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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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"making money" with charles payne is next. markets down across the board. s & p, three straight monthly losses for the a & p and the nasdaq. charles: was a lackluster day for the markets. two disappointing economic reports. gold continues to rally and mostly as a no confidence vote. gold going through the roof. the endorsement and political arena starting to pile up. so, too, the gop establishment may have a nuclear option up their sleeve. donald trump shattered the narrative that his popularity is
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reeling. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. but the critical question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. >> i'm going to get rid of the lines around the states. the lines around the state. when he did the it was a catastrophe. when he did it he's on message. people said doesn't that mean he's a robot? the answer is yes. but if he is a rowboat was made in china. >> in florida where he comes from he couldn't be elected dog catcher. he defrauded them in many ways. maybe he defrauded the american people building driveways with their money. charles: trump is up 49%.
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is he unstoppable? it look more and more like it every single day. joining me now rich lowry and former senator scott brown. you are the polling expert. cnn's poll 49% nationally. 49 person *, does that mean d49%, is it a done deal and almost there? >> you hold out for whatever meteors might strike. trump is known to say pretty much anything at any point in time. but if you just look at the numbers and the way the states are lined up, it does in the look like there is much in the way of a silver bullet for these candidates. >> what's the game plan?
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rubio going at it hard and everyone is wondering why carson and kasich are hanging in there. >> isn't the internal in that poll is an all adults number. this is not republicans or registered voters. that's how you get trump into the high 40s. so many others still can be persuaded. this is what the cruz and rubio campaigns have to be talking about. people can still be persuaded it many the early voters who have gone with trump. late deciders don't go with him. messages are heard. maybe donald trump has a glass jaw but we see this momentum, the enthusiasm, it's extraordinary. this is really great politics and great organizing right in front of us here.
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>> let me tell you what the game plan is, there is no game plan. after tomorrow, when presume sphwhri trump will have an enormous night and win every single one of these things. then there will be a last-ditch two-week effort to try to pull him back from the cusp of the nomination by having someone else win florida and ohio. if that happens the delegate race gets tighter. those are continuer take all * states. charles: how would the people losing now in those states gain any momentum after losing big tomorrow? >> momentum is an enormous problem. two rules haven't changed. momentum matters and victories are validating. 's the biggest advantage donald trump has.
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charles: if donald trump has a glass jaw it doesn't show. his swagger is better than ever. i don't know how many people showed up at this rally. is there a chance he can become overconfident. you are probably whispering in his ear, keep your eye on the prize. >> anybody who has ever won a race understands it's not over until last vote is counted. you can be confident but ask people for their votes and tell them what you want them to do. the reason he's not getting above 30% to 35% is he had other people running. i haven't seen a class of candidates from 17 down to 5 in my lifetime. once this is over, and we talked about this, charles and tammy and everybody. we have to unite. we have people saying i'm going going to vote for him. this is the most united i have
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seen the people in the republican party behind one candidate. charles: a lot of these states have been open primaries. a lot of these victories include people who are not core gop voters. there is a schism where you wonder if it can be repaired. certain states as we were talk being the show become competitive, right? that haven't been before. like new jersey or even new york in some argument about trump versus hillary. these are interesting questions. but also rich is noting before, the show about the new strategy. more money pouring into ads. >> anything before the show. he will blurt it out. >> when rubio saw that the mocking worked and there was a place to get into donald trump. you knew that was going to have
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to be the strategy and they would have to move it. they want to make an effort. they want to run the country. they think they are best for it and i think it will pay off to some degree. >> you know -- i know marco web's a dear friend and a great guy. i don't think the mocking works. i don't think he can pull it off. he's not built for that back and forth. donald trump can get away with it. i'm curious what you all think and whether you have seen a jump in his poll numbers. charles: i think what we have seen and maybe you will be able to talk to this. they say there are larger crowds at his rallies and it feels like there is more enthusiasm at his rallies. poll-wise. we always talk about the negatives. and those continue to linker.
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you wonder where that comes into play in a general. >> what you are sensing is people grasping at low probability straws to see how this might play out. he's in a commanding lead. i have only seen two people in my lifetime who have been able to recover favorability like trump has. trump and bill clinton seem to be able to go up and down. clinton's famous line after 2008 is i can get people back on my side. trump seems to have that unbelievable ability. tammy's point about reshaping the map and him being a different candidate is right. the problem with the republicans, there are no financial incentives to drop out the way there have been in years past. there is no single anti-trump candidate, and there hasn't been a knockout state to get kasich. charles: the establishment back
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room cigar chomping told school. by now they would have pulled the trigger probably before south carolina said jeb, kasich, you guys get out. >> the word assistant has never been so charged and so negative and such a powerful attack. at the same time the establishment such as it is is so powerless. these people couldn't organize a two-car parade down fifth avenue. but we are seeing something we haven't seen against trump. and it's still building which is a major advertising campaign that will focus on winner-take-all states. there are various groups, the club for growth and others. a guy who has been a frontrunner for months and months, he hasn't had to take a major negative advertising push the way he will experience the next two weeks. charles: none of these other guys are sort of fighting
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trump's fight if you will. whether they are built for it or not, they have given it the old college try. can that spill over to the general election and will it have any negative consequences? >> to jeb bush's credit he took them on. but while he was taking them on, all these guise who were in it were silent. jeb took one for the team. moving forward, is the negative stuff going to work? i have a lot of friends who are part of it. this is the people, the people, the populist movement donald trump tapped into. he and bernie sanders, they are not getting the message. the message is they are getting tired of washington and business as usual. and then not getting it. that's why i don't think a lot of this negativity will stick. >> i think it other message is that old ceiling may not be a ceiling any more.
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday. know better sleep, with sleep number. >> friends don't let friends vote for socialists. friend don't let friend vote for people under f.b.i. investigations. by the way, friend don't let
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friend vote for con artists either. charles: as super tuesday gets closer so do the personal attacks. donald trump has been shapelessly attacking some of his opponents particularly marco rubio who is starting to fight back, mocking trump's complexion and size of his hand. calling him a connecticut artist. a lot of people wondering, is this the right line of attack for him. we have former senator scott brown and charlie o'connell. rubio, he said he wouldn't do this kind of stuff and he's embracing it and some of the thing he's saying are personal. >> there is an old add an d an o
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rubio hasn't won any states. this is a hail mary pass. he's being berated by donors. he has been able to get under trump's skin probably more effectively than candidate in the past. trump has been spending a lot of time in retaliation but would i like to see more on policy. >> rubio gets more out of this than trump. he gets wall-to-wall free media coverage. remember the other thing is the narrative. it's a two-man race that marco get to drive home and possibly drive hope the idea that trump could be a con artist. none of the other attacks on trump didn't work because trump
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i presenting a vision. charles: we'll take a look at a trump rally in georgia right now. >> you people are amazing. here's the tory. i love you, i love georgia, frankly. georgia. so here's the story. we have 7,500 people in the room. outside we have 12,000 people. and we set up speakers. would anybody like to give some of the people outside your position? please raise your hand. we'll get you out of here fast. right? i'm on kidding. we had a lot of good news today. cnn just came out with a poll, just came out. trump 49%.
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[cheers and applause] little lightweight marco rubio 16%. [booing] >> liein' ted cruz 15%. good guy ben carson 13%. we are 49%, can you believe it? and we got endorsement of senator jeff sessions who is an incredible guy. and we have sarah palin. we have so many incredible people. we have jerry fall wel jerry fa. maybe that's one of the reasons we had such help. the evangelicals, the tea party people, the old, the young, the
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highly educated. we are winning with a little bit less than highly educated which is okay, i love you. and we are winning with the veterans. we are winning with the military. harin other word we are winning with everybody. who would have known this was going to happen. i have a special treat. i love nascar. do we love nascar? i love it. so we had an endorsement a little while ago. my son don is very, very friendly with the folk over at nascar. how good is brian franz. is this guy a winner? i grew up with george steinbrenner and brian franz, there is nobody like him, the job he has done, and the family
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is so incredible. some of the nascar folk came over here today because guess what? they are endorsing donald trump. can you believe this? can you believe this? i tell you what. if the people hat like it watch nascar, vote for donald trump, they can cancel the election, nobody can win. nobody. nobody can win. so what i want to do, i'll bring them up individually. the owner of the ole deal web's a big guy. brian franz. come on up. he's getting pretty dapper. he used to be on the beaches of daytona. brian, you want to say a few words? >> real quick. i have known donald for over 20 years. i'll tell you one thing about him. you know about his winning in business success. i have got to tell you, he wins
6:21 pm
with his family, he does. i'll tell you one thing. if you leave on one other thing. any of his children you would be proud to have him in your family that's how i choose a winner. how somebody raises their family, raises a family. >> we have some of the great drivers. one of the great drivers of the world in history, the great legendary bill elliott. come on, bill. charles: donald trump who is reminding everyone in the audience and anyone watching at home that he has a commanding 49% lead. senator brown, we were just
6:22 pm
talking about the name calling. and we had little lightweight rubio. liein' ted cruz in third and good guy ben carson in fourth place. i guess that might say it all. >> i wish we would focus on the issues. if you are going to call out donald trump and marco, they are strong willed, independent accomplished men. any one of them can get into a street brawl. the problem is i want to us start looking past the primary and work towards the general. whoever that person is, we need to unite this party. you have senators and so-called establishment and every one now, apparently the establishment is going to teach the outsiders a lesson. if we don't unite we have a president sanders or clinton.
6:23 pm
i want to keep the senate and keen the house so we can push back against everything happening the last 8 years. if you think hillary clinton is going to do better, you are wrong. >> you have got a major job ahead of you. the gop is fractures big time down to its core. when we come back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. . charles: well, donald trump continues to dominate, in fact, more than ever with his latest cnn poll. but his rivals not giving up. in fact, they've been on the attack and now just a full fledged. so obviously we know this is going to be the year of the outsider. everyone's, in fact, trying to cast themself as a outsider. how much does that play a role in former senator scott brown charlie and ford o'connell back with us? ford, let me ask you. you
6:27 pm
know, we all these talk about we've been talking about the establishment versus the outsiders. no matter what where we are right now in my mind the outsiders have won. but something has gone on because now the outsiders with this other with ted cruz versus rubio versus trump. is the gop itself getting to a point where you can't put it back together? >> i'm not sure -- i don't know the word at that point yet. i know the gop is changing between our eyes on being neocons or business conservatives or social conservatives. we're certainly trying to find what that sweet spot is. and i do think that donald trump is changing the gop in the end. the question is what does it look like who should be the final nominee or should he win the white house? i don't know but i know that the gop is changing. charles: charlie, you represent in my mind the young, conservative, you go out there, you go to colleges, you pound the pavement. you are spreading the message that has been spread for 30 years and for the most part it
6:28 pm
was never popular. and just as it's been catching on, it has changed a little bit. does conservative feel different to you now than it does at the beginning of the year? >> not to me personally. i know the membership or our young people engage and work across the country. a large majority of young people that we deal with both they identify as conservative independent democrat, and liberal. they do not endorse what donald trump is standing for. you know, a lot -- the young people that we deal with and that we train and implement on campus, they want something much different that stands on principle and not populism. something that stands on ideas and values. the way that the race has descended into. i think the party is doing a lot of soul searching for better or worse. and this is really a retaliation against the establishment. that's the way that i'm viewing it and people that have been fed up with washington so long and donald trump is the to answer a lot of dissatisfaction that they have felt over the last couple decades? >> and to a large degree when
6:29 pm
this story is written, you'll have a chapter in there. the upset that you pulled off is shifted. it not only legitmized the tea party in a state like massachusetts. and now we're here it keeps evolving, and we understand that. but it feels it may be out of control right now. i know you want to bring it together, but it feels like it's completely out of control. we know trump has got all the momentum. there's a lot of momentum both the way to the party. >> first of all, charles, i think both the guests are right. i think we're going to see a different republican party. and with all respect what's wrong with that? if we don't evolve and change and be more inclusive because what he's doing as well what marco and ted are doing, they're bringing in great people. there are great people. like i said we started with 17 and now down to five and we're going to get to one. it's been an amazing process
6:30 pm
unlike anything i've seen the energy of all the candidates, it's incredible. i'm hopeful that once -- the nominee. we're going to need the conservatives and not everybody with all respect is a conservative. never voted for a tax increase, but i think the people should be left alone almost libertarian and a lot of the social things. charles: right. >> but i guess i'm a -- and i'm called a rhino. listen, we've got to include everybody. >> i agree. charles: we're going to have a president sanders. i mean come on. it's getting laughable at this point. >> we're never going to have a president sanders. charles: when we come back we'll talk about that because the last ditch endorsements are coming out. you talk about picking sides. it's eclectic and people are angry when their guy doesn't get the endorsement. talking about boycotting hobby lobby? are you kidding me? we'll break it all down for you
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charles: all right. guys, -- >> i fear that we are going to have a country that follows his lead. it happens -- i've been in business for many, many years, and i always see people following the leader. and i -- i'm fearful that they will follow his lead of how he gets ahead and how he gets things done. he gets things done, it is totally, totally unchrist-like. i apologize, and i don't have to apologize, and i shouldn't, but i pray for this religious leaders that are blinded to
6:35 pm
the fact of an individual that they're supporting that is totally without decency in terms of the way he gets ahead in life. charles: that was david green, founder of hobby lobby criticizing donald trump. we want to go back down to donald trump. take a listen because he's talking about building that wall. >> new hampshire got it started. and i promised the people of new hampshire that we're going to stop the heroin from flowing in. can you believe it? they have such a problem. we're going to stop it. we're going to stop it at the borders. so here's the story. so the pope, we're ready to vote in south carolina. and i'm doing great, i'm up and the polls are showing and everything's going to be wonderful and my people come. mr. trump, could we speak to you? why? the pope. that's big league, let's face it. is that bigger than brian france? i'm not sure. i don't know. the pope is big league. they said mr. trump, the pope just made a big statement
6:36 pm
about you. now, this is, like, eight hours before the election. i say -- took a deep breath. is it good? or is it bad? they said mr. trump, it's really bad. i said, oh, this can only happen to me. the pope is hitting me just before the election in south carolina. i said what is it? he didn't like the idea that you're building a wall and that you're going to wall off the united states from mexico. i said, yeah, but he doesn't understand tremendous criminal elements are coming in. tremendous drugs are pouring in. people are coming into the country illegally. he doesn't understand that. we have to explain it to the pope. he's not hearing that side of it. they said, no, it's very serious. so the pope came out with a nasty statement. here's the good news. he corrected the statement the following day. just in time. in just time. in just time. that was a close one. that was a close one. now i like the pope again. okay? but with this guy fox, i watch the anger in his face,
6:37 pm
and he was really angry at the fact that somebody -- how dare you tell mexico because they have gotten their way -- and i love mexico. i love the mexican people. i respect the mexican leaders. the problem is the chinese leaders, the mexico leaders, the japanese leaders, all of them. they're too smart for our leaders. they're killing us. they devalue their currency -- hey, i know the game better than anybody. that new tpp pact, the transpacific partnership. we're making it with 12 different -- it is so bad. you know the biggest thing they have is devaluation. it's not even covered in the agreement. virtually not covered. that's how they beat us. they don't make a great product. they make a good product. it's fine. a friend of mine. i tell this story all the time. he's an excavator. he buys caterpillar and for years for his whole life bought caterpillar. he sees me fairly recently, and he's depressed. i said what happened? is your wife leaving you finally? she's wanted to leave him for years.
6:38 pm
am i going to be in trouble with him helps them this. hopefully she's not watching because she would know exactly who i'm talking about but that's okay. it's going to end. this relationship is truly one of the worst. maybe one of the worst relationship i've ever seen. i hate to say it. i don't believe in that stuff but i'm doing him a big favor. okay? i'm doing both a big favor. okay. so what happens, what happens is he's depressed. and i say so what's the problem? . charles: all right. donald trump talking about his recent dustup with the pope and how the pope, you know, apologized just in time and they're both i guess on the same level. of course it all stemmed over the building the wall in mexico, which is an issue that apparently resonates all over the country. not just because of the labor issue but as donald trump pointed out to the massive influx of drugs. which, by the way, has been going on for about five decades. but i guess now that the rest of the world is starting to see it and feel it, it's resonating even more. i want to bring in the panel
6:39 pm
now and discuss donald trump what he's just talking about here and also, guys, we're getting a big, big wave of delegates and joining me now we've got ron meyer on the show for the first time, tammy bruce and ford o'connell. meyer, ron since you're first, what do you make -- today one of those things that we're seeing here and you wonder where it goes beyond the denomination process. the civil war end the republican party, and it is really ugly. some people are trying to change the definition of conservatism, some people say they don't want to be conservative. i'm not sure who's evangelical, who's not evangelical. it's been broken down so people go to church on sunday and people who don't. i mean it really is amazing. and you wonder can you recover from it? whoever the nominee is? and we've got to assume to a large degree will it be donald trump? >> well, it's a sad day for the conservative movement. we have an annual elected senator, he knows conservatism in and out. the fourth most conservative senator saying he would never, ever vote for donald trump, including in the general election. you have people from the evangelical movement who you
6:40 pm
were just playing that said they could never vote. never vote for donald trump. there's a lot of people in the conservative movement who care about conservatism. who would have thought what trump is running on is a type of european style nationalism. what we see is bernie sanders on the left. he represents european style socialism. and then go over to europe. what do you have? european style nationalism. you're talking about antiimmigration. you're talking about protectionism. we're talking about these policies that have failed over in europe. we have two candidates -- charles: . charles: well, ron, i don't want to cut you on of here in a second but speaking of grassroots republican voters are saying, no, it's the bens of the world who have failed us. we have gone to congress and they have come up short every single time. first think they just flat out lied. what would the conservatives say about that? what would the bens -- >> ben was just elected. ted cruz was elected four years ago, marco rubio was elected six years ago. give the new guys a chance who make a case for conservatism
6:41 pm
that can convince people the next generation takes over. we can't look at jeb bush anymore. we have to look at somebody new and, unfortunately, a lot of people are saying what you know? donald trump is somebody new who will throw over the desk. charles: i think somebody who will throw over the desk. and i never considered jeb bush to be a true conservative. guys, we're going to come back. our times are all messed up because of the live thing. but later on tonight you've got to watch lou dobbs because he's going to be the first to sit down the first sitting senator to endorse donald trump. we'll talk about of course 7:00 a.m. -- 7:00 p.m., been a long day for me, guys, right here on fox business. the final vat. and guess what? still a truck full of goodies. we're talking about hillary clinton's e-mails. we'll be right back with details i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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6:44 pm
what does that mean for the presidential hopeful? i've got to tell you something. now over 2,000 classified. we'll be right back is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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charles: breaking news. the state department just releasing the final batch of hillary clinton's e-mails. just this one day ahead of super tuesday. fox news chief intelligent correspondence katherine harris joins us now with the latest. kathryn, i saw some things leak out here. a lot more classified e-mails, huh? >> that's right, charles. within the last hour the state department releasing another 3800 pages of the e-mails. this is the 14th and final installment within another 261 e-mails containing classified information bringing the total to more than 2,000. for some context another 30,000 e-mails were deleted by mrs. clinton's team. and whether they contained classified information is not known publically. though, we do understand the fbi has recovered a lot of those documents from clinton's back up hard drive that was
6:46 pm
handed over last summer. clinton's former chief of staff at the department cheryl mills kept her top secret clearance deemed to be classified and clinton's unsecured private e-mail count. current intelligence officials say it's practice to suspend a clearance pending an outcome. that this practice is not being followed and suggests a double standard. >> to maintain a top secret clearance until -- standard practice here at the state department to maintain a ts clearance, despite on going investigations. >> so, again, i'm not going to publically comment about the clearances, i think you were talking about with correspondent, we don't also publically release or comment on correspondence as a matter of policy. got an start here. >> two more e-mails were withheld from public release. one at the request of law enforcement, which i believe
6:47 pm
is directly connected to the fbi investigation based on my reporting. and the other is an exchange between mrs. clinton and obama. the state department said neither contained any classified information. charles: kathryn, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. charles: you've done an amazing job. we look forward to you coming in after you guys dig through it to bring us even more. >> i will. thank you for having me. charles: appreciate it. well, a lot of conservatives come out against donald trump. some even threatening not to vote for him if he wins the nomination. how crazy is that? this is unheard of. sabotage because the guy you didn't want to win is winning. nevertheless that's what's hang. so we've got trump supporters and antitrump supporters. we're going to discuss it right here. maybe we'll fix it. stick around
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: senator republican
6:51 pm
from nebraska has become the first elected measure of the gop to join the antitrump movement posting an open letter on facebook stating that he'll seek a third party option to vote for if donald trump wins the gop nomination. rich allowry one of the many conservatives who has spoken out against not endorsing donald trump if he wins the nomination. and former senator scott brown is with us. of course he helped donald trump get elected in new hampshire. and i'll go to you, senator brown. you know, just kind of teasing and tweeting about this segment. a lot of tweets coming in and people saying, hey, i'm ashamed of this. i'm ashamed of my party, still constitutes conservative but no longer republican. this is what i'm talking about. i don't know. listen, thinned always happens. gets ugly and then somehow the healing process happens rapidly. but this is something different. this is -- it is a revolution. and that means that there's a lot of -- there's going to be something afterwards, it can never look the same. >> you know, it's interesting, charles.
6:52 pm
to come out so early and just say i'll never do this, i'll never do that. i think goes against our principles of being republicans, being a large big thinking, party of opportunity and to say i'm not going to do something. to rich and ben and others. so then i guess you're going to have hillary clinton or bernie sanders as president because no offense there's no third party candidate coming through that door to rescue this -- the establishment. it's either going to be one of these last five people remaining. and i've said, and i would encourage ben and others to put their personal interests sassed and put our party and country's interest first and unite behind whoever that candidate is. and i've said it publically, i'll say it again. if it's not donald trump, i'm going to work my tail off for anybody who is the nominee so we can put that jeannie back in the bottle and push back against the eight years of miss direction and mishaps and real problems in this country . charles: rich, the death of ronald reagan in the party,
6:53 pm
are you vowing to not support the nominee? >> well, i've never made that vow myself but the establishment is completely ridiculous, this is a conservative constitutionalist who looks at what donald trump represents. not a conservative. no has appreciation for the constitution and just says sorry, i can't go there. and, look, we still have two. charles: what did she would a president bernie sanders or hillary clinton be a better opposite? >> well, look, guys who really believe in this stuff, believe in these ideas are going to have a very hard time going along with donald trump. just look at the last couple of days. talking about the law so he can punish publications for saying things he doesn't like. look what he said yesterday. we want to actually win this election. if you go on tv and repeatedly refuse to denounce the kkk, you're going to have a real problem getting elected. that guarantees black turnout in this election may be higher than it was for barack obama than -- it was in 2008 and 2012.
6:54 pm
charles: hold on a second. guys. guys. we're going to come right back. we've got to go to a break but before we do, you can see a pretty large gathering of black folks there, perhaps there obviously there to support donald trump. we'll talk about that issue because donald trump says it was a faulty earpiece. no matter what, you can feel the tension. it's high. beyond super tuesday tomorrow. beyond super tuesday what is the gop going to look like? we'll be right back i have asthma...
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that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at charles: tomorrow's super tuesday. look at that map. we're talking about 595 republican delegates up to grabs. so what can we expect here with me ron meyer, tammy bruce, and david macintosh. let me start with you, tammy, what are you looking for? >> well, look, i know that we know donald trump is going to do very well. ted cruz should win texas, the fact that -- we don't know means that he's in a little bit of trouble.
6:58 pm
but it's not over tomorrow. we still go to then march 15th. so he'll give people a little bit of time to reconfigure what is happening, but it should reinforce what we expect. charles: it seems to me it's essentially over unless we get upsets tomorrow. >> there's this junk poll out there from cnn that doesn't poll young people. we have some data from virginia that shows that youth -- young people, the youth vote could pull an upset potentially in virginia. >> good point. >> if you're looking for it to be close. charles: who will be the upset winner? >> ly people who poll best are rubio and cruz among young people. >> and especially late deciders. charles: well, late deciders in the last two contests have gone to rubio. but a lot of voters already in these states. >> yeah. cruz has the win through this. he's building a brand as somebody that can take on trump. i think rubio has the most to lose. boy, states are slipping away . charles: he has to win some time too, huh? strong showing.
6:59 pm
how much times can we celebrate second place for marco rubio? david macintosh, how much is the club growing? i hear some of you spending money out there? >> we are, we're spending about $1 million in this round. let me tell you the bellwether state to see if donald trump is going to win in arkansas or okay. been ahead in the polls there. if he loses there, it shows when people do the antitrump ads, he'll lose. and that's going to be key -- >> yeah. that's the test. charles: david, if he runs the table outside of texas, is the club for growth almost ready to fold their tent coming into the big donald trump tent? >> yeah. we will keep going. but i'll tell you we'll be energized if he loses arkansas and okay. that's the key for us to watch that. and i urge everybody. if he loses those, then there's a good chance that rubio and cruz can abeat him in those big winner take all states. . charles: all right. guys, i still think at this stage of the game, it's really pie-in-the-sky stuff. we'll see.
7:00 pm
there's got to be an upset tomorrow. if there's no upsets, the trump train only becomes more of a locomotive than it already is. 49% in the national poll. thanks a lot, guys. really appreciate it. of course thanks a lot at home. we always appreciate. now lou dobbs with jeff. next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates are battling it out for votes on the eve of super tuesday. senator marco rubio launching intensely personal attacks against donald trump who isn't afraid one bit to hit back. >> he's always calling me little marco. and i'll admit. the guy's taller man they, like, 6'2", which is why i don't understand why his hands are like the size of someone 5'2"? have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them.


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