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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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[closing bell rings] make that 248. it is trading down as we end this session. nowhere near the 411 points it was down at one point but everything is down, look at that chart on gold. $50. at one point it was up $55 at 1250. this is huge jump in gold. we'll have that covered. melissa: all the expert analysis of the markets and what you need to know. first to ashley webster at the new york stock exchange. ashley, talk to us about what happened? reporter: interesting, i spoke to one trader said i have two trades, sell equities buy gold. someone else said to me, how said a statement is it that only thing can pump the market up is news opec may be cutting back on its production. opec is one bright spot when it comes to equities rising. no doubt about it, there is fear in the air. it is not 2008. certainly a sense things aren't so good. what is going on? we have a slew of things come together.
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fear about european banks being one of them. record low oil prices down to a 13-year low. concerns about earnings and guidance we're getting from major corporations in this country. a global slowdown. what's going on in china. what about the fed? one word i heard about the fed on the floor today, one word they used, useless. they say that the fed is like being in a plane and pilot doesn't know how to land it. also the talk about negative interest rates. they're saying are you kidding me? it doesn't work anywhere else. it is not working in europe right now. why isn't even on the table that janet yellen talked about? you mentioned gold. a massive move into gold. also 10-year treasury down at 1.58 to 1.6. that gives you a sense of fear in the market right now. not one thing in particular but a belief what can the central banks do in this country or elsewhere? they have pretty much done everything they can and we'll have to wait to see how this market can recover. maybe hopefully more than
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something out of opec, guys. back to you. melissa: ashley, thank you. david: opec giving markets a boost. oil trading higher. crude settled below 27 bucks a barrel hitting a 13-year low. todd horowitz watching it all from the cme. let me read you the headline changed news on oil, changed the news on markets. we went from 400 points down on the dow to 200 points down. the headline says opec members are ready to cooperate on a cut. do you believe that headline? >> hi, david. i don't believe it. b, it doesn't really matter. the market came right down to level of support -- i was actually doing a live call when that happened. i said here's a spot the market should bounce. five minutes later out came the news. this has become a much bigger story but it is a story about financial engineering and fed. oil is buy down here at some point. may not be today.
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no matter what they do, we'll see more action in oil and we want to sell equities because the equities are in too much trouble here. the whole problem all engineering going on. nothing to do with opec or anybody else. they're not -- david: hold on a second. i want to get this clear. are you saying some of the price of oil has to do with the value of the dollar and all the currency manipulations in the world? >> absolutely. i'm saying financial manipulation has caused commodity crisis, oil being part of that, that have brought commodities into deflationary scenario. instead of inflation they keep trying to get us into. david: one of the things that clearly monetary policy is affecting the price of gold, way up today. at one point it was up 55 bucks to 1250 an ounce of gold. gold bugs are very happy. is this going to last? >> well, listen, i think gold probably has a chance to run to 1300. i thought once it broke from 1140 to 1180 over 1200 it would make a move. here it is. you had a little bit of a panic.
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rally late in the day was short-covering rally. panic in gold we'll see where it goes. i think it will be fine. i'm buyer commodities, seller of equities. david: are you a buyer of gold at 1250? >> i am not a buyer of gold. i'm buyer ever other commodities and seller ever other markets, glad you held on to your gold. todd, thank you my friend. melissa: let's bring in scott martin, united advisors, market contributor and jack hough, "barron's" editor. we're looking so much volatility in the market. 26 days in a role where we see moves more than 200 points. we haven't seen that since 2008. you pile on top of that a collapse in the price of oil. what do you think janet yellen is thinking right now? >> i'm not sure janet yellen is thinking straight right now. she went from say, from won day negative interest rates had been been upon erred by the fed in 2010, to saying today, that
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they're being pondered today. i think that a lot of the fed speak, including that of janet yellen and other officials at fed really confused markets and added their own element of uncertainty at a time when we've got arguably an unraveling european banking system crisis as we've just all heard. oil prices where they are to say nothing of what is happening in japan with their complete disaster with negative interest rates. i think yellen is doing the markets more harm than good. melissa: scott, given volatility of oil and what do you make of this market right now and what do you happens from here? >> more pain. the market is really tough. i think what you will have, melissa, we're starting to get it even though it may not feel like it, these kind of like rip your face off rallies as traders like to call it where you get a bounce out of nowhere. the news today on oil, you will get some comments maybe post-fed tomorrow, that are just going to rally the s&p out of nowhere a percent or two.
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but as an investor you can't let that distract you because that's noise, and it's noise in the midst what i think is still a pretty terrible commodity complex. oil i think i said it last week when i was live with you guys is going to the low 20s. 10 year yield is going down. the fed has to the it completely wrong to what danielle is talking about. therefore it will be a tough market to sit here around only hold quick its in. melissa: jack, you and i were talking before the show. you're positive on the market. that was a bs comment out of opec if i ever heard one. united arab emirates we're ready to cut production. who cares if they will cut production? there is oil laying around on the ground everywhere you go. market rallies on that, are you kidding me? >> i put much faith in that. i'm not necessarily of the belief shares are headed higher from here. i was speaking with a money manager today, look at apple stock right? apple financially strong company, there is just not that much growth there and investors priced it 10 times earnings
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right? look at u.s. stock market, financially strong not much growth why are we at 16 times earnings instead of something lower. i'm not saying we go down to 10 times but you hold plenty of cash, wait for opportunities and stocks you should be buying are stocks unfairly sold off amid the weakness right now. melissa: yeah. danielle, what do you make of the market right here given everything we're talking about what the fed is doing, opec? seems like we have wild rides ahead of us still? >> absolutely. you know, what melissa? right now i'm trying to track more closely what is happening in the bond market and premium that investor are demanding over treasurys to hold corporate debt. melissa: great point. >> i think that is sending a clearer signal from the bond market than we are from very erratic and fragile and volatile and crazy and manic stock market. melissa: i couldn't agree with you more, guys. hang on one second. pandora making news. saying it held discussions about selling the company.
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pandora out with fourth quarter earnings. let's go back to ashley for more details on that. reporter: melissa, you're right. rumors of that sale, let me get to the headlines number. earnings per share at 4 cents adjusted. estimate for 7 cents. so a miss on earnings. revenue a slight beat. estimate 331.7 million. coming in at 336.2 million. pandora, as you mentioned, apparently reportedly using morgan stanley to see if there are any buyers out there. the number of users for pandora kind ever peaked back in 2014 at 81.5 million. since then they have been spending money to bring more people into the service because they have some tough competition from people like spotify and apple music. what is interesting who may come out of the woodwork and tempted to buy pandora. that is a big question. stock moving down 7% after hours even though it spiked today, 9% and stock was halted briefly when news came out it was indeed looking to sell itself. melissa: ashley, thank you so
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much for that. david? david: i have amazon music for myself. janet yellen is back for round two of very tough questions from congress. the fed chair raising concerns about the recent economic volatility but she says the fed's december rate hike is not to blame. peter barnes has the details. peter, she's making a lot of tough sells in congress. not everybody is buying. reporter: that's right, david, but, she stuck to her guns again today for her second day of testimony. she repeated that despite the ongoing drop in the global stock markets and global economy, that she described as considerably weak, her words, the fed remains committed to returning to normal monetary policy including higher interest rates through gradual rate increases. yellen cautioned financial market turmoil could hurt the u.s. economy and thus could force the fed to change its plans. she said, again, that the fed could adopt negative interest rates but for now, she expects
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continued moderate economic growth here in the u.s. and said it would be premature to forecast a recession as some fear. >> we're watching developments very carefully. i would say there is always some chance of a recession in any year but the evidence suggests that expansions don't die of old age. reporter: now as you recall the fed raise it key benchmark rate by a quarter of percentage point in december fors first time since the 2008 financial crisis. that led to higher rates on shorter-term loans like business loans, home equity lines of credit, credit card loans and more. the fed holds its next policy meeting in mid-march. she said, told congress today, the fed will have more data by then obviously, to be able to make a decision. david: peter barnes, thank you very much. the panel is back to weigh in on day two of yellen's warnings to
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congress including a suggestion that the fed could add negative interest rates to their arsenal. scott, danielle and jack are back with us. danielle, she did say i believe today, i wouldn't take the idea of negative interest rates off the table but we would have to work to judge whether they are workable here. savers are already getting killed at zero interest rate. what would happen to savers in this country at negative interest rates? >> i think jamie dimon and other bankers of the world are not necessarily running their banks into the ground and if negative interest rates are imposed upon the banking system in this country they will do what business people do. they will pass along the additional charges to their depositors and we will end up having to take money out of banks, put it under the mattress or what they hope we do, is take more risk on, but it could be a monumental backfire. the same way it's been in sweden for example where the only thing banks have done there is actually increase the mortgage rates to people because they're
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going to find a way to pass along extra costs associated with negative interest rates. i don't buy it. david: scott, savers are furious already. they would be even more furious if they had to pay banks in order to get banks to take their money. >> could you kick the savers in the face one more time? it is ridiculous. i think point of negative interest rates in the u.s. is absolutely frightening because i think to danielle's point what do you do? pull money out of the bank and put it in coffee can? that's my choice. some people like the mattress. either way you don't spend it. if you have negative interest rates and bank in economy do you think you will take risk? i think not. david: jack, bottom line, savers are furious and savers vote. most savers are elderly people, elderly people are the most regular voters in america in election year. if she was to do that, there would be a voter revolt. politicians would go after the fed like they never have before. >> that is a big part of the reason why i don't think it will happen but the fear of it
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happening is one of the things for example, propelling gold right now. i think that's financial nihilism to be loading up on gold right now. gold isn't paying awe dividend. will not think about ways to make itself more valuable but it also won't charge you to hold it and people are worried banks will and might send gold higher. david: danielle, the whole concept of savings and loan industry is based first of all on savings. you have to save money. bank lends money out. gives you a little piece of their action. this whole system is in jeopardy, the whole concept could be ruined by this. >> it is. last i checked that is the american way. not to get too far into the weeds here, federal reserve when it first initiated its rate hike on december 16th did that through money market fund industry. that is the conduit it used to raise interest rates. now you're telling me with eyes wide open federal reserve will put the same industry out of business? that is absolutely ridiculous. david: janet yellen trying seem to me to peddle back a little
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bit towards end of the day on whole idea of negative interest rates. but doesn't her indecisiveness exposed by this testimony bother you? >> yeah, bothers me a lot. david: hold on, danielle. you get final word. go ahead. >> she is very indecisive david. seems like nice older sweet lady and in reality got it completely wrong. she destroyed december confidence. we've seen that since december 16th. that will only continue. david: danielle, go ahead. >> feds found its own weapons. it is words coming out of fed officials mouths. they created more uncertainty than they would have done than by going back to the greenspan era not saying a word. david: frightening stuff. thank you very much. melissa: did he call her an older -- david: no, no. david: drill in, don't you. melissa: oh, my gosh. campaigning in the deep south, it's a whole different ballgame
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with very different demographics. >> people in south carolina have always been good to my family and i intend to be working hard here. melissa: we'll take you live to south carolina for an update. david: and is it likely or even possible that come november we could be voting for a candidate who has yet to enter the race? a couple of different options. our panel weighs. in. melissa: cruise ship from hell returning to dry ground. >> i've been in bad situations in my life. i don't scare easy. that scared me. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. the access informationlows us to from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence
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taking their campaigns south. john roberts with the late etf on 2016 race. hi, john. >> david, couple candidates not in south carolina during the day time. he will be here tonight. donald trump is completely out of the state in louisiana campaigning in baton rouge for the 5th primary. short time ago we were at at bush event in florence, south carolina at venus restaurant where bush told lunchtime crowd, his birthday by the way, he is best person to go forward and be nominee urging voters not to vote for trump. one voter who liked trump, how can he address deep disaffection they have with establishment politicians and mess in washington. listen to what bush told me in response. >> he had ha express his view with civility and honest, open moment. people are angry, and they have deep disaffection. the question he, i think that if i can get people to think about
4:20 pm
this, is donald trump going to solve that? or is he telling you what you know he? reporter: bush told me thinks in the end he won the voter over. another candidate going at donald trump is marco rubio. trying to do better than he did in new hampshire here in south carolina f he wants to rise you have to take on the frontrunner. he inis is he does. particularly issue of foreign policy by virtue of issues on the foreign relations committee, intelligence committee. he says the other candidates who don't have the experience. listen. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. jeb bush has no foreign policy experience, period. reporter: rubio whacking both of them. david, if you get a sense you're hearing more of an aggressive marco rubio here in south carolina, perhaps taking on the mantle of the bare-knuckle politics this state is so famous
4:21 pm
for, i think you're right. david? david: i think so. i did hear that. john, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: not ready to make nice. hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to go head-to-head but first senator sanders takes his free-for-all message to late night. >> young people are idealistic and they look at a world with so many problems, why not, why can't all people in this country have health care? why can't we make public colleging and universities tuition-free? why not? melissa: because someone has to pay for it. it is such a simple answer! plus, cold is in the air. hope you're planning something special this valentine's day because the weather will not clearly keep you warm. we'll be right back.
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melissa: democrats hours away from next faceoff, bernie sanders bringing in millions of dollars following the big win in new hampshire.
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hillary clinton is scoring a major endorsement today. fox news's mike emanuel is in milwaukee with the latest. mike, how huge is the battle on the democratic side now, focused on african-american vote? >> melissa, good afternoon, it is major, because of course as the campaign calendar moves forward, there are a number of southern states on immediate future. so the african-american vote is a critical democratic constituency. both clinton and sanders campaigns are touting new endorsements. in fact the clinton campaign is out with an ad, featuring a civil rights icon. >> hillary, she is smart, more than anyone else in america today, she is prepared to be president of the united states from day one. reporter: but don't count senator bernie sanders out. he picked up endorsement and entertainer and activist harry bell font day today. he makes it clear he is battling for the african-american vote,
4:26 pm
melissa. melissa: she is prepared. what a ringing endorsement. getting behind the president. what is sanders message heading into the debate now? reporter: essentially he is saying he is the person that can bring the country together. that he is electable. as you look at that debate stage tonight expect a really tense showdown if you will. you have hillary clinton trying to stop bernie sanders's momentum. sanders trying to build on it and then the sanders campaign today is out with this new ad. >> demands that this country work for all of us, rather than the few. we will transform america and that is what this campaign is about. it is bringing people together! reporter: both candidates keeping a low profile, resting their voices for the big showdown here in the brew city. melissa? melissa: looking forward to it. mike, thank you so much. david. david: bombshell in the email scandal doing hillary clinton. fox news has learned exclusive
4:27 pm
that the top secret intel in her emails passed through at least a dozen different accounts including those of her top aides and it is also now been confirmed that the clinton foundation received a subpoena from state department investigators as reported earlier by fox news. now this was a report that hillary clinton at the time vehemently denied. just nine days to the south carolina primary some candidates are fed up with the attacks and going at the attackers. >> jeb is spending all this time being negative. does he worry at all about his legacy? everything is trashing people. melissa: the best things in life are worth waiting for and this couple is living proof after waiting 70 years to reunite. more on that coming up. david: being in love.
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david: case of whiplash on wall street today. the dow ended down more than 250 points. that was bad but 400 points was a lot worse. that was earlier. go back to ashley webster for a recap. what a day, ash. >> what a day, just another day in paradise today. begin this way since we began the year. i was watching big board as we went down, 320, 350, it hit 400. traders staring at their screens. it stopped and started to come back with a little pop in oil. as you can see the s&p down, let
4:32 pm
me see, down 22 points, at 1829. nasdaq also off today, at 11 points. 426. nasdaq and tech stocks are taking a beating already. it was financials, guys, really took the hits. all major banks were moving down. not as bad as european counterpartses that for sure. in this doom and gloom and sense of fear and anxiety, it is banks that have been taking it on the chin. the worst-performing sector this year by far. where has the money gone? that is answer right there. gold up 52 bucks at $1246 per troy ounce. highest finish in over a year. also treasurys, 10-year treasurys, down to 1.6%. that says it all. a lot of fear in the markets guys. interesting to see what happens tomorrow. david: gold bugs, by the way we'll have peter schiff on. we couldn't have him on because he couldn't stop laughing, he was so happy. he couldn't get a word out. ashley webster, we'll see what happens tomorrow.
4:33 pm
>> thank you. melissa: tale of two strategies on the campaign trail. trump and jeb call each other names, other candidates want to focus on. >> shoes. >> no, i said he is a stiff. i said if he was in the private sector he wouldn't be able to get a job. other than that i think he is excellent. >> i'm taking him on. he is not a conservative. he is a person that tries to insult his way to the nomination. he is all the things that we know that he is. he is not a leader. >> when people go negative. they got something they're not doing right to connect. >> when republicans are doing this stuff to each other, the democrats are sitting on the side just cheering. they love it. they love this stuff. melissa: here to weigh in, on the south carolina ground game, adolfo franco, former john mccain advisor, her her slades slap -- mercedes schlapp, former george w. bush advisor. this is persona you're taking at
4:34 pm
the time. what do you think is working to be on attack like donald trump. call names or act like nice guy? what is working now? >> i actually think going on the attack is working. it has worked historically in south carolina that might not be what people want to hear. i'm giving you bottom line on this we know there is history, particularly in south carolina of fairly nasty campaigns. in the year 2000 that was really where it really got quite nasty between senator mccain and governor bush at time who became president bush. i think, i don't want to say it is south carolina tradition but they're certainly used to these type of attacks. i think jeb realized that the nice guy image he portrayed, he is a nice person by the way, just doesn't cut it. melissa: yeah. >> this year, bottom line donald trump's insults and attacks have been on going for many, many months yielded results. no one can argue with it.
4:35 pm
melissa: richard, it is all fake anyway. even people pretending like they're being nice, super-pac attacks other candidates. not like anyone is being nice anyway. john kasich is one who stayed in that space where he will be a nice guy. he picked up a big supporter, ken langone coming over from the chris christie camp. now maybe he will have the money and backing in order to do some attacking. should he do it? >> we'll have to he see. you super-pacs are very, very big problem. here is the thing i agree with adolfo. south carolina is not for faint at heart. this is where the tough get tougher. i think what john kasich will have to do next coming days to make himself viable, really be positive guy. if you look at exit polls out of new hampshire. people who didn't like drama love john kasich. if he is no drama john next couple days he is in it to win it. donald trump is definitely number one. this is fight for second place.
4:36 pm
i think john kasich is better than any to get it. melissa: mercedes fight for second place and distant second. trump way out in front again. >> i want to say, we're throwing southern hospitality out the window going into south carolina. >> yeah, you are. melissa: bless their hearts, yes. >> we're talking about messaging. what worked for donald trump. working for trump has been able to create the weak positioning of the other candidates. for example, calling jeb bush low energy. going after cruz as well with his canadian citizenship. it is where donald trump has been effective. although they did a focus group at this morning and some of these southern, south carolinians basically said, donald trump is too crass, they also said interestingly enough he would be inevitable nominee which is fascinating. because what is happening? his message is saying i will make america win. he will win with me. making america great. all that simplistic message is really working in particular. he is not talking about the social issues.
4:37 pm
he is talking about the decline of our economy. he is focusing on that. and that really hones in especially with the blue-collar workers. >> i agree. melissa: he is mean-spirited. people are sick of being nice. they're down with that right now. don't move. don't move. david has another question for you. david: same panel. let's go to the other side of the aisle. as democratic candidates set sights on minority vote after a big win for sanders in new hampshire, clinton hopes to reverse the tide in the palmetto state. the panel is back with us. richard there is slew of articles by real intellectual heavyweights on left of political spectrum suggesting that hillary is not the best democratic candidate for minorities, blacks in particular. i will quote from michelle alexander piece in the nation, which got a lot of attention yesterday. recognize, kind of a backhanded endorsement bernie, recognizing bernie like hillary has blurred vision when it comes to race is not the same thing saying their views are equally problematic.
4:38 pm
there is such a thing as a lesser evil and hillary is not it. so is bernie the lesser evil? is he going to get the vote for minorities? >> number one, the article by melissa alexander is quite incredible and bashes bernie throughout the article. david: comes out in the end for bernie than hillary. >> that is debatable. david: i raid the quote. >> that is neither here nor there. the african-american vote is not mon legitimate tick. this time eight years ago hillary clinton had same number amongst black voters and lost it as quickly as she might lose it next couple days. with that being said when you see from the secretary is really going out there around trying to solidify her black base. but the black vote changed tremendously over the past eight years. david: sure has. >> younger black voters and black lives matters movement fighting mass encharges race. older black evangelical voters looking for steady candidate. that is are with the split is. david: hold on a second.
4:39 pm
i want to go to mercedes because the black caucus is trying to drum up support for hillary among minorities. >> right. david: but to richard's point, the black cake discuss doesn't have the support, particularly from the young folks it used to have. a lot of young folks are saying more closely aligned to hillary than i am with hillary. >> unemployment rate so high amongst young african-americans, have they really felt the impact or positive impact from an obama economy? it is almost like they feel they have been left behind. and again going back to messaging, bernie sanders in terms of his messaging talking about income inequality an fairness and really hitting on sort of big and bold plans that he has, really is attractive for these younger african-americans. and for the latinos as well. so it is going to be interesting. although clinton does have the advantage from the fact that she's had these strong ties particularly with the latino community. david: right. but as we just saw pictures, adolpho, we were showing pictures of meeting between
4:40 pm
al sharpton and bernie sanders yesterday, you know a lot of people think of al sharpton right now about the same way they think of the black caucus. maybe not as in step with young folks as they should be. and i'm wonnerring if bernie is making a mistake going to al? >> i don't think it's a mistake necessarily going to al but i do think the following. i think hillary clinton's sort of political obituary of some sort being written is way premature. i think she has huge advantage with the african-american community, with latino voters. david: but will she lose market share to bernie? that is the the question. >> i don't think so because his appeal, quite frankly is to an elitist, white population and millenials, free college and rest. david: you're saying that bernie represents the 1%ers? >> in strange way, yes. david: wow. >> his message does not really resonate. david: that is contrarian opinion i don't think mercedes agrees.
4:41 pm
>> richard and i don't agree. >> i don't agree at all. >> he crossed demographics. david: hold on. one at a time. one at a time. go heed adolpho. >> with all do respect 91% of the new hampshire's population is non-hispanic white. that is not representative. hope you have me back on the show after south carolina primary remember. david: last word from richard. go ahead, richard. >> adolpho is right. that is true. homogenous state in new hampshire. with that being said, bernie his message resonates with other groups. he won 55% of woman. with all that being said hillary clinton still has good chance in south carolina. she is frontrunner. she has really good shot. for her campaign to have huge reset and really find some aspirational messaging to talk to voters. david: absolutely run out of time. i wish we had more. this had is great debate. thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: they were good group. david: they are a good group. yeah. >> the all right. more anti-american propaganda
4:42 pm
straight from iran. a parade mocking our american sailors next. plus the voyage to nowhere, passengers back on land after a nightmare at sea. >> the cruise from hell. >> when you see the crew praying on rosary beads and crying, it was, it was so scary. it was terrible. >> the worst came to mind. i thought we were going to die. i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person
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melissa: really distressing new images out of iran. the country publicly mocking the capture of 10 u.s. navy sailors. its military forces detained in iranian waters last month. you remember that. groups of shackled irrapian men, at least one -- iranian men, at least one woman were paraded through streets of downtown tehran, as part of a national parade honoring the 3th anniversary of the -- 37th revolution of islamic revolution.
4:46 pm
they are dressed up like the sailors making fun of them. david: unbelievable. a passengers on so-called torture cruise returning to the united states after hurricane-force winds sent them home early. fox news's laura engle in bay i don't know new jersey with the latest. laura? reporter: painful descriptions of a trip from hell are being shared by thousands of passengers who are now making their wobbly way back on land. waves reaching heights of over 30 feet crashed along the windows of state rooms where passengers were instructed to hunker down while the royal caribbean cruise ship, anthem of the seas, sailed into hurricane-force winds for up to 10 hours sunday afternoon. the ship tilting 45 degrees for much of the hair roying ride. >> we could not stay in our rooms. the way the waves were hitting that window, looked like a truck. it sound the likes a truck was hitting the window. we didn't know how long it was going to hold up. so we went outside in hallway. >> they knew about this four
4:47 pm
days in advance. they put our safety at risk. and they basically put us at risk for our lives. reporter: weather experts questioned company's decision to continue on the cruise where there are were several storms. the reps say the storm was worse than repredicted. offered passengers full refund and 50% off vote ture for future cruise. spokesperson for royal caribbean said their customers never should have had to endure what they went through. they have quote, identified gaps in their planning system that they are addressing. meanwhile, an executive with the company adds this. >> we're looking at everything we did. we will review everything we did. find ways to do better. and, make whatever changes are necessary. reporter: there is word of a potential investigation. the national transportation safesafety board is looking into the incident, telling fox, we are actively engaged with you're
4:48 pm
u.s. and international partners and to determine what would be the best course of action in accordance with established international protocols. the anthem of the seas cruise ship will have some repairs done and ready to set sail next weekend. back to you guys. david: hmmm. you know, melissa doesn't have to emergency what the state room smells like. you've been on a cruise. melissa: i was on a rough -- 50% off their next cruise? like any of those people are getting on -- not even free. it is like we'll give you half off next time. are you kidding? amazing. anyway, baby it is cold outside. the northeast getting a bitter blast of arctic air. this weekend's valentine's celebrations may be coldest in 100 years. while the other side of the country, call for has been hit with record heat wave. david: so are you ready for a new sensation? how you might be voting for a candidate in november not even in the race yet. ♪
4:49 pm
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melissa: the push for all tern tougher choice raising headlines of another candidate coming into the presidential race. as the news of bloomberg and biden. not outrageous. michael bloomberg talking about getting in which i thought was
4:53 pm
nonsense but he has done different research groups. he is talking about it a lot. biden is sitting on the sidelines in case hillary clinton got indicted and they wouldn't be happy with bernie sanders on the left. there is some talk about mitt romney. that i'm not buying at all. adolfo, what do you think about all of this? what is likelihood of any of those characters. >> slim. melissa: all of them? >> all of them except for bloomberg. i think this is always things that we in the media and analyst would love to see as always a fun thing to speculate about. the fact of the matter is, for conventional nominations the train has left the station. vice president biden more or less said that in the past. i think he made a calculation on the benghazi issue and frankly the email issue, has abated from her perspective. still persists, likely not to be indicted quite honestly in my opinion. she will likely be the nominee. the big fear is not so much a third, one of these candidates
4:54 pm
but that donald trump at the end, decides that he has been as he he said, cheated and mistreated runs as independent. if he has a third of the support of republican party and really pulls ross perot and throws elections to the democrats. bloomberg likely believe it or not would also help in that regard for the democrats. so i think that those are likely scenarios. melissa: richard, a lot of people think bloomberg entrance would have opposite effect, that it would take away from hillary clinton. bloomberg is sitting there with real billionaire envy. he can't believe, this year of all years, when everybody wants an outsider and something different and you know he thinks of himself so much smarter and better and suaver and richer by a lot than donald trump. he is thinking why did i let this year get by me. >> i don't know, i guess he can't make america great any longer than donald trump can. melissa: there is that. >> i think adolfo is right the chance is very, have he slim seeing any third party candidates.
4:55 pm
when it comes to bloomberg, agree with you, if bloomberg jumps in it will put democrats in a world of hurt. probably why he won't jump in. he cher ishes the gun laws and other things. i agree with dolph foe the idea of donald trump running as third party. if he is being not treated fairly and mean to him, e, e, e. he runs to the third party. because the republican base is so fractured possible for him to do that. here is how you stop this any of the campaigns. melissa: he is getting nomination. >> yeah. but they could stop this. very easy to stop it. there are states like south carolina where open primary. people like ted cruz should be on black church tours talking to black evangelicals trying to convince them he is more evangelical than hillary or bernie sanders.
4:56 pm
not a hard hurt dell to jump over. but neglected black vote. they neglected hispanic vote and they're struck with donald trump. >> the thing is this, it is very difficult to quote, unquote stop him. i agree with richard on this but the fact of the matter is, strong second in iowa. first in new hampshire. i think he will win the south carolina primary. i think he will be well-positioned 10 days later for march 1. voters are identifying with him. last thing on bloomberg, let me say, i find it very difficult democratic year when a socialist democrat is challenging a -- >> he is not a socialist, adolfo. melissa: we have to go. we're up against a break. >> turn to billionaire from new york city as alternative to hillary. melissa: that is good point, guys. thank you so much. david. david: one got away. wartime sweethearts reunited after 70 years apart. ♪
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> it was a wonderful feeling to see this woman that i hadn't seen for 70 years.
5:00 pm
of course it was a great difference in appearance but, that is a big difference in my appearance, so. melissa: that's great. u.s. veteran and long lost love reconnecting after0 years. david: just in time for valentines. and we're in time for "risk & reward." >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. [cheering] deirdre: volume at this time reined in the last 90 minutes of trade. stocks slightly reversed course but still closings down well over 200 points for the dow. this is "risk & reward". this is deirdre bolton. heavy selling from asia, to europe, to the u.s. dow and s&p 500 still both closed lower by more than 1%. financials the weakest link. bank stocks declined. oil fell below $27 per barrel. a 13-year


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