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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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lou: 71% of you say governor abbott's endorsement of ted cruz will do no more to help him than governor haley's did for marco rubio. kennedy: well, you have to be out of your mind to run for president. and i'm watching an also ran try to trip up the frontrunner in a crazy sprint. mitt romney is going after donald trump after taxes and the irony is so rich it may name a building after itself. rich people don't like anyone peeping into their finances. when romney lagged with his finances in 2012, harry reid took to the floor to start big foot rumors that romney had been funneling his money. >> the word is out he hasn't
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paid any taxes for 10 years. he has money hidden in bermuda and the kay main islands. -- and the cayman islands. kennedy: if romney is going to ride his lily white horse into the battle it seems he would have picked a different battle. >> we have reason to believe there is a bombshell in mitt romney's taxes. either he isn't as wealthy as he says he is or maybe he hasn't paid the taxes he's expected to pay for maybe he hasn't given the money to the vets that he says he has. kennedy: what's next? are you going to get your ass kicked by an exercise band? the twitter onslaught followed.
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pull up a chair so we can hear mitt romney emasculated. >> mitt romney is pushing the untax returns. mitt romney who blew the election on tax returns is looking like a fool now playing tough guy. kennedy: anyone who runs for president is crazy, and anyone who thinks they will best donald trump on half cocked insults need on cart out on a stretcher and lobotomized. can rubio and cruz combine
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forces to stop trump? o.j. simpson's prison guard is going to be here. and he will tell me what happened when he asked o.j. if he killed his wife. find out how apple escalated it brawl with government surveillance. i'm kennedy. mitt rap any is joining the fray and the scramble against trump. let's ask the party panel tonight. joy is the co-host of red eye, steve smith is here, comedian and host of with part of the problem." tonight he will be part of the solution. mike barrack, former cia
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officer. so we'll start with you. is he projecting on to donald trump what he should really be telling harry reid? i mitt romney frustrated from 2012? >> why is he still upset? i have gotten over breakups sooner than mitt romney has gotten over this. you are going to attack trump over taxes? there are so many other thing you can do. he's still bitter about four year ago. i don't care about taxes as a voter. i don't care. >> but you are right. the stake are pretty high. the issues are pretty intense. if that's what we are focusing on, he's not the savior of the race. i this what the cap pain needed? >> joanne is right. no one cares about this thing.
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tax returns are boring. and the only thing more boring is mitt romney talking about tax returns. you go, oh, yeah, that's right web's terrible. you know in the movies when they have a guy that's already killed and they use hip to stop bullet? kennedy: did reince priebus call romney? >> i love when you do your donald trump voice. it sound just like him. i do care about taxes. i do think it's right for them to release. i think candidate should be required to release their taxes ahead of any of the caucuses or primaries.
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it make no sense for romney to have wade into this. in part i think it was -- he's a good man and i think he sees a problem developing here. i think he was trying to do something and realizing nothing else is working. so i think he fed off what for hip was a problem in the past. but it made no sense given his history than to propose, i think it's time for all the candidate to release their tax returns as the public expects. kennedy: i don't think he's the guy to do it. if you want to engender some nostalgia. talking about an issue that can be seen as petty when there are so many thing -- donald trump has soft spot. i don't think think i one of them. >> nothing seems to be working. whoever gave marco rubio this advice to do think was wrong. >> cruz and rubio haven't.
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so it's not like trump is the on one saying he won't do it. kennedy: other people raid more questions about marco rubio's responsibility. the and american. we love it. >> bernie sanders, we have that perfect. >> america understands what a fishing boat is. kennedy: to me it's a mega yacht. super tuesday is next week. probably tuesday. a dozen state will hold primaries and caucuses. so what are we going to do here party people? there are a lot of establishment republican who are so scared donald trump will run away with it in places like can. do you think ted cruz will do well there in the lone tar state?
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>> the thing is he has to win texas. manage losing your home state to donald trump then having to deal with donald trump letting you know you just lost your hope 8 to donald trump. >> do you think trump would point that out? kennedy: he has been holding back again. he would love that to happen with ted cruz. >> what will break the back of the rubio campaign is when trump beat him in florida. i think it might happen to caseo kasich, too. kennedy: i don't think anything is going to stop trump in a state like ohio which has been hard hit. >> i have spent a lot of type
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looking at facing a destabilized world than we have in some time. now more than ever what we need is strategic clear-eyed leadership. that's all i will say about this. kennedy: clear eyes, full heart, get the vote. right? that's the phrase. up sure i have seen that on a sign in south carolina or new hampshire. it rolls off the tongue. very, very beautiful. so, you know, people want conservatism to mean whatever they think should mean to them. is anybody committed to conservative itch like ted cruz want them to be? >> while all those people are giving this rallying cry for what might just be dying off.
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everyone ellis crying trump, trump, trump. i think that's kind of an evident that's misguide. i don't know that that's going change people's mind. oh, we should be voting in a more conservative way. it's not happening. >> there i a splintering and further division. we are getting ideologues creating their own platform. it used to be the idea of conservatism and it's gone by the wayside. >> reagan was the on conservative who actually won the presidential cap pain. donald trump isn't a true conservative. but is he any more conservative than romney? kennedy: we'll discuss during the break. don't miss any of fbn's live coverage. apple doubling down in their fight over privacy.
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ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. kennedy: apple fighting the government. >> this would be bad for america
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and it would set a precedent i believe many people in america would be offended by it is in our view the software equivalent of cancer. kennedy: apple's engineers are developing a new security software that would make it impossible for the government to break i phones. >> the code the judge directed apple to write works on on this one phone. so the idea of it working on your phone or my phone the experts tell me is not a real thing. kennedy: right. michael core on, i'll come to you first. doesn't it show how lazy these investigators are that they are relying oh heavily on technology. >> they haven't forgotten about intelligence gathering.
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this is a -- has evolved as it has does with issues of privacy and interrogation. i applaud tip cook's willingness to describe this as a cancer. but he's being disingenuous for purposes that are unclear. the f.b.i. went to him even before this court order became public. the fine went to apple and said here is my phone. and it says here. here is my phone. the f.b.i. said you take it, you keep it on your facility. you create the systems information file, then you destroy the systems information file and you destroy the phone. we just want the text. it's a very simple court order that's been blown up out there in the world because that's what happens.
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kennedy: who do you think has a better understanding of apple's technology, apple or the government. >> apple. apple knows they can do it. kennedy: i trust apple when they say they have to create an entirely different operating system. >> then they are saying they can entirely destroy it. apple is saying we have security concerned on our campus. maybe if we create this one file on this one phone we won't be able to keep it secret. >> it's tough when the f.b.i. is saying the experts are telling us this can't be used by other phones. but the highest expert is clearly saying -- look, i think his dog in the hunt -- >> the government goes -- >> the warrants, the court system and legislation that's passed for the court system.
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that's where this all happens. the bureau went through that whole process for this case so the company is saying we don't believe in the legislation or the court system and we don't believe in the executive branch. kennedy: they also don't want to be coerced and bullied. >> when you say am has its own dog in the fight. i don't just have the idea they are the benevolent good guys. the point judge napolitano made, if we are collecting meta data anyway. what's the point of that program. why don't they go to the nsa who has all this stuff. >> here is where the conversation takes place. if you studied the meta dada program, the government will say the many number and volume of text, it's not information.
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everybody believes -- kennedy: that's because that's not true. and if this meta data, if there is so much of it and they are able to collect using the secret programs to collect emails and information -- >> the thing i don't understand. as libertarians, isn't this what you want? you want the one case, the one warrant for a specific phone as opposed to blanket surveillance or spying. isn't this something we should be encouraging? kennedy: it shows the failure of blanket spying. no one wants to admit that. >> you think the meta data program was collect the content of emails and text. >> i believe the government was collecting more than they admitted to?
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>> we found out they were collecting meta data. i believe the f.b.i. and the cia are collecting a lot more than they tell us they are. >> there are sources. but in this world you do need to keep some secrets. i know that shocks some people. i would have assumed if you pass legislation and you have a court system in place and you approve that and go through and get the warrants, that that's what people would have wanted. kennedy: technology is always going to exceed legislation and am and google will find different ways to encrypt. your former boss said we should have more robust encryption. judge napolitano reminds me -- once you have gone the into a position of influence you don't have to worry about things. we are all friends and we'll get
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kennedy: kasich, rubio and cruz are all sniping at each other as they are scrambling to win their home state in trump's shadow. if some of the remaining candidates dropped out could a lone challenger best trump?
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or is donalded the nominee no matter what? jonah, thanks for being here. so let's talk about this. i was doing radio interviews this morning and we were talking about how the candidates have spent so much time going after each other that maybe it would have been more effective if they had circled the wagons on donald trump. what do you think? >> you think? kennedy: i'm no strategist. >> the non-trump candidates have been like crabs in a pot. when crabs are in a crate or pot or bucket. if one starts to climb out the other crabs grab it and pull it back down. that's what we have been seeing with the non-trump candidates. the reality is politics is about
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contests and the fight. you can't have someone beat donald trump if he's not willing to fight donald trump. none of these guys are the stomach for it. kennedy: ways it about these guys that makes them such bad opponents? i think any candidate is stoppable. it doesn't matter if it's a college football team or somebody running for president. there is always a way to get in someone's way. you wrote about this in your column that it's self-interest and the candidates waiting for you the establishment magically to come save them and they are off base and both, aren't they have? >> every one of these guys reminds me of mel gibson's first wife at the beginning of brave heart. look on the more rife zon for mel gibson to show up and he never comes. it's like waiting for the establishment to come to the rescue.
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i think part of the problem is all of thieves guys bought into this lane theory. if they can get to this promised land of being one-on-one with trump, they win. donald trump is the most popular republican candidate by far. he's also the most unpopular candidate by far. majority of republicans still do not want to vote for donald trump an doesn't have very good favorable ratings. many people think if we get one-on-one, we think. kennedy: we are back in the crab pot. but let's talk about rubio and cruz. i think if cruz goes, a lot of his voters will gravitate towards the anti-establishment donald trump. if rubio goes, that's not popular with establishment republicans.
12:27 am
if rubio goes, it seems like cruz has a better shot of getting ignited by people behind his campaign. >> i would be happy -- if i had to pick for a general election i would rather have rubio at the top of the ticket and have cruz as a vice president. both of them are solid consistent conservatives, and i would be happy for either of them as the not trump candidate. but whoever comes out past march 15 as clearly in the number two slot, that's the person the gop needs to rally around whether it's cruz or rubio. kennedy: is there enough time for the two to make a deal, one is the vp? >> it may be too late for a
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president-vice president. rubio would probably have to hire a food taster. march 15 is the drop dead date. if they don't figure something out by then they will lose the race. kennedy: some ski footage so intense ... a workout regime you
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kennedy: when you felt a great disturbance in the force and what appears to be a small moon is coming for you, hop in the spaceship and batch away with a hyper drive. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. it sounds like a medical condition. but it's a man. he's a skier who records epic
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footage of his freestyle skiing. just take a look. it's not even snowy. it's just mostly gravel and rocks and possible sum carcass. quite free, though. he's going over the track. that's some fancy skiing right there. this guy is like a beautiful snow ballerina on meth with skis. to get into that dangerous tom foolery, he must have had snow-related trauma in his childhood. he's going fast to get back at his dad. topic number 2.
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what is this presidential campaign in desperate need of. a plane ticket to canada in case of any these boobs win? >> a bernie sanders action figure has started the least socialist solicitation campaign. they are appealing to donors to make the doll via the freest of free market platform, kickstarter, to get bernie built. ♪ my bernie, my bernie ♪ wherever he goes i go ♪ he will teach me everything he knows ♪ ♪ my bernie and me ♪ my bernie ♪ my bernie ♪ my bernie and me kennedy: why not go through the
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at this point having taken all the evil out of the imperial march it's only fair if we let lord vader do his own remix of a pop culture hit. dasht? [♪] i love it so much. topic number 4. you are about to see the most excited being on the planet knowing it's headed to it happy place. it's not lena dunham in a cab driving to a feminist donut factory. dog heading to dog park. watch.
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but she found a way to motivate herself to exercise. try it out next time you are in a gym like this guy. [♪] if you have any weird stories you want to see in el storm topical, tweet me on kennedynation, use hashtag topical store. a little later o.j. simpson's former prison guard will tell me what the inmate think of the television show based on his life and if
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kennedy: the georgia owner of an aviation insurance company provided all his employees with pistols and requires them to be armed at work. he says his employees have been enthusiastic about the new rule after hearing about recent home invasions. joe, i will start with you. is this a good idea? >> sure. are you the one person there who doesn't want to carry a gun? >> i have never held a gun before. i never fired a gun. me with a gun would probably be more dangerous than me without. i would assume i would get the training, and so long as everyone is well trained and he's taking care of the cost,
12:42 am
it's everyone there feels safer, why is that a bad thing? kennedy: what is he protecting them from? >> i don't know. terrorists, a tyrannical government coming into his business. i think you should institute this rule here at "kennedy." i think when joanna says she has never shot a gun, i think she is one phone call away from being a gun nut. kennedy: i love going to the wrang my brother. you are a boss. would you require your underlings to? >> i'm a boss and i have got a concealed carry permit. i know i'm going to get stopped on the way out. so here is my point. anybody who is serious about second amendment and serious about weapons, they understand that the whole seriousness and
12:43 am
responsibility involved about a conceal carry. it's all about the training and practice. if you don't train and practice constantly then you are a hazard. i don't agree if what he has done is said get your concealed carry permit. kennedy: but there are multi state permit as well. >> but the point, if what he's saying is get your conceal carry and i'm also paying for mandatory regular consistent training, i have no problem with it. but if he's not doing that and he's leaving it out to the individual, then he's creating a hazard. it's an enormous responsibility to carry a weapon. what you have to know down to the last detail. all the rules and regulations. and you need the ability to consistently train and practice. kennedy: which end the bullet comes out of.
12:44 am
the animal right peta is asking obama to turn the guantanamo detention center to turn the location into an empathy center. >> i say a water park. waterboarding and all that controversy will go away. strapt boards to your feet. kennedy: i love water parks. that's so much fun. what are some of the alternatives. >> i like that one better than mine. we should make it into the world's largest official safe space for all of the bernie sanders college kids. you can send them to gitmo there then we give gitmo back to cuba and tell the bernie sanders supporters congratulations, you now have universal healthcare. kennedy: now you are in your
12:45 am
socialistic utopia and you have no money because cuba doesn't trust you. >> if we are hell bent on emptying it out. i think 1 detainees there, just empty lit out and it could be a great place to hold hillary. kennedy: it's one place to hold a woman with such an enormous heart. >> she has associates who may end up spending time there, too. i feel like the water park idea. you could probably do both. hillary won't need that much space. kennedy: i think these are fine ideas and it showcases your creativity. gitmo, hell no, we are not going to close that sucker, we are opening it up for business. coming up later. a former prison guard joins me and he will tell me what o.j.
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kennedy: a trailer from "an american crime story." my next guest is a former prison guard at the prison where o.j. is incarcerated. he spent a lot of time with the former athlete and says he knows
12:50 am
what he thinks of the series. he has a book coming out called "guarding the juice." what did o.j. think of the series? >> he's unhappy by the from a few different angles. he's not happy because the show is portraying him as being guilty. he not happy because he's taller than the actor involved. he has a bigger head. he thinks he's better looking and he's more muscular. kennedy: well, i guess i'm not too upset o.j. simpson is upset. what about you? do you think he's guilty of those murders? >> absolutely. kennedy: did you ask him? >> i asked him many times if he did those murders and all he does is give me a look. he will never give me the answer. kennedy: you spent a lot of time around people who have done pretty bad stuff.
12:51 am
i assume you have spent time with other murderers. do they share traits in common? >> when he gives me the look he usually looks down on me and lifts his eyebrows up, we are not going there today, felix, that's how i take it. kennedy: how close is your relationship? did you consider it a friendship? >> him and i would spend 35 minutes a day walking the track. we got to be pretty tight over the years. kennedy: he thought the conversations you had were going to remain between the two of you. then you write a book. did you betray that beautiful manship. >> yes, i did, and i kind of feel bad about it. i did have his trust. he did always say to me, felix this stays between us. and i feel a little bad about it. kennedy: are you going to feel
12:52 am
really bad if he gets out of that nevada jail and comes looking for you? >> no, we are good now. when it first came out he was upset. he said when he gets out of prison in 2017 we'll have tee time and play golf. when he found out about my writing the book, he got word back to me through some guards that tee time is off. but now the tee time is back on so the juice has forgiven me. kennedy: just some ill fitting leather gloves. you say he called khloe kardashian every week. that seems change to me. >> he told me he kept in touch with her about once a week. kennedy: are those conversations recorded in the jail and can we have access to them? did you try to get access to them? >> any conversation between an
12:53 am
inmate and outside world to they call them phone bank phones, they are all recorded. they are only listening for maybe escape attempts or drugs coming in, going out. that's all they are allowed to listen to. kennedy: do you think khloe kardashian is o.j. civil on's daughter? >> when i asked o.j. that. he told me know. he said bob kardashian was his best friend. but i think he lied to me. i have more doubts now than i had before. >> it's a stung resemblance. when you look at o.j. and khloe kardashian side by side, it's like look in the mirror. >> she is the on kardashian he is speaking with. i would say it's a 70% chance he may be her father.
12:54 am
kennedy: o.j. has a thing for caitlyn, is that true? >> o.j. is proud of bruce jenner becoming caitlyn finding himself or herself. but o.j. is still just set with caitlyn. when caitlyn was bruce, he had no money after he wouldn't decathlon and o.j. let him get in touch with his manager which gave hip the wheaties gig. and o.j. is just set now because caitlyn said some bad things about o.j. and o.j. is just set about it. kennedy: this is a fascinating subject and i can't wait to read the rest of your book. thank you very much. coming up. i'll respond to viewer mail. if i don't like it, use the return address.
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kennedy: when i become empress of the university i will rule with a decree that's mighty justice. robert gross writes libertarians live in a fool's paradise. does anyone believe humans have the self-discipline to maintain a freewheeling society? i hope so, i'm betting the farm on it. why is the chic from mtv now the most intelligent speaker on modern politics.
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