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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we turn to stocks. they are soaring at the close. hitting session highs as the bells sound on wall street. [closing bell rings] david: the dow is up 209 points. melissa: here is where we end the day, stocks soaring into the close. up 210 points. crude oil cruising higher by almost 3% there, 33.03 the last trade. gold on, the only one losing on the session. let's go to straight to lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, what has been fueling this rally over the past hour? reporter: hi, there, melissa. i would say last hour 1/2, two hurt eastern. what time is that? when oil closes. as soon as -- 230. two consecutive days, almost more than 2 1/2% gain. that was all market watchers needed to buy stocks.
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we saw the rally really dig in. we're closing just about at session highs, the dow at 212 points as it is settling out. dow and s&p 500, at the highest levels, each index, the highest levels since january. this looks good, while the dance continues between oil and stocks, at least moving in direction the bulls prefer. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much for that. david? david: we're five days away from super tuesday and clock is ticking for republican candidates to take the lead from donald trump. >> i think the biggest change in this campaign is going to be when the people not named donald trump, the choices begin to narrow. we start to give republican voters a clearer choice who they want to get behind. >> we have a long way to go. it is a like a baseball game. everybody wants to call the game after the first inning. i think we have a ways to go. >> hang on. if i were to get out, donald
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trump would win ohio and that would be end of it. >> if you're among 65,0% of the republicans that think donald is the wrong choice. super tuesday is opportunity for us to coalesce behind our campaign. >> there was one can diet missing in that town hall. fox business's blake burman, with the very latest on campaigns. blake? reporter: republican presidential candidates right now are gearing up for tonight's debate in houston, texas. the lone star state debate is the lone showdown before super tuesday. 11 states up for grabs on election day and nearly 600 delegates. texas is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. it will account for 155 delegates alone. it is also the home state to ted cruz. monmouth university poll released earlier today shows cruz with comfortable lead over donald trump and marco rubio. the cruz campaign is not calling texas do-or-die. but rather they say they plan to do well there on tuesday.
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another home state poll came in today, quinnepiac university. it released it is florida reading and shows marco rubio has significant ground to gain on donald trump. rubio said yesterday he feels he will win florida, and rubio campaign is pushing back hard on that poll. top advisor todd harris tweeting, media needs he to chill. the florida q poll numbers are way wrong. we are going to win florida, period, take it to the bank. first up though, for these candidates, tackling the debate tonight in texas. back to you in new york. david: okay, if they don't win florida it's a problem. thank you very much, blake. >> either he is not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or not paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he has been telling us he's been doing. melissa: mitt romney, warning there may be a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. the gop frontrunner responding tweeting quote, mitt romney, who
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is one of the dumbest and worst candidates in history of the republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. dope. did i do that with the right emphasis? i think that is what trump was meaning when he wrote it. herman cain ran against mitt romney in 2012. the former presidential candidate and fox news contributor joins me now. herman what is romney doing here? >> melissa, i believe that was probably one of the most irresponsible speculations on part of mitt romney i anticipated. i don't know whether he came up with that all by himself or whether or not he was advised to say that. melissa: you don't think he knows something we don't? that he has some sort of information? >> he must know something that we don't. now here's my question, how would know something about somebody else's tax return if it hasn't been made public? i call this pure political noise, melissa. because if donald trump, ted
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cruz, rubio, if they released their tax returns, then nosey nitpickers are going to find something to have the irs chasing to create noise from the substantive issues. melissa, allow me to share with you a personal experience which is why i think this is crazy and it is irresponsible. back in 1994 i challenged bill clinton publicly in a town hall meeting about hillary care and said that the numbers don't add up. that caused people to read the fine print that was in '94. melissa: right. >> i got audited in 199and it went on for three years -- 1996, a lot of money i had to spend with accountants and lawyers. it wasn't until 1999 they finally dropped charges because there was nothing there. this is irresponsible speculation. melissa: first of all, i'm not even sure why we're looking at everyone's taxes any way. i'm not necessarily certain that has to do with this campaign but the irony of this coming from
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mitt romney who suffered hands of accusations from harry reid, i know someone who says he saw returns and hasn't paid taxes 10 years, that whole issue on campaign trail. didn't turn out to be true, for mitt romney to do something like feels about somebody else, like in game theory, somebody tries to bell the cat. the mice get together, they say only if we hang a bell on the cat we know the cat is coming, but the mice scramble out to do it and get "et" enemy time. great idea but nobody can do it. like establishment is trying to bell the cat with mitt romney trying to get trump. is there any explanation in your mind? is there any other reason that would behind this that makes sense? >> absolutely not. harry reid threw it out there and some media chased that rabbit for a long time, which was purely political noise and proved not to be true. if donald trump's tack returns
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are complicated, i don't care whether complicated tax return or simple tax return somebody will find something to make a claim this was not right or he didn't do this in order to distract from the real issues. if i were donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, none of them need to release their tax returns. what does that have to do with being president? nothing. absolutely nothing. i wouldn't do it and just going to create a distraction. melissa: i don't i think i'm in minority agreeing with that one. i'm not sure why we need to look at everybody's tax returns or necessarily relevant. at this point though, you see folks on camera from other campaigns, not the trump campaign, seems like their math is getting to be more and more of a reach. they're trying to explain what's their path. seems like when donald trump goes through primary after primary he is doing better than what everyone predicted. at what point does the establishment start to realize this a bit of a runaway train
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and figure out what to do from here? >> as you know, melissa, the establishment, as well as some of the other candidates have tried to find something to bring trump down and every time he either says something or he does something that they question because it doesn't fit traditional political wisdom, they think that they have got the gotcha card. melissa: yeah. >> now they're desperate. i don't know who is putting mitt romney up to this. i have absolutely no idea, but, to the voters is simply political noise and intended to be distraction so people won't seriously look at these top candidates have to offer, including donald trump. melissa: seems like it is just backfiring. like bell the cat. they're running out getting eaten along the way. herman cain, thank you for coming on. david: belling the cat. melissa: game theory. david: good to be in the minority with herm cain.
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melissa: i like that. david: this is forum with megyn kelly. >> i released remainder what we have. i have released five years worth. nice thing i haven't made enough money my tax returns are not that interesting. >> it will be a speed read. >> it is not all that complicated. i recognize donald's tax returns are a little more complicated. mitt has the a good point the voters are entitled to know before they vote, you better believe democrats if there is anything in there the democrats will go to town. david: by the way we have texas governor abbott to talk about his endorsement of cruz a little later in this hour. meanwhile across the aisle hillary clinton's campaign is still mired in controversy over her use of a personal email server as secretary of state. reuters is reporting that two u.s. spy agencies notified conference that clinton's private server contained top secret information about terrorists with wording that exactly matched sections of the government's most heil lie classified documents.
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according to former cia and nsa director michael hayden, that information could now be in the hands of enemies. >> if you are a foreign government, knowing what you know, can you get into that email server? would you be targeting that? >> would i be targeting it? absolutely. and frankly the summary statement, i would lose respect for whole bunch of signals intelligence organizations around the world if they had not successfully penetrated that server. melissa: big night coming for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. fox business has special coverage of the and analysis of the south carolina presidential primary. that is saturday, 5:00 p.m. eastern. stay tuned for fox business, full coverage of super tuesday, next tuesday night starting 6:00 p.m. eastern. i will be here all night long. david: i will be here all night long. we'll be here together again. melissa: there you go. people will start talking. nevada governor brian sandoval
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says no to president obama and the white house. taking his name out of consideration for a seat on the supreme court. senator orrin hatch says doesn't matter who is up for the nomination, there will be no hearing this year. he will speak about this his support for marco rubio on super tuesday. david: new developments between the fight between apple and u.s. bost. list mcdonald was on the conference call. she width bring us up to speed on that. melissa: deadly tornadoes hitting texas from the gulf states to carolines and virginia >> something wasn't good. you hear stuff tossing and turning and we heard debris and stuff like that. but i mean, this is just like not even real. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
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david: breaking news. apple holding a conference call regarding the battle against the u.s. government an filing a motion in essence asking a federal judge to allow them not to comply with the fbi's request. liz macdonald was on the call. she is in the newsroom with late-breaking details. hi, liz. reporter: good to be with you, david and melissa. here is what apple said moments ago, that the fbi and department of justice are committing a gross judicial overreach violating apple's constitutional rights. it is effectively, apple says, conscripting apple to do the government's work for it. that when congress did not act legislatively it turned to the courts to get its way. here is apple says violates free speech rights and fifth amendment rights. dubbing the software it would need to create the to comply the software as govios.
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it would need to greet a fbi lab on sight, to handle the government asks to break into it is device. so you know, that apple is essentially saying it would need to create so-called forensic lab itself because there are hundreds of requests coming into apple to get its into its devices. one disclosure it said it would take 10 workers at least a month to break into the san bernardino iphone. it would take a further month to test the new software apple it feels would be unconstitutionally forced to create. other breaking news, microsoft, google, facebook, filing amicus briefs in support of apple. apple's general counsel, bruce sewell, is scheduled to testify march 1st, coming this tuesday before the house judiciary committee. fbi's james comey, will open the hearing in a separate panel. bruce sewell will testify, manhattan d.a., cyrus vans is
4:17 pm
scheduled to testify this coming dues as well, david the. david: we'll have cy vance on in just a moment. melissa. melissa: the other side of the battle continued on capitol hill. fbi director james comey appearing before the house intel committee. the focus largely on unlocking the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. peter barnes in washington, d.c. with the latest. peter? reporter: melissa that's right. the fbi director did not address the apple motion in his testimony. not even sure he knew about it as the company was announcing it while he was sitting in the witness chair. he did make the case for the government court filing to force apple to help it. >> i don't know whether there is evidence of the identity of another terrorist on the phone or nothing at all, but we ought to be fired in the fbi if we didn't pursue that lead. it is just, we could not look the victims in the face, you know what? we decided not to execute a search warrant on the phone because it would be awkward or
4:18 pm
people would feel uncomfortable about it in some way. we have a duty to try to do that. reporter: comey repeated lawmakers inside of congress need to sit down and settle the issue with legislation. melissa. melissa: interesting. thank you, peter barnes. david? david: apple's refusal to aid the fbi over privacy concerns leaves other criminal investigations in the lurch. >> it is not one phone, not one situation. we already received indications in courts in various different parts of the united states from the federal government that they want to use the same technique and same legal authority, although we think their legal authority is quite weak, in other cases, not just terrorism cases but criminal cases, drug cases, other cases like that. david: that was former solicitor general ted olson hired by apple. the effect on local law enforcement is the reason my next guest thinks apple should
4:19 pm
comply with the government. cyrus vance, jr., manhattan district attorney. mr. vance, i'm sure you heard what ted olson had to say. you're being used by him and others on the apple side to make the other side of your argument. >> hello, david, good afternoon. david: hi. >> david, i'm not upset that they're referencing our situation because i think the american people need to know that there are real and broad consequences following apple's decision to engineer its phone to be incapable of being opened with a search warrant. so i think the american people need to understand it, i would think they want to understand, while we spend a lot of time recently talking about this issue in the context of the fbi and the federal government, it is in state courts 95% of the cases in this country are handled in state courts and local courts such as the district attorney's office. david: let me just be clear for
4:20 pm
those listeners now. you, yourself, right here in manhattan, have about 170 iphones right now you want to get into. i'm just wondering if the government is successful forcing apple to get into the san bernanadino phone, would that set a precedent for you and other prosecutors to get into the phones you have? >> i think each case will be judged on its own facts. certainly should the court affirm its, the ruling of the magistrate judge, that would be a precedent that would be relevant, but i think we really ought to step back and, i'm looking at this actually, a broader way. i don't think we're going to be able to solve this problem phone by phone, piece of litigation, by piece of litigation. i think congress has to step in here. it has to assert its control over national security issues and the balance between privacy and public safety, and take that
4:21 pm
away, because it's effectively been outsourced to apple and google. david: it is probably going to be a combination of that and the courts weighing in but do you believe apple itself can not penetrate their own encryption? they set it up. they say they can't get into it. do you believe them? >> here is what i can say. when they were creating, when they were operating under ios 8, 7, excuse me. ios 8 september 2014 was their operating system they engineered so it could not be opened by the company. under ios 7, they marketed ios 7 as highly secure platform for communication and under ios 7 apple specifically referenced the importance it attached to work with law enforcement to solve cases. think i they are sending mixed messages and want it both ways. david: i need a quick yes or no.
4:22 pm
do you believe apple can get into this phone? >> i actually don't know. they said they can't. and, obviously one hopes to take them at their word. david: right. >> it may be they need to have that issue resolved by hearing. david: all right. a lot of people are not taking them by their word. one final quote from the late justice antonin scalia, we'll get your quick comment on it. there is nothing new in the realization that the constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all. of course that is apple's position. how do you respond? >> the fourth amendment is the bulwark in our constitution on this issue. and the fourth amendment has always protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. the question that the courts and congress will have to ask is, is it unreasonable when so much of criminal evidence now resides on smartphones because they're being used by criminals, to commit crimes and store
4:23 pm
information, is it unreasonable for the government and courts to be able to access those devices when a court has determined there is probable cause, the evidence is there and gives a warrant to enforce the order? i believe that's what the constitution, that is the balance the constitution is designed to have and we'll see what happens over -- david: it's a brave new world, that's for sure. a lot of new technology means we perhaps are going to have a lot of new laws to deal with that technology. cyrus vans, jr., thanks very much for joining us. >> david, thank you so much. >> the government needs to higher better engineers maybe. david: i think they would admit that. they're short sighted in that regard. melissa: cal state university bowing to pressure. the public university backtracking on its ban on a conservative speaker. more than is coming up. cruz hoping for some home state love in texas in the midst of a high-stakes day in the presidential race. so far texas governor greg
4:24 pm
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melissa: conservative columnist and radio talk show host ben shapiro was ready to speak at cal state la. after outcries from members of the campus community the event was canceled. that has all changed. adam shapiro has the new details now. adam, this story has been changing all day long. what is the latest? reporter: it is has. ben shapiro will deliver his speech as planned, approved twice by the student body council, twice before the president of the university canceled it. the president issued a statement to fox business 30 minutes ago, saying i strongly disagree with mr. shape peer rose views, if
4:28 pm
mr. shapiro does appear, the university will allow him to speak. young american foundation will. they applied a ridiculous double-standard allowing shapiro to speak only if a leftist was around to counter his beliefs is tragic indication how dire the sate of censorship of conservatives gotten on campus around the country. remember it was protest from liberals on campus that got this speech canceled. here is little bit what shapiro is going to say. >> if you were my age, born in 1984, as i was, the idea you've been experiencing massive systemic, systemic racism in society is pure hogwash. if you have incident somebody did something racist and hear the incident and specific name and try to do something about it. if not for that, honestly you're just blaming all of your problems on the wind. you're blaming it on the ether and that is a weight of time.
4:29 pm
reporter: shapiro is on 10 city speaking tour, speaking at college campuses trend of anti-free speech and anti-capitalist among students talking about trigger warnings and micro aggressions. liberals at that university did not like that message. he will deliver it at 5:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. pacific. melissa: very interesting. i love microaggressions. adam, thank you so much. it is so great. you're bothering me a little teeny bit. david: absolutely. we have cameras on that. so we'll have late-breaking details. meanwhile here is how the dow ended up. that is good sign what may happen to tomorrow. oil was down early. when oil turned around so did the market. once again the market following in lockstep with oil. running out of time to topple "the donald." marco rubio getting some bad news from his home state at the worst possible time. next senator orrin hatch is here to explain why he is confident that rubio will win
4:30 pm
the republican nomination. melissa: plus jetblue is getting into the election spirit, asking a plane full of passengers to literally reach across the aisle and agree on one destination. at stake? a free trip to a tropical paradise. what? i can't wait for this story. david: cool. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin)
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david: saying no to the highest court in the land. brian sandoval said no to being considered for the supreme court. republicans are against hearing any nominee for the president. here is republican senator orrin hatch, a member of the judiciary committee. senator, great to see you. thank you for coming in. kind of a moot point, had he been nominated would you have voted in favor of governor sandoval for the supreme court? >> i don't believe we should be doing supreme court nomination at this time in this miserable, wretched presidential election process. i'd like to have more emphasis on how important the court is and that would be hard to bring home. so, you know, i like governor sandoval but the fact of the matter is i don't think the president should nominate anybody at this point. we should wait until this season is over and let whoever is the next president resolve this problem. david: now you met with the
4:35 pm
president yesterday. he said that to you, that he was in favor of nominating a moderate. what is his definition after moderate? would governor sandoval have fit that position or that definition? >> well, i wouldn't even venture to say that all i can say, he did use those terms. i generally don't talk about meetings with the president but, he did say that. and he wants to pick a moderate. we'll just see. even so, i think we ought to put it off and do this in a way that makes sense. now know there have been 160 supreme court nominations over history. something like 36 of them have not made it through the process. david: right. >> a number of them didn't even get a vote. david: good point. >> this is not something unusual. what we're talk about getting it out of this political morass and getting it into the hands of next president whoever that may be. could be a democrat president, could be a republican president. david: speaking of the political morass, let's take the bull by the horns.
4:36 pm
mitt romney on the attack against donald trump. former republican presidential nominee told our neil cavuto that there is bombshell in his taxes. isn't there something inappropriate about a failed nominee who had problem with tax releases lecturing another candidate on tax reforms and tax measures. >> i will not find fault with mitt romney, he is a very dear friend. look, in the case of donald trump if i was donald trump i just get them and release them. a lot bert do that early and will have to sooner or later. if there are any problems, i doubt it. he is a pretty meticulous guy. so if there are any problems, he can face them and handle them now rather than waiting to get killed later. i think it is just a smart thing, it is a good thing. he knows he will have to do it. why not do it. david: you're a marco rubio supporter i know.
4:37 pm
marco just had to face a poll that was pretty daunting showing him trailing donald trump in his own state of florida, 44% for trump, 28% for rubio. if he loses florida, he's pretty much dead in the water, isn't he? >> i have always heard of a poll where if it was just him and hillary clinton, he would win. also, if it is just him and donald trump, there is a good chance he would win. so you just can't, you can't just make those determinations from, with a number of people still in the race. and but if it came down to just marco and donald, it would be a real horse race, i'll tell you. i'm not sure -- david: but if he loses florida do you think he will have to bow out? >> i don't think he will lose florida. david: but if he does, do you think he will have to bow out? >> no, i don't. david: he could go on from there? >> certainly would not be helpful, put it that way but on the other hand, no, he doesn't have to because the other polls
4:38 pm
show that he could actually beat donald trump if just the two of them. i'm not sure that is a lot of polls. that may be just one and who knows. but i've seen some evidence of that. david: yeah. >> i'm sure, i'm sure mr. trump, donald trump has an answer for that, make a long story short, marco is excellent candidate. he is a tough young guy. he accomplish ad lot in his young service both in florida as speaker of the house down there and up here in the senate where he is cut a real figure on the foreign relations committee. he is a good person. he is a really good guy. david: senator orrin hatch, thank you so much for coming, in senator. appreciate it. >> mice to be with you too. david: melissa? melissa: with 11 states and 595 delegates up for grabs in five days the pressure is on for marco rubio and ted cruz but their biggest hurdle is donald trump, who is leading in eight of the, eight of 11 of those states. here to weigh in is brad
4:39 pm
blakeman former george w. bush senior staffer. david drucker, "washington examiner" senior correspondent and steve moore, distinguishing fellow and fox news contributor. gentlemen, welcome to the program. brad, here is the problem i see it, trump keeps exceeding expectations. if he does it again, souper tuesday will be a bloodbath. how do you -- yeah. go ahead. >> well we've got less than 30 days to really determine whether trump is going to be stopped or not or whether the field will be whittled down enough to allow somebody to take a minority candidate and see whether he has numbers that will will be a ablo be competitive as we move into winner-take-all states. pressure is on tonight, tonight's debate. that will either catapult marco or cruz or trump, or not. look, cruz has next tuesday, texas, first, before marco gets to florida.
4:40 pm
so all the pressure will be on ted cruz in the next week and the following week everything is on marco. melissa: yeah. david, i mean what could these candidates possibly do to get out in front and make a difference here? it seems like as every day goes by, you know the window of opportunity closes a little bit more and there is not a lot of light coming in any longer? >> right. one of the problems they're dealing with the issue of psychology and voters looking at this as though it is donald trump's race to lose which encourages more votes for trump potentially than he might otherwise get in an earlier state. and so what these candidates have to do is take advantage of the debates to try to upend the narrative. they have got to hope that the fact that mr. trump is unusual frontrunner, understand, if he was a normal republican frontrunner, super tuesday wouldn't matter, it would be over. because he is unusual, ted cruz and marco rubio are still
4:41 pm
bringing in enough money and they still have enough support on the country they can make this a race in march but either march or it's nothing. melissa: steve, see, i keep hearing logic like that and, you can pull in it, says unusual race you can still make a difference, otherwise it would be an over, he keeps sweeping the field. at what point do you give in and go with the momentum and embrace the person causing all enthusiasm? >> good point. it is unusual race because donald trump is obviously the most unusual candidate any of us have seen. melissa: yes. >> i don't know, melissa, if you're a poker player you know what drawing to inside straight is. what these candidates, cruz, or rubio would have to draw to two inside straits in a row. melissa: right. -- straights. >> that is pretty improbable. what republicans should stop doing, bashing donald trump, saying unelectable, not fit for office. brad, why would they say that about the guy, very, very likely to be the republican nominee?
4:42 pm
i think better to try to educate him and one of the things i'm doing with my friend art laffer and, others is try to get him so he is really strong on the economic issues because that is going to be the number one issue obviously voters are going to face. melissa: brad, what about that? at what point do you say, try to get involved? why don't we all try to work together? when do republicans do that? >> i think when the math starts to as steve pointed out become improbable -- melissa: i think we're there. >> that he might not be stopped. may be, we have 20 days to determine that a fact. a process we let play out. i agree if we're not united party with a candidate who has ability to win against the likes of hillary clinton or bernie sanders, we should pack it up. i agree we have to get behind eventually our nominee if we want to win in november. melissa: david, he is leading in out of 11 states and you could say say something to make
4:43 pm
everyone run in the opposite direction, but i don't know what he could do at this point because he already said everything. like voters are saying, i just want the opposite. that's it. i just want opposite what we've had and what is out there. i want opposite and you're not talking me out of it. >> my argument isn't that trump is likely to lose. my argument isn't that a death blow is right around the corner. my argument is simply we'll know in march. there are states that want to vote. people always claim and complain why don't our votes count as much as iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. guess what? they do. to i think narrative likely to be changed? am i putting my salary on that? no. is it still, as steve said, kind of maybe a possibility? yeah, it is kind of a maybe a possibility. it is up to the candidates to see if they can do something with that. melissa: we've got to go. they're telling me we're out of time. gentlemen, thank you so much. ted cruz feeling the texas heat. the senator facing a must-win
4:44 pm
battle in his home state, one of 11 up for grabs on tuesday. >> the crown jewel of super tuesday is the great state of texas. [cheers and applause] melissa: texas governor greg abbott is endorsing cruz for president and he is with us live next. plus, isis has a new target and they're going straight to the founders of the biggest social media website in the world.
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
david: just fav dice to go before super tuesday. the stakes -- five days to go before super tuesday, and stakes couldn't be higher for ted cruz. let's bring in cruz's one of the biggest endorsements from the lone state, none other than than the governor himself, greg abbott. thanks for coming. the polls look good for your candidate in texas unlike rupert yo in florida. that's helpful. you're a likeable guy. we have to deal with this issue.
4:48 pm
there is a hit against cruz and of course trump has been putting it across, others as well he is not likeable enough to be president. in fact we have "fox news poll" showing 49% of those people say he is not likeable enough to be president. 44% say he is. how did he get that reputation? >> you know, it is kind of funny how things happen in the media, how certain spin can get ahold of things. i wish everyone could know ted cruz way i know him. one the reasons i support him i worked on with him daily basis five years, side by side. funny thing about the current spin, ted cruz is very funny, charming, engaging guy. anybody who works with him enjoys working with him. i'm honored to have had the opportunity to work side by side with him for five years. david: why isn't he able to get that across more often in the media? i showed the "fox news poll." i don't think that poll is unusual either.
4:49 pm
>> watch, i think you will see, now that the field has winnowed down, they can engage with the engaging ted cruz and principled ted cruz. is why i'm supporting him. ted cruz is the only candidate running that represents true conservative values. we need that type of leader in washington, d.c. david: donald trump and ted cruz did get along pretty well together until couple weeks ago. >> right. david: last night, he said if donald wins the general election who the heck knows what he will do as president. sending out image of scary donald trump as president. does image of a president trump scare you as well? >> well, what i do know is what type of president ted cruz would be because i worked with him. look at one of the profound issues in america right now. david: governor, i know you want to talk about ted, i just asked you about trump. ted cruz said idea of president trump scares him. does that idea scare you?
4:50 pm
>> well, the idea that i find far more promoting, and far better is one of ted cruz being president of the united states. david: you're not answering the question. >> and, well, the reason is because, david, you're off the field here because look at what is going to happen where i am right now, that is in the great state of texas. ted cruz i believe will win the state of texas. ted cruz won iowa. ted cruz now has wind beginning at his back. i think ted cruz is poised to gain ground. i think we need to talk about ted cruz a little more as being potential winner of this whole thing. david: all right. final yes, yes or no, are you going to support the republican candidate no matter who it is? >> absolutely. david: okay. melissa: good for you. david: governor, thank you very much. for coming in. great to see you. appreciate you being here. come back. >> you too, david. melissa: isis is targeting heads of social media in a new video. the extremists reportedly making making direct threats against facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and
4:51 pm
twitter ceo jack dorsey for combating terrorism on their internet platforms. david: unbelievable. meanwhile, dangerous winds, severe storms, leaving a path of destruction all over the country. more on the weather coming up. >> it was like the whole house kind of shook a little bit. >> the noise was so loud, bang, bang. i said what? i ran out here thinking somebody broke into the house. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to
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4:55 pm
the tornado picked one of them up, scattered that home throughout the field behind it, killing all three occupants inside, including a 2-year-old. this what remains after laundromat. folks are going through their belongings all afternoon. we spoke to one man who found his car almost destroyed in the tornado yesterday, with him in it. >> all i could do was duck. i thought i was going to leave this world. i thought i was going to leave this world. my friends -- [inaudible] i was right beside them at the same time this happened. reporter: storms killed four people in virginia, yesterday, three in homes here, one two hours away in appomattox county. back to you. >> rich edson, thank you so much for that report. david. david: to a little other news, jetblue is promising a free round trip ticket to one planeful of passengers. but here's the catch, they have to all unanimously decide on a destination.
4:56 pm
the travelers did agree to a trip t was to costa rica. melissa: good choice. i've been there. it is fabulous. david: not as great as nicaragua. but it is nice. melissa: millenials are skipping out on one of the most important meals of the day and the reason is going to blow your mind.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
david: medical lineals ethereal? this is critical, 40% of millenials say cereal is inconvenient breakfast choice. how spoiled are the kids. sales of cereals have gone down past 15 years, $4 billion. melissa: they sell it in a cup. you just have to lift off the lid. millenials say it is inconvenient. you have to clean it up. you buy the cup, peel the lid off or not. you don't need milk.
5:00 pm
eat it out of there. how lazy could you be. david: cheerios. grew up on cheerios. male coco puffs are not. david: that is is it for "risk & reward" starts now. >> all the intelligence community talk about, sound an alarm, because we see increasingly in our national security work and bureau as significant criminal responsibilities in our increasing situations where we can not, with lawful court orders read communications of terrorists gangbangers, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people. >> this would be bad for america. it would also set a precedent i believe many people in america would be offended by. it is in our view the software equivalent of cancer. deirdre: the battle between the fbi and apple rages on but something about their stor


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