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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." cking, nu been great. appreciate it. watch us every night at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, here's the man thims, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. six days until tuesday's winner take most wisconsin primary and the latest poll puts ted cruz well ahead of donald trump. a brand-new market university poll shows cruz leading trump by ten points in the race for the 42 delegates. the polls show cruz 40% support compared to trump's 30 and kasich 21%. a week of mixed emotions and swings for trump who monday celebrated the birth of another grandson and yesterday his campaign manager charged with misdemeanor simple battery, and
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today trump generating controversy for these comments on abortion. >> do you believe -- do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, is it principleed? . >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, some form. >> ten days, ten years, what? >> i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. >> do i take positions on everything else, it's a complicated position. lou: trump has walked back his comments saying the abortion provider would face punishment, not the woman, and the republican race likely to get messier after all three candidates broke pledges to support the eventual nominee of the party. i'll take all of that up with leading evangelical pastor robert, "national review"'s rich lowry, former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, ed rollins and wrap up with joanne nosuchinsky and
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andy levy. top story, large lead for cruz in wisconsin is brightening prospects suppressing not only the senator's campaign but the conservatives as well. overtaken trump with less than a week to go before the primary, and trump didn't help himself today with remarks on abortion. a wedge issue alienating general election voters and the candidate's campaign was slow to walk back his initial remarks. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: ted cruz surged into a lead in wisconsin with 40% over donald trump at 30, and john kasich at 21 according to a new marquette university poll. trump who switched from pro-choice to pro-life suggested that women should be punished for abortion, but not men and never mentioned abortion providers. >> the answer is that there has
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to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> some form. >> reporter: hillary clinton weighed in twitter -- ted cruz launched his women for cruz initiative. >> women are not a special interest. every issue is a woman's issue. >> reporter: it was a clear attempt with wife, mother and ally carly fiorina on hand to highlight a trump vulnerability. for the second day in a row trump denounced battery charges against campaign manager saying surveillance video exonerates him. >> then have you ted cruz, he should be fired. i say why? i don't do that, i'm loyal. >> reporter: trump criticized the alleged victim saying she could have been a potential threat and was not assaulted. >> she had a pen in her hand, secret service is not liking because they don't know what it is, whether it's a little bomb. >> even the white house weighed in. >> i am confident neither president obama nor president bush would tolerate someone on their staff being accused of physically assaulting a
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reporter, lying about it, and then blaming the victim. >> reporter: this afternoon in appleton trump made no mention of abortion or criticism of his remarks. >> nobody, nobody respects women more than donald trump. that i can tell you. nobody. and nobody will be better to women. >> reporter: the race is so nasty all three candidates can no longer keep their pledge to support whomever the nominee is. >> i don't anymore. >> if the nominee is somebody i think is hurting and dividing the country, i can't stand behind him. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and family. >> reporter: that was a direct shot at trump asked to name three top functions of the federal government. his second and third responses sounded more left than right. >> the greatest function is security for our nation. i would say health care, i would say education. >> reporter: without explaining how, trump said he'd end common core and obamacare. >> this campaign at its core, i
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believe, is about three issues -- jobs, freedom and security. >> reporter: cruz and kasich unleashed a torrent of criticism because if abortion were to be made illegal again, it would be not women but the abortion providers who would be facing legal trouble. late this afternoon, trump issued a third clarifying statement effectively saying just that and reversing himself, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron reporting. on the democratic side, there are 96 delegates at stake in wisconsin tuesday, but hillary clinton has her sights set on the big state of new york, which votes in mid-april, almost 300 democratic delegates at stake. clinton is now campaigning in her adopted home state and using the opportunity to slam her competition. ed henry is with her and has our report. >> reporter: hillary clinton is nervous enough about her adopted state that almost one month before the new york primary, she's already running
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a little scared. campaigning today to bakery in harlem with congressman charlie rangel. >> it's a joy to be campaigning in new york, and so we're going to cover the city. we're going to cover the suburbs. we're going to cover upstate. >> reporter: and packing the world-famous apollo theatre ahead of the april 19th primary to slam bernie sanders' revolution as simply unrealistic. >> my opponent and i share many of the same goals. some of his ideas won't pass. others just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: the visit to harlem was all about exploiting her big edge with african-american voters which has given her a commanding lead among delegates. despite that plus homecourt advantage of eight years in the senate, clinton has been forced to start spending money in the new york market on a tv ad attacking republican donald trump. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on religion and turning against
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each other, well, this is new york, and we know better. >> reporter: a sign sanders is a threat to clinton even on her home tougher with a whopping 247 delegates could help him put more pressure on her. so clinton is spending more time here in new york than wisconsin where, sanders leads in next tuesday's primary and again tapping into the anger of displaced workers in the midwest. >> over the years, secretary clinton has supported virtually all of these disastrous trade agreements. >> reporter: in another sign of clinton playing defense after her camp initially said no to a new york debate until sanders changed his tone, she now appears to be giving in. >> i think our campaigns are talking about that. >> reporter: the underdog itching for another debate and jumped on the opening. >> my understanding is she would like to do it in brooklyn. i was born in brooklyn. let's do it. >> game on for brooklyn? >> game on. >> reporter: she'll be back here campaigning tomorrow while
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her husband former president bill clinton is doing a series of solo events with labor unions and on friday, hillary clinton going to upstate, syracuse, bernie sanders holding a rally thursday night in the bronx. lou? lou: ed henry. the pentagon today announced it will escalate military presence in eastern europe. the plan involves deploying another armored brigade combat team to eastern europe to deter potential russian aggression. in addition to the 4200 u.s. troops, more modern equipment is moved in, including 250 tanks, 1750 wheeled vehicles such as humvees, none happened until next year, which does seem to be slow motion, considering that the purpose is to deter current russian manpower levels. the threat of radical islamist terrorism hitting close to home for new jersey police officers. islamic state hackers releasing
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a list identifying 55 past and present new jersey police officers as targets. the list includes the full names and details of the officers all over the state of new jersey, many of them working as new jersey transit officers. the fbi released a statement today saying they are aware of the list and the information and they are providing assistance to the new jersey transit police department. we're coming right back, much more straight ahead right here. new upheaval in the republican establishment as donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich break pledges to support the republican nominee. >> the republican party hasn't treated me properly. they haven't treated me fairly. lou: what does all this new turmoil mean in the already tumultuous campaign? we take it up with former white house political director ed rollins, and ambassador john bolton with us here next.
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. lou: cruz and trump hitting the campaign trail today in wisconsin. they're making a pitch to women
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voters ahead of next tuesday's primary. >> women are not a special interest. women are a majority of the united states of america, and every issue is a woman's issue. >> by the way, nobody, nobody respects women more than donald trump. and nobody will be better to women and nobody will give greater security to our country for women, and in that case for everybody. lou: it's good to learn that women aren't a special interest, at least according to senator cruz as both men are pandering to women. cruz leading trump among likely women voters in wisconsin. 39-24%. joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton and former white house political director, reagan political adviser, ed rollins, good to have you.
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>> great being with you. lou: get your impression, quickly walk back by the trump campaign, how much damage, your thoughts? >> i continuing was a serious mistake, even tony perkins, well-respected leader of the family research council made it clear with what people familiar with the debate have known for a long time. never been the notion that the woman getting the abortion would face punishment from those arguing the pro-life side. now trump corrected the mistake. that obviously minimizes the downside, but the original mistake is going to haunt him. lou: and we have to point out that tony perkins, a terrific fellow is a cruz supporter, as you might take into account. ed, your thoughts on this. how serious? can he recover? >> the way he has to recover, and if i was advising, and i'm not, i don't mean to think i'm smarter than anybody in the campaign. lou: i don't think that would
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be a night to put up that for a vote for him. >> important he writes a script. this is who i am, where i want to take the country. trump is too much sound bite, too much impulsive campaigning. has a serious problem with women voters. when 47% of women voters say the "wall street journal" poll i will never vote for donald trump. you cannot win. you have to bring the women back, understand their issues. >> let's talk about that. is it within his power to bring back those women, at this stage of the primary contest. it's about three months of the convention. >> he can pivot. he can pivot. i've had candidates before, i had christie whitman running governor for new jersey, losing terribly with two weeks to go, and we got her to focus on women and children and she basically won that race. you got to talk about issues that people care about. there's a great insensitivity.
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lou: you think it's recoverable and needs to recoverable. >> john, give use oo what -- you know you and ed, we might as well give trump high-powered advice here. what would you advise trump to do because this has been a terrible -- with the exception of the birth of his grandson -- this has been a terrible, terrible two week period for him? >> he's got to get back from his perspective to the issues that have brought him this far, and stressing trade and immigration, those have been his two signature issues. i think the latest poll from wisconsin which shows senator cruz opening up a significant lead, could spell a lot of trouble for him, and i think the next several primaries really, if the anti-trump forces are emboldened by the bad day or week, he could come into the convention well below 1237 and could really open it up. lou: let's talk about this part of it, then.
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this is really a contest between trump has identified the middle class as a class he wants to bring to the forefront. he wants foreign policy. he's branded his foreign policy america first. he's made it clear that trade agreements that do not benefit, and as a consequence do not raise the standard of living for americans just aren't going to happen under his watch. these are powerful, powerful examples of, that resonate with the american voter. he's backed away from them. how does he get back? >> i think he has to take the initiative for one thing, and you know when you're faced with chris matthews asking you one question after on abortion -- lou: can i interject on this? why a grown man or grown woman would sit there and put up with that kind of behavior and demeanor on the part of any host is utterly beyond me. this is a guy -- and i want to throw this out since you brought it up, john.
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this is a man that wants to be leader of the free world, and he's letting a talk show host badger him. >> chris, in particular, i've got a long history with chris, when he was tip o'neill's press secretary when i worked for ronald reagan. the perfect foil to punch his teeth in. he just is. and chris matthews case is a liberal, pontificates, a perfect place for a republican to punch his teeth in. the critical thing for trump is get back on the message, talk about security, talk about the issues he has great knowledge about, and gets scripted here, and i don't mean it in a derogatory way. he gave an extraordinary speech last week when he gave the jewish speech. he needs to basically whether he reads a script or gets on a script, these are the things that matter, and security, economy is important to the american people. lou: you get the last word, john bolton? >> preparation is critical here. he's gone a long way without a
11:20 pm
lot of preparation through many of the debates. >> one of the grandest understatements and critical assessments of a candidate ever. >> whether or not a woman should be penalized for having an abortion is basic to a complex and emotional debate. he wasn't ready for it. lou: john bolton, always ready for you, appreciate it. ed rollins, thank you. >> thank you, we always come scripted for your show. lou: absolutely. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much, gentlemen. vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. follow me on twitter -- links to everything found at you may want to avoid sleeping with the fishes, but how about the sharks? how about that for a question? the folks at airbnb offering
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declaring loyalty to no one now. trump, cruz, kasich signed the rnc loyalty pledge in september. at the time trump signed after he said he received assurances he would be, quote, treated fairly. the rnc chairman hailed that commitment as a sign of party unity. but all three republican candidates have broken their pledge to support the eventual nominee. >> do you continue to pledge -- whoever the republican nominee is? >> i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> we'll see who it is. >> the pledge you took is null and void. the idea of supporting whoever the republican nominee is, you say you will no longer guarantee support of the republican nominee. >> i'm not in the habit of somebody who attacks my wife and attacks my family. that is going beyond the line. >> if the nominee is somebody i think is hurt in the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. lou: for now at least there's not only no possibility of party unity, the so-called
11:27 pm
leaders of the party appear confused, feeble, incapable of adapting to trump's populist agenda and trump has a diminishing opportunity to pivot to higher levels of rhetoric and more thoughtful policy prescriptions and to now lead, demonstrate he's in charge of himself, his campaign, and his party. trump's often said politicians talk too much and don't act. we're beginning to well, see well much of this is not fair in trump's opinion. some would suggest that's starting to sound a little like complaining, even whining. overcoming it is the issue now. outsmarting his opposition is the issue now, certainly not complaining about them. trump needs now act, to lead, to rescue the party that is breaking apart all around him. i believe the anti-trump republican elites are on the verge of destroying the very
11:28 pm
party he wants to lead. ironically now, i believe only trump can lead republicans out of this current turmoil. and if he doesn't succeed and returning to his basic fundamental messages of securing our borders, controlling immigration, supporting our middle class and small business, that international trade will always be fair to americans assuring working men and women and their families that government will one day work for them. if he can't do that now, he will hardly do better this fall. in politics, the process is often the result, and trump has more people pulling for him to succeed than any candidate in recent memory. so my words tonight to mr. trump would be, so if you're going to lead, mr. trump, it is time to lead. you're the one who said america first. so lead. action. far less talk, and no whining.
11:29 pm
and there's not a minute to spare if you mean to make america great again, and you've got to start by leading the party. i'm not sure you really like too much. well, too bad. that's the deal. all you have to do is overcome yourself, the party you represent, the party that doesn't like you, and, yes, your gop and democratic opponents. we who have been watching you for sometime now, to this point, figured that's a pretty fair fight. now go win the damn thing. our quotation of the evening, this one from groucho marx who said -- and mr. trump, return to your sense of humor, it served you well. we're coming right back. donald trump fired up, fighting back against calls to fire his campaign manager. >> they want me to destroy a man's lifes, and the other two candidates, kasich and cruz, said he should be fired. fired for what?
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11:34 pm
this -- this is a refreshing change we haven't seen before and may never see again. joining us lee carter, communications strategist and editor of "national review," rich lowry. great to have you both here. and welcome to the broadcast. >> thank you. lou: trump today stepping in it on the issue of abortion, stepping in it many say by his handling irrespective whether you want him to fire or retain his campaign manager. it has been protracted and without resolution. what, in your judgment, does mr. trump have to do to right his campaign and make the most the opportunity that it's -- just until tuesday, for the wisconsin primary. >> get off his heels, he's been on his heels for far too long. this is the longest we've seen
11:35 pm
donald trump on his heels for a very long time. he spent too much time whining, what's gone wrong now? explaining too much time explaining what's wrong and pivot back. what we want to hear is how he's going to make america great again. his message needs to return to jobs, immigration, how he's going to make us safe and all of that. enough already with the rest of it. lou: rich, you're no fan, obviously, of donald trump. but counsel him. i know there have been -- some part of you has to be gleeful about what you witness, but if you were to correct it? >> on the abortion question, it's just a simple lack of knowledge, anyone who is a real pro-lifer, around the issue for a while and thought about it thinks about this very fraught question, who should be punished when you make abortion illegal? and the answer that pro-lifers have is never the women, it's the doctors, and can you just tell that trump was cornered as soon as the question came up, something he never thought of
11:36 pm
before. tried to punch his way out of it coming back at matthews over what catholics think about abortion, and are you catholic? that showed shrewd fighter instinct which trump has in spades, but lacks policy knowledge, and able to get away with it for a long time but eventually going to catch up to him. lou: what are the polls suggesting to you about his followers? how costly do you think this, this day in particular, will be to him, this week? >> i think this day has been costly, but i think he can snap out of it, but i think he has to snap out of it quickly. he has got to pivot. he's got to own it and turn back to what he does best, which is to, no matter what people think about donald trump, and i think this is a big misconception, when he starts leading, talking about what making america great again, when he makes that pivot, he gives a lot of people hope. he gives a lot of people excitement and enthusiasm and needs to do that again.
11:37 pm
needs to get off his heels, off of this and explaining things away how he's been mistreated and how bad this was. people have forgiven him for a lot less than this. i'm not making excuses for the man. he should know better. a lot of people say what i love is he's not a politician, he's deep from policy. what they're sath exact opposite. he's going to do things differently. i'm going to get experts at policy, but what i am going to do is get jobs back. get the economy growing again. lou: it's hard to imagine he has not built out a team, rich, already to which, even if he uses them as most candidates do, as fig leaves for the projection of expertise, if not the reality of it, and policy and policy prescriptions, but he hasn't done it. >> i hate to say key insight he's been right about to this point is people really don't care about policy. so there have been a few key themes that he goes back to constantly and dominates the
11:38 pm
media and he's always on offense. i don't think he's been on his heels, he's been on offense the way he's always on offense. lou: ever since the moment with the campaign manager and the reporter -- >> again, that's not -- a normal politician says i'm sorry, he shouldn't have done it. trump goes on offense. you hit me, i'm going hit you back twice as hard. that's what he does on everything. and the problem is it works on some stuff, on other things it makes him seem to have poor judgment and out of touch. lou: fair insight. this is also a man who said america first. this is the man who said the wall. this is a man who said fair trade. this is a man who said middle class, and we're going to restore prosperity for americans, he wants americans to dream, not necessarily others, but at least certainly americans will be dreaming. he has done so well.
11:39 pm
his message, he's rocked back from, and i think you're right. >> what i mean is he needs to start owning the conversation again. he's done that brilliantly. lou: he just did it a few days ago. pointing to nato and saying we've got to restructure the alliance to deal with the modern challenges to this country, and then suddenly we're involved in monsense. >> the problem with him is he's strong enough to be the strongest candidate in the republican field but doesn't have the right qualities to unify the party. so you have the disastrous standoff, you saw it last night. trump is not going to support the other guys, and the other guys say they're not going to support trump and looks as though the gop is headed to a train wreck, one way or the other. lou: keep in mind, that that train wreck, if that's what ensues, is the responsibility of the gop elites. they've attacked the man who is the front-runner, campaigning actively against them, they're throwing their money into the fight against them, as well as
11:40 pm
supporting the candidates who oppose them, running the convention and making the rules in which he will be seeking the nomination. so he could be forgiven, i believe, mr. lowrie, for feeling some pressure or prejudice among the establishment in this country. that's why he has said fighting for those folks, it is a rally and cry if indeed he can lead, because lead he must now. talk won't get him anywhere in my opinion. great to see you, rich. lee, come back soon. >> i hope to. lou: colorado state police releasing heart stopping video, showing the dangers of law enforcement that they face each and every day. just watching it. it's unbelievable that the wheel of that suv, pickup, not sure what it is, a trooper narrowly avoiding being hit by an oncoming truck investigating a crash on the shoulder of the road. fortunately that officer had quick reflexes and quick
11:41 pm
thinking. the driver has not been identified. my only question is why not? that fool needs to be -- well, as we say, brought to justice. up next, president obama once again -- this is my favorite part. lecturing people. and republicans who promise to be tough on terror. >> these attacks can foment fear and division. they can tempt us to castous the stranger. lou: cast out the stranger, that's our cue. we'll bring in someone who knows what he's talking about. why an adorable pit bull mix pup sparked a terrorism alert, red eye's andy levy and when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
11:42 pm
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. lou: well, president obama today at an easter breakfast he chose to attack donald trump. mr. obama warning against overreacting to recent terrorist attacks. his usual, well, lecture, we'll spare you that. and turning to our next guest. our next guest says president
11:46 pm
obama hassumed his role as defender in chief of islam. joining us tonight, dr. robert jeffers, a first senior pastor at first baptist church in dallas, one of the most evangelical churches and one of the most influential clergy in the country, and author of the book titled "countdown to the apocalypse." pastor, great to have you with us, welcome back to the show. >> thank you, lou. lou: your response to president obama. it is, to me, my frustration and consternation is inefable. it is -- i don't even know what he's playing at. do you? >> yeah, yeah, look, let's set the context on the heels of yet another horrific terrorist attack, this time in pakistan, over easter, we had the president, once again, assuming his favorite role. not as commander in chief but
11:47 pm
as defender in chief of islam, and i believe, lou, it's time for the president and others to wake up to this fact, whether we're talking about brussels, paris, pakistan or san bernardino, these attacks share one common denominator. they were not committed by jews or hindus or episcopalians, they were committed by radical islamist terrorists, and to the president to deny the connection and demonize the rest of us who make the connection, well, it's not only shameful, it endangers the security of our country. lou: and as we're watching the republican candidates, not one of them is making much of the genocide that's being carried out against christians, some have referenced it without question, as in the days following easter, one would have thought that we would have heard far more by the campaign trail by the men who presume they'll be taking mr. obama's chair.
11:48 pm
>> well, lou, i do think there is a reason you have donald trump and ted cruz at the top of the gop contenders. the fact is they are not shackled by political correctness, and they're willing to make these bold policy proposals that are certainly not politically correct but designed to ensure the security of our country. and you know i think we're seeing what donald trump said a few weeks ago as being absolutely true. there is something within islam that is engendering this hatred toward the rest of the world. lou: don't you love -- i'm sorry, pastor. don't you lot of reaction of the national media and the left, to suggest there is something about islam that hates america, when the record is quite demonstrably clear over the course of 15 years of conflict? >> yes. lou: this is strike the reaction to his remark. >> it is, let's be clear.
11:49 pm
we realized that maybe just 5% of the 1.5 billion people in the world or 1.5 billion muslims in the world embrace radical islam. lou, that's 75 million radical muslims in the world. you don't have that with christianity. 2.2 billion christians in the world. we don't have 100 million christians trying to chop people's heads off or bomb and maim. there is something there, and i think trump is telling the politically incorrect truth that needs to be told. lou: on the issue of abortion, recoverable for donald trump, can he move forward and how should he do so? quickly, 30 seconds, unfair to you, but -- >>. >> i think he clarified the issue in the right way. i think it was interesting rich lowry said everyone who is pro-life understands you never blame the victim. if we understand that abortion is murder, i don't think what trump said originally is that
11:50 pm
out of line. women are complicent if they murder their own child. the only reason why rich lowry or others would criticize trump's original comments, they don't believe abortion is murder or blinded by hate for trump or don't allow logic to take its due course. trump ended up on the right place on this seeing women as victims. as a pastor, i see that all the time with women who have abortions. ought to concentrate on the doctors. lou: pastor, as always, good to have you with us, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, snapping selfies with hijackers? are you kidding? we're not kidding. we're going to get an idea, by the way, the big guy wants the selfie with the little terrorist hijacker. well, anyway, we're take it up with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky, they'll
11:51 pm
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heywhether to stay or go?re ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at lou: a bizarre case of mistaken identity. when he logged on to his
11:55 pm
account, he was told to call the state department. he had written in the memo, dash. that's the name his pit bull. he was just spelling dash. the treasury department intervened, wells fargo, and he got it all revolved. joining us now, co-host of led eye -- "red eye." greg gutfeld and joanne nosuchinsky. your reaction to dash. >> an e * can make anything bad. ebola.
11:56 pm
but, yeah, i understand. it can make people a little nervous. the bank is taking the extra precaution. lou: you are standing up to the big bad bank? >> if they accidentally put some fund in my account, that would be okay, too. lou: the producer just corrected me. not your bank. >> one of your banks. lou: how many do you own? i look forward to -- it's not likely i'll be here next
11:57 pm
wednesday. let's turn to the terror selfie since we seem to exhausted this. this is terrific. the millennial generation. the big on the egyptian airlines with the vest on. he did hijack the plane. he wanted to drop off a letter to his ex-wife. i like the way the authority he can prosed it. he was more idiot and less terrorist. >> now his selfie during mandela's funeral seems perfect. this has stopped that. lou: will you ever forget? was it the danish prime minister? >> was it denmark?
11:58 pm
is that danish? >> i'm livid about this. the main reason is because this is not a selfie. a flight attendant took the photo. it's a photo. it's not a selfie. the other thing is, this apparently points out, the u.s. is not the only country where the postal service sucks. it's so bad there he had to hijack a plane to get a letter to his ex-wife. lou: everyone turns this into a comment on an entire generation. >> let's just shame him and not a whole generation. lou: perhaps he was planning to just wrap his arms around the little fella. what do you think? >> i'm sure that's what it was. lou: trump media coverage.
11:59 pm
we only have a little time here. but your reaction to what has been a negative reaction? >> what he need now are more of those positive personal stories. we heard few of them from a former miss wisconsin. lou are's a great guy, right? >> your guy is having a tough week. you need to talk to him. lou: what would i say? >> the problem with trump is his strength talking off the top of his head and saying what he's thinking is also his weakness. this week it was his weakness. lou: you know what would be a terrific gesture? >> if he dropped out. maybe you could give him a call. >> he does not take my calls anymore.
12:00 am
lou: andy levy, and joanne, i feel so much better talking to you. kennedy: happy day of the hump. i'm watching the fresh cooling corpse of the republican party jiggle with the death quivers. since the three amigos will no longer do battle on a formal debate stage voters have to settle for a town hall. mr. trump tried to blame lyin' ted for all the wife troubles. >> i thought it was a nice picture of heidi. >> you are running for president


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