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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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does that explain all the mudslinging between top three republicans in the campaign trail this wait until you hear what was said today. melissa: we have surprising results from a new national poll. we'll break down numbers are now coming up. [closing bell rippings] david: -- rings. david: here is where we're ending the day. here is the downside on dow jones industrials. switch down to the bottom of that chart there. crude was up 3%. remember how stocks and oil have been tracking each other closely last couple months? not today, going in opposite directions. melissa: that is interesting. while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know now. david: 24 hours before the biggest event in the race for presidency, super tuesday, 12 states, i were concluding texas, massachusetts, virginia, colorado and others hold primaries and hundreds of delegates will be holed out.
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john roberts from atlanta with rubio campaign. john? reporter: david, good afternoon. looks like donald trump leading in eight or nine of 11 states. marco rubio needed some sort of a hail mary to pull him up out of the doldrums. it was clever strategy he is moment iing to get -- employing, a lot of negative press came that way with deeply personnal insults with donald trump. today in atlanta, the hoarse marco rubio on verge of losing his voice, decided to dial back on the personal attacks, hitting donald trump on his business record, suggesting that democrats and media would really unload on him should he become the nominee. listen. >> there are democratic groups out there interviewing the victims of donald trump's scams. and i promise you the day, it will never happen, but if he were to ever become our nominee, the minute he becomes nominee, the press, democrats and all these groups will descend on him like the hounds of hell and they
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are going to rip him apart. reporter: looks at moment like only state which marco rubio is leading. that is in minnesota. so, rather than winning outright on super tuesday, he is just hoping to stay close in the delegate count. other than texas which would award all of the delegates if somebody crashes 50% threshold. doesn't really mamater in terms of winning until march 15th when we get in winner take all states. marco rubio today suggesting that if donald trump becomes nominee it could be very detrimental to the republican party. listen. >> history teaches us any movement who at its core is motivated by inker and fear, by appealing to your anger, to your fear, to your worries is a movement that is destined not just to fail but to do great harm. reporter: many people in the republican establishment who believes if donald trump does become the nominee it will crack the republican party in ways that may take a decade or more to repair but then again, david,
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the republican establishment has been wrong about pretty much everything thought about donald trump. melissa: great. david: look what happened with chris isty. nobody tougher against trump than chris christie. he turned around his support. anything can happen. john roberts about, thanks very much. melissa. melissa: trump enjoying biggest lead ahead of the most important day of the race. the republican front-runner has 33-point lead over closest competitor. did you see this one? marco rubio is the closest. this is new national cnn/orc poll. here to weigh in on the leaderboard, fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor and fox news contributor. if you believe that poll, fred, tomorrow will be a bloodbath. >> it will be a bloodbath. i'm not sure i believe that poll. it shows support for trump twice what it was last august. there is one thing in that poll really makes you worry about trump if you're republican. it shows 48% of the republicans believe they won't vote for
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trump, back trump in the general election or definitely won't. so, i mean if you win the party nomination, but about half the party is not going to vote for you, it's a pretty hollow victory. melissa: right. i mean that is kind of diet math that people putting out. diet math. i have two brownies for breakfast, one carrot for dinner will erase all of it. seems like everybody that is against trump comes out here is this other number proves this is total disaster. everybody has been wrong all along. why wouldn't he defy this other odd as well? >> he could, i will have to say. he certainly defied what i thought was going to happen over these recent months. certainly what everybody else, all the other candidates, all the pundits, everybody, pollsters, everybody got it wrong. you know, when i see, when i see this now with marco rubio, you know going after him so strenuously, i'm reminded old saying in politics, when you get
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into fight with pig you get muddy and the pig loves it. melissa: right. the pig is definitely loving it. >> yeah. melissa: i'm not sure, when i see two of them throw insults back and forth i'm getting confused which is more bovine of the two. i'm mixing my animals now. let me move away from that as quickly as i possibly can. >> okay. melissa: let moo ask but the quote i heard talking about breaking republican party, it will shatter it, may be a lot of people out there that is exactly what they're looking for. they feel like the republican party has been a bit of a failure for a while. put forward candidates who can't win and hasn't fulfilled its promises. to them almost sounds like a good thing. how do you respond to that? >> i think you touched on something that's correct. there is huge division and split in the republican party. and on one side there are all those people in the grassroots in hinterlands who think that republicans after winning the house and the senate have produced nothing in washington.
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and they're furious. that's why, some of them have backed donald trump because they think he will really do something and won't be just like the republican leaders who have disappointed them so much. melissa: yeah. fred, you're very smart guy. been watching you on television forever. watched you on the mclaughlin group a long time ago. i used to watch with my dad on sundays, we loved it. you haven't changed at all and haven't changed a bit. i didn't mean to imply that. you watch elections go by, this feels meaner and dirtier than we've seen before because i feel silly saying that because all politics is mean and dirty. have we reached a new low? >> yes. in a word, yes. certainly a lot less dignified. melissa: yeah. >> name-calling, particularly in debates. usually in nationally televised debate you would try to be someone who appears to be presidential. somebody who could step into the white house the next day but that certainly hasn't been what we've seen in these debates so
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far, at least among a number of the candidates, particularly donald trump. i mean, insult others there. i can only think of that happening one or two times in all the other debates i've seen over years and i've seen all of them. melissa: when they get into the looks and the face paint and hand size, really, it is something to behold. fred barnes, thank you so much. david: about the way, fred has not seen all the debates in american history. want to set that straight. just televised ones. we're waiting final batch of emails from hillary clinton's private server. they are expected to be released next couple hours. we're getting surprising news, one of clinton's top aides involved in all of this. catherine herridge has exclusive details. hi, catherine. >> thank you, david. letters to congress obtained by fox news show clinton's former chief of staff at the state department cheryl mills kept her top secret clearance despite information now deemed classified to clinton foundation an clinton's unsecured private
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email account. current and former intelligence officials say it is standard practice to suspend a clearance pending outcome of an investigation, yet in the case of mill, the congressional letter says this practice is not being followed even as the clinton investigation into the emails is ongoing. >> their concern was that there appears to be clearly double-standard. had this happened to someone serving in the government, their clearance would already be pulled and certainly would be under investigation depending on the level of disclosure. it is entirely possible they could even be if pretrial confinement for that matter. reporter: october 30th, 2015, letter to the senate judiciary chairman charles grassley mills lawyer confirmed her client had quote, active top secret clearance. letter said previous reporting from the state department that clearance was no longer active was wrong, due to what is described as aid administrative error. today the state department is scheduled to release final batch of clinton emails as part of
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federal court mandated timetable. just a short time we pressed department on mill es clearance. >> was the state department instructed by fbi not to touch clearances by mills and others? >> as you know catherine this issue is under several reviews or investigations. i won't speak for other agencies that may be involved in reviews and investigations. clearly we are going to cooperate to the degree that we need to. reporter: so far more than 1800 emails have been deemed to contain classified information and another 22 top secret emails have been considered too damaging to national security to release. what we understand is that at least one more email or correspondence between mrs. clinton and the president will be withheld from public release, not because is contains classified the state department says but it is executive deliberations and also a second email that is being, state department is being asked to withhold by a law enforcement
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agency but they're insisting it is not classified. but the bottom line that 1800 is a huge number however you dress it up, david. david: sure is, particularly at the beginning she said there was no classified stuff at all. another, exclusive from catherine herridge. thank you very much, catherine. >> you're welcome. david: melissa. melissa: headed into super tuesday, fresh off the landslide victory in saturday's south carolina primary. peter barnes is live at clinton event in fairfax, virginia. peter, what is the mood like there? reporter: well, these folks here are very excited, melissa. the candidate is going to show up shortly to this event that at george mason university where she hopes to track the younger voters that have been flocking to bernie sanders, her rival but she heads into super tuesday riding at the top of the polls nationally. a new cnn/orc poll shows clinton
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with 55% to sanders's 38% going into super tuesday. virginia is super tuesday state. she is coming from massachusetts, also a super tuesday state. despite the big victory in south carolina this weekend she is still running behind with younger voters. 54%-46% in south carolina according to fox news exit polls. that has not stopped clinton from acting like, sounding like a frontrunner today, attacking the republican frontrunner today. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. what we can't let happen is scapegoating, the blaming, the fingerpointing, that is going on the republican side. reporter: there are 865 democratic delegates up for grabs tomorrow in 11 states plus one territory. about a third of the total
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needed to clinch the nomination. 95 of them in virginia alone. melissa? melissa: peter barnes, thank you very much for that. david. david: oh, what a busy day it will be tomorrow. meanwhile american student held hostage in north korea trotted in front of state tv cameras in communist north korea making a tearful apology as you see. what is accused of doing that to the him in this mess in just a moment. melissa: amazing. candidates out in full force in final push to grab support in key states, with less than 24 hours to go until super tuesday. we'll take you back to the campaign trail. david: there is this. donald trump revisiting an old threat. his warning what it could mean for the pub push party. >> i'll tell you what. we're not being treated right. the republican party is not treating me right. they're not treating people that i represent right. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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david: threat of a third party run, donald trump sending warning to republican party over the gop pledge. take a listen. >> i don't think it is fair that the way the establishment is treating donald trump. i'll be honest. i signed a pledge and i, i will, you know, abide by the pledge unless they default. but as far as i'm concerned they're defaulting. david: here with his take, evan thomas, author of "being nixon." evan, problem with third party run, donald trump would have spend real money. so far he he is reluctant to do that. last independent run of ross perot cost billion dollars in today's money. i don't think donald would spend that much, do you? >> no. i'm not sure what dan ailed has, one thing. he hasn't had to. media has been doing it for him. he has free media. as long as he does that why spend money?
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david: one thing really stuck out about the whole primary season. that is enthusiasm. democrats had all the enthusiasm with 2008 with barack obama with barack obama. he was new, he was fresh. but look at polls, turnout in these primaries have been terrible for democrats, and just opposite for republicans. in south carolina primaries the democrats had 31% fewer people turn out whereas the republicans had 20% more people turn out for those primaries. what does that say to you? >> well, trump is fresh. the, however chaotic the race may be, voters are excited about it. and hillary seems old and stale. she may be reassuring to voters but she is yesterday. that shows in the turnout. david: when you have low turnout in particularly among democrats, you have problems, don't you in the general? >> oh, big time. the democrats need turnout. traditionally it has been
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republicans like to suppress turnout and democrats crave it because poor people and old people who tend to vote more democratic, tend to be non-voters. if you have higher turnout those will be democrat votes. i'm not so sure that's true this time. trump has a way of reaching people who don't normally vote. the poor and dispossessed and lower middle class at least. so trump is new kind of turnout engine. david: he is. although there is electability question. a lot of republicans said we'll never vote for donald trump. now you know a lot about richard nixon. you wrote a book about him. he was unlikeable by a lot of people. he became president twice. maybe same would happen with trump. >> he did. second time nixon one in one of the largest landslides in history. he only lost one state in 1972. he did it, trump would understand, nixon and trump would understand each other. nixon -- david: wow, you will have to
4:19 pm
explain that. go ahead. >> nixon was really good appealing to people felt left out, felt ignored by the system, disliked establishment. nixon was really good reaching out to those folks saying i stand up for you. he wasn't as flamboyant as trump by far but he understood that. nixon was really brilliant at getting out the vote of the outsiders, angry vote. appealing to anger. david: did he call it the silent majority. >> did. trump stole, lifted appropriated nixon's term. you hear trump in the speech talking about the silent majority. nixon coined that term. david: i think it is fair in politics. among comedians and politics you're allowed to steal each other's material. >> absolutely. david: thanks for coming in, evan. appreciate it. >> absolutely. melissa: donald trump trump has a huge lead. best i can do. david: huge! melissa: that was good, better
4:20 pm
than mine. he may have a huge gap into his voter base going into the biggest day of the race so far. >> we're going to do great with hispanics. people will be surprised.
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melissa: the delegate race is on. nearly half of the delegates needed to win the republican nomination will be awarded tomorrow night by 11 states and recent polling shows trump in the lead in eight of those states. fox news's casey stiegel has all the details on this one. looks pretty clear-cut so far. i don't know, tell us breakdown, casey. oh, i guess he doesn't want to. kidding. we have technical problems. we'll try to to back. david: love it reporter is going -- melissa: we'll work on that. david: candidates on both sides of the aisle are trying to woo 13 million hispanics expected to
4:24 pm
cast votes this november. trump claims that hispanics love him but "washington post" univision poll show 81% of the hispanics have unfavorable opinion of the republican frontrunner. we have the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce president and ceo. javier, thanks for coming in appreciate it. >> hi, david, how are you? thanks for having me. david: start right out with nevada which donald trump is talking about where he took 45% of the hispanic vote. what was extraordinary about that is that we had two hispanic-americans, rubio and cruz running and together, they just about equaled what he got by himself. how do you explain nevada? >> i think it is important first to kind of look at the facts. so, trump claims he won 44% of the nevada's hispanic vote. that was based on entrance poll that looked at 1573 total republican voters. total of 1573.
4:25 pm
8% of those 1573 folks were in fact hispanic. david: right. >> so 125 were hispanic. of those 125, donald trump got 44%. david: good point. >> so in essence he got 55 votes. that is the real number. david: there are a lot of polls ought over that will be done by the base and same basis as this by entrance polls and exit polls. >> sure. david: do you think we would be likely to see similar results elsewhere understandably, it's a small percentage of hispanics but those voting republican would vote for trump? >> sure. i think it is early to call. texas is going to be a telltale for everyone. i think he is in for a fight in texas. you know this is ted cruz, ted cruz's home state. so, i suspect at best it will be neck-and-neck. he might lose texas to ted cruz. cruz will not give up the
4:26 pm
lone star state easily. i like to look at "washington post" unvery anything poll you mentioned where clinton is 40% nationally. sanders around 20%. rubio eight and cruz tied at around 7%. i think that is a more accurate kind of depiction where america's hispanic voters are. david: javier, we have only time for one more question. idea of immigration, that hits the heart of a lot of hispanic discontent about trump but there are a lot of legal immigrants that don't like the idea of illegal immigrants right here jumping the line, going to the front of the line. i have a sister-in-law trying for seven years getting a green card. perfectly qualified. perfect english. mba. seven years to get a green card. if illegal gets one before her i will be mad, so is she. >> sure. i think rightly some. listen the immigration system is broken, of that there is no doubt but this notion that you would mass deport 12 million people in one fell swoop is just
4:27 pm
about as ridiculous as you can see, you know, both american business and american people i don't think will stand for. david: well, it is impossible. you can't do it financially. just not going to make sense financially wouldn't be done. >> absolutely. david: don't discount discontent about legal immigrants about illegal immigrants. there is a lot of discontent in the hispanic community. javier, come back and see news david, thank you very much. melissa: we have the big play for big delegates with casey stiegel. can you hear me? reporter: got you now. sorry for technical problems. senator ted cruz knows he has to do well right here in his home state of texas tomorrow with extraordinary number of delegates that are at stake. that is why he is crisscrossing the state today, holding last minute campaign rallies, wrapping up one up in dallas this morning. he is talking to voters in san antonio at an event now. then he is on to houston for an
4:28 pm
evening rally. texas is top prize in tomorrow's election because let's break down all of the delegates for you. for republicans, 155 total will be awarded tomorrow night. huge number. 108 of those based off how well candidates do in the state's 36 congressional districts. because it is not winner-take-all. the other 47 at large delegates will be delivered proportionally based on statewide voting totals. for democrats 251 delegates up for grabs. 145 come from the state's 31 senate districts. 77 are based on statewide voting totals. another 29 superdelegates. former secretary of state hillary clinton enjoys double-digit leads in all of the polls looking at texas while a monmouth university poll shows ted cruz with a 15 point lead over donald trump here but there are at least two other recent
4:29 pm
polls that show ted cruz and donald trump in a virtual dead heed for first place here in texas. all eyes on this state as we head into super tuesday tomorrow, melissa. melissa: wow. we're all set for it. casey, thank you so much. deadly bombing in iraq at the hands of isis. the terror group's mass attacks on civilians as they rampage through baghdad. details on that coming up. david: plus just when you thought it couldn't get dirtier, mudslinging on campaign trail gets even worse. are the candidates taking personal jabs a little too far? our panel weighing in coming next.
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david: super tuesday less than 24 hours away. republican candidates taking one last jab at each other before voters in 12 states will cast their votes. break burman has very latest from inside the beltway. break? reporter: donald trump says he is even surprised with one recent poll. latest cnn national poll shows trump at 49% among republicans nationwide. that is 33 points clear of everyone else. at his first campaign event earlier today, he used that poll to tout his campaign while smacking down his opponents. >> cnn just released a poll an hour ago and, it even surprised me. i'll tell you. just came out. trump 49. [cheering]
4:34 pm
just came out. little marco rubio, 16. [booing] lying ted cruz, 15. reporter: marco rubio continues to stay aggressive against trump. he says trump's delayed response disavowing david duke during sunday morning interview disqualifies the frontrunner. >> he is unelectable now. he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. he has given three interviews. today on "the today show he blame ad bad earpiece. he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad a earpiece, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly. reporter: many feel for ted cruz this is must win for the vitality of his campaign going forward. john kasich in northeast, vermont and massachusetts, hold super tuesday contests as well. ben carson post ad, he is staying in the race, he refuses
4:35 pm
to quote, play by washington's political rule book. busy day all around. back to you in new york. david: blake burman, thank you very much. melissa: the fight is getting ugly on the campaign trail, really ugly. republican candidates unleashing the sharpest attacks ahead of super tuesday. guess what? it getting very personal. >> 6'2", which i don't understand why his hand are the size of someone 5'2". have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. [cheering] you can't trust them. >> i see him starting to sweat, like i have never seen anything like it. thank god he has really large ears, the biggest ears i have ever seen. melissa: i mean, wow. here is weigh in, sabrina schaefer, executive direct are to have independent women's forum. boris epstein, former aide to john mccain.
4:36 pm
judy miller, adjunct fellow, fox news contributor. sabrina, i will start with you, trump is going for the body parts i guess in his insults. marco rubio hired a comedy writer. it has gotten very, very personal out there. what do you think? >> it has. it has. sort of like a race to the bottom right now, not exactly something voters want to hear. reality stakes are very high. things are very heated right now. trump is running away in all the polls, especially at state level. marco rubio doesn't stand out now, probably already too late which is the real question here. melissa: boris, you know people say every time there is an election this is the dirtiest race of all time, we hit a new low. you hear those words every time. this time it may be true. >> it may be. marco rubio is making a mistake, a long term as far as his vitality goes, as far as his political future goes. he is not running for the senate. he will not be nominee this time.
4:37 pm
if republican history holds, if you were in the second in line would have really good shot to be nominee in the future, acting way he is, no unnatural, this doesn't fit him. donald trump is comfortable with these attacks. rubio is not. he is making a mistake. melissa: let me argue the other side. i think marco rubio is looking very comfortable. maybe people are saying finally one of the gop candidates, one of the other one has woken up giving it as good as he gets it. do you think some people are thinking things like that? >> i think some people are seeing things like that and we'll certainly see it on super tuesday. but for the party of lincoln to descend to this level, kind of pure purile, is sad spectacle for america. hillary clinton people are loving. >> not like it is that clean on the other side. but certainly hasn't quite
4:38 pm
reached this level. sabrina, there are people in the establishment in tv studios, who are watching this who are saying they're not talking about the issues but then there is a lot of regular people out there who don't pay attention to politics most of the time and feel like america has fallen apart, saying finally someone is doing something different. the like way people are talking approaching politics hasn't worked for me and my family. these people are speaking different language, maybe this is better? >> melissa, that is sort of point here, right? ultimately will rubio's attacks being effective slowing down trump. that is where i don't think they will be. that is exactly the reason you said. people from the establishment going after trump, make trump supporters dig their heels in deeper, that is exactly why we support him. we hate dirty politics as usual. doesn't matter donald trump has been throwing mud for months. reality they think he stands for something that is so different and so against the grain from here in washington that they're willing to put up with that.
4:39 pm
i'm not sure it will hold for rubio. melissa: boris, do you think this hurts marco rubio next time? for example, if you look at barbs chris christie and donald trump traded things they said about each other, they put their arms around each other, they're best friends, no one remembers what happened three weeks ago. seems like marco rubio can reinvent himself when this is over? >> he has hit of reintercepting himself. barbs with christie and trump were not nearly as nasty as these. it could hurt marco in this election. you showed last poll, he is lower now nationally than the last debate, before he went on full offensive. that is hurting him with the electorate. melissa: christie was pretty nasty. called him carnival barker. going after entertainer in chief. they were pretty tough on each other. judy i give you last word. >> christie brings 3% of the his vote to donald trump's side. i don't think it will matter.
4:40 pm
trump will do what he is going to do. trump will be trump. the issue as boris said, will this be compelling to people for marco rubio? what does that do for his support? i have descent to this level. melissa: certainly feels that way. david. david: compelling. melissa: for all the wrong reasons maybe. david: be sure to tune into fox business channel for super tuesday. melissa and i will be both a part of all of our coverage, our all-star coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern and goes on until when, at least midnight, if not later. the race the whole world is watching. polls tell us what voters here at home think of trump and the white house. where us did the rest of the world stand on this? veteran suspected of trying to join isis is in court. more on that case coming up. ♪ at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments.
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david: government's crackdown on isis sympathizers is underway. air force veteran tie rod pugh is on trial after trying to join the terrorist group after sources said they found a letter on his computer telling his wife he wanted to join isis. rick leventhal from brooklyn. the fact he was a veteran really hurts. reporter: it does, david. the opening arguments says pugh is not a man with a plan. that case is built solely on speculation. that you can't punish someone for their thoughts. the prosecution said in fact pugh turned his back on country he once pledged to serve. he was willing to die for isis. pugh spent four years as mechanic in the u.s. air force before being honorably discharged in 1990. he went to work for american airlines. he reportedly had been radicalized before 9/11 and former coworker says he voiced support for usama bin laden. he arrived in turkey last year
4:45 pm
with a one-way ticket and authorities believed he was on his way to syria to share his skills with the islamic state. >> he had u.s. military train something exactly kind of thing you want to prevent against and you want to send out alarms against and maybe a good reason to bring this case on the point of view of federal prosecutors. reporter: well the feds say that pugh destroyed four flash drives when he realized he was being watched. clearly feds believe they have more evidence against him including a letter that prosecutors say that pugh wrote to his wife in december of 2014 that seems to be a pretty clear indication of his plans. the draft email reads in part, i am a mujahideen. i am a sword against the open press sore and shield for the oppressed. i will use talents and skills given to me by allah, to establish and defend the islamic states. he allegedly wrote, there are two possible outcomes, victory or martyr.
4:46 pm
david there is clear possible outcome now. he could be sentenced up to 35 years in federal prison if convicted on the charges. the case is expected to wrap up by next week. david: awful stuff. rick, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: a few other stories on our radar. isis claiming responsibility for devastating back-to-back market many toes in iraq over the weekend. 73 people are now reported dead. 112 people remain in the hospital while five people are still reported missing. navy senior chief edward byers receiving a med president obama. he used his body as a shield to protect american hostage simultaneously taking down another enemy. can you imagine? byers becomes the 11th living service member to be awarded medal of honor for gravely in afghanistan. wow. david: good for him. melissa: apologizing on national tv for a so-called hostile act,
4:47 pm
trying to steal a north korean banner from a hotel. 21-year-old otto warmbier stating he was offered a reward by member of his church for taking banner. he was arrested in january by north korean officials. his family has not seen or had contact with him since. he is sobbing. david: tough to be arrested anywhere but imagine in north korea? ouch. melissa: fight for the white house gaining worldwide attention. what does europe think about the fight for presidency? we have the inside look next. >> the kind of rhetoric that we have seen from republican candidates, not just the frontrunner, but from all republican candidates has not been consistent with the kinds of values this country has long cherished and it is those values that other countries admire.
4:48 pm
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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david: race for 2016 heating up as americans get ready to stump for their top choice. how is the rest of the world looking at fight for the white house over here? joining me now, ambassador howard guttman, former ambassador to belgium. you just returned from over there. what do you make of all this? >> their views are not that different from many americans. generally western europe supports hillary clinton but they are decidedly not as excited about hillary clinton as they were for example, passion they had for barack obama. i was in belgium yesterday. belgium supported barack obama 98-2 in romney race. you don't find that kind of excitement for hillary. david: i'm sure they're scared of trump. we all remember they were scared to death of ronald reagan. they called him a cowboy. thought he was aging by seat of his pants. in fact knew what he was doing. turned out to be much better negative tore than they realized. >> trump, they don't know
4:52 pm
whether to laugh or be scared. but they want to have american leadership. they want to admire america. and the nature of this race means they don't admire him. david: hold on a second, ambassador, you're very diplomatic. europeans don't like -- there is certain envy i sense with europeans. envy, why do they deserve all that they have? so in a sense i'm not so sure i agree with you. >> let me give you facts. when i got to belgium in 2009, favorability, unfavorability america, 8% favorable, 64% unfavorable. david: what year? 2009. we came off weapons that didn't exist. walking out of kyoto talks. eight years, two to one favorable. number one most popular person in belgium, not kim class sisters, not their prime minister, but barack obama. david: when they did not respect president last time, ronald reagan, they had terrible disrespect for him, called him those were nice things they said them, he turned out to be one of
4:53 pm
the main reasons we ended cold war. they were wrong. we were right. >> that can be but why is it important for them to support us? we were there they increased their troop commitment to afghanistan. they were one of six countries bombing in libya. david: that's true. >> at time before we got there, they had brought indictment against donald rumsfeld for war crimes. that is different matter. david: belgium. look all of europe. angela merkel, head of germany, i'm sure she had best of intentions wanting to bring all immigrants in. she brought more than a million immigrant from the middle east in and it's a mess. it's a mess in all kinds of ways. you had incidents around new year's eve over there. now you have i think we have some video from today in calle in france. because it spilled over. they're trying to get into england. i would suspect there is much more sympathy to donald trump's view of immigration now than there would be to angela merkel, am i right? >> you're right. that is what is causing the fear. so they're used to authoritarian populism.
4:54 pm
that is what they view of donald trump, authoritarian populism. they're used to it. started with putin but recently poll land went that way. hungary gone that way. poland went that way. europe is beginning to adopt authoritarian populism. that scares 70% of europe. it happened in poland. they see vladmir putin and donald trump, and there is story, donald trump as the new putin. david: thank you very much. melissa. melissa: senator ted cruz trying to make waves with donald trump's stand on immigration. listen to this. >> there is secret tape "new york times" editorial board has of donald trump saying that he doesn't believe what he is saying on immigration. that all of his promises to secure the border are not real. and if he is president he doesn't intend to do what he says. melissa: secret tape. that is he is talking about there. cruz is quoting a buzzfeed column ben smith referencing a "new york times" source present
4:55 pm
at a meeting with trump admitting that he doesn't have the tape himself. he was quoting gail collins of the no, times who was at the meeting. she said quote, the most optimistic analysis of trump as presidential candidate he just doesn't believe in positions. so you can obviously, oh, so you obviously can't explain how you're going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants because it is going to be the first bid in some future monster negotiations session. now marco rubio has just jumped on board this train of the listen. >> he gave an interview to the "new york times." he met with their editorial board. apparently he told them what he reefly believes about immigration which sounds like what he told them is different than what he is telling you but it was off the record. so now "the new york times" can't release audio of that interview. donald trump can fix that today. donald trump should ask "the new york times" to release audio of his interview with them so we can see exactly what it is he truly believes. melissa: just to recap.
4:56 pm
we're talking about a tape that we haven't heard, that hasn't been played, we don't know it exists. candidates are talking about it on the campaign trail. we'll follow this story closely to see what if anything comes up. david: we had judy miller from the "new york times." she had been to many from "the new york times." none off the record were ever taped. we haven't heard the tape yet. melissa: that is what that means. that is my understanding when they say is off the record you're not recording it to be used later. interesting. we'll follow this one. coming up, this woman has reason to celebrate because leap day is her birthday. you will never guess her age. she is younger than she looks. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out.
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5:00 pm
on february 29th get to celebrate tear birthday. melissa: daisy ward, gets to celebrate 100 years living. it is her 25th birthday. oldest living leap year baby. david: she was actually leaping on this leap year. melissa: very nice. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> "new york times" editorial board has type of donald trump saying that he doesn't believe what he is saying on immigration. that all of his promises to secure the border are not real. and if he is president he doesn't intend to do what he says. that is according to "new york times." apparently had it on tape but it is off the record. "the new york times" says it will not release the tape unless donald gives him permission to do so. i call on dan ailed, ask "the new york times" to release the tape. and do so today before the super tuesday primaries. deirdre: breaking news. in potential serious blow to


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