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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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kenny: a thetherwere 4 we'lbe wchinperhs th la of e wi andnple detectivable debate as marco rubio will continue his on salute against donald trump and ted cruz being wingman from the side. people have feigning outrage over the verbal fight. libertarians have given up on substance in this case. we know our issues will never be serviced. it's not like marco rubio is
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going to stand and promise is to the fed on his first day. no one is going to mention the phrase civil liberties while defending apple, and john kasich won't be wearing a good fly. marco and ted will mercifully tag team donald and annoy him out of the race. like this. it's never enough. before you demand better presidential etiquette. remember it was load with potholes for jeb and ben. they tried to be the civil
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candidates, now they are lying on the floor with post traumatic trump disorder. he may never win the ring. for moments he glimmered and captured our manage nation before going to houston. the libertarian phenom let down everyone who ever loved him. i predict ted will not have the backbone to tell the two books to get off the stage, and kasich will insult detroit and all of michigan and play a game of my state is better than yours. the debate will be so fun that we'll forget one of these stoongs or worse -- stooges or worse hillary will be our next president of the united states.
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mitt romney emerges from xanadu. lena dunham falsely accuses a magazine of airbrushing her. she is proven wrong, but she goes on a rant anyway. i'm kennedy. kennedy: we are less than an hour away from the next gop debate. let's meet our party panel. julie are begi are roginsky is .
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>> the first question goes to john kasich, and it's why are you here? >> i think it' kasich. >> i do love kasich. let's call the whole thing off, kasich. he has become milton from from office space. they fired him but he keeps showing up for work. kennedy: my parent are hard-working lifelong democrats and john kasich speaks to them. >> he did better than john kasich in new hampshire but he saw the writing on the wall and he got out a week later. kennedy: your dad has something
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called dignity. who does kasich go after harder, rubio or romney. >> romney. has anyone gone after donald trump and looked bert as a result? i can't think of one person. >> already he has gone after romney saying he endorsed me, or i endorsed hip last time and he would have done anything i asked him to do. >> christie went after him and came back with a dog collar on his neck. kennedy: i can't get over that christie optic. >> i feel like the trumpman is going to go after hillary tonight. i don't think he's going to participate. i think he's trying to
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consolidate the party now and look inevitable. kennedy: marco had an effective strategy, but it didn't benefit hip. rubio only won minnesota. does marco go full reebio? >> he has to. the hail mary play has got to be to have mitt romney and the big boys try to take out trump. but short of some sort of massive epiphany coming from the republican party, i don't see them not monitoring trump. kennedy: you look at the math, it's hard to see rubio ... >> if he completely dismissed rubio, and he might be able to do that tonight. i have a feeling by the type the next debate rolls around it will can at least one less person on the stage.
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>> he went after the size of trump's hand. >> it's on a matter of time before somebody gets the coat d gets the cooties. kennedy: day down, we are good. does romney get anything out of this? >> donald trump said he completely exploded four years ago? now people are playing that endorsement from four years ago. he's calling donald trump a fraud and conman. >> i love that rap any tweeted out, oh, if i had known he was a
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agaixenophobe and racist. >> do rubio and cruz team up? >> no, i think they will fight over who get on dancing with the stars. i think rubio would be better. he does sweat a little bit. but rubio look like -- >> he might be passionate on the dance floor. >> rubio look like a boy band. >> but he can do the lumbata. the republican debate is at 9:00 p.m. tonight on the fox news channel. you will be there, i'll be there. we have a huge twist in the hillary server scandal.
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kennedy: hello and welcome back. the justice department reportedly granted immunity to brian agoiabrianbryan pagliano p mrs. clinton's server. how big a development is this? congress i believe has the ability for criminal prosecution. congress i think could give him immunity. the justice department could as well. we need to put this to bed soon.
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>> i don't claim to be a lawyer. but doesn't immunity mean he could spill a lot of beans on her? >> i'm guessing with some informal conversation, what have you got? all right, bro, this is all off the record. we'll put it on the record and you are going to be safe as a kitten in a no-kill zone. 0 days is when they expect to hear more. that's a bad timeline. july, the middle of the general elect. we'll be talking about this until then. this could be dumped right when she is not wanting it. kennedy: the judge says it may be may. is hillary clinton going to put a horse head in pagliano's bed? >> i would hire a food taster.
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you have got to run for it, dude. kennedy: does the f.b.i. even need brya brian brian ago lon ld oh? -- >> i will say i weren't immunity for anything going forward, that way there is no question. kennedy: if he set up the server, he has got to know stuff. we are trying to get money from foreign governments in case i'm president one day. it's so incompetent. you don't know. it could be that bad. you know what's funny about
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this. that's usually when people stop watching. what crazy about this whole thing. there is so much unrest about trump. but when have we sat here on watched a candidate on the precipice of a nomination who might do time. kennedy: donald trump, trump university. >> and ted cruz might get deported to canada. kennedy: the panel returns because katy perry performing at a fundraiser for hillary clinton. will hillary clinton also get the endorsement of the left shark? the media is covering mitt the media is covering mitt romney's blistering attack on
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kennedy: past gop presidential nominee mitt romney made an attempt to convince party faithfuls to reject donald trump as their nominee. >> this is what i know. donald trump is a phoney, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public an gets to the white house and all we get is a hat. >> i heard mitt romney made a long speech. i'll address it quakily because it's irrelevant. mitt is a failed candidate.
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he failed horridly. kennedy: can he deliver a knockout? the publisher of the "the federalist" and welcome to you both. i know you are sitting side by side ready to tackle this great issue. ben, if anything what did mitt romney accomplish today? >> i think all he accomplished was give one more reason to vote for donald trump. his argument is clearly right. he's correct in everything he's saying about donald trump. but virtually all of trump's supporters will look at romney as one more sign they will guest something they want out of donald trump, they will get dramatic change when it comes to our political fray it's something they have been demanding and mitt romney is one more item of proof that this is a true break with the past of
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what the republican party was. kennedy: i think donald trump supporters will watch this and see their hero has absolutely upset the establishment. that's exactly what they are looking for. the status question hasn't worked for the kinds of voters backing donald trump. i want you to explain the timing. why not give the speech before super tuesday. why give it tonight on debate night? >> one thing you can never do with the mark of a con artist is tell him he's the mark. that just makes him want to double down or triple down. that somen't seem like an effective thing for mitt romney to have done. having said that, i think the actual target of his speech was members of the conservative movement thinking about caving and supporting this authorize tearian narcissist. he's putting them on notice, you do this and there will be a major problem.
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donald trump is about the security establishment. people think they are doing this revolution, they are about to get the donors lined up. donald trump is very effective. kennedy: he also pushed his candidacy so far into the race that i think this kind of stuff has no impact. ben, you can talk about this. why wasn't mitt romney giving a speech like this in november and taking his candidacy more seriously four months ago? >> i think you are right. this was an issue, a lot of delusional thought on the part of our political he athletes. one thing we learned about in this cycle is the he athletes are not very good at their jobs. they are supposed to be trained to recognize. a lot of them are fooling themselves into thinking this donald trump phenomenon was a celebrity candidacy, and they put all their hopes behind jeb bush and marco rubio.
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now you are in a position where you have a handful of figures, people like lindsey graham saying i have to swallow hard and get behind ted cruz. the problem is i think they are coming to that realization too late to do anything about it. >> he was talking about that today. all the times conservative pundits counts him out saying his candidates i was going to implode, and it speaks to the lack of foresite. i know marco rubio wants to appear effective and presidential and he did lay out a good argument against donald trump. do you think he in any way is going to get in this race? is it too late? is he our hail mary for the america i love? >> what's so interests being the donald trump phenomenon is he's doing a massive realignment of the republican party. it's at what cost is this happening? i think what's interesting is you will get more white people in the party, the establishment is going to come on board.
5:24 am
but who is going to lead the party? who is not interested in being in the party of trump. this is not just about bringing new voters, white working class people, it's about making a party hostile to other people. ideological conservatives are not going to find room in a party that talks about these things about increasing the size and scope of government. donald trump is as conservative he's going to be and he's starting to transition into a general election mode where people will be surprised to find out that he's not hard-core on these issues. kennedy: he makes bernie sanders look like a centrist. we have given up on these candidates and we are just watching for the entertainment value. coming up, meryl streep as you have never seen her before.
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ken where before you say see you later alligator to that master debater. let's take a look at the news and see what we can make of it. topic number one. politicians as you know speak in empty platitudes out of both sides much their mouths. but one presidential hopeful has been put through the bad lip reading blender. now we know what ted cruz actually means. he likes to eat hair. >> ted's always kinds of freaky. he eats hair. human hair. >> i like to set garden gnomes
5:29 am
in this country. i'm not sure he will be remembered. you are the devil. the little boy with a thousand freckles. there is probably goobers on his bod. go on to facebook and look at more of ted's crazy lip reading. milwaukee brewer matt phillips has a medical condition. when he starts laughing he bursts into the most annoying pitiful laughter you ever heard. he sounds like a donkey choking on a canada goose. why does the stadium get hot after the game? >> because it was hot. >> all the fans left.
5:30 am
pretty good, right? what did the duck say to the bartender. >> quack. >> it on my bill. that was pretty good. i like that one, so do you. kennedy: you can't stop watching that. he's just 21. he's hoping to make the cut. his first major league game this season. for now's a major league nut bar with an oddly infectious laugh. it's usually in the medical conditions. we all know that instagram has only 3 categories, food. and girls work out in sports bras.
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but some of that out of the box thinking swung the platform in an uncharted direction. the weirdness of taste streamed that turns meryl streep into food. like the devil wears ricotta. here is bloody merrill. or how about this one. blaze streamed donuts. it's impressive. or even a dunkin donuts advertisement. it reminds me of my own background of combining celebrities with food. in 1998 my plane crashed in the an derks s and i had to eat poly shorts. topic number 4. dissecting donald trump has
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become a national obsession. as he marches closer to the nomination and dare i say the presidency. it's only fair he remix his own theme song. internal sound effects, the trumphastic version of "hail to the chief." [♪] kennedy: your next president. keep letting that sing in, weirdo. topic up in 5. you're as i cajiewr.have you evy
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kennedy: this week lena dunham took instagram to cop mine about how "madrid" magazine photo shopped her pictures. the magazine said they hadn't done anything to the photo that her publicist approved. she said maybe it's turning 30. maybe it's seeing my candidate of choice getting barbed for
5:38 am
having a normal woman's body as she is for her policies. thank goodness my party panel has the psychological expertise. so why is she being mad about being retouched? >> she is just a lucky girl with no family connections at all who landed this little show, got plucked by a guy from a coffee shop because this was the definition of an entitled young lady -- she is talented but obviously got to where she got, they are related to powerful influential people. when you have nothing real to complain about because everything is handed to you, you complain about being photo
5:39 am
shopped. kennedy: do they complain about her body? >> i can't recall one time in a real conversation that anybody brought up hillary clinton's body. i heard that her voice is annoying and her pant suit. >> what if hig hillary clinton d that to the male candidates. >> i would be portrayed as sexist if i said it. she talks -- if you watch her speech the other night -- >> ted cruz also has an annoying voice. >> hillary clinton is a teddy
5:40 am
ruxpin. kennedy: i could like to see that woman's body. >> i have never seen it. >> speak for yourself. bill wouldn't. >> i'm feeling like a creepy woman right now. kennedy: this is the best night of julie's life. last night pop icons swamped a radio city concert to promote hillary clinton. elton john as well as katy perry. >> go out and vote. go out and vote! kennedy: thanks, katie. i absolutely will. i love the white paper she wrote on servicing the national debt.
5:41 am
>> i think she is getting handsomely paid. she is not volunteering her time. the last time she appeared somewhere she was handsomely paid. >> why radio city. why doesn't she go to atlantic city. those are the people that vote for her. >> the on group hillary clinton won in new hampshire was 65 and older. but that is not translated to votes. >> she is trying to be a thing she isn't. she is saying we have a grassroots movement. we sold out radio city with million dollar contributions. it's not a grassroots movement. >> i'll bet she could get a handsome donation from el chapo.
5:42 am
>> he said he wants to switch out of his mexican prison because he can't sleep at night. it's all the the digging under your cell. kennedy: super tuesday donald trump made a powerful enemy. miley cyrus. the pop star descended from her wrecking ball to blast the mogul. that is a tear going down my cheek dripping off the end of my nose. this makes me so unbelieve any scared and sad. she said if trump wins the presidency, she is going to leave america. is it worth electing donald trump so miley cyrus and al sharpton leave? >> them and others. you almost want -- you almost want them to win.
5:43 am
she said in a post on someone that sticks with my words. kennedy: she is unstable, i'm worried about her. >> miley cyrus? kennedy: no, hillary clinton. >> she is out of her mind. nobody is going to canada. this has gone on in every election. susan sarandon, then baldwin. the only celebrity going to canada is lamar odom. of all the things to criticize donald trump about, she was upset because a woman who posed with donald trump was seen with a dead mountain lion.
5:44 am
how about donald trump's kids? we should run with that. that's the only thing left. kennedy: i'm surprised marco rubio left that out of his speech today. >> it's water retention. kennedy: she needs a florida massage. >> i have never seen her ankles. kennedy: i think she has byon say hidden under that mumu. >> i have got a get i for ankles. kennedy: thank you so much for being here.
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kennedy: republican candidates are about the debate each other. they have got butterflies. they are in detroit at the big michigan debate. they are concerned about jobs, education and government. charlie and doug doifnt fray. >> government is supposed to do some basic things.
5:49 am
water, roads, schools, in mitch began the government can't seem to manage any of it. and the people are angry. so the people. michigan look to washington for answers. but it seems it's just as rotten there. turns out they knew about flint water in washington, too, and no one said a word. this election is about special interests versus the public's interest. a future for our children or fortune for a few of. it goes beyond party politics and relettered sound bites. the candidates are coming to michigan for their base and that's great. it's nice to be considered something more than a punch line to a national joke. but talk like politics is cheap. maybe it would be better they just came and listened because it's not too late in america. kennedy: let me welcome charlie
5:50 am
leduff. welcome back, charlie. i'm interest to see what some of these presidential hopefuls will say about michigan and blight and bad water. what are you expecting? >> i don't know. i'm not quite sure what they have ever said about the economy, quite frankly. trump at least resonates that the trade deals are awful. we'll ask trump. if you think big corporations are out of control, they still owe the american public $11 billion. are you going after that? i don't know where cruz is on trade. i don't know what riewb yoams idea is to bring good jobs back. i don't even know what jobe ever had. he's talk about when his dad worked. kennedy: he talks about that all the time.
5:51 am
i could talk about how my mom is a fantastic abstract painter. i can't pick up a paint brush. >> in michigan they want to know do you know which side of a shovel to use? do you understand? this cycle is a giant family wedding. we are all having a brawl and it's about time we get and talk about the things that are pissing us off when the beltway goes away and they don't pay attention to us. kennedy: if you take a place like flint, that's such a clear illustration of the failure of government. government and special interests failing its citizens. sickening its citizens and now because of the way the laws are set up there, they can't sue. there is no recourse for people who have been sickened by water there. now four men will come in and talk about government solutions
5:52 am
in doesn't that fall on deaf ears and frustrate people? >> i assume some are going to talk about smaller government. but what we are waiting to hear is effective government. nimble government. not a bunch of bureaucrats that are afraid to lose their jobs if they speak up doing their jobs. water is poison. why not blow it up. it doesn't work for anybody. bernie sanders the unicorn. college would be great for everybody for free. but we can't afford elementary school in this state. kennedy: is the rest of michigan as messed up as detroit? >> detroit looks the part, but financially we are a mess. i would suggest to you that illinois is in a bigger hole than michigan. kennedy: illinois is a disaster. are you excited to hear john
5:53 am
kasich to play my state is better than yours all night? >> that's real i interesting about john kasich. why is the republican national convention in cleveland? that's a blue city. it's the white working class voters. he should do well here because it's our neighbor. but here's the deal. if trump wants to win this thing and i think he can, here is what he will have to do. he will have to embrace black america and they don't like him. he has to stay i'm talking about our jobs that went overseas. we have to compete with illegal labor. that's very real. and in los angeles and arizona and texas, chicago, it's very real. so to laugh and say it's racist it's not true. kennedy: i like your imaginary black friend. charlie, we'll be watching.
5:54 am
i hope you pipe up and ask a question tonight. >> rubio and cruz promised to back the candidate, the one who wins the nomination. are they going to back trump? kennedy: i think it will be very painful for them. but i don't know. all bets are off this cycle. but i'm glad you were here. thanks for coming by. coming up. viewer mail. like this one, jerry says what's up with all the sharpies. kennedy: they are for writing. there they are.
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when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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kennedy: when the truth is found
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to be lies and the joy in you dies, but when you write me a message and it shows up on your tv, you are definitely watching viewer mail. you can't have dual citizenship but since i love you, you can stay. kevin piper writes, i think it' odd you so often quote yourself. it's like i always say. i know that can only mean one thing. bruce writes, you are so mean. keep it up. owe kay. go back to mtv where nobody will see you. that doesn't even make sense. what's your favorite cereal? gluten flee granola. steven baldwin stopped by the
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show last night and you could argue i interviewed him. patty wants to know was steven baldwin drunk? it sure looks that way. kennedy: if he was, he didn't share. tommy lee writes bless your heart. i just watched the steven baldwin interview and it was painful to watch. if i ever wondered why he wasn't more successful with acting, now it's crystal clear. , @kennedynation it looks like a driver who is drunk standing on the road waiting for a field sobriety test. thank you for watching the show. i always love it when you are
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here. on facebook it's kennedyfbn email. good night. website. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. the republican party establishment is waging war against donald trump. today he made it clear he will defend himself and his supporters and that the gop elite will not win if they persist. trump warned the republican party leaders, donors and others to back off the war they had begun and as he put it, to treat them fairly. the republican frontrunner speaking to a large crowd in cadillac, michigan. he warned the gop if he's forced to leave the republican party, he would certainly take with him


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