris plant jn us next. stay witith us. (burke) at farmemewe've seen most everything,
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joining us tonightost of the chris plante shown mlal, ris ante and attorney r talk show hostelp knee william williams. >>eboni, charliespeece,, one of the most aomplished election law attorneys in country defend strongly thern your reretion? >> ll, look, ihink that serves toel donald ump. ceainly the biggest thinghat i thinkrump has goi for him is theact that he is a litical osider and going into in generalspecially -- i certainlynk it looks like 's going to begainst hillary clinton, that's the narrative he has to sck with the mine he starts -- and i
7:44 pm
understand there is a necessily at some point to t some of these conessional siders on his team for the delegate purposes and ts that willappen at the convention, b look, when he makesit, she has been a part of the problem, iring the solutions, i'm an outsider that's the stronge narrative for trump. >> chris, your reaction? >> you kn, the rncs in an imssible situation ts year, i don't think there is winning path for the and if it continues to appear thatonald trump is at odds with th rnc i agre with eboni that actually helps donald trumpecause they represent of course the establishment and he doe not. so if they are at logger heads, go for him, bad for the rnc. i n't think there is aay out forthem. th should not cnge the rules, they were wise to not art changing the rulesnow, that wouldn' have passed the smell test, that wld have been very bad forfor them. they should ctinue to not change the rules. >> i agree with youf going into the wee before the convenon suddenly they are taking strong look at
7:45 pm
adjuing rule 40-b or some of the other then you are going to be a compoded effe, youre going to ha a a stench not a smell result. >> you bet. >> is it too early, eboni, for donaldrump he says as we're listening to him i harrisburg tonight he say he's poting to presesential, preparing to. do you think thiis the time? >> i think it's early. i think your tease -- lou, you talk abo notixing someing that's not broken. regardle of his unfavorables, regardss of the cenges th he faces and he does he many i think he is still t front nner for a reason we're not even in may yet, still a ways o from julyo start becoming more o a, quot aditiona candidate. tritionalandidates are not doing wl this year, ask marco rubio. >> paul manafort, hhahad talked with the rnc, he a rickiley
7:46 pm
we down there inhollywood, florida, where the rnc i meetg and, you know sd they're going to shift more traditional mpaign, do fundraisingor the rnc. it soued warm, it snded good andaul manafort said they've done the process of coming gether. do you believe it? >> if it is happening it's vy reluctant. it reluctant on everybody' part. if donald trump does bece the nomineehen obviously that's going to have to happenen. i don't see it happening before he becomes t nomineen earnest anyway. i th they' going through e motions, it's kind of a first dance. that's fi, that's good news because if he does becomehehe nominee then the partys going to have to adapt to the ft that he ishe nominee. as for donald trump becing more presidential, i agree wh ebi again, it mig be a little too ear and as you said if it ain't broke don't fix it, but at some poi perha aft he becomes t nomin if he does he i think is going to have
7:47 pm
to change uphe routine a bit and become more aleast in some respects tditionally presential. >> and t chris' poi that's where he has more leverage, nald trump. just finish strong, don't't cow tail,inish strong and make them take the bitter pill of donald ump. don't do i the other way around. ion't think any of us he the slightest concern i that rerd. i thinkt is -- withed cruz seem tgo step u his attacks on trump since he got walloped in new york, i think it is wel established is a little early yet. eboni williams, chris plan as alwaysat to haveou guys here. >> thks, lou. games gold medalist centlyetting a new world record. you have to seeit. tom wallish completing longest r slide on successfully going down a rail 424 feet, e previous record5, was a year old record.
7:48 pm
1010,000 pounds of steel welded together to complete that custom il and he u ud everynch of it. u.s. officials have uncovered a new dg tunnel connecting mexico to californi the tunnel outfitd with ventation, electrity and a rail syste is the third such tunn to found in e region since march. six people have been arrted in san diego, they'reharged with crim involving drugs d, yes, construcon of that tunnel. the discover bolsteng the case for e tru claims which he says as preside he would stighten out forthwith. up next, donald ump says the delege game is ried, the rn is rigg,t's time to itnde's just the floww to do that. we take up t looked system a the folks who are, ll, pulling the vers. i will be talking with coervative author, bes selling author, pat buchananan.
7:49 pm
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make sure it's ano make . inteigent one. ♪ the all-w audi a4, with available virtualal cockpi. ♪ donald trump's campaign adviser saying trump is now t prohibitiveavoritee ithe republican presideial race. trump's conveion manageraul manafort talkingo sean hannity last night abouthe pspect of a ctested conventition
7:53 pm
>> there's notot going t to a second ballot. ththeris not an issue. > y're convinced? >> we have several ws to get to 1,237 by earlyly june a and y was a g giant stepp forward, we think we're going to have ananother great week next week, but morore importantly what you sa -- you saw record turnout totoday in new york and a recor tuturnout with arimary t that everybody knew dond trtrump was going t to win. >> a great point and leaked internal memoran showing the ump campaign is now p preing trump wilill secure 1,400 degates to take the nomination on the first ballot i cleveland. joining u us now pat buchanan, has been a s seniordvdvis to three presidenents, twice candidate for the republican presidential nominationn hihims he's a a nationally syndicacate colulumnist and in between alll that one of the cocountry's leading best selliling authors. pat, gat to have you witith us >> good to t talk to youu agaga
7:54 pm
lou. >> letet'start by the victo by donald trump in new york, paul manafort talking about 1,1,400 their projection. i wouldn't suguggest there's an marketing i in thatat, but do y think that's a realistic number? >> that souounds to me like a little bit of sigh war, lou, it's a a signal to all thehe dedelegates saying in effect, look, fellas, g get aboard thi train is leaeavi the station and make sure you're on it. but i do thinkk t thahat the possibility exists that donalal trump could t take this thing prettyty handily on the firstst baot, but 1,400 soundnds a little bit out of the range for me. >> 1,400 or 1,300,0, you know, these still bececom workablee mbers. let'ss turn if we cacan to the party itselflf. i have nevever seen the partyty an i have covered cononveions from '76 forward -- i have never seen aty take o on their f
7:55 pm
runner the way the elites othe gop havee tenen on donald d ump. have you? >no, iavave not. and to a d dege some of ththe elites in 196464 out at the pale did this when goldwater w taken and h agents were ting the p par away fm themem. i thinink the same thing obtain here,, lou. thesese elites seeee in a trumpn for the nominatioio and a successful run r really theirir eclipse. hick takakin over the party. him moving o a n direction o tre deals, him securing the borderersnd no nesty. and even i in e intervention a l er the woworl these military terventions which many o of the neo cons favor there may be no more. think they all see their agenda, they a see tir rice bobowls brokennd their a agenda cancnceled. >> when youou mtioned the neo cons, i mean, thehe strong -- t surprise h here to me the strongesesturprise of a all has been t the evangelical, the
7:56 pm
religiouous cononseatives in th countryy who are embracing donad trump even ashe n neo c cons ret fear and rejection at the anticipation of a trump agenend others are embmbring and a new balalanc is being, if you wi, projected by the trump candid y candidacy.y. >> i think the evavangicals are shshowing a measure of sophistication here.. look, eveveryone agreeees the coununtr is in rea trouble, trump, whateveverr you say, he'o the dna michchl, energy aboutut him and he's g going too deaeal thesee ththings. i think what they're saying s ok, we trustst trumpot because weelieve he is a social conservavativeve or evangelical christian, but we e think he wi what is in hisis interest and the party intnterest and we believe him when heeays he will put alia-type fellas o on the supreme court. so i think it's a sophisticicat response onn the ptt of thee evgelicals. >> y you talked in your most recentolumn abobout the gop
7:57 pm
sking suicide here. do you believe the elites are going to at leasast at some poi come to their senense and say - and acknowlededge the froront rr and begin a heaealing process a move towardunity? >> i think the elites are almlms out of the game, lo i ththink the realhallenge a the onlyy challenenge to trump comes from cr. but will say this, i if this party gathers i in cleveland an trumump has the most vtories and the mostt stes and the mosost deletes a and millions more vos than a anyone else and the biggestt crowds ever and the party t the tururns and says, n we present t to america o our winner, our nominee, ted crcruzi ththink that is r reay not crededib for the party to say at that point. but i think the eliteseally they have been feeble herere in washington, d.c., t they seem t have no control, we t tal abou the esblblishment, it's been
7:58 pm
shoved aside in a battle betwewn trump and cruz and i don't k kn what cruzz is saying, but he's never seemedd to me to have bee realally beloved figure up on capitol hill. >> that is what they call a kind dedescription for the senatoror capitotol hill. let m me turn, pat - -- >> rere. >> -- to o th agenda. you have paul ryan, t the speak, who will be rununni the convention as is trtraditional, bubut have never seen a speaker beoth -- interject himself into therace, attack a ndidate andimultaneously say he is goingng to put forwardrd agenda tt willompete with that of f th nomie. this is unheard ofof, especiall when thatominee is bringing inn millions andillions of people into the tent thatt has been woefully, woefully attendedd ovr the coursrse of the two previou electioncycles. >> butut you are right a abo wh trump hasas done in termsms -- has brought people into the
7:59 pm
reblican primaries by the millionsns and millions,, they e had t the largest turnout i thi they have ever had in any kind ofof primaries in state afterer state. >> correct. >> i would reaeally admonishehe paul ryan too take a looook at examplple. back in 1964 whehen goldwater w the nomination, rockefeller and romney and scranton they all cut him gooood-e and good luck. two people went out foror goldwater all o ove thehe count ththatyear,ichard nixon and ronald r reagann and the future belonged to them foror standingy someone they kw was going down to defeat in a h horrible defef and b being there beside him. if i weree paul ryan and he's obviviouy got a future i in the partrty would say, look, i'm going t toupport the nominee for this partyty and go out and wor for him because'm the leadeder of theorces on c capitol hill. >> pat, g great to have you her. come back soon.. always good to talk wityou. >> gd t talk to yo my friend. >> p anan. thas for joining us toght. goodnighfr new york.
8:00 pm
tonighon "war stories," angelsn ee battlefield. i didn't tell anybody they were going t todi there was enty of hope for them. >> by everwounded soldier. >> my cpsmen came up, held my he, , staycalm. >> but sometis they must fight for their own survival. >> we were on 500-calorie diet. >> they all h muscle wasting, tigue. >> that' next on ar stories."


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