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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 20, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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other animals. let's just wake up, america. have a great weekend. \s lou dobbs. the gop establishment tonight is playing a very dangerous game as they have made stopping donald trump the number one priority of their party. these are the same gop elites who have screwed up and lost two presidential elections in a row and today a secretive group of republican operatives and conservative leaders met for some five hours in washington. they were there talking about ways to deny voters who want donald trump to be the nominee. this group of conservatives led by red state founder erick erickson found a bit like an ideological suicide platoon as
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they reportedly are considering a number of strategies considering a third party conservative run for the white house. trump to this point was outwitted his opposition, he has outmaneuvered them for months, both republicans and democrats. super pacs have reportedly wasted more than $200 million attacking failed republican candidates that include scott walker, jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio and at the same time voters have made it increasingly clear, they want donald trump to be the nominee. and by a sizable margin. the gop establishment is equally clear, they won't accept trump and they are now committed to what appears to be a battle and it might include the death of the party itself. they've already begun talking about changing rules that now favor trump, changing those rules to exclude him, types like house speaker paul ryan who are now making a public point of talking up the prospect of what
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ryan calls an open convention. >> this is more likely to become an open convention than we thought before. we're getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality and, therefore, those of us who are involved in the convention need to respect that. >> comments like ryan's are only damaging to the republican party and helpful to the opposition. and quickly exploited today by senate minority leader harry reid. >> republican establishment acts bewildered but they should not be bewildered. as much as they try to distance themselves from trump now republican leaders are responsible for his rise. for eight years they drained all the oxygen from the country by replacing thoughtful engagement with resentment and with hatred. >> we take up the gop effort to stop trump tonight. we will be talking with former trump adviser roger stone, fox news radio host todd starns and
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on branding of the trump slogans and candidacy we're joined tonight by former apple ceo john scully and we are going to look at the question whether the gop is actually trying to destroy their party. also tonight pope francis strikes again, going political again on donald trump. the pontiff now urging nations to, quote, open their hearts and open their doors to illegal immigrants. we will be talking about the propriety of the pontiff's insertion again in u.s. politics and the republican elite. and the scandal that could end hillary clinton's presidential ambitions worsening tonight. we're reporting that clinton's team aggressively tried to change security rules so that she could use her private e-mail server for classified communications. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge will have our live report from washington. our top story tonight, the republican establishment's
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intensifying efforts to change convention rules to attack the candidacy of their party's front runner and to betray republican voters who have supported donald trump. it's clear the washington cartel, the donor class, the gop elites are now fully committed to stopping donald trump, but it's equally clear that elitist opposition is in part responsible for a surge in trump's popularity and even "the new york times" now acknowledges that trump with an almost 300 delegate lead, is in a strong position to win the required 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the republican nomination. among the upcoming primaries, arizona, which votes on march 22nd and a new poll shows trump with a 12-point lead there over senator ted cruz. in california which votes on june 7th trump now has a 16-point lead over cruz, and for
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a broader view of trump's enlarging popularity consider this, recent polls out of new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and illinois show not only a trump lead, but those polls show trump trouncing his opponents. yet the establishment keeps pushing the idea of an open convention and conservatives talking up a third party bid for the white house. listen to conservative erick erickson on that initiative. >> there is a strong coalition of looking to going to the existing candidates, kasich, cruz, saying you need to cut a deal, finding a unity ticket within the republican party, the final fall back option would be a third party, the consensus is everyone would rather settle this on the convention floor. >> and senator marco rubio adding his voice today to the effort with his first public comments on the race since he dropped out. >> no one ever gets into an election saying i can't wait to
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get to the convention, you want to win the delegates and unite the party. that's the ideal outcome. it doesn't appear to be heading there. after tuesday night trump is gaining up delegates to move closer in that direction but there is an open question about whether he gets to 1,237. we will see if that plays out. i think in an ideal world you have a nominee and people coalesce around the nominee and he gives you a stronger position in the general election. i don't believe donald trump will ever been be able to do that. >> trump has warned that any third party bid would guarantee a president hillary clinton and her likely appointment of as many as four liberal justices to the supreme court. politics makes for strange bedfellows as we all know and tonight the clinton campaign a siding with the kremlin against donald trump. both upset over this trump political ad that attacked mrs. clinton. take a look.
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[ barking ] [ laughter ] >> a kremlin spokesman says the ad unfairly demonizes russia. the clinton camp recut the ad inserting trump in place of the barking clinton but all of this is unlikely to hurt donald trump much. when pope francis questioned his faith last month trump went on to win the south carolina primary and he won it by double digits. newly released documents reveal hillary clinton tried to have the state department change their security rules to allow for her to use her personal blackberry to handle even classified communications in secure facilities. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us now from washington with the report. catheri catherine, how does this make clinton's e-mail scandal even worse? >> good evening. these new documents were
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obtained through a federal lawsuit by judicial loss and they really leave no doubt that right out of the gate clinton and her team were trying to rewrite the rules for handling classified information at the state department. the specific request was to allow mrs. clinton and her team to use their blackberrys anywhere on the executive floor at the state department, including what are called secured facilities or scifs that's an acronym for sensitive compartmentmented information facility. if you talk to anyone within the intelligence community about taking a blackberry or another electronic device into a scif they will basically keel over with a heart attack because the standard procedure is to take all electronics and lock them away in a cubbyhole outside the facility because these devices if they are infiltrated by a foreign intelligence service or criminal hackers can be used to eavesdrop on conversations and this fact was made clear to
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clinton's team in another memo that was sent by the state department's department of diplomatic security in march of 2009. i have that document right here and it was from the head of diplomatic security, eric boss well and it reads in part i cannot stress too strongly, however, that any unclassified blackberry is highly vulnerable in any set to go remotely and covertly monitoring conversations, retrieving e-mails and exploiting calendars. so when you see the people who were inside or from the intelligence community they say this entire episode shows an almost disrespect for the information that was involved and also a disrespect for the security rules that were in place, lou. >> catherine, what happened in the end? was it resolved? did the state department give into then secretary of state clinton's demands? >> well, this was such a top drawer request from the secretary that a special team from the nsa called a
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vulnerabilities assessment team was brought in to see if they could work this out and make it happen for secretary clinton. their recommendation was against it, so was diplomatic security. a state department official told fox news that mrs. clinton and their team were never given a waiver to use their blackberrys on that executive floor. we don't know if they complied with that request. the state department confirmed that a special suite was set up outside of her office so that she could check her personal e-mail on the blackberry. the irony of all of this is that the blackberry was the only device she was using for government business and it was an unsecured device that was not certified as secure for state department business and no one at that time of the request had any understanding that she was handling classified material on that device, they thought all of the requests related to the
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blackberry were for unclassified material, lou. >> catherine, thank you so much for bringing us up to date on this breaking story. catherine herridge our chief intelligence correspondent. remarkable reporting on this scandal throughout. great to have you with us, catherine. thank you. >> you're welcome. pope francis tells the world to open their hearts and doors to illegal immigrants. that's not very supportive of donald trump's view or the view of most americans. we take up the politics of it all with roger
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nations to, quote, open their hearts and open their doors to illegal immigrants and refugees and certainly the united states and europe have obliged to this point. the pope declaring those waiting at european borders are made to feel like ex aisles, abandoned from god, but european union leaders say the continent faces an influx of a million more arrivals mostly from syria this year, similar to the number last year and there are warnings that almost a half million refugees could try to reach europe as a result of the crisis in libya. joining us tonight former trump adviser roger stone, political consultant he has worked for presidents nixon, reagan,
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covered conventions for the past, well, quite a few decades. roger, great to have you with us. fox news radio talk show shoes todd starns. >> let me start with you. there is no question the establishment is going to fight donald trump all the way through the convention while at the same time managing the rules of that convention, running that convention. what do you think their prospects are for success? >> first of all, nothing leaks like a secret meeting in washington, d.c., but i think the plotters may find that trying to stop trump is like stepping in front of a hurdling freight train. clearly the time to stop trump if you were interested in that was in the primaries, but the voters overwhelmingly have now spoken. what you have, though, is panic among the lobbyist class and the purists in the republican party. and, therefore, i think their immediate imperative is to try to stall trump just short of the
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magic number 1,237 on the first ballot. then it would be much easier to try to steal the nomination by throwing out voters who voted in primaries that allow votes from democrats and independents, by ending the binding of delegates as the national committeeman from north dakota has proposed and by stacking the delegations that are supposed to contain trump delegates, texas, for example, with voters who are not loyal to donald trump on the hopes that on a second ballot they could break for some establishment white knight. >> the essential reality here for donald trump is that the convention that he will be in is being run by the very people who are trying to destroy his candidacy, the other reality in it is that they are in charge of the rules that will be set in the weeks -- the two weeks -- week to two weeks leading up to that convention and it's just going to depend on how much shame they have. todd, in terms of -- now
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trump is again -- here comes the pope again. it's not coincidental. the attacks on him by two former mexican presidents and a sitting president of mexico is not coincidental. this is becoming very suspiciously a coordinated round of attacks from nearly every quarter on donald trump. >> i have no doubt about that, lou. quite frankly mr. trump is not a catholic, he is a protestant so i'm sure he is not all that concerned with what the pope has to say quite frankly. >> voters are. >> they weren't all that concerned in south carolina. remember what happened there? >> i'm saying to you catholic voters will be concerned what the pope is saying. >> well, that's an interesting concept because i suspect that most catholics, i think, are more conservative than the pope is. >> right. >> when you look at some of the ee digits that have been coming up from vatican city. i can tell you this, what concerns me is that you've got all of this forces going after donald trump and quite frankly i think those forces, the gop establishment, hate ted cruz
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more than they hate donald trump. >> well, the trump people would tell you that's an appropriate reaction, the cruz people would say why him? you have the only remaining conservative is marco rubio remind us and cruz and donald trump. cruz cannot get to those numbers. do you see an alliance being formed, a brokered arrangement between the two in whatever form that is senator cruz and donald trump? >> well, that could -- >> as the most likely outcome? >> possibly, but, again, the issue here is what's going to happen here. you have the conservatives meeting in washington today, not quite sure what that was all about. >> that's a bit -- that's a small group of people who frankly are not at the -- they are not exactly at the front of the spear when it comes to the establishment. >> true, but they wield enough power, lou, that that hashtag
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never trump could end up being hillary 2016 hashtag. >> i don't know about you, roger, i can't make sense of what those conservatives meeting in washington are trying to accomplish other than trying to leave the party over a very -- very high cliff. >> yeah, it's foolish. they're trying to form the firing squad in a circle. look, trump is bringing millions of new people to the republican party, democrats, independents, millennials, people who stopped voting because they think the system is rigged against the average man and the republican party risks of all of that. tired of saying ted cruz saying donald trump can't win a general election, in fact, donald trump is the only one in my opinion can win a general election, he has demonstrate this had in the enormous crossover votes in places like michigan. so this is -- this is suicidal and i don't think in the end that it will work because the outrage of those who have voted for trump in the primaries overwhelmingly would be palpable. on the other hand, very sadly,
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there are those in the republican establishment, mostly lobbyists and some purists, who would actually rather have hillary clinton than donald trump. frankly, that is pathetic. >> and it's easy to forget in all of this, todd, the very establishment that is managing the convention, managing the rules has also managed the last two election cycles that have been utter disasters for the republican party and they are the very same people and the person of the capitol hill leadership, the house and the senate who presided over a disaster for this middle class working men and women and their families and they are not going to be very popular no matter what they do. >> lou, year after year after year the american working man has been screwed quite frankly by these establishment republicans. i wrote a column and quite frankly, lou, they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. >> one can understand the first part of it and hope for the second part. thanks so much, todd.
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>> roger stone, thank you, sir. appreciate it. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs news, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." links to everything lou an incredible close all all of this captured on video. watch as this ohio police officer saves a man from an oncoming train. he had just seconds to spare as he rescued the driver from the vehicle. the driver tried to cross those tracks just as the crossing gate was lowering and was hit. the train destroyed the van as you see, but the man no one -- no one was injured. the driver, however, did receive a citation just because you save a man's life a police officer, well, he gets to write a citation, too. up next house speaker paul ryan leaves the door open to accepting the republican party's nomination for president but -- worthy of hamlet he says you won't but does he mean it because he said he wouldn't
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about the speaker thing. anyway, we will take it up. trump says the effort to stop him will most certainly backfire if he runs as a third party candidate, too. take that. >> third party will mean an absolute total victory for the democrats, it will mean four or five very liberal judges and the country will never be the same, we will never recover, that will be the end of the country as you know it. that will be a disaster. . >> i will have a lot more to say in my commentary coming up, but i do think that donald trump seems to me to be making it very clear to the establishment they have a limited range of options i would say. stay with us, we will be right back. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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a few thoughts now on another republican trying to jump into the gop establishment mess and leaving just about everyone shaking their heads at the craziness of this year's race. former speaker john boehner, that's right, he is back. he decided to poke his head out from his retirement and jump into the fray telling a
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conference today, quote, if we get to the convention and we don't have a nominee that can win on the first ballot, i'm for none of the above. they all ran, they all had a chance to win, none of them won, so i'm for none of the above. i'm for paul ryan to be our nominee. just what the grand old party needed, a little boost from boehner. boehner later of course was trying to walk back his remarks a spokesperson claiming they were, quote, off the cuff comments about a hypothetical scenario, end quote. but as i've said for months here i believe much of the establishment really wants a president ryan and ryan for his part only fueling speculation by saying he would not, quote, categorically rule out accepting the nomination. a spokesperson later claimed the speaker isn't interested really. he's really not interested and will not -- will not accept the nomination, but don't forget ryan won the speakership of the house by insisting he really
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didn't want that job, either. speaker ryan will preside over the party's convention and any possible rule changes in the event of a contested convention, something trump has warned all of these clever lads about. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention, but i can tell you if we didn't and if we're 20 votes short or if we're -- if we're, you know, 100 short and we're at 1100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400, because we're way ahead of everybody, i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you had a' have riots. i think you would have riots. >> that's two riots, if you were counting. so far the establishment's attempts to subvert the will of the people have made them look inept and silly and a little ambivalent. it's times all republicans start thinking about going after the democrats other than other republicans, but we also know republicans have a fondness for screwing up their political
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chances. so we'll see. and the quotation of the evening, this one from salman rush tee who said two things form the bedrock of any open society, freedom of expression and rule of law. if you don't have those things, you don't have a free country. we're coming right back. donald trump winning big last night and building on his momentum. >> to win by that kind of a number is incredible. >> the delegate map is working for trump now, but party elites are battling to disenfranchise voters and we take it up with guy benson
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this may not shock you, but donald trump apparently is not too worried about his republican opponents. in fact, trump is setting his sights on democratic front runner hillary clinton now. >> well, i think she's an embarrassment to our country, she's under federal investigation, she is -- she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president, frankly, as far as i'm concerned. she talks about defeat our enemies, well, where has she been for the last year? we can't even beat isis. >> whatever you -- whatever you think. there's nothing quite like the trump treatment when it comes to his opponents. joining us now political editor guy benson. >> hey. >> republican campaign strategic tony seigh, both fox news
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contributors. gentlemen, first, what a blow out last night was for hillary clinton. not too far behind mer in terms of impact obviously donald trump. the path forward seems not clear, but certainly easier than it has been. >> yeah, i mean, she will be the democratic nominee, that's always been the case. sweeping super tuesday, 2.0 or 3.0, whatever one it was in key states, winning a huge raft of delegates. bernie sanders will stick around for a while, he will raise a lot of money, but ultimately with the delegates and especially those super delegates it's going to be hers. donald trump also had a very good night, he went from front runner to a stronger front runner, but note quite the presumptive nominee the way that she is yet. >> yet. i think that's a fair addendum because it just does -- even though kasich talks about he's getting into his country where he can get delegates, tony, i
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don't see the at the same time country, do you? >> i agree with you. john kasich is in pennsylvania today campaigning presumably because he feels that it's a state similar to its neighboring ohio where he's governor and did well last night but pennsylvania doesn't vote until april 26. if you look at the ring counties, the collar counties that touch pennsylvania and ohio donald trump won those. you can't assume that kasich is going to have quite the same kind of strength in pennsylvania as he would ohio and that complicates, for example, this notion -- and i know guy supports and many support -- in order to stop donald trump you do need a consolidation behind i frankly think one nontrump candidate. you could play man to man and possibly stop trump from getting the 1,237. i don't think you can beat donald trump from getting that number if you do the zone defense and have kasich try to play in the northeast and cruz in the west. it's going to get messy and complicate. >> in this case it's not simply political strategy at work here, folks, we're talking about philosophy, ideology and values that could not be more distinct
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and more powerful as you look at john kasich, the gorvernor of ohio and senator cruz so i think it's fair to call him an arch traditional conservative. he is a social conservative, he is a religious conservative and the establishment is hesitant to make a choice between kasich and cruz as that person could be the champion against donald trump. it looks like the result is -- it's a foregone conclusion. >> well, it's more muddling along by the rest of the field. >> which leads to -- >> trump. >> every single step of this primary there have been various people boxing each other out, trying to play to their own interests and in the process enabling and helping donald trump and it seems like yet again we will see that with this kasich/cruz show down over who can be the last man standing
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against trump. i think kasich is a very stubborn guy, i understand that he won his home state, but he literally has no mathematical path to be the nominee, it can only be cruz, but tell that to john kasich, he doesn't want to hear it. >> all that does is set him apart from marco rubio who lost his home state at this juncture. i wonder has trump, do you think, tony, pivoted too early to hillary clinton rather than the trump treatment being reserved for at least cruz and kasich for a few more weeks? >> as someone who thinks hillary clinton is the only unacceptable person running potential as a nominee for president -- >> you are in a rare group as a republican. >> i will say that i'm happy to see her get the trump treatment. that being said, it's not as foregone a conclusion as i think donald trump would like it to be, albeit the fact that he is with tremendous strength behind him with a lot of momentum. it's mathematically possible, lou. let me make sure voters understand something. if he does not get knows
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delegates it's not as if the system has been rigged to stop him at a brokered convention, these have been the rules for decades. so he has an -- >> and the most importantly rule. >> to meet that threshold. >> the most important rule set in place four years ago following mitt romney's problems with ron paul and that is -- what is it, rule 4-b. >> it states the majority of delegates. >> you have to have eight states. i mean, right now this pre empts kasich, it pre emts anyone else moving forward. do you think the republicans would have the audacity or guts -- you know, this is playing by the rules, this is the system, it's representative democracy, but if you screw with one rule it becomes the establishment rigging the game. >> although the rule that he's talk being is a long standing rule which is getting the majority of delegates to be the republican nominee, which is pretty intuitive. >> yeah, that would be we can live with. that's a democracy. >> that's the main one and that
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is the threshold that trump has to earn and if he gets a plurality that's not a majority and that would go to a contested convention. >> and let's be clear, the word earn in this instance may mean that you bring in the art of the deal and find per sideways sieve bargaining to be the way forward. >> which by the way i don't think necessarily if this did get to a brokered convention trump automatically loses. he is the master dealmaker. >> he makes terrific deals, the best deals. >> beautiful deals. >> amazing. >> guys, thanks for being here. guy benson, tony seigh. thanks very much. up next, former apple ceo pepsico ceo one of the best marketing minds in the country, john scully, joins us and we are going to talk about donald trump, his candidacy and whether he can win the presidency and we are going to be talking about it, we just had a quantitative examination, this we're going to talk in qualitative terms, the perceptions and the media and the relationship to the voter.
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we will take all of that up with john scully and we may even find out who he thinks should be president of this country, maybe not. john scully joins us here next. stay with us. you don't want to miss it.
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joining us tonight the chairman of people ticker a cloud based data analytics
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company provides realtime labor market data. john sculley. john is here because he is one of the smartest people i know not only in marketing, but insomuch of the business world. he's the former ceo of pepsico and apple. john, it's great to see you and welcome to the broadcast. thanks for being here. >> thank you, lou. good to be back with you. >> we've got a lot of folks saying donald trump can't get elected, that he's just been lucky, he's going up against all of these goal looits and structures, he hasn't got a chance in the world yet here he is. what's he doing that is working for his brand? >> well, i'm not here to endorse anybody, donald trump or anybody else, but let me say that donald trump has done a brilliant job of marketing which goes back to things that i learned in the pepsi challenge era. pepsi was outsold ten to one in all of the southeast, all of the
4:46 am
southwest of the united states by coca-cola, they owned reality, we had to own perception so we went in and created a pepsi challenge campaign and several years later we ended up passing coca-cola and became the largest selling soft drink in the u.s.a. in packaged goods. what donald trump did was he said reality is the establishment, perception is the fact that the middle class is disappearing and that the politicians just didn't understand what was going on in the work force, and the work force has changed radically, it's now an on demand work force, it's the gig economy, it's people who are independent contractors, consultants. >> freelance workers. >> they are 40% of the work force today. >> 40%. >> 40% and it's growing. donald trump talked to them, they didn't care whether his facts were right or wrong but they knew he understood it was
4:47 am
all about jobs and they knew that he was somebody who could get things done and that's why he took over and outmaneuvered the politicians and he was able to create the perception that he was a president who could do things that the politicians have failed to do over the last decade really. >> he had one fact in all of that and that fact was the salient, the pivotal fact, if you will, they were angry, they were frustrated, 40% of those workers then we add to those workers all of the fox in bricks and mortar who didn't have brick and mortar any longer to work with, we are talking about a huge number of working men and women who are angry and upset in the work a day world, their families have been living on wages that have not changed if they have not less end but they certainly having grown over the course of the last decade, have they? >> if you look at the facts and the politicians apparently work with the debate of policies,
4:48 am
they didn't look at the facts of what's going on in the work force. what's going on in the work force in 2008 still in the bush administration the number of part-timers who were in temporary work jobs, because the permanent jobs were disappearing, doubled and if you look at the pay of those part-timers for the same job that the permanent workers were doing, they were getting paid less and without benefits. and then you look at what's going on in terms of the costs to industry, it costs them twice as much for a permanent job today because of all of the added regulations and benefits and things that the government has required, particularly during this recent administration, and so what do those big companies do, they go and they outsource often outside the united states. so all of these things have impacted the american worker, the disappearing middle class. >> john, let me ask you this, the question now is can donald trump successfully manage the
4:49 am
gop establishment that is threatening him from every quarter, can he successfully in your judgment knowing the man and his talents, can he successfully, quote/unquote, pivot to the general election as he's trying to do a couple times, several times now in the last week or two, and drive successfully a campaign at hillary clinton or whomever the nominee happens to be in the democratic party? >> well, i think right now he's got to make a choice, does he try to act more presidential in the context of what politicians like to see a presidential candidate be and to try to make peace with them and to unify, and he said he's flexible, he is a negotiator, he doesn't start with his end position, he starts with his position that he will negotiate to where he'd like to end up. so that's one choice. or he could say if you really want to fight washington then i
4:50 am
will go over your head because ultimately it's the voters who will decide whether he stays in the party or whether he goes independent, he may reach over the heads of the party and actually go out to the people and that's where he has been incredibly successful if we ever seen any candidate get 35,000 people in a stadium for a political campaign event? it's unprecedented. >> john sculley, it's unprecedented to have your analysis of donald trump. we appreciate you sharing it. look, we will talk with you soon again. thank you, sir. good to have you. >> thank you very much, lou. up next, governor kasich may not have a path to the nomination, but he sure knows how to solve confetti issues. last month he complained there wasn't enough confetti at one of his events so his staff decided to do something about it and yesterday, well, they took care of that. we'll show you and we take up up with red eye's andy levy when you think about success,
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what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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well, let's start with this week's best dressed celebrity. it is what some would call an unconventional choice. we don't see it that way at all. oh, my goodness, what is he wearing? veteran racehorse more stad modeling the world's first three piece tweed suit designed specifically for a suit. by the way, this suggests that the owner of this horse has far too much money. the ensemble took four weeks to
4:55 am
finish, required nearly 20 yards of tweed, from scotland commissioned for a british horse racing event that took place this week. that looks like first place, i don't know for the run or for the wardrobe. joining us now the co-host of red eye andy levy and correspondent for the greg gut ledge show joanne nosuchinsky. >> hello. that was a great news alert. needed to be alerted to that news. >> for you we moved it up in the show. >> what do you think of three-piece suit on a horse? >> i love it because it was tailored well. tim dunn, man who knows fashion he critiqued that the fit was excellent. men, take note, not you men because you look great, but a fitted suit, so many men are wearing these oversized jacket. tailor it. >> ted cruz had that problem last night.
4:56 am
>> did he really? >> his suit was all back here. >> he was trying to look unestablishment. >> he was looking like he was wearing his dad's suit at a confirmation or a something. >> do you remember kasich saying this is all i've got. it was either the suit coat or it was the shirt, i couldn't tell which was the gesture. >> yeah. >> you know, speaking of kasich, i mean, let's roll video from the victory celebration there in ohio. and here it comes. look at that. because his staff was a little upset i guess or either fearful because he said that he had enough confetti. now, what's interesting about not having enough confetti, this was his first win, guys. >> yeah. >> there is no such thing as too much confetti. this was a joined f you if i may say that on your show. >> surely. >> this was like a staffer who was like not enough confetti? you're going to get enough confetti, and i thought it was quite nice. >> i'm not sure that that's a
4:57 am
message to be sending as a presidential candidate look how excited i am, i won a state. but to be fair, it is probably the last time he will need the confetti so use you will of it. >> yeah. >> that is a great point. that is a great point. rubio, not to add to the inn degree knit and the pain, but if you would roll -- roll video on an unfortunate -- >> with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> rough stuff. >> he's right. >> he was right. >> he was absolutely right. >> uh-huh. >> and he didn't take long to withdraw it, did he? >> no. what else could he -- i mean -- what else was he going to do? >> he went on far too long. >> it's especially sad because he didn't just lose to trump, he really lost in his home state. so i think that kind of stings even more. >> you know, one of the things
4:58 am
that i took note of and in a strange way appreciated, i mean, his -- his concession speech was, you know, good for you donald trump for savaging me and, you know, he was gracious, he was terrific and then he also betrayed great vitriol that remained in his system. he was -- you know, that was a begrudging moment. >> really? do you think so? >> i do. i thought it was one of the darnedest ad mixtures of grace, you know, frustration, seeking revenge, i'm going to get you for this but all of us we should come together. i mean, it kind of went everywhere. >> i think you can call that an egroni and i think he had a few sips. everything coming together into one really nice package. >>. you've got to see this because this is a commitment to a candidate, the tattoos that some are getting for their chosen candidate.
4:59 am
let's take a look at some of these. can you recognize who that -- >> i think that's elvis presley. >> it's definitely elvis. >> i think they got the wave wrong. i think it was trump. that was certainly a trump slogan, make america great again. this looks like it's just an injury. >> okay. >> again, they're rg trouble with the donald's hair here. make america great. >> i think we all are, lou. >> right now a bunch of those folks that got those tattoos are thinking, mr. trump, could you get a shorter slogan. >> anyone who gets a tattoo of a politician is a deranged individual and probably should be locked up. it doesn't matter who the politician is, by the way. >> it's self-expression. it's great. what i do like, though, about the faces is that as you age so does the candidate. so the wrinkles in your tattoo will match the wrinkles on the canned da. >> bernie sanders. >> especially bernie, but he ages well. >> yeah. >> see, the one with -- the one that was just the glasses and the hair.
5:00 am
>> that was kind of cool. >> that's all right because you can always say it's someone else. >> gives us an out. >> yeah, that one is not bad, the rest had just flat out insane. >> joanne, thank you for being here. >> thank


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